Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lard Lord Andrew Landeryou’s enormous gut is under attack. Literally.

by Liberty Larry and Vexnews Insider

The hard-living attention-seeking booze-hound is unfortunately NOT GOING under the knife, for lap-band surgery that leave him with the appetite of Paris Hilton.

The serial bankrupt lives in a luxurious fat cave in inner Melbourne.

Landeryou became notorious in political circles during his efforts in the Kororoit by-election through VEXNEWS’s predecessor The Other Cheek.

So upset was Landeryou at his humiliating "loss" in the campaign, though he wasn’t running, that he marched to the nearest KFC restaurant and proceeded to eat its entire stock in one sitting.

After a cushy year for Landeryou, he is already in mourning over the loss of some of his favourite snacks which include KFC chicken nuggets, and the Zinger burger. Presumably this also means no more alcoholic binges at Melbourne’s up-market bars and restaurants and at the nearest KFC’s drive-through where he is frequently seen.

Political insiders say Landeryou is fattening up in preparation for his latest bizarre stunt.

Landeryou told the Herald Sun that he weighs an impressive 1400 kilograms and that he is aiming to fatten up to 8900 kilos.

If only his ego would submit itself for a lap-band procedure.

191 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Slanderyou remains the BLOG OF FILTH.

Liberty Larry is the filthiest contributor.

Sladeryou prints nothing but LIES.

Rita Randles said...

Sock it to him Cait. Well said.

Neighbourhood Watch said...

Fuck off fat boy. Your hero and fellow crim Brian Burke got a gastric band. Why won't you?

Al haji Abdullah said...

I read Vexnews to learn what my infidel enemies are thinking.

Stella Dominic said...

I guess, the opposite is true of Slanderyou hey Abdull?

Douba Ahmed said...

Slanderyou is my firend.

Abdel Sanou said...

You know what they say, Women are for procreation, Liberty Larry is for fun!!!!

Cait Catt said...

Liberty Larry is for fun according to the previous commentator.

He is not for fun. He is a nasty despicable disgusting filthy piece of work.

The filthy commentator posting on the BLOG OF FILTH.

Kevin of Southbank said...

Fatso wrote today: "MILITANTLY SINGLE
A source who has worked with her in the past condemned her today as a neurotic ultra-left loon who had trouble forming personal relationships.

“She hasn’t had a boyfriend that any of us know about and doesn’t bat for the other side either. She’s weird,” the source explained about the possibly asexual Labor lawyer who is militantly single.

At work, she’s apparently not much fun either, terrorising underlings and struggling to form productive relationships with others including clients."

when was your last relationship Fatso, except with your hand????

Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive new crop of libels on Poxnews today!

Anonymous said...

Lord Landeryou is working his fingers to the bone - making up libels for Poxnews (and posting some of them here, even though this is not his blog). Then there's all the fake comments he has to make up (often using ovviously faked misspellings). Then he has to write all the rubbish posted here by his personalities 'Ross' and 'Catt' and dead woman 'Randles'.

He must be completely exhausted every day!

Anonymous said...

Andrew is definitely friendless. He and his host of entirely imaginary friends hang out a lot together. Excluding those pretend friends, no others of the ordinary day-to-day variety have been recorded in a very long time. Andrew is very sad and very lonely. His dad won't talk to him anymore after he bankrupted him. No friends at all. If he had real friends, he might have to share his KFC and stolen loot stashed offshore with others. But like a pre-kindergarden kid, Andrew never learned to share. A wreck of a human being. Quite mad actually. But still nasty, vicious & evil. Everyone stays away. No-one even reads his blog. So Andrew using the cover of his imaginary friends has to crash other peoples blogs to find human company - even if those blogs and people are highly critical of the fat thief. What a sad parody of a human life.

Big Bubba said...

Chop the f#cker's fingers off!

Then he'll have to stick a pen up his clacker and type with his butt.

Actually, he will be able to type using a small log when I've finished with him.

Anonymous said...

