Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Costa Rican Andrew Landeryou & Terror Link

(Source: Community of Patriots)

Startling news circulated through the blogosphere yesterday when a Terror Link was discovered involving former Costa Rican resident Andrew “the Rat” Landeryou.

The link involves Rob Stary who is performing a valued civil liberties function providing the legal defence to alleged terrorists.

The link with Landeryou is that Stary provided legal counsel to Landeryou throughout his bail hearings, just after he was extracted from Costa Rica.

There is no suggestion that Landeryou’s bail hearings and later court appearances had anything to do with terrorism. However, a forensic accountant said that Landeryou’s mismanagement of MUSU and IQ Corporation could be labeled “financial terrorism”, if he wasn’t so incompetent.


17 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

I'm first. No Cait/Catter/Landeryou!

Cait Catt said...

1.42 has got his moment of glory. Cait is not concerned where her comments lie, only that people appreciate them. Slanderyou only ignores me, at least 1.42 recognises me. I support a fund to pay for a one way ticket to send Slanderyou to Costa Rica in the hope that he will never return.

Good riddance to the BLOG OF FILTH.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is just like a terrorist.

He has attacked this great nation and its way of life by destroying the trust that underpins capitalism through his various frauds.

Anonymous said...

Cait (Andy), what you fail to appreciate, which you also did when claiming not to be aware of the questions you had to face in Australia after you fled the country, is that even if Slanderyou decamped to Costa Rica, he would still be able to publish the blog because the internet is available over there. The internet is a global medium.

It constantly amazes me how someone who tried to run an online sports reporting service for the Age can be so ignorant of such basic fundamentals of internet technology when they need to front court.

Never mind the boxes of financial records you supposedly 'lost'...

Anonymous said...

How did Darren Ray go in court yesterday with the ATO? When if Fat Boy going to be in the dock?

Anonymous said...

But wait, there’s more!!!!

Here are just some of the goodies patriots with a few dollars to spare can purchase from Newstext documenting the life and crimes of Andrew Landeryou:

The Australian, 17-11-2004, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 005, 475 words , LOCAL

A LABOR insider and a former president of the Melbourne University Student Union allegedly used a shelf company with a ``stooge'' director to win union contracts. Andrew Landeryou, son of long-time ALP powerbroker Bill Landeryou, and former MUSU president…

The Weekend Australian, 27-11-2004, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 009, 501 words , LOCAL

THE man asked by Labor Party apparatchik Andrew Landeryou to be a stooge director for a property company says his signature on a $46million contract was forged. Andrew Rigby yesterday told the Victorian Supreme Court he had never seen or signed…

The Australian, 09-12-2004, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 006, 321 words , LOCAL

EXASPERATED liquidators have resorted to email and voice mail to subpoena Labor Party apparatchik Andrew Landeryou after a lengthy but fruitless effort to serve him in person. He is expected to appear in the Victorian Supreme Court today…

The Australian, 10-12-2004, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 005, 136 words , LOCAL

LIQUIDATORS will today seek the arrest of Labor Party activist Andrew Landeryou after he failed to appear in court over allegations of fraud and mismanagement at the Melbourne University Student Union. The move came as liquidators applied…

The Weekend Australian, 11-12-2004, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 021, 1565 words , FEATURES

Some in Labor thought branch stacking, with its risk of poor endorsements, was being curbed at last. Wrong, reports Michael Bachelard…

The Australian, 02-02-2005, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 027, 544 words , FEATURES

PAST presidents of the Melbourne University Student Union wielded too much influence on incoming presidents of the same political ilk and were given information they should not have been privy to, a court heard this week. A former chief executive…

The Australian, 09-03-2005, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 024, 524 words , FEATURES

A COMPANY believed to be secretly controlled by a former Melbourne University Student Union president and an Australian Labor Party insider was given a $28,000 discount by the union on overdue rent for on-campus food and drink outlets. But when the…

The Australian, 16-03-2005, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 037, 539 words , FEATURES

ONE-TIME Victorian Labor Party identity Andrew Landeryou was a driving force behind the property development company that drove the final nail into the coffin of the now defunct Melbourne University Student Union. The Victorian Supreme Court heard….

