Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Laxatives and vomiting after meals

By Vexnews Insider

Andrew Landeryou is reportedly abusing laxatives and vomiting after meals.

The Blog of Sleaze bankrupt is battling an eating disorder, one of his personalities has allegedly revealed. A source said:

"Andy's diet consists mostly of KFC and turkey jerky washed down with Red Bull.

"He throws up after meals, both at home and at restaurants and he isn't very discreet about it."

It has also been claimed that he is taking diet pills.

A Vexnews insider revealed: "The pills are like diuretics. He has to go to the bathroom constantly. It just runs right through him. And everyone knows he still throws up when he's eaten too much. You can smell it in the bathroom."

It was previously reported he is suffering from bulimorexia, an eating disorder which sees him both starving himself and then bingeing and making himself sick.

"This cycle of consuming fatty foods then starving himself must be playing havoc with his health. Andy looks fat in all his promotional pictures, but in reality he is a mess. His skin is dull and blotchy and his hair is lank."

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A community-minded citizen said...

We always knew the fat failure was disgusting! Now here is the proof that he is even more repulsive -- and a public health menace to Melbourne residents, workers and visitors to boot.

Anonymous said...

I gather that Landeryou has gone downhill even further since those photos of him outside the Sunshine Magistrates Court were taken.

I hear that weeks at a time away from natural light, his soaring alcohol consumption, self abuse and distressing KFC addiction - he is getting through 25 litres of the Colonel's gravy each day now - means he now looks less like Mr Creosote and more like a morbidly obese version of Gollum.

Anonymous said...

Xenical tablets and an ultra high-fat diet are a ghastly mix. There must be a constant stream of oily orange liquid trickling out of Landeryou's arse. The laxative abuse makes it worse. Landeryou will probably make his next court appearance wearing adult nappies.

Cait Catt said...

The blog of filth continues. As Henderson Ross correctly points out, this is not a blog you would want your children to read. It also has zero news content.

The best blog on the net is Vexnews. Full of interest and reliable news. Published by Australia's greatest and most ethical journalist.

Go back to the People's Republic of Moreland Slanderyou. O I forgot, patriot gains in Moreland, reported on Vexnews, might make Slanderyou unwelcome.

There's always Hume if you are prepared to go further out. The pro-commo Socialist Left out there are siding with the extreme right. Typical.

catter8 said...

Where does Andrew find out all this information. Vexnews is a mine of it. Unlike this filthy blog. On Slanderyou there is nothing but vile filth.

Anonymous said...

Andrew has good informants. Even ASIO sends him information to publish on his blog. Not like Slanderyou - the tool of the pro-commo Socialist Left.

Anonymous said...

So... Landeryou admits to another crime.

He boasts in the post above about publishing official secrets and endangering national security.

We always thought it was odd that he ordered his Zinger burgers 20 at a time but without bacon.

Now we know. He is some strange sleeper agent of Muslim extremists.

Anonymous said...

"Rudd 'lame' on crime: Labor MP" shouts the headline on Melbourne's most reputable news outlet, The Age, today.

Is Labor weak on crime because Big Bent Bill has bribed everyone from Kevin Rudd down to keep himself, his obese serial offender son and former daughter in law Sergeant Schultz out of prison?

Anonymous said...

Buddha Boy has been too busy eating and shitting and vomiting to make up any hateful lies for his Poxnews site today.

Instead he has done an Alan Ramsey and lifted an article from the Australian, thrown quotes around most of it and added a few Buddha Boy asides.

No wonder Poxnews went straight down the tubes just like everything Buddha Boy has ever touched

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is making himself pretty for the Barwon Gaol Hot Rodders Club.

But he reckons he has plenty of time. The DPP has subcontracted the Landeryou investigation to Croatian police who are just getting around to interviewing back-packers in the Lapthorne case, a couple of months too late.

If Landeryou has turned to Islam it won't help. Middle eastern Hot Rodder 'Jigi-Jigi' is secular and is not particular either.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Landy is indulging in Onanism several times a day in the belief he will lose weight.

I have always admired his ability to keyboard his blog and jerk off at the same time. This requires skill and mental concentration.

rita randles said...

I wish Landeryou would indulge in a bit of necromancy and thanatophilia with me before Xmas.

Maybe it was a bit obvious of me, since I am giving him a spade for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back Slanderyou.

While you have been away Andy/henderson Ross has been playing up.

Curiously, spending more time here it seems, than his own blog of sleaze

I am Henderson Ross. said...

How awful. I open up my access to the Internet, and I am confronted with this filth.

I am very sorry you are back Slanderyou.

How is Moreland by the way? I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

I agree Henderson. This blog should be retitled Moreland Muck.

Anonymous said...

I am a horny, hands-on Greek orator who gives after-hours tours of parliament house to deserving, unemployed ladies. They always scream with delight during my 'magic show', when I produce a human appendage out of thin air and use it as a talking shadow puppet.

I had to get rid of that nosey cleaner who once caught me after I had made my trousers disappear by saying 'Hazer, Lazer - Malcolm Fraser'. He was trying to steal some of my tricks.

I am also an avid Vexnews reader. Mr Landeryou knows how to contact me if any of you are interested in a magical, romantic evening.

Anonymous said...

As a fair minded and independent thinker, I too am shocked by this filthy story.

Can someone suggest where I can turn to for real news?

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Anon, try

A great, informative and timely news portal.

Surprised you haven't accessed it yet. You must be overseas. It is very popular and well read in Australia. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Henderson. I will try Vexnews. I am sure it will be great. Much better than this filthy blog.

Anonymous said...

This blog is exactly what Stephen Conroy's web filter is attempting to eradicate.

I hope it is activated soon.

Anonymous said...

So many surfers searching here for real news all of a sudden.

