Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why does bankrupt butterball hate Catherine NG

Andrew Landeryou has cranked up his hate-list profiling of Councillor Catherine Ng. Not really sure where the contempt comes from. But there way be one reason.

In a column covering Ng, the following was reported of Andy.
"Have Faith

NO WARNING to turn off your mobiles at the Sofitel Hotel's new cabaret room and no wonder. Halfway through the final show the star herself, Faith Prince, pulled out the portable and, while hubby wandered on stage to do a trumpet solo, called to check on their son in their hotel room. (The kid was fine). The audience for this cabaret revival included the likes of John O'May, Nancy Hayes, Todd McKenney and non-singing ex-MCC councillor Kimberley Kitching, estranged spouse of bankrupt butterball Andy Landeryou, who told Diary she is "writing a book". That should be good."

We can't wait for THAT book, too.

95 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Vexnews is a great news site. Why won't the other news sites expose Cr Ng? Because they are too scared. She's a very pugilistic woman. Not Vexnews. Vexnews publishes news as it is. It is not afraid.

Go Andrew.

Go Vexnews.

Rita Randles said...

Andrew is such a good judge of character. He is always right. Heaven help this city if Cr Ng is elected Lord Mayor. Go Robert Doyle.

Anonymous said...

Kim Kitching is writing a book.

That's something Landeryou can't survive. Of course, Kim suffers from courtroom amnesia too and might fudge the calamitous Landeryou fall into the abyss.

On the other hand she got tossed out of house and home while her criminal hubby did a bunk to Costa Rica.

My bet is that she might tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

Blockhead blether Landeryou supported the McCain / Palin presidential ticket. Now he's supporting Robert Doyle for Melbourne Lord Mayor. Fattie, you're farked!

20man said...

A Les Twentyman / Kimberley Kitching mayoral ticket has a lot going for it! Gutsy honesty from Les. Kim, if writing a denouement of the Landeryou empire, is a born-again human being. If so, she will be a formidable candidate.

Anonymous said...

Racist blog Poxnews attacks Catherine Ng again. She is free to sue the venomous, vicious madman.

He claims to be bankrupt, Catherine, but there is a healthy income stream somewhere. Locate it, and you can cripple the loathesome racist and his fat wallet.

Anonymous said...

(The Age) THE battle for Melbourne's next lord mayor has turned nasty, with a Labor-aligned candidate launching an assault on the left-wing Greens in leaflets to be sent to thousands of homes and businesses.

In an attack reminiscent of state Labor's campaign for last year's Albert Park byelection, the leaflet from Labor Party member and lord mayoral candidate Peter McMullin starts with the message "No classes today, Greens Party have shut this school".

Sounds like Kororoit veteran Landeryou is busy with syringes-style leaflets again.

The Electoral Commission needs to look into all this detestable anti-democratic behaviour OK'd by ALP state secretary Stephen Newnham.

Attacks on democracy are as un-Australian as it gets.

Anonymous said...

Remind you of anyone?

"According to Mr Foster-Carter, the North Koreans do not baulk at using photo fakery for ideological purposes.

"They've faked pictures from way back, such as ones with his father on top of Paektu Mountain [a mountain with special resonance in Korean mythology]," he told the BBC.

"It does seem likely that he's still ill. They sometimes don't realise that what a domestic audience will accept won't necessarily work for a more sceptical international audience.

"You think they'd be a bit more proficient at doing this by now!" "

Anonymous said...

Brumby signed off on the Kororoit snd Albert Park dirty tricks didn't he? He needs to have a very close look at Steve who is steering him into all these big political potholes.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Well said Cait. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

As an independent reader, it seems to me that Vexnews was first to report the Ng political fiddle. I know where I am turning to for my news.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews is great. I'd pay to subscribe. Advertisers must be very pleased with its readership figures. More than likely, advertisers are shifting away from failed media properties such as The Age, to Vexnews.

fire officer said...

Patriots might be interested in the real reason for Landeryou's racist campaign against the popular and hardworking Melbourne City Councillor Catherine Ng.

Councillor Ng is deeply concerned about fire risks in high rise apartment buildings in the CBD.

It is well known that Landeryou has dipped into his swag of stolen loot to install full-scale commercial deep-frying equipment larger that that found in many major restaurants in the kitchen of his luxury central city digs.

