Monday, October 01, 2007


Andrew Landeryou recently has written at length about the private lives of politicians, in particular their sexual orientation. It was a sad, tawdry smear.

Landeryou uses people’s gay orientation as a reference of abuse.

It seems that as per usual, Landeryou has used the claims about a Federal Liberal Parl Secs orientation in his ongoing internal Liberal Party factional positioning.

But this not a one off: Landeryou has form.

In October last year, Landeryou initiated an unprovoked slur calling Antony Lowenstein gay!

In other news, Landeryou has been advertising on his bankrupt blog a link to a job search website. It is rather interesting that he hasn’t used the website himself. Or perhaps, it not surprising after all.

8 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

A disgraceful slur on a great man Slanderyou.

Andrew is not homophobic. Andrew does not criticise anyone for their sexual orientation. It is the hypocrites on the far left who do that.

Andrew did not win the inaugural Walkley Blog Award for nothing. Beat that Slanderyou

catter8 said...

I concur Cait. Great work. When Slanderyou visits my cattery I will eat him.

Anonymous said...

Andrew does not criticise anyone for their sexual orientation?

cough, gag, hack

excuse me while I choke on my weeties...

Anonymous said...

The Victorian Electoral Commission conducted a favourite animal poll during the Victorian Parliament Open Day yesterday. The Koala won. What is Landeryou's favourite animal?

The first preference results gave the following result:

Candidate: Votes: Percentage:
Iguana 53 9.9%
Koala 151 28.3%
Kangaroo 78 14.6%
Orang-utan 66 12.4%
Dog 138 25.8%
Horse 48 9.0%
Total 534 100%
Informal 37

After the distribution of preferences, Koala won:
Candidate: Votes: Percentage:
Koala 278 52.1%
Dog 256 47.9%

Congratulations, Koala!

Anonymous said...

6.48 per cent of the votes were informal. Wonder if catter8 voted? Is she in jail or back at the cattery?

Anonymous said...

"When Slanderyou visits my cattery I will eat him."

Is landeryou so famished that KFC won't do it anymore - he has resorted to eating people?????????

Anonymous said...

I notice that Andy was again writing about Student politics YAWN! Hasn't he grown up yet, and understood that he was thrown out of office!

Anonymous said...
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