Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Dear TS reader,

What a year it has been. A very successful year for TS:
· We are near to reaching 17,000 hits, and
· We’ve received over 2000 comments.

Thank you dear TS reader for your time, interest and commitment to our patriotic cause.
It’s time to wish our readers a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

See you all again from around mid January 2008. Liberty Larry may pop in from time to time in the interim.

All the best and spare a thought for Andrew Landeryou who will only have for company his festive Xmas backyard KFC bucket. He may even lash out on a Zinger burger with extra pineapple.

To Andrew. Without you this ‘blog of truth’ would obviously not exist. But then again, our blog shouldn’t exist. It’s people like you (political Daleks if you will) that have given politics a bad taste. Rather sad really. May be, between bites on your KFC nuggets, you’ll use this time to think about your life, realising it’s not too late to turn it around.

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Anonymous said...

Fat Andy's going DOWN!

Anonymous said...

Can any patriot fill us in on the details of this? Is Buddha Boy involved?

"Mr Ray is due in the county court tomorrow morning at 11am for a further plea. Anyone attending should be able to discern what he has been charged with...."

Anonymous said...

landeryou wants a lawyer for christmas

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Team Slanderyou and all Slanderyou readers! The very best of luck to you in your patriotic task of protecting the citizenry from con men, shonks and fraudsters.

Rita Randles said...

Merry Christmas to the great man.

Slanderyou is the BLOG OF FILTH and should do us all a favour by closing down.

Anonymous said...

A Merry Christmas to for Cait, catter8 and all members of the defence team, including Rita.

A nice Christmas pudding to for all the cats at catter8's cattery, wherever it is.

Cait Catt said...

Thank you Liberty Larry for all that wonderful publicity. Isn't it great to be acknowledged. Slanderyou ignores me.

Merry Christmas Liberty Larry, with love from Cait XXX

Anonymous said...

Can you get rabies from cats? The person responsible for the previous three posts seems to be suffering from fits and seizures.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know gout made sufferers hallucinate and create a whole range of other identities - Delia, Rita, Cait, Catter8 ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy, since you are visiting this site again, do you want to share with us what the Christmas dinner the Salvos give you is like? And the Vinnies effort? And the Smith Family's? You'll be lining up for several, won't you?

Anonymous said...

how many writs and summonses do we think landeryou will get for christmas

Anonymous said...

All together now, Team Slanderyou! Ready? One, two, three:

On the first day of Christmas Fat Andy copped a writ ...

Anonymous said...

At Christmas we remember the poor, lonely and friendless. Except Landeryou. He is classed as "Someone who had it coming to him".

Anonymous said...

Well written Slanderyou, and gratiously too. Where is Landeryou's thanks to his dwindling readership? Where is good will to all men and women?

Anonymous said...

As part of the Xmas spirit and goodwill, I offer 2 buy Cait Catt, Catter 8, the late Rita Randles and Delia Delegate a drink. But as they are all mythical figures I won't need to spend a cent.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt is always telling us that the Landershonk blog is always first with the latest news. Tonight he's not. Neither is Channel 10 nor is Channel 9 news tonight. But congratulations to Channel 7 who beat the other television news.

But who deserves the greatest credit? None other than Crikey, or Nameless as Landershonk is always referring to the Beecher and former Mayne site. In fact it was Stephen Mayne who first picked it up. Mayne writes for Crikey and also has his own report called the Mayne Report but that costs an arm and a leg to subscribe and I haven't got Landershonk's money.

Read this:

PROPERTY TRUST SECTOR - SERIOUS CONCERNS - There are concerns for the Property Trust sector and an expected profit warning has been released by Centro Properties Group this morning after it went into a trading halt on Thursday saying they needed to revise earnings forecasts because they need to refinance loans in the credit markets – they are 60% geared. They have cut their forecast distribution for 2008 to 40.6c per security from 47c. CNP has been a struggler this year, down 34% before today and down 67% this morning. WDC down 4.4%, GPT down 5.8%, DRT down 5.1%.
Another property trust doing it tough today is Goodman Group (GMG) – down 13.7% to 505c despite announcing its European Logistics Fund has acquired 8 logistics facilities for EUD171m and reiterating earnings guidance for the year. "We have a number of avenues at our disposal and remain comfortable with our financial flexibility and reiterate our 8% growth forecast for FY2008." Said CEO

Congratulations Mayne and Crikey and Channel 7 News. You all beat Landershonk in reporting the Centro Property Group crisis. Will it be a collapse? We wait with baited breath. One think is certain. We don't get the level of depth from Landershonk that we get from Crikey and Mayne.

catter8 said...

Nonsense 9.15. Landeryou reported Fran Bailey's recount success before anyone else and you know it.

Anonymous said...

All our best wishes Slanderyou and its readers. Please remember Landeryrou's many victims. Victims Rights.

Anonymous said...

Why does Landeryou remind me of this: "I've had gonorrhea four times, I've had warts burned off three times, Chlamydia like who knows how many times..."

Anonymous said...

Catter8 (Landeryou), I don't think Fran Bailey was mentioned. And let's face it, any time you parrot information from Newnham or Droutsas, it's a triumph of mediocrity. Nothing more.

But I guess that's a step up for you. What a fulfilling life it must be, being nothing more than a hand puppet...

Anonymous said...

Remind you of anyone?

Ex-tax boss Nick Petroulias found guiltyBy AAP and staff writers
December 17, 2007 11:42am
Article from: AAPFont size: + -
Send this article: Print Email
FORMER assistant tax commissioner Nick Petroulias has been found guilty of two criminal charges in the NSW Supreme Court.

A jury today returned a guilty verdict on one count of agreeing to receive money on an understanding that his role at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) would be affected, and on one count of publishing documents without authorisation.

The court was told those offences occurred between October 1997 and April 1999.

Petroulias had also pleaded not guilty to a third charge of defrauding the commonwealth, and the jury is yet to return a verdict on that matter.

The Crown prosecutor had accused Mr Petroulias, a former solicitor, of using his position inthe tax office to secure private tax rulings for companies in which he had a financial interest.

Tax Commissioner Michael D'Ascenzo gave evidence in the case, as did his predecessor, Michael Carmody, and other ATO staff.

Anonymous said...

Nick Petroulias is very different to Landershonk. If he was like the fat fraudster, he would have claimed it was all a conspiracy against him and then run off overseas years ago.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Landeryou's co-conspirator Darren Ray in the County Court yesterday?

Anonymous said...

What will Landershonk eat on Christmas day? Will it be:

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The Dinner For Two
The Family Feast
The Variety Basket/Bucket
The Party Pack/Mega Meal

Large Seasoned Chips
Large Coleslaw
Dinner Rolls
Large Potato & Gravy
Individual Sara Lee Desserts

Anonymous said...

Buddha Boy will eat everything on the menu, three times over.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is unable to sustain an erection, so for sexual pleasure he smears KFC potato and gravy all over larger lovelies and s-l-o-w-l-y licks it off.

Anonymous said...

"For sexual pleasure he smears KFC potato and gravy all over larger lovelies and s-l-o-w-l-y licks it off ..."

While shoving Popcorn Chicken up his ass.

Anonymous said...

we knew landeryou was a thief and fraudster but did not realise he was a sex pervert too

Anonymous said...

Landeryou may be a chubby chaser, but the objects of his desires have to be very, very chubby if he is ever to catch them.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Landeryou only ever bought the house in Parkville in the hope of watching people dogging. He used to go up to that tower room wearing just a bathrobe with a bottle of baby oil (and three KFC Mega Meals in case he got hungry).

Cait Catt said...

This blog is not about anything of any seriousness.

It is about undergraduate lavatory humour.

I have better things to do than be concerned with such nonsense.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't appear so, Cait (Landeryou). You spend more time on here than the rest of us put together.

And your blog isn't particularly hard hitting either. It's all about petty point scoring in student politics and posturing, while passing off other people's opinions and writing as your own.

Of course, your own material is clearly distinguishable, given it's all tirade, bluster and inaccuracy.

Have a good Christmas, Fatboy. This is the high point of your existence. It's all downhill from here.

Anonymous said...