Landeryou keeps this running 24 hours a day. This is obviously very dangerous particularly given his gross intemperance.

Councillor Ng does not want to see the inhabitants of swanky CBD apartments deep-fried and she has got council safety officers to order Landeryou to remove the cooking equipment before there is a tragedy.

The deeply disturbed Landeryou has taken this entirely reasonable public safety measure as a personal slur -- and launched a racist jihad against Ng.

Anonymous said...

In Fat Andy's Dean Mighell rant, Andy has raised his own personal porn stash.

Whatever gets you going Andy!

Anonymous said...

Why is Andy linking Les Twentyman with Dean Mighell???

landeryou is a drunk said...

Fascinating to use the comments thread to track the increasingly deranged ramblings of the drunkard Landeryou last night in the throes of his alcohol addiction.

The Slanderyou clock runs three hours ahead of Melbourne time.

Just before 11 Landeryou put down his jumbo thickshake container-full of cheap red wine (he drinks it 500 ml at a time) and put up a post praising himself under the name of Cait Catt.

He quickly gulped down another half litre of plonk and a minute later posted a second peaen to himself as Rita Randle.

Landeryou must have then passed out at his keyboard for around four hours but he was back posting at three in the morning even drunker than before.

Within three minutes he had posted three comments talking up his handiwork. The first was as Henderson Ross, but he was clearly far too drunk to remember any other names of the myriad of alter egos that inhabit his mental menagerie.

His sad state is laid bare by his last posting: "Vexnews is great. I'd pay to subscribe. Advertisers must be very pleased with its readership figures. More than likely, advertisers are shifting away from failed media properties such as The Age, to Vexnews."

You would have to be completely paralytic to suggest that anyone would pax to visit the toxic Poxnews race hate site and talk up its attraction as advertising space.

Poxnews has no readers and it has no advertisers.

It is Landeryou's swiftest failure so fair. No wonder he is seeking solace in vast quantities of alcohol.


Anonymous said...

It is so reassuring to see how patriots want to help Landeryou, but his criminality, deceit and deranged egoism are too ingrained for Landeryou to help himself.

Have a look at the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous below. More than half of them - Steps 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 – would be completely impossible for Landeryou. He is a tragic case.

1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable.

2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

5. Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

7. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.

9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

Anonymous said...

First racism, now she-male porn.

You might like them both, Fat Boy, but they won't win you any more readers to your failed Poxnews project.

Anonymous said...

She-male obsessed race baiter Andrew Landeryou is accusing a Melbourne City Council candidate of racism on his unread hate blog.

Pot, meet the kettle!

Anonymous said...

Psychotic racist landeryou had better watch out going by this ABC News report...

A woman who tried to flee a Ku Klux Klan initiation rite was shot dead by the group's leader in a remote campsite on a sandbar in the swamps of Louisiana, officials told local media.

The woman had found the Sons of Dixie group on the Internet and taken a bus down from her home in Tulsa, Oklahoma so she could be initiated into the secretive white supremacist group and then recruit others in Oklahoma.

She arrived on Friday and underwent several rites, including having her head shaved, St Tammany Sheriff Jack Strain said at a press conference.

She was then taken to the campsite that was accessible only by boat where the rituals continued, consisting mainly of lighting torches and "running around in the woods," the New Orleans Times Picayune quoted Mr Strain as saying.

At some point on Sunday evening, the woman decided she wanted to leave and got into an argument with group leader Raymond "Chuck" Foster, 44 who pulled out a .40 calibre handgun and shot her.

"We believe he then rolled her over and began a process of removing the bullet from her body" with a knife, Mr Strain told reporters as he stood before the Ku Klux Klan costumes recovered from the campsite.

"That shows you to some extent the callousness of this individual."

Foster then ordered his followers to burn the woman's belongings and dump her body by the side of a nearby road.

Anonymous said...

sure it wasnt a shemale member of the ku klux klan

that would be right up landeryous street

Anonymous said...

I hear Andy's old man is so concerned about all his female identities; Delia Delegate, Cait Catt and Rita Randles, that he is shouting him a monthly visit to the ladies of the Boardroom of South Melbourne to try to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Anonymous said...

