Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Andrew Landeryou vs. Slanderyou: YOU DECIDE!

Apparently, the nation is going to an election this weekend.

So, TS thought why not have our own election.

See above - we are running a poll. Who do you want?

The two candidates are ourselves, and Costa Rican Andrew “the Rat” Landeryou.

(There is some doubt whether Landeryou’s Costa Rican residency excludes him from running in Australian elections – let alone the bankruptcy – but let’s put that aside for now.)

It is a simple two horse race, first past the post, with no sordid preference deals to worry about, for example remember how associates close to Landeryou in the immediate past Senate election orchestrated a murky preference deal to elect Family First to the Senate, displacing an ALP Senator.

Vote NOW.

We are campaigning on freedom of speech, corporate governance, patriotism, and improved funding for mental health so Landeryou can get some much needed help.

Landeryou is campaigning on … well… ask him/her/it/them.

The poll closes Monday.

52 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

In any fair election Team Slanderyou would not get very many votes.

With all the support Slanderyou is going to get from Port Phillip Young Libs it will be a very hard job to defeat the forces of darkness and the forces of evil.

I can't believe anything Slanderyou does is genuine.

After all, Slanderyou is the BLOG OF FILTH.

catter8 said...

I can't get my cats enthused about voting, but they all hate Slanderyou nevertheless.

That's why Slanderyou is not game enough to visit my cattery.

Cait Catt said...

I wonder what Rita Randles thinks about all this? After all Rita is a Lib.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Rita will be handing out for Mr Howard on Saturday?

Anonymous said...

I think she will. But Filthia at Draculas won't. She'll be handing out for Joe Toscano, the Anarchist candidate for the Senate.

Anonymous said...

Is this a record? Five posts by the fat crim under three different identities in four minutes?

Of course, we all know Andy believes work is for the little people, but are Slanderyou readers aware of how little content he posts on his blog?

In the last 48 hours he has only put up four stories. One was just a link to a YouTube.

Andy provides no content for the fools who read his toxic blog. Instead, he spends all his time here.

Andrew Landeryou would clearly rather be reading the Slanderyou site that his own Blog of Sleaze.

Anonymous said...

i hear landeryou is being pulled in for a meeting with his bankruptcy trustees

perhaps he is preparing for that rather than filing

Anonymous said...

Filthia at Draculas has obviously made some impression on El Gordo. She should be warned about Buddha Boy's stalking tactics.

Anonymous said...

It has been almost 24 hours since Fat Boy updated the Blog of Sleaze. Perhaps he has given up and decided to clear the field for Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Landeryou has done a runner. Again.

Anonymous said...

Or Labor Unity hasn't bothered to feed him any material. The puppet needs the hand up its arse to make its mouth move...

Anonymous said...

Ten AM has come and gone with nothing from Landeryou. Perhaps he has got so fat he can't get out of bed. Or has he been taken into custody?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Landeryou's computer has been seized by the bailiffs.

Anonymous said...

Ten forty five and Lardass Landeryou still hasn't been able to haul his fat butt to the computer.

Anonymous said...

work for the dole has finally caught up with andy

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is now back on line. His blog features the comment below, that says he ought to win a Walkley. I thought he did win a Walkley. Perhaps readers could enlighten me about this.

Below is the comment on the Landeryou blog. I think Melbcity is Anthony van der Craats, a former candidate for the Melbourne City Council.

If you need to characterize this election it the "YouTube" Election. Video on demand. We have had the "direct mail-out", the adoption of negative US style "fear campaigning". Now it is the "Information Internet video on demand".

The OnLine revolution. And you along with the Pollbludger are now at the helm.

Well done.. Both of you deserve a Walkley for Internet Journalism.
Melbcity | Homepage | 11.20.07 - 1:36 am | #

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy finally updates. His news? The front page story of the Sydney Daily Telegraph and a YouTube of something that happened on Sunday night and has been analysed and analysed already.


Anonymous said...

3.16 doesn't look at the best part of the OC blog, the commentariat.

A good one today from catter8's friend Rita, the good Lib from Toorak. As an aside catter8's cattery refused to accept Rita's cat, as she needed too much attention and they suggested Rita go to a cattery in the posh parts of Melbourne where they provide extra attention, but do they charge. To get back to Rita she says she won't bag Gavan O'Connor, the Labor Rat from Corio. As a good Lib Rita says they need Gavan's preferences to win. They have an outside chance in Corio too, so the ALP shouldn't get complacent. Read on for Rita:

We Liberals want our candidate to win, and we won't bag Gavin as we need his preferences.

I could think of no better place to retire than Khancoban. Sounds like it's in the Emirates, and you need plenty of money to live there. We Liberals don't make that sort of money. It's only the Socialist Leftistas who are rolling in the Oxford Scholars.

Great intelligence. A victory for the OC intelligence unit. Of course we don't exactly approve of their activities as they bag us more than they bag the Labor Party, and that's not good for our electoral prospects.
Rita Randles | Homepage | 11.20.07 - 10:55 am | #

Anonymous said...

Also Rita made a typo. It's Gavan not Gavin.

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like Fatboy'd prefer to post on Slanderyou rather than his own blog. Although, the quality appears to be about the same. Could it be Slanderyou's more popular?

Keep it up Fatboy. I love seeing your increasingly desperate attempts to make us think your characters 'Rita Randles, Catter8, cait catt' are different people...

Landeryou - Self-absorbed mediocrity. A branding to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

So... Landeryou finally drags his fat arse out of bed after ten o'clock; goes to the PC; steals a story from the Telegraph; pastes in a link to YouTube; puts in a few paragraphs of Spring Street irrelevancy then goes to Slanderyou to write comments about himself. What a pointless existence that man leads. What a sad loser.