The Australian, 13-04-2005, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 023, 362 words , FEATURES

ONE million dollars misappropriated from the Melbourne University Student Union was laundered through overseas bank accounts and ended up in the pocket of one-time student president and Labor Party apparatchik Andrew Landeryou, the Victorian Supreme...

The Australian, 28-04-2005, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 003, 399 words , LOCAL

LABOR Party apparatchik Andrew Landeryou falsely named his brother-in-law as a director of a company without telling him, as part of a pattern of using other people as fronts for his business interests, a court has been told. Matthew Mason told the…

he Weekend Australian, 30-04-2005, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 011, 499 words , LOCAL

A MELBOURNE courtroom fell silent yesterday when the overweight, balding figure of ALP activist and runaway businessman Andrew Landeryou shuffled in and announced that he did not wish to be released from custody. Mr Landeryou, the son of a former minister...

The Australian, 02-05-2005, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 004, 450 words , LOCAL

RUNAWAY businessman and ALP activist Andrew Landeryou spent his third night behind bars after a Supreme Court judge cancelled a special Sunday bail hearing to be held at her house. Mr Landeryou had been given the opportunity to apply for his release...

The Australian, 03-05-2005, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 005, 399 words , LOCAL

ELUSIVE Melbourne businessman Andrew Landeryou slipped away again yesterday, this time from the media and a process server acting for Solomon Lew, rather than an angry wife and a liquidator. The ALP activist and son of former Cain government minister...

Herald Sun, 03-05-2005, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 006, 289 words , NEWS

BUSINESSMAN Andrew Landeryou swapped his jail cell for a luxury Southbank apartment yesterday after a judge ordered his release from custody. The former Labor powerbroker emerged from the Melbourne Assessment Prison via a back entrance…

The Australian, 04-05-2005, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 037, 555 words , FEATURES

SOUGHT for nearly six months by the liquidator of Melbourne University Student Union Inc, elusive businessman Andrew Landeryou flew back into Melbourne last Friday and straight into the arms of the sheriff. The ALP activist and son of former Cain…

Herald Sun, 05-05-2005, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 013, 57 words , NEWS

BUSINESSMAN Andrew Landeryou will finally face some of his corporate accusers in a Supreme Court witness box today. The former Labor powerbroker will answer questions in a liquidator's examination into the collapse of the Melbourne University Student...

Herald Sun, 07-05-2005, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 012, 293 words , NEWS

RUNAWAY husband Andrew Landeryou has finally fronted the spurned wife he left bankrupt and owing $3 million to retail tycoon Solomon Lew. Mr Landeryou and former city councillor Kimberley Kitching met secretly in a city park yesterday for a brief…

Herald Sun, 09-05-2005, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 017, 112 words , LETTERS

'I don't want to talk about Kimberley ... I think I owe her a lot more dignity than that.' Andrew Landeryou, back in Melbourne, on meeting his wife, Cr Kimberley Kitching, who faces eviction over unpaid debts…

Herald Sun, 20-05-2005, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 025, 460 words , NEWS
THE man investigating the collapse of the Melbourne University Student Union has called in security guards to watch his house. Liquidator Dean McVeigh now has 24-hour protection outside his suburban Melbourne home. The guards appeared outside Mr McVeigh’s…

The Australian, 25-05-2005, Ed: 1 - All-round Country, Pg: 033, 382 words , FEATURES

THE liquidator acting on behalf of the collapsed Melbourne University Student Union Inc has issued a writ seeking to recover more than $4 million from eight men, including ALP activist and runaway businessman Andrew Landeryou…

Herald Sun, 02-07-2005, Ed: 1 - FIRST, Pg: 015, 378 words , NEWS

THE mansion where controversial businessman Andrew Landeryou and his wife Kimberley Kitching once lived will be auctioned today. Agents expect the five-bedroom Parkville property -- complete with cigar room and tower -- to fetch up to $1.4 million…

True patriots will love this one the best: “A Melbourne courtroom fell silent yesterday when the overweight, balding figure of ALP activist and runaway businessman Andrew Landeryou shuffled in and announced that he did not wish to be released from custody.”