How come Andy know's so much about Mighell's tranny?

Surely it's no coincidence! Andy knows too much about this.

Anonymous said...

Hope the girls at The Boardroom get danger money!

Anonymous said...

Anon, let's also hope they get a big dose of penicillin

Anonymous said...

The Scarlet Alliance say that the ladies of the Boardroom insist on having the madam present when Landeryou visits to make sure he doesn't try to go on top.

therese rein said...

Readers of the "slanderyou" website will be keen to hear an update on my struggle to find gainful employment for long-term unemployed web-logger Andrew Landeryou.

Putting recent problems behind me, I recently went to work on Andrew's curriculum vitae. The most important part of any CV - especially for those with little recent work experience - are referees who can speak for the good character of the job-seeker.

Referees can come from educational institutions the job-seeker has attended, or they can be former employers or business partners.

Unfortunately, in Andrew's case, the University of Melbourne, Stephen Mayne and Solomon Lew all refused my requests for character references. Indeed, in seeking their recommendations I was subjected to expletive-laden tirades at Andrew Landeryou's expense.

The only people I can find who agreed to put in a good word for Andrew were a chap called Sasha Uzunov and another called Henderson Ross. Unfortunately the former produced a reference that was so poorly written as to be illegible, and the latter simply repeated his own name a dozen times.

Can any reader of the Slanderyou website provide a reference for Andrew Landeryou? I'm trying to get his foot in the door at Dandenong Hungry Jack's.

My name is Therese, I'm from Queensland, and I'm here to help.

pundit said...

Glutton, buffoon, criminal and porn afficinado Landeryou has the gall to attack and libel normal people like Les Twentyman, Dean Mighell and Catherine Ng.

But for various admin and legal incompetencies, he would already be behind bars serving a very long sentence for organised crime and corporate fraud.

As for the inflamatory lies and libels, it is not my job to suggest other remedies. Landeryou's performance at Sunshine court at the Twentyman stalking hearings was said to be meek and ultra conciliatory.

Anonymous said...


Good on you for trying to help loose cannon Landeryou !

Les Twentyman OAM and Victorian of the Year, out of the goodness of his heart, might have something positive to say about him - even if it is only 'I think Landeryou is human and, like all human beings, he can be rehabilitated and put on the road to redemption'.

Have you tried Newnham, Brumby or Theophanous yet?

Anonymous said...


Could Landeryou get a job as a transsexual hooker?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's gut flab completely obscures his virile member so he is only available for backdoor action.

His obesity however has given him spectacular boobs.

Perverted chubby chasers with an obsession for Spanish would love him in a boy brothel.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Landeryou's mate Conroy has been actively studing how Landeryou censors the internet.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Landeryou's mate Brumby has been actively studying how Landeryou loses money.

Anonymous said...

"A MAN who had sex with his wheelchair-bound mother because he said no other women wanted him has been jailed," reports.

The sicko has been given three years.

Landeryou's she-male obsession could well see him serve time.

Add it to the sentences he is going to get for theft, fraud, perjury, breaches of state and federal electoral acts, the tax laws, corporation laws, breaching court orders, inciting racial hatred and criminal defamation and he will be behind bars for a good 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Landeryou's mate Theo has been actively studying how Landeryou covers-up his mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Another short, secretly recorded, phone call:

Bishop: Mal, what IS the G20 and what does it do exactly?

Turnbull: #!**#

right said fred said...

Now Cyber criminal Landeryou is accusing Les Twentyman of sexual perversion. Another technical breach of his Sunshine AVO:

I hope Deano gives me his number, this is right up my alley.

Posted by Sir Lesley Twentytonneguts HRH | November 13, 2008, 15:57

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Judges and magistrates take a very dim view of contempt of court.

quiz said...

1. Who said Landeryou is "a spineless twerp who specialises in attacking single women on the web (he screened a photo of one woman's home, broadcast lies about office affairs and pregnancy with another)".

2. Who said Landeryou "is now Australia's most prolific and reckless internet defamer".

3. Who said: "It is scurrilous. The
reality is that an amount of what is printed on that web site is defamatory. However, we all know that Andrew Landeryou does not have two pennies to rub together at
this stage and is facing a fairly uncertain future, probably at Her Majesty’s pleasure. As a result, it is very unlikely that anybody is going to launch proceedings against Mr Landeryou, on the basis that they would be unlikely to receive any damages and the
cost of a defamation action is extremely high".

