Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spot the Similarity - the game is back

We have not had a ‘Spot the Similarity’ game for some time. And here is the sixth edition.

What is the similarity between Hamish Jones and Andrew Landeryou?

Hamish has been in a spot of trouble. He’s been caught out ranting and raving on his personal blog, ‘Ranting and Rambling’. Examples are here.

And he has since been dumped by Andrew Landeryou’s Liberals as a candidate for election.

So far, we’ve given away the two obvious clues as to Hamy and Andy’s similarity.

But what is really spooky, is that they are not just Liberal Party bloggers, and rant and ramble on blogs, but …. wait for it…. they look so similar!

Could Hamy and Andy be the same person? Slanderyou readers are well aware that Landeryou possesses a number of personalities – Freedom Freddy, Delia Delegate, Cait and Catter8.

So, given that the Liberals have punished Hamy, one Liberal Party blogger, when will it discipline Andy? (No jokes please that Andy is into that!)

2 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Now you mention it, Pickle and Jones do look oddly similar: Jones in his sombrero and Andy with his Costa Rican connections.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Landeryou was so protective of his little protoge. Now he has ditched Hamish like a used tissue.