Relax Cait/Landeryou, it's only the truth. If it were otherwise you might have a point!

Anonymous said...

You mean this Cait??

Landeryou suffers from latent masturbatory identification, libidinous oedipal gratification, fixated masturbatory anxiety, defensive anal energies and libidinous genital discharge.

Anonymous said...

What do all those big words mean? Seriously, I am not a medico or a nurse.

Anonymous said...

I love the way Landeryou has come here all the time. Talk about an admission there is nothing worth reading over at his Blog of Sleaze.

Anonymous said...

Cait, you complain "This blog is not about anything of any seriousness", but your blog is nothing but sleazy smears from your deranged criminal mind.

Anonymous said...

Scrutineers from both the Libs and the ALP in McEwen are reporting that many, many ballots had "Boycott the Blog of Sleaze" and "Jail Landeryou" scrawled across them.

Anonymous said...

I saw Landeryou going through the bin outside the Sydney Road KFC in Brunswick last night.

Anonymous said...

I hear fat boy Landeryou lives in a Housing Commission place. His bent old man got it for him through political contacts, but only because he said Andy wouldn't be in it for that long as he is going to prison.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has been walking up and down the Brunswick shopping strip this morning dressed as Cait in tatty drag, carrying a cat and asking passers-by "do you want to touch my pussy?" He's really pulling out all stops to secure that insanity plea.

Larry Liberty said...

I was very worried that Landeryou was not etting enough fish in his diet - too much deformed chicken. I understand Maccas has a fish fillet burger. Not great, but it's a start.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry too much about El Gordo and fish. I gather much of what KFC sell as chicken is actually genetically modified cod.

Anonymous said...

andrew goes through the bins outside the fish and chip shop and not just the kfc garbage

he has more variety in his diet than a seagull on a scrapheap

Anonymous said...

Just been reading the official KFC website. It says "Colonel Harland Sanders passed away on December 16th, 1980 aged 90". Does Buddha Boy think that if he eats enough he'll make 100?

Labor Lawyer said...

There's talk in the legal precinct that Solly Lew is preparing a very special Christmas present for our fat friend. He seems to have lots of lawyers working on it.

Anonymous said...

The last time Landeryou saw a cucumber, he didn't buy it to eat it.

Anonymous said...

Will Landeryou Christmas gift himself a Zinger burger this year? He might even wrap it in a bow

Anonymous said...

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Cait Catt said...

Cait Catt was not responsible for the previous posting.

catter8 said...

Perhaps it was Liberty Larry. Maybe not. Isn't he a friend of yours Cait?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Landeryou will give himself a Zinger burger for Christmas. He is much more of a Variety Basket/Bucket or Party Pack/Mega Meal kind of guy. He'll also be hoeing into a Large Seasoned Chips, a Large Coleslaw, Dinner Rolls, a Gravy, a Large Potato & Gravy and a large range of Sara Lee Desserts. And that will just be breakfast.

Anonymous said...

doing business with Andrew/Delia/Cait/Catter8/Rita has always been like going to a casino

an illegal casino

an illegal casino where the house makes sure all the games are rigged so it gets the lions share of the money

Landeryou Victim said...

People at this site need to remember: Andrew Landeryou is no joke.

True, he is a risable figure, but there is nothing amusing about him.

He is evil, devious, vicious and vindictive.

Anonymous said...

The Age reports today: "THE appointment of Paula Benson, the wife of federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, to a key Victorian Government board has been questioned by the Liberal Opposition." Don't say Landeryou may be about to get a job.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's daddy Big Bent Bill is getting him a lawyer for Christmas

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt go away. If Paula Benson nee Conroy can get a government job so too can Landeryou (Cait Catt). Very likely in fact given his connections with the Labor Unity faction in the Victorian ALP.

I think we should have a ballot about removing Landeryou's fictional identities (Delia, Cait, Catter8, Rita) from this blog. All we get from those fictional characters is praise for "the great man" in true North Korean style and the oft repeated phrase about the blog of filth. Landeryou publishes the blog of sleaze and this is his way of getting back.

The blog of sleaze no more would be very welcome, and the winner would be the State of Victoria.

Anonymous said...

Naaah, let Andy-Delia-Cait-Catter8-and the late Rita have his fun.
I don't believe in censorship, it's obvious it's El Gordo (no one else will defend him) and Buddha Boy makes himself look foolish for it.

Anonymous said...

I bet she was unavailable for comment.

Liberty Larry said...

Anon Thursday, December 20, 2007 7:36:00 PM

I agree. While it is duplicitious of Landeryou to comment freely here, and heavily censor on his blog of sleaze, it's better to do the exact opposite of whatever Landeryou says or does. Doing so, usually means anyone-but-Landeryou will be successful.

Anonymous said...

The link doesn't work. Below, without comment, is the appropriate item:

Port appointment raises eyebrows
David Rood
December 20, 2007

THE appointment of Paula Benson, the wife of federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, to a key Victorian Government board has been questioned by the Liberal Opposition.

Opposition scrutiny of government spokesman David Davis said the posting of Ms Benson, general manager of corporate affairs at Alcoa Australia, to the Port of Melbourne Corporation board raised potential conflicts of interest.

Mr Davis said Ms Benson needed to be cautious in managing any conflicts of interest with the Federal Government.

"There are questions about her role at Alcoa and the obviously advocacy for Portland that is involved, and the potential for conflict with the interests of the Port of Melbourne," he said.

The corporation is responsible for overseeing controversial plans to dredge Port Phillip Bay to deepen shipping channels.

Ms Benson was unavailable for comment last night.

Anonymous said...

Has Catter8 ever seen the film "The Corpse Grinders"? Be warned, Fat Boy!

Anonymous said...

i hear landeryou has not been at this site that much as he is getting cash in hand to play santa at a shopping mall

his bosses though keep telling him that he got the job because he is fat but that they want him to do fat and jolly

Anonymous said...

The Grinch stole Christmas. Does anyone here have any idea how much Landeryou has stolen?

Anonymous said...

The fat crim nicked more than three mil from Solly Lew. Then there's all the money he and his mates stole from students at Melbourne uni.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure about this "stole" money thing. My view, which I think is more accurate, is that Landeryou is just incompetent as a manager. There are too many examples that show this: MUSU, IQ Corp, his insolvent blog, his life in general. I can't think of the last time Landeryou was successful at anything.

Anonymous said...

Get down to the city KFC (which is where he really lives). He successfully demolished two large buckets of chicken, before the poor kid serving him could even move on to the next customer.

Apparently she copped chicken bone shards in the eye...

Save our Bay said...

Anon Friday, December 21, 2007 12:01:00 AM; at face value the appointment especially of a PR consultant to the Board is a strange one.

Of course, unless it is to manage the PR meltdown that will happen as the dredging of the bay continues, and they make a right fuck up of it.

Anonymous said...

Shards in the eye! My god, Landeryou is more dangerous than I first thought.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cait Landeryou - where are you?

Terry Traffic said...

NEWS FLASH: Initial reports were that Landeryou had rolled on the Bolte bridge causing massive traffic delays. Later it was discovered that it was a truck.

Anonymous said...

It is hugely dangerous to be around Landeryou and food. You can slip on the drool for starters

Anonymous said...

Fatso Landeryou hasn't mentioned his little four legged friend Ronnie for ages. Do you reckon he ate him?

Anonymous said...

I notice that unlike the good people at Team Slanderyou, Landeryou has yet to wish his few readers a Merry Christmas. What is with that? Is he been just plain rude, or a scrooge.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou readers? Landeryou doesn't have any readers to pass Christmas greetings on to.

The only people who go to his site are lawyers working on various contempt and defamation cases he's about to be hit with. Landeryou is going to be doing more time than he knows and bankrupt for far, far more than the basic three years.

Anonymous said...

Even still, he should wish the legal fraternity season's greetings. It's only polite and good mannered.

Anonymous said...

Buddha boy is single handedly keeping a large part of the Melbourne legal fraternity employed over the new year. Every time dough boy posts a new article they can see their next porsche repayment coming.
Merry xmas slanders...

Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas Slanders.
Tks 4 the medium.

