Monday, October 15, 2007

"A few questions for Andy Landeryou."

Lucky Nutsacks asks: "A few questions for Andy Landeryou. I saw a picture of you in the paper the other day and I was wondering which of your three chins is your actual chin? And secondly has anyone ever called you Mr Potato-head? Thanks."

While David Crawford asks: "In that story from the Age:

Mr Landeryou, who does not face any charges, was released this week from the Melbourne Assessment Prison ...” Assessment prison, what the heck is that? Is that debtor’s prison, or is it just regular old county jail?

Plus why is Landeryou interested in "plugging dykes" and "belt(ing) the Sudanese"?

On other matters we have received an updated pic of Landeryou, from a reader, showing Landeryou scurrying about Brunswick. We will post in the next day or so.

20 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

That shot of the fat boy: was it taken near the corner of Sydney Road & Barkley Street? That's where the Brunswick KFC is.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed how Landeryou has lacked any real dirt since the state election?

His liberal party dirt unit contacts either have gone dry, or even they have sought to distance themselves from Landeryou's grimmey slurs.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is right across the details of suburban councils no one gives a toss about and people who are too useless to be preselected for anything else. Compulsory reading for lovers of Victorian local government. Boring for anyone else.

Anonymous said...

"Landeryou is right across the details of suburban councils", true but only in a fictional sense!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's exciting exclusives on this first full day of campaigning in the most closely contested federal campaign for 11 years include details of stoush in the press gallery of a parochial parliament and (in true dog returning to its own vomit style) student politics.

Anonymous said...

Where is Landeryou - very quiet today; and he missed the Beazely Snr death.

Is he prepareing for his court hearing in late Oct?

Anonymous said...

Andy may be too busy shredding files and booking tickets to Costa Rica to bother with the federal election this year.

Cait Catt said...

If any proof be needed that Slanderyou is the blog of filth it is here in the postings on this topic.

catter8 said...

I still want Slanderyou to visit my cattery so I can eat him (or her). There is a good precedent for this. Paula Rizzuto once ate her husband Stephen Ho.

Anonymous said...

If anyone doesn't believe catter8 here is the proof from Paula Rizzuto's blog. Paula was an unsuccessful socialist leftista candidate for the Moreland Soviet (that is, clowncil). It's no wonder when she writes like this. Read on:

The shameful story

It's all true I'm afraid.

I have been stealing pets from their owners for a long time now.

Never has there been criticism of this.

I cook them up on Stevie the Ho's Webber barbeque and whether cat, dog, budgie or hamster, they are a delicacy that cannot be denied.

I once justified my pet eating as removing the large number of strays in the Coburg area, especially now focused on the Munro and Bell Street, Sydney Road precinct. You can't get a pet any near the place.

It has become the forbidden zone.

Now filthy rightist scum are accusing me of eating a dog they call Ronnie.

So what if I did, I initially said to myself, trying to remember all the pet eating frenzies I've been up to over recent years.

I went through my trophy cabinet and then suddenly realised the foul allegations were true. A little collar marked Ronnie - Defender of Freedom was among my collection.

Suddenly a tight feeling was triggered in the colon. I pondered whether it was last night's Persian cat or my conscience playing up on me.

Either way, I felt obliged to rush to the dunny, in so doing crushed Stephen the Ho who had been doing the Sudoku on the bog as he does.

The rest is very sad and cannot really be told without getting in the shi*.

I let rip not realising Stevie Ho was sitting there and managed to drown my little Oriental chum in a megalitre of crap.

Not a nice way to go.

May you rest in peace, Stephen. The memories. The shoplifting. Your attempts to roll me in flour. How fondly I remember the good times. The Yum Cha. The Cha Yum. The Yum Cha Cha. Those were the days.

And now my pet eating and chocolate crackle consuming ways has led Stevie the Ho to pay the highest price of all.

And to think it all happened just when I was looking for that tenth signature on my ALP nomination form.

Oh the tragedy. Oh the loss.

Another four years of Carlo Cretin.

I'm Paula Rizzuto and I rock.

Anonymous said...

Here we are riding on a whiteknuckle election rollercoaster and, late at night, a clearly drunken Landeryou is writing filthy fiction about the most minor footsoldiers of the Labor Party out in the burbs.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if its the grog; rather all the fat that Landeryou consumes that has clogged his synapsises in his brain. A doctor friend of mine concluded that Landeryou is 98% fat, and 2% pepsi.

Anonymous said...

2% Pepsi. That much? I would have thought nearer to 99% fat, but there you are.

Anonymous said...

The pepsi presumably gets given away for free when you buy KFC in bulk the way Landeryou does. If it is, though, Andy needs to declare it to his trustees in bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou also likes 7Up and Mountain Dew, by the litre.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Landeryou was banned from Red Rooster, which sits directly opposite KFC on Sydney Road. He was a regular, before one night as he was putting in his order, he said that he was so hungry he could eat a chil., The Red Rooster person laughed it off, but as they were preparing his 10 course feast, and layering on extra grease and fat - to Landeryou's specific instructions - they noticed that he was indeed chewing on the leg of a small child. Red Rooster had no choice but to bar him. Though they lost a lot of money doing it.

Anonymous said...

So where's this photo of Landeryou waddling around Brunswick?

If there's one thing he hates, it's a current photo appearing online...

Anonymous said...

Team Slanderyou are having to reformat the photo so it can fit on a usual monitor. So far it's only suitable for 22 inch wide screen numbers.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is again showing he is an excellent source of information. About Suzy Carbone, the Aged gossip writer with partner in slime Money. Slimy Suzy doesn't like George Seitz, but she never says anything bad about her former Socialist Left lover from Northcote when she worked for the local News Ltd rag out in the burbs.

Anonymous said...

Andy shows an unhealthy interest in student politics for a near middle-aged man.
I guess as a former Melb Uni student prez sacked for mismanagement to still stings deeply.