Friday, December 07, 2007

Access to Andrew Landeryou’s “back-end”

Andrew Landeryou is up to his neck in court battles (again) at the moment. He is being made to wear his bankruptcy like a crown of thorns.

What is particularly interesting is that Landeryou is commenting on all the intricacies of the Court proceedings. Contempt of court anyone?

On other developments, it looks as if the Court agrees with patriots everywhere that Landeryou must be anal-probed:“…they have obtained a court order - at least on an interim basis - to access the back-end of the OC”. What could he ever be hiding in there?

Pity the probers! ‘Danger money’ is an understatement.

In other news, apologies for the lack of posts recently, but Liberty Larry has filled in credibly, and will pop in from time to time. If you have a story, send it to us and we’ll print it.

25 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Today Tonight (Dec. 6) had a story about the "amazing KFC diet" where a 20-year-old lost weight eating nothing but greasy chicken products. This could help shrink Jabba The Butt's back-end but experiments to date have proven fruitless.

Anonymous said...

I understand that El Gordo has worked out a complex scam to convert his stolen loot into KFC vouchers. Lew and the MUSU liquidators should demand details of his KFC transactions.

Cait Catt said...

2.24 and 2.54 are the usual filth associated with this blog.

Similarly the two comments on the previous posting about me on this blog. Thank you Slanderyou for all that wonderful publicity. All the cats at catter8's cattery are thrilled to bits that at last we catts are getting some recognition. Keep up the good work Slanderyou, but remember, you are still the BLOG OF FILTH.

catter8 said...

Great writing Cait. At last Slanderyou is recognising talent and giving you the recognition you deserve. You'll win that Walkley Slanderyou can only be jealous about.

Anonymous said...

Where else could we find a better description of the shonky Senate count than on the OC. Beats Slanderyou. Even beats Nameless (that is Crikey).

Friday, 7 December 2007
SENATE UPDATE: Feeney Challenged By Quirky Voting System But Still Safe

The OC's Counting Machine(TM) reports to patriots on the progress of the Victorian Senate count:

The more I look at the data the more I am confident that patriot David Feeney is safe. When we looked at the data last I thought that the Green percentage of absentee votes (12%) was high.


In looking at it would appear as expected that Melbourne had reported its results which has inflated the Green vote well above the state average.

I think the picture will get better as the count continues. The main question is to what extent will the Liberal vote increase.

Unfortunately we do not know the exact number of votes issued. So we do not kow if more ballots are expected to be examined.

I believe Feeney is still 10,000 votes ahead...


Mind you I would like to see the Liberal votes get distributed as it might prove what I have been trying to say and that is that the current AEC counting system is not one vote one value.

We want the lion's share of the Liberal surplus which is the Family First full value votes. Unfortunately Feeney gets then at a reduced value. And the Lib ticket votes increase in value.

The Family First (and others) represent 25% of the Liberal 3rd quota... yet when the transfer the surplus they will only be worth 10% of the surplus value. They should be 25%...

Its simple, 25% of the Liberal number 3 vote is made up of 100,000 full votes, there are one million votes at a fraction of a full value.

When they distribute the 6% surplus they do not divide the surplus proportionally. They divide it by the number of ballot papers.. all 1,200,000 of them. So 25% of the surplus is reduced to 10% of the surplus.

Why do they do that? Basically because the system was designed to facilitate a manual count.

If we ever adopt optional preferential then we should have a reiterative counting process...

Say what?

A reiterative count.. every time you exclude a candidate you start the count again...

Using Antony Green's Calculator is good until you get to a situation where the Liberal vote needs to be distributed to determine who will be elected.

And watch what happened... Green's calculator gives misleading impression in that he presents his results as votes when in fact it is the value of the vote not the number of votes.

The surplus transfer is calculated by dividing the value by the number of ballot papers. Sounds proportional BUT it actually is not. 1 million votes have 25% value 100 thousand have full value... they all go out at the same value...

Plug in the percentages as they are now. Slowly peg back the ALP vote back until it falls below a third quota at the end. then then look at the way the ABC calculate and transfer the Liberal surplus...

It is the transfer of the Liberal surplus where the distortion becomes apparent.. There is one other issue and that is the segmentation of the excluded candidate votes. I would not worry about that so much in this count...

