Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blogging Rat promises to “…tell all”! But when? (UPDATE 2)


Add another illness to the list - this time its an STD.


It looks as if the Herald Sun is finally over Landeryou, slamming him as a gadfly, defined as:
  1. A persistent irritating critic; a nuisance.
  2. One that acts as a provocative stimulus; a goad.

Though, of course, Landeryou is too large an animal to be described as "Any of various flies, especially of the family Tabanidae, that bite or annoy livestock and other animals."


Andrew “the Rat” Landeryou has made a number of public promises, concerning his viral blog of sleaze, about revealing all about MUSU, IQ Corporation, Optima etc etc.

Of course, TS patriots are still waiting and waiting and waiting.

What Landeryou has primarily concentrated on is soft gay porn, and operating as a social networking forum for connoisseurs of deformed fried chicken fetishists.

Have we missed something?

See you all Monday.

66 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Slanderyou is and remains the BLOG OF FILTH.

Slanderyou should go on stage at Draculas Theatre Restaurant with the entertainer named Filthia.

Please stop bagging the great man Slanderyou

catter8 said...

I want to see Slanderyou at my cattery.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Another sleepless night for the fat boy with only his computer and multiple personalities for company.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but when Andy is inside and his cellmate discovers that he is banged up with a bloke who used to assume female identities (Delia, Cait, Rita et al), our fat friend will get a thumping.

Anonymous said...

draculas theatre restaurant clearly made a big impression on landeryou

he has really lousy taste

Anonymous said...

When most people think of catteries they think of mad old women who stink of piss. If that's what Landeryou wants us to associate him with, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou should be "slammed" into jail. It looks as if his dirty links have been exposed for what they are.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is definately not a fly. He eats whole cows in one sitting.

Anonymous said...

How soon will it be before Landeryou's sledgehammer to a walnut tactics end up providing the Liberals with a very good ad?

Anonymous said...

Well picked up Slanderyou. The fact that the Herald Sun has had to disassociate themselves with Landeryou is very telling.

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou, the point also to make concerns these two paras "Fact is, Marles has no need to be more pointed because his supporters are shovelling the muck that he won't touch, and they are moving it in industrial quantities.

Log on to the internet and visit The Other Cheek, ( the blog of gadfly and Marles supporter Andrew Landeryou, and you soon get an idea of what is being said in parts of the town where politics is viewed as a contact sport. "

Looks as if the tide has definately turned on Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Once again the patriots of Team Slanderyou raise a pertinent point.

They talk about how: "Andrew 'the Rat' Landeryou has made a number of public promises, concerning his viral blog of sleaze, about revealing all about MUSU, IQ Corporation, Optima etc etc..."

Yet Leonie Wood reported three years ago in The Age on how unwilling Landeryou was to talk when was dragged into the dock:

"His evidence was given with his face mostly turned away from the liquidator's counsel, and he prefaced every question - even when asked to state his name - by citing 'privilege'. Several times during Landeryou's evidence, the registrar threatened to refer him to a judge for contempt of court."

Can anyone ever, ever imagine the fat crim revealing the truth?

Anonymous said...

What does Andy's only friend, Ronnie the dog, make of his obsession with cats and catteries? Another Landeryou colleague betrayed?

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt ratted on the dog.

Cait Catt said...

I am enjoying all this publicity.

It's just as Harold Holt said in 1963 when he thanked the Labor Party for all this wonderful publicity.

I thank Slanderyou.

Any publicity is better than no publicity even if it comes from the BLOG OF FILTH.

Anonymous said...

No YouTubes to link to and package as stories, hey Andy? No AAP reports to cut and paste into your sleazy blog? No?

Life must be easy when you think work is for little people.

Anonymous said...

The update used the words std. Those initials have two meanings.

One is sexually transmitted disease, and the place to go for that is the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre in Swanston Street in Melbourne and they will tell you if you have AIDS or not, which many readers of this blog think you can catch from a toilet seat at the National Library in Canberra.

The other meaning is sexually transmitted debt. Princes Diana had that and was given that by her dirty rat ex husband Charlie Windsor. Diana sued Charlie, but her unfortunate death meant that Charlie didn't have to pay up.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Cait or Catter8 will come along and tell us El Gordo wasn't in Costa Rica, but in quarantine for STD. Perhaps he was traveling in search of a cure, not running away from creditors.

