Monday, February 05, 2007

Welcome to our threatened future: Let freedom ring indeed!

On sister blog, Landeryou Watch, this blog was threatened by Andy.

Why Andy wouldn't post his comment on this blog, we can only guess. Unlike with his blog, we wouldn't have deleted his comments.

Andy loves threatening people. Read the graphic: "..sustained attack", "...seized control", "...hostile takeover". No wonder Andy has developed a reputation as a perpetrator of blog-on-blog violence!

Of course, the graphic reminds us all, what readers of this blog - true patriots if you will - are fighting for:

- democracy,
- free speech,
- common decency, and
- the Australian way - a fair go for everyone.

Dear patriotic readers, if we soon go off the air, you will know why!

Pledge your support to our patriotic, freedom fighting cause. Post your support in the comments section. And help us spread the message by posting this blog's web address on other blogs and websites.

As stated in a less than famous proverb: "Lean Liberty is better than fat slavery".

23 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

What a load of crapola. The award winning Landeryou blog is once again the subject of vitriol and slander. Hence the name Slanderyou. You do it all the time.

Shame Slanderyou Shame

Anonymous said...

Where is Catter8?

Anonymous said...

It didn't take long for sock puppet Cait Catt to post on this blog. She must stay up all night so she can be first to comment.

Shame Cait Shame

tammytoiletcleaner said...

The dunny poll is down. Now it's 60.9 per cent of Slanderyou readers who disagree with Cait Catt, who argues you can't get AIDS from a dunny seat. I'm sick of your continual mouthing at the froth about dunny seats Cait.

Go and watch the movie Kenny.

Anonymous said...


You guys are true patriots

Anonymous said...

I hereby support your cause in this great adventure

Anonymous said...

Go away sock puppet Cait Catt. You are writing your usual drivel on the Landeryou blog this morning supporting your great mate, assuming you are not Landeryou in person.

Anonymous said...

The award-winning Landeryou blog (for the worse Australian blog) is the epitome of vitriol and slander.
Sock puppets Cait Catt and Catter8 are Andrea Landeryou - hiding behind ladies' dresses again a la Delia Delegate.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt is lovely. She has a namesake doctor who specialises in sex!

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt only exists on this blog to defend Landeryou and on his blog to praise him.
It's a shallow life but so is Landeryou's.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumour today that Cait Catt might get ALP preselection for the seat of Higgins, now that Diane Anderson is a non-contender.

I'd vote for Cait. She's a good looking sexy lady.

Anonymous said...

Eight of the eleven postings on this topic mention Cait Catt, one is by Cait Catt, and one is about Catter8, who shares Cait's blog address. Smart detective work Slanderyou in picking that one up.

I think Cait Catt is of low IQ, and anyone who rants and raves about dunny seats all the time must be.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't more people signing up on this important crusade against landeryou?

Anonymous said...

They should be. When Landeryou creates Freedom Freddy, Delia Delegate, Cait Catt and Catter8 all anti-Landeryous need to get together against this powerful force of idiots.

Intelligence reigns.

Freedom Freedy MORON
Cait Catt CRETIN

Slanderyou HIGH IQ

Get Real. Support Slanderyou. Say no to Andrew Landeryou Cait Catt Catter8 Freedom Freddy and Delia Delegate

Anonymous said...

That previous posting was a mouthful. I prefer the contribution from tammytoiletcleaner. At least I can read it and it's entertaining. The previous posting tells me that Cait Catt is a cretin (Catt Cretin - Landeryou writes like that, but of course he didn't)but what does this tell us? Nothing. She may be a cretin but we must examine what she says. Nothing but praise for her master. A true sock puppet.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to meet this Cait Catt. Why is it she's not on the electoral roll and she's not in the phone book?

Of course she could be under 18, she might never have bothered to enrol to vote, she might not be an Australian citizen, but then again she might not.

I suspect Cait Catt is an invention of someone. Possibly William Landeryou's son himself.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou must thinks he's still a student politics player if he thinks readers will believe sock puppets and straw men such as Cait Cretin and Fraudulent Freddy are real people. They're a real as his self-proclaimed Walkley Award.
Andy, get a job - that's if anyone will employ a long-time unemployed, bankrupt, ex-online gaming spiv.

Anonymous said...

Here we have a perfect opportunity to decry Landeryou and all that he stands for, and we are letting ourselves down

as Slanderyou wrote, this is about liberty, freedom and patroitism

stand up

Yarra Ranger said...

Sorry I'm a bit late, but you have my support!

Melbourne Scribe said...

maybe we could arrange a prisoner swap for Hicks.

We get Hicks; the US gets Landeryou.

Far fetched i know, but I somehow think the Americans will realise the bum deal they are getting

Cait Catt said...

Yarra Ranger, one of my old enemies, has decided to ignore me this time.

Good riddance Yarra Ranger.

Yarra Ranger said...

Caitt/Andrew - I could never ignore your substantial frame

Anonymous said...

"Lean Liberty is better than fat slavery".

that's a good one!