Monday, December 15, 2008

An ‘industry’ worth $95 & ‘junk’ food

Two items for Patriots to ponder this Monday.

The first is that Andrew Landeryou has claimed on LinkedIn that his $95 blog (independently audited), Vexnews, is an “Online Media industry”.

According to LinkedIn, it “… is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Andrew Landeryou discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners.”

Interesting term “professionals”. Don’t you have to be employed and or earning money to be termed a professional? Otherwise, it’s called amateurism. Some would even say ‘shamamateurism”.

The second, is the disturbing film documentary of where Andy get’s his lunch. Real ‘junk’ food.

101 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

There is such a thing as a "professional criminal".

Presumably that's the type of professional Linked In is refering to in Fat Andy's case.

Anonymous said...

Latest comment on Vexnews, also called Poxnews by some correspondents to this blog, outs two Victorian Socialist Left MLCs as supporters of One Nation councillor Michael Freshwater in East Gippsland. Cr Freshwater has just been elected Deputy Mayor. Read on:

Congratulations to Cr Michael Freshwater on both his election to the Council of East Gippsland and also on his election as Deputy Mayor.

Cr Freshwater has previously been a One Nation candidate for the Victorian Parliament. His successful campaign was supported according to correspondents to this blog by Socialist Left EPA Stasi Minister Gavin Jennings and by Socialist Left Ministerial aspirant Jenny Mikakos.

Comments critical of the EPA Stasi Minister were censured on Poll Bludger after intervention by Gavin Jennings Ministerial Staffers.

Posted by Anonymous | December 14, 2008, 23:53

Anonymous said...

Just continuing with the previous thread... Wasn't Brian Dixon the former Liberal sports minister who had the astonishing gall to take a baby for sympathy into the dock of a Magistrates Court in Melbourne. He had been found loitering outside a South Melbourne brothel by police earlier.

An Age journalist at the time told me that Brian was part-owner of the establishment. But all these years later, and unable to produce that journo or any other witnesses, I can only wonder what Brian was actually up to.

The supporter of Brian Dixon on the earlier thread, I presume, was Landeryou, mischief-making as usual. He must have forgotten the sordid courtroom denouement.

Brian has never been heard of since.

Geoff Dixon of Qantas has skulked off to count his ill-gotten gains. If there is any justice in this world he will be pursued and stripped of all those undeserved millions.

There might be a lot of millionaire inmates on Millionaires Row at Barwon Gaol.

Cait Catt said...

More filth on the blog of filth.

Grow up Slanderyou. If I want news I read Vexnews. I can never find it on this filthy blog.

Apart from catter8 and Rita Randles, my consistent supporters, as well as Henderson Ross, the great intellectual who comments on this filthy blog, no one of any intellect seems interested in responding. Are people too scared?

23.53 makes some valid points, but should be more positive in supporting Vexnews.

Only on Vexnews did I discover that former One Nation candidate Michael Freshwater got elected to the East Gippsland Shire Council.

Only on Vexnews did I discover the Michael Freshwater was elected the Deputy Mayor of East Gippsland.

Only on Vexnews did I learn that the EPA Stasi Minister (so some commentators call him), the Socialist Left's Gavin Jennings, as well as the egomaniacal MLC Jenny Mikakos, supported Mr (now Cr) Freshwater in his campaign to win election in East Gippsland.

Two Socialist Left MPs supporting the extreme right in East Gippsland.

Same thing happened in Hume and I learnt about it first on Vexnews. The Socialist Left in bed with the extreme right in the election of right wing independent Jack Ogilvie for Mayor rather than Labor patriots.

Disgusting. Nevertheless it's a great scoop for Vexnews.

catter8 said...

Great stuff Cait. Keep up the good work.

Rita Randles said...

I love you Cait. You are wonderful. I love you catter8. May you have a wonderful time at your cattery. I love you Henderson Ross. You are a great man. I love Andrew Landeryou. Publisher of Australia's leading news source, Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it embarrassing for this blog that (December 14, 2008, 23:53) has posted further unnecessary rubbish from the toxic Poxnews site here.

Someone, somewhere in far East Gippsland might be mildly interested - but not us. It is the usual libellous nonsense that Landeryou is so good at providing.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Yet more posts from the Unholy Trinity of Cait Catt, Catter8, and the long dead voodoo woman Rita Randles.