Again 10% of the ballot papers represent 25% of the value of the Liberal 3rd quota vote, they should be worth 25% of the surplus but they will be worth only 10% likewise the Liberal Ticket vote should be worth 75% of the surplus but it will be worth 90%...

It's as as simple as I can make it I think...

To offer another analogy if 10% of share holders of a company represent 25% of the value of the company when they the company assets are sold should they receive 10% or 25% of the overall value?

If the Greens dingos win by accepting the inflated scraps from the Liberal bowl should they say thank you and eat it all or should they say we won this vote unfairly and hand it over to the puppies...

The fact is the Greens cannot win on their own merit a Victorian Senate spot and they most certainly should not win by a distorted value in the voting system.


Feeney will be fine but the AEC must review its rules. The system in place is unjust and outdated. (Designed to facilitate a manual count not democracy).

The AEC must adopt a one vote one value system. One transaction per candidate based on the value of the vote and not the number of ballot papers.

The greens only chance to win is as a result of the distortion in the voting system.

Anyway, fingers crossed, candles lit for Freedom Fighter Feeney. (OC: Prayers too! They work!) He stands ready to fill the enormous shoes of titan Robert Ray. His faction, party and nation need him.

May be the Force be with him, always.

OC: There you have it. An explanation of strange events that would put Stephen the Luntzer to shame. Bottom line is Feeney is still looking very likely despite a quirky system of counting used by the AEC as explained by our counting machine above.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused Andy-Cait-Catter8-Delia-Rita, you're now saying you didn't win a Walkley after a year of saying you did.

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy reminds me of the CEC. No one is interested in their lunatic conspiracy theorising and ranting, so they have to shove it in our faces with street stalls. No one visits to the Blog of Sleaze but everyone loves Slanderyou, so Fat Andy cross-posts all his lies and dross and plagiarism here.

Anonymous said...

Forget about the Walkley. The only thing Landeryou will be awarded is a long custodial sentence.

Anonymous said...

There will be a lot more probing of Landeryou's back-end when he is behind bars. It will make Lew look gentle.

Anonymous said...

fat andy has told so many lies he cannot even get his story straight about his fake walkley

that is so funny

bet he comes across really convincingly under cross examination by silks

or does he still claim privilege every second word

Anonymous said...

Here is a question. Who is paying Landeryou's legal team? Himself, or are they legal aid?

Anonymous said...

This is how fat boy would probably answer thsoe questions, as reported in The Age of August 25th 2005:

Andrew Landeryou followed his wife into the witness box.

His evidence was given with his face mostly turned away from the liquidator's counsel, and he prefaced every question - even when asked to state his name - by citing "privilege". Several times during Landeryou's evidence, the registrar threatened to refer him to a judge for contempt of court.

For his part, Landeryou said it was "contempt, utter contempt" that his wife had been "dragged" into the examination.

Asked what position Kitching held at IQ, Landeryou cited privilege and said: "I do not recall, or care."

Indeed, the evidence of the Landeryou family members was riddled with a surprising inability to recall or remember very much about the company.

Anonymous said...

I reckon Jabba's daddy is picking up the bills for him.

Anonymous said...

Hey I watched the walkely's the other night and I didn't see one mention of a blog award.

Must be all in dough boy's mind...

Anonymous said...

Do you think that Landeryou will revert to the defence that he is a "political prisoner"?

Cait Catt said...

3.46 I never claimed to have won a Walkley. I have never won a Walkley but I live in hope someone will appreciate my outstanding contributions.

Andrew Landeryou won the inaugural Walkley Blog Award, but did not win one this year owing to pressure from Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

Cait, my confusion come from the fact you're Catter 8, El Gordo, Crikey's erstwhile Delia Delegate and claim to be late Rita Randles from Atlanta, and you're saying you have and haven't won a Walkley award that doesn't exist or, if it does exist, was awarded last year but not this year. Please work out who you are and if you have or haven't won your fictional award.

catter8 said...

7.22 confuses me. He assumes we are all Landeryou puppets.

We all have our own separate identity.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt should go back to her cattery? Of course she doesn't have one. Liberty Larry, in his excellent story, is spot on. Cait Catt is a fictional character, as are Delia Delegate, Catter8, Rita Randles and Freedom Freddy. I can't keep up with them all.

