Monday, August 25, 2008


(This will be are only post this week Patriots).

TS has cast a critical eye over Landeryou’s new online spivery, In somewhat of a surprising move the unemployed luxury apartment residing (in his Fat Cave) bankrupt and full time failure has appeared to have discarded his Blog of Sleaze for Vexnews which was last valued at $63.

At least he is getting some sort of support from a blogger in the Ukraine!

On further investigation, we came across this page (text below) buried deep in the Vexnews site, highlighting the anomalous philosophy of Vexnews.

And what an interesting read the page is. We have provided the text below, with our questions to Andy in CAPITALS.

“We’re (WHO IS ‘WE’ ANDY?) VEX because that’s as close to Rupert Murdoch’s FOX as we could get without having legal trouble. (NOT UNUSUAL FOR LANDERYOU!)

We love FOX NEWS, even when we don’t agree with it. (WHO IS ‘WE’ ANDY? ARE YOU INCLUDING JOE KLEIN, CAIT CATT ETC?) This news service is our homage to its inspiration. (PLAGIARISM IS A BETTER TERM)

We’re (WHO IS ‘WE’ ANDY?) VEX because vex means to annoy people (JOB DONE LANDERYOU) and that’s precisely what we’ll (WHO IS ‘WE’ ANDY?) be doing when we’re (WHO IS ‘WE’ ANDY?) doing our job (YOU/WE HAVE A JOB ANDY?). Speaking truth to power. (WHAT TRUTH?) Afflicting the comfortable. (YOU ARE VERY AFFLICTING LANDERYOU!) Comforting the afflicted. (HOW EXACTLY ANDY, BY FIRST PAYING BACK YOUR CREDITORS PERHAPS?)

VEX also means debating, provoking, confronting, arguing and irking and we’ll be doing plenty of that too. (AND YOU FORGOT TO ADD “CENSORING”)

This is what journalism should be. (BUT YOU ARE NOT A JOURNALIST ANDY!) Indeed for most of our (OUR? WHO IS “OUR”) history it has been except for its modern odious iteration when it pretended to be something it wasn’t: infallible, uninfluenced by cultural bias, pure and omniscient. It’s never been any of those things.

With lefty dominated newsrooms being slashed and burned across the world, we understand the dimension of our responsibility. (THIS IS ILLOGICAL) We are nothing less than the future of news. (BIG CALL THERE ANDY!) Not on our own of course. Our voice should be just part of the beautiful cacophony. But we will be heard. (YES, IN COURT!)

VEXNEWS is ‘free’ because we cherish freedom. (FREE? BECAUSE YOU COULDN’T SELL IT? BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO READERSHIP, NO AUDIENCE?) Freedom from the fundamentalisms of our time, from the Islamists to the extreme Greenists and all those in between (IN BETWEEN? SOUNDS LIKE 99.99% OF THE POPULATION) who struggle to understand that the vast majority of people just want to live their lives with a minimum of unnecessary meddling from others. (SO WHY DO YOU MEDDLE IN OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES?)

We’re free because this web service is priceless. (PRICELESS! YOU MEAN VALUELESS)

Free for all because our approach is rigorous, courageous and at times perhaps reminiscent of televised wrestling matches(YOU MEAN FAKED!) (we prefer caged style) (LIKE KFC CHICKEN?). says ‘free for all’ means:

1. a fight, argument, contest, etc., open to everyone and usually without rules.
2. any competition or contested situation that is disordered, impulsive, or out of control: a free-for-all at the buffet table.
3. Informal. any enterprise or field of endeavor in which various companies, countries, participants, etc., compete without restriction: a price-cutting free-for-all among local stores. –adjective
4. open to everyone.

And that’s precisely what we’ll (WHO IS ‘WE’ ANDY?) be.”

Patrots are reminded of our story in February when we discovered whether Landeryou had registered the domain name

And not to our surprise, he had, or rather someone had.

We trolled a little deeper and we found a number of curious details.

The registrant of the domain name is:


P.O.Box CB-11901

Nassau, BS

Nassau is a lovely place, from everything we’ve heard. Curiously, it is very close to unregulated online gaming spivery hotspot Costa Rica, where Landeryou has spent considerable time.

Then we discovered that have been up to no good: caught red handed initiating unsolicited and internet threatening browser pop-up ads and spam.