Landeryou is up late manufacturing fake comments from his huge pool of imaginery people. Embarrassing! Sick! Tawdry! Boring!

Go on, Landeryou. Bugger off!

Anonymous said...

My fortnightly rubbish gets attended to today. How I wish I could put Poxnews and Landeryou out so they would forever disappear too. But landfill somewhere near here would suddenly become toxic and unmaneagable for five hundred years.

Happy Xmas Landy said...

Earlier Cait Catt said...

I have sent Andrew a stick of dynamite (disguised as a dildo) for Christmas to help his constipation problem.

At least he won't be able to complain he didn't get a bang during the festive season.

Sunday, December 14, 2008 10:52:00 PM

Anonymous said...

A pig that is going to be slaughtered and made into a string of sausages could, perhaps, claim to be involved in the smallgoods industry.

Likewise, the fat failure Andrew Landeryou reads newspapers so he can claim to be involved in the media industry.

It's a long shot, but given the outrageous lies the fat failure tells incessantly is an almost rational claim by his standards.

Anonymous said...

fat boy is either too drunk or too lazy to update poxnews on the weekend but can find time to post five comments in a row here

what a weirdo

Anonymous said...

What planet is that loon Landeryou on?

His LinkedIn profile tells us that he is interested in:

* job inquiries
* expertise requests
* business deals
* reference requests

It it is hard to imagine a disgraced and bankrupt incompetent failure awaiting criminal charges like Landeryou gets contacted over any of those.

Anonymous said...

Hey, why nothing on Vexnews (PoxViews) about Bent Bill's potential bankruptcy?

Think Lew would have written off El Gordo as a bad debt a long time ago if he hadn't slandered him for the past three-and-a-half yrs.

That was smart, wasn't Buddha boy?

The Sarge said...

Hey don't forget me.. I am still around!! Sergeant Sasha

Anonymous said...

No comments on the Sergeant's page either. It must have the Poxnews disease.

Sash meekly deleted his photos of the Twentymans when asked to do so. Landeryou previously had meekly agreed to observe an ivo on the Twentmans. But he has, since then, happily continued to libel them on his pernicious blog.

A great moment in modern urban photography!

Anonymous said...

Nothing in the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme details released today about Landeryou's noxious and destructive emissions. Very odd.

Anonymous said...

Fatso talks about fraud on Poxnews today.

He should fess up to his own.

Anonymous said...

The item below appeared on Vexnews. I don't always agree with Andrew Landeryou, but his analysis of the Fairfax media appears spot on. Read on:

FRAUDULENCE": Desperate "daily" newspapers that aren’t
By VEXNEWS ⋅ December 15, 2008


No longer terribly interested in bringing you news, Fairfax has decided that it’s merely in the business of producing bits of paper with different dates on them to create the (false) impression that they’re publishing a daily newspaper.

View the latest missive from Spencer Street Central, aimed at clarifying for newsagents what’s happening at Fairfax over the Christmas Break. Answer: nothing much.

The Financial Review, for example, will be publishing a total of just 2 newspapers between 23 December and 5 January, although they’ll be calling those papers “Bumper Editions”. Just the thing for the bumpy weather those chaps are facing at present.

And then there’s The Age, which, like a dog returning to its vomit, is once again revisiting its dodgiest of desperation strategies - the “Special Holiday Edition”. Remember this one? They do this whenever their haemoglobin count falls so low that the whole organisation is starting to develop a distinct, grey pallor. It’s the newspaper equivalent of emergency dialysis. They literally publish one newspaper but put it out on two consecutive days (that’s right - the same newspaper) so that some people will be stupid enough to buy it twice, and then - Voila! - instant sales lift, because of course, from a circulation audit point of view, the total sales figure accrued over two days can be claimed as one day’s worth, which by virtue of the dodgy newspaper audit rules, boosts The Age’s average daily sales figures by thousands.

Fraudulence, we say. Should be banned. For shame.

Perhaps the most significant point to note about the use of this pathetic tactic is that whilst The Age used this exact ploy last Christmas, they used it only once. This year they are doing it twice. Clearly times are twice as tough as they were this time last year. Here’s hoping only half as many people are fooled.

Crapulence said...

By publishing his 'stories' here and on Poxnews, Landeryou is doubling up - just as he accuses the Age of (above).

What a load of under-grad tripe.

I don't think the Barwon Gaol Hot Rodders Klub will be very interested in Landeryou's waffling. One way or another, he will probably be gagged.

