Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Is Landeryou a bankrupt’s version of Puss in Boots?

By Liberty Larry

Alternate personality Cait Catt wrote in November in response to the story "Andrew Landeryou’s “cut and run”": that

“The OC remains the best and most trustworthy blog on the net. The OC was justifiably the winner of the inaugural Walkley Blog Award. Andrew Landeryou is honest and ethical.“

Mythical Cait then ended his/her/its commentary with “Go back to Sleazeland Slanderyou. Stop publishing dishonest lies.”

Let’s see:
· Trustworthy?
· justifiably the winner of the inaugural Walkley Blog Award?
· Andrew Landeryou is honest and ethical?
· Stop publishing dishonest lies?

Maybe Landeryou was wearing his extra tight hip high leather boots when he wrote this, restricting blood flow!

34 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

The OC is and remains the best blog on the net.

There is no news content on Slanderyou. Only FILTH.

catter8 said...

For an up to the minute commentary about Solomon Lew and his obscene acts, read the OC. Below is today's latest news. Read on:

SURPRISE, SURPRISE: Sol Lew's Secret Agenda Unmasked // He Wants Access To The OC

In the Federal Court today, the real mission of Solomon Lew's bankruptcy trustees and his counsel has been revealed for all to see.

Amazing as it might sound they have obtained a court order - at least on an interim basis - to access the back-end of the OC - your blog of freedom - via its secret password.

In an outrageous request and blatant abuse of process, the order they have obtained which itself will be discussed and reviewed next week, would have the effect of permitting the corporate crook Solomon Lew full access to the blog, an ability to censor it, edit out references to himself and members of his crime family and so on.

Arrogant and incompetent over-reaching is probably the best way of summarising the bizarre and outrageous hostile incursion into the territory of free speech and privacy in today's Federal Court shenanigans brought on by notorious corporate crook Sol Lew's bankruptcy trustees.

While we are yet to obtain the orders sought in today's case, (so far Lew's lawyers have failed to respond to our request for a copy, we'll try the court tomorrow) the essence of them is simple enough:

■ Provide to Solomon Lew's bankruptcy trustees a username and password that would enable them to fully access this blog of freedom, and provide them with an ability to delete, alter and censor individual posts or indeed enable them to delete the blog entirely;

■ Provide the equivalent of PIN numbers (tautology acknowledged) and passwords to my not very flush ANZ bank account, which would enable those provided not to only identify bank balances but to also steal funds; and

■ Provide passwords to advertiser accounts which would enable Solomon Lew's trustee to turn off advertisements they did not want or to terminate the account we have with them.

In essence, it is an absolute abuse of process. One barrister we told about the order laughed when told about the bank account PIN numbers and passwords but shook his head in despair when we told him they sought full access to this blog of freedom, enabling them to censor it.

Our courts exist to enforce the law and to protect our freedoms against the heavy-hand of executive government and others with immense power.

It will certainly be interesting to see whether the Federal Court will tolerate this outrageous demand of Solomon Lew's bankruptcy trustee, Andrew Yeo who is understood to have run up bills for Lew of around $100,000 including legals already.

Bills of this size put in context the following anecdote from the court. Prior to the arrival of the Registrar, in the usual friendly banter that goes on in the courts prior to patriots being lynched, one of Lew's lawyers, Leslie Glick, Les to his friend (no plural required), commented on AFL footballer salaries.

He declared when told by one of his interlocutors that AFL players can earn as much as several hundred thousand dollars per annum that "That's a good salary for teenagers I suppose."

No one else in the room, including the court staff and lawyers pulling considerably less than Mr Glick's $10,000 a day failed to appreciate that Glick was actually being quite serious. To my shame, I didn't say a word, feeling that I should keep my powder dry.

He's certainly on a good screw, of that there can be no doubt. His own lack of sporting skill has not handicapped his future earnings.

