Monday, November 24, 2008

Andrew Bolt features Andrew Landeryou - from behind!

Andrew Bolt has used a picture of Andrew Landeryou to decorate a story on airlines and excess baggage!!!!

Scroll to the very end of the Team Slanderyou blog, and you will see the same pic! Spooky.

(Definitely, last post before mid December!)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sergeant Sasha has his own fan site! He really is moving up

Come and support Australia's One Man Media Army

Anonymous said...

That picture of Landeryou that Bolt has obtained: has he been on a diet recently? I couldn't recognise the fat felon from the photo.

Anonymous said...

That Sgt Sasha blog looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Where is Cait Catt?

Anonymous said...

For the titillation of Cait Catt lovers below is reproduced a comment that just appeared on what many commentators to this blog call Poxnews:

We of the campaign to elect Michael Freshwater of One Nation to the Council of East Gippsland thank Jenny Mikakos MLC for her great and generous support for our campaign. We also thank Gavin Jennings for his generous support.

Posted by Freshwater for East Gippsland Council

This is disgusting. Both Mikakos and Jennings ought to be expelled from the ALP.

cait catt said...

Someone asked "where is Cait Catt"?

As usual I am safely inside Andrews head. I'm a make-believe
concoction the great man dreamed up.

It's lucky for you cream puffs that I don't actually exist!

Anonymous said...

I loved Sgt Sasha's new fan website. The defining moment photo of the sarge having to delete those illegal photos outside Sunshine Court under police supervision earlier this year was so cool. In a way it summarises the Landeryou crash to earth.

Sash is one damned hot chauffeur for the Bloated One. One day Landeryou will need a quick getaway driver. Sasha is the man for the job providing he can grab a B-Double truck!

Anonymous said...

Sgt Sasha's new fan website is already easily out-rating Poxnews. Andrew won't be pleased. Sasha, friendship with Landeryou is sort of a one way thing.

Anonymous said...

Sergeant Sasha's friends in the Victorian mental health community can't get enough of his new fan site.

Anonymous said...

I hear that the Barwon Jail Hot Rodders Club like that photo of Landeryou. It gives them a great view of their target area.

i am henderson ross. said...

Who reads Poxnews? When I want to read the ramblings of a deluded nobody I head straight to the Sergeant Sasha site. I am henderson ross.

Anonymous said...

No-one reads Poxnews, but patriots may be interested to know Andrew Landeryou used the ignored site to confess to a "20 year" crime rampage yesterday.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

The Walkley Awards will be announced this week.

Pity Vexnews wasn't live when the nominations were accepted, otherwise I am sure that Vexnews would have featured prominently in the nominations, and would have scooped a few awards.

There is always 2009 I guess. I am Henderson Ross.

I am also Henderson Ross. said...

The Walkley Awards are for journalists. Poxnews could not be entered as Fat Andrew Landeryou is not one of those.

Instead Fat Andrew Landeryou is an unrepentant, unapologetic and unashamed thief, fraud, stalker and serial criminal defamer with deep-seated mental health issues exacerbated by all the chemicals in KFC.

I am also Henderson Ross.

and justice for all said...

It's incredible. Andrew Landeryou is a wanted criminal but unwanted in every other sense.

A Patriot said...

"If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem." : Abraham Lincoln - (1809 -1865) 16th US President

A Patriot said...

"The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life.": Theodore Roosevelt - (1858-1919) 26th US President - Source: letter 01/10/1917

A Patriot said...

"The vested interests - if we explain the situation by their influence - can only get the public to act as they wish by manipulating public opinion, by playing either upon the public's indifference, confusions, prejudices, pugnacities or fears. And the only way in which the power of the interests can be undermined and their maneuvers defeated is by bringing home to the public the danger of its indifference, the absurdity of its prejudices, or the hollowness of its fears; by showing that it is indifferent to danger where real danger exists; frightened by dangers which are nonexistent." Sir Norman Angell 1872 - 1967

Anonymous said...

I am a relatively late newcomer to all of this.

But I must say, I find the Slanderyou website and the regular contributors to it very humourous.

A great blog to read, to lift the spirits.

Keep it up guys.

By the way, is Andrew Landeryou really this bad?

Sergeant Sasha said...

Why didn't Kevin Rudd fight in the Vietnam War? True, he was only born in 1957 but there are child soldiers in Africa younger than him.

How dare he now direct our armed forces when he didn't volunteer.

Anonymous said...

I just bought myself a mobile phone with a built-in video function. Now I can call myself a documentary maker just like Sergeant Sasha.

Anonymous said... reports "A MAN who jumped parole and eluded Queensland police officers for more than 30 years has been recaptured in Tasmania..."

The law will catch up with you sooner or later, Fat Boy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Walkley awards, again ... again. Isn't this canard getting mightly stale?

Funnily enough I know the deputy organizer of the Walkleys (now working at SBS as a researcher) the year the Cookie Monster claims he got a gong.

She knows nothing of El Gordo and says he wasn't eligible - not a MEAA member and blogs don't count.

Spin that, Buddha Boy.

Anonymous said...

Does 2.23 work for the EPA Stasi? That same phrase was used in an EPA Stasi press release. Throw a cigarette butt out of your car and you will be caught.

The press release was copied in a number of newspapers by lazy journalists. Slanderyou obviously didn't fall for it.

I do not support littering, but the EPA Stasi technique is to issue an infringement notice first and you have to threaten to go to court before they will withdraw it. Prison officers get a lot of these as crook lawyers use private detectives to get their car registration numbers, then they use the internet dob in page to the EPA Stasi. The EPA Stasi won't say how many infringement notices they withdraw. That is an admission of guilt.

Anonymous said...

What is the Stasi?

Anonymous said...

The Stasi is the former secret police in Communist East Germany. They operated using informers.

The EPA in Victoria use Stasi techniques, and that is why patriots refer to them as the EPA Stasi.

Anonymous said...

Several commentators to Poxnews have referred to the EPA Stasi, its boss Comrade Mick Bourke and its Minister Gavin Jennings.

Jennings, along with Jenny Mikakos, have been accused for supporting One Nation candidate Michael Freshwater for the Council of East Gippsland, and the suggestion has been made that both should be expelled from the ALP.

If true they both should be expelled. Jennings should be expelled for his failure to condemn his EPA Stasi dob in operations.

Sargeant said...

Don't forget to visit the fan site and show your appreciation for the Sarge!!

Anonymous said...

A delightful comment on Poxnews this afternoon: "Writing like this promotes comas."

It is the only truthful fact on the entire site. Expect Fat Boy Landeryou to delete it pronto.

Anonymous said...

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Thinking of a threesome?
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Anonymous said...

Cutting and pasting from yesterday's London Sun? Or it an El Gordo fantasy? Yick!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Threesomes! More filth on the Blog of Sleaze. Why am I not surprised. This is a very unfriendly family blog. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely shocking!

Anonymous said...

Henderson, I guess like you, I couldn't turn my eyes away fast enough. Why was I subjected to this fifth? Slanderyou is definitely X rated.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Mr Slanderyou is silent on this? What is he hiding? We should all be very afraid, and alarmed!