Anonymous said...

Still no season's greetings from Landeryou!?!?!?! Says a lot about the man.

Merry Christmas to Slanderyou and its patriotic readers.

Anonymous said...

This is getting ridiculous. I'm not responsible for what great man does but didn't catter8 give Christmas greetings to the defence team?

Cait Catt said...

Merry Christmas to the defence team, to all cats, to all Slanderyou readers, and to all my friends also a happy and prosperous 2008.

I have no ill will towards you Liberty Larry. You've been very kind to me with all that wonderful publicity. I also have no ill will towards Slanderyou and I wish both of you a Merry Christmas too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cait. There is some decency about you after all.

Anonymous said...

A happy Christmas to you and all your split personalities, too, Andrew. You'll be put on the medication you so desperately need and maybe even get some decent mental health care when you're behind bars. A prison diet will be good for your morbid obesity and help the gout too.

Anonymous said...

Cait says something nice and anon 1.16 sticks the boots in.

That's not very nice 1.16. Save your insane comments until after the festive season.

This blog is so undergraduate and puerile.

Anonymous said...

It's Sunday mid afteroon, and still no Season's Greetings on Landeryou's blog. What poor manners on Landeryou's behalf.

The good fellows at Team Slanderyou have good manners.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Slanders. Keep up the good work!

We shall be seeing some more Landeryou skeletons coming out of the closet in the new year - via this blog site. That dickhead has pissed off the wrong people of late. People with plenty more stories to tell.

Let's start the new year with a story about life in his old family home in Sunbury - and for that matter how his old man got hold of the family home in the first place.

The (rotten) apple doesn't fall far from the tree at all. In fact, Dimberly was lucky to get out of that marriage only losing her house. More soon ...

catter8 said...

Merry Christmas Andrew Landeryou. The greatest blogger on the net. Victoria's best source of political information.

Well done OC blog.

Well done OC Investigations Unit.

All cats at my cattery are great fans of the OC.

Cait Catt said...

Well done catter8

Rita Randles said...

Merry Christmas everyone from Rita.

I just love watching Carols by Candlelight. Slanderyou readers should too.

catter8 said...

I think it stinks. Slanderyou won't wish us a Merry Christmas. Not even my cats.

Cait Catt said...

The OC Christmas message is great. Read it for yourself on the OC blog and click on the link to You Tube. You'll love it. Happy Christmas Slanderyou readers. Read on:

Monday, 24 December 2007

I worry that - over the Christmas festival - that we might lose our edge in confounding and irritating the nasty atheist Left.

This Youtube video from American friends in patriotism will probably be sufficient to deal with that. Play it loud.

In the meantime, as a turkey gravy induced coma might prevent me clicking the "post" button tomorrow, I really have some very big thank youse all calls to make before it's last drinks at my local.

■ To all the confidential sources of great rank and small who are directly and indirectly responsible for the tsunami of exclusives the OC publishes in my name. Of course, we'd never name you and will do anything within and beyond reason to protect y'all from the unpleasant intrusions of the corrupt and censorious. (OC: Those criticising my use of the latter word should consider the original Latin)

Without your passion, your commitment to creating this new form of media for patriots, the OC would have died a quiet death a long time ago. You are the OC Investigations Unit. You are the OC, I'm just the crazy mofo who puts his name to it all. KFC Vouchers for all of you! Requests for these deep fried free treats have been down this year due to the rising tide of health fascism in our community. Next year we will top out previous records in voucher distribution. You know you want more! I digress, it's just the thought of that deep fried splendour that can be so distracting!

More seriously, don't - as I often do - underestimate the effect of what you've been able to do.

We have built a lively place in the media and blogosphere where Labor moderates and Liberal activists are not automatically presumed to be immoral branchstackers guilty of some kind of unspecified fraud, ozone depletion or human rights abuse.

The leftards hate it. They hate it because we tell the truths they're desperate to obscure. They hate it because we stand up for patriots. They hate it most of all though because they are addicted. They keep visiting in ever increasing numbers.

They want our exclusives, the need to know what we know. These leftards hunger for the OC yet know we are inflitrating their mind with truth and justice and decency. And yet simultaneously they are repulsed by the fact that we are brave enough to sail in a new and unchartered direction. Brave enough to speak truth to their power, afflict their comfort, challenge their dominant leftard paradigm.

Very simply, my friends, we drive them crazy. So crazy they set up hate blogs purely about us, replete with death-threats and various other unpleasantries. So crazy, sometimes the public boredcaster ABC alone can provides us with over a 100 visits per day! They can't all be Virginia Trioli.

■ We thank The Quah, who gave the OC our first truly internationally rebounding story through his unprecedented exhibitionism as a political candidate. And we especially thank the patriots who brought us the Quah on a silver platter, their generosity shall be long remembered.

■ We thank those who wrote many pieces for the OC, very often needing little or no adjustment by the OC Editorial Squad, your insights and writing often provoked tremendous firestorms.

■ We thank those patriots who call in/SMS/email and question what we've written, whether it's gone too far, was stupidly expressed or just stupid. These interventions are also appreciated and very often correct.

■ We thank all those who - unlike Nameless - linked to our stories and helped share the Good News of the OC with an ever growing audience.

■ We thank our advertisers and readers and those making comments especially our Melbourne council faction, patriot sporting shooters, electorate officer and adviser patriots, McPerton and interlocutors and those leftists who come in steaming with anger and who invariably limp off into the sunset.

■ We thank the OC Development Team who has saved our bacon so many times.

■ And I especially thank my patient friends and family and my beloved Ronnie for putting up with me when I tell them (yes, I speak to Ronnie, is that a problem?) I have just one more blog post to finish, one more phone call to make to investigate the next great scandal.

2008 is going to be even bigger and better as the world of patriotism deals with this Brave New World of Wall to Wall Labor Governments. Who'll be the first Domino to fall? Who'll win the battle for the heart and soul of both major parties as they confront the future? We'll be there, all guns blazing, with the inside poop delivered fresh and steaming at the speed of live. There'll definitely be a legal challenge to the AEC's decisions relating to McEwen and some major carnage relating to it early in the New Year and we'll pick a fight (no, it won't be Jeremy Smear unless he asks for it and his mummy and daddy approve) some time in January too to ensure you have something to chuckle about as the sun shines bright.

The Chinese say there's a curse "may you live in interesting times."

I'm not sure it's a curse at all.

Anyway, enough from me on this beautiful Christmas Eve, He has answered the prayers of so many for rain and I just hope it keeps coming through for the patriots in the bush who've done it so agonisingly tough these past years.

Have a good one, keep reading and we'll keep punching for you,

God Bless,

Game on.

catter8 said...

Slanderyou is getting one scoop first, and I dislike giving Slanderyou the credit but anyway my cats want to read it, and it gets more publicity being put her first. Its about the Greens and one Kerry Nettle in NSW. Fred Nile is claiming his Christian Democratic Party prevented her re-election (the Greens are evil, as the OC says)and elected the third Liberal instead. Read on:


We would like to personally thank you for standing up for Christian and family values in the Federal election this year by supporting the Christian Democratic Party.

The hard work of our campaign teams in fundraising, putting up posters, distributing letterbox leaflets and handing out how-to-votes on election day was essential to keeping the Christian Democratic Party in full view of the voting public, and allowing people to have Christian alternative for their vote on November 24th. We are very appreciative of the part you played in keeping our name out there in front of people, and in helping us retain our position as the fourth largest political party in NSW.

As you would well know, this was a difficult election for all minor parties, with most people�s focus on the future leadership of our nation. However, through the hard work of our Senate candidate team led by Paul Green, as well as the dedication and commitment of all of our lower house candidates, campaigners and supporters, we were able continue to fly the flag of Australian Christian involvement in politics, and to show that there is a strong voice for Christian moral values and care for the family, for children and the Aussie values that make up our society.

It is unfortunate that our number one senate candidate, Paul Green, did not obtain a NSW senate seat this time. However, the Liberal/National coalition would have been far less likely to secure a third NSW senate seat without our preference flows. Our presence in this election prevented the Greens from retaining a senate seat in NSW.

