Wednesday, August 01, 2007

According to a Thai domain name registry, it had many domains of .com and .net to be deleted by April 15, 2007.

Where it gets interesting is this domain: Why was it registered?

(To find it, use Ctrl-F and type in Landeryou.)

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Anonymous said...

Talking about American Express - I stumbled across this. Perhaps Landy's trying to work of the debt.

FORMER state government minister and Labor Party strongman Mr Bill Landeryou is fighting off bankruptcy over debts of more than $65,000 to a credit company.
American Express has launched bankruptcy proceedings in the Federal Court against Mr Landeryou to retrieve the money the company says he owes in credit card bills.

The company will not reveal details about the debt or whether it was incurred in Australia or overseas; ``We have to respect our client's financial privacy so we can't say where the card was used or what it was used for," a spokeswoman said.

Mr Landeryou, 54, resigned as the member for Doutta Galla in December 1992 after 16 years in Parliament, accumulating a superannuation package estimated at about $650,000.

During a turbulent political career, he was forced out of the ministry after claims that he remained too close to his old union, the Storeman and Packers, of which he was secretary.

He is now a businessman.

A search of Australian Security Commission records shows that Mr Landeryou shares the directorship of four of his six Australian companies with seven residents of the Russian Federation in areas known as Yakutia, Moscow and the Crimea.

ASC records show that shares in one of the companies are held by the Gold of Yakutia Bank at Ammosov Street, Yakutsk, Yakutia.

Mr Landeryou could not be contacted by `The Sunday Age'.

His lawyer and business partner, Mr Maurice Milder, who is involved in Labor Party factional politics, acknowledged that Mr Landeryou had Russian business connections and had travelled to the former Soviet Union on occasions.

But he refused to comment on Mr Landeryou's credit card problems or to outline the nature of Mr Landeryou's international business affairs. He could also offer no explanation, save for ``common business mistake", as to why Mr Landeryou had provided four different birthdates on company documents to the ASC.

Process servers acting for tha solicitor Mr Jeffery Salinger, who represents American Express, told the County Court of their great difficulty in locating Mr Landeryou to serve him with legal papers about the debt.

Mr Salinger said his agent had tried to serve Mr Landeryou in the library at Parliament House but was denied access because it was not open to the public.

The agent told a parliamentary security officer to ask Mr Landeryou if he would leave the library and speak to him. According to the court documents, Mr Landeryou refused.

Mr Salinger told the court that Mr Landeryou was not recorded on state or federal electoral rolls, although a search made by `The Sunday Age' showed that he was recorded at a unit in a residential tower on Southbank Boulevard, Southbank, with his son, Andrew.

Mr Salinger told the court that process servers had attended an address in Brook Street, Sunbury, but found a real estate agency run by a business partner of Mr Landeryou.

They were referred to an address at Canopus Circuit at Lake Merrimu, near Bacchus Marsh, but a woman there said Mr Landeryou had sold the property four years ago.

``I verily believe the defendant (Landeryou) is aware of the proceedings instituted by the plaintiff (American Express) and that he is actively evading service," Mr Salinger told the court.

Anonymous said...

You think this is somehow linked to Costa Rica?

Anonymous said...

Like father, like son...

Anonymous said...

The fruit rarely falls far from the tree.