Personally, I think he has some sort of genetic disorder that makes him incapable of handling money. Look at his old man's record. It clearly runs in the family.

The cure? Isolation. A good stretch in prison and a lifetime ban by ASIC.

Take your medicine, El Gordo. It's for your own good.

Anonymous said...

the community needs to be protected from stds

fat andy must be placed in quarantine

are there any cells left at pentridge

Anonymous said...

The community needs protection from El Gordo. Bring back debtors prisons!

Anonymous said...

Fat Andy is a terrorist waging biological warfare against Australia, trying to destroy our trust in free enterprise with sexually transmitted debt.

Anonymous said...

Rita Randles, who claims to be a Liberal yet links to the Christian Democratic Party of Fred Nile, says this on the Landeryou blog this morning in reference to Greg Combet buying a mansion:

We Liberals don't like Labor hypocrites who claim to be friends of the workers yet live in Toorak and Portsea and Double Bay mansions.

Better to vote for us. We are not hypocrites. That's why a majority of blue collar workers in Australia now vote Liberal. Labor promises but we deliver.
Rita Randles | Homepage | 11.16.07

Anonymous said...

To quote a great Labor PM, Andy/Rita/Cait/Catter8 or what every you are calling yourself today, "Get a job!"

Anonymous said...

What about Lyel (Delia)?

Anonymous said...

Rita Randles is predicting a Liberal victory. So too is the OC. Read on:

Friday, 16 November 2007
TAKE THE OC'S LOOT: We Have $100 That Says John Howard Will Be Re-elected // Name Your Price

In another time and place, the OC could have made more money than the devil himself (or his earthly representatives Solly "Basil Fawlty" Lew, Evan Thornley, Fairfax chairman Ron Walker) from the joyful art of providing gaming services to the peeps.

These cunning plans didn't exactly work out as planned due to the deep psychosis of the first-named devil, but as the speedy Ben Cousins classy stomach tatt says, such is life.

Proving that we're still a sucker for financial punishment, we're offering patriots a chance to take $100 of our hard-earned.

Yes, we're betting a C-note that the Prime Minister will be re-elected.

Only by the hair of Christopher Pyne's chinny chin chin though. Normally I'd ask for two seats in. But let's keep it simple. Am I totally convinced that Howard will win? Not really but...

But I think he's campaigned mostly very well in very difficult circumstances. And at currently prevailing prices (nearly $4.00 if you don't mind) Howard represents sensational value in a two-horse race.


Howard's message has been mostly crystal clear. In Victoria, at least, the Liberals have dominated the airwaves, with simple, hard-hitting ads about Labor being 70% union dominated.

The recent ex Labor MP Brian Courtice ads highlight just how tough their attack ads have been, although from ex union boss aspirant Courtice they are the biggest act of chutzpah and treachery since Malcolm Fraser started blundering on about how dictatorial and mean the Howard Government has been despite his own bossy and sour-faced seven year reign of indolent error.

Labor's message has on occasion been all over the shop and sometimes horrifically compromised by the pronouncements of Peter Garrett, Joe McDonald and other basement dwelling gimps.

The truth is that while the instincts of too many Labor branch members are all latte all the time, mostly Labor's leadership is dominated by moderate, sensible types who would "manage the economy" well (if you accept that government actually does this at all).

But the brilliant Brian Loughnane has driven the message home about the grave dangers a union dominated government could pose for our - say after me - $1.2 trillion economy - by appealing to our prejudices and repeating and repeating and repeating.

Where has Labor's simple, easily remembered equivalent ad been? Perhaps I missed it. I didn't mind the ad that went ping. The rest have been shite. No offence, Mr Gartrell, you've been there too long.


Through it all, Howard has mostly looked spritely in a feisty, aged elf kinda way. Heavy Kevvie has looked puffy, tired or busy drilling for ear-wax.

There's been little of the excitement that one could expect from the Labor side of politics after nearly twelve years of wilderness dwelling. Partly I suspect this is due to the length of the campaign, vindicating Howard's strategy of waiting, waiting and even then going long.

Even leftard folks at the corrupt lobbying firm CPR Communications, expecting to hook up with a Labor win like Erik Locke on black leather night on Oxford Street, seem rather bored with this election, whining in chorus with Mark Latham that the election is about nothing. They feel sad that Rudd hasn't promised some kinda disastrous big-spending scheme like Medicare Gold or a tax on 4WD or horse-whippings for private school students.