Following are excerpts from an interview with Kuwaiti Islamist Dr. Sa’d Al-’Inzi, which aired on Al-Rai TV on December 10, 2007:

Moderator: Doctors and professionals recommend that people should relax. Modern experiments and studies have proven that the best method or relaxation is massage. No reasonable person would deny this, but some people, who abuse this profession, have done it a great disservice, by turning it from a form of mental and physical relaxation into an immoral and homosexual act, which might lead to the contraction of various STDs. What are the secret acts performed behind closed doors? How can we protect our children from such homosexual and foreign acts? What role should the security forces and religious clerics play in the battle against this phenomenon? How can the owners of massage parlors and health centers possibly agree to the turning of their parlors into dens of prostitution and abomination?
Dr. Sa’d Al-’Inzi: There are private parts that no one is allowed to see – both in the case of men and of women. One must adhere to this from the perspective of Islamic law. Unfortunately, I’ve been told that some people show up in their “birthday suits,” and the massage commences. This is forbidden in Islamic law, and should be legally prohibited. Such acts should not be done in Islamic societies.
Unfortunately, 85-90% of what happens in these parlors is homosexual. Very few are the people who adhere to the religious and legal requirements. The basic problem is the foreign workers. Most foreign workers who serve as masseurs are, unfortunately, either “third gender” or sexually perverse and morally deviant.
Most of these parlors are full of homosexuals. The people working there are also homosexuals, I’m sad to say.
Any Kuwaiti who goes to one of these parlors, and sees these homosexuals or encounters very sinful and deviant acts should file a complaint with the security agencies. These people should be held accountable.
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Moderator: Yes, there are.
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Moderator: Spiky.
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Moderator: True.
Dr. Sa’d Al-’Inzi: When a person commits an abominable act, like homosexuality, for example, or lesbianism, in the case of women’s parlors – this constitutes “spreading corruption in the land,” and should be punished by death.
Moderator: Other than life imprisonment and the death sentence, what can be done?
Dr. Sa’d Al-’Inzi: According to Islamic law, a homosexual should be thrown from a tall building.
Moderator: What would you do with them?
Dr. Sa’d Al-’Inzi: To be honest, death is too good for them. They should be gathered in a public place, where they would be flogged and tortured, so the truth about these people is made clear and they serve as a lesson to others, because they are an epidemic plaguing society.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Anon, I always thought there was something suspicious about Slanderyou, and the Leftards that he has surrounded himself with. It's like s sick orgy! I am Henderson Ross.

Landeryou is obscene said...

Three in a bed? Everytime Landeryou gets into a bed that's the equivalent of at least 12. He weighs as many as 12 normal people. And I call it obscene that someone should steal millions of dollars and squander it all on the most disgusting gluttony for KFC.

Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago Fat Andrew Landeryou dedicated most of his repulsive Poxnews site to she-male porn.

Today he has besmirched this blog of truth with talk of threesomes and details of the bizarre prurience of imans and their perverse punishments that he obviously finds sexually stimulating.

Patriots were disturbed but not distressed when Landeryou kept his sick desires on his own site. Now he is talking about them here. How long until he molests a member of the public? Surely the police must intervene!

Anonymous said...

I am disturbed by what I am reading on this blog. It is very filthy. Children should be protected from this. Let's hope that Senator Conroy's internet censoring system scrubs Slanderyou clean.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Well said Anonymous. I am sure that Slanderyou's Blog of Filth is at the top of the Government's list!! And rightly so. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou keeps appearing as a commenter on this Blog leaving a long trail of embarrassing nonsense from fake personality Henderson Ross.

He realises that search engines busily are indexing these comments.

Worse still, when future researchers Google "Landeryou criminal" they will be drawn here.

The trolling by Landeryou of very long posts to confuse posters here won't work now or in the future. It will be the critical comments here that will show up on the search engines.

Stop wasting our time Landeryou with your mad, misleading posts.

You haven't yet accepted the inevitable truth. You are a criminal. Your destiny is at Barwon Gaol with the hyperactive Hot Rodders' Club!

bazz luhrman said...

I flitted to this site and saw the link to Sgt Uzunov's new site. This is one cool guy who I will include in 'Australia II' and maybe 'Australia III'.

The cast I have in mind includes Nicole and Hugh Jackman, Les Twentyman, Sol Lew, Dean McVeigh, Dean Mighell and many others who represent honest Australian values.

Central casters suggested Andrew Landeryou, but I felt it was wrong to provide publicity for a failed criminal whose odious activities are shameful, nasty and embarrassing.

ronin qc said...

The police investigation of alleged Parliamentary rapist Theo is taking a very long time. There are only two possibilities. The victim is reluctant to submit herslf to the gruelling Victorian rape case protocols; or that Victoria Police are shy of tackling Theo. On the evidence presented so far, Theo has a case to answer. I hope, after all the media hype, that Theo is given the opportunity to give his version of events in court.

theo said...

I freakin' told you before. We were pissed. Late at night, and in a darkened house, we tripped over a pile of parliamentary Hansards, falling heavily. I accidentally bonked her. Given the fact that I am, er, underendowed, it hardly counts, does it?

David and Margaret said...

Wow Bazz! Great to see other celebrities also read this fine site.

We hear that there was a move to cast Andrew Landeryou as a gigantic piece of rancid fat in a horror film.

We are told though that Australian Academy Award winning cinematographer Dean Semmler warned that not even the widest of wide-angle lenses could get all of Landeryou's terrifyingly huge circumference into the shot.

Anonymous said...

Sex pervert and criminal Andrew Landeryou has been too busy posting filth on this fine website to censor his own.

Amazingly the comment "writing like this promotes comas" has survived more that 12 hours on the fat crook and smuthound's hate blog.

cait catt said...

As a woman I feel unsafe that someone with such a long criminal record as Andrew Landeryou's and a exhibitionistic habit of exposing himself and his sick sex fantasies to the public via the internet like Andrew's is wandering the streets. How long before some poor girl gets molested by this pervert?

A Patriot said...

"If the test of patriotism comes only by reflexively falling into lockstep behind the leader whenever the flag is waved, then what we have is a formula for dictatorship, - not democracy... But the American way is to criticize and debate openly, not to accept unthinkingly the doings of government officials of this or any other country." - Michael Parenti

Anonymous said...

the landeryou way is to steal and lie and then steal and lie and steal and lie some more

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed the proud boast on that loony Sargeant Sasha's home page of his service as an army "admin clerk"? Nothing like facing off against hostile enemy paper clips!!

Anonymous said... reports: "Two men who sold fake penises enabling drug cheats to give clean urine samples have pleaded guilty to conspiracy..."

Fat fraudster and weirdo Andrew Landeryou says: "Why didn't I think of that idea?"

Dr Freud said...

Patriots have asked "Why does Landeryou have these weird obsessions with sex?" The answer is sad but simple.

Andrew Landeryou has not seen his genitals since early in his teenage years when they vanished beneath folds of fat.

Landeryou's obesity prevents him from having conventional sex or having his genitals stimulated.

Landeryou is not even able to hold his penis when he urinates as he cannot reach around his stomach. Instead, he has to remove all his clothes and stand in a shower to pass water and then wash himself down afterwards.