That Henderson Ross is a very halpful chappie, but he misguidedly suggests Vewsnews which is read by only four people*, is rarely updated (never on weekends) and contains mediocre, poorly researched stories about union affairs, council elections and low-level state govenment banter.

The blogger uses stolen images and plagiarised stories to libel ordinary, but much loved, Aussies like Les Twentyman, OAM, Victorian of the Year - and to vent racial hatred on upstanding people like Barrack Obama and Catherine Ng.

The blogger is a well known corporate asset-stripper, fraudster and stalker who, recently entered into an agreement not to frighten the Twentyman family. And Henderson Ross directs surfers to this blog of hatred, ridicule and contempt! Honestly, Henderson, grow up for gawdsake!

Landeryou, Sasha Uzunov, Cait Catt and Sol Lew

Brutus Beefcake said...

Who is this freakin smart-arse Henderson Ross? Is he a mate of Landeryou's?

If so, I expect we'll be seeing him here soon too! The more the merrier.

If Landeryou has as many personalities as people say, the Barwon Gaol Hot Rodders Club will be swamped by rump for Chrissy!
Yee Haw!!! Ride 'em cowboy! Rawhide!

Anonymous said...

Just amazing. More than a quarter of the comments on this thread come from the obese failure turned reckless criminal Andrew Landeryou.

No one reads his hate site Poxnews, no one read his Blog of Sleaze so he makes desperate bids for attention on this fine blog under an ever increasing variety of fraudulent identities.

Goliath BGHRC said...

Better a smart-arse than a dumb-arse, I always say!

Anonymous said...

Right on, December 10, 2008 7:08:00 PM! A pungent summary!

Landeryou's behaviour just gets more and more bizarre. Sad for him. Fun for us!

And, don't forget, I can't post on his blog having been banned and banished forever - while he comes here trolling several times a day.

I guess this must be the Blog of Freedom after all!

Rita Randles said...

Slanderyou is the blog of filth. Enough said. That's why the previous correspondent has been banned from Vexnews. He writes filth.

Vexnews is a site you can take into your home. Not so this filthy blog. Senator Conroy is trying to ban this blog and good luck to him. There is no greater patriot than Senator Conroy.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Rita, well said. I was starting to feel very lonely here, surrounded as I am by unpatriotic jihadists, leftards and other associated rubbish. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget me Henderson.

kevin of southbank said...

Great exclusive Vexnews Insider.

Looking forward to more of this.

Anonymous said...

Lovely blue blouse Andy! Where did you get it?

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

A very important news item has just appeared on Vexnews. It contains knowlege Slanderyou readers ought to be aware of. Andrew is a mine of information. Not so this blog. I am hesitant to post on this blog but this item is so important I would like even the filthiest bigots to be aware of it. Read on:

ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH: Catherine Ng rears her ugly head
By VEXNEWS ⋅ December 10, 2008

Melbourne’s sorest loser deposed Councillor Catherine Ng has had one last public sob about losing the Mayoral poll in the left-wing press, the inner-city colour gloss environmental vandal Melbourne Weekly.

The article was written by Bianca Hall, a Melbourne Times blogger linked to Catherine Ng’s campaign, after a suspicious series of pro Ng articles, so friendly they appeared to have been transliterated from the original Mandarin in the People’s Daily, the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party.

In angry and tortured language, Ng denounced her critics and apparently even poured a bucket on VEXNEWS, where news has a future.

Sources close to Ng claim she had extracted a promise from Hall to name and shame VEXNEWS for being mean to her and “calling me hag”. Hall dishonoured the promise or was perhaps the victim of legal vetting.

The Melbourne Times blogger did however assert that an unnamed publication was “linked” to those campaigning against Ng, a preposterous lie that Ms Hall neglected to even ask us about before publication. For shame! If it wasn’t such a joke, we’d be straight off to the Press Council to add to Ms Hall’s bulging file.

Like a less lyrical, considerably less popular and much more incoherent Edith Piaf, Ng insisted she had no regrets. And despite being possibly the most embittered loser of all time, who lost because of her own dismal record she insists with all the solemn blackness of one of her hubby Douggie Campbell’s black skivvies “I have my reputation. I have my dignity.”

Not so much dignity that she wouldn’t square up with a few old foes though.

First off, Her Embitteredness attacks John So for “refusing” to attend council committee meetings. More like he decided to let the other councillors deliberate without him dominating proceedings, it seemed to most impartial observers. It’s worth remembering that without So, Ng would never have been elected to the council or as chair of the council’s planning committee for seven years.

This is all the more ironic given that Ng herself was criticised for her own admission that she didn’t attend many council meetings despite being paid in full. She told a Herald Sun online forum that her attendance record “exceeds 50 per cent”, it was hardly a proud boast of great commitment to her job.

She also seems very unhappy that a “Labor hack would participate in this election”, which we can only assume refers to much respected ALP statesman Raymond Collins who authorised the material that shed light on her shame.

Collins donates his services to good causes for free. But it seems that Ng has to pay for her party hacks, with the head of the Howard Government’s “dirt unit” Ian Hanke, a proud Liberal hack, telling friends he was up for $20,000 for working for Catherine Unpronounceable for a month or so. His work is believed to have been inspired by the film “Indecent Proposal”.

Not yet done, she goes on to complain about the composition of the last council. She says “The last (term) we had a very different breed of councillor. The behaviour was not that mature, what I would call young boy behaviour… shouting, screaming, pushing chairs, pushing papers.”

Oddly, the most common criticism of Ng by council officers was that of her own bullying and childish behaviour. Who are we to believe?

She’s also quite embittered about the bloke who beat her, Robert Doyle. “He needs to actually learn more about Melbourne…” Charming.

The TAFE worker now has plenty of time on her hands and is contemplating doing a PhD (Bachelor’s degree normally comes first but she’s perhaps skipped over that requirement) on tourism and also plans a book “based on interviews with couples about how they met.” We can scarcely wait to learn more about Douggie and Catherine hooking up that first time at the swimming pool where she was reputedly doing laps and his interest in the hag must have been in part prompted by a chlorine high or an interest in the she-male form.