We had a record coverage of electorates this campaign, with 44 of the 49 electorates having a Christian Democratic Party candidate on the ballot sheet. Our lower house candidates polled well, maintaining a positive swing against the �Ruddslide� which generally worked against conservative parties, and preferences from our lower house campaign were very influential in saving the seats of four Coalition members of parliament.

We look forward to reviewing our situation as a Christian political force in NSW and across Australia in the new year, and we will be looking to our members for constructive support and input into the future of the Christian Democratic Party, to ensure that we maintain our position of representing Christian attitudes and values in parliament. Enclosed is a CDP membership form. If you are not a member, please consider joining us. If you are a member, help us with recruitment and pass the form on to a Christian friend!

Once again, thank you again for your help during the federal election. We pray that you will have a great time of safety and blessing over the Christmas holiday period, and will look forward to your continued support in 2008.

Yours in Christian fellowship,

Phil Lamb
NSW State Director

Ben Carpentier

Party Administrator

Rita Randles said...

Another scoop from the OC. The Kroger Costello forces may need to promote a leadership change here in Victoria. Re Ted may not be electable. Remember, you read it first on the OC blog. Read on:

RED TED DEAD: Newspoll Reveals Baillieu's Unelectability

Christmas looms and so to does the Ghost of Opinion Polls Past for Red Ted Baillieu who'll be haunted by a particularly ugly Newspoll showing that the Vic ALP has a twenty point lead on their Liberal opponents.

Rick Wallace at the Australian offered an interesting assessment of the numbers and what they might mean for Red Ted here and here.

It's funny though, the mood of state politics is so very relaxed today that senior chaps and chapettes on both sides weren't even aware of the poll until I'd alerted them this morning so it's probably well-timed bad news for Ted who'll be hoping that none of his colleagues notice that he is probably unelectable, no matter when the election is called.

All his potential foes suffer from a major disability: they don't have the numbers or anything like it. But of course in the days when practically the sole vigilante supporter he had was Michael Danby, that was once Kevin Rudd's story and look at him now.

Game on.

UPDATE: Potential state Liberal leader, should she move houses, Mrs Sophie Mirabella has been lavishly praised by federal Leader Brendan Nelson.

Anonymous said...

Sophie Mirabella would be a great Premier. It's time for her to move houses.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou has been favourably cited in Wikipedia, the free intenet encylopedia. Landeryou's best ever scoop was the exposure of Family First candidate Andrew Quah in New South Wales. The Wikipedia article correctly gives him credit for this. Read on:

Andrew Quah
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Andrew Quah (born April 25, 1985) is an Australian politician who was associated with the Family First political party until a high profile scandal involving revealing photographs of himself engulfed his candidacy during the 2007 Australian federal election.

Quah had been elected to the New South Wales state executive of Family First and as President of its youth wing Youth First. He was also the party's candidate in the safe ALP Sydney seat of Reid. Prior to that, he had been active in Sydney University student politics as an independent.

On 28 October 2007 the Sunday Herald Sun reported that Quah had been sacked from all party positions and expelled as a party member following Quah's admission that he had appeared in revealing photographs.

This was considered an especially unwise thing for a Family First candidate to do because of the socially conservative aspects to most of the party policy.

The newspaper reported "He said he could not rule out being responsible for producing a third image attached to the email featuring graphic shots of a man's genitalia."

The newspaper appeared to be acting in concert with political blogger Andrew Landeryou who simultaneously reported on the story.

Quah's unfortunate run of adverse publicity continued with a front-page story in the Sydney Morning Herald reporting that "Mr Quah told the Herald yesterday he thought it was possible that he had posed for the compromising photographs. 'I might have been drunk off my face or my political enemies might have drugged me.'"

The story of Quah's misfortune was reported across the world, on many gay news sites in the United States, Reuters India, television news across Australia and in the New Zealand press. It was one of the biggest stories of that day of the campaign.

Andrew Quah is a pianist, bonsai grower and music teacher who studied at the Sydney Conservatorium and at Sydney University.

catter8 said...

The presenter of the Walkley Blog Award submitted this on the OC blog yesterday morning. Nice compliment. I hope the presenter is unbiased as otherwise the award is prejudiced, but being the presenter of course doesn't mean he or she has anything to do with the selection process, and this year the selection process was not performed with integrity. I agree that Andrew is a worthy recipient and his non-selection this year because of Slanderyou's objections is a scandalous disgrace. Read on:

A merry Christmas to you one and all.

I look forward to the new year and more news breaking stories published on the OC. A must read and worthy recipient of the Walkey Blog Award for independent public journalism. May you be a contender again in the new year

The Presenter
The Walkey Blog Awards
The Presenter | 12.25.07 - 7:12 am

Cait Catt said...

Thanks catter8 and happy Boxing Day to you and all the cats at your cattery.

Andrew is a great journalist and he totally deserves the Walkley Blog Award. Full stop.

Rita Randles said...

Good analysis of Andrew Quah. Family First could not have him as one of their candidates and be a credible party. Renee Scibberas, alleged friend of the Quah, was dumped by Family First because of her good looks. Her photos were in no way offensive. One was probably taken at the wrong moment rather than being a silly shot but the others were suitable for Womens Weekly. She's the sort of candidate Family First ought to have.

Fred Nile is much better than Family First. Fred's party has never had a scandal, and promotes and acts Christian values.

Thank you for publishing the previous comment about the Quah. It's fascinating. I never knew it was Andrew Landeryou who first exposed the Quah and got world wide publicity as a result.

Anonymous said...

All of the last twelve commentaries are from Landeryou sock puppets.

Hasn't he got anything better to do than post on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Why does Landeryou persist with that crap he won the Walkley blog award?

I can think of a lot more deserving winners than Landeryou. His blog is the worst on the net, not the best Catter8. Go back to your cattery and play with your cats.

Anonymous said...

Anon asks: "Why does Landeryou persist with that crap he won the Walkley blog award?"

it is because Landeryou truly believes its happened. If for one briefest moment we accept it was true, why then is it not on the Wikipedia article? And for that matter why does Ladneryou constantly edit Wiki?

Anonymous said...

The Landeryou blog is again getting good leaks. From the Liberal Party. There is even a site opposed to Ted Baillieu that the other faction promoted that is mentioned in the comments on the OC blog. It is
Nightmare on Spring St | 12.26.07 - 5:42 pm | #

The blog will not allow anonymous postings, but there is a posting from a Grace Kroger condemning a Baillieu supporter (as well as Batchelor and Kosky) for not being strong enough in supporting those who genuinely fall foul of ticket inspectors.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Of course Landeryou is getting 'good leaks' from the Liberals. He writes on their behalf. Always has done.

NeighbourhoodWatch said...

No one will have anything to do with the fat criminal cunt Landeryou at Christmas, so the loser has had to make up stories and cross post them here in an attempt to appear relevant.

Andrew, mate, your blog is as popular as you are. You are both as popular as cancer of the dick.

Anonymous said...

U need no more proof that El Gordo is a lonely, lonely man than 2 read his rants through the Xmas period here.

catter8 said...

Anon 10.39 says I should go back and play with my cats.

Does he think I'm a sexual pervert?

Any more of that crap and I'll sue.

Anonymous said...

So Catter plans to sue. Who? By whom? Andy Landy must have little else to do these hols.

I think playing with cats at the cattery to be a much better endeavour than writing under assumed names on this blog.

Go away Catter. Go away Rita. Go away Delia. Go away Cait.

Any more names? Any I've left out?

Please let me know.

catloverfromsingapore said...

Hi Catter 8

I'd like to visit your cattery.

Please let me know where it is and I will pay a visit.

I'd love a chance to cuddle your cuddly cats.

Please let me know on this blog where you are.

catter8 said...

catloverfromsingapore you are not welcome to visit my cattery.

As I have said before the only person I want to see at my category is Slanderyou, not one of his or her tools.

I want Slanderyou so that I can eat him (or her).

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is so despised that even the Salvos and Vinnies threw him out of their Christmas Dinners for the homeless and down and outs. He tried to see if he could get a free vegetarian banquet at the Hare Krishna temple but lucked out there, too.

