Friday, August 31, 2007


On Monday we reveal that the founder of blog the Awful Cheek, Andrew Landeryou has been accused by a former investor of "ruthlessly shafting" him. Preferring to remain anonymous, the investor told Team Slanderyou that he was "extremely disappointed" with his investment ..."

More to come on Monday.

In the meantime, and over the weekend, you might want to consider how Landeryou, an unemployed bankrupt, can afford to be a subscriber of Foxtel. Obviously, he needs to do something else than surf the net for porn. But, how can he afford Foxtel?

6 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

It should be more balanced than "Delia's" laughable "takedown" of Crikey's Mayne.
Unlike Buddha Boy, Mayne didn't skip the country when things went pearshaped; he stayed and toughed it out.
Even by "Delia's" rubbery figures, the original investor got a return on their stakes, unlike those who sunk A$8M into IQ Corp.'s.
Poor ol' Andy, you try so hard but you trip over your massive ego every time. You're just jealous Mayne is more successful than you'll ever be.

Anonymous said...

an investor shafted?
which one would that be?
one of many methinks...

Anonymous said...

So where's this update?

Anonymous said...

I can't belive that nobody has commented on the silly hacked claim posted by landeryou. Clearly he has been made to pull down his blog for some reason!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, anyone notice Landeryou's bizarre attempt to shed the stigma of his 'OC' site?

His claims his site has been hacked seem to be at odds with the ads he's put on for 'slagged off'.

And have you noticed he doesn't refer to 'the OC' in any of the slagged off articles unless it's referring to an article prior to his commencement at the new blog address?

Can't he live with the name Landeryou and the blog 'the Other Cheek' any longer? Oh, the self loathing he must feel...

However, assuming he's not completely insanely denying his actions over the last few years (I know, I know, it's pretty standard form) my question is, is Landeryou trying to establish another bonafide in an effort to create a more ... credible blog presence, attempting to erase the several years of ranting lunacy he's perpetrated?

Or does he have to establish another presence because he reported the list of footballers linked with Channel 7's drug story and he's trying to distance himself? You'll note there's no mention of the story on the OC site any longer, yet there appears to be several mirrored updates from slagged off showing up on the OC.

Any light to shed on this slanderyou?

And while you're at it, he mentioned one of his friends recently had a business win. I didn't realise Darren Ray picked up a fast fifty at the Casino. Or did he gyp some more international students out of their rent and bond?

Anonymous said...

Well it now appears that after realising that noone was fooled by his 'hacked' claim the OC blog has been miraculously fixed.

When anonymous lefties site was hacked there was a huge outcry in the blogosphere but Landeryou's claim was met with a huge yawn. He says he had many 'private' messages of support yet it's funny that there wasn't even one public comment on his site.

Whatever he was trying to do backfired