Anonymous said...

What is the statute of limitations on libel? Depending on when Landeryou's bankruptcy is annulled, some of those defamed may have a tort...

I also note Landeryou has not defamed Joe Gutnick. That would be fatal.

i am henderson ross said...

Who said: "This allegation plainly refers to me and is a most serious libel upon me as a well-known online publisher and journalist."

Anonymous said...

Loathesome racist/ misogynist/ stalker/ defamer/ organised criminal/ onanist/ Landeryou knows the answers to the above quiz. But, being a troll when he visits here, doesn't respond to criticisms or behaviour modification tips offered by concerned posters.

crikey said...


The answer to question 2 is Stephen Mayne! Go Stevie!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou probably doesn't have any pennies. But there is a nice income stream of dolars supporting his millionaire lifestyle.

My money is still on a go-between who launders the cash. Maybe the AFP stakeout team are being fooled when small brown bags are switched at KFC outlets.

Maybe Today Tonight should do a story - especially if the bludger is getting dole payments too.

Inspector Clouseau said...

Of course, investigators are checking former MUSU crime associates, their mates, and his extended family, aren't they?

Landeryou probably has a small bank account for the dole payments. But the laundered cash pays for the lifestyle and expenses.

Anonymous said...

Australian governments and corporate millionaires (including Landeryou) haven't got the picture yet. If the glogal meltdown continues, they will be very lucky not to be burnt at the stake.

is larry in jail yet said...

IN the post-mortem review of policy errors that created the current ABC Learning childcare debacle, it is worth recalling that the restructuring of childcare to enable public funds to subsidise private operators took place under Liberal minister Larry Anthony, who then lost his seat at the subsequent election. He exited to lead the board of ABC Learning, well placed to guide the corporation in how to maximise flows of public funds.

Dr Elspeth McInnes AM

Anonymous said...

I blame Landeryou for the present global financial meltdown.

His MUSU policy of "if it fits in a taxi-truck, nick it" worked fine. He showed also that he could fleece investors like Sol Lew and people in Jersey, Channel Islands, and get away with it.

Millions of 'disappeared' dollars later, Landeryou is still free living the high life. He pretends to be a journalist.

Other Corporate crooks saw this as an invitation to a feast.

Anonymous said...

"I should have punched him harder."
Eric Cantona reveals the main regret about the infamous kung-fu incident at Crystal Palace.

Rachael from Friends said...

The pit of Andy's stomach is not where you'd want to be right now

Anonymous said...

Andy, aren't you supposed to have a neck?

andy loves barbra said...

This is up amongst all the ladyboys on Landeryou's site. He is clearly trying to tell us something...

Gay activists campaign for sex in parks
14/11/2008 7:02:00 AM.

Gay activists will hold a ‘sit in’ in a Sydney park this weekend to protest at what they say is a wasteful police crackdown on men who have sex in the public space...

Monica said...

I agree with Anon 10:58:00 AM - where is your neck Andy?

Anonymous said...

Given Andy's KFC consumption, who does this for Andy?

TONY: You and Whitney are so intertwined in the public mind. Does it bother you that some people call you Mr. Whitney Houston?
BOBBY BROWN: That doesn't bother me, because that's my wife and I'm proud of her.
TONY: Evidently, you're very close. There's a moment in the show when you describe helping Whitney with constipation by using your, uh, hand. Were you kidding?
BOBBY BROWN: Oh no, I had to. She couldn’t go boo-boo. Sometimes, when people are constipated, you gotta help them out.
TONY: I don't know if I'd do that for my wife.
TONY: I don't think she'd let me. But I'm glad you guys have that type of relationship.
BOBBY BROWN: Yes, we do.

Anonymous said...

What El Gordo lacks in the neck department, he more than compensates in the chin department.

"More chins than the Hong Kong phone book" as Joan Rivers once said about Liz Taylor.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that Fat Andy has constipation since he gives everyone else the shits.

Anonymous said...

Vicious slanderer Andrew Landerflop has done a very rapid 180 degree turnaround on Melbourne Lord Mayoral candidate Nick Columb. He grovels to Columb today.