Anonymous said...

A clever trap, Team Slanderyou!

Fat Boy won't be able to help himself and will rig the poll results.

Anonymous said...

It's the Waverley Young Libs who are rigging the poll results.

Anonymous said...

Where is Cait tonight?

Anonymous said...

Computer repossessed?

Power supply cut off for unpaid bills?

Ditto ISP?

Fat Andy in KFC coma after 15 family feed tubs?

Anonymous said...

mates of mine in the left in nsw swear that peter baldwin was not bashed but that he got sat on by a young andrew landeryou

has anyone at this site heard this story

Anonymous said...

Saw this line in a court report today from a judge to a malefactor when passing sentence:

"To the narcissist, harsh justice comes when he realises he is the only one left who recognises his own superiority."

How long until a beak says something similar to Buddha Boy?

Anonymous said...

Waverley Young Libs are doing well in the online poll

Anonymous said...

I see that Andy is now posting as "anonymous". Has the fat crook lost track of all his pseudonyms?

Anonymous said...

The cat calling the kettle black. Slanderyou is also posting as anonymous

Anonymous said...

If you don't get fed, you don't shit.

Who gives Landeryou the raw material for his foul crap? It seems to be his old factional friends from Unity.

Will they continue to feed the fat fraudster from government? That could be very, very embarrassing for nice Mr Rudd, couldn't it? That could damage their careers.

This is worth a post of its own, Team Slanderyou.

Either some Labor people will be prepared to taint a shiny new government by their association with Landeryou, or it will be bye-bye to the Blog of Sleze.

Anonymous said...

Who has seen the video of the prisoner bashing in the Melbourne Custody Centre running on Sky today?

Fat Andy has certainly got plenty to look forward to when he's back behind bars.

Anonymous said...

herde at the presscub todae catt's gone to that costa place. Is it in central america? no more catt, or is it wishful thinking. she's not even funny (or landeryou i should say)

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou anonymous? Well, doesn't Landeryou hide behind a thin veil of bankruptcy, slandering and defaming people at will, then claming he has no money dissuading people from suing him!

Yet, he feels free to offer $100 dollars to his readers, plus he is commenting on the election without providing his new address details.


Anonymous said...

I saw that bashing video and originally thought it might be Fat Andy and some of his friends persuading a colleague of the merits of their point of view.

Then I remembered Fat Andy and his friends threaten instead to throw people out of moving cars.

Anonymous said...

Re Landeryou's $100: bribery is a serious offence under the Electoral Act - as even the fat boy has admitted.

Anonymous said...

Waverley Young Libs are pretty hopeless when all they can find is a mere nine votes.

There are less people reading Slanderyou than there are reading Landeryou.

Game off. Back to the cattery!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Pastor Nalliah, a Family First Senate candidate, still thinks God was responsible for Landeryou winning the inaugural Walkley blog award.

In my opinion there is no such award and Paster Nalliah has been conned by Landeryou.

Do you agree Mr Slanderyou?

Anonymous said...

Beware of false prophets who mislead the men of God! Woe! Woe unto you, Landeryou!

It would be better for you if a millstone were hung around your neck and you were thrown into the sea.

Anonymous said...

Does Landeryou eat fish?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou eats anything. Sorry. Everything.

Anonymous said...


Andrew Landeryou lives in Brunswick, is bankrupt, balding, obese, facing civil and criminal actions and a member of the Graeme Campbell Labor Party (like the Rex Connor Labor Party, but madder).

He is therefore a member of a very select group, or elite.

Ergo, Andrew Landeryou is an inner city elitist.

Anonymous said...

just back from my morning jog and something weird is going on

went past several polling booths and they were all covered in wrap featuring pictures of fat andy

the labor wrap shows andy and says "this man is a liberal blogger"

the liberal wrap shows andy and says "this man is a labor archtype"

the greens wrap shows andy and says "this man is the type of person who hates us"

i predict a massive informal vote and a record low turnout

Cait Catt said...

Sorry to have to disappoint you Slanderyou but John Howard is going to be PM tomorrow still and the Coalition will have a majority in the Reps.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord! The fat crook and his other personas are calling the election differently.

Andrew's condition must be going downhill rapidly.

Anonymous said...

Just had a call from a mate handing out how to votes in Wills.

Buddha Boy turned up and demanded six ballot papers in the names of Andrew Landeryou, Delia Delegate, Cait Catt, Catter8, Rita Randles and Joe Klein Investigates. The returning officer was summoned. He remonstrated fiercely for some time with an insistent Buddha Boy before turning him away.

Anonymous said...

I keep on hearing reports that Landeryou rocked up at various booths in Wills today dressed in drag and tried to vote under different women's names. Anyone heard anything?

Cait Catt said...

Clearly Slanderyou money has swung the election Ruddster's way.

How else could the Howard government, one of the best in Australia's history, be defeated at the polls?

We now look forward to Mr Costello, a great Australian, now leading our great party.

catter8 said...

Rita uses similar language to Cait on the OC blog:

Caroline Overington has helped defeat one of the best governments in Australia's history, the Howard goverenment.

Shame Caroline Shame.
Rita Randles | Homepage | 11.24.07 - 11:18 pm | #


Anonymous said...

The obese and balding fraudster was obviously short of company on Saturday night. But who needs friends when you have false identities, hey Andy?

Anonymous said...

the andrew landeryou kiss of death strikes again

our second longest serving prime minister john howard falls victim

all political experts agree

howard was doomed from the moment fat boy backed him to win

musu iq corp optima dimberly his insolvent blog the herald sun and now the pm

all cursed by landeryou

Anonymous said...

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