The fat boy spent Christmas in front of the computer talking to his sock puppets, stealing and inventing "exclusive" and making up awards to give himself.

Team Slanderyou is the closest Landeryou gets to any friends. That speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

I hear that the fat cunt only got thrown out by the welfare agencies because he went round every free feed they had on in town on Chrissie day trying to stuff his fat face. I hear he went to a whole pile of Christmas Dinners for the lonely, loveless and losers before some volunteer realised that they had seen Andy's ugly mug more than once before during the course of the day. What a scumbag!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if it's not too late to get Landeryou a spot on the TV show Biggest Loser.

I am very worried about his weight. I think getting him on the show will do him a world of good.

My only worry is that he might eat another contestant or two along the way.

Liberty Larry said...

It may be too late for this series.

Though I think the producers may well be as concerned as you about Landeryou eating his way to victory by eating the other contestants.

It may be viewed as cheating.

Anonymous said...

It is our patriotic duty to get Fat Boy Landeryou onto The Biggest Loser. If Fat Boy wins, he will get a money prize. His creditors can then claim it.

Getting Fat Boy Landeryou onto the show would be a way in which we can help make recompense to victims of crime.

Anonymous said...

2008: the year Landeryou goes to prison for how long?

Liberty Larry said...

We also need to petition to keep Gitmo open, for Andrew Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt has made the following posting on the website

Red Ted is better than Mulder.

Michael Kroger would make a good leader but he isn't in parliament yet.

Jeff Mowatt said...

I was very interested in the mention of one associated with Landeryou, in Dark Rider's earlier comment about attacks on Tim Blair's website.

If you think this web of deceit is confined to Australia, then you'll be staggered at what his henchman has been up to in the international context.

Rita Randles said...

Wishing all patriots the compliments of the season.

In the spirit of the new year that even includes Slanderyou, Solomon Lew, Leonie Wood, Lawrence Money and Suzanne Carbone.

The defence team with be back again defending the great man in 2008.

Cait Catt said...

Greetings Rita from all my cats.

Cait Catt said...

And to catter8 also.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit surprised at sock puppet Catt posting on the anti-Ted Baillieu blog, but even more surprised that Catt has advertised the fact on this blog.

What is Landershonk up to? Why is Landershonk opposing the leadership of the man he calls red ted Baillieu?

Why is Landershonk supporting Kroger for the leadership under the name of his sock puppet, who is also critical of Mulder, who appears to be a supporter of Baillieu?

I can only come to the conclusion that the hewhostandsfornothing blog is a Catt blog, pretending to be apart from Landershonk but who is really Landershonk.

It doesn't make sense. Why would the son of an ALP Minister be promoting a faction in the Liberal Party, and a faction of the ultra-right within the Liberal Party at that?

Anonymous said...

I forgot with my ranting in my previous post. Too much alcohol tonight (but I stand by everything I said about Landershonk nevertheless).

You are doing us all a great service Slanderyou, and long may you do so. Happy New Year to all at Team Slanderyou.

It won't be a good year for the so called "defence team" of Rita, Cait, Catter and of course Landershonk himself. Perhaps they are all one and the same. Why do they continue to persist in posting on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Also is it Christmas or New Year? It's now after midnight and it's a new year, yet the sock puppets no longer refer to the blog of filfth.

Is that because the phrase has lost its punch? More likely its because the majority of readers of the Slanderyou blog see it as a mischevious untruth.

Slanderyou is, to plagiarize sock puppet Catt, honest and ethical and a true patriot. It is the Landershonk blog that is the blog of filth.

Anonymous said...

happy new years everyone involved with Slanderyou, and fellow readers. Its amazing that this post has attracted over 120 comments, while Landeryou's post got about 10.

Jeff Mowatt said...

Just how many anonymous people are there in Melbourne?

I've emailed the blog owner and would be happy to discuss the subject of anonymous smear campaigns, cyber harrassment and denial of service attacks with any of you willing to decloak.

You'll find a familiar name here:

Anonymous said...

For what reason is Landeryou supporting the removal of Mr Baillieu from the leadership of the Liberal Party in Victoria?

Why is sock puppet Cait Catt supporting Landeryou in this (for they are one and the same) and promoting one Mikhael (or is it Michael) Kroger?

Kroger is an ally of Solomon Lew, a Landeryou opponent. Just what is Landeryou up to? I just cannot work out the deviousness of that man's mind.

One possibility is that he knows Kroger cannot win, for he is not even a member of parliament, and that could be a reason for the alleged support. The other is he wants people to think that Cait Catt is not him. Pigs might fly at that one.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is now pretending to be a Liberal player because noone in the ALP will have anything to do with the shonk, but all he can do is pretend as not even the Victorian Liberals are stupid enough to use Landeryou as a stalking horse or think of him as a useful tool.

Kate Kitten said...

So where is Landeryou? Unconfirmed tip is that he is in London.

Anonymous said...

Is Landeryou somehow connected to this stupid policy decision to censor the net? Maybe its a way of protecting Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

when is the fat crook back in court for the next solly lew hearing

can any patriot on this site help

Anonymous said...

El Gordo uses Federal Court hearing hiatus until Jan. 10 to flee to Costa Rica again?
Must be time to bring back Dickensian debtors' prisons.

Anonymous said...

For the benefit of Slanderyou readers below is the latest posting on the anti-Ted Baillieu blog. That's

Wednesday, January 2, 2008
The Art of Communication

Happy New Year to all our readers. Let's hope that 2008 (make that early 2008) will the year in which Red Ted's "leadership" becomes a mere footnote in Victorian political history and the Liberal Party can get on the front foot, so that our state can be rescued from the likes of Bronnie Pyke, Lynne Trotsky et al.

We thought we'd start the year with a fun trivia question.

There is only one Opposition Leader in Australia who does not have his or her own website. Can you name the Leader?

And can you think of a single good reason why that Leader would choose not to have their own site? Especially when that Leader claims they wish to be "young at heart"?

But then, it's not like it's important to communicate clearly in politics. Is it?

Posted by Tory War Correspondent at 4:26 AM 1 comments

Go Slanderyou. Go Red Ted. Andrew Landeryou for Premier.

Cait Catt said...

Normal transmission from the great man will resume tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

And how would you know that Cait? You are a poor joke Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Cait. Being Fat Boy, you would know.

Jeff Mowatt said...

He's done me no harm, but my suggestion is that if you want to find the organ grinder, it's a good idea to follow his monkey.

Cait Catt said...

Please Mr Mowatt. You refer to sock puppets and anyone reading your comment without looking at the link would think you are referring to me.

You are not. You are referring to Mr Anthony van der Craats. Anthony is an expert on electoral matters, and I fail to see why you are so critical of him. He's a really nice guy. His blog melbcity is almost (but of course not quite)as good as the OC.

Jeff Mowatt said...

Not quite Cait, that's just the name of the newsfeed which will lead to a series of posts which a) indicate that although Andrew Landeryou holds him in the highest esteem he is alone. b) In his own words illustrate the extremes he will go to to malign those he fails to understand and has never met. c) That he is without any spine doing so through a series of aliases. (Remember 'to thine own self be true...') and most of all d) That in a act of revenge against one who did not comply with his request for assistance in obtaining a visa to remain outside Australia he will spend 2 years attempting to derail a human rights project aimed at helping children in Ukraine.

Yes we know he says it's a fraud, just like someone can accuse you above of being someone else. He's obviously not been taken seriously by law enforcement groups.

Learn something today Cait, by simply following that newsfeed to discover just how mistaken you are.

Cait Catt said...

Thank you Jeff. At least you, unlike others on this blog, are not referring to me. I still like Anthony though.

Anonymous said...

landeryou in court again on january 10

its an early start to business in 2008 for someone as lazy as landeryou

The Dark Rider said...


Looking at the various links detailing your ... involvement with Van Der Craats, he's running the same playbook that Landeryou uses.

Not surprising, really, as Van Der Craats did apparently help Landeryou set up his blog.

Similarly, the sock puppet tactic both employ seems to share the same self-rightous, shrieking hypocrisy that on closer scrutiny turns out to be extremely light on facts.