It makes one wonder if Columb called Landeryou's bluff and got the lawyers in.

And given that Landeryou crumbled in 24 hours it makes one wonder if he does have assets to defend.

Landeryou might have bought himself a quick breathing space but created a hell of a lot more trouble for later on.

Here's hoping, hey patriots?

Anonymous said...

Bet Buddha Boy is getting all the information he can on this case:

A MORBIDLY obese Canadian inmate has been released months ahead of schedule because his prison was not adequately suited to hold a man of his girth, a parole board said today...

Anonymous said...

Landerfat will be rejoicing at the Canadian precent. The guy there weighed 195 kilos or under half of what our obese crim weighs.

inspector clousseau said...

More interference in the Theo alleged rape case. His wife in the Hun said:

"She may have visited Parliament at some stage. There is nothing unusual in that. But on the night she alleges the incident occurred I believe Theo’s then driver insists he dropped Theo off at 6pm at home, and this is supported by his log book".

If my memory serves, the victim said she met for drinks with Theo that evening before going to Parliament House. Theo could well have been dropped home by his driver at six. He could then easily have been back in town for the drinks.

Visitors to Parliament House were and are required to sign in and out. Ten years ago there was CCTV coverage. Has anyone checked?

Anonymous said...

At least Landeryou is consistent. He constantly libels Ng, Mighell and Twentyman.

Unlike them, Theo is being investigated for one of the most serious criminal offences on the books. Landeryou supports him to the hilt. He is up to his usual tricks. Damning the victim, re-running the Hun story, obfuscation and interference.

Isn't it time someone put rat poison in the Fat Cave?

Anonymous said...

The extraordinary claims of Mrs Theo are libellous. Apart from her other 'social problems', the victim is one of those repulsive sub-humans, the unemployed. Have a look:

"She was an emergency teacher, and studied acting. I believe she had a number of social problems — with money, with work, with relationships — and that was the case well before the alleged incident.

She had a brother whom she lived with who was also mostly unemployed. She moved to Greece about six years ago. I believe they continue to live together, and that neither she nor her brother have had stable employment since".

clean up labor said...

All the Greece references! So this was all part of yet another ethnic branch stack by Theo gone very wrong.

Cait Catt said...

Rita is a decent person and is to be commended. Theo is also a great person and does a lot of good for the people of his Legislative Council Region.

Vexnews is to be commended also for its support of Rita and Theo, two fine Australians.

Anonymous said...

Fat Andrew would like a bit of what Theo has had but a) he cannot get it up and b) his penis vanished beneath folds of flab back in the mid eighties and has not been seen since.

inspector clousseau said...

It the case of the missing members.

Landeryou hasn't seen his for years.

Theo is currently the missing member of the Leg. Council.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou might have been writing about himself when he blogged "Rita’s exposition is a damning indictment on a disturbed accuser, a person whose personal life has been deeply troubled and who appears motivated by greed and evil".

Then he wrote: "Who’s next to be hung out to dry"?

I dunno - but your turn is coming!

Anonymous said...

Re: 11:32:00 PM

Are rape victims with stable employment histories the only ones who can expect justice?

The lady doth protest too much, methinks, said...

It's obvious a lawyer has either written or edited Rita Theophanous's 'statement'.

There are far too many "I also believe...", "what I believe to be the facts", "I believe she had a number of social problems".

The weasel word is 'believe' which some suburban lawyers think is a defence against defamation.

Defence lawyers also are notorious for attacking rape victims. Rita Theophanous is quoted as saying: "I also believe that in the years following the alleged incident, while she was in Melbourne, she had several relationships including with a man engaged to someone else. I believe she was shattered and bitter when he chose to marry his fiancee. I believe she tried desperately to continue the relationship.

"I can only conclude that her story is a fabrication".

Nice try, Rita, and your legions of taxpayer funded lawyers!

r2d2 said...

My sensors detect Stephen Newnham as orchestrator of the 'Save Theo's Ass Campaign'.

Anonymous said...

I saw this headline in the Courier Mail and thought it was some odd report on fat Andy:

Broke jailbird advised top tax man

Anonymous said...