Andrew is a failure in everything: life, love and business. It is so weird that he resorts to this bizarre cast of imaginary sockpuppet friends (Cait Catt, Rita Randles, & the rest) to speak on his behalf. Even stranger that he launches into these racist diatribes by conjuring up imaginary muslims to comment on Slanderyou. A depraved freak. Nasty stuff Andrew writes suggesting male Muslims prefer men.

While he pretends to be a friend of Israel, I note how quick he was to steal Solly Lew's money - "Records disappear in IQ Bomb". Andrew shredded the files. Solly was smart enough to catch him out, protect his own interests and take Landeryou's multmillion dollar Parkville house. Was that bought with the money Andrew stole from MUSU or that he stole from IQ Corp?

Andrew has no friends or partners. Just victims.

Anonymous said...

Solly is a Slanderyou hero!

Sigmund Freud said...

Its interesting that Landeryou himself does not post here.

Carl Jung said...


Don't waste your time analysing this guy. He is just a big asshole.

Alois Alzheimer said...

I agree Carl.

The fellow is an utter Fuckwit!

Philippe Pinel said...


I'm afraid he is away with les oiseaux!

It is not the libels so much as the stalking that show him to be a dangerous madman.

Nuff said...

Russel Gilbert is the other person in the now notorious Les Twentyman stolen photo that Landeryou keeps using on his blog. People keep warning him that Russel is a fun guy, but won't like this. He was formerly a well-known pugilist who will enjoy giving Landy a sound thrashing.

Temper said...

Craven coward that he is, Landeryou removed the photo quickly last time. This time he has removed it quickly too, but it is still accessible on Poxnews. Russel's mates would avoid telling him about this.

90,000 suspects said...

Some day soon, Landeryou is going to get one hell of a thumping from someone he has libelled on Poxnews. Given the abominable lies he uses, the thumper will probably get away with it, provided he or she does not actually kill the mongrel.

Hugh Jarse said...

If Vexnews's 'Editor-in-Chief' Landeryou was murdered, police would need to interview 11 million Australian internet surfers who might have visited his blog.

Then there are the hundreds of people who have been actually libelled on The OC and Poxnews.

Police would have to give up - so many suspects, such a useless, abominable victim.

Too many signatures said...

Anonymous said...
Solly is a Slanderyou hero!

Friday, January 30, 2009 12:47:00 AM

It is the way of today's world that someday Landeryou may have to kiss Sol's rump publicly. Sol did you slow Landy, and I think he will continue to do so. You can libel him as often as you like, but he will do you every time. You stole. He wants it back. Cough up, buddy!

Anonymous said...

I would be surprised if the DPP doesn't already know where the stolen Landeryou millions are. It's just that there is a big calendar of crooks to get through first. Dang Landy, that just means the clock of incarceration hasn't started to tick yet.

You should ring up Jeremy Rapke and plead to get to the front of the queue. No good starting your 25 year sentence in 2015!

Entrails Reader said...

Will 'Little Theo' turn Queen's evidence prior to the trial?

No lies said...

Andy Landy is still not on the electoral roll.

I just happened to walk pass an AEC office yesterday and thought it would be fun to look him up to see if he is still in breach of yet another law.

There is no Andrew Landeryou on the electoral roll anywhere in Victoria.

Despite Bill Landeryou's bankruptcy the electoral roll says he is still living amongst the older latte set in an apartment on Rathdowne Street in Carlton.

Presumably it is "owned" by a company but no doubt Solly Lew's people are working on that.

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy won't be able to vote anyway once he is in prison.

He has dropped off the roll to get used to the idea.

Anonymous said...

Why has Andy got a "silent" registration on the electoral roll??

Geoff Baxter said...

I was accused of beating Landeryou for having the audacity to touch his arm.

If I see him again I will beat him to within an inch of his life.

Capt Ahab said...

Someone should drop Landeryou off the West Gate. But then the Dutch dredging company would to be here for another two years getting rid of the blubber.

A good friend of Les said...

Russel Gilbert is planning to give Landeryou a good biffing too.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is not popular. A friendless failure.

His blog has no readers. Slanderyou has more!

No lies said...

5:21 PM, Andy Landy does not have a "silent" registration on the electoral roll.

