Friday, July 06, 2007

"Disgusting web filth Andrew Landeryou"

And we thought we were tough on Andrew Landeryou!

Dead Roo wrote: "Disgusting web filth Andrew Landeryou used to break the big gossip stories ...or more accurately, he did so on one occasion. Then, naturally, everyone stayed well clear of the declared bankrupt and one time fugitive. The completely unemployable Landeryou is now left pursuing imagined enemies".

Happy weekend everyone. Though we are sure Melbourne women will want to stay indoors this weekend, especially given Andy Landy's recent nocturnal activities.

13 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Ladies, stock up on mace. Landeryou's out there.

Gavin Deavers said...

Came across your site by accident. What irony. You attack landeryou for spending his time pursuing certain individuals, yet you set up this entire site dedicated to attacking Landeryou in the first place. this thing is pathetic. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

looks as if "Gavin Deavers" doesn't get the irony either!

Any way, who would JUST come across this site by accident?

Only someone especially looking for it!

Isn't that right Andy?

Anonymous said...

Got to agree with Anon 5:18:00 PM about Gavin's comments

Has Andy found another alias, to add to Cait. Catter, Delia and Freddy?

Anonymous said...

Gavin, you have obviously haven't read Landeryou's bile.

Anonymous said...


Friday, 6 July 2007
RECIDIVISTS: Nameless Steals From The OC Yet Again

Yesterday, we exclusively reported on the boning of popular Sports Editor Warwick Green at The Age. Once again, the bankrupt email newsletter Nameless has lifted the story, without attribution and shamelessly published it today.

A new invoice will go off to them, this time for $300. We put them on notice that future uses of OC copyright will increase to $1000 per item.

from today's Nameless:
28. Media briefs and TV ratings

A sporting chance of revolt at The Age. Yesterday afternoon the entire sports staff almost walked out after the popular but feisty Sports Editor, Warwick Green, was removed from his position by editor Andrew Jaspan. The newsroom was abuzz with the news. Given Green’s popularity and Jaspan’s unpopularity, the move had the potential to bring newsroom tensions to a head. Green remains on staff, but is no longer sports editor. This morning the House Committee together with union reps met Jaspan to discuss the matter after the editorial floor was running hot with talk of a full staff meeting and even a motion of no confidence in the editor-in-chief. This morning a conciliatory email from the paper's house committee whizzed around, stating that Green would remain on staff but was removed as editor. I understand there will now be no mass meeting of staff. There seems to have been no one trigger for the falling out between the two men, although news conference attendees say that there have been longstanding tensions. Green is known as someone who expresses his opinions loudly and bluntly. According to one source his attitude toward Jaspan ''bordered on the openly contemptuous''. -- Margaret Simons

Game on.

UPDATE: And in more Nameless news of the Stephen Mayne Daily Gaffe variety, he made this claim of editorial corruption on Thursday July 5th:

In a disturbing development, the ISS report attacking Macquarie’s pay structures was largely ignored by the Fairfax press at the same time as Macquarie and Fairfax were teaming up to carve up Southern Cross Broadcasting. The Australian’s John Durie broke the story yesterday and within 24 hours it was picked up by both The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times.

Turns out though that this wasn't exactly true either, as today's Nameless admits in a section labelled "Oops":


Stephen Mayne writes: Re. "Will MacBank’s remuneration report be overwhelmingly endorsed again?" (Yesterday, item 26). It was only The Age and The SMH out of the major Fairfax papers which failed to report proxy advisory power house Institutional Shareholder Services changing its position and recommending a vote against Macquarie Bank’s remuneration report at this year’s AGM. The AFR covered it on page 50 two days ago.

Oops indeed. Mayne is a punchline to an increasingly tired joke.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is in la la land

imagine an out and out plagiarist invoicing someone else $300 for copying his material

Anonymous said...

So why did Landeryou fall out with Mayne exactly?

Seemed to have occured well before Mayne publicly named Landeryou as "delia"

Anonymous said...

This is great. Well done, Slandeyou

Anonymous said...


It seems that (only-just-a) Councillor Dean Sherriff is quite the writer.

Unlike his friend Andy, our favourite Banyule friend has been writing books. In his bin on Thursday night we found a contents page in amoung his usual bin full of shredded documents.

It was an index for Sun Tzu's "Art of War" but with 10 new chapters:

The fourth dimension
The technological edge
Information systems
Adapting Shi
The Army's Depth
Morphing the ground
Mathematical paradigms & relationships

We tried to reassemble his rantings from the shreds of paper but it was no use. All we can tell is that he used similar philosophical language as the rest of the book.

Anonymous said...

A truly scary right wing wanker!

Anonymous said...

Sherriff is a scary prick.

Anonymous said...

Sherriff is a scary prick.