Here is an extract from the Sydney Morning Herald on the criminal antics of the local Landeryous:

"Welcome to NSW Labor under Nathan Rees, where the Premier tries to juggle the interests that put him in power. Where ferry and rail reform and the sale of electricity trading rights are ticked off with the unions. Where public service jobs (other than senior executives) are not cut in significant numbers for fear of upsetting the unions.

"Where a right-wing sub-faction - the Trogs - is beginning to look like it could delay a cabinet reshuffle because it does not like the fact a no-name minister called Tony Stewart got tossed overboard for lying to the Premier about verbally abusing a staff member at a charity function."

Anonymous said...

Didn't Andy spend time already in gaol?

Anonymous said...

Tripodi should have.

He's another one of those parliamentary sex offenders.

Anonymous said...

No update to Fat Boy's hate site Poxnews today. He must be serving periodic dentention. Strange that an unemployed person got it. Presumably Fat Andy committed perjury in the process. Idiot. He really will be going away for a long, long time.

pucker said...

Landeryou blogged "SHAKEDOWN: Rape accuser’s plan to 'make millions' revealed", referring to the case of alleged parliamentary rapist Theophanous.

Landeryou did make millions from his MUSU and Lew scams - but he hasn't been raped yet.

All that with change when he meets up with Brutus Beefcake and the Hot Rods at Barwon prison.

Andrew, you won't be able to sit down for months!

Anonymous said...

Rita Theophanous considers that the rape victim's allegations are "abhorrent".

Luckily, Rita, you weren't there and are blissfully ignorant about what actually happenened.

But your published defence of hubby Theo, like Premier Brumby's call for faster resolution, was a disgraceful interference with an on-going police investigation.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou claims Theophanous is "one of our most respected elected officials".

This is far from a universal view. Commenters here and on Poxnews accuse him of branch-stacking among other multifarious political sins. He is not a labor archangel by any means.

Whether he is a rapist is the subject of police investigation. The odious interference of Mrs Theo, Landeryou, Premier Brumby, the Herald-Sun and others is unwelcome and undemocratic.

I personally hope he is exonerated, but with all the political interference, I'm beginning to wonder.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is slumbering contentedly in the Fat Cave, having shafted Cr Ng, Dean Mighell, Stephen Mayne and Les Twentyman on his toxic blog this week.

Coursing slowly through his bloated veins are venom, bile, hatred and cant.

But, whatever, Landeryou is a shocking crim whose defamations will soon be illegal. The Hot Rods will have a ball when he arrives in HM Barwon!

cait catt said...

Hey, Andrew!

What the hell are Hot Rods? And do I need some?

splooj said...

I'm told Theo has an embarrasingly small hot rod himself.

But he tries to spread it about a bit!

Did he manage to get it in. Time will tell!

Anonymous said...

Nothing from the fat boy this weekend. He must be doing periodic detention.

catter8 said...

Cait Catt talking about hot rods above is an impersonator. The reference to me links to a Malaysian business site.

Watch your language Slanderyou. Print something decent for a change.

Theo is innocent.

Anonymous said...

catter8 meant a reference to Cait, not to herself.

Also Brian Burke is a great man too, and is also innocent.

rita randles said...

Luckily I'm dead - and therefore cannot get Hot Rodded!

theo said...

I'm political dead meat.

If I go to jail, will this mean I won't get hot rodded either?

Anonymous said...

Therese Rein has gone a bit quiet about her valiant attempts to find a job for lazy crook and blog buffoon Landeryou.

There are worrying signs that Therese is becoming increasingly glum about the magnitude of the task.

hugh jarse said...

Landeryou couldn't find his big fat rump using two hands. How could he find a job?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou praises convicted crim Brian Burke for losing millions upon millions of ordinary Western Australian's money. Landeryou and corrupt politicians like Burke all treat ordinary people with contempt.

Anonymous said...

Landercriminalcunt is too fat to wipe his own arse. The stench is atrocious. He reeks of rancid cooking oil, cheap red wine and excrement.

Anonymous said...

Poor personal hygiene won't protect Buddha Boy from daily anal assault when he goes to prison.

He will just be bashed first, then sodomised.

r2d2 said...

My sensors detect Stephen Newnham as orchestrator of the 'Save Theo's Ass Campaign'.

Anonymous said...

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