Friday, March 05, 2010

Stormfront's assessment of Vexnews

The shadowy fascist group Stormfront and Vexnews have had a close relationship in the past. (see label below) 

56 Truth On Comments:

Anne Frank said...

I told you he was a Nazi!

Simon Wiesenthal said...

Poor Andrew! Rejected by the Nazi Party!

No doubt he'll be down outside their beer hall this evening wearing a wig with blonde plaits singing "Lili Marlene" in an attempt to make them like him.

The fire warden at the Reichstag said...

The Nazis have a rule that no-one is allowed to be (a) fatter than Hermann Göring or (b) a bigger thief than he was. Landeryou gets excluded on both counts.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Clearly you are undertaking your usual trickery with the truth Slanderyou. Vexnews is well known as the news service that tells it like it is. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Trickery is putting it mildly Henderson.

Shirley Morris said...

Don't you have a life Slanderyou?

Anonymous said...

Drunken drag queen Landeryou is dribbling all over this patriotic site again! Disgusting!

Randy the Rhinemaiden said...

Landeryou has always been big on the concept of lebensraum. It is a very important issue when you are as fat as he is.

Grunhilda said...

It ain't over till the fat lady sings. When next in court, Shirley Landeryou will sing like flock of galahs!

Siegfried the silly sausage said...

Millions of sperm at conception - and Andrew was the fastest?

Gretchen from Oxford Street said...

Shirley sounds like an OK sort of castrato. A high-pitched voice and no balls. Yum. Come and visit me sometime honey!

Dr Faustus said...

Landeryou had repulsive mates during his MUSU Mafia days - including identity theft specialist Darren Ray:

A FORMER Melbourne University student union president has been sentenced to 20 months in jail after defrauding the tax office of more than $180,000.

Darren Kenneth Ray, 26, was sentenced in the County Court yesterday after pleading guilty to 10 charges including obtaining financial advantage by deception and opening bank accounts in false names.

The court heard Ray obtained personal details, including tax file numbers, from people responding to advertisements he placed on a website for non-existent jobs.

He used their details to register five businesses for which he falsely claimed GST refunds totalling $182,281 from the Australian Tax Office between 2004 and 2006.

Ray tried to claim another $10,753 in refunds before he was detected in a tax office audit.

...The court heard Ray now ran a business sub-letting accommodation to international students.

Bring back the Josephs said...

Senator Chris Evans. Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, hang your fat head in shame.

The handling of the case of the Joseph family from Sri Lanka was incompetent and abominable. You and your public servants are execrable slackos.

Get on your knees and beg them to come back.

Privileged Young Labor Crooks said...

In the movie Point Blank, lazy rich kids donned rubber masks of the Presidents of the United States to pull off robberies to maintain their lavish lifestyle. The Presidents of the Melbourne University Student Union were more resourceful, more fraudulent, more coercise. They stripped the Union.

A Melbourne court was told that Darren Kenneth Ray, president of the union in 2002, and Benjamin Cass, president in 2000, had used the names "Marcus Kemp" and "Duncan Fisher" to win or maintain the business contracts for running student elections.

A pool of corruption said...

Don't forget 1991 MUSU President Andrew Landeryou:

Labor Club members Landeryou and Semmens face allegations of corruption and misuse of power. The anti-corruption group was formed by students concerned that the Labor Club-dominated student union had increasingly adopted a corporate approach to management and administration.

Et Tu, Evan said...

Don't forget 1986 president Evan Thornley either, even though he and Landeryou later fell out

This included a push toward privatisation and commercialisation of student services. SAC claims the student union acted against the best interests of students by privatising union building space for a commercial computer retailer half-owned by a company involving former Labor Club member and 1986 student union president Evan Thornley.

And Justice for all said...

What was Melbourne University doing while all these crooks systematically ripped off the University, the students and their student union?

There were many more crooks, criminal associates and hangers-on than is presently known. They should all be serving long jail terms.

Golden Urinal said...