Skewered said...

Plugged at both ends!

Anonymous said...

Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tom Calma, said there was insufficient monitoring of cyber-racism and the law did not provide adequate protection for victims.

Anti-racism groups have begun using the inaction to their advantage, mining social networking sites for valuable intel.

Lookout Poxnews!

Anonymous said...

Hey, fat cunt! You can run -- but you can't hide.

We now know what Landershonk's LinkedIn account will be used for. The ABC reports:

Facebook has been used for the first time to serve legal documents, in a case where the defendants failed to turn up to court and could not be found.

In an Australian first and potentially a world first, a Canberra court has used Facebook to serve legal documents.

The ACT Supreme Court ordered that a judgement be served to defendants via the social networking site, after they failed to turn up to court.

No-one could find the two defendants but lawyer Mark McCormack suggested a novel way to contact them.

"Both myself and my colleague Jason Oliver have Facebook accounts, so we thought we could access that and see if we could find them," he said.

The co-defendants were listed as being friends with one another and their Facebook profiles displayed their birth dates, which was enough to satisfy the court that the right people would receive the documents.

Courts have previously allowed judgements to be delivered by email and footballer Sonny Bill Williams was recently served via text message.

Yoni said...

C*nts are useful and can often be fun. Landeryou is neither.

dismissed parliamentary cleaner said...

Talking about pudenda - is Theo still on the Loose?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou on Poxnews's 'Asides' has probably set a new world record for libel. In a single paragraph he managed to libel seven people.

Of Mick Gatto, Landeryou was wisely circumspect. 'Senor Gatto', states Landeryou timidly, is an alleged crime boss. Whatever else he is, Mr Gatto is not of Spanish extraction. He is, I think, a very proud Italian-Australian. A Spaniard he is not.

Then there are the usual libels accorded to Catherine Ng and her "sour faced snoozer hubby". "Red Ted Baillieu" staffer Douggie Campbell was "understandably very badly inebriated" and was "was yelling out profanities" at Landeryou ( who wouldn't yell at the libellous looney?).

Baillieu Chief Of Staff Michael Kapel's own 'private collection' of unusual fancy dress (which may or may not exist except in Landeryou's weird mind) next receives attention. Landeryou concludes: "We bags the all-black leather outfit".

Sadly, it seems Poxnews is not a news blog at all. It is a creepy, libellous gossip column at best.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gatto these days is a 'mediation consultant'. His private company, Arbitrations & Mediations, he says, makes "problems disappear".

Landeryou would be terribly smart to issue an immediate apology on Vexnews about the 'Senor' taunt.

Rawhide said...

Landeryou in an all-black leather outfit. The mind boggles!

Anonymous said...

The Greens have just cost me $450 a year in new taxes. Rudd is going to tax me $400 in increased electricity charges for increased carbon emissions for which my family is not responsible. The problem, if it exists, is caused by power producers and endless deforestation in South America and Asia. Here in Rural Victoria, Brumby wants me to pay $38 a year for a Waterways Charge. That'll soon rise. Trouble is, there are no waterways around here. More tax rorts.

Increased taxes = $450
Increased income = $ 0

Inspector Clousseau said...

Hmnn. I've noticed recently that Landeryou picks his targets for libel very carefully.

He tugs his forelock at 'Senor' Mick Gatto. No mention anywhere of Chopper Read, or any real crims who could do him bodily harm.

But soft targets like Catherine Ng and Les Twentyman get the full character assassination treatment.

At school, we used to call people like Landeryou "bullies".

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is probably praying that 'Senor' Mick Gatto, or any of his mates or acquaintances, don't read Poxnews.

Relax, Landy, nobody important reads Poxnews. But among the fun things about the internet is the ability to spread bad news quickly. Your taunt about Big Mick's origins has already reached him. He's a bit unhappy apparently.

Anonymous said...

Creepy Andrew manufactures companies, fraudulently signs legal documents on other peoples behalf and thinks that looting companies adds value. Good old Solly Lew did the community a great service bankrupting the whole family. The rackets have to end. Andrew is a criminal and should face the criminal justice system. In lieu of that, Solly and every other aggreived party should sue him and his family and anyone stupid enough to guarantee their funds until they bleed. These criminals need to be stopped. This vile blot on the face of the earth needs to be bough to justice and held accountable for his actions.

