Friday, December 14, 2007

Landeryou convicted

By Liberty Larry

Landeryou is again in court today. The court is allowing the plantiffs to "anal-probe" through Landeryou's 'evidence'.

But it must be noted that Landeryou was already convicted in the court of patriotic opinion, see here and here.

Meanwhile, law and order patriots have advised readers of relevant data concerning Australia's penal system. Some interesting reading. We wonder who will be spending a lot of time reading up on that topic.

21 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Fat Andy's going DOWN!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Landeryou now believes he is too fat to fit into any prison cell in the state of Victoria, guaranteeing that when the inevitable happens he will only get home detention and that the authorities will find it impossible to fit him with an electronic bracelet?

Rita Randles said...

Why don't you publish the truth, on the OC web site this afternoon:

WE SHALL OVERCOME: Freedom Triumphs in Federal Court Farce // Lew's Lawyers Humiliated in Blog Backdown Smackdown

Billionaire Solomon Lew's high priced legal buffoons this morning backed down in their outrageous Federal Court bid to obtain back-door access to the OC and other account names and passwords related to our not so vast fortune.

While courts in this country are letting gang rapists loose with a pat on the back, Lew's lawyers had engaged in a bizarre backfiring cunning stunt that wasted scarce court time that could have been much better spent on substantial matters.

To recap, Lew the Looter's lawyers had sought a court order requiring us to provide them with various online user names and passwords. They clearly had no power under the Bankruptcy Act to do so, and even with the passwords would still not be properly authorised to access this blog or any other online account. For them to do so without my authority or the court's direct sanction would probably itself have been unlawful.


So we'd prepared a lengthy Martin Luther King style oration dealing with why freedom of speech is at the heart of our liberty, the ulterior and corrupt motives of the Lew, providing evidence of his obsession with the blog and its contents, the limitations on Sol Lew's bankruptcy trustee's power, evidence connecting Lew and the trustee who clearly acts on Lew's direct instruction and other practical arguments about why their order was a big bunch of shite (a legal term I'd devised for the occasion).

And amusingly it was for nothing because they opened the batting by making an application that they would need to go back to the court to obtain permission to inspect the usernames and passwords which basically puts them back where they started.

Very weird.

Indeed, Leslie Glick SC one-time human rights advocate turned wannabe blog raider failed to even attend, sending his junior Robbie Heath and his bungling offsider Sammy Bond.

So a famous victory that would have done the Sunbury Rovers proud, although it's rather odd that the other team forfeited without so much as a whimper.

Not only that, they appear to have concluded their examinations too for the time being, clearly tired of my company and having now wasted the court's time on three separate pointless days of high-priced farce.

Sol Lew is rich enough and neurotic enough to pursue this pointless frolic endlessly though. He can buy the services of ethical prostitutes like Leslie Glick, Robert Heath, Samuel Maxwell Bond, Andrew Yeo and Gess Rambaldi. But for today at least freedom prevailed against these dark forces and for that and for all the support OC readers have expressed this week we are truly thankful.

We shall overcome.

Now more than ever,

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of an old Bananaland political slogan:


Anonymous said...

Rita, you're dead.

The Atlanta Constitution, 7 June 1999. RITA RANDLES, 40, of Roopville died Saturday. Funeral, 2pm today, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church; Martin & Hightower Heritage Chapel.

Or are you running a scam like UK canoeist John Darwin?

Anonymous said...

Buddha Boy, I wouldn't crow so loudly.

You're still bankrupt, your reputation is in tatters, you're fast approaching middle age with never having a real job, and Solly Lew hasn't finished with you yet.

Anonymous said...

That speech of Buddha Boy's was delivered from beneath a pot plant in the foyer of the court.

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy, when a committal hearing is aborted because of a technicality, it doesn't mean that the accused is innocent.

These are the facts:

- Your dishonesty and incompetence cost Solly Lew more than three million dollars.

- Your dishonesty and incompetence destroyed the business functions of the Melbourne University Student Union.

- Your subsequent activities have compounded your criminality and negligence.

- You can expect a prison sentence.

- Your bizarre and sleazy mish-mash of lies, the blog you use to trumpet your cause, is likely to ensure further prison time for contempt.

Fat Boy, what part of "complete fucking idiot who cannot help himself" are you incapable of understanding?

Anonymous said...


What Lew's legal team did today was ensure that due process is followed.

You wouldn't understand as it is something you don't need to consider if you aim is to steal as much money and smear and injure as many people as you can.

It does not mean that you are off the hook.


A legal observer

Anonymous said...

what landeryou doesnt say in his little rant is that he is typing without his trousers on

he pissed the only pair big enough for him on the way into court this morning

Anonymous said...

As i said the other day, well done Team Slanderyou for providing all victims of Andrew landeryou's sleazey commentary with the means to fight back. Victims Rights!

Anonymous said...

Fat Andy should be punched in the head until he is dead.

Liberty Larry said...

Rita Landeryou writes: "Why don't you publish the truth"!

WE DID!!!!!! It's landeryou that has the problem. Didn't you read the various charges?

Anonymous said...

As I write, there are only 7 comments to Landeryou's story; 13 comments here. Again, Team Slanderyou has a 2x greater readership. Says something.

Anonymous said...

No: (P)VID1294/2006


1. Any application for leave for the trustees to uplift and inspect and copy the documents produced by Andrew John Clyde Landeryou in accordance with the order made on 4December 2007 is to be made on or by 30 January 2008.

2. The further examination of Andrew John Clyde Landeryou is adjourned resumption to be on eight days’ notice and, if not resumed within three months, then it is deemed concluded.

Mmmm ... El Gordo's version seems a bit fanciful.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou must be spinning, that this and other blogs exist that write the truth!

Anonymous said...

Sixteen comments now!

Anonymous said...

Police were urgently called to the Brunswick KFC on Sydney Road last night after repeated reports a morbidly obese man clad in feminine attire was harassing patrons, asking to "borrow" their meals.

The offender fled on foot shouting threats at pursuing officers to "give them the patented OC treatment" on what he called "the Blog of Freedom".

Anonymous said...

Police were urgently called to the Brunswick KFC on Sydney Road last night after repeated reports a morbidly obese man clad in feminine attire was harassing patrons, asking to "borrow" their meals.

The offender fled on foot shouting threats at pursuing officers to "give them the patented OC treatment" on what he called "the Blog of Freedom".

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