Speaking of which, when the OC arrived at the Court it was amusing to note that Mr Glick's junior (small in every way) Robert Heath felt free to use the disabled toilet facilities in the Federal Court building.

When apprehended by the OC, Heath adopted a particularly panicked look contemplating we suppose what might be said of him in future blog posts. Well here it is, in the limited amount of time left prior to Solomon Lew seeking to obtain censorship rights over this blog of the free: Mr Heath, you are scum. Use the toilet facilities set aside for the able (amply in your case) bodied and don't presume there aren't people with disabilities needing to use them.

Clearly Heath missed the Seinfeld episode where Jerry parked in the disabled place at the shopping centre nearly provoking a riot. Or perhaps just missed out when the Lord above was doling out decency.

A rather hard-faced woman called "Sarah" also attended court. She denied she was from the Age although declined to introduce herself further which will itself cause some future hilarity as we use patented OC methods to establish her identity. Shorthand didn't seem very good so we can only assume she was from the ABC. Either way she will be found. When you find a fan, it's a good thing indeed to find out their name for one's Christmas Card list.

Most of the rest of the festivities related to the OC's incredibly lavish and fast-living lifestyle. Wonderment was expressed about my near Spartan existence (a reference to funds expended, toil exerted, not one's state of dress during sporting events).

Mr Lew's lawyer, Lesglicksc (one word) a multi-millionaire himself, must find it difficult to comprehend why one would get out of bed for less than ten grand a day.

Not really getting anywhere other than being bogged down in the rather unsatisfying territory of exploring my impecunious finances, Glick at least spared us the rather pathetic mispronunciations of his junior the last time we were there. Patriots will recall Heath insisted that Skype was pronounced sky-pee. Glick is certainly smarter than that.

Glick has the demeanour of a self-satisfied know-all, who would bully in the court yet cower in the back bar of the pub. Certainly he is no more than half the wit he thinks he is. His method is to appear to be reasonable while not being, an art that perhaps might be worth paying ten grand a day for if there was a little more money at stake.

At one stage he tripped himself up rather amusingly when he foreshadowed that - in the absence of my own counsel - the Registrar would interrupt him if Glick asked "improper" questions. I asked whether he proposed asking any improper questions, a suggestion the pompous one denied with vigour.

The Glick also foreshadowed the amusing prospect of slugging it out with the notoriously corrupt Liquidator of the Melbourne University Student Union Dean McVeigh over funds he improperly "froze" which should he ought not have.

It would be splendid sport indeed to watch the monied Lew stalk the now very financially challenged MUSU liquidation for some loot they improperly obtained a long time ago. It's not really my money as such but it is just sitting there waiting for Lew to make his greedy claim. Deciding who should profit, Dean McVeigh or Solomon Lew is fortunately not my decision, but we can only encourage them both to pursue each other in a greased-up piggy death-wrestle for the entertainment of the rest of us.

Certainly Lew the looter's advisers would be well aware (they are now I suppose) that the corrupt Liquidator's funds are now very depleted and that he would probably struggle to defend any litigation from the deep pocketed Lew-ter.

This appears to be the reason why McVeigh's once multi-million dollar claim against those involved in MUSU has - to use a Sunbury expression - "died in the ar*e" with practically nothing to show for a liquidation which expended $8 million plus of taxpayers' and public monies.

So we can only egg them on.

Certainly as Lew's legal advisers were proudly posing for the OC's cameras outside the Federal Court today, there's certainly more than enough ham to go around.

Anonymous said...

The mythical "Cait Catt" complained once before about being ignored on the Slanderyou blog.

She/he/it can't complain tonight.

She/he/it is the centre of attention. The first purrson mentioned in tonight's item on the Slanderyou blog.

Congratulations Cait (or is it Andy?)

Anonymous said...

Filth? How can you say that, fat boy? You are the most avid poster here at Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

Guess "Sarah" can expects "some future hilarity" from the "patented OC methods" of stalking.

Anonymous said...