Nasty young ALP royalty punks and thugs who broke their parents hearts.

Horrid little parasites who escaped punishment because of their posh connections.

You may have escaped jail, but you can be assured the whole community pisses on you all. Betrayers. You are vile white-collar crims. YOU STINK!

Anonymous said...

Brian Burke is the subject of news on Vexnews today.

Oliver Twist said...

Brian Burke = Fagin to Landerfatcrook's Artful Dodger.

Pooper snooper said...

We sort of know what Landeryou is up to. But what about Dale, Cass, Ray and all the other crims involved in the MUSU scandal?

Dale is still involved in 'The Thirty Day Challenge'. It is an internet scam although a bit difficult to explain quickly.

Darren Ray, although now free, has form as an identity theft virtuoso. What is he up to these days?

Cass narrowly escaped conviction. How is he earning a crust?

Chris Evans is an asshole said...

Lardarse Senator Chris Evans. Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, you treated Sri Lankan Grandmother Joseph, who belonged here, and her carer Edward Josph like shit. Wake up you fat wanker. Do your job properly. Don't rely on the advice of public servants who have already sold Aussies down the line. Your immigration policy is horrific and unfair to all Australians!

Travis Bickle said...

"Someday a real rain will come and wash this scum off the streets."

Is it too optimistic to hope that Landeryou may have been drowned yesterday, or at least washed to Werribee?

Shirley better stay at home said...

I was looking for some news of the state elections coming up in a couple of weeks time and found this story instead!

Cross-dressers banned from bar

* Fiona McWhirter
* From: Sunday Mail (SA)

A GROUP of Adelaide cross-dressers says it is no longer welcome at its favourite hotel, after having been refused entry.

Despite drinking and dining regularly at the carnival-themed Boho Bar, on Unley Rd, for at least six months, members of Adelaide's transgender community say management's attitude has changed.

Two male cross-dressers in female clothing were refused entry to the bar in January. A customer, who contacted the Sunday Mail, said he witnessed a group of male cross-dressers "forcibly removed" in early February.

The new policy has stunned the "trannies", who say the ban affected a night out in which some members of their party were seated inside and others were refused entry.

The Boho Bar, part of the Booze Brothers hotel chain, is a flamboyantly decorated and styled venue offering "elements of the circus, the old burlesque sideshows and classic, Bohemian cabaret theatres", according to its website.

Male-to-female transgender retail worker Susan claimed she was made to feel "almost unclean" after she and cross-dressing friend Cherry were refused entry to The Boho Bar while out with three non-cross-dressing friends.

"Because we were the first two there, they pulled us aside and said, `I'm sorry, you've been refused entry'. We were like, `What for?' " Susan said.

"In my heart I knew what it was about, because us two were the only cross-dressed pair in the group; there was a guy and his wife and another guy - they were dressed as normal."

Susan said her cross-dressing friends Sharyn and Heather were already inside but Sharyn was later prevented from returning when she went outside to meet the others.

Susan said she contacted Booze Brothers co-director Leon Saturno two days later seeking an explanation and was told there was a new policy that "no cross-dressers (would be) allowed anymore".

Susan, of the southern suburbs, was adamant there had never been previous issues at the bar about the group's dress.

Sharyn, 53, said: "We had been going there for quite a while without any problems whatsoever.

"We never had any problems with the staff there or the patrons; actually, quite the contrary - we seemed to get along pretty well with some of the patrons there."

Several weeks earlier, cross-dresser Roxxy said she was among a mixed group of male-female couples and transgender friends, when the bar's security staff told her: "In future, you have to use the handicapped toilet."

"I went into the ladies' loo with my wife to do my lippy and powder my nose. She used the loo but I was outside touching up my makeup and stuff," Roxxy said. "When we left the ladies' loo, two security guys came up to us."

Roxxy said they had "assumed" his wife was also a cross-dresser.

She said the bar should now display its entry conditions at the door. "If someone doesn't want us in there, it doesn't bother me; if they don't want us in there, I don't want to be there."