No, you won't win a Walkley Cait. Neither will your "mentor" Andrew Landeryou, son of Bill who was removed from the Cabinet of the Labor Premier before Brumby and Bracks. I think his name was Cain.

I'm not a historical person and I get my historical gossip from contributors to this blog. I do wish Cait would stop her trite comments like blog of filth. I've heard it so many times it loses its shock value.

I don't mind you contributing Cait, but please print something original for a change. I don't mind you defending your mentor (who is possibly yourself) but please do so rationally and do not engage in the personal attacks you do against people like Stephen Mayne or for that matter Solomon Lew, Lawrence Money, Suzanne Carbone, Andrew Jaspan and Leonie Wood.

You are a joke Cait, and the sooner you realise that the better.

Anonymous said...

We should not indulge Fat Boy and his use of the term "back-end".

Andrew Landeryou is a vicious and unpleasant failure using free software to spread lies. His cyber-bullying has no "back-end".

Andrew Landeryou is a failed son of a disgraced politician.

Andrew Landeryou is a failed politician. A failed student politician, to make it even more risable.

Andrew Landeryou is a failed businessman.

Andrew Landeryou is a failed husband.

Andrew Landeryou is a failed frauster.

Andrew Landeryou is a loathsome bankrupt failure despised by everyone with a shred of decency filling in the days before he goes to prison with cyber-bullying.

The Dark Rider said...

anon. 2:28. Landeryou repeats the phrase 'blog of FILTH' as a way of saturating in a message. It's not meant to generate shock value. it's meant to sink in repeatedly.

It's a variation on an old and generally effective political/interview technique of hammering an emotive aspect with little substance to twist the listener/viewer's perception of the person being questioned and deflect or weaken the focus of the questioning.

Also, repetition of a simple slogan such as 'Landeryou's a lying, fuckwit, ALP wannabe' has the benefit of being one of the few things likely to stick in the average listener's/viewer's mind, leaving the basic required message. Look at political advertising for further examples.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to do him much good on this blog.

From a purely analytical viewpoint, it's interesting to look at the biased language and halftruths he espouses (similar in style and worthy of Joseph Goebbels; easily as deranged).

Look at the agendas he's pushing and the way he trumpets, blusters and rants to deflect the focus.

For example, Solomon Lew has won an injunction (granted by a court of law) to gain access to Landeryou's online accounts. Landeryou rages that this is to shut the OC down.

Closer inspection of the order (thanks to posters on this site) reveals they have requested access to all of Landeryou's online accounts and bank accounts, undoubtedly to determine the extent of his income, which I think is quite reasonable under the circumstances, bearing in mind this is a guy who fled the country rather than answer questions and when he did finally answer questions put to him in court, he couldn't remember any details regarding financial matters and he'd lost the records.

Certainly not someone I'd trust to give an accurate assessment of his own financial position, either because he's too inept or underhanded.

Hope someone gets a photo of him at court (as he apparently likes to do).

Anyway, keep up the good work.

It's long past time 'the whole truth' about Landeryou came out. Here's hoping the court proceedings shed some light.

The Dark Rider
*who's been away, but thought he'd drop by for old time's sake*

Anonymous said...

Well said, Dark Rider.

Andrew Landeryou is a greedy man.

His greed made him steal.

He has been caught.

Now he carries on about everything else in an attempt to distract from the truth.

His Blog of Sleaze is designed soley to obscure the truth.

All his whining and huffing and puffing is an attempt to make us forget what really is at stake here.

Yet the facts remain: Andrew Landeryou is a thief. He should give back the money he stole then accept the punishment society demands of people like him.

Anonymous said...

Dark Rider says Fat Andy is "Certainly not someone I'd trust to give an accurate assessment of his own financial position, either because he's too inept or underhanded."

Inept is an interesting take. Fat Boy has failed as a student politician, as a businessperson, as a husband, as a fraudster and his Blog of Sleaze is full of garbage and only read by credulous fools.

But Fat Boy isn't inept, nor is he underhanded. He's both. Fat Andrew Landeryou is inept AND underhanded.

Anonymous said...

Fat Andy's going DOWN!

Anonymous said...

Where is the money??? All the millions that Andy stole: $1 million plus from MUSU (routed via HK then Cyprus) from the coffee shop privatization, $3 million plus from Solly Lew. Where is it Andy? Give it back fat boy!