Andy, you will soon have plenty more time behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Cait (Andy), the trouble is that people do NOT appreciate your comments.

Anonymous said...

More material to arm the patriots!

This is just some of what The Age has had to say on Andrew L. Interesting that he was close to contempt charges a few years ago. He seems to be a slow learner.

Student union paper trail leads to Hong Kong bank

Liquidators are seeking a court order to find out where $1 million from food and drink contracts went.
The Age 10/12/2004

Judge issues warrant for Landeryou, wife must pay

LABOR Party apparatchik Andrew Landeryou and his wife, Kimberley Kitching, had a bad day in court yesterday. A judge issued an arrest warrant for Mr Landeryou and then, in the next case, ordered Ms Kitching to pay substantial costs in a commercial case.
The Age 11/12/2004

Forgery alleged on contract benefiting union leader

A MELBOURNE man testified yesterday that a signature on a contract giving tens of thousands of dollars a year to a company secretly run by a former president of the Melbourne University Student Union is a forgery.

Missing businessman 'moved $1m to Hong Kong'

ANDREW Landeryou, son of a former Victorian government minister, transferred $1 million to Hong Kong before he went missing. From there most of the money was sent to a bank account in Cyprus, the Supreme Court was told.

Ex-city councillor loses her mansion

KIMBERLEY Kitching once fancied herself a potential lord mayor of Melbourne. But six months later the flashy former city councillor, who cruised around Melbourne's inner suburbs in a $92,000 series 5 BMW, is bankrupt.
The Age 20/04/2005

Landeryou 'forged' signature

A man tells a liquidator's hearing that he was made a company director without his knowledge
The Age 28/04/2005

Landeryou returns and opts to stay in custody

A Melbourne businessman prepares to give evidence about his curious business dealings
The Age 30/04/2005

Landeryou applies for bail

ONE night in custody was enough for businessman and Labor Right figure Andrew Landeryou, who today will apply for bail before a Supreme Court judge.

The Sunday Age 01/05/2005

Landeryou bail hearing today

BUSINESSMAN and Labor Right figure Andrew Landeryou remained behind bars yesterday after a bail application was adjourned to today. The solicitor acting for Mr Landeryou, Rob Stary, said his client was philosophical on hearing he would stay in custody, where he has been since his arrest on Friday morning. Mr Landeryou was sought after he left Australia in December last year, shortly before he was due to appear in court to account for his involvement in the affairs of the failed Melbourne ...
The Age 02/05/2005

Landeryou chose the way to San Jose over questions about union's collapse

MELBOURNE businessman Andrew Landeryou yesterday revealed he had been in Costa Rica over the past five months.
The Age 03/05/2005

'Political ambitions' kept Landeryou mum over deals with student union

BUSINESSMAN Andrew Landeryou has admitted he was behind three companies that landed lucrative deals with the failed Melbourne University Student Union, but claimed he hid his involvement because of his wife's political position and his own political ambitions.
The Age 06/05/2005

Landeryou faces union damages bid

The student union's liquidator says Andrew Landeryou and two former presidents benefited from dishonest schemes
The Age 25/05/2005

Landeryou threatened me, says liquidator

The liquidator of the failed student union accuses Andrew Landeryou of making threats
The Age 26/05/2005

Court bar against Landeryou

The businessman has been ordered to stay away from the liquidator of Melbourne University's student union
The Age 08/06/2005

Landeryou sails 'close to the wind'

MELBOURNE businessman Andrew Landeryou yesterday apologised to a court and narrowly avoided being charged with contempt after being accused of trying to intimidate a Queen's counsel acting for retail tycoon Solomon Lew.
The Age 22/06/2005

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is again promoting fattening foods. "The Krispy Kreme Ballot. Who said voting wasn't fun?" his blog reads.

The terrorist Andy has already tried to destroy our great nation by undermining faith in free enterprise.

Now, he want to fill the land with junk food fed fatties unable to make any contribution to society.

He wants to make us all like him.

That's true terrorism. Not even SMERSH ever came up with a fiendish plot like that to weaken the West and undermine our free society.