Anonymous said...

Still no comments on the Pat Dodson libel on Poxnews two days later. Even Poxnews readers seem appalled by this gross libel on a fine Indigenous Australian making good. Naturally, Landeryou is jealous and viperous. He doesn't want the Darkies getting anywhere. Landeryou is right of Margaret Thatcher. He is one of the people, after the global financial crash, that should be making themselves very scarse. No-one today wants to hear from corporate vermin that have asset-stripped and defrauded their employers.

Anonymous said...

December 16, 2008 2:40:00 AM

Well said. That was a cogent summary.

The Landerou family seem able to hide and disguise assets. If any cash is left after creditors get redress, those libelled on Landeryou's blog should be recompenced.

Anonymous said...

While I support the sentiment in 2:55:00, Andrew has never actually been employed. Thoughout the dark and henious days of his activities he has looted and gutted IQ Corp and MUSU in various guises, but never as an employee. I think his sole job in his alleged professional career in which he drew a salary was that brief 5 months as MUSU President, after which a referendum of over 6000 students voted to sack him, with 89% in favour. The rest of his so-called career has been as an operator of companies established to either gouge the investors (Andy, Solly ain't that stupid) or gouge 3rd parties through scam contracts, no bids etc. Andy's sole effort to attempt to engage in a commercial enterprise was to sell sports stats via IQ Corp to The Age and they cancelled for lack of perceived value. We can hear Andy howling about The Age to this day, but business is tough Fat Boy.

He is a mutant of a human being from an organised crime family where work, working for others or value for money have no place. Extortion and threat are more natural to the Landeryou clan.

Enjoy Xmas Fat Boy. Such a happy family gathering!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Landeryou has changed his name to "Andrew Madoff" in honour of the fraudster?

We know that fat boy admires Brian Burke for his loss of millions. Madoff's scams run into the tens of billions.

A new father figure for fatso has come along just as Big Bent Bill has gone down.

Anonymous said...

Madoff's sons turned him in to the authorities. Buddha Boy has probably offered to be a proxy.

Anonymous said...

Brian Burke is not a crook. He has been falsely vilified by the media and his political enemies. Brian Burke was a great Premier and is widely respected in Western Australia. Not like Carmen Lawrence, who as Premier told lies and who, together with the Greens, caused great harm to WA.

Anonymous said...

Another great scoop by Vexnews. The atheistic humanists want to take over our schools. They want to turn our children into moral decadents. Read on:

STRANGE: Atheists swoop on Victorian schools to teach religious education
By VEXNEWS ⋅ December 16, 2008

victorianatheistsMichael Bachelard’s ongoing battle with Christianity took on an unexpected twist on Sunday with his revelations that atheists have emerged as religious education instructors in Victorian schools.

The writer showed surprising signs of maturity by reporting the issue in a fair and balanced way.

He reported that the Victorian government’s accreditation body intends to approve “Humanist Society of Victoria” curriculum which posits that there is no God or any supernatural power. How they go teaching religion does seem to beyond human comprehension, so perhaps we’ll have to consult a higher power to understand it. Bronwyn Pike or someone.

Bachelard concedes:

The Humanist Society does not consider itself to be a religious organisation and believes ethics have “no necessary connection with religion”.

The possibilities are endless for Victoria’s curriculum. Couch potato classes in physical education, calling Dominos during home economics, holocaust denial in history…

Get a job, Andrew said...

Why can't Landershonk get a job when his father has run an employment agency, and not just any employment agency but one that bills themselves as "Specialists in providing assistance to people who face additional barriers to employment".

Presumably that takes in crooks, the chronically lazy and people too fat to fit into many workplaces.

BEA Gardens, (North West Employment Group Inc), Brunswick, VIC
Disability Type:
Business Type: Grounds and Garden Maintenance, Property Maintenance, Rubbish Clearning and Tree Planting
Bill Landeryou
858 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 3056
Ph: (03) 9384 0400

-Click the name for the link-

Pastor Danny said...

Since no one reads Landeryou's deranged and deluded ramblings, the fat crook posts them here.

He talks of the importance of Christianity.

OK, fat boy. Since you are so devout, show us how you honour the Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Commandments:

You shall not steal;

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour; and

You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbour.

You're going to burn in hell, fat crook.

Anonymous said...

Well done Pastor Danny. You seem to have shut Landeryou up for the morning.

Anonymous said...