The names of people with "silent" enrolments still appear on the roll, but with no address. Andy Landy's name is nowhere to be seen.

He was on the roll at his Parkville address, the house seized by Solly Lew to repay some of his debts, a number of years ago.

His current absence shows that he has been "cleansed" from the roll as the AEC has discovered he no longer lives there and failed to re-enroll.

This puts him in breach of the Electoral Act and liable for a fine.

It also means he must be the only political "commentator" in the country who is not eligible to vote.

That is pretty damn odd!

Anonymous said...

Just when you think Landeryou couldn't look more stupid, something comes along.

Not on the electoral roll. What a galoot!

Biff Henderson said...

Landeryou on Poxnews says this:

I have noticed a number of veiled threats from someone claiming some association with Russell Gilbert, a comedian photographed with Les Twentyman (carrying the oyster tray).

Don’t know the bloke, and we doubt he’d be inclined to act in the unlawful and thuggish way ascribed to him.

But should he or anyone else for that matter wish to “box on” over the issue of whether we have a right to publish his photograph when acting in his capacity as Chief Feeder to the Beast of Taxpayer Burden, Comrade Les Twentyman we’d be happy to show the Footscray lad how we Sunbury lads rumble.

We doubt there’d be much of a smile left on the alleged comic’s face.

Not that we’re threatening anything, mind you, we just don’t think threats of this kind should be responded to with anything other than a defiantly raised middle finger.

So all those keen to make physical threats, step up and give us a call on 0415 99 33 26 and we’ll schedule you in for some light sparring, perhaps under the supervision of Socialist Left boxing expert Peter Holding.

Hmmm, Pay per view revenue…

Game on.

Posted by VEXNEWS | January 30, 2009, 14:59

You are a total dunce Landeryou! Russel Gilbert hasn't made any 'threats' against you because he hasn't seen the STOLEN photo you have used on The OC and Poxnews several times, YET.

You have compounded the libels on Russel Gilbert by:

1. Publishing a stolen image of him with his mate Les Twentyman.
2. He will much dislike your description of his mate Les (above).
3. He will be angered about the sentiments you ascribed to him in the speech bubble you added.

I don't know who the other people were who warned you about the use of this photo - especially now that you have added the speech bubbles.

I have never met him either. But out here in this part of rural victoria, he is a bit of a legend. By all means give him 'The Bird' with your middle finger if you don't mind it being broken. I don't think he has heard of the Marquis of Queensberry rules and, if he hears about this, won't be interested in a 'boxing match'. Unless he is a reformed character, you will receive a huge pasting. My odds against you winning are 10,000 to 1.

Robin said...

Holy Smoke Batman! Landeryou is spoiling for a fight with everyone.

He might receive hundreds of 'phonecalls from people who want to rearrange his face.

I am going to stick his defiant middle finger up his big, fat, hairy #ss!

Anonymous said...

I saw Russ in action in the Gents at the Myrniong Hotel years ago.

Don't like your chances much Mr Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with Landeryou is that his blog carries the malware cookie that monitors your surfing activities.

If you phone him requesting a boxing match, your phone number will be recorded.

Landeryou has disappeared from the electoral roll which every gym-shoe uses first to trace a missing person.

Posters here need to get an address for Landeryou. Then people wanting to give him a biff can do so anonymously.

Care to supply us with your actual address Fatboy!

Anonymous said...

C'mon Hero. Give us an address.

How can knocking on your door to give you a thump be any different to arranging a match by phone, you swaggart!

Abdel Sanou said...

hello fellow jihadists and haters of the West.

Al haji Abdullah said...

Hello Abdel, you have a freind here

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I notice that it didn't take the Islamists long to patronise this blog of filth. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that too Henderson. I am very alarmed.

Anonymous said...

10:21:00 PM, 10:22:00 PM, 10:23:00 PM, 10:24:00 PM.

Four posts in four minutes from four fake commenters.

Pretty good Landy -- if only there was a point to doing this...

More mad attacks on Les said...

For some unknown reason, Les Twentyman, OAM, Victorian of the Year, makes Landeryous froth and bubble with hatred. The comments to the libellous 'story' have all the hallmarks of Landeryou's many previous attacks on poor Les!