And of course despite claiming to be “Independent” repeatedly during her deceitful election campaign, Ng says she’s now looking at a run at state politics very soon. Gladys Liu is thought to be involved.

“I have been asked by people in my community to look at other levels of government, but as (sic) this time I haven’t made a decision.”

Presumably this means she’s been actively thinking of joining a political party all along, contrary to her false and misleading assertions of “independence”. In the end, Ng is just as we asserted, little more than a lying liar who lies. And that is the last word here until the mole (so to speak) pushes her head above the dirt in Liberal preselection where we’ll do our very best to send her back underground quick smart.

Anonymous said...

Andy, You just can't treat a "thyroid problem" with donuts and KFC.

Anonymous said...

How many kilos of laxatives are you scoffing down daily Andy?

or is it hourly?

Anonymous said...

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Find out the cause of your constipation so you know which type of laxative to choose. Some prescription medications like penicillin or amoxicillin can cause constipation.
Know the side effects of different laxatives. Make sure you know how long you should use the laxative. Some laxatives can swell in your throat and cause choking if you don't swallow them properly. Others can make you feel nauseous or give you cramps.
Try natural remedies if you don't want to use over the counter medication. Try prunes, grapes, fiber and drink several glasses of water a day. Add fruits, vegetables and fiber to your diet.
Get a prescription from a doctor if over the counter medication doesn't work, if you have a serious medical condition or if you are taking a medication that shouldn't be combined with laxatives.

Anonymous said...

Some eating disordered individuals misuse laxatives as a means of purging. These individuals are under the misconception that through the use of laxatives they can get rid of unwanted calories. Since most of the calories eaten are absorbed by the small intestine right after eating, the method of using laxatives for weight loss is actually ineffective. Many laxatives act by irritating the lining of the intestines or by directly stimulating nerves. Continual over stimulation of the intestines form laxative abuse can eventually cause the bowels to become non-responsive.

Anonymous said...

Individuals with eating disorders (EDs) often use inappropriate
compensatory behaviors in an attempt to control their weight or
counteract the effects of binge-eating. Common compensatory
behaviors include fasting, excessive exercising, and purging behaviors.
Purging behaviors, such as self-induced vomiting, abuse
of laxatives, diuretics, and enemas, can occur both after an
episode of binge-eating, after eating seemingly normal amounts
of food, or as an independent behavior unrelated to food intake.
Purging behaviors are associated with substantial medical and
dental morbidity (1,2) and constitute a relevant clinical issue.

Anonymous said...


I think it is time to ban and forever banish Landeryou and his hordes of fake commenters from this blog. His 'blog of freedom' denies comments from most of us here, while he trolls endlessly on this blog leaving trivial and incomprehensible posts.

It might be different if his posts were brief and to the point. But they are deliberately divisive, meaningless and take up bandwidth.

He presents a very strong case for retrospective abortion. He is a total waste of space. Freak off you detestable fraud!

Dr. Josef Mengele said...

Give the fat freak a taste of his own medicine! Ban him forever and a day!

Oh, I nearly forgot. Landeryou has a twin brother. It's rather like the Peter and Tim Costello dichotomy! Landeryou's 'good' twin brother is named Ronnie Landeryou. He is a kind, affectionate friend who has never stolen anything. He tells the truth, he never libels people. He repays debts. He has never stalked anyone.

He says (kindly) of his brother Andrew: 'He has strayed very far from normal, or acceptable community values. Yes, he is a rotten thief. He needs a huge kick up the arse. If our Dad was not such a d-e-l-e-t-e-d, things would probably have been very different.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu said...

I have become most concerned about Mr A. Landeryou and his hateful blog. The more so because Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe has publicly stated that Vexnews is his favorite blog and that he draws daily inspiration from it. Mugabe says he is expecting Landeryou to provide a cholera cure on his blog that will save all his people and ameliorate their suffering.

My interpretation of Vewsnews is altogether different. It seems completely inconsequential at first glance. But there are so many comments that make me suspect they are faked. This is a very dangerous game that Mr Landeryou is playing.

He does not seem to realise that the Lord loves him deeply and is all-forgiving. Yes, even for the shocking MUSU / IQC frauds and all the dreadful libels on his fellow Australians.

Osama said...

Even in the Pakistan tribal lands, I too draw ispiration every day from Vexnews. It proves that crime and terrorism pay!

Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels said...

Thank heavens that extreme right wing views still exist in Australia on Vexnews.

Like Rita Randles, I am dead, but that does not mean I am not entitled to an opinion.

There are many of us dead ones who openly support Vexnews and Landeryou. We include among our numbers:

Ghenghis Khan
Yuko Tojo
Heinrich Himmler
Charles Manson
William Burke and William Hare
Robert Mugabe
Adolf Hitler
Albert Fish
Albert DeSalvo
Jeffrey Dahmer
Ted Bundy
Ian Brady
Myra Hindley
Dean Corll
Richard Speck

and many, many more...

Anonymous said...

The comment about retrospective abortion 2.11 is a fraud. You 2.11 are a wicked plagiarist. Sir Herbert Hyland, the late leader of the Country (now the National) Party in Victoria once made that claim about certain members of the Liberal Party, believe it or not.

Now the National Party is the preferred party of Catholics (Peter Ryan is a good Catholic and a few years ago would have been a member of the DLP)they don't approve of the late Sir Herbert and his picture does not adorn the NP HQ in Collins Street.

Wonder if the late Rita Randles adorns anyones office?

Dr Colon Care said...

It seems like anything can be used as for an unhealthy purpose.

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* bulimia and laxatives
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* long term use of laxatives

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Another eating disorder in which sufferers often employ laxative use as a weight loss remedy is anorexia. Patients use laxatives as a way to eliminate food from their bodies quickly. Of course in anorexia, the person probably doesn't eat every often anyway.

