Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Andrew Landeryou writes and writes and writes: but still doesn’t come clean (PART 2)

In July we wrote:

"Andrew Landeryou promised (a non-core promise it turned out) that he would use his blog to answer the many questions surrounding MUSU, IQ, his bankruptcy, and his penchant for blog sleazery.

If you pass your eyes over the labels on Landeryou’s porn blog, you will notice that Landeryou has been silent on MUSU, IQ, his bankruptcy, and his penchant for blog sleazery."

Well, Pickle has still yet to come clean.

Rex was the first to record his thoughts on Pickle in May 2005. Rex wrote:

We though it was about time to take another look at the Blog of Andrew Landeryou. Scion of the ALP family who the Age reported on yesterday, and who you will recall, famously disappeared to America leaving his wife ALP councilor Kimberly Kitching in the lurch, and serious questions being asked about his handling of companies and monies relating to various failed Melbourne University ventures.

Mr. Landeryou, you may recall, promised dirt, and lots of it, so we’ve been over to Mr. Landeryou’s place in an attempt to separate the dirt from the bitchy backbiting, the scuttlebutt from the polemic, the piss from the wind, so as to get a sense of what Mr. Landeryou has achieved so far.

So let’s start at the start: What does Mr. Landeryou promise to reveal?

Day 1: Tuesday May 3rd 2005 – A big day

Promises: a “warts and all account”, a “no-holds barred extravaganza of truth, justice and [his] way”.

Promises: to “[expose] yet untold tales about the King Solomon Lew and his court jester highly secretive ..Michael McLeod”, to reveal all about “[manipulation of] Coles Myer AGM’s to financing branch stacking”.

Promises: that “Evan Thornley a former business partner of [his] ..will also find a great deal of old memories to ponder as he enjoys his retirement”

Asserts: That the Age gets its facts wrong, and that a company called IQ Corporation (one of Landeryou’s companies) and other Landeryou vehicles gave lots of money to the ALP over the years.

Brings a new, and seemingly unrelated player into the tale: A Dean McVeigh. The liquidator of the failed Melbourne University Student Union, with the implication that Mr. Veigh’s fees are possibly excessive and a request that they be revealed. It doesn’t seem that Mr. McVeigh has much connection with Mr. Landeryou’s past, but Mr. Landeryou is now interested in Mr. McVeigh

Day 2

Paints The Age and journalist Leonie Wood as inner city latte lefties, who get their facts wrong and don’t understand business.

Clarifies that Evan Thornley is not a target actually, but just didn’t run his company Looksmart well. The same company that turned Mr. Thornley into a multi-millionaire.

Unearths a connection between Mr McVeigh, the Liquidator and Solomon Lew.

Introduces for the first time The Wardlow Transaction, and rails at a comment in an ABC report by Michael McLeod (Sol Lew’s jester see above). Mr. Landeryou asserts that he, his wife and his father were effectively “blackmailed” into buying $3 Million worth of shares in IQ Corporation by Sol Lew. According to Mr. Landeryou, it was a “shakedown”, “a transaction as notorious and as corrupt as possibly any other in [Sol Lew’s] career”. (more on this later)

Day 3

Discusses money laundering by Unions, and Alleges that Brian Daley – A Union boss, The President of the ALP in Victoria and a key member of THE LEFT, effectively taxes his union members to create a slush fund which is then drawn on to finance election campaign activities

Has several more goes at The Age and reporter Leonie Wood

Reveals where he was all that time when people were looking for him: Namely Costa Rica, Honduras and the US – But doesn’t reveal what he did, just gives a little pitch for a future role on ‘Getaway’.

Day 4

More about the Liquidator McVeigh, which Mr Landeryou seems to be quite obsessed with now. He commits to probe Mr. McVeigh further. His request that McVeigh’s fees are investigated is not unreasonable.

Allegations in court that Mr. Landeryou forged signatures and enquiries over missing millions.

Digresses with stories about his dog and The Age. Seems to hate The Age.

Day 5

More of the same on McVeigh and his Fees.

Day 6

Nothing important

Day 7

Details The Wardlow Transaction . Explains that IQ corporation was an Internet startup. The company’s purpose was to ride the internet bubble, and that Sol Lew’s investment was an attempt to profit from that. The bubble burst before the profits could be made, and Landeryou alleges that Sol Lew’s minders forced him and his wife to sign over her house (called Wardlow) under threat of a barrage of negative publicity which would ruin his and her political careers. The house worth $3 Million was exchange for Sol Lew’s shares in the already failed IQ Corporation. Commenters on his blog quite rightly ask why he signed. He reaffirms it was all about wanting to avoid Sol Lew’s bad publicity threat.

Claims that Solomon Lew is spying on him. Has photos to prove it, and provides additional details. Implies that Somolon Lew’s law firm is involved in the surveillance also.

Day 8

Makes a spurious and irrelevant connection between Sol Lew and Evan Thornley.

In one massive post, takes issue with another Fairfax paper the Financial Review for being biased. Promises to tell more about Evan Thornley if he runs for office. And accuses the Fin Review Journalist of having an ALP factional barrow to push.