"The hypocrisy of this obsese uncouth slob is staggering".

"How much directly and indirectly does Les 20man pocket from his “charity”?

"[Les] you bludging leech".

"Les got sacked from a girls school in suspicious circumstances, lost millions of other people’s money at sunshine clowncil, bankrupted charities, and has the audacity to slander someone else as sell-outs and labels them a leach?? Pay for your own lap-bands and lap-dances you filthy maggot Les".

Landeryou's BIG MOUTH said...

From the new posts to Poxnews:

Vexnews, you are a far bigger idiot than I thought. You shouldn’t be promoting snuff video on your blog.

If you had a boxing match with Russel, he would kill you!

Posted by ER mishaps | January 31, 2009, 20:37

Don King said...

Mr Landeryou,

I am the well known boxing promoter of fighters including Mike Tyson. I propose an international prize fight of Landeryou v. Gilbert.

However, my talent scouts have told me you are seriously over-weight. We can't have a heavywieght rumbler like yourself tussling with a light-middlewieght like Mr Gilbert. Boxing fans wouldn't like it.

Can you possibly lose, say, a hundred kg quickly?

Anonymous said...

"How much directly and indirectly does Les 20man pocket from his 'charity'," writes Landeryou.

How much have you stolen or lost through your utter incompetence as a business person, fat cunt.

Bankrupted IQ.

Bankrupted MUSA.

Bankrupted your wife.

Bankrupted your dad.

Be a man. Kill yourself.

Rita Randles said...

Landy could easily lose 100 kilos of fat quickly if he could persuade 'Henderson Ross' to chop his head and legs off.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I am glad I am not the author of this filthy blog. I would be very alarmed given all the jihadists, Islamists, leftards and terrorists that frequent this blog. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, I agree with you 100%.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, you should write a blog. I think you are great.

Anonymous said...

The Jihadis Landeryou keeps on lampooning would probably help too!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fascist propagandist and binge-drinker Landeryou has had nearly twenty litres of wine already. But it is Saturday nite after all.

Les Twentyman, if he is aa heavy a drinker as Landeryou alleges*, could never keep pace with this level of alcohol abuse.

Hopefully, Landeryou will pass out soon, and we will get some peace and quiet.

* Extremely unlikely as Landeryou lies frequently.

Says it all said...

Landeryou lies frequently. Landeryou lies frequently.
Landeryou lies frequently.
Landeryou lies frequently.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Thank you Anon, but I am too busy reading Vexnews to write my own blog. Plus, I would never match Vexnews' high editorial standards. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Henderson. I guess we are lucky to have Vexnews to turn to.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how I can nominate Vexnews for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Middle Eastern Wisdom said...

Ignore him, and he will go away.

Cait Catt said...

Great work Henderson. Vexnews is a quality product. Readers of this blog who won't read it don't know what they are missing. A superb news site. Australia's greatest.

Go to for Australia's latest news. Go Henderson. Go Andy.

Rita Randles said...

Well said Henderson. Well said Cait.
Go Vexnews.

catter8 said...

The editorial standards of Vexnews conform to Australia's best quality. Well said Henderson.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

I think Henderson Cait Rita and catter8 are fine contributors.

Not like the majority of contributors to this blog. Not like Liberty Larry and Slanderyou.

The Slanderyou blog is the blog of filth and the Slanderyou blog is deceitful, deceptive, and FULL OF LIES.

Anonymous said...

The OC won a Walkley. Slanderyou never will.

If it wasn't for the likes of Lew, Carbone, Money, Larry and Slanderyou Vexnews would win a Walkley too.

Obvious really said...

Ignore him, and he will go away.

Anonymous said...

Tonight on Vexnews. A quality news source. First will the latest news. Below is a taste for your titillation.
Read on:

YES WE CAN: Danby diplomacy opens doors for Australia
By VEXNEWS ⋅ January 30, 2009

yeswecandanby International affairs expert and federal Labor MP Michael Danby has led an Australian diplomatic offensive attempting to entice newly elected US President Barack Obama to visit his loyal ally Down Under.