It's a common misconception that people with a weight problem don't try to use laxatives to lose weight. Being overweight is just as serious a problem as the other eating disorders. An overweight person may try to lose weight quickly using laxatives. The potentially harmful side effects laxative abuse causes isn't worth the price of short term weight loss.

When a person chooses commercial laxatives for a long term constipation problem, the product can eventually cause some serious repercussions. The colon and lower digestive tract will ultimately stop working without the use of laxatives. You also run the risk of permanent damage to the colon.

Some people have even stopped feeling the urge to use the bathroom. That event only makes the constipation worse. It is very important to use an all natural laxative to prevent these things from happening.

Laxative abuse should be avoided at all costs. If you know someone who uses these products in an unhealthy way encourage them to seek help. For legitimate constipation relief, consider herbal laxative use.

Anonymous said...

After suffering years and years of chronic constipation I logged onto Vexnews.

It was such an outrageous and offensive mixture of lies, smears, hate, bigotry, mistruths, fantasy and deranged and drunken rants that it gave me the shits straight away.

The sheer thought that the perpetrator of ridiculous and evil site is not behind bars causes me to move my bowels regularly now.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's contibution to public debate (ahem!) has reached a new low.

Poxnews features a photo of Catherine Ng defaced by the fat failure with the word "hag" and devil horns.

Landeryou appears to have mentally regressed to an age somewhere between 7-10.

The bitter and obese failure's pal Anthony van der Craats, the man who attempts to corrupt democracy in the City of Melbourne from a spiderhole somewhere in the Ukraine, is equally unhinged.

His bizarre and evil site claims last year's Senate count for Queensland was wrong.

It is extremely odd then that in the 13 months since it was carried out none of the major parties - including the party van der Craats says lost out, The Greens - has complained.

I'm Andrew Landeryou said...

I have unresolved issues with women - especially in politics (ask my ex-wife!). It affects most of my relationships and because I feel lonely I seek solace in food. I'm Andrew Landeryou and pitiful.

Anonymous said...

A comment on Vexnews reads "How can you defend a drunk with mental problems?" Odd. Vexnews is the work of a drunk with mental problems.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

While the jihadists and leftards criticise Vexnews, it is not surprising that so many news sources reference Vexnews.

Take the Catherine Ng news item. Vexnews is viewed in the same light as AAP. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Great point Henderson.

Anonymous said...

A rumour doing the rounds is that Fairfax is running the ruler over Vexnews concerning a hostile takeover offer pre-Xmas.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I read that too on the internet. Why haven't the ASX pinned Fairfax for non-disclosure of this?

Surely, investors should know. This might put 3 to 5 dollars onto Fairfax's share price.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Fat Cunt!

Association with a criminal like you would be the final blow to Fairfax.

Hope you're behind bars by Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, 6:24. Fat Boy Andy should go back to his sty and wait for the coppers to call. It can't be long now.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has bagged the Ring cycle in a small item on Poxnews.

Most patriots thought he'd be mad on it.

Wagner was loved by a bunch of Landeryou's fellow delusional political extremists, a group he has taken all his propaganda techniques from; i.e. the Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Another case of identity fraud by Andrew Landeryou has occurred on this Blog of Truth.

The fat and friendless failure posted here on Wednesday night under the name of "Jenny Jensen-Hansen".

Jenny is yet another addition to Landeryou's myriad false identities, which include Cait Catt, Catter8, the late Rita Randles, Henderson Ross, Christian Lyons, Nick Mack, Byron from Wahroonga, Byron from Outer Space and, for those with long memories, Joe Klein.

It is curious that Landeryou adopts female personas most of the time when he besmirches this fine blog, or that of the sexually ambiguous Catter8.

Psychiatrists have told Slanderyou that this is because the Blog of Truth freely talks about the regular anal rapes by Brutus Beefcake and the Barwon Jail Hot Rodders that Landeryou will endure each and every day of his 20 year prison sentence.

These mental health experts say Landeryou has subliminally accepted that he will be the passive partner in vicious homosexual assualts.

In an attempt to cope with the concept he is gradually assuming a submissive female persona.

They believe this will lead to deep derangement and transvestitism on Landeryou's behalf.

Anonymous said...

"Vexnews is viewed in the same light as AAP."

381,654 references to AAP in the Press in the past six months, two for VexNews - Canberra Times (Oct. 15), Victorian minister faces 'rape' claims, and The Age (Sept. 24) 'Hicks' blogger gulls website, MP and academic

Media Watch said...

Lets look at those two references to Poxnews in detail.

Case #1: Poxnews is cited as a source of misinformation and propaganda.

Case #2: Landeryou is conned by one of his own, an online identity thief pretending to be David Hicks. He viciously attacks Hicks. No apology to Hicks or the two or three readers Poxnews actually has is forthcoming from Landeryou when it is revealed he has been conned. Instead he attacks The Age for exposing his gullibility and failure to undertake the basic research carried out by real journalists.

Conclusions: Fat Andrew Landeryou is a fraud, a coward and a criminal while Poxnews is a pile of stinking shite.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Thursday, December 11, 2008 5:49:00 PM - how do I get some Vexnews shares. I don't want to miss out on this once in a life time opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Can't help Anonymous. But I wish I had some. Vexnews is a goldmine.

Anonymous said...

One can only gather from the two previous comments that El Gordo is painting pebbles he finds on the footpath gold and selling them to unsuspecting fool as genuine nuggets.

Is any act of dishonesty below this contemptible rogue?

Cape Fear said...

Poxnews is getting a dirty rep for its ISP identification collection and those malware data tracking cookies the horrible grub Landeryou sends out to unsuspecting surfers.

If you don't have high security settings and all cookies blocked, you are at the mercy of a real criminal stalker in real life.

