Thursday, September 20, 2007

Did Andrew Landeryou disclose any of this?

More questions left unanswered.
Hate The Age

Australia’s best daily, The Age, attracts much scorn from most right wing blogs. Why? Because it’s left-wing, and there is no comparable right-wing paper. The Herald Sun is a joke. The Age has superior news coverage, a fact reflected in the right-wing blogs linkage to their website. In the case of Andrew Landeryou, however, the agenda is slightly murkier.

You see, Landeryou’s company IQ (which eventually went broke) was contracted to deliver sports statistics to The Age. They didn’t deliver, and The Age went elsewhere. Subsequently, Landeryou spends his life trying to pick fights with Age writers, claiming it’s a “vile, leftist rag” when in reality, his beef lies with the fact they fired him and his company.

Does he disclose any of this? No.

2 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Interesting read, Slanderyou. The fact that all of IQ's books, records and money disappeared because of poor management makes it difficult to believe Buddha Boy's defence. Roll on Oct. and the investigation into "doubtful transactions."

Kevin of Southbank said...

As someone said to me, Landeryou the Duck is now denying the fact that he is a Liberal Blogger! Deny all you like Andy Duck, but it's been written about in The Australian no less!