Friday, February 16, 2007

Should we continue?

Over night, Jason Soon - a very close and dull colleague of Andrew Landeryou - instigated a public campaign to shut down this blog.

It's over to you now. Let us know in the comments section: should we or should we not continue?

31 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou should not continue in its present form. Slanderyou contains no news. It only slags Landeryou.

I am not a Landeryou supporter. I used to like and contribute to the old Slanderyou blog, which contained a lot of information about ALP characters which was very useful. Landeryou closed it down.

If the present Slanderyou is to continue it should become like the old Slanderyou. Full of ALP and even Liberal gossip that Landeryou is incapable of.

Robert Doyle's staff (he denies it but the mother of one of his staff admitted it to me) used to regularly contribute press releases from the Liberal Party to the old Slanderyou blog. That was when he was Leader of the State Liberal Party. The press releases stopped just a few weeks before the Slanderyou blog was closed down by Landeryou but that was because Doyle was then no longer credible as a Liberal Leader.

I couldn't imagine Red Ted Baillieu (as Landeryou calls him) contributing to the present Slanderyou blog, but if it became like the old Slanderyou blog he probably would. The mother of the ex Doyle staffer said the reason they were sending press releases to Slanderyou was because mainstream journalists read the old Slanderyou when they didn't read the press releases themselves, and the Libs were able to get coverage for a lot of their policies in the mainstream media as a result.

Be like the old Slanderyou. The present Slanderyou is nothing but an anti Landeryou dirt sheet, complete with cat fights involving Cait Catt! I think Landeryou feels he can take criticism but the posting about him sitting on the loo makes Slanderyou look vile and cheap, and he's better off not contributing under the name of Cait Catt as this just cheapens him.

Change or cease publication.

Anonymous said...

If Slanderyou is going to go, how about becoming the first people in history to suicide on a surfeit of KFC.

Anonymous said...

stay, for god's sake stay

Anonymous said...

if you guys take leave then we'll never hear the end of it from Andy

Anonymous said...

Guys - it's a tough job but someone's gotta do it.

We luv yas.

Yarra Ranger said...

Anon 2.10

You do make a point about the need for a real ALP blog to counter Landeryou. I think this verison of Slanderyou does off that opportunity.

The real advatange of this blog, was that it deliberately targeted Landeryou, much in the same manner that he targets others. Its simple karma!

My vote is for SLanderyou to continue. His/her blog has been a greater counterwight to Landeryou's crap.

We should all make it clear here, that we want Slanderyou to continue.

And if you have evidence that counters Landeryou, then use this blog to do so!

Anonymous said...

Please ignore people like Soon. The man is just a Landeryou apologist!

Anonymous said...

Anon, Feb. 16, 2:10PM, makes some fair criticisms.
Still, Slanderyou should continue to counter Landeryou's blog and his lies.
Why should this noisome character escape from the same cheap treatment he inflicts to others?
Why not remind Landeryou and other readers of his foibles and defects?
Why shouldn't people be aware of his failures in politics and business and his hidden agendas when he jealously slags off
Buddha Boy, who believes he's stainless, wouldn't receive such reception if he showed some contrition for his past or acted in a more dignified manner.

Then again, it's fun to post this stuff and read his foaming, spluttering replies.

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou, you have my vote, for all the reasons said by Anon 4.53 said

Anonymous said...

This site MUST continue.

Andrew Landeryou is a criminally deviant ex prisoner. He bankrupted MUSU. He must be brought to justice - now.

People must now stand up and demand charges, go to to see what you can do. The site acts as a action station and forum to see something is done about Landeryou and his disgraceful friends. Visit it now.


Anonymous said...

Jason Soon should immediately disassociate himself from this digusting ex prisoner Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Slandersyou should stay as it is. I absolutely disagree with the first poster at 2.10pm. Slandersyou should not start getting into partisan political fights, that was a real problem with the old Slandersyou.

Getting into slagging off the right etc, just allowed Landeryou to claim he was being attacked by the Left because he was Right.

In fact, Landeryou is a criminally deviant piece of filth, unacceptable to any faction in society. He's desperate to curry favor with the right, and the Liberal Party in order to seek support. Lets not give him that chance.

He must faces charges over bankrupting MUSU. He's living off the money now.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first poster at 2.10 pm. Slandersyou (the old) was not into factional shitfights. Slandersyou took a neutral position most of the time. For example Slandersyou was elated when the Liberal Party actually advertised on the blog for candidates. Bizarre.

Slandersyou had a following, and both journalists and Landeryou read it for news, until the heat got too much for Landeryou and he was able to sabotage the blog with his knowledge of how to override password protection and kill it.

Slanderyou (not Slandersyou) has one aim and that is to slag Landeryou. It is also, at times, as 2.10 pm says, vile and that causes the blog to lose credibility. Landeryou sitting on the loo might be fun and good undergraduate stuff, but journalists are not going to look at this site seriously with material like that.

Even Landeryou has come to that conclusion as his Cait Catt has clearly stopped posting (I hope I'm wrong with that. Like 2.10 pm I love the Yarra Ranger and Catt cat fights, to use a pun).