Anonymous said...

From Hell,

I wish I had had the skills of Landeryou during my short reign in London in 1888. Landeryou is everywhere and yet nowhere. He leaves his libelled victims disembowelled in heaps. I raise my scalpels in salute to a gifted professional stalker and inveterate crim. Like me, he will never be brought to justice.


Dung Beetle said...

Obviously, another vexnews fan!

Poxnews Exile said...

I've noticed during my banishment from commenting on Poxnews, that Landeryou's most sensitive spot is his malware cookies and ISP identification. Several times, I managed to almost shut down unguarded comments by unionists in a frenzy over Landeryou's distortions on Poxnews.

By blocking warnings about his malware on Poxnews, Landeryou is commiting further offences.

In my own case, I have renamed Poxnews the CITADEL OF SHITE. He is one hell of a crooked crook!

Anonymous said...

Anon., Dec. 11, 9.35pm

If U want Vexnews shares, I'd suggest U talk 2 Solly Lew about the potential returns from investing with Andrew Landeryou - not a good risk (Ask Bent Bill 2!)

Ripperologist said...

While I don't want to get in a fight with Jack the Ripper, I reckon he's way too generous to Landeryou.

Fat Boy fucks up everything he touches. If he was Jack he would have gone out with a blunt razor. The victims would have survived and been able to tell the law who their assailant was.

Jack never got caught because he had a short reign of terror. Fat Boy Landeryou has been at it since his days as an unsuccessful student pol.

Justice might be slow in catching up with Landeryou, but that only means it will be the more terrible when it arrives. He compounds his original offences each and every day!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I don't believe this was written by an "Vexnews Insider". More lies from Slanderyou.

There is no talk of sackings at Vexnews. Unlike the mass redundancies at Fairfax. In fact Vexnews is employing journalists at a fast rate. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that too Henderson. I hope vexnews keeps emplying people. It may well be the only business left putting people on the payroll.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a Vexnews lead economic recovery.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

No news again today on Slanderyou filth blog.

Still in bed Slanderyou? This must be the laziest blog on earth. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

There is not a single journalist involved at Poxnews for Poxnews to sack. Poxnews is just the rantings of an incompetent fool who turned to clumsy crime in an futile attempt to cover up his uselessness. No one has any time for him so he fills the hours while waiting for the police to come drinking, posting comments on other websites under a variety of silly made up names and cutting and pasting items out of Melbourne suburban newspapers and putting them up online as a result of some strange obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Anonymous said...

"Vexnews is employing journalists at a fast rate."
Name one.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Andrew Landeryou is a wanted criminal with a long list of dishonesty offences to his name. Are there any hazards attached to visiting his bizarre hate site,

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Landeryou's site sends out malicious tracking software that will compromise your internet safety. Some experts believe he is trying to steal internet banking and credit card details to continue his life of crime. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Buddha Boy, how come there's nothing on VewxNews (PoxViews) about this?

Ex-MP can't pay up
(Herald-Sun, Dec. 12)

FORMER Victorian Labor minister Bill Landeryou declared himself bankrupt just days before he lost a legal fight with rag trade king Solomon Lew.

A Supreme Court judge has ordered Mr Landeryou to pay more than $2.767 million to Jordanlane, a company associated with Mr Lew.

But Mr Landeryou, 67, claimed in a debtor's petition filed the day after the start of the Supreme Court hearing that he had just $1200 to his name.

In 2005, Jordanlane launched legal action against Mr Landeryou, his son Andrew and his daughter-in-law, ex-Melbourne city councillor Kimberley Kitching.

The row stems from the failed IQ Corporation, which was controlled by Andrew Landeryou and in which Mr Lew invested.

Ms Kitching agreed to pay $3 million to Jordanlane for its IQ Corporation shares.

Mr Lew and Jordanlane director Michael McLeod were signatories to the deed of settlement.

Jordanlane lodged a writ when the money was not paid.

Ms Kitching's heritage-listed Parkville mansion was sold in July 2005, and almost $1.136 million went to Jordanlane.

She filed for voluntary bankruptcy, but has since had it discharged.

The Supreme Court made an order against Andrew Landeryou in July 2005, ordering that he pay Jordanlane almost $3.170 million. He was later made bankrupt.

In March 2005, Bill Landeryou, of Brunswick West, was ordered to pay Jordanlane almost $3.087 million, plus costs.

He had the orders set aside so he could defend the proceeding.

But he did not attend the civil trial on October 13 and did not call any evidence. A day later he filed his debtor's petition.

On October 20, Supreme Court Justice David Beach ordered that he pay $2.767 million, plus costs.

Anonymous said...

It'll B a fun Xmas dinner at Bent Bill's!

Anonymous said...

I must keep an eye out for the "For Sale" sign on Big Bill's swanky Carlton digs next time I'm on Rathdowne Street.

Anonymous said...

A$2.767 million, plus costs!

El Gordo, hope U enjoyed pissing Lew's money up a wall and bankrupting yr dad!

67 and facing bankruptcy. What a good son U've been!

Anonymous said...

Tks, Anon. Friday, 2.28pm, U made my weekend. Ha-ha, Fat Boy, no inheritance 4 U. Better get a job! If anyone will hire U!

Anonymous said...

Poor little Landy! Daddy won't be able to bail him out next time he's behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Will Fat Boy now share his secret stash of stolen loot with Big Bent Bill?

He has the money Sol sued for in his swag after all.

It would only be fair for fatso to give his dear old dad a helping hand.

Anonymous said...

The Cookie Monster was quite happy to forge his brother-in-law's signature, and flee the country to leave the wife and father to deal with his creditors. I doubt whether he cares enough to help Bent Bill.

Anonymous said...

The Fall of the House of Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe says there is no cholera there. That is the sort of lie Landy tells. The bigger, the better!

Anonymous said...