Naturally, Landeryou's condition means he is a virgin. Sex and his genitals and even normal bodily functions are a source of great and constant personal shame, embarrassment and confusion to him.

My fellow psychiatrists and I believe that Landeryou's morbid obesity is related to this.

He consumes over 25,000 calories worth of KFC each day to ensure that his genitals will always remain obscured by fat in an attempt to make them go away.

It is also why he recently plastered his hate site with she-male porn and in recent days has distressed the readers of the Slanderyou blog with bizarre posts of a sexual nature. Sex is a matter that completely confuses Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Buddha Boy's obesity also means he cant wipe his own arse

Anonymous said...

Is Andy still taking Xenical? Fancy publicly admitting you take a diet drug that can make your stool “loose” to the point where you can have “seepage” and uncontrolled bowl movements.

The manufacturer recommends you wear dark pants to hide uncontrolled “discharges”.

poor Andy!

Anonymous said...

Jenny take note - this is what Andy said on Pox News - evidence for the libel claim!

9 comments for “JENNY’S JIHAD: Banyule councillor involved in bashing a Member of Parliament”


Oh my. Craig Langdon - what an MP. John Brumby must be so proud.

On the taxpayer’s dime he spends his “working” day campaigning for his council candidate lackies and insulting women and attacking their children.

What a brave man.

Posted by Anonymous | November 26, 2008, 10:21

How interesting. Same Craig Langdon that rented out his electorate office and pocketed the money?

As for anon 10.21 - John Brumby has no control over this MP. Brumby is weak and won’t do a thing to bring unruly MP’s into line.

Posted by Anonymous | November 26, 2008, 10:29

*Yawn*. What’s new. MP’s behaving badly - hardly breaking news.

Posted by Anonymous | November 26, 2008, 10:29

Hahaha. Hilarious! Love the claim “I was drinking then found myself on the floor”. I’ve had that happen to me many times - but I don’t recall anyone to blame for it but myself!

Posted by Anonymous | November 26, 2008, 10:44

When will Victoria Police re-open their investigation into Craig Langdon’s dealings with teen males while a social worker with STAY youth services?

Posted by Anonymous | November 26, 2008, 10:50

Jennifer Mulholland has an embarrassing secret regarding a bizarre sex toy at a public meeting.

Posted by anon | November 26, 2008, 11:32

You can take the westie out of the west, but you can’t take the westie out of the man, this MP has lost the plot

Posted by Anonym

Anonymous said...

Noted on the Poxnews hate site today:

Landershonk attacks successful business identity Sol Lew (yawn), accusing him of slashing his share value in half. Landershonk, in contrast, has destroyed the entire value of everything business he has ever been associated with.

Landershonk attacks the Age (yawn), and illustrates the piece with a "SCAM" graphic he stole from somewhere:



Scheming, crafty, aggressive and malicious? The perfect description of Landershonk himself!

Anonymous said...

Scheming, crafty, aggressive and malicious AND morbidly obese.

Anonymous said...

Scheming, crafty, aggressive, malicious, morbidly obese and a failure

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy Andy: scheming, crafty, aggressive, malicious, morbidly obese and a failure too; regarded by all decent people with a mix of derision and contempt.

Anonymous said...

Scheming, crafty, aggressive, malicious, morbidly obese and a failure too; regarded by all decent people with a mix of derision and contempt, and about to leave for a lengthy vacation at Barwon Jail.

Anonymous said...

Scheming, crafty, aggressive, malicious, morbidly obese and a failure too; regarded by all decent people with a mix of derision and contempt. About to leave for a lengthy vacation at Barwon Jail, where he will get his arse buggered off day after day by the Hot Rodders Club.

Anonymous said...

Scheming, crafty, aggressive, malicious, morbidly obese and a failure too; regarded by all decent people with a mix of derision and contempt. About to leave for a lengthy vacation at Barwon Jail, where he will get his arse buggered off day after day by the Hot Rodders Club, who are all pumped up to the gills on methamphetamine and NEVER GOING TO STOP!!!!!!!!!

Sprung again said...

Hey - did patriots know of this Supreme Court case where a judgement was handed down a months ago?




Here's the meat:

"There will be judgment for the plaintiff against the third defendant for the amount of $1,864,063.96 added to an amount calculated for interest at the rate prescribed by the Penalty Interest Rates Act..."

IQ Debt Trap said...

Check out the URL for details of the judgement.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou has bankrupted his father, and his wife.

Nice work

Anonymous said...

ABC Lateline is slipping. Tonight it featured Shrek (Joe Hockey) in ten minutes of misleading meltdown claptrap. Jeez, that guy is a nong!

But Joe is slightly preferable to Tony Abbott, the universally hated Howard remnant whose lies and forgetfullness is only exceeded by Andrew Landeryou's.

phil c said...

Andrew Landeryou hasn't libelled Les Twentyman OAM, Victorian of the Year, on Vexnews for several days. I'm wondering if Mr Landeryou has belatedly realised that he is obligated to honour his undertaking to the Sunshine Court earlier this year.

carl jung said...

I totally agree with my colleague Dr Freud (2:40:00 PM). People unable to see, handle or stimulate their genitalia are in severe trouble.

What really worries me are the three fake personas - 'Cait Catt', Catter8' and 'Rita Randles' - which suggest Landeryou may have embraced his feminine side. Having not seen or touched his priapus for so long, he may have come to believe he is a woman.

People keep asking me if Landeryou is mad. I shrug, shrug again, and point them to the weird Poxnews Blog website.

cait catt said...

After pleading with him, Andrew finally explained to me in detail what Hot Rods are. Since then I have been taking many capsules of testosterone so I can grow a beard. I plan to get arrested for a serious crime (Andrew can probably help me there too) so I can get sent away to Barwon Gaol. I'm hoping the Hot Rodders Club can find the right hole. Oh hell! There are a lot of them, and I have two!

rita randles said...

Geez, Cait, you know how to turn on an old corpse like me!

mrs theophanous said...

All this sex talk is extremely distressing. My Theo is sitting here are home saying he didn't poke that rotten gold-digger, when he should be in the Legislative Council buggering the whole of Victoria (well he is a Greek after all)!

Anonymous said...

I bought a pack of fags today for twenty dollars. A couple of weeks ago they were $17.95. Indexing charges is fine for governments and hell for consumers. Smokers like me need to be stamped out I guess, but loading me with more taxes (on top of the fake odious petrol excise tax) is repugnant. I'm thinking of removing to Swaziland in Africa which has no GST or creeping indexed taxes.

And justice for all said...

Nice to hear about that court case. Always good to see justice being done.

Would Big Bent Bill automatically lose his parliamentary pension if he is convicted of a criminal offence or what?

Fat Girl, Fat Boy + Bent Dad said...

The Landeryous and Dimberley are textbook shonks. Check out the insolvency report covering their latest shameful court case by clicking the link above.

Anonymous said...

These are the details of an interesting looking training organisation. Did Fat Boy claim to live at these premises when he was pretending to live in Brunswick?

Patriots might care to call the number and ask for Bill, then ask him where his fat son lives and what he actually does for money since he has no visible means of support.