Another individual you might want to check up on is Ben Cass, another of the delightfully murky characters that seem to show up in Landeryou ... endeavours.

One question though, you say Van Der Craats is not based in Australia? Can you perhaps give us a rundown of his location and movements? I ask because he seems to remain keenly active in Melbourne affairs, whereas if he's located overseas, I would have thought life demands would not permit him the time likely needed to provide such detailed rhetoric on the recent Federal Election counts, for one thing.

For Landeryou to devote so much time to his blog, he has to remain an unemployed bankrupt allegedly living off money in secret accounts. My question has to be, how does Van Der Craats have the time or money for his endeavours.

BTW, I've had some interesting news regarding Landeryou's real place of residence. More once I've verified it. Suffice to say, if he wants to see a movie at the Greater Union on Russel Street in the Melbourne CBD, he doesn't really have to walk very far.

The Dark Rider
*who'd like a dose of the whole truth for a change as he's fresh back from holidays*

Anonymous said...

Still no Landeryou writing on his blog of sleaze.

Starting to think he is in London after all.

Anonymous said...

If you are right DK about Landeryou's new address, it would make sense, as there is a KFC just across the road, and a Hungry Jacks for good meaasure on the corner.

Landeryou would be as happy as a pig in mud.

Jeff Mowatt said...

Dark Rider,

Van der Craats has most definitely been in Kharkiv, Ukraine for many years. He became known to my colleague/friend Terry when Terry arrived around 3 years ago, as someone tagging on to anyone in the English speaking community. Just 2 years ago, as Terry had a company registered in Ukraine VdC requested assistance in obtaining a business visa. For us, being in Ukraine was a campaign against corruption which Terry had begun on an earlier visit in 2002. He became wary of VdC's affiliations and apparent lack of any income source there and decined him.

The tactic, as you say is one of shrieking hypocrisy - Flooding web sites with abuse to silence others in a collection of aliases until barred, when he claims his freedom of speech is being violated.

His obsession peaked with the story of neglect in Ukraine's homes for children with disabilities which was published and remains on the leading activist site in Ukraine though he has managed to have it removed where editors were unwilling to stand up against his threats of legal action.

Tom, another American who visits Ukraine has discovered in VEC document online that he has been sent documents by post which he claims he has been denied. He can't explain why he can't read them though we know it's because he's on the other side of the world. Later in August VdC in a telephone interview with the VEC, he admits to being in Ukraine "currently".

He seems to have almost unlimited internet access in a country where it is very expensive and at the same time no visible means of support.

I was interested in your earlier comment about his involvement in an attack on Tim Blair's site because the activist site on which the story of disabled children's homes is still hosted has been under repeated DDOS attack in the last 3 weeks.

To save him the trouble later, I'll post his smear site at which as most can see is the opinion of a lone obsessive psychotic using the term "we" to refer to his sockpuppet theatre.

Mail me. I'm sure we have much in common.


Cait Catt said...

The best blog on the net is back. Here is a taste for the benefit of Slanderyou readers, to all of whom I wish a Happy New Year. Read on:

NUGGETS OF NEW YEAR FREEDOM: We're Baack!!! Pass the Tangy Coleslaw

■ Stuart Knox, the brother of former AWU official Andrew Knox, murdered in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, makes the not unreasonable point that it's tough to forgive those who won't apologise. That'd be you David Hicks.

■ The marvellous Australian American Association has been fleeced of a small fortune according to Fairfaxista recruit and token rightist David Wilson. Wilson was too polite to disclose it but a Mr Tony McAdam is believed to be the centre of complaints about the disappearance of half a million dollars. Other highlights of McAdams' reign as an employee of the AAA included drunken outbursts at a Sydney gathering of the rival American Australian Association. McAdam is vehemently denying knocking off the loot apparently, although cannot deny his enthusiasm for Crown Casino. He is believed to be in Shanghai where no doubt his approach to knocking off public funds would be more appreciated by the gangsta communist regime. You never know, they might give him a medal in the Olympics this year for Gold Medal Filching. Will report back with more soon on this very sorry saga including the role of the organisation's President during the fraud, a lawyer Julian Stephens and plans to recover the funds from McAdam or those who negligently permitted him to get away with his crimes.

■ The Premier, JB to his friends, is absent with leave for the next fortnight, giving Victorians its first taste of Hullstopia under cheery yet tough-head, Right faction member yet leftard Red Rob Hulls. Seatbelts on.

■ On the other side of the state aisle, Terry Mulder, who will probably lead the Liberal party into the next state election is furiously denying a leadership challenge. Quite correct. While the Kroger forces have made up their mind, there'll be no challenge til 2009 at the earliest. His denial is code for "Show me the money, Phil Davis, prove that there's an anti-Ted majority." The OC understands - on the right day with more dismal polls- there could easily be.

■ In the land of ClubFed, Comrade Gillard is keeping the Red Flag flying here while promoting the unlikely Altona as a seat of power and doing what many a drunken hack has done while leaving the debauched confines of 4 Treasury Place. Fallen on her bum.

■ More impressively, Greg Hunt has shown his Opposition colleagues how it's done by devising excellent summer silly season stunts. With most scribes struggling to get meaningful political yarns at the minute, Hunt got a good run from a gimmick. That's what opposition is all about, seizing the opportunities when they all too rarely come along. Someone should probably interrupt the polo/yacht racing schedule of Red Ted Baillieu and tell him.

■ In the US, the 'nobody knows' election is proving to be great drama. This is the best analysis of who needs what. Note that Morris is a fierce Clinton hater (not without reason) and he thinks she's ultimately very hard to beat for the Democratic primary...

■ New Communications Minister Senator Steve Conroy is obliged to introduce mandatory internet censorship. The ISPs aren't happy because it's just another hassle for them but the politics and ethics of banning the serving up of sexual images to kids when they do innocent Google images searches is rather compelling. Households and workplaces wanting porn on their PC can opt-in to go all hard-core if they want to. Whatever you might think of all that, Conroy has done the impossible, unite patriot Tim Blair and the comrades at LP. How lovely.

Happy New Year patriots,

Game on

Anonymous said...

Landeryou appears to have found God. Will he use the defence of 'having found religion' to help with his trial?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has a great scoop today, that Mulder is a candidate for the Liberal leadership. Read the comments below on the anti Baillieu blog:

Thursday, January 3, 2008
Who Will Tap Ted?

Today's Age reports that Terry Mulder will not challenge Red Ted for the leadership of the Liberal Party.

Mulder's "endorsement" of Ted is hardly ringing though - nowhere do the words "Ted is the best man to lead the party" appear. Not that you can blame him. Not even Louise Asher could say that with a straight face anymore.

All Mulder says is that the Dear Leader has majority support in the party room. However, another poll like last month's Newspoll would see that mjority disappear faster than Kevin Rudd's promise to give every student a laptop.

Mulder is simply playing for time. Probably smart for the time being, but the Libs don't have a lot of time. They can't limp through with an unelectable Leader for three years and then change at the last minute again. They've tried that before - how did 2002 and 2006 work out?

Of course, Mulder won't have to challenge. Red Ted will be tapped - he has to be, if the Liberals are serious about winning in 2010.

Members of Red Ted's own 'team' aren't getting any younger, and David Davis, Andrew McIntosh et al would probably like to be Ministers. Indeed, unlike Red Ted, they are hungry to be in office. Surely their base self interest will prevail in the end and demand they recognise the plain facts - Ted Baillieu will never go close to winning office, and it's in their interests to have a Leader who isn't actually opposed to hard work (hope the weather's nice down in Portsea, Ted).

Tick tick tick.....

Posted by Tory War Correspondent at 6:42 PM 1 comments

catter8 said...

All the cats at my cattery want to know this. When will Slanderyou pay us a visit?

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of puerile comments like the previous one. I'm interested in serious stuff about Landeryou.

I believe Landeryou is behind the anti Ted Baillieu blog, hewhostandsfornothing. Landeryou today supports Mulder for leader. A Grace Kroger (remember that Michael Kroger is a friend of Solomon Lew and therefore no friend of Landeryou) is using the anti Baillieu blog to attach Mulder's previous alleged support for thuggish ticket inspectors.