Sarah would do well to contact the Victorian Police now and alert her editor.

Anonymous said...

Bit rich cait catt claiming that there is no news content on Slanderyou.

there ain't any news content on the OC either, just rehashed articles written by others and accounts of fat boys attempts to stalk innocent members of the public...

Anonymous said...

Poor little 'persecuted' Landy. Big bad Solomon Lew is investing the time and resources in determining how you survive financially, and just who it is that's supporting your existence of propaganda, lies, hypocrisy and dementia.

Watching you squeal like a stuck pig is fun, regardless of the character of the person taking their shot.

With any luck, you'll finally get your comeuppance, Fatboy.

Your hypocritical, self-serving rants about censorship, blatant abuse of rights and privacy ring a little hollow when you're just as guilty.

Your rants against Lew are little more than the equivalent of a scorned lover's tantrums.

Here's hoping he gets his password access to your blog and publishes details of just how you seem to thrive without any visible income.

For someone who fills acres of blogspace about any subject, you seem remarkably reticent (or is it forgetful?) on your own income sources.

Anonymous said...

To help Andrew out in finding a copy of the order against him -

Here it is:

First Applicant

Second Applicant


Registrar Moore
4 December 2007


1. The further examination of Andrew John Clyde Landeryou is adjourned to 14 December 2007 at 9.00 am.
2. Direct pursuant to s.81(11A) Bankruptcy Act 1966 and the summonses dated 5 February 2007 addressed to the bankrupt that the bankrupt produce to the court print outs, page …….. or other documents recording account numbers, log-in names and passwords in respect of each of the following accounts maintained by the bankrupt:
(a) paypal
(b) payperpost;
(c) adbrite;
(d) betfair;
(e) ANZ access bank account number 013 006 4923 06937l
(f) Google blogger; and
(g) Zoom direct.

3. The examination of William Albert Landeryou is adjourned to a date to be fixed. Any resumption to be on 8 days’ written notice and, if not resumed within 3 months, then the examination is deemed concluded.

He shouldn't say we don't do anything for him.

Anonymous said...

Forgive my ignorance, but why is the Trustee of Edward Alexander Payne examining El Gordo? Who is Edward Alexander Payne?

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy whines about "bills for Lew of around $100,000 including legals already".

$100k is just one thirtieth of the amount the Landershonk clan were ordered to pay Lew in 2005 - before interest.

Spending $100,000 to get back $2,900,000 seems like good sense to me.

So where have you got it hidden, Fat Boy? Quit whinging and pay up. Not even you can have spent it all on KFC.

Anonymous said...

How on earth does the Fat Boy equate return of money he stole from Lew with censorship. The alter egos keep multiplying, and now this. Fat Boy's mental state is getting worse and worse. Unless, of course, he is planning to do a Norm Gallagher and try and use health to avoid a custodial sentence. Mental health.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou will be the first person ever in the civil system to plead insanity.

Anonymous said...

Can we please have a link to the full court documents for El Gordo. It would be good to see the details of where the hearing next week is being held. This can then be passed on to the media so Sarah and her colleagues can be notified of this newsworthy event. Consider it a patriotic gesture: informing the citizenry that crime does not pay.

Anonymous said...

How come we never see any of this on Landeryou's blog?

Anonymous said...

Who reads the Landeryou blog? Slanderyou exposes corporate crime. The Landeryou blog has nothing but sleazy smears against the most obscure local government people and Labor sub-branch nobodies from a handful of Melbourne burbs.

Anonymous said...

The OC: a cesspool of sleaze about nobodies who will never warrant a mention anywhere reputable. The blog suits Andy down to a T.

Anonymous said...

The OC: A font of information about student politics and Sophie M. 'cause Jabba The Butt has never gone over being shafted by Sophie M. at uni.

Anonymous said...

Student politicians and the dross who are too thick to even make MLC who end up on councils. Buddha Boy's type of people. A failure to chronicle the failures.

catter8 said...