Poxnews' religion "story" today is odd even by Landeryou standards.

The issue broke in The Sunday Age, so Landeryou is running two days late.

That's nothing new with him. What is really weird is that the story really consists of a cartoon he has presumably stolen from an American creationist site and added his own talk bubbles too.

Landeryou has badged this stolen intellectual property "Vex".

He seems to be mad that he thinks people might steal his stolen cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Mad Andy likes talking about the imminent collapse of the Age.

I just valued their website. It has a tag put on it of $8,941,542. That is $8,941,542 compared to Vexnews' $95.

In other words is worth more than 94,000 times the value of Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

The Age remains solvent and has better prospects unlike two generations of Landeryous.

kevin of southbank said...

Andy is a bullsh*&%$r. Take his story on religious education in state schools.

Anyone ever notice how many crooks in prison find religion, be it Christianity or Islam.

Andy has found religion, apparently. You add the rest.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

The reaction on this blog of filth against Vexnews' measured comments on religion in schools, could well have been written by devil worshipers.

On second thought, readers of this blog of filth are devil sporn. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, you beat me to it. I hope the Church comes out strongly against this filthy blog.

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou prints lies. A venal sin if ever there was one.

Anonymous said...

The good book warns us of false prophets and the devil using scripture for his own purposes.

That's what evil criminal Landeryou is doing.

As devout patriots have observed, theft and bearing false witness - sladner - are sins.

So are sloth and gluttony.

The sinner Landeryou must repent and beg his victims for forgiveness.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I have said this before, and will say this again, Slanderyou is the laziest blog.

The biggest story in a generation, the announcement of the ETS, and no mention of it on Slanderyou.

At least Vexnews is around and on top of it.

Its expose of the greedy Greens was masterful journalism.

No wonder the Greens are making thousands of death threats to the editor of Vexnews. He has exposed their fraud. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

What about "false profits". Fat Andy committed a sin by telling lies to investors and making those up.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou, everyone regards you with contempt and derision.

You are an unemployed, unemployable, unloved, obese, single, childless 38 year old man, a failure in every way imaginable, who spends all his time playing vicious, silly games on the internet.

Do the world and failure and jump under a train.

Sergeant Sasha said...

I continue to pay dearly for the mistake of getting involved with Landeryou... can't you guys cut me some slack?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it incredible how often news breaks on Vexnews. It is my major source of news.

Not Slanderyou. Vile filth.

Anonymous said...

Silly, sad Andrew. Advertising his rag solely on a site set up to expose his evil. I don't think Slanderyou is the right spot to advertise your petty hate site. Go dump on someone else's blog.

Fred Astaire said...

Yeah, take your multiple personalities and piss off!

drowning not waving said...

Why don't governments take ALL our wages and give back what they think we could barely exist on while living under railway bridges? The Rudd ETS is yet another tax. My family is drowning in new taxes.

Having lost $41K from my meagre Super thanks to the corporate crooks here and in the US, we are waiting for a bailout from the Australian government so we can pay for the new taxes, levies and charges, including those from the Brumby government.

The government charges are all indexed! My pension isn't.

Chop Chop said...

In South America and Asia, ignorant peasants are chopping down trees faster than Western governments can fix global warming with silly little ETS schemes...

Why the hell isn't the UN tapping the forest-destroying 'governments' in South America and Asia on the shoulders and heaping penalties on them?

Stop taxing ordinary Aussie families for problems caused by other nations and local coal burners! Tax them, not us!

Anonymous said...

Theo probably has heaps to say about global warming, ETS schemes and taxes.

Oh, I forgot. He is hiding at home on full pay as a Rep Council member, avoiding members questions about that alleged parliamentary rape.

Sack the useless prick!

Snip snip said...

And make sure he doesn't re-offend!

Anonymous said...

More revolting, noxious and illegal interferences in the Theo Case:

(The Age) "A COALITION of Melbourne's Greek community leaders has called for a quick decision on whether senior cabinet minister Theo Theophanous will be charged over an alleged rape.

"In a open letter to Premier John Brumby, published in the Greek newspaper Neos Kosmos on Monday, the group criticises the time taken to consider laying charges against Mr Theophanous, saying it is "not in the best interests" of the MP, the Government or the Greek community".