This item is on the anti Baillieu blog criticising Grace Kroger

Bye Bye said...

Funny Grace, becasue I thought that ticket inspectors enforced the law.

So what if Mulder backed the ticket inspectors. The Liberal Party SHOULD back those whose job it is to prosecute fare dodgers. I concede that there might be one or two inspectors who are heavy-handed, but if you're going to keep bitching about them, could you at least provide some evidence/examples?

On the other hand, if you want someone who is soft on fare evaders, I'd suggest you vote for the Greens.

No wonder you like Ted - you're as big a communist as he is.

Much as we welcome contributions here, if you want to start an anti-ticket inspector blog, feel free to do so. Don't use ours as a proxy to fight your peripheral battles.

Oh, and if you buy a ticket when you use public transport, you might find the inspectors will be a whole lot friendlier.

January 3, 2008 9:20 PM

Interesting that it says bye bye.
Does Landeryou intend to censor Ms Kroger? Or is he scared too because of Michael's friendship with Solomon Lew?

Kroger has provided some evidence, and we hope she will provide more. Landeryou's remark is obnoxious.

Anonymous said...

Saying that Grace Kroger is as good a Communist as Ted Baillieu is not only baseless. It comes from one of the least objective writers on the web. Will Landershonk go to jail, or will he be protected by his right wing Labor mates?

Anonymous said...

Grace Kroger on the anti Baillieu blog is now supporting Red Ted. She says the blog must be made by the Socialist Alliance and is helping the pro Communist ALP.

Sounds like a throwback to the days of the DLP.

Jeff Mowatt said...

I'm now wondering whether Andrew Landeryou actually submits his own blog posts. It's beginning to make sense, with an accomplice outside the reach of law in Eastern Europe.

Landeryou doesn't concern me, the vile smear campaign of Van der Craats does, because what he's doing may deny 100,000 of Ukraine's most vulnerable children what is perhaps their one chance of a family life.

If you wish to follow these thoughts, please subscribe by email :

Subscribe to Sock Puppet Central, the lives of a Melbourne Watchdogby Email

Anonymous said...

Jeff wrote: "I'm now wondering whether Andrew Landeryou actually submits his own blog posts."

No need to wonder. He just does.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Landeryou has found god. He has found another legal defense.

Anonymous said...

I object to all the respondents calling Landeryou a cunt on this blog.

Cunts are very beautiful things to behold and are most enjoyable to experience.

Landeryou is neither of these...

Rita Randles said...

3.07 please cease using words that my mother used to say would result in my having to wash my mouth out with soap and water, or even something stronger.

This blog really is the blog of filth when people who submit posts to it use filthy language.

Please please 3.07 watch your language. Andrew never uses such words on his blog. If anyone does he soon removes the item from his blog. Slanderyou should do the same.

catter8 said...

None of my cats ever talk like that. They are very refined creatures. We are a superior breed at our cattery. We would never admit 3.07.

Neighbourhood Watch said...

If Landershonk is actually living in the Melbourne CBD but put his name down on the electoral roll in Wills, then the criminal has committed another offence, this time under the provisions of the Electoral Act. I presume a patriot will refer the matter to the AEC on Monday morning.

Liberty Larry said...

You are right Cait/Landeryou: you aren't "beautiful ... to behold" nor " ...enjoyable to experience".

To suggest such things makes me want to vomit.

Cait Catt said...

I did not post 3.07 Liberty Larry, as you implied in your previous post a few hours ago.

I think the language used in that post (not by you Liberty Larry) is filthy, and should not be entertained by a serious blog.

We need to clean up our act on this blog, otherwise we will not be taken seriously.

Liberty Larry said...

Cait, either you or Freedom Freddy or Catter8 or any other alias, its just you Landeryou.

This blog is taken VERY seriously by its readers, and relevant authorities.

Anonymous said...

I thought the blog www.hewhostandsfor which is anti Baillieu was written by Landeryou.

Landeryou always responds under his name on his own blog, and whatever we think of him he has a little bit of prudity about him and never uses expletives himself.

The anti Baillieu blog is written by someone with clear inside knowledge of the Liberal Party, and today uses the f___ word, admittedly with underlining. He also threatens his posters with deletions if they continue, for example pointing out that ticket inspectors are thugs and leadership contender Mulder supports thuggery, and that Judith Troeth is a good Senator.

It's not Landeryou, and the style is different. Landeryou could have some input, that I don't deny, as Landeryou uses phrases such as red ted and communist that are used on the anti Baillieu blog.

I think the author is twice or even three times as nasty as Andrew is.

To threaten his contributors who submit in good faith is in very bad taste.

Neither Landeryou nor Slanderyou threaten opponents, although I admit Landeryou does at time censor posts and removes them, which I disagree with.

Just for the record I am a supporter of Ted Baillieu and I do not support most of the commments on the Landeryou blog, nor do I support his invention of a Walkley.

Bye Bye on the anti Baillieu blog, however, is a much more nasty piece of work. While I support the Liberal Party with thugs like that I will vote Family First or even Greens or even Labor.

catter8 said...

None of us cats are going to take any notice of Cait any more. It was a hot day, and that could have affected the horses she chose for us, but we all lost our hard earned. Not one of her selections won at Sandown today. I wonder if Cait would be so kind as to put her selections on this blog. Then we could all see just how bad a tipster she is.

But at least we lost less than Slanderyou normally loses when he plays the pokies.

Rita Randles said...

Stop gambling you idiots. The only person who benefits is Mr Brumby.

Kate Kitten said...

Landeryou may soon be eligible for a givernment subsidy. see

Someday a rain's gonna come said...

All this stuff over Fat Andy's real address is interesting.

He said on The Blog of Sleaze that he voted in Wills.

Was that yet another lie or has he committed offences under the Electoral Act?

"Disgraced former MP's son prosecuted for false enrollment"

The Herald Sun and the Age would love to use that headline. It would get a run in the Australian, too.

neighbourhood watch said...

A reminder to all patriots: Landeryou is back in the dock this Thursday, January 10.

Anonymous said...

I'm on holiday at the moment
I might go down and laugh and jeer at him

Anonymous said...

Anon. 1:21pm, pls do and have a good giggle 4 me 2.

Anonymous said...

If you're going down to the court, don't forget to take your camera!

Anonymous said...

As reported previously: Andy is a finalist in the Wankleys, a special award open to all fat, balding, single men approaching 40 with no friends and no future who spend all their time in front of a computer.

Anonymous said...

Fat Andy does have Ronnie and one of his sock puppets claims to own cats. That might be Landeryou's excuse for stinking of cat's piss though.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou does not stink of cats piss.

Landeryou stinks of cats piss, BO and stale KFC fat.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be "Disgraced former MP's disgraced son prosecuted"?

Anonymous said...

I believe the correct phrase is 'a lying liar who lies'.

But it's not like we should be expecting anything else from him...

Anonymous said...

'a lying liar who lies'

Doesn't Landeryou use that of just about everyone else?

Jeff Mowatt said...

Just today, we found out how his webmeister manages to maintain his presence outside the country. You may not be pleased to hear that it's probably being done with Australian public funds.

Subscribe to Sock Puppet Central, the lives of a Melbourne Watchdog by Email

Anonymous said...

Landershonk and Van Der Wotsit. What a pair. Perhaps the obese criminal wants to run an orphanage in the Ukraine. Lots of willing blondies for little Andrew. And plenty of fatty food.

Anonymous said...

Fat Andy has a secret city residence as there are more fast food restaurants in a smaller area in the CBD. This means that he does not have to waddle far as he goes from bin to bin looking for leftovers to scarf down.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Landeryou rocked up at a whole lot of Eastern Orthodox churches yesterday. It was their Christmas and the fat fraudster hoped to get a seasonal free feed. He had no luck from the Serbian Orthodox church at least. Their vicar threatened to do a Sarajevo on his ass.

Jeff Mowatt said...

Guys, Tempting as it may be to modify names, it won't register on searches if you do.

Among outsiders, for instance, one is known without affection as the 'Lizard of Oz'.

Anonymous said...

Do catts eat lizards Jeff?

Anonymous said...

