Friday, February 09, 2007

Spend the weekend with Andrew (not!)

Proof that Andrew reads our blog first for news.

It's the weekend. Maybe give a thought to lonely Andy in his penthouse apartment, struggling to generate content for his blog of sleaze.

Perhaps he might want to look at his favourite pollie. There is a strange similarity regarding the circumstances don't you think?

16 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Stop knocking a great man. Andrew Landeryou is PM material. If Rudd loses the next election we might get young Andrew parachuted into Canberra and our next Prime Minister

Anonymous said...

I heard you were a bit peeved with Andrew Cait after Freedom Freddy got the credit for your idea. Yet you still support Andrew. Doesn't make sense.

Yarra Ranger said...

Cait, its ok to support Landeryou.

But you comment above is beyond laughable. In fact, it is embarrassing.

If you must defend Landeryou, then make some cogent arguments and defences.

Your nonsense above does you or Landeryou any credit

Yarra Ranger said...

Typo:where I said "Your nonsense above does you or Landeryou any credit "

should have read:

Your nonsense above does you or Landeryou NO credit

catter8 said...

Go to hell Yarra Ranger. The words below were posted in December last year and they are as true as ever:

Previous post is unfair. Andrew Landeryou is one of the best journalists in Australia. He has just won a Walkely Blog award and justly so. Below is what the Walkley award page says. I know Andrew is too humble to publish it himself but I am as I think all blog readers ought to be aware why he won the award. He won it for excellence and the award is well deserved:

This award is given in recognition of the best and most well informed election commentator/blogger during the 2006 Victorian State Election.

The number of award winning news breaking stories published on Andrew Landeryou's web site is unsurpassed in quality and quantity. Andrew has set down the challenge taking on the main media and online media and surpassing both in news and content. His editorialising is funny, witty, amusing, and informative. One of the best reads on the Internet.

Cait Catt said...

Thank you Catter8. I couldn't agree more

Anonymous said...

My. Cait and Catter8 must be having good fun at the cattery!

slanderyou said...

Cait, you might be interested in our update to this story.

Can't wait for your reply!

Cait Catt said...

Hi Slanderyou

Of course Andrew reads your naughty blog. He wants to know where Diane Anderson is so he can write about her. Some of your correspondents seem to know a lot about her (and I reckon the name of one of them is Lyle).

Sophie Mirabella is a great MP. She is future PM material, unless of course Andrew beats her to it!

The allegations about tobacco money are just that. Allegations. They are also as fraudulent as the allegations against Andrew on this blog. The tobacco companies know how to launder money, and a gift to the Liberal Party ended up with Sophie without her knowledge. She is an ethical person and there is no way she would have accepted money from tobacco companies.

Anonymous said...

Could Lyle be as infatuated with Diane Anderson as Evan Thornley, Race Mathews and Andrew Landeryou clearly are?

Could be a big cat fight. No pun intended. Some of Diane's suitors hate each other. The ones who miss out will be very lucky. Heaven help anyone who does end up living with her.

Anonymous said...

Diane Anderson is the Queen of Higgins and she had a Coronation last year. Suzy Carbone, the Age gossip writer and former (and maybe still) good friend of a right wing Labor powerbroker in Batman, is reputed to have attended her Coronation.

Neither Cait Catt, Catter8 nor Landeryou got invited. Nor did Race or Lyle. The organisers of the event didn't want what they considered the worst of the Labor worst. Suzy is reputed to have written about the Coronation but the Age editor Comrade Jaspin vetoed her coverage. Not enough gossip in it and he also said he didn't want to offend Even Thornley, the new upper house member, who has plenty of cash and might make the Age look stupid if he sued for defamation after Suzy reported on his Coronation antics. To hear that Thornley went caused additional angst in the Landeryou household.

The February 2007 Higgins News, edited by Diane, is published in full as an attachment to the Landeryou blog, a good move and we love to read about Diane.

Anonymous said...

So Cait/Andy admits that he reads this blog

a terrific admission

At least we know that there is some credible information flowing into Andy's perverted world view

Cait Catt said...

Once again Andrew is first with the latest. Where else would we learn about Pauline Hanson's DNA.

We also learn that Pauline has some admirers as well as detractors. Andrew Burns says we love her. Byron from Wahroonga (sounds like a posh Sydney suburb) says its a pity Pauline moved to the left after being elected. That's disinformation you'd expect from some Liberal living in Toorak, or in Diane Anderson's Higgins News.

Anonymous said...

Cait is confusing Andrea with Andrew. It's Andrea Burns on the Landeryou blog comments. Not Andrew!

As a point of interest I clicked on the web address on the Landeryou blog for Andrew Burns and guess what I found? An address with the name sexpot in it. It's a real address too.

Anonymous said...

I made a typo too, so I shouldn't be too hard on Cait.

It's Andrea not Andrew. I typed the wrong first name too!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think bankrupts could sit in parliament.