Er, I guess it is not necessarily in the interests of the (forgotten) victim who, if she ever returns here to press the charge, will be subjected to an unprecedented taxpayer-funded onslought by government chosen SCs and QCs. The Brumby government is rather partial to nasty, dirty tricks.

She would be mad to come here to be done over by the ALP dirty tricks department. As a previous patriot said, this is an 'out-of-hours incident for which the member (Theo) alone is responsible.

Here is yet another reason, after so many illegal political interferences, to present Mr Theo on the alleged rape charge.

But I don't want even a quarter of a cent of my taxes to be spent defending an alleged rapist, let alone an elected leader of the community who may mave misused his position for personal gain and gratification.

dismissed parliamentary cleaner said...

I saw what I saw!

He was chockers!

Ronin QC said...

Send Theo on an extended overseas holiday. He is, as we humble QC's sometimes say, "cooked".

Anonymous said...

Landeryou will attempt some sort of defence for rapists on his rotten blog today.

Rape whenever it occurs is a revolting powerplay. If it occurred in the after-hours fastnesses of our own parliament house in Melbourne, all the more revolting and repugnant it is.

Rape is a disgusting crime. Landeryou will have to dig very deep to make it sort of OK. My bet is that he will fail miserably.

Anonymous said...

Victoria Police is entitled to take as much time is as needed to resolve the Theo matter. A rush to judgement would be very rash despite all the rotten political pressure.

This is history.

I happily support Victoria Police taking as much time as is necessary to deliver justice to all the parties.

Andy fucked his father said...

Andrew Landeryou must now be a complete mental wreck now that he has bankrupted his father.

He has refused to face up to his own dismal incompetence and failure as a businessman that saw him become an equally incompetent criminal.

The best article on Landeryou, Louise Perry and Michael Bachelard’s “The big man on campus” from the Weekend Australian quotes “a former associate” of Landeryou’s as saying “Andrew is a complex person… He has a desire for revenge and a belief in entitlement. He believes that he deserves and is entitled to all sorts of things and if anyone gets in his way, woe betide them.”

Landeryou is vicious, deluded and deranged in other words.

The same source also says “he is driven by a strong sense of resentment about his father being dumped.” In one of his many meaningless and tedious attacks on Erik Locke, Landeryou accused him of attacking his father. “A man whose achievements in life so vastly exceed Erik Locke's (and my own for that matter)…” Landeryou wrote.

Landeryou's constant, demented attacks on the Lew family have no doubt spurred Solly Lew on in his action against the Landeryou clan.

Now his incompetence as a businessman, his incompetent criminal efforts to extricate himself from the result of his failures in business and his vicious and irrational conduct on the internet has lead to the bankrupting and second shaming of the man he has always looked up and sought to avenge.

Congratulations, Andrew!

You say your father’s “achievements in life so vastly exceed… my own.”

You became bankrupt first and now you’ve bankrupted your dad. He has done many contemptible and crooked things but never bankrupted his own father.

You’ve gone one better than him.

Hope the knowledge drives you completely and finally around the twist.

Your hideout is just a short waddle away from the train tracks at Flinders Street.

You know what to do. Give us all a Merry Christmas.

Do it, fat boy. Do it. We dare you!


Anonymous said...

midday and poxnews has not been updated

how does an unemployed guy not have the time to update their hate blog

Anonymous said...

Is this why Landerfat bankrupted his father?

Australian Financial Review
18 July 1986

McDonald's System of Australia Pty Limited has taken out a writ in the Supreme Court in Victoria alleging slander of goods and defamation.

The company alleged the slander and defamation arose out of various publications including a leaflet and booklet distributed at the restaurant in Collingwood, a suburb of Melbourne.

The defendants are named as Victorian Labor Upper House leader Bill Landeryou, James Simmons, Karen Throssell, Denis Evans, Robert Burrows, Philip Noyce, John Alford, Joan Rosser and Richard Armor.

A statement issued by the company yesterday said that McDonald's would not tolerate the publication by individuals of what it considered to be defamatory and slanderous statements about it and its food.

"Such statements not only damage the company but also harm the owners of individual McDonald's restaurants, suppliers of raw products and the thousands of people employed in McDonald's restaurants. Therefore McDonalds has no alternative but to take action to seek redress against those individuals", the statement said.

Anonymous said...

Theo is entitled to the same rights as all other accused persons. He is entitled to the presumption of innocence.