The internet police, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, has since become involved. The WIPO Administrative Panel on October 30, 2007 threw the ‘virtual’ book at Wanfunchina.

What is additionally interesting is that Wanfunchina has registered a domain name EBET888-COM-DOM. It is only conjecture, but doesn’t EBet sound like something to do with gambling? Online gaming spivery to be exact! Coincidence?

65 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Whilst I most certainly did not support Landeryou's stance and blind support of the USA... One can only laugh at the obvious lies and incorrect statements published on this site. They bring the anonymous publishers of this site into disrepute. LOL

Anonymous said...

This is the state of play on the OC tonite:

Where is everyone?
The Void | 08.23.08 - 1:03 am | #


Darlings.....Landy has lost his pull........
AKD | 08.24.08 - 1:17 pm | #

Anonymous said...

Going global was what threw Landy's pursuers off track. ATO, Lew and McVeigh gave up too soon.

The money trail is probably still warm, if overlooked before, and can still be cold-cased today.

Several federal agencies need to be involved.

Anonymous said...

Immigration, for example, could kick in airline departures and destinations, and arrivals including originating flights. These can be back-tracked even further today...

Anonymous said...

When is WIPO going to act against Landeryou for his online identity theft - his site?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has made a major error with Vexnews. Enough people were prepared to accept him as a crazy blogger, but styling himself as a serious news source has proved to be for readers what Kevin Rudd might once have called "a bridge too far".

Anonymous said...

I think he's trying to go straight so as not to hurt Kimberley's political resurrection.

It's quite noble of him really.

Anonymous said...

"Christian Lyons" is that a play on words on the name of The Australian's Christian Kerr or a reference to the conservative Christian Lyons Forum?

Or is the same man who won A$44,000 compensation for hep C infection in 2004.

Tenant wins pay-out after needle prick (Dec. 11, 2004) Canberra Times

A public housing tenant who pricked his finger on a used syringe was awarded $44,000 in the ACT Supreme Court yesterday because the Government failed to clean up the needles in his apartment block.

Hans Christian Lyons, 50, was diagnosed with hepatitis C after pricking his finger on the syringe while picking up rubbish in a communal area outside his flat in Kingston.

The ACT Government knew about the prevalence of discarded syringes in the Fraser Court complex, but had not addressed the problem.

The court awarded Mr Lyons damages for the psychological harm he had suffered as a result of the 1996 incident.

Master David Harper said the Government owed a higher a duty of care to public housing tenants, who were vulnerable members of society, than landlords owed to tenants in the private market.

The Government had breached its duty of care by not cleaning up the discarded needles in the complex and by not supplying needle disposal bins.

Tenants had expressed their concerns about the needle disposal problem at two tenant meetings prior to Mr Lyons' injury and the minutes of the meetings had been passed on to the Government.

The Government did not install syringe disposal units in the complex until after Mr Lyons had hurt himself and complained to the Government.

Master Harper said it would not have been unreasonable for the Government to have installed disposal units or to have removed rubbish more frequently.

Mr Lyons was diagnosed with Hepatitis C six weeks after he pricked himself, however Master Harper accepted medical evidence that he had probably contracted the disease prior to the needlestick injury.

Two liver tests, conducted in 1989 and 1994, had revealed an abnormal liver function of a type consistent with hepatitis C.

However, Master Harper also accepted evidence that Mr Lyons had suffered depression and severe anxiety as a result of the injury and his hepatitis C diagnosis.

Dr Bruce Stevens, a psychologist, gave evidence during the court proceedings that the needlestick injury had been an enormously frightening experience for Mr Lyons.

He said its impact had been magnified by Mr Lyons' pre-existing personality and psychological condition.

Mr Lyons had believed his hepatitis C diagnosis meant he would die an early and painful death.

After the judgment was handed down, Mr Lyons thanked his family and his lawyers and said the experience had been distressing.

Mr Lyons' lawyer, Daniel Steiner, of Capital Lawyers, said the amount of damages awarded was not great, however he was still to evaluate it.

The amount was definitely not unsatisfactory.

Mr Steiner had argued for damages of $285,000 to cover Mr Lyons' impaired earning capacity.

Master Harper called the claim extravagant, and said the reality was Mr Lyons had been reliant on the disability support pension for almost 20 years.

Outside court, Mr Steiner said the incident could have been a lot more tragic, as it could just as easily have been a child pricked by the discarded needle.

