Thursday, September 13, 2007

Andrew Landeryou has no game (webgame that is)

While Andrew Landeryou is busy with Liberal Party leadership concerns, we can look at Andy's business record. Andrew Landeryou has a tremendous record of corporate failure, from MUSU, IQ Corp, and Optima.

In the meantime, shareholder activists are busily creating wealth.

Andy can’t even pay his Diners credit card bill. And his sleazey, Liberal Party blog is insolvent.

So, is Andy living totally in the cash economy?

4 Truth On Comments:

Kevin of Southbank said...

Looks like Andy Landy doesn't evern rate a mention see

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that his postings have been pretty thin lately. No comment even on small john's retirement. He clearly has to focus on his pending date with the court.

who's going to get the pics?

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that his postings have been pretty thin lately. But I put that down to hair loss. No seriously, the number of comments to his non-stories has fallen significantly to just one or two. It seems that no one cares what he says anymore, if anyone ever did in the first place. It looks like his 'sources' have clearly and deliberately dried up on him, leaving him high and dry - and thin on top!

Anonymous said...

Is Alex White Boltok the rapist?