Didn't the chubby fraudster do a deed poll to Andrew Mugabeyou? He needs a new father figure with millions in Switzerland.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

There is no cholera in the Landeryou family whatsoever.

Scrooge said...

"But Mr Landeryou, 67, claimed in a debtor's petition filed the day after the start of the Supreme Court hearing that he had just $1200 to his name".

Well I guess that means Xmas Roast Sparrow after all...

I can hear champagne corks popping at the Lews already!

Anonymous said...

Talking about Assholes, I wonder where Theo will be spending Xmas?

I am Henderson Ross. said...

There is no cholera and no financial difficulties in the Landeryou family.

Anonymous said...

According to December 12, 2008 2:28:00 PM - Kimberley still owes Sol Lew a fortune. Does that mean she'll have to shelter as a bankrupt again?

Maybe Kim, Landy, Bent Bill, and others will have to have Xmas lunch at Ozanam House with other homeless people.

Part of Melbourne's 'fraud underbelly' all in one place at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Solly Lew will be able to take Big Bent Bill's parliamentary super?

Dial a Landeryou said...

Why doesn't a patriot call Bill on (03) 9384 0400 and ask him what he thinks of young Andrew?

Anonymous said...

None of El Gordo's sock puppet here 2day. That usually happens when Landeryou's misdeeds make the papers.

Barry the Bailiff said...

I think the line has been disconnected

Anonymous said...

There is some justice in the world after all! Now for Andy to get stricken with piles just before he goes to Barwon and meets Brutus Beefcake and Hot Rodding crew...

Anonymous said...

Good point 8.17 pm. There are no Landeryou sock puppets to be seen.

"Truth? You can't handle the truth!"

Lest We Forget said...

From The World Today, ABC Radio, Wednesday May 4 2005 - Landeryou takes aim at enemies with blog.

A spokesman for Mr Lew told The World Today: "Ms Kitching entered into a commercial transaction. She is an experienced commercial lawyer and a former Melbourne City Councillor who presumably took professional advice. The agreement was then guaranteed by Andrew and Bill Landeryou, both of whom have extensive business experience. It was a straightforward commercial transaction."

[Click the name above for the full sad story, or the fools' sad story as the case may be.]

kevin of southbank said...

I must admit I feel sorry for Bill.

he appears to have had doubts about Lew. But, he decided to back his son, and what a mess that has turned out to be.

Anonymous said...

Yes, December 12, 2008 8:17:00 PM, young Landeryou is becoming very predictable.

Another noticeable thing is his docilility in the lower courts and his arrogant 'privilege' and total amnesia in higher ones.

Go figure...

Clarence Darrow said...

Kevin of Southbank took a kind view of the IQC disaster so far as Bill is concerned.

But Bill and Kimberley signed on the dotted line with MUSU still vivid in the minds of all. As grownups, with legal and political backgrounds, I guess they knew what they were doing.

The reported courtroom dialogues during the IQC hearings showed that Bill and Kim suddenly were beset by complete forgetfullness. This was an unwise strategy. There is an obvious public consequence for amnesia.

Anonymous said...

Now Landeryou is busily attacking Aboriginal leader Pat Dodson in a Les Twentyman style assassination attempt. Racial hatred is a Federal offence with severe penalties. No-one has been stupid enough to comment yet on Poxnews. But I guess Landeryou will provide comments soon from some of his 40 dirty fake commenters.

Also having their throats slashed on Poxnews currently is the HSU union and former PM John Howard. Landeryou libels anyone!

Anonymous said...

Although I cannot speak on their behalf, it is my opinion that Aboriginal people are very forgiving. But that was for past injustices which included mass murder, poisoning and disgraceful political behaviour.

Today, there is no excuse for racial hatred of the kind served up by Landeryou on Poxnews. Landeryou, you have made many more implacable enemies today!

Landeryou, you are an abominable piece of shit.

Albert Pierrepoint said...

I would help fix the Andrew Landeryou problem for free.

Anonymous said...

FThe Age: acebook has come under fire from Australian users for ignoring racial vilification on the site and failing to remove blatantly racist groups even though they have been flagged as offensive.

Where does that leave Poxnews?

repost said...

The Age: Facebook has come under fire from Australian users for ignoring racial vilification on the site and failing to remove blatantly racist groups even though they have been flagged as offensive.

Where does that leave Poxnews?

Anonymous said...

Loathesome racist, stalker, corporate criminal Landeryou has dug himself another deep hole.

Lets see if he can dig his way out.

Believe me, Landeryou, you would not like a visit from the Dodson brothers. Unlike you, they have real 'presence'. Don't be fooled by the hats. Australian politicians listened to them with polite regard. So would you.

Gibblets said...

A day later and still no comments on Landeryou's libellous Pat Dodson non-story. Maybe Poxnews visitors, few and far as they may be, are wiser than I thought.

Anonymous said...

The fat loafer has taken the weekend off again. Those news hungry surfers that Henderson Ross kept directing to Poxnews must be fuming while they wait for some 'news' to appear.

beauty and the beast said...

My summer 'look good' program for Landeryou is as follows:

1. Liposuction using an industrial strength vacuum cleaner.

2. An embalming fluid drip.

3. If he wants to loose 20 kilos quickly, he could chop his own head off.

Caveat said...

***Anonymous said...

I hear that Andrew Landeryou is a wanted criminal with a long list of dishonesty offences to his name. Are there any hazards attached to visiting his bizarre hate site,

Friday, December 12, 2008 2:16:00 PM ***

Landeryou's site is involved in identifying surfers, and sends out malware cookies that compromise their internet safety.

The contents of Poxnews may be harmful to your mental health too. Poxnews supports alleged parliamentary rapist Theo and libels ordinary Australians like Les Twentyman OAM, Victorian of the Year; union leaders, mayors, councillors and others. Recently the Poxnews blog has developed an unhealthy racist obsession.