North West Employment Group INC

858 Sydney Road


Mr William Landeryou

03/9384 0400

Full judgement here said...

Patriots interested in the matter below can click the link above and follow the prompts for the full judgement




Anonymous said...

Re: Andy's story about PEAS FROM THE SAME POD: Ambitious Liberal connected with former One Nation candidate

how does Andy know about this? Did his Ayrian brothers spill the beans?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's "investigative journalism" is as successful and competent as his business career was.

This is his "evidence" to link a supposed former One Nation nobody in the burbs with a Liberal nodbody: "Cameron’s campaign corflutes - while bearing different typefaces and authorisers - were clearly designed by the same person at the same time as Sue McMillan’s."

Well, duh! There is probably only one place in the area that makes the corflute signs and their "graphic designer" probably has a very limited range.

A pathetic beat up and yet more Landeryou smears.

My purple testicles are now blue said...

Why does Andy confuse the GFC - global financial crisis - with KFC?

Anonymous said...

Why is someone with as many question marks over their judgement and judgement as Ms Kitching permitted to take such a prominent role in the Melbourne City Council campaign?

I know everyone despises her former husband and father-in-law, but that is no excuse. Given the jobs Ms Kitching has held she must not be naive.

Where are the questions on Ms Kitching and what she knew?

Anonymous said...

I do not get why anyone would ever read Vexnews. I mean who gives a fuck about the losers involved with the handful of councils Landeryou obsesses about. The new Crikey my arse! Vexnews is more like one of those suburban papers that gets thrown in the driveway and you bin without reading.

Anonymous said...

Beach J sussed Andrew quickly. Why isn't the horrible crim in court to atone for all that fraud?

Anonymous said...

10:12:00 PM Kim is up to her ears in excrement too!

She suffered from the total amnesia suffered by the Landeryou family and office-holders in court.

A dog ate the company papers.

C'mon! Wake up regulators and get this disgraceful criminal into the dock. He is a dreadful crook, now running a toxic blog that regularly libels honest Australians!

Anonymous said...

The regulator watchdogs were all fast asleep when the World economic meltdown occurred. Unfortunately, Landeryou has slipped down the to-do-list of upcoming criminal prosecutions. Hopefully, he will rise to the top again and get his just desserts!

testicles the greek said...

Why hasn't Theo been charged yet. Rape is disgusting. So is he.

parliamentary cleaner said...

I saw what I saw.

CCTV said...

Me too!

parliament house guestbook said...

What more do you need?

jigi jigi said...

Theo lurves pussy!

Anonymous said...

anybody tried that number from yesterday to see if big bent bill was at home

We wuz robbed said...

I tuned into the documentary "Exposed - Liars" on the ABC last night expecting Landeryou would feature prominently but he didn't get a single mention.

I guess the producers though that no one would believe Landeryou really existed: someone so fat, so deluded, so unpleasant in every way and so totally and utterly incapable of ever, ever, ever being honest with himself, let alone anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned for fat boy to say something similar in court about deep fried food:

A man who says he eats 10 Mars bars a day has claimed a lack of sugar prompted him to attack his girlfriend when she wore big, Bridget Jones-style knickers instead of a G-string, a British court has heard.

Marco Fella, 38, from Callington, Cornwall, told Bodmin Magistrates Court his addiction to sugar was to blame for his behaviour, Britain's The Daily Telegraph reported on Thursday.

Fella, who had been living with his 34-year-old girlfriend for a year, attacked her twice in 10 days.

The court heard that he hit her in the face with a rope and then bit her finger...

court reporter said...

A MELBOURNE man says a lack of KFC caused him to destroy a chain of businesses, steal, commit fraud and embark on a wild spree of internet defamation.

The 400 kilogram Andrew Landeryou appeared in a specially-reinforced Supreme Court courtroom this morning to plead not guilty to a 20 year crime rampage on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

"I need at least 35 KFC Family Feed tubs every day to function, each washed down with 10 litres of gravy" Landeryou told Justice James Judd. "Most days I was so busy with pressures of work I did not have time to eat more than 12. I had so little gravy it barely wet my lips."

The trial continues.

KFC Calorie Counter said...

Patriots often ask "Just how many calories does Fat Boy consume in a day?"

This handy KFC Calorie Counter can help.

Click the link above and be amazed that Landeryou hasn't had a coronary yet.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

More ridiculous comments from the Leftards on the Blog of Filth. You all remind me of Brooke Satchwell. Whiners the lot of you. A true patriot would have faced the Jihadists and sent them straight to their 72 awaiting virgins!

But there are no true patriots reading this Blog of Filfth, so no one here would have had the courage.You would all have cowered. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, you beat me too it. Mumbai is very sad. But it is awful how Slanderyou is pervertedly trying to profit from it.

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou is disgusting.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Apologists the lot of you. Just like Marika Vicziany. I hope that a popular news portal does an indepth background story. I am Henderson Ross.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Thanks Anon 2:39:00 PM. I only tell it like I see it. The truth. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Thanks fro posting here Henderson. Glad that I am not alone here. Can you suggest which "news portals" might be worth reading?

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Fat Andy is either too drunk or too slothful to update his hate blog so he posts a series of deranged rants here. What a weirdo

Anonymous said...

and as soon as you call fat boys bluff he runs away

what a coward

Anonymous said...

Since the obese crim is too drunk to shit out anything for his hate blog ahead of tomorrow's council elections here's something he can cut and paste.


A Poxnews invention, sorry, exclusive

by Fat Andrew Landeryou

Victorian council elections. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. No one you've ever heard off. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Someone else you've never hears of. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Lies and smears. Still more people you've never heard of and couldn't give a flying fuck about. Lies and smears. Lies and smears.

I am Henderson Ross. Cait Catt. Catter8. Rita Randles. Daddy, will you please come and bail me out of jail?

Anonymous said...

No El Gordo @ the Walkleys last night. Pity, Glen Milne had something to give him.

Anonymous said...

The Walkleys are for journalists

Anonymous said...

Top of Landershonk's site today is a video of a virtually naked male bodybuilder. Landershonk is full of praise for the guy.

It seems that Landershonk is trying to tell us something. Don't worry Andrew. We're all broadminded here.

Vexnews insider said...

Things are so bad at Vexnews that the stench of death is pouring out of its recession-racked premises. Collapsing profits, extremely deep advertising discounts and sloppy mistakes caused by its despairing staff are just some of the six symptoms of decay at the Russell St rat-nest.

Anonymous said...

Rita Randles now is leaving comments on Poxnews. Does Landeryou have ANY readers or are they -- like all of Poxnews' stinking contents -- just figments of his unhinged mind?

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Curious how Slanderyou has remained silent on Nicola Roxon and her hatred of gays? I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:47:00 PM, I typically turn to A great news site. It has quickly become Melbourne's second most popular news website. Great story today about the impending collapse of The Age.

Anonymous said...