Danby - who is the chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade - told Laurie Oakes on Nine News this week that he understood the President to be visiting Indonesia this year and that it was an exciting opportunity for Australia to encourage him to visit us.

Michelle Grattan has picked up the story today in the Fairfax press.

Former President Lyndon Baines Johnson visited Australia in the 1960s, with adoring crowds chanting “All the way with LBJ” massively outnumbering sandal-wearers and basket-weavers who didn’t want freedom defended in Vietnam.

Obama’s welcome from enthusiasts here would border on frenzied if the number of Obama posters in Labor ministerial and electorate offices is any guide. While “All the way with B.O.” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, there would be no doubt that if President Obama responds to Michael Danby’s brilliant diplomatic offensive and daring invitation that the Big O’s visit to Australia - and possibly Danby’s seaside electorate where Obama supporters outnumber McCain patriots 999 to 1 - would be a spectacular success.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the thread above: the drunk and friendless Lard Lord Landeryou spent his Saturday night putting up eight posts in praise of himself under a variety of false names.

It would be hard to be more pathetic.

Stella Dominic said...

So, where is Slanderyou. Disappeared? Maybe fondling some innocent children somewhere?

catter8 said...

Cait is the top Slanderyou commentator according to the list, yet her postings have progressively reduced. Today they are at 150.

We cats salute you Cait. A first class result.

Anonymous said...

Only some Stella?

Anonymous said...

The police must be circling Slanderyou.

Cait Catt said...

Thank you catter8. I appreciate your praise.

What about Slanderyou? He isn't around. Where is he? Or are Slanderyou and Liberty Larry one and the same.

Just two more creatures who post filth on the BLOG OF FILTH.

Rita Randles said...

Hear hear Cait

Anonymous said...

Is the phrase blog of filth capitalised for copyright reasons?

Rita Randles said...

I suspect it's to give the phrase emphasis. If it's capitalised it stands out, and makes more people aware what a filthy blog Slanderyou really is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rita.

Anonymous said...

Fat cunt is a sad pile of shit.

He is too drunk to think up any lies for so he just dribbles out comment after comment on this Blog of Truth under increasingly bizarre names.

Concerned said...

may be this is too late for Andy. But he is a case of inadequately managed obesity

Call child protection to handle fat kids says Dr Shirley Alexander

By Danny Rose


February 01, 2009 12:29pm
CHILD protection authorities should be called in to handle "extreme" cases where parents allow their kids to get too fat, an Australian doctor says.

Parents should have their children seized if they failed to do enough to address diet problems, says Dr Shirley Alexander from The Children's Hospital at Westmead in Sydney.

"We argue that in a sufficiently extreme case, notification of child protection services may be an appropriate professional response," Dr Alexander writes in the Medical Journal of Australia.

She describes the case of an unidentified four-year-old girl, who was 110cm tall and weighed a hefty 40kg.

The girl watched TV for six hours a day and had temper tantrums when denied food, according to the report.

Dr Alexander said despite the efforts of health workers, a "family-focused" program "failed to stop or reverse the child's weight gain".

She said child protection authorities were then notified, and the child was put on a dietary and physical activity program that soon had her losing weight.

Dr Alexander's report concludes that a doctor is duty bound to "report severe cases of inadequately managed paediatric obesity to the authorities".

Anonymous said...

An frenzy above of Landeryou's imaginary friends commenting in praise of the fat failure. It is so sad that he spends his time this way. Sub-human wastage.

Anonymous said...

Going by the times of his postings Andrew Landeryou went on a hate and lies binge that lasted from Saturday evening into late Sunday morning.

The man is clearly sucking an ice pipe.

Anonymous said...

Landershonk's conduct is all too clearly the product of an already unstable mind pushed over the brink by substance abuse.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Why whenever I read the blog of filth I am reminded of the Mao quoting gangsters at the Construction division of the CFMEU. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same too Henderson. May be the CFMEU are bankrolling the blog of filth?

Anonymous said...

I am 100% confident that Vexnews will reveal all in due course.

Yawns lead to fatalities said...