Although in public their mouthpiece Adam Kilgour is lavishing praise on the Gartrell for reasons that might relate to his wallet and his hopes of cashing in like a bandit should -as appears likely - the Rudds be downgrading their accommodation to the Lodge in Canberra.


Bottom line is that the implied probability of the currently prevailing prices on Betfair has the PM's chances of being re-elected at just under 30%. I think his chances are much better than that, certainly not near 50% but well worth a punt anyway. The current betting has him at $3.90. Tony Abbott's latest bad hair day won't help the perceptions of the Coalition's chances much either, although for every boofhead on one side of politics, there's always another to even up.

I'd be hoping some of you confident would-be ministers, parl secs, committee chairs, ministerial advisers, Glyn Davis the PMC head designate, Terry Moran whose prayer mat is now pointed in the direction of Canberra and others already measuring the curtains in the ministerial wing could get the bidding higher than a measly $4.00.

Best price offered by midnight Monday will get the nod. Put them up in the comments section or email/meebo/phone them through. Make sure you leave a contact email or phone number of course sow we can seal the deal. If you prefer to leave your identity undisclosed, that can - as always - be accommodated.

Of course, in the event of the OC collecting, and the PM getting three two one and a half more years, the proceeds will be donated to the charity UN Watch, a very good cause.

Game on.

UPDATE: While we're in the mood, I'll offer a second proposition as well. Same terms. Another $100 says Labor won't make a net gain in Victoria in the House of Representatives. Best price by Monday midnight.

Why offer such a proposition? Let's look at some of the key seats.

■ LaTrobe - Rodney Cocks has been a legend in his own lunch-time but has failed to deliver the tasty snack largesse the demanding voters of that area demand in terms of pork. Can he win when he's been outbid in the pork auction? He's a good candidate and all but I doubt it.

■ Corangamite - The Cheeseman has worked like a man possessed everyone says. Troubled is he probably is possessed. He's a bit of a freak who scares as many as he wins over in his tireless crusade to create a rural outpost for the Kim Carr faction. Even the Labor friendly ABC 7.30 Report did him over something brutal in Heather Hewitt's report. She was clearly more impressed by Stewart McArthur, a frightening prospect.

■ McEwen - Fran is just too much of a campaign machine to be beat despite patriot Rob Mitchell's high profile and work ethic. Rob would make a great federal MP so the electorate is certainly being well served.

■ McMillan - An outside possibility for the highly regarded Christine Maxfield but very tough unless there's a big swing on which there simply doesn't appear to be in Victoria. Because of redistributions and demographic change, it's not the same seat that the talented Christian Zahra was able to win over;

■ Deakin - Labor's guy Michael Symons has campaigned hard but it's a seat where the whole 70% union domination thing has bitten hardest, and Labor's guy is an official of Dean Mighell's ETU. Mind you, he's squeezed some good announcements out of the misers in the Leader's office;

■ Melbourne - Greens are a serious possibility in this increasingly pesky seat for Labor. The message about Labor copying Liberal policies has probably been most effective in seats like this where Labor supporters are considerably to the left of mainstream, the Greens will rely on Liberal preferences to win.

■ Isaacs - The Libs were once hopeful about winning this but probably won't against one of the ALP most accomplished candidates ever, Mark Dreyfus, whose only mistake has been not moving into the seat.

■ Indi - Future Liberal leader, Sophie Mirabella will comfortably cruise home despite cruel attacks on her probity by those smitten with envy that she is able to attract large political donations to the area by some of the world's largest companies, like British American Tobacco. They also viciously attack her right to oppose a development of a smelly slaughterhouse down the road from her and Colonel Mirabella's rural estate. The cheek of some people.

Tell me I'm wrong. Name your price. Come in spinner.

Click here to Read More on this post...

Click here to display headline summary only...

Posted by Andrew Landeryou at 11:57 AM What Do You Think? |

Anonymous said...

Andy-Delia-Cait-Catter8-Rita really believes in recycling his writing. Trouble is what's garbage the first time round is still garbage the second time.

Anonymous said...

And if Labor wins? Will the winner have to track Landeryou down to Costa Rica to get the money?

Cait Catt said...

Rita has been defamed on the OC blog by a coward who won't reveal his or her real name. Sue Rita Sue.

