Thursday, November 08, 2007

Boring balding fat sloth

Is Landeryou approaching child endengerment? "Tragic publicity addict Nameless scribe Christian Kerr is milking the birth of his child (pictured above) for all its worth. The OC delights in sledging Kerr who anonymously and viciously slagged hundreds of people in the early days".

Apparently "sledging anonymously and viciously slagged(ing) hundreds of people" as Delia Delegate doesn't count!

Andrew Landeryou has written about people shopping. "Tis hard work being a Nameless national affairs correspondent. Christian Kerr, a recovering cocaine addict, was seen strolling through Myer Melbourne yesterday around 3pm with heavily pregnant wifey in tow."

Read on dear TS reader. What is wrong with Andy Landy's analysis?

1. Landeryou is supposed to be officially unemployed, so what does he know about "...hard work"?

2. Didn't Andy Landy leave his wife, not for shopping, but for the online gaming spivery mecca that is Costa Rica.

Please add your own analysis.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget Landeryou was writing as Delia Delagate at Crikey. Convenient that he doesn't mention that!

Anonymous said...

Delia Delegate bankrupted his wife, destroyed her political career and came close to destroying her professionally and ran off overseas to hide.

It looks as if he will bankrupt his dear old dad, too.

Landeryou family values.

catter8 said...

When are you coming to my cattery Slanderyou? Your vile comments about the great man are evil. Andrew is one of the most decent and ethical men that I know. Have you ever fallen on hard times Slanderyou?

Cait Catt said...

Slanderyou. The BLOG OF FILTH.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Delia/Catter8/Cait/Andy for dropping by to remind us all that you are unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Fat Andy isn’t just unemployed. Fat Andy thinks work is for little people. Fat Andy thinks he is so clever that he doesn’t need a job. Instead, Fat Andy thieves.

Anonymous said...

This is how Landeryou treated his wife, taken from his favourite newspaper, the Herald Sun, of April 19 2005:

Labor rat left me bankrupt

FORMER city councillor Kimberley Kitching is bankrupt and set to lose her Parkville mansion over $3 million owed to retail tycoon Solomon Lew.

Ms Kitching blamed her financial collapse on her missing husband, Labor Party powerbroker Andrew Landeryou, who has skipped town leaving a trail of debt.

The son of former Cain government minister Bill Landeryou vanished in December and has not been seen since.

There is a warrant out for his arrest for failing to give evidence over the collapse of the Melbourne University Student Union.

Ms Kitching revealed yesterday she had filed for voluntary bankruptcy ahead of a scheduled court appearance today over the debt to Mr Lew.

She now stands to lose her heritage-listed Parkville mansion -- a wedding present from her husband -- to repay her creditors.

Breaking a long-standing silence, Ms Kitching told the Herald Sun she hadn't seen her husband since December 6, and wasn't sure if she ever would again.

"My husband told me he was going to Sydney on a business trip. He has not returned. I have not seen him since," she wrote in a statement.

"Over the last couple of months, I have been forced to accept that my husband has gone. I have no indication of his whereabouts or whether he intends to return.

"I fully trusted my husband and accepted his word that he would meet the financial commitments he had asked and advised me to enter into."

The $3 million debt relates to a failed company, IQ Corporation, controlled by Mr Landeryou and in which Mr Lew was a major investor.

Andrew Landeryou, his wife and his father Bill all signed documents agreeing to cover the debt.

An instalment due on December 22 wasn't paid, triggering the court battle over the funds.

Ms Kitching said in her statement that her attempts to reach a settlement with Mr Lew over the matter had failed.

Her bankruptcy trustee, Jim Downey, said apart from the debt to Mr Lew, Ms Kitching owed $600,000 to the Adelaide Bank, $35,000 to her father, and smaller amounts to about a dozen other creditors.

The Supreme Court this month heard claims that Andrew Landeryou transferred about $1 million to Hong Kong before he went missing.

Liquidators believe some of the money has since been moved to Cyprus.

Ms Kitching served as a Melbourne city councillor until last year and was touted as a future mayor.

Anonymous said...

Did you win on the Melbourne Cup Mr Slanderyou? Did you take any notice of the tips by Cait Catt, all of which lost? Are you betting on the Oaks today, Ladies Day, at Flemington? Good luck if you do.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who listens to Landeryou loses. Solly Lew, Dimberly, Melbourne Uni students...

Anonymous said...

has delia been at ladies day??

Anonymous said...

Kerr parlays a Crikey column into a job, while Delia skips the country and wife.
Kerr allegedly gets a leg over Sophie M., while Andy get the arse at Melb. Uni Student Union from the Divine Miss M. et al.
Kerr get married, Buddha Boy gets dumped by the wife.
Kerr has a baby. Andy thankfully hasn't reproduced.
Debt Man Walking's criticism of Kerr all smacks of spiteful jealousy.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt and Delia (Lyell) have this in common. They are not very good punters.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Looks like we hit a raw nerve 2day, Andy. Mission accomplished!

Anonymous said...

Don't ignore Andy's achievements, 7:55:

All the talk I hear in the legal precinct says that Andy is going to be done for contempt over his blog. He has no money to pay a fine. He will go to prison.

He is going to be done for Melbourne Uni. He will go to prison.

Lew knows where the money is. He will be done for IQ Corporation. He will go to prison.

catter8 said...

This is from Rita. Doesn't sound like Andrew to me.

The OC // Andrew Landeryou's Blog of Freedom

Gravatar Queensland Health does not have a very good record. It took our coalition partner to expose Dr Patel. Mr Robert Messenger, the MP for Bundaberg and a good National, deserves a medal for his tenacity. Queensland Premier Beattie and the Queensland AMA boss initially said what a wonderful man Patel was. Queensland Health paid a one way air ticket for Patel to God's own country. The Queensland Police did sloppy work on Dr Darren Keating, who was the big boss at the hospital where Patel works, and he left the state free without any charges being made against him.

A conspiratorial cover up.

Pity poor Joh kicked the bucket. We need someone like him now in Queensland. A good man Joh was too.
Rita Randles | Homepage | 11.09.07 - 1:02 pm | #

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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