Poxnews is a blog devoted to the worship of cretinism, libel and disinformation.

Several visitors to Poxnews have actually died of boredom while flicking through the stale union, council and low-level state government 'news'.

It's been voted world's most boring blog.

Pin Cushion said...

The Poxnews blogger has bankrupted his Dad, his wife, and several companies. He's been in court, but hasn't done time yet. He's spent a night in the Melbourne Remand Centre though.

The Barwon Gaol Hot Rodders are in a lather of anticipation expecting Landeryou's arrival sometime soon.

Brutus Beefcake & Bubba said...


O N !

little Theo said...

Big Theo has been tampering with State Evidence again by giving me a big workout tonight. But his hand doesn't turn me on that much.

Surely this is abuse? Getting smothered in Vitamin E creme and getting a flogging isn't my idea of fun. And Viagra gives me the irits.

I remember the golden days when Theo was providing tasty pussy morsels on a regular basis. The pussy parade has dried up now and I get very jittery when Rita gets a cold spoon out of the fridge nowadays.

Rita Randles said...

The previous item may be in contempt of parliament. The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly has told members that they are not to discuss the elements of the case.

catter8 said...

Slanderyou is lazy. No postings since Thursday of last week. That is, the last Thursday of last month.

We are now into another month and no postings. I'll get Cait Catt on to you Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry, but I am contemptuous of parliament anyway. It's called the Ship of Fools.

Landeryou seems to get away with endless comments promoting Theo. I figure I'm allowed a tiny say too. Fug You Landeryou, and Fug you Theo! Go and screw yourselves!

Anonymous said...

Sickening fascist propagandist Landeryou keeps posting here, hiding under fake identities and posting tiresome irrelevancies here.

Hell must be like being consigned to viewing Poxnews for eternity.

Big Theo said...

I'd love to Fug myself, whatever that is -- but I can't get around to it!

A patriot said...

Fat Boy's necrophilic false identity Rita Randles says comments about Theo T "may be in contempt of parliament".

Fat Boy's continuing campaign of intimidation against Les Twentyman is in contempt of court.

His online identity theft exercise he has engaged in as part of this deranged vendetta also violetes internet protocols.

Anonymous said...

A number of the people who make comments on Landeryou's hate blog could also find themselves facing court on contempt charges... that is if any of them are real people rather than figments of Landeryou's shattered psyche.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou, a freak. Multiple personality disorder. Binge eating & drinking. Anti-social tendencies manifesting as him imagining he has a right to steal everything. The sad git bankrupted his ex-wife & his own father. A shred of guilt? Nah, not from Andrew Landeryou. He imagines the world owes him a living.

Rita Randles said...

I am not aware of any statement made on Vexnews that is legally non-kosher.

Not so this blog. Regularly it indulges in filth, lies and hate.

catter8 said...

Sock it to them Rita.

Cait Catt said...

Slanderyou is the filthiest blog on the net. Lies. Lies. Lies.

If Slanderyou doesn't watch out on the Theo matter he'll be called before the bar of either house of the Victorian Parliament. That is, of course, if anyone can find out who his false identity is!

Anonymous said...

I hear that Fat Andy tried to keep cool during the recent Melbourne heatwave by wallowing in a 10 person spa he filled with cold KFC gravy.

Anonymous said...

I also hear that after wallowing in the tub for more than five days Fat Andy then drank the contents.

Anonymous said...

That's disgusting! An obese crystal meth and alcohol-deranged hate blogging glutton drinking gallons of gravy he has spent days immersed in? Yuck!

This is worth repeating said...

"Landeryou, a freak. Multiple personality disorder. Binge eating & drinking. Anti-social tendencies manifesting as him imagining he has a right to steal everything. The sad git bankrupted his ex-wife & his own father. A shred of guilt? Nah, not from Andrew Landeryou. He imagines the world owes him a living."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link

Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)

Abdel Sanou said...

hello fellow jihadists and haters of the West.

Sigmund Freud said...

Its interesting that Landeryou himself does not post here.

Al haji Abdullah said...

I read Vexnews to learn what my infidel enemies are thinking.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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