''This decision is a great vindication of the rights of all people who live in ACT public housing.

''The Supreme Court has said quite loudly that steps must be taken to protect the occupants and residents of ACT public housing properties.''

The Government had put syringe disposal units in the Fraser Court complex after he had written to the housing trust soon after the incident and informed them of the looming legal action.

''The Government acted as a result of this case.''

Such a case would not have succeeded in other jurisdictions due to legislation which had tightened civil liability laws.

Anonymous said...

Haven't some jurisdictions passed laws against cyber-squatting? Has Landeryou committed a crime by registering the website name?

Anonymous said...

"Mr Lyons had been reliant on the disability support pension for almost 20 years."

That sounds like Landeryou's dream. He must know that episode of the Simpsons where Homer discovered that if he becomes even fatter he will be pensioned off. That must be Landeryou's aim, to become so incredibly obese that he is given a disability pension.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Vexnews' roving reporters includes disabled Canberra pensioner, a self-proclaimed military strategist, who isn't in the armed forces, and Buddha Boy, who now cites himself in reports.

The Age is shaking in its boots.

Anonymous said...

Is this how Landeryou is funding his idle life and luxury CBD apartment? Is he running online gambling spivvery operations offshore while crying poor - bankrupt, to be precise - in Australia so as to avoid creditors and defamation actions?

Methinks that infamous Landeryou "back-end" is set for another and very vigorous probing.

Anonymous said...

the fat is in the fire

Anonymous said...

We always knew Landeryou had stashed the loot offshore. Does this mean that he is now topping it up and funding his lavish lifestyle through offshore business activities?

Anonymous said...

A picture of Mr Creosote appeared on Poxnews this morning. Presumably this is Andy's way of letting the world know that he is behind the sleazy site.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Landeryou has that picture up. The name 'Mr Creosote' carries far fewer negative associations than the name 'Andrew Landeryou'.

Anonymous said...

Sergeant Sashsa has an exciting new forum for his stories. They are now being published in the comments section of the new blog of sleaze, AKA Poxnews.

Anonymous said...

Stand by for Fat Boy to lavish praise on Lawrence Springborg...

THE Liberal National Party (LNP) has been lampooned as Queensland politics' version of KFC on its first outing in Queensland parliament today.

It was the first parliamentary sitting for the LNP opposition, formed out of the two conservative parties in July.

But Labor politicians today mocked the party, saying that besides its name, it was exactly the same.

Treasurer Andrew Fraser led the charge, comparing the LNP's revitalisation to that undertaken by a fast food outlet.

"All that the leader of the opposition has done is undertake the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) marketing overhaul of Queensland politics," Mr Fraser told parliament.

"A couple of years ago Kentucky Fried Chicken knew that people were no longer interested in eating fried chicken, their tastes were changing and so they sat around the marketing table and said 'Let's change our name from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC and maybe no one will notice that what we're selling is oily, greasy chicken'."

Anonymous said...

Forget Petra Nemcova, too. Sophie Monk will be the Poxnews pin-up...

AUSTRALIA'S sexiest Hollywood export Sophie Monk has been criticised for being two-faced, after she was snapped with food from a KFC restaurant - a fast food chain she has bagged in the past as a vegetarian.

Celebrity gossip websites have reported seeing Monk walking out a KFC in Hollywood, with photos that reveal her holding a take away drink and a bag filled with KFC fast food.

Anonymous said...

What is Vexnews about? Easy!

Vexnews is Andrew Landeryou's revenge against the world for him being a failed politician (or worse a failed student politician as he was too much of a failure to get a chance to fail in the big league), a failed businessperson and a failed partner in a failed marriage.

Landeryou is an all-round failure but refuses to accept any blame so he lashes out with lies and slander and bizarre and vindictive conspiracy theories on the web.

That is what Vexnews is all about.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has clearly abandoned the Blog of Sleaze!!!! Looks like Patriots have achieved a great victory

Anonymous said...

Another disappointed OC customer:

Sheesh, haven't been here for a while, thought I'd drop by for a dose of sensible rightness and it seems the site has died? Shame. One less voice of freedom in this leftard dominated country.
Rightyright | 08.26.08 - 9:48 pm | #

Anonymous said...