Hey fat cunt! Why don't you just fuck off back to your own pile of discarded KFC packaging and empty wine casks and wait for the coppers to come.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me! Nothing from the fat crook here or on Vexnews for 90 minutes. Perhaps the cops have taken him in. Perhaps he's already bleeding from the arse on the remand centre floor.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 5:10:00 PM
By what measure or source is PoxViews "Melbourne's second most-popular news website."
No surveys I've seen even mention it.
Alexa, which ranks PoxViews as 1,958th most popular in Australia, says the Herald-Sun's website is ranked 12th in the nation via the portal and The Age ranks 23th, making it Melbourne's No. 1 news website.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

So Slanderyou is not talking? He has not come clean on so many issues. Where is his defence of Nicola Roxon and gay hatred? Why does he support jihadists?

Come clean Slanderyou. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

The language of commentators on this blog is utterly filthy. This blog is an attack on family values.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, Slanderyou is probably hiding away from public glare, fantasizing about 72 virgins.

Vigiliante said...

Henderson, Rita, Cait, Fat Cunt, Andrew or whatever name you're answering too this afternoon - if you haven't already passed out in a pool of piss - why all this talk about "filth"?

You have a video of a near-naked male body builder up on your site just days after you covered it with she-mail porn.

Just because you are undergoing a crisis of sexuality don't project your anxieties onto us.

Anonymous said...

Here's a new excuse Landeryou might be able to try on his next court appearance:

AN obese motorist arrested after a drunken rampage denied resisting police, claiming he was too fat to get out of his car...

Anonymous said...

Obese and deluded failure Andrew Landeryou smears this fine site: "This blog is an attack on family values."

Sorry Andrew but bankrupting your wife AND your father AND drawing your sister and brother-in-law into legal proceedings because of your own incompetence and criminality the way you did -- now that's an attack on family values. Slanderyou is a blog of truth.

Anonymous said...

How many Walkleys do you claim to have won last night Andrew


wipe out said...

At some Council or another, Landeryou is slagging racist candidates. Pownews, meanwhile, spreads its own filthy racist hatred.

Landeryou doesn't seem to realise that every keystroke he has ever made on his computer is traceable. Wiping it doesn't remove it. Wiping it many times, using software from the internet doesn't help. All your hate rants against Les Twentyman, for example, and the fake comments you posted about him are there for police to trace and charge you with someday.

My purple testicles are now blue said...

No Andy today?

Anonymous said...

Fat failure Landeryou does periodic detention on weekends

My purple testicles are now blue said...

Does anyone know if Andy varies his diet?

Does he always and only eat KFC?

Or does he occasionally consume Maccas or Hungry Jacks? Would he touch red Rooster?

Greenie said...

The NY TImes ran the following story. No mention of Andy's involvement. (Click through my name for the original)

WILLARDS, Md. — Standing before a two-story-tall pile of chicken manure, Lee Richardson pondered how times had changed.

“When I left school and started working the land, this stuff was seen as farmer’s gold,” said Mr. Richardson, 38, a fifth-generation chicken grower, explaining that the waste was an ideal fertilizer for the region’s sandy soil. “Now, it’s too much of a good thing.”

How to handle the 650 million pounds of chicken manure produced in the state each year has sparked a fierce debate between environmentalists and the state’s powerful poultry industry. State officials hope to bring Maryland in line with most other states next month by enacting new rules for where, how and how long chicken farmers can spread the manure on their fields or store it in outdoor piles.

“We don’t let hog or dairy farms spread their waste unregulated, and we wouldn’t let a town of 25,000 people dump human manure untreated on open lands,” said Gerald W. Winegrad, a public policy professor at the University of Maryland who is a former state senator. “So why should we allow a farm with 150,000 chickens do it?”

As the amount of cropland in Maryland has shrunk and the number of chickens raised has grown to 570 million, these mountains of manure have become a liability because the excess is washing into the Chesapeake Bay, one of the nation’s most polluted estuaries, and further worsening the plight of the fishermen who ply its waters.

But the chicken farmers say that they are already doing their part to protect the environment and that the proposed regulations come as the industry is reeling from record-high energy and feed prices.

“This will absolutely kill anyone coming into the poultry industry,” Kenny Bounds, a government affairs officer for Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit, said at one of three public hearings in the last month, where farmers objected to the regulations and said they might push some growers out of the state.

The poultry industry in Maryland, the state’s most lucrative form of agriculture and one of its largest employers, has expanded to feed the nation’s growing hunger for cheap chicken.

The lower prices, however, are possible only from huge economies of scale. And the bigger the farms, the more birds and the more manure there are to handle.

State officials have started to realize that there are consequences to being able to sell skinless, boneless chicken breast for just over $2 per pound when virtually no other protein source with so little fat is that cheap, Mr. Winegrad said.

Environmentalists and state officials have also become frustrated that after more than a decade of spending over $100 million a year in state money on restoration efforts, the Chesapeake, unlike most other mid-Atlantic waterways, has only grown more polluted.

As the phosphorous and nitrogen levels in the bay have grown, so have the algae that deplete oxygen needed by other aquatic life.

In the past two decades, working oystermen on the bay have dropped to less than 500, from 6,000. The crab population has fallen by 70 percent.

“A lot of chicken farmers are already doing the right thing when it comes to pollution,” said Larry Simns, president of the Maryland Watermen’s Association, adding that he thought the poultry regulations would be a step in the right direction. “But there needs to be more done to make sure that everyone does the right thing.”

Under the state’s proposed rules, 75 to 100 of the 800 largest poultry farmers in Maryland would have to apply for permits to handle manure. State officials would also begin inspecting these farms unannounced and levying heavy fines if violations are not eventually corrected. The rules would not affect smaller farms.

Michele Merkel, a lawyer with the Waterkeeper Alliance, an environmental advocacy group, said the permits did not go far enough. Too few farms would be required to have them, Ms. Merkel said, and they allow farmers to pile the waste in their fields open to the rain for 90 days, while most other states permit it to be uncovered for only 14 days.

Maryland is most famous for its blue crabs, oysters and watermen, so it has a lot to lose from polluting these waters, Ms. Merkel said.

“That’s exactly why it’s never made sense to me,” she said, “that the state is so unwilling to really regulate one of the bay’s biggest polluters.”

The economic might of the poultry industry is certainly part of the reason.

Concentrated in Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester Counties along the Eastern Shore, the industry contributes more than $700 million annually to the Maryland economy.

For every job added on a chicken farm, seven related jobs are created in slaughterhouses, construction and trucking, according to industry estimates.

Just inland from the shore, the scope of the farms overwhelms the senses. The 500-foot-long chicken houses stretch from the roadways like airplane hangars.

Inside each house, 20,000 to 35,000 chickens cramp the floors farther than the eye can see. Feed and water are delivered in automated pipes that stretch the length of the houses.

Corn and soy fields separate the houses from the roads, and three quarters of the state’s crop go toward feeding the birds.

Gigantic fans suction ammonia from the birds’ waste, filling the air for miles around.

Anonymous said...

Local government election results. Scrutineers in Boroondara have confirmed a massive vote for Liberal Party candidates.

How is Mr Mayne going in Manningham?

Jeff Kennett has urged voters not to vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a flying fuck about local government pissants. The only thing of interest that will come from the Victorian elections is a range of "What did Kimberley Kitching know when" questions because she has been stupid enough to re-enter public life in a big way.

Everyone despises her criminal failure ex-husband, everyone loathes her ethically-challenged ex-father-in-law.