It is up to the prosecution to prove, not the accused to disprove.
Unless of course it is the EPA, which expects persons accused of throwing cigarette butts out of their car to prove their innocence. Ask Lyle, who featured in the Sunday Age and the Boroondara Progress Leader earlier this year, about that.

The Theo matter is now in the hands of the Office of Public Prosecutions, not the Victoria Police. The OPP will make the decision whether the matter will go to trial. If the OPP makes this decision (the boss is Jeremy Rapke SC) the matter will first go to a Magistrate for a committal hearing. If the Magistrate believes the prosecution have made out a prima facie case the matter will then go to trial, presumably in this case to the County Court.

Hope this information will correct the record.

Anonymous said...

A number of commentators on this blog, as well as Poll Bludger and Vexnews, have called the EPA the Stasi. What is the Stasi? Are they the Stasi?

Anonymous said...

Nothing new on Vexnews today - Wednedsay pm. Where is Andy?

Anonymous said...

Nothing on Poxnews at all and it is after three pm.

Is Landeryou off trying to bankrupt his uncle, cousin, godmother or someone like that?

Anonymous said...

The Stasi, 3.55, were the secret police in the former German Democratic Republic or East Germany.

The Stasi operated using a system of informers.

The EPA in Victoria invite members of the public to dob in drivers who throw cigarette butts out of their car windows.

I will not enter the debate about whether or not the EPA are a Stasi operation. That debate was previously conducted on Poll Bludger and was inconclusive, as all debates of that nature are.

It is very likely apologists for the EPA who work in the Ministerial Office of Gavin Jennings wrote the pro-EPA comments.

Lyle should tell us his thoughts about the EPA. I know he reads Slanderyou as well as Vexnews. He declined to comment about the EPA when he answered a comment in Vexnews that he would lose his seat in parliament (false, he is not a member of parliament)unless he disowned his relative who used to be a member of the Whitehorse Council who claimed a visit to a strip joint as a council expense (false, he is not related to the former Councillor with the same surname). Lyle just said he didn't think much of the EPA but he would not indulge in correspondence about it. I invite him to do so.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about this Stasi staff but fat boy Landeryou certainly learned from their Nazi predecessors the importance of repeating the same lies over and over again at volume. Joseph Goebbels would love his work as a propagandist.

Anonymous said...

Worrying headlines for Landeryou today. A fake prince and that fake Qantas maintenance engineer have both been given stiff prison sentences.

Brutus Beefcake and the boys are already unbuckling their belts as they know fake businessman (ie incompetent fool) and fake journalist (ie serial defamer and contempt of court offender) Andrew Landeryou will be joining them soon.

Anonymous said...

Nasty, sleazy, lazy, fat fuck Andrew Landeryou has only just pulled his ass out of bed and updated -- at 4.00 in the afternoon. What a bum!

Anonymous said...

Now that's a coincidence, 7:21.

"What a bum," is exactly what Brutus Beefcake said when he first saw a photo of Landeryou.

Landeryou may have only just pulled his ass out of bed, but Brutus and the Barwon Jail Hot Rodders will be pushing and poking his ass every which way... every which way but "stop".

Anonymous said...

This story recently appeared on the ABC website:

N Korea releases more Kim photos amid illness rumours

North Korea has released more undated photos of leader Kim Jong-il, this time visiting a library, as speculation continues about his health.

The images show Mr Kim, in a brown fur hat and trademark sunglasses, looking at people using computers during a visit to a northern province.

South Korean and US officials say Mr Kim suffered a stroke in August but North Korean officials deny he is ill.

Experts have queried the authenticity of a number of recent images of Mr Kim.

This story could be written about Landeryou and might explain why his hate site was only updated at 4 PM today:

Poxnews has released more undated photos of its sole writer Andrew Landeryou, in court yet again, as speculation continues about his health.

The images show Mr Landeryou, in a brown fur hat and trademark unflattering suit several sizes too small, looking at people using computers during a visit to an outer northern suburbs court.

Corporate crimebusters say Mr Landeryou drinks a 20 litre catering cask of red wine and eats between five and six cubic metres of KFC every day.

Experts have queried the authenticity of a number of recent images of Mr Landeryou.

"They were taken by some bloke calling himself Sergeant Sasha," the ABC was told.

"He seemed almost as mad as the fat guy."

I am Henderson Ross. said...

No updates since Monday.