Rita Randles I bet you are an ugly fat dumb slug like most Liberal women.
Anon | 11.16.07 - 11:08

catter8 said...

Rita is lovely. I'd love to go to bed with her if I was a man.

Anonymous said...

If I was a woman I'd love to spend a night with Phil Bain. He's great. Should be an MP.

Anonymous said...

No one wants to go to bed with Cait Catt. Why not?

Anonymous said...

"No one wants to go to bed with Cait Catt" because Catt is Landeryou and if you were to sleep with him you get a bad case of STD.

catter8 said...

7.45 is further evidence that the Slanderyou blog is the BLOG OF FILTH.

It is further evidence why the OC won the inaugural Walkley Blog Award and Slanderyou was not even considered.

Game On.

Anonymous said...

How funny. No one reads Landeryou's blog of sleaze, so he has to cut and paste the stories here using women's names.

Milton Fillmore said...

When is Slanderyou going to tell us something about the current dispute in the Victoria Police? Landeryou has a reference to it but has not as yet taken sides. Which side do you think he will take?

Anonymous said...

Milton, interesting question. I reckon Landeryou will come out nin favour of Mullet, especially as he tried to organise a safe Liberal seat before the last state election. Landeryou is of course a Liberal party spruiker.

Anonymous said...

Hey Slanderyou - Landeryou is offering $100 on Howard to win the election. Two issues: 1) where did he get $100. 2) is he licensed to take bets. I thought that it was illegal to act as a boookie, unless licensed. Though he was/is an online gamining spiv!

Anonymous said...

I met a lady tonight who said she was Cait Catt and she offered to bet me $50 that the Coalition would win the federal election. I told her that as an old Methodist gambling was against my religion and although some of the current members of my church, the Uniting Church, do gamble at times, I won't do so myself.

I read repeatedly on this blog that Cait Catt is really Mr Landeryou in disguise. Perhaps he is, but the lady tonight seemed awfully sure of her views about Mr Howard. Perhaps she is another Cait Catt and not the one who writes repeatedly on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Why should Slanderyou report on corruption and misconduct in the Victorian Police?

Slanderyou is already covering the corruption and misconduct of the Landeryou crime family.

Anonymous said...

interesting question about andys $100

it looks like a desperate bribe to get people to read the blog of sleaze

have any true patriots reported this matter to his trustee in bankruptcy

can a true patriot supply an address or phone numbers for the trustees

this money should rightfully be going to andys creditors

once again it looks like andy is thieving

his throwing around of money seems sure to attract further legal attention

Anonymous said...


Landeryou's $100 bribe to read his blog is a very serious matter. If he has any spare money, it should be going to his creditors.

This matter must be raised with his trustees in bankruptcy. They, in turn, need to investigate the source of his funds. Landeryou has no job. He must only collect pennies from his Google blog advertising.

All true patriots must raise this matter with the appropriate authorities.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That "I met a lady tonight who said she was Cait Catt..." post is a sign of a very confused mind.

Fat Andy's personality disorders appear to have become completely unmanageable.

Is he on medication? Would the citizenry be better protected if he was committed to care?

Or is this all part of an insanity defence Fat Andy is going to try when the courts attempt to protect honest citizens against his financial chicanery?

catter8 said...

4.59 is a very confused mind.

About what one would expect from most contributors to the BLOG OF FIFTH.

By the way a friend of Cait's went to Draculas a few nights ago. She said Filthia told her she'd kill catter8 if she mentioned her name again.

I intend to call the homocide squad Ms Filthia. You are just as filthy as this blog.

Anonymous said...

10:23 - Landeryou's condition deteriorates further.

Anonymous said...

'The blog of Fifth', catter8 (sorry, Landy)? Actually, you could be right. There are at least 4 other 'Landeryou's a fucking idiot' blogs out there. So it could be the 'fifth' one. I mean, let's face it. Everyone wants to see you get what's coming to you, Labor Party stooge that you are.

And BTW, I think the 'homocide squad' focuses more on crimes perpetrated against gays. Maybe give the 'homicide squad' a call. Although, I think you'll find they'll only really be interested when your bloated corpse bobs to the surface in the Yarra. Threats don't count.

Cait Catt said...

Rita has been defamed on the OC blog by a coward who won't reveal his or her real name. Sue Rita Sue.

Rita Randles I bet you are an ugly fat dumb slug like most Liberal women.
Anon | 11.16.07 - 11:08

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