That has given Kimberley some cover since fat boy left her bankrupt. It won't for much longer.

Kimberley is a lawyer who has worked in high-powered political and public affairs roles.

You can't do those jobs if you're a naif or a moron.

Watch out Kimberley. The questions are being prepared. Just what did you know and when - and why did you respond the way you did?

Anonymous said...

Kim has the same problem as Landeryou - zero street cred. Courtroom amnesia is always a bad call. 'Our dog ate the company papers' at least showed a sense of humour.

Eventually, the problem is that neither Kim or Landeryou can re-enter public life without being pursued by the past, and all the questions that inevitably will be asked.

Anonymous said...

Kimberley Kitching is a very nice lady. Stop saying such nasty things about her.

Anonymous said...

Politicians and lobbyists linked with someone of such poor judgement as Kimberely Kitching will find that their judgement is increasingly questioned

drongo said...

Criinal "journalist" Landeryou has this to say about the financial situation at The Age:

Things are so bad at The Age that the stench of death is pouring out of its recession-racked premises. Collapsing profits, extremely deep advertising discounts and sloppy mistakes caused by its despairing staff are just some of the six symptoms of decay at the Spencer Street Soviet.

Landeryou, the pimple on an elephant's bum blogger, is a huge laugh. It's POXNEWS that is going down the drain, fool!

i know nothing said...

Kimberley Kitching, a former Melbourne City councillor, was the registered company secretary of failed company IQ Corp from October 1999 to February 2000.

forensic science said...

Poor old Kim stuffed up bad when she associated with the Landeryou mob.

Yes, it's all very sad. But she had some clear choices in the leadup to the disaster. Her evidence in court was, well, extraordinary. It's not over yet, Kim.

carl said...

(Herald-Sun, April 20, 2005) Ms Kitching filed for bankruptcy this week and blamed her financial collapse on her missing husband, ALP powerbroker Andrew Landeryou. The son of former Cain government minister Bill Landeryou vanished in December, leaving a trail of debt.

Ms Kitching's bankruptcy documents reveal her debts include $6600 in unpaid parking fines, a $5000 mobile phone bill and $3600 in council rates.

She also owes $42,000 on her missing husband's BMW, and $21,000 to Telstra BigPond for internet services.

Ms Kitching is unemployed and living off contributions from her father, who is also listed as a creditor for $35,000.

The court row relates to a failed company, IQ Corporation, controlled by Andrew Landeryou and in which Mr Lew was a major investor.

After it failed, Ms Kitching signed a deed agreeing to pay Mr Lew $3 million for his shares. She has since claimed in court documents that her husband pressured her into signing the paper, and that she was anxious and depressed at the time.

Anonymous said...

The whole MUSU / IQ Corp / Landeryou / Kitching mess is like stepping on dog shit - the smell soon gets into everything.

Landeryou and Kitching get on with their lives as if nothing ever happened. Ultimately, this was organised crime even if of a disorganised kind. Nowadays, Landeryou runs a libellous blog. Kim has pretensions of regaining respectability. Melbournians, unfortunately, have long memories.

Anonymous said...

There will be no rehabilitation for Kimberley until questions are answered

Anonymous said...

For once the hate site has been updated on a weekend.

Patriots believe Landeryou serves periodic detention on Saturdays and Sundays.

One of the updates was late on Saturday night.

These developments beg a series of questions of Corrections Victoria:

Did the prisoner Landeryou break curfew with the Saturday evening update?

Is the prisoner Landeryou even permitted to access the internet while serving weekend detention? Did he breach prison rules? Is he carrying a smuggled Blackberry or similar device?

Patriots are demanding an investigation.

Anonymous said...

Andy favourably quotes the League of Rights' favourite former Victorian MP Russell Savage today. Yuk!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Robert Doyle's near certain election as Lord Mayor of Melbourne, appears in part due to the considerable editorial influence of Vexnews. It is rather surprising that one news portal can have so much influence on the electors of Melbourne. Then again, perhaps the electors trust this important news source. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, well said.

You also need to consider that The Age has had no influence what so ever on the same election. A true an indication as any that Melbourniuns are ditching The Age for Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

Anon and Henderson, it seems that Media diversity in Melbourne is still an issue. With the imminent collapse of The Age, Melbourne will still rely on two main sources for printed news - The Herald Sun, and Vexnews. At least both are quality journals.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews' endorsement of Robert Doyle, and calls for voters to ignore Catherine Ng, has proven to be prescient of the election outcome.

Do the maths, fat crook said...

Robert Doyle got around 10% of the vote. He looks like the Steve Fielding of Melbourne. He will lack both legitimacy and authority.

More Landeryou lies said...

Another Landeryou failure and more Landeryou lies! The fat flop was backing McMullin all the way.

Landeryou support is always a curse. McMullin does not appear to have won.

Doyle, on the other hand, is looking good. So liar Landeryou puts up posts in his sock puppets names claiming the fat failure backed Doyle all the time and somehow expects we will not notice.

Landeryou has been deluding himself for years. He refuses to accept that he is an obese failure regarded with contempt and derision by the rest of the world.

The patriots of Slanderyou don't fool easily. We look at the fat flop's spin on his Melbourne City Council defamtion campaign and say "Yet another Landeryou lie!"

I am Henderson Ross. said...

As an avid reader of Manningham local politics, I note that Slanderyou devoted no attention whatsoever to this important municpal election.

I do note however that Vexnews was forensic in its analysis.

Perhaps Slanderyou could learn a thing or two from Vexnews and its quality features. I am Henderson Ross.

landy is a conniving asshole said...

How come Landeryou gets to post all his wild nonsense here, while I am still blocked months later from making any comments on Poxnews.

Landeryou dislikes my warnings to union folk upset by stories on Poxnews, that he monitors ISP addresses and sends out malicious cookies to check who posters are, and what they have been doing on the internet.

In the wrong hands, this sort of information could be very damaging for the unwary. Since all my ISPs are banned, other patriots could post warnings on Poxnews of the same kind as long as they don't mind being blocked too.

SMALL BEER said...

Mumbai terror, world financial meltdown, thousands of Aussies stranded in Thailand - and Landeryou's Poxnews 'mini-world' is concentrating on Manningham local politics...

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps Slanderyou could learn a thing or two from Vexnews and its quality features."

You do have a wicked sense of humour Henderson.

Pity the filth merchants here are not as sophisticated.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Anon, well pointed out about the horrendous levels of filth on this blog.

Senator Conroy's net censor system will have its work cut out cleaning up this mess! I am Henderson Ross.

periodic detention officer said...

Looney Tunes Landeryou serves periodic detention on Saturdays and Sundays. As part of the order, he is required to attend weekend lectures from:

1. Les Twentyman, OAM, Victorian of the Year, about the plight of western suburbs youth (Les says Landeryou is a noisy, disruptive influence in his classes).

2. Senior Union Boss Dean Mighell delivers a series of talks on basic unionism history (Dean says Landeryou is a constant nuisance claiming he was once President of a union and not a mere secretary).

3. Cr Catherine Ng voluntarily gives ethnic diversity training. She says Landeryou constantly interrupts with foul racist comments like 'White Power' and 'Heil Hitlers'.