Pathetic political pygmy Tony Abbott was on Lateline tonight. The Liberals must be mad. Tony should be caged, kept out of sight and quietly shown the back door. Even in lucid moments, he makes most Australians flesh crawl. Shuffle him off into oblivion, please!

[Cardinal Pell]

Anonymous said...

The little turd was on a repeat of Four Corners later on. Tony was giving qualified support to Lib multi-millionaire Mal Turnbull (himself a minimalist human being).

A turd supporting a dag!

Anonymous said...

"We always knew Landeryou had stashed the loot offshore. Does this mean that he is now topping it up and funding his lavish lifestyle through offshore business activities?"

There is no evidence for the above. The claim is outrageous, misguided, and potentially defamatory. As all good patriots are aware, Landeryou has NEVER conducted a successful business deal resulting in the creation of value for anyone. The suggestion is absurd. As such there is no possibility that Andrew's business activities or the like could be topping up his lavish lifestyle. Andrew continues to live off stolen loot, withdrawing small amounts from ATMs via anonymous credit and debit cards. He continues his scams and spivery. He is not engaged is business of any description that does not involve the illegitimate misuse of other's property. Any suggestion to the contrary could result in legal action as Andrew guards his reputation for extraordinary business incompetence quite carefully. Be warned.

Anonymous said...

Patriots who may not have read Sergeant Sashsa's piece will be delighted to see how it reinforces his credibility:

"I am made out to be on some crusade... The more critics take aim at for my style of journalism, fantastic, I can take as many hits as you like. Keep it coming. It will not stop me from being direct, larger than life, and bombastic if it gets to the real issues and cuts through all the red tape and barriers to information."

Anonymous said...

Sergeant Sashsa writes:

One of the fantastic things about being a frequent in-patient of the Victorian mental health system is the fascinating people you come across.

One evening recently a note was stuck under the door of my room in the secure accommodation unit I was sharing with just four others.

"Chin up, soldier!" it read. "You are the most brilliant military mind since me." It was signed "General George Patton."

The following night I found another. "Forget that loud-mouthed upstart. You are clearly the best military mind since me. Signed the Emperor Napoleon."

The next night there was a third. "That lot are all jokers. There has been no greater strategist since my day than you. Your pal, Hadrian."

A fourth note appeared on my fourth night there. "No one else since I conquered the known world has had the capability to repeat my feat but you, Sergeant Sashsa. All honour to you. Alexander the Great."

I could scarcely contain myself. To share digs with these giants of men let alone to enjoy their praise was a rare privilege. And to think that they were such normal and unassuming types in our everyday encounters, too modest to mention who they really were.

[Blog of Truth readers can find more fascinating stories by Sergeant Sashsa scrawled on the wall of his padded cell.]

Anonymous said...

Don't say you weren't warned... the "Featured Article" at Poxnews is Sophie Monk and the KFC.

Anonymous said...

Check out this link of Sargeant Sasha "in action"

On the front lines of his couch.!

Anonymous said...

Sasha is a wanka!
Sasha is a wanka!
Sasha is a wanka!

Anonymous said...

From Poxnews this morning:

EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Jaspan out

From Poxnews tomorrow?

EXCLUSIVE: Sun rises in east

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy's sock puppets are praising him for getting rid of Andrew Jaspan. We can soon expect some further comments congratulating El Gordo for defeating Hitler, too... unless that was Sergeant Sashsa.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed just how few comments are appearing at El Gordo's shrill new Poxnews site?

The fat flop is frantically cutting and pasting stories from elsewhere and putting an "exclusive" label on them and making up obvious if dramatic lies - even posting pictures of pin-ups Petra Nemcova and Sophie Monk - in a desperate attempt to get eyeballs on his new sleazy site, but his shtick seems to have worn thin with the public.

Take out the comments that are obviously put there by Landy and his sock puppets and there is hardly anything there.

Yet more proof that Poxnews is already Landeryou's fastest failure.

Anonymous said...

I reckon Sasha Uzunov has a big chance at becoming editor of The Age...

The present management team of mad slashers and destroyers would probably find him quite appealing.

Anonymous said...

Why can't management of The Age be moved off-shore? There are probably plenty of street urchins in India that could do a better job.

Anonymous said...