Equal Opportunity Commissioner Linda Matthews said she was yet to receive a complaint but "on the face of it, this would meet the necessary criteria".

"We would certainly take up a complaint; we would write to the club and ask them on what basis did they refuse entry to these people and see what they say," she said.

"If it did come down to their chosen gender, they could find themselves in breach of the Equal Opportunity Act."

Mr Saturno did not wish to comment when contacted by the Sunday Mail.

Anonymous said...

The notoriously lazy drunk Andrew Landeryou ended the week on his Blog of Sleaze with a plea for his fellow Right faction thief, jailbird and incompetent manager Brian Burke who is facing court yet again.

Andrew was right on the ball as usual. Other media outlets were reporting the story three full days before.

McMullah's said...

Landeryou's attempts to offload all his Hal'al chicken pork have just got harder

McDonald's rejects push to have more halal-serving outlets

Wendy Hargreaves
Sunday Herald Sun
March 07, 2010 10:26AM

McDONALD'S has rejected a push to have more halal-serving outlets despite pressure on the fast-food giant.

A Victorian burger fan, Amin Assafiri, launched the Facebook campaign in frustration at having to drive from driving 8km north to the closest halal McDonald.

Mr Assafiri lives to the north of Melbourne, in Fawkner, with the nearest Hala McDonald's in Roxburgh Park.

His "Make Fawkner McDonald's halal!" Facebook page has attracted 341 members -- not enough to sway the burger chain's management.

"We can only accommodate the market so much," McDonald's spokeswoman Kristy Chong said. "It is a considerable cost to go halal.

"There are already three halal McDonald's in Melbourne."

Mr Assafiri said at least 1000 Muslims living in Fawkner made special trips to Victoria's halal McDonald's in Roxburgh Park and Brunswick East.

The third Victorian halal McDonald's will open in a renovated Preston McDonald's in June.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia editor implies people familiar to El Gordo "sanitising" Buddha Boy's entry.

"For the record
"Before the articles for deletion debate on this article last year I had never heard of the man. I rewrote it entirely based on material in newspapers and books, and in the process found material about his business dealings, court case, leaving the country, and bankruptcy that had previously been excluded. Since then, IP editors (who it seems clear are working on behalf of or in favour of the subject) have been attempting to sanitise the article, removing sourced material Landeryou would not like and changing wording to make him sound better, e.g. blogger -> journalist, despite him only being described as a 'journalist' in a single source, and as a blogger multiple times.

"These IP editors have refused to communicate, instead preferring to edit war. One now asserts in an edit comment that I have 'an agenda': my agenda is to keep this article neutral against the biased edits made by these IP editors. It is deeply ironic that Landeryou exposed on his blog politicians making edits to sanitise their own Wikipedia pages, only for Melbourne-based IP-hopping editors to do precisely the same thing on Landeryou's article.

"Fences&Windows 23:10, 22 February 2010 (UTC)"

El Gordo: Fat fingers, dull senses and no shame. (Toughen up, Bambi.)

Anonymous said...

How loathsome Andrew Landeryou is!

The man believes he is free to do as he please, above the law, and that the world owes him a living, all because his father briefly held a junior post in the state government at the start of the 1980's.

Andrew Landeryou has committed multiple counts of theft and fraud. He has debased democracy through his criminal and unethical conduct in student and local government and state elections.

He smears and libels who he pleases, running at least two websites that consist of nothing but distortions and malicious lies. He fills up the comments threads of these with further lies and smears and racism of the vilest kind.

The world view that allows Andrew Landeryou to conduct himself in this way is reflected in other aspects of his personality.

He is a notorious glutton who eats his way through a vast quantity of fatty fried fast food and he is also a drunkard. This typical Andrew Landeryou lack of restraint has made him immensely fat.