4. Health Victoria advises on the dangers of fast food (Landeryou lodges legal objections objects whenever KFC is mentioned).

5. Mental Health Victoria attempts to counsel sociopaths who run internet blogs (Landeryou always claims privilege and avoids answering questions). He keeps refering to himself as 'Henderson Ross', one of about 40 alternate personas he uses.

Anonymous said...

Henderson Ross is even more mad than his mentor Andrew Landeryou. How is this possible? Landeryou is completely nuts. Henderson is nuttier!

Organised criminal Landeryou predicts the demise of The Age. Poxnews, is second only the the Herald Sun as a news source.

You pathetic imbecile Landy!

Anonymous said...

Minimal performer Landeryou has become the Julie Bishop of Australian bloggers.

He is dogged by plagiarism charges. He doesn't know what he is doing.

Organised criminal Landeryou has been forced to defend his performance as a blogger here constantly. In response, he lashes out with personal attacks on Team Slanderyou.

From now on, I'll be calling you Julie!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

As predicted on Vexnews, Robert Doyle is Melbourne's new lord mayor. I am Henderson Ross.

Geoff Baxter said...

Nice work fat boy

Did you also predict the criminal charges which are about to be laid against your Unity darling Natalie Suleyman and her branchstacking father Hakki?

Those pro-Natalie stories you ran might have helped her into prison.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I for one will be very interested to see how Robert Doyle who has transformed from a regretful, boozy, lunch-a-lot man to Lord Mayor will acknowledge the editorial support of the mainstream media such as Vexnews.

If he doesn't his political honeymoon will be very short. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

yes I also watched Stateline Geoff.

The Ombudsman mentions criminal charges for Brimbank ALP hacks and the Suleymans appoint a criminal lawyer who is popular with the underworld. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Yes Henderson, that will be interesting.

Also, how do you think The Age will now fair given that it backed a range of Trots, Jihadists, drunkards, opponents of family values, and other assorted criminals?

Neighbourhood Watch said...

Let's say it again:

Fat failure Andrew Landeryou backed McMullin. McMullin lost. Doyle won.

Fat failure Andrew Landeryou - congenitally unable to tell the truth - now claims he was backing Doyle all the way.

Everyone knows this is just more Landeryou lies. No one takes the fat failure seriously.

The involvement of his ex-wife Kimberley Kitching in the campaign and the recent court ruling against his father, however, has thrown the spotlight back onto fat failure Landeryou.

Landeryou was as thoroughly incompetent in business as he was in student politics. He turned Solly Lew's $3+ million investment in IQ corporation into just $12,000.

Just as he did in student politics, Landeryou appears to have turned to criminality in an attempt to hide his failure.

It hasn't worked.

All the fat failure's Melbourne City Council racist hate campaign and lies have done is to remind people of his incompetence and criminality.

New questions are already being asked of fat failure Landeryou, his shonky old man and the Sgt Schultz like Kimberley -- while all the old questions are being put to the trio again.

It has turned out to be yet another massive failure for the fat flop Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

I've got a new name for Vexnews: The Council Dump.

Anonymous said...

Here's what a genuine news outlet with both readers and news rather than bitter lies, The Age, has to say about the candidate Buddha Boy backed and who bombed in Melbourne on the weekend:

"The Greens' Adam Bandt also attracted more votes than McMullin, with strong support from residents.

"McMullin's rivals were lining up last night to attack his big spending, and often negative campaign. One estimated that more was spent on every vote he received then ever before in a Victorian council election."

Buddha Boy-inspired hate campaigning lost McMullin votes.

Everything Buddha Boy touches turns to shit.

Anonymous said...

fat boy is a bigger joke than ever

Anonymous said...

Did that bodybuilder bloke Andy-Landy-Pandy fancies win?

Anonymous said...

Organised crim Landeryou has the hide to libel the Victorian electoral commissioner in a beat-up on Poxnews. Among other things, he accuses the commissioner of lying.

If the VEC has done any wrong, it was not to pursue the abominable interference by Landeryou in the recent Kororoit bye election. Landeryou succeeded in misleading and deceiving the Kororoit electors with his lies, defamations and stalking of candidate Les Twentyman - and the infamous syringes pamphlet mail drop.

It's about time someone called his bluff and sued the lying shonk!

Anonymous said...

Fat crook Landeryou is guilty of more snide "aren't I clever" identity theft.

He is writing lies and bile on his failed Poxnews site under the name "Doris van der Hagen", the name of his enemy's Lawrence Money's late mother.

Presumably corporate regulators and tax authorities are checking the name to see what crimes Landeryou may have committed in this innocent woman's name in an effort to hurt her son.

brutus beefcake said...

Unpunished organised crim and mass libeller Landeryou must have friends in high places protecting his repugnant behaviour! There's a story there...

Landeryou should be in jail entertaining the Barwon Hot Rodders Club.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Robert Doyle appears at this stage to be sensibly talking up the Vexnews agenda, on his Neil Mitchell interview.

Doyle is doing the right thing - linking his political policy development with the views espoused on Melbourne's second most popular news portal.

If he didn't do that, he would never have won. He is free riding on Vexnews' goodwill, it seems to me. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Talking about friends in high places, how is Theo getting on? Is he in court yet? Is he still taking a holiday break from the Legislative Council, and from the moribund Brumby government?

Strangely, Rita is the only person in Victoria that wants you back at work!

Anonymous said...

Rita liked the rough treatment she got from Theo.

Fat Boy Andy won't like the rough treatment he will get day-in, day-out from the Barwon Jail Hot Rodders.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is attacking the VEC. What are the odds, do patriots thinks, that they are investigating the loathsome crook for some of his breaches of the Electoral Act? That's the sort of thing that usually inspires attacks from Landeryou.

Sergeant Sasha said...

hang on a minute!!

If Landeryou goes to prison, will my contract to stalk his enemies still be honoured?

Anonymous said...

Fuck Sarge! No wonder you're mad. Trying to stalk all of Landeryou's enemies at once would drive anyone loopy, particularly given that many of them are probably figments of his imagination.

Anonymous said...

A lunatic who tries to corrupt local council politics in Melbourne from behind the Iron Curtain (he's mates with Andy Landy, natch!) writes on Poxnews: "Steve Tully should resign if not the parliament should have him dismissed for what I consider is a serious breach of duty and professionalism and what could be a deliberate attempt to mislead the parliament".

Crooks and shonks as moral arbiters! Poxnews is a real joke.

Anonymous said...

Sniff, sniff, what’s that stench? It smells like … sniff, sniff …Landeryou. Pheeeeewwwww!

Anonymous said...

The Poxnews Libel on VEC Commish Steve Tully is mighty strange! More so, the 18 comments so far. They sound like one person pretending to be several. No prizes for guessing who the libellous lone commenter is!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Robert Doyle received 15135 votes at last count. Clearly a case of the Vexnews phenomenum at work. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

That's right Henderson. And don't forget that there were 31348 votes after the distribution.

I agree Henderson, Vexnews' editorial support is fundamental to politics in Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

For once the fat failure is right!!

Look at the comment above. Fat Andy backed Peter McMullin and his amnesic ex managed his campaign. He lost.

