Friday, July 11, 2008

Landeryou is BANNED - Truth On! (UPDATED x2)


Even the footy forums are talking about it.

" good on Les Twentyman for getting some defence against this serial piece of absolute #### garbage.

Andrew Landeryou is a disgrace to the labor party, and probably the human species.

he is nothing more than a pissant bully, its about time the media again turned the blow torch on andy landy's own disgraceful past to show up this bully for what he is."


Landeryou believes that a message from a (real!) Herald Sun journalist is more that it is.

Also, did Landeryou ask the journalist's permission to air the message?


YOUTH worker Les Twentyman's family has obtained an intervention order against political blogger Andrew Landeryou after photographs of their house appeared on his site The Other Cheek.

Mr Twentyman's wife -- who doesn't want her name published -- sought the intervention order last week and was yesterday granted an interim order at Sunshine Magistrates' Court.

It forbids Mr Landeryou -- a favourite son of the Premier's own faction -- from going within 200m of their house and from publishing any material on his blog that would reveal the house's location or Mr Twentyman's wife's identity.

It also prevents him from being within 10m of Mr Twentyman's wife.

Magistrate Noreen Toohey adjourned the hearing until July 31 to allow Mr Landeryou to get legal representation.

The stoush erupted last month when Mr Twentyman ran as an independent candidate in the Kororoit by-election -- which Labor won -- and Mr Landeryou ran a long campaign against the Lower House hopeful.

Mr Twentyman said last night his wife was worried about the photos of their house that had been published on The Other Cheek, and was concerned for her safety.

Last night Mr Landeryou told the Herald Sun that he was confident the interim intervention order against him would be dropped.

"I will be vigorously defending this and it's extremely unlikely it will be granted," he said.

Solicitor James Dowsley said he was seeking a permanent intervention order against Mr Landeryou for Mr Twentyman's wife.

Mr Twentyman has also filed a complaint with the Victorian Electoral Commission about a pamphlet the Labor Party distributed during the by-election campaign that stated a vote for Les Twentyman was a vote for the Liberals.

Mr Twentyman's lawyer, Dennis Galimberti, said a prominent QC had advised him they had a good chance of proving there had been a breach of the Electoral Act.

They claim the pamphlet misled the electorate and will be asking electoral commissioner Steven Tully to charge ALP state secretary Stephen Newnham and the ALP.

Mr Tully is not expected to make any decision on the matter until at least early August.

Source: The Herald Sun

23 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Why is it that whenever I hear the word "cyberbully", I immediately think of Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

When I hear the world "Landeryou" I think "cyberbulky".

Anonymous said...

When I hear the word "Landeryou," I think smelly, obese, balding, bankrupt, ex-online gaming spiv with greasy palms.

Anonymous said...

Going by his "reporting" on the Blog of Sleaze, Buddha Boy will be back in court pretty damn soon, facing charges of contempt.

Anonymous said...

***Some of the more hatespeech inclined Twentyman supporters will notice their IP number displaying in the comments section. Our apologies about that, it's just designed to help us keep track for the impending court case(s) relating to Mr Twentyman. The IP display won't effect anyone else obviously.***

Nutcase Andrew began exposing the IP addresses of posters to his blog yesterday. This is on top of his sending browser tracking cookies to the computers of his readers. Guess what? Everyone online suddenly vanished.

What a complete idiot. Single-handedly he has totally destroyed his own blogsite. Who wants to post there when Andrew is busily stalking them?

Anonymous said...

Someone on the Landeryou blog posted this interesting question when Andrew started exposing poster's IP addresses on his blog yesterday:

"Right Said Fred": To give readers here a fuller picture of what's really happening here, I challenge you to publish the IP addresses of Andrew, Byron in Wahroonga | Right Said Fred | Twentytonman | SuzAnne | Abused | Go get 'em Landy | What is he thinking? | Giovanni knows all | PPV | - on my system, they are all showing up as originating from Andy's IP address. Weird, Huh?
IP: | 07.11.08 - 7:51 pm | #

Needless to say, nothing happened. Just the usual silence.

Andrew has b*ggered his own blogsite by being even nastier and devious than usual. What a silly twat!

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy is getting attention. That's what he exists for. Sometimes I really wonder about just how abusive Big Bent Bill Landeryou much have been to Andy when he was a kid. You get the impression Fatso was left locked in the garden shed for days at stretch the way he welcomes any acknowledgement he exists (writs, for example).

Anonymous said...

With Landeryou playing silly buggers with IP addresses, why doesn't he put his own street address down on the electoral roll? It still wasn't there last time I looked.

What a joke! A self-styled political commentator who isn't even eligible to vote!

Anonymous said...

Interesting the way the Hun called Landershonk "A favourite son of the Premier's own faction". Now that he's shat all over his favourite newspaper by breaking confidence and posting a phone call from one its journos up on the Blog of Sleaze odds are that the Herald-Sun will start asking about the links between senior Labor figures and the serial defamer.

Anonymous said...

The Blog of Sleeze is deserted today after yesterday's exposure of posters IP addresses, and warnings about Andrew's use of browser tracking cookies.

And he is still up to old tricks. This is an example of out and out forgery:

And if she doesn't get him, he's sure due for a big kicking from the Footscray market boys.
IP: | 07.11.08 - 3:05 am | #

Andrew posted that himself, but has substituted the IP address of a poster who was critical of his Twentyman debacle. I should know, I used that proxy server address myself for a short while yesterday. Luckily, I've kept a log of my posts. The message (above) is nt among them...

Anonymous said...

The Blog of Sleaze screams today "9 Days since failed candidate Lord Les Twentyman promised to challenge the result of the Kororoit by-election in the Supreme Court of Victoria... Does he have the bottle?"

How many hundreds of days since you even had your name down on the electoral roll, Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact his blog is all but deserted (except for the many personas that Andrew uses - 'Anna Cleves' reappeared tonight), Andrew is still exposing posters' IP addresses tonight. Nearly all the addresses are fakes. Maybe posters have wised up to the endless tricks on Landy's site and are playing him for a fool. Several of the IP addresses have routed through Dallas, Texas, and others from Japan. What a complete F*ck-Up! What a total Dill! Bugga off Landy!

Anonymous said...

From a weekend report in Adelaide on Mayo -

"In a separate development, another leading candidate, Jamie Briggs, a former adviser to former prime minister John Howard, said yesterday he had been smeared by an internet blog."

"Responding to claims on the Victoria-based blog, he said they were "totally untrue"."

[More Landeryou lies]

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