That India story is hilarious. One of the very few genuine commenters Landeryou has on Poxnews made a reference to outsourcing newspaper work to India yesterday. Today the fat shonk has packaged it up as a "news" story complete with obviously fabricated quotes to suggest there's an ounce of truth to it. Landeryou clearly did not even read the Australian today. That actually reported where Fairfax operations will be outsourced to: New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Poxnews remains as delusion as ever today. Landeryou is quoting the Landeryou blog. Nice to see that he believes putting his own name on Poxnews would be a negative.

Even funnier the Landeryou Blog of Sleaze story Landeryou quotes on Poxnews is another one of those "EXCLUSIVE - SUN RISES IN EAST" stories he is so fond of claiming as his.

No wonder he had to abandon the Blog of Sleaze and no wonder Poxnews is already headed down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Be careful of mocking Private Uzi. "Freelance military strategist" is synonymous with gun nut.

Anonymous said...

I thought insane people weren't allowed to own firearms?

Anonymous said...

I thought insane people weren't allowed to run a newspaper chain.

I'm thinking about whether I want to buy a paper that treats its reporters in such a humiliating, disgraceful way while posting a huge profit.

Anonymous said...

What a giant PR Cataclysm!

The Age management team are stripping their asset of the only thing that is WORTH anything - the human resources that made it a GREAT newspaper.

Investors should be taking out their magnifying glasses, electron microscopes and common sense to examine this lunacy. How can The Age stagger on without a functioning staff?

Anonymous said...

The same way fat boy Andy runs a news site without any news?

Anonymous said...

El Gordo does have staff. He has Pvt Uzi as a work experience kid and an middle-aged disabled pensioner as a parliamentary correspondent.

He really should be upset about the events at Fairfax. Less journalists will make stalking harder.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the spirit of poor little fried Ronnie which supplies 'inspiration' for the Blog of Sleaze.

Anonymous said...

Peter Costello's Liberal Party Tribute tonight was in a MUSEUM!

Micro-economic reform has a 300-year history of failure and belongs in a museum. Pete and John Howard were just the latest ultra-right loons to try it on - and paid the price of their predecessors.

Thanks for nothing Pete, Johnnie, and all the rest of the comprehensively defeated Greed Machine. Go away. And don't come back!

Anonymous said...

John Pilger on Thursday's ABC-TV's Q & A made the point that Labour and Liberal policies are indistinguishable.

He was right. Federal and State Labour are chucking new taxes at us like confetti. They're making Howard's 'highest taxing' government in decades look good.

The Emissions Trading Scheme wonderland of new taxes hasn't arrived yet but will. Ordinary Joes will be paying for corporate miscreants, and people in South America and Asia keep chopping down forests. I guess we'll have to pay for them too!

Stop taxing us to death!

The Truth Hurts said...

Landeryou is back to blocking I.P addresses.

Once you are blocked, your comments on poxnews are "awaiting moderation" which is code for deleted or edited.

The Editor in Chief does not believe in freedom of speech, he only belives in exploiting his bankrupt status to defame good people.

Anonymous said...

I saw an item on the SBS World News tonight about a 10 months old in Columbia who already weighs 28 kilos, the same as an eight year old.

Hmmmm. Has Landeryou made a trip to South America we don't know about and gotten more than a little friendly with the locals?

Anonymous said...

Commenters on the Blog of Sleaze have realised that with Landeryou's now frequent absences particularly at weekends, they can write what they like without editing, blocking and banishment.

At long last! Let Freedom Ring!

Anonymous said...

Hmnn! I reckon Sasha is b*nking Landy during dirty weekends off at a large rural chicken farm. Sasha is a smart guy, after all. He ties a large plank on his back to prevent the well-known Landy 'suction effect', where everying including money suddenly disappears without trace.

Anonymous said...

Either that or they're digging their way into a bank vault.

Anonymous said...

Has Landeryou fathered a fat bastard in Columbia? Perhaps that's where all of Solly Lew's money went. Landeryou would have had to have paid out millions to persuade any woman to have sex with him. Or is this some sort of "Boys from Brazil" scenario? Instead of Hitlers, are there a whole lot of little Landeryou's being bred in South America for some sinister plot?

christian said...

That bizarrely fat kid in Columbia has to be Landeryou's. If you want to go from his hideout in Costa Rica to Columbia it is only a short trip through Panama.

christian said...

That bizarrely fat kid in Columbia has to be Landeryou's. If you want to go from his hideout in Costa Rica to Columbia it is only a short trip through Panama.

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