Counts Ronald Reagan as a great man.

Day 9

Introduces a new story about Solomon Lew and a meat-pie company. He claims the pies were dodgy.

Plans to create a catalogue of complaints from people who hold a grudge against Sol Lew.

Day 10 – May 12th A busy day.

Accuses the ABC of getting it wrong.

Has a dig at various people on THE LEFT. Pretty much seems to despise THE LEFT from what I can see.

Suggests that the campaign being run by The Age against ALP branch stacking is a result of THE LEFT calling in favours. Once again mentions Brian Daley, and his alleged slush funds used to achieve political aims.

Again mentions McVeigh and an apparent reluctance to reveal his liquidators fees, and has a dig at liquidators in general.

Further digs at the professionalism of The Age’s Leonie Wood

Gushes about Liberal MP Sophie Panopolous, who is one of the Victorian Liberals putting pressure on Mr. Howard to cut taxes back to 30%, and is backing Voluntary Student Unionism legislation.

Give political advice to Kim Beazley.

Day 11

Repeats himself on McVeigh, The Age, and Leonie Wood

Discusses Coles-Myer profit results and suggests that Sol Lew is not happy that they are doing so well without him.

Alleges branch stacking by THE LEFT

Touches on some incident relating to child porn and ALP people. Difficult to follow.

Day 12

Decides to get stuck into Leonie Wood again, and the way she writes her articles.

Takes a swipe at another Fairfax journalist Alan Ramsay for poor journalism

Comments on Sol Lew’s general business philosophy as cited in the Fin.

More on the child porn incident and some resultant sackings, and the ALP connection.

Day 13

More of the same on The Age and lefty bias.

Photos of McVeigh and his Rolls Royce

Day 14 Monday 16th

More reports on McVeigh and his car collection.

An ABC interview with Jon Faine. Faine gets high marks for niceness, but is marked down for lack of research.

Complains about pervasive Left Wing bias at the ABC.

Reports that McVeigh’s neighbors are not happy wth McVeighs neigbourliness.

A Promise that the next day an exiting story about Sol Lew will be given

Day 15

Applauds the Herald Sun for fair and balanced journalism in reporting the child porn incident, and the ALP factional connection.

Once again gushes over Liberal Party MP Sophie Panolopous, and her backing of Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) legislation.

Alleges that Sol Lew used his position in Coles Myer and access to its resources to secure a lucrative personal deal with American fashion brand Nine West, effectively dudding Coles Myer shareholders.


What does it all mean? Does Mr Landeryou deliver on his promises? Here’s our take:


- Fails (so far) to mentions anything about the manipulation of the Coles Myer AGM
- Fails to identify any rorts in the ALP Right, (only the Left) despite promising to reveal all about financial branch stacking – It looks like there some things he’s not willing to divulge.
- Lets Evan Thornley off the hook quite early after initially promising much
- Hasn’t adequately explained his movements overseas, and what all the bank transactions were about.
- Harps on far too much about the Age, Fairfax,the ABC and left bias.

14 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has remained very sad. His blog has just been a series of repeat rants that ultimately lead nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Hey Slanderyou, re: "Hasn’t adequately explained his movements overseas, and what all the bank transactions were about." you should link this to you expose of Landeyou's travels to Costa Rica - especially for those that are new to this blog.

Anonymous said...

Collected like this, it just shows Landeryou is just utterly looney! Mental Health is a serious problem.

Anonymous said...

Might I also point out that 'Rex' was subsequently revealed to be Evan Thornley?

Which could explain why Landeryou has such a mad-on for his former friend.

Thornley does make some good points...

Anonymous said...

Rex was Thornley? Evidence please. But agree with you about the wuality of the Rex commentary.

Anonymous said...

But that accusaton was categorically denied - and landeryou has never even gone close to proving it!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's supporters seem to be tiring of his rants on Money, Thornley, Lew et al. Fewer people each time are bothering to comment. The latest Money rant -his eighth this year - gathered one comment while one on Thornley garnered two - perfect illustrations of the law of diminishing returns.

Anonymous said...

What's the goss on Landeryou's hatred for Thornley. Is Buddha Boy just jealous Thornley made money out of the internet and gained a seat in parliament, while Butterball ran his company into the ground and bankrupcy and has no hope ever of a political career, given his questionable past.

Anonymous said...

'Makes a spurious and irrelevant connection between Sol Lew and Evan Thornley.'

Spurious and irrelevant? How does 'Rex' know this?

Although distancing himself from any connection with Thornley, there are a couple of pro-Thornley comments in this piece of commentary.

I also note he doesn't quite take that level of personal knowledge/familiarity with the rest of his dissection of posts.

Not detracting from the analysis, but let's be clear that it's a subtle spin effort.

Anonymous said...

A subtle spin effort? By Rex or Landeryou? Certainly not by Landeryou surely.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Landeryou's rants have actually amounted to anything? and real expose? or is it just crap!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou accused thornnley of being Rex to divert attention from Manyne accusing him of being Delia

Agree that it's well known in the blogosphere that Rex aint Thornnley

Anonymous said...

Accodring to Andy, Angela Pippos could be Rex

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