The final disgusting aspect of Andrew Landeryou's life is his transvestitism. The man is notorious for parading through the streets of Melbourne incapably drunk and abusing passers-by or attempting to extract money, food or alcohol from them through threats of violence or sometime both while dressed in gaudy gowns. Often he is so intoxicated he forgets to don a wig before setting out on these expeditions.

Anonymous said...

The Dhillon Gursewak manslaughter of the Indian toddler sort of sums it all up. Lots of ethnic newcomers don't live by Australian laws or values.

No-one here has been able to show when and how Australians were prepared for the surge in migants who don't bat for Australia. The pollies pretend to know nothing. A huge backstab for ordinary Aussie voters.

Now we are all stuck facing revulsion from India and other nations. None of us taxpayers OK'd the tsunami of unwanted immigrants.

The present immigration policy - whatever that is - needs to be reined in and stopped urgently. We don't need any more Dhillon Gursewaks here.

Musqusha ayaan rabaa in aan tago said...

I am learning the Somali language so I can communicate with most Melbourne Taxi drivers. Otherwise, I always end up in Werribee.

Anonymous said...

It's a long weekend patriots!

How many days do you think fat cunt will take off? Five or six?

Clean Up Australia said...

It all depends how drunk Landeryou is.

Jenny Craig said...

Landeryou is taking an intense interest in how the movie Precious fares at the Oscars as it is about an incredibly fat weirdo.

A public spirited citizen said...

No one is as fat or weird as Landeryou.

Now you know said...

"I have to go to the bathroom" is the translation of the Somali words quoted above.

Strange days at Vexnews said...

Landeryou's degeneration into madness is worrying. A half-tonne madman is a serious danger to the community.

On Vexnews his fake commenters are now comunicating with each other. Fake commenter "Troy" mentioned wanting to meet Sen. Arbib in a toilet. Well known Landeryou fake commenter "Byron in Wahroonga", who once sort of made some sense, chimed in:

Troy my dear chap, you are welcome to join Alan and myself in the far cubicle in the Wahroonga Gentlemen’s Public Lavatory for some mutual satisfaction.

Posted by Byron in Wahroonga | March 8, 2010, 18:07

Dr Carl Jung said...

Is Landy a closet poove?

Overall his sexuality seems bizarre and complex. His is suffering from satyriasis. He is Tiger Woods in his mind, but too fat and repulsive to ever "get it up". As well, his misuse of alcohol leads to brewer's droop.

All this led to the breakdown which resulted in his new personality Shirley Landeryou. This version of Landeryou is far more complicated than the original. The behaviour of this tortured individual is becomeing increasingly outrageous and abnormal.

Dr Sigmund Freud said...


I thought we had closed the file on this sad lunatic.

Frankly, I'm sick to death of the whole Landeryou saga. He belongs in Ararat Gaol's J Ward.

Fritz Perls said...

Landeryou is nuttier than fifty fruitcakes!

Erich Fromm said...

There can be no real freedom without the freedom to fail.

Mr Landeryou has overexercised his freedom to fail for many years.

The Third Reik said...

Landeryou is like a noisy intruder being thrown out of the concert hall. You can throw him out, but he will bang on the door and continue to disturb the concert. The analyst opens the door and says, 'If you promise to behave yourself, you can come back in'.

- Dr Theodor Reik

Blind Freddie said...

On a recent visit to Melbourne I remembered the old farmer's adage that you can't put three hundred kilos of potatoes into a one hundred kilo bag.

Melbourne is bursting at the seams.

Get rid of slacko Chris Evans said...

Immigration minister Chris Evans has lost the plot, and needs his fat arse kicked high over the goalposts at the MCG.

He screwed the Sri Lankan Joseph family last week. Now he is deporting Sheik Mansour Leghaei, a cleric supported by several Christian ministers but the subject of adverse ASIO reports.

Sack the lazy, fat pr*ck!

Evans allows in hundreds of unwanted immigrants each week, and deports the Josephs and Sheik Mansour Leghaei who improve connections between Aussies and the unwanted immigrants.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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