Monday, November 19, 2007

Andrew Landeryou = Investors’ ‘kiss of death’

TS has commented previously about Landeryou’s paucity of success with business: MUSU, IQ Corp, Optima, Online Gaming Spivery Inc (Costa Rica).

His “success rate” has also extended to his officially bankrupt blog.

Now his patented ‘kiss of death’ has extended to newspapers.

New figures reveal that The Age newspaper has increased its readership; while the Herald Sun has fallen.

Since his court ordered return from Costa Rica, Landeryou has made it a personal (deluded) ambition to see the collapse of The Age; meanwhile promoting the Herald Sun at every opportunity.

Alarmed by the recent readership stats, it is no surprise that the Herald Sun has come out so strongly disassociating itself from Landeryou, slamming him as a goady gadfly.

Contrarian philosophy would suggest that if Landeryou wanted to damage The Age (given his poor business record) he would publicly endorse and support the newspaper, and like his blog, readership levels would indeed collapse.

Rene Rivkin once said (paraphrasing) if you want to make money, find an idiot, and do the opposite. Investors would be wise to do the opposite of whatever Landeryou advises. Rupert Murdoch, with the Herald Sun, appears to be now (belatedly) following that advice.

And on a related issue. Landeryou still hasn’t explained how many PBL shares he has. Obviously, enough to attend the company’s AGM in Sydney.

13 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Andrew is an economic genius. Slanderyou just doesn't recognise talent.

No wonder Slanderyou is known universally as the BLOG OF FILTH.

catter8 said...

Spot on Cait. When is Slanderyou going to pay a visit to my cattery?

Anonymous said...

Cait may have a point. How does Landeryou keep body and soul together? He is an unemployed and unemployable bankrupt facing a string of criminal and civil legal actions that relate to his personal honesty, and yet he looks well fed.

Perhaps Landeryou really is an economic genius. Or perhaps he's lying and thieving. Yet again.

Anonymous said...

Given Fat Andrew's record, how long do Team Slanderyou patriots reckon it will be before the RSPCA close down Catter8's cattery?

Anonymous said...

Rita might be a Liberal but on the OC blog comments she's bagging her own party. She says David Feeney at third spot on the ALP Senate ticket is a great bloke and she berates the 104 organisation (104 is Liberal shorthand for the address of the Victorian Liberal Party HO) for preferencing the Greens ahead of the ALP and says there must be a Labor rat at 104, which isn't very logical if she prefers Mr Feeney to the Greens.

Anonymous said...

Rita (sorry, Landeryou) has always been hyping an ALP and Feeney agenda. He is and has always been an ALP blogger.

The fact that he's posting as up to 4 different people on Slanderyou (cait catt, catter8, Rita Randles and Anon. 1.12pm) suggests a deteriorating mental state, which if you read any transcripts of his court appearances, or indeed any diatribe on the OC, is clearly evident.

The anon. comments contradicting 'Rita's' positions on issues is another smoke and mirrors attempt to give 'her' an undeserved credibility.

Landeryou spendds so much time arguing with himself it's a wonder he has any time left over to stalk Filthia at Dracula's...

Anonymous said...

Andrew is an "economic genius," who turned A$8M into A$13K with nothing to show for it. That's "talent."

Anonymous said...

U can only laugh @ El Gordo's efforts 2 convince us that Cait and Catter8, and now Rita Randles, are anything but himself.
Perhaps he's getting in practice 2 B someone's prison bitch.

Anonymous said...

"Andrew is an 'economic genius' who turned A$8M into A$13K with nothing to show for it." Really?

El Gordo is going to get a lengthly term behind bars to mark his achievement.

Anonymous said...

"Andrew is an economic genius."

Like Lyndon LaRouche?

Anonymous said...

Landershonk - megalomania and multiple personality disorter.

(Not to forget obesity.)

cattery said...
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Ricjunette said...

Well said.