Lazy, very lazy, Slanderyou. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, I was going to say the same thing. This blog is very boring. Could you suggest an especially interesting news portal.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Anonymous, I like Vexnews. Many people refer to it as the future of news. I am Henderson Ross.

Abrogation said...

December 17, 2008 3:53:00 PM says Theo is entitled to the presumption of innocence. If this was an ordinary case that would be true. But his is a high-profile case in which the Premier of Victoria, the wife of the accused Minister, and others (including Landeryou on Poxnews) have openly and undisguisedly attempted to interfere with the course of Justice.

The alleged rapist has taken time off from his job as a government Minister, seemingly to avoid examination of this horrific allegation by his own peers in the executive council. Theo is not an ordinary Joe, he is an elected representative, and Minister, with special duties and responsibilities. He is answerable to his peers and to his electorate, and to the community.

His presumption of innocence still tenuously exists although much devalued by the abominable political interference of the premier, Mrs Theo, Landeryou and others.

Thanks to the global financial meltdown and the shocking cracks it has exposed in our political systems, the watchdogs and corporate Australia, I am not holding my breath for an honest disposition of this shocking rape allegation.

Quisling said...

I'm still banned on Poxnews, trying to save the dumb Unionists who keep posting there despite Landeryou's hidden cyber-traps and malware cookies.

Tomorrow I will ring the unions concerned to warn them of Landeryou's disgraceful underhanded behaviour. It probably won't save the people who are critical of their union management. Their throats have probably already been cut in public. But even the bosses need to know what a shocking criminal Landeryou really is.

Overall, I don't think any unionist will be happy!

Zeroing In said...

Is there a Landeryou file presently before OPP and, if not, why not?

Years have passed with embarrassingly little action. Maybe crime pays after all. Isn't it time Landeryou faced the music?

Lazy, overpaid public servant prosecutors, Rise Up, earn your wages, and smite the detestable fraud!

GP said...

Landeryou always condemns drug-taking in the loudest and strongest possible way, yet he shows several symptoms of drug-induced psychosis.

His schizophrenic delusions - the constant trumpeting of "I am Henderson Ross" etc. - insistence that he is always right and belief that he is above the rules and mores that apply to the rest of us indicate massive methamphetamine abuse.

KFC, alcohol and ice. Landeryou is both a mental and physical wreck.

His attempts to compensate for his own utter failure and disgrace and now the destruction of his father's life with hate blogging, compulsive eating and alcohol and drug abuse will either end in his early death or institutionalisation after comprehensive and irrevocable mental breakdown.

Anonymous said...

Conroy must explain whether a company involved with the frontrunner's bid for Australia's national broadband network has links with the Chinese military.

And Landeryou must come clean too, while I am at it.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is a North Korean agent sent to Australia to destroy public faith in the mainstream political parties and our free enterprise system.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is again backing Newnham.

Poor guy, with a supporter like Landeryou, there is only one outcome for Newnham - the sack.

Anonymous said...

Any political party that does not want to be treated with complete contempt by the public would have to sack a state secretary who steals campaign ideas from a criminal defamer acting in breach of of court order.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Newnham also incorrectly spell his own surname in a letter to members, a few years back.

Anonymous said...

Landerfat and Big Bent Bill are now fighting over the latest member of Club Bankrupt, Mimi Macpherson.

"I saw her first," fat boy!

"I went broke before you!"

"Fuck off!"

"You fuck off!"

"I'll set my Russian mafia mates on you!"

"I'll send Sergeant Sasha around!"

Anonymous said...

I wish that useless oaf Landeryou would use a spelling and grammar checker on his occasional blog.

It is almost unreadable with missing words diverting readers' attention. You have to stop and ponder what word Landeryou has missed.

His fake comments suffer from missing words and phrases too. If he was a genius one could be forgiving - a great brain racing to find expression. But Landeryou is a total dolt, a lazy slacko too bored to proof read his own 'work'.

Anonymous said...

Silly, sad Andrew. Advertising his rag solely on a site set up to expose his evil. I don't think Slanderyou is the right spot to advertise your petty hate site. Go dump on someone else's blog.

Anonymous said...

No comments on the Sergeant's page either. It must have the Poxnews disease.

Sash meekly deleted his photos of the Twentymans when asked to do so. Landeryou previously had meekly agreed to observe an ivo on the Twentmans. But he has, since then, happily continued to libel them on his pernicious blog.

A great moment in modern urban photography!

Anonymous said...

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