It may be too late to repair the damage done by that juvenile post. You can't control what people put in the comments section (unless you are Landeryou, who deletes anything he doesn't like) but you can make content credible and even interesting. Your postings about Landeryou plagiarisms and the fake Walkely award were great. There is much good on this blog.

The source of Landeryou's funds are also good copy, and if you are anonymous you can speculate about that free from the threat of legal action. Probably Daddy. I wouldn't think Landeryou Jnr has anything left.

But there are better and more interesting things than Landeryou's source of money to slag off about and Slanderyou ought not be so single minded.

To misquote Landeryou (I suspect Cait Catt is Landeryou) the old Slandersyou was the best blog on the net. Slanderyou isn't.

Anonymous said...

Slandersyou used to say remember you saw it first on the Slandersyou blog.

Where is Cait Catt? She used to tell us all the firsts on the Landeryou blog, or at least she said they were.

Now she seems, and forgive my pun, to have gone back to the cattery with her partner in crime Catter8.

Great detective work Slanderyou in picking that up. There's a job for you on the OC investigations unit! (only joking).

Anonymous said...

The posting with Landeryou on the loo pulling himself is the sort of crap you would expect by Landeryou of someone else. That posting has done this blog enormous harm.

The fact that we no longer hear from Cait Catt is not necessarily bad. She wrote nonsense anyhow. Almost certainly she's Landeryou, as has already been stated by other commentators on this posting, but Landeryou is behind her being put to pasture. I did psychology once and I would think from my old lecture notes that Landeryou thinks he cheapens himself by using Cait Catt to present him in a good light on this blog. He obvously thinks this blog is better ignored when in the past he used it because he thought it influential.

That posting, vile as a previous commentator described it, has, as I said previously, done this blog incalculable harm in the wider community

Anonymous said...

Hurrah, for Anon, Feb. 16, 2:10PM, for getting this blog back to some serious debate.

Slanderyou should continue to highlight Debt Man Walking's hypocrisy.

Landeryou needles Age editor Andrew Jaspan for nepotism but declines to declare he worked for his father Bill between 1989-91.

He slams Solly Lew but fails to disclose his efforts defending Lew in the mid '90s and losing Lew millions when he invested in Landeryou's IQ Corp business.

He accuses Lew, Evan Thornley and Stephen Mayne of dodgey business practices after Landeryou "lost" IQ's books.

He criticizes student pollies after being dismissed as Melb. Uni. president under allegations of mismanagement, then allegedly had a hand in bankrupting the student union.

He slimes John Cain but makes no mention of Bill Landeryou's demotion and debacles in Cain's government.

He names the woman at the receiving end of MP Richard Dalla-Riva's texts, which is not in the public interest, invades her privacy and serves no purpose but to embarrass her.

He stalks subjects, publishes details of their home addresses and runs nonsensical vendettas.

The man is unethical and dishonest and should be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

No Cait Catt postings defending Fat Boy Grim.
What's the matter, Andy? "Cait Catt" got your tongue?

Anonymous said...

bring back the great goss that was available on the old slandersyou

slanderyou said...

Thanks to everyone for their comments.

Please continue to comment.

We are currently working through all these different viewpoints, trying to aggregate a consensus.


Cait Catt said...

Cait Catt is back but won't be while Slanderyou is just a dirty shit sheet.

To show Andrew in a filthy pose is despicable. This is not cheap and unfair gossip. It is below that and should be seen for the childish crap it is.

I have defended Andrew through thick and thin. I will continue to do so. He is a good person and an honest and ethical one. There has been nothing on his blog as farcical as the posting I just referred to.

I think Slanderyou should close down. It has nothing to offer and I'm sure after the juvenile posting I previously referred to no one is reading it. It didn't win a blog award and in view of its content it never will. That's why I'm no longer contributing.

Go away and close down.

Anonymous said...

I vote for you to buzz off, but then again your doing Andrew a huge favour by linking to his blog all the time

So please continue and keep up the "good work"

Anonymous said...

Buzz off Landeryou (Catt).

I want Slanderyou to continue. I want all the goss about debt man walking.

If Catt doesn't post any more good riddance.

As someone else said there is no finer place than the cattery for Catt. Also the Cat Protection Society are always looking for volunteers and I think the real identity behind Cait Catt would make an excellent volunteer.

And don't give me that crap Catt that Andrew aint Delia. It ain't Lyle. It is Landeryou. Of that I am certain.

Yarra Ranger said...

Cait, can you provide any independent proof that Landeryou is YOUR WORDS "...a good person and an honest and ethical one."

A few links to non Landeryou blogs etc would be good.

I am very sure you can't

I vote for Slanderyou to continue her/his fine work.

Anonymous said...

Andrew (as Cait Catt) says "he's good person and an honest and ethical one."
He ignores a list (Saturday, February 17, 2007 3:52:00 PM) of his recent indiscretions while trying to perpetuate the myth of his Walkley award.
What parts of "honesty" and "ethics" don't you understand, Andy?
Carry on, Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is a corrupt slug.

Keep up the good work Slanedrs

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