Just don't go there!

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

It appears some Slanderyou readers are too scared to visit Vexnews, thanks to the vile propaganda and filth some correspondents are making on this site.

Slanderyou readers (the intelligent ones that is) need to be kept informed, and for the benefit of those who are too scared to visit below is the latest news on the Vexnews site from Darebin, where Diana Asmar is the new Mayor. Read on:

WHO DARES WINS: Diana Asmar elected as mayor of Darebin
By VEXNEWS ⋅ December 11, 2008


The City of Darebin based on Melbourne’s inner-northern suburbs was long considered the bastion of former Preston MP and Labor Unity stalwart Michael Leighton, a low-profile yet formidable political operator.

This year’s election saw a significant change with the retirement and promotion of several of the torch-bearers of the Leighton machine, including Marlene Kairouz who became the MLA for Kororoit after a bruising preselection fight.

At the recent poll, the Labor Unity stronghold saw the election of the first Greens councillor ever and the restoration of two folks normally seen as Socialist Left aligned.

Their success was variously described as either a surprise or the inevitable consequence of the foolish Local Government Minister Richard Wynne’s establishment of Senate style voting systems in local municipality that encourage the election of Greens party activists and reduce the accountability inherent in single-member wards.

The most notable result of all though was the triumphant re-election of Councillor Diana Asmar, who works at the Transport Workers Union. Asmar worked in close conjunction with her friend Steve Tsitas who was elected in the same ward, in the southern end of the municipality. That’s also where the Greenist Trent McCarthy popped up, courtesy of their friend the Minister for Local Government.

To the north, in Cazaly Ward, the Asmar aligned patriot and educator Nick Katsis was elected after a very strong campaign, with other Labor Unity aligned folk, the HSU’s Ben Morgan and Vince Fontana. Interestingly, Fontana was once aligned with the Leighton/Robin Scott machine but is believed to have had something of a falling out of late.

And in LaTrobe Ward, the Left did surprisingly well with the crafty communications strategist Tim Laurence running a tough campaign that ruthlessly sledged incumbent Stanley Chiang. The Leighton/Robin Scott aligned Chiang fought back capably, with a mighty army of volunteers and did well to be re-elected. Laurence did so well in his cunning campaign plans - that included pledges of rates and waste cuts of the Reagan School - that he also got his sidekick, the quirky beret wearer Gaetano Greco elected. Not a bad effort. Indeed in Greco’s case, it was the fourth time he’d sought a council position, proving what we already should know about the power of persistence.

Perhaps most pleasantly of all, they all looked around last night and agreed unanimously that Diana Asmar would make the best choice as the mayor for the coming year. We concur.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Diana Asmar. A true patriot.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Gaetano Greco a roadie for an Elvis impersonator? I read that on Nameless (that is, Crikey) and cannot vouch for its authenticity.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jenny. You write better than Cait Catt.

Anonymous said...

Crikey! The nerve of that fat scumbag, Landeryou!

Posting a whole Poxnews 'story' here invites a charge of 'Casting offensive matter in a public place'. It also lowered the intellectual content of this blog by 1000%.

Quickly, Slanderyou, ditch that shite!

Anonymous said...

5.38 watched a sex program on SBS last night. It showed a sex island in Venezuela where the Spanish speaking women were casting.

Casting means flaunting their bodies before a potential client. That means money if the client wants to have sex with them.

I hope the women are smart enought to always ensure their male client wears a condom.

kevin of southbank said...

Anon, I accept your point about Bill, and his complicity re: the debt.

However, it can't be fun to be declared bankrupt at 67.

I, however, do blame his son, Andy.

Clarence Darrow said...

Kevin of Southbank,

I took too hardline a view.

Your further reminder that Bill is 67 is of course ameliorating.

Well done Kevin. That is true Christmas spirit.

Happy Xmas to you!

Santa said...

Would it be too hard for Landeryou to apologise to all those he criticised during the year?

He might be surprised. It might result in loving Christmas greetings to him from Catherine Ng, Les Twentyman, Dean Mighell and scores of others.

Imagine the impossible, Landeryou, a wonderful WARM Christmas where YOU did the right thing!

Desmond Tutu said...

Let me be the very first to send Christmas Greetings to Andrew Landeryou.

The Lord loves you Andrew and so do I.

Please, please, accept the spirit of Christmas, and apologise to those you have harmed in 2008! The Lord be with you.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Er, sorry guys!

Landeryou doesn't actually do apologies (unless ordered to do so by a court).

He has his integrity to protect.

Madame Defarge said...

The birthplace of democracy is in flames. Politicians, corporate crooks and the grossly rich haven't got the message yet. Australia is just as vulnerable to a violent reaction as Greece. Political deregulators, corporate millionaires, indexed taxes and charges! Politicians and corporqate millionaires don't realise how hated they are in modern Australia.

Landeryou, as a corporate crook made millions disappear is in the mix.

Let the tumbrils roll!

Anonymous said...

Is the dole indexed to accomodate the continual indexation of government taxes and charges? Don't think so!

I'll be lucky to get a pack of ten fags for christmas and a couple of cans. Great.

Thanks for nothing Kev!

Anonymous said...

Is the dole indexed to accomodate the continual indexation of government taxes and charges? Don't think so!

I'll be lucky to get a pack of ten fags for christmas and a couple of cans. Great.

Thanks for nothing Kev!

Anonymous said...

Qantas multi-millionaire CEO Brian Dixon slipped quietly away in November. I guess his family won't feel the pain of the approaching financial cataclysm like the rest of us.

Landeryou, I think, has a financial buffer too.

Anonymous said...

The real killer is the government excise tax on petrol. The government does not produce, distribute or sell petrol. But it charges 38 cents per litre (plus the ghastly GST).

We pay the Singapore 'Tapis' price for petrol while on Austalian wages. The Australian petrol companies have shown they are batting for shareholders and not the nation.