Jeff, stop worrying. When people hear the words "frauster", "crook", "shonk", "sleaze", "obese" and "KFC", they immediately think of Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Same with the words "balding" and "smelly".

Anonymous said...

And the phrase "suffering from gout as a result of only eating deep fried foodstuffs".

Jeff Mowatt said...

Something just dropped into by inbox BTW, from several years ago. One of those long distance complaints to Melbourne which inexplicably are only done by email. Are they all completely dumb on this council, or in on the act. Where are the mail headers to show where it came from?

Getting back to the Lizard, keeping true to the script we could have some kind of cowardly cat, a straw man and an empty kettle.

Maybe the Wicked Witch of the West could be that other councillor I read about who was carried away kicking and screaming on a drunk driving charge?

And the munchkins, there have to be munchkins.

The Detective said...

Here is something that will interest all fraud-fighting patriots: there is no Andrew Landeryou on the Victorian electoral roll.

That is right. No Andrew Landeryou.

There is a William Landeryou, who lives at 355 Rathdowne St Carlton in a swish new apartment block just two blocks away from the Lygon St restuarant strip. Presumably this is his father, the disgraced former MP.

How do I know this? Well, I have been fascianted by the speculation on this blog over Landeryou's true address and the possibility that he has committed offences under electoral law if he really lives in the CBD, even though he claimed on his Blog of Sleaze to have voted in the electorate of Wills.

I happened to pass by an Electorate Commission office this afternoon and got inspired. I went and asked for access to the roll. The staff steered me to an electronic version, updated only on Monday January 8. I searched, but there was no Landeryou.

Not only does Andrew Landeryou have a lot to hide. He is also the only political commentator in the country (or person who claims he is a political commentator) who is not eligible to vote. That says plenty about the value of contribution.

Even if Landeryou has not committed an offence against the Electoral Act by making a false enrollment, he is still obliged by law to notify the AEC of changes of address. ""You will need to update your enrolment every time you move," their website says.

So there you have it. Still more questions about Andrew Landeryou. Still more lies and still more contempt for the laws of this land from the man himself.

Jeff Mowatt said...

Detective, If you can see my comments above, what about the other Melbourne "resident" I mentioned who hasn't lived there for years.

Could this mean that there is at least one person, rather than only one?

Anonymous said...

that is so funny

landershonk isnt even on the electoral roll

Anonymous said...

Forget all this stuff about Fat Andy's address. It is clear that the obese fraudster is still working up his insanity defence. Why isn't Landeryou on the electoral roll? Easy. The AEC website site says you can't vote if you "are of unsound mind". Fat Andy doesn't want the world to realise he is a calculating criminal. He wants us to think he is mad. What else explains his blog?

Anonymous said...

Mr Mowlatt, you obsessive nerd, don't you know any HTML? Will you please put in the full URLs of anything you are trying to link to properly so we can see them? Your last links didn't work at all.

Anonymous said...

El Gordo is of No Fixed Address.

Anonymous said...

Buddha Boy sleeps on the sofa in his old mans place, except on the nights Big Bent Bill's business associates in the former Soviet Union send in the Russian prostitutes.

Jeff Mowatt said...

This gets even more interesting. Could this be the Bill you refer to?

If so, a chap called Tom recently informed that someone known as Melbcity had posted a blog reference on that page. Blogs being unacceptable links on Wikipedia it had been removed. He also noted that Melbcity under another alias, Ukrtoday had been barred from wikipedia editing altogether.

Someone please tell me what's going on as I know nothing of Aussie politics/sleaze. It seems there a nasty little nest of vipers I've stumbling on out in Ukraine.

The Dark Rider said...

OK Jeff,

The 'Bill' they're talking about is Bill Landeryou, Andrew Landeryou's father.

You have stumbled on a nest of vipers. Van Der Craats and Landeryou attempted (several years ago) to load up the Melbourne City Council election with dummy candidates and take it over (if I understand correctly, I'm a little hazy on the details). The original Slanderyou published something on it and had to pull it down due to the threat of legal action, apparently (which seems odd and a little ... spineless, given what I've heard about suing a google blog, but I'll get to that later). Can anyone clarify?

There was quite a detailed description of how they went about it floating around at one stage.

Two other creatures of note are Ben Cass (who supposedly spends a bit of time in India these days) and Darren Ray, who runs a property subleasing business for overseas students. Both have similar fleas to the Landeryou dog and will often be mentioned in the various articles you can find through google. The Landeryou and Company blogspot is also worth a look, for factual info.

Your info on Van Der Craats is interesting for a few reasons. Firstly, he's taking quite an obsessive interest in Melbourne activities given he's living overseas (and bizarrely not admitting it). That's the sort of erratic behaviour we've come to expect from Landeryou. Makes me wonder what the agenda is. These guys normally have one...

BTW, Landeryou when fleeing the country a few years back, pretended he didn't have any idea about what was happening in Oz. Van Der Craats' activities and interaction with his former home town certainly show that up for the laughable fallacy it is.

Van Der Craats and Landeryou both seem to be playing the same game. I don't know much more than what I've seen on the 'Net about your ... dynamic with him, so I can't comment on the validity of Van Der Craat's activities.

These guys seem to grind axes and attempt to 'settle scores' on topics that are of limited interest to the general public. I believe Landeryou has also convinced himself his efforts are taken more seriously than they actually are in reality.

I suspect Landeryou thinks or wishes he was back in his student politics days, given the amount of time he spends dwelling on those matters of no interest to anyone not 'playing'.

I guess the one thing to remember is that Landeryou has no actual effect on anything and is generally considered to be a nuisance by any 'serious' players in Australia.

He's claimed he's been responsible for newspaper articles and candidates resigning, but you'll notice they are never anyone of substance and he does also falsely take credit for 'scoops'that appear on his blog.

Ironically enough, for someone who criticises the Age so much, he seems to spend a lot of time perusing and linking to stories on their website.

Paying out on Landeryou has been a little hobby of mine off and on for a few years now. Essentially, I despise his hypocrisy, lip-service to the truth as well as his blatant censorship and am constantly amazed at how he seems to get away with it, although I am comforted in the knowledge that he's got quite the mockery of a life at this point.

Social interaction being Labor Unity and Young Labor functions, where he's a sad, aging guy with no real political value to the people in the room. Business interests? Who knows? Ask Solomon Lew in a couple of months. All up, I'd rather have my life than Landeryou's.

So there you have it. My take on Landeryou. Also, apparently, if you want to sue him, you need to sue Google.I'm not clear on the intricacies, but that's essentially the case. Which explains to me why noone's gone after him legally. Google have extremely deep pockets and are very unlikely to back down from a conflict, perhaps preferring to make a plaintiff's life a legal nightmare for years. And Landeryou's hiding behind them. Generally, he needs someone else to take the blame, clean up the mess or fight his battles. Just ask his ex-wife and father.

The Dark Rider
*who's enjoyed his little romp in some old sandpits but has to turn his attention to other things for a while*

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou, the political commentator who can't vote.

Does the fat crook realise what a COMPLETE joke he is?

Cait Catt said...

jeff mowat has joined Dark Rider is promoting evil.

Stop peddling untruths about Andrew Landeryou and his great blog, the OC.

Mr Mowat you are doing what you claim Ms Catt is doing. You are a sock puppet for Slanderyou and you are using your dislike of Mr van der Craats to criticise the great man by default.

Just for the record Mr van der Craats is a patriot and a great Australian.

Slanderyou continues to be the BLOG OF FILTH.

Cait Catt said...

jeff mowat has joined Dark Rider is promoting evil.

Stop peddling untruths about Andrew Landeryou and his great blog, the OC.

Mr Mowat you are doing what you claim Ms Catt is doing. You are a sock puppet for Slanderyou and you are using your dislike of Mr van der Craats to criticise the great man by default.

Just for the record Mr van der Craats is a patriot and a great Australian.

Slanderyou continues to be the BLOG OF FILTH.

Rita Randles said...

Great stuff Cait. Mowat and Slanderyou are equally filthy. Both unfairly besmirch the great man.

We will get the OC Investigations Unit to do a great job exposing both.

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