Poxnews support is the kiss of death.

kevin of southbank said...

Hey Andy, you did not mention that Stephen Mayne was elected to Manningham Council in Heide ward.

Why the silence?

Anonymous said...

The Poxnews smears and lies about Victorian Electoral Commissioner Steve Tully suggest the VEC is either investigating or about to charge Landeryou.

Look at the people Landeryou attacks the loudest and most frequently: Solly Lew, Michael Batchelard, Sophie Mirabella and co.

They are all people who have told it like it is. They have let the world know that he is an incompetent, a crook, a shonk and a nast, vicious, deluded liar.

landeryou's kitchen nightmares said...

Landeryou wakes up at night screaming.

In his nightmare he has been attacked by a flock of plump but angry Steggle's Chooks. It's a pecking order frenzy. They heard they are doomed to be consumed by the fat libeller and criminal. If they eat him first, they can change history...

In the background the Barwon Gaol Hot Rodders Club are rubbing their jocks in anticipation...

All the scores of above average Aussies who have been libelled, stalked and lied about on The OC and Poxnews patiently wait in a long queue for justice.

Is Landeryou above the rest of us, and immune to charges for all his frauds and libels? The man belongs in jail.

Anonymous said...

Melbourne CBD is now lawless at night - stabbings, bashings, brawls, taxi robberies. And that's just the iceberg tip.

The State government and police seem powerless as the barbarians take over the city.

No wonder, in all this vile chaos, that Landeryou - instead of being in gaol - is free to run a libellous blog - to pretend he is an ordinary guy (despite having bankrupted companies and many individuals).

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments by Caroline Church on Poll Bludger. Cait Catt has the initials CC too.

Caroline Church was taken to task by several commentators for her continuous references to the EPA Stasi.

Similar sentiments crop up all the time on Poxnews.

Of course if you had been fraudulently accused of throwing a cigarette butt out of your car by a person making a false complaint to the EPA, and you received an infringement notice for something you didn't do, you would naturally be angry and you might refer to the EPA as the Stasi and they partly are as both the Stasi and the EPA rely on citizen dob ins, but continually referring to the EPA Stasi gets a bit boring.

Anonymous said...

Was it Caroline Church or Cait Catt who received the EPA infringement notice?

Anonymous said...

Can the fat failure even keep track of all his false identity and all his vicious lies anymore?

Anonymous said...

With the world financial meltdown in mind, the failure of politicians world-wide is a warning for the future.

They busily deregulated, opening new loopholes for corporate crooks. For three hundred years, government deregulation in financial markets has led to disaster. Think about it. Taking away regulations opens the door for crooks. Obvious, Huh?

Yes, but not for elected representatives! Look at Julie Bishop (who has no idea). Look at Mal Turnbull (who understands financial markets but wants bosses to win).

Criminal white collar behaviour such as Landeryou has profitted from are repulsive.

How can ordinary elected reps from Toorak and Reservoir make sense of this level of immorality and crime?

The State government has to get serious about attacking street and white collar crime. (Don't hold your breath).

Landeryou needs the sting of justice.

forensic chemist said...

Poxnews is puke served up neat.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, John Brumby is responsible for Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews is a great news source. It was Vexnews that exposed links between Michael Freshwater, One Nation East Gippsland One Nation successful councillor, and EPA Stasi Minister Gavin Jennings and Jenny Mikakos. Neither has denied this link. It is about time they did or they are tainted with the smell of Pauline Hanson's One Nation and the stench of the Stasi-operation EPA.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou continues his vicious lies and slurs against the Victorian Electoral Commission today.

They must be closing in on his poll frauds and breaches of the Electoral Act.

My purple testicles are now blue said...

"Neither has denied this link." Probably because no reads Vexnews. Hard to deny what you haven't read or seen!

Anonymous said...

Even harder to deny what everyone knows is such a ridiculous and untrue accusation that it does not deserve to be acknowledged with a comment.

And justice for all said...

There are more reports today in Melbourne's most reputable news source, The Age, of police corruption in Victoria .

Hard working, law abiding, patriotic citizens are asking questions.

Has Big Bent Bill, Landeryou's ethically challenged old man, been paying bribes in a desperate effort to keep his little boy from the clutches of the Barwon Jail Hot Rodders?

Have Landeryou and his fellow fat incompetent Police Commissioner Christine Nixon been enjoying a few convivial tubs of KFC together?

Improper conduct at the top - an old speciality of Big Bent Bill - seems to be the only thing keeping Andy out of the nick and away from the Hot Rodders.

Anonymous said...

Why is there nothing in PoxViews about the Oct. 20 judgment for Jordanlane for A$2.7 million from Bent Bill?
Shouldn't be a problem for Bent Bill to get a cheap low-interest loan, should it?
How embarassing is El Gordo for the Landeryou family? Lying, cheating, defrauding them, then abandoning them with the debts.
The family Xmas dinner must be a harmonious affair.

dumb and dumber said...

The Poxnews mad rant against the VEC, Commish Steve Tully et al, is a storm in a teacup.

But, and this is very ominous, Landeryou has published illegally the contents of emails to and from the VEC. A likely source of the leak is provided in the cc's section of emails sent to VEC:

That was dumb, Kim! That was even dumber, Landeryou!

inspector clousseau said...

A bland former bankrupt leading a blind libeller and current bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

Poxnews is making a grand case for quadrupling the staff of VEC.

Instead of checking signatures, what's wrong with asking for a photocopy of a driver's licence - or don't voters in Melbourne have them?

Demanding that VEC provides a new, costly service which is impossible to implement, is rather like asking Poxnews to tell the truth.

the smoking gun said...

see cc's:

From: Gary Morgan

To: ‘Bill Lang’ ; Brian Shanahan C Melbourne Grow ; Carl Jetter - Activate Melbourne ; Catherine NG ; Cathy Oke ; Celia Coate ; Donna Lancaster ; Fiona Snedden ; MCC (Michael Fitzgerald ) ; Sue Renshaw ; Gary Singer ; Morgan Clarke ; Jennifer Kanis ; Joseph Toscano ; Ken Ong ; Kevin Louey ; Marion Bishop ; Michael Forde ; MCC (Michele Anderson) ; Nick Columb ; Morgan Clarke ; Peter McMullin ; Ray Collins ; Rebecca Cherry ; Robert Crawford ; Robert Doyle ; Roger Millar ; Rohan Leppert ; Sara Shelton ; Shelley Roberts ; Sophie McEwen ; Trent Smyth

Cc: Roger Millar ; Melbourne Users ; ; ; Liz Williams

Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008 10:08 AM

Subject: RE: Councillor Report

A Patriot said...

"People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction, and anyone who insists on remaining in a state of innocence long after that innocence is dead turns himself into a monster.": James Baldwin Biography - Fiction Writer, Essayist, Social Critic, 1924-198

Anonymous said...

Hmmnn! It looks as if Gary Morgan isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

And it seems that Kimmie is still batting for the Dark Side.

Anonymous said...

The whole Tully thing is a publicity stunt by Landeryou hoping he will attract some media interest in his blog.

Has anyone noticed how no media has ever referenced Vexnews.

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