Anonymous said...

A chip off the old block!

Landeryou Sued Over $65,000 Debt
Sunday Age, June 9 1996

FORMER state government minister and Labor Party strongman Mr Bill Landeryou is fighting off bankruptcy over debts of more than $65,000 to a credit company.

American Express has launched bankruptcy proceedings in the Federal Court against Mr Landeryou to retrieve the money the company says he owes in credit card bills.

The company will not reveal details about the debt or whether it was incurred in Australia or overseas; ``We have to respect our client's financial privacy so we can't say where the card was used or what it was used for,'' a spokeswoman said.

Mr Landeryou, 54, resigned as the member for Doutta Galla in December 1992 after 16 years in Parliament, accumulating a superannuation package estimated at about $650,000.

During a turbulent political career, he was forced out of the ministry after claims that he remained too close to his old union, the Storeman and Packers, of which he was secretary.

He is now a businessman.

A search of Australian Security Commission records shows that Mr Landeryou shares the directorship of four of his six Australian companies with seven residents of the Russian Federation in areas known as Yakutia, Moscow and the Crimea.

ASC records show that shares in one of the companies are held by the Gold of Yakutia Bank at Ammosov Street, Yakutsk, Yakutia.

Mr Landeryou could not be contacted by `The Sunday Age'.

His lawyer and business partner, Mr Maurice Milder, who is involved in Labor Party factional politics, acknowledged that Mr Landeryou had Russian business connections and had travelled to the former Soviet Union on occasions.

But he refused to comment on Mr Landeryou's credit card problems or to outline the nature of Mr Landeryou's international business affairs. He could also offer no explanation, save for ``common business mistake'', as to why Mr Landeryou had provided four different birthdates on company documents to the ASC.

Process servers acting for tha solicitor Mr Jeffery Salinger, who represents American Express, told the County Court of their great difficulty in locating Mr Landeryou to serve him with legal papers about the debt.

Mr Salinger said his agent had tried to serve Mr Landeryou in the library at Parliament House but was denied access because it was not open to the public.

The agent told a parliamentary security officer to ask Mr Landeryou if he would leave the library and speak to him. According to the court documents, Mr Landeryou refused.

Mr Salinger told the court that Mr Landeryou was not recorded on state or federal electoral rolls, although a search made by `The Sunday Age' showed that he was recorded at a unit in a residential tower on Southbank Boulevard, Southbank, with his son, Andrew.

Mr Salinger told the court that process servers had attended an address in Brook Street, Sunbury, but found a real estate agency run by a business partner of Mr Landeryou.

They were referred to an address at Canopus Circuit at Lake Merrimu, near Bacchus Marsh, but a woman there said Mr Landeryou had sold the property four years ago.

``I verily believe the defendant (Landeryou) is aware of the proceedings instituted by the plaintiff (American Express) and that he is actively evading service,'' Mr Salinger told the court.

Anonymous said...

surprise surprise surprise

fat andy and cait and catter8 are otherwise occupied today

they must be spewing at the stuff that is appearing here

Anonymous said...

No way Andy-Cait-Catter8 can spin all those years of bad behaviour reported by all the major newspapers.
Pity I can't get into the AFR archive anymore without paying - lots of stories in there about him championing Solly Lew.

Cait Catt said...

How mean you are 6.05. The reason you are not prepared to pay is because you know perfectly well that those stories, not the headlions, are positive. News headlines are often negative because that's what sells newspapers.

Andrew is and remains a great man.

Slanderyou is and remains THE BLOG OF FILTH.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt (aka Fatboy),


How's the gout?

Anonymous said...

Andy-Cait-Catter8-Delia, you back from Costa Rica or from hiding behind the basement's pot plants?
The content from the ABC, Herald Sun, Oz and Age stories are as damning as the AFR's headlines.
They all paint you as a cowardly and incompetent blowhard.
No matter what you do for evermore, those stories will be the ones people reference when your name pops up.
No wonder you hide behind pot plants.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself, fat cunt. We're not spending money to get those articles because you're not worth it.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself, fat cunt. We're not spending money to get those articles because you're not worth it.