No wonder the Greeks are rioting!

Anonymous said...

Brian Dixon was never the CEO of Qantas. He was once the MLA for St Kilda and Henry Bolte wouldn't promote him because he opposed the hanging of Ronald Ryan.

John Cain once said he was one of the few Liberals in Victoria with imagination and flair.

Andrew doesn't think much of Mr Cain, but he agrees with his judgment of Brian Dixon. Qantas would be a much better airline with Brian Dixon in charge.

A proctologist said...

Back to the original topic of this thread... Shouldn't the fat failure be using enemas and suppositories rather than laxatives?

He really should get as used as possible to having things up his arse before he goes to Barwon and meets Brutus Beefcake and all of the Hot Rodder boys.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new on Poxnews since Friday.

Landeryou must be off doing his periodic detention again.

Anonymous said...

Kevin of Southbank et al

The issue with Bill L is a simple one.

He warned his incompetent son not to go into business with Lew but then backed said son rather than his own judgement.

He is now paying the price. I am sure we all remember this story:-

Landeryou warned son not to deal with magnate
By Leonie Wood
May 28, 2005

Former ALP powerbroker Bill Landeryou urged his son, Andrew, not to go into business with retail magnate Solomon Lew in early 2000, arguing that Mr Lew had a "long litany of nasty disputes" with business partners, according to an affidavit filed at the Victorian Supreme Court...

Anonymous said...

I hear that Landeryou has now started mixing cheap bourbon with KFC gravy and drinking a litre of it every day as his morning heart-starter

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! All the references to Bill Landeryou's sacking as a minister and subsequent disgrace have been scrubbed from Wikipedia since the Herald-Sun broke the news of his bankruptcy on Friday.

There is no mention of the bankruptcy, of course.

Anonymous said...

More Andrew Mugabeyou

Anonymous said...

You are almost right 3:57:00 PM. Since Big Bent Bill went broke his pathetic son has had to mix up a litre of bourbon and a litre of KFC gravy and skull it each morning before he can even get out of bed

Landeryou has been shattered by his father's news as he hoped Big Bent Bill would buy him a KFC franchise for Xmas, not so he could sell KFC to the public but so he could buy KFC in wholesale qantities and for cost

El Gordos Good Food Guide said...

I just stumbled across a guide to free food for down and outs in Melbourne and for some reason it made me think of El Gordo. I reckon he knows the full list off by heart. Click above for a guide to his favourite eating places.

Geoff Dixon's counting house said...

"...thirteen million, four hundred thousand and eighteen dollars...thirteen million, four hundred thousand and nineteen dollars..."

kevin of southbank said...

I wonder with Bill's bankruptcy, if he and Andy will be sharing a turkey for Christmas?

Cait Catt said...

I have sent Andrew a stick of dynamite (disguised as a dildo) for Christmas to help his constipation problem.

At least he won't be able to complain he didn't get a bang during the festive season.

Now it can be told said...

Landeryou's parents nearly named Andrew 'Pugsley' after the character in the Addams Family!

In the TV show, Pugsley was an overweight kid, eating five pieces of cake at birthday parties. He made toy guillotines, full size racks, and threatened to poison his sister. Pugsley had the unusual hobby of stealing road signs, which he used to adorn the walls and door of his bedroom. He is known as "Feioso" (ugly) in Brazil.

B. B. said...

He will be known as "Fellatio" (the Flutist) in Barwon.

Anonymous said...

10.43 at least realises it's Geoff Dixon and not Brian Dixon. Brian would of course have been much better running any institution than Geoff.

Cait Catt referred to above is not the real Cait Catt, who is a supporter of Landeryou. The Cait Catt above is an imposter, apart from the fact that the imposter Catt is filthy.

Sergeant Sasha said...

Nobody seems to care that i am also bankrupt, morally AND financially.

getting involved with Andrew landeryou has proven to be a mistake.

Anonymous said...

If you learn to count. and you analysis teh Queensland Senate data you will find out that van der Craats is correct. The only reason the ALP won the sixth seat ion Queensland is due to the way n which the vote is counted.

The system had delived an extra 50,000 votes to the ALP's 3rd candidate. To verify this fact eclude every other canidate other then the last seven standing (ALP3,Liberal 3 and Larisa Waters, Greens) and then distribute the vote. Waters is elected. The fact that the Greens have not commented on this fact is a reflection on the Greens.

Cait Catt said...

I have sent Andrew a stick of dynamite (disguised as a dildo) for Christmas to help his constipation problem.

At least he won't be able to complain he didn't get a bang during the festive season.

Dial a Landeryou said...

Why doesn't a patriot call Bill on (03) 9384 0400 and ask him what he thinks of young Andrew?

Anonymous said...

I must keep an eye out for the "For Sale" sign on Big Bill's swanky Carlton digs next time I'm on Rathdowne Street.

Anonymous said...

Anon., Dec. 11, 9.35pm

If U want Vexnews shares, I'd suggest U talk 2 Solly Lew about the potential returns from investing with Andrew Landeryou - not a good risk (Ask Bent Bill 2!)

Anonymous said...

Anon, I read that too on the internet. Why haven't the ASX pinned Fairfax for non-disclosure of this?

Surely, investors should know. This might put 3 to 5 dollars onto Fairfax's share price.

Anonymous said...

I am a horny, hands-on Greek orator who gives after-hours tours of parliament house to deserving, unemployed ladies. They always scream with delight during my 'magic show', when I produce a human appendage out of thin air and use it as a talking shadow puppet.

I had to get rid of that nosey cleaner who once caught me after I had made my trousers disappear by saying 'Hazer, Lazer - Malcolm Fraser'. He was trying to steal some of my tricks.

I am also an avid Vexnews reader. Mr Landeryou knows how to contact me if any of you are interested in a magical, romantic evening.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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