Nelson recognises Sophie's talents

Thursday, 6 December 2007
BACK FROM THE BRINK: First Among Equals Mrs Sophie Mirabella Becomes One of the Parl Secs

Despite initial press reports to the contrary, Liberal heart-throb Mrs Sophie Mirabella was today appointed to the Opposition front bench, in the glorious position of opposition Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government.

The sense of relief across the nation is palpable tonight as her supporters dealt with the shock from reports she had been cruelly and wrongly snubbed and passed over.

It certainly beggared belief that she was excluded and we withdraw all previous assertions about the fidelity of the newly elected Party Leader Mr Nelson, on behalf of the Friends of Indi Movement.

While he supports Mrs Mirabella, the Movement (as it is known) will continue to support the good Doctor. If that sacred bond is broken, well, he knows what happens next. He goes to the same dustbin of history as Simon Crean, John Hewson, Mark Latham et al.

There are certainly exciting times ahead in local government with Mrs Mirabella taking an active interest in their affairs. They will be delighted to behold her at the many conferences of state and federal local government organisations where it is certain she will make a favourable impression on behalf of her party on many delegates both at speaking engagements to large groups and in one-on-one meetings across the nation.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Darebin Council is the subject of criticism in tonight's OC comments. A reader says it needs a responsible councillor, like Banyule's Dean Sherriff. Read on:

Congratulations Sophie.

You should use your immense talents on the Darebin Clowncil in Victoria.

Darebin is the Clowncil who apologise to Aborigines, but refuses to apologise to its own citizenry.

If you were under 14 you couldn't read books at the Darebin libraries (then under the control of the City of Northcote), courtesy of the ALP goon squad who then ran its clowncil. "Only dagoes, commos and poofters read books" said the local ALP goon Clowncillors.

Darebin needs decent councillors, like Banyule's Dean Sherriff. Only then will Darebin make the necessary apology to its long suffering ratepayers.

Anonymous said...

Cr Cait Catt for Darebin. She'll show them.

Cait Catt said...

There's a picture tonight on the OC of the Solomon Lew mansion. He's got millions yet he's trying to make poor Andrew into a pauper. He's bankrupt already. Try getting blood out of a stone. Andrew is one of the most decent persons I know. Not like the likes of Lew Money Carbone and Wood.

Anonymous said...

I presume Andrew L has to make up these pseudonyms and post messages from them here late at night talking up his blog of sleaze because his stress levels are now so bad he can't get a hard on and can't wank any more.

Anonymous said...


We know you are deluded so we will try to make this simple.

Just what bit of "You stole several million dollars from Solly Lew. Give it back." don't you understand?

Anonymous said...

A mate of mine works for The Bulletin and says Buddha Boy was in touch yesterday after they published the Adler prison memoirs trying to sell them his story. The price was a hefty cheque, made payable to Matthew Mason, or cash. The Bulletin told Buddha Boy that they had never heard of Andrew Landeryou and neither would have most of their readers.

Anonymous said...

Police were called to the KFC on Sydney Road at Brunswick last night after a morbidly obese man dressed in female attire and carrying cats harassed customers, asking if he could "borrow" tubs of gravy.

Anonymous said...

Fat Andy goes bin diving at the Brunswick KFC all the time. Keep an eye out for him around closing time. It is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Andy goes bin diving because he is destitute. Solomon Lew take note. You are the cause of a good man's misfortune.

Anonymous said...

Another Landeryou sock puppet there at 1:21!

Andrew goes bin diving dressed as a woman because he plans to plead insanity to avoid a custodial sentence. Who was that mafioso who pretended to be mad and walked round Little Italy babbling? Andrew is taking a lead from him. It is just sick.

Anonymous said...

Andy goes bin diving because he is a greedy cunt. That's also why he stole those millions from Melbourne Uni and Lew.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Andy goes bin diving because he is a greedy cunt. That's also why he stole those millions from Melbourne Uni and Lew.