Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Team Slanderyou 2008 Awards – The Winners are……..

Last week we opened up voting for the worst blog/website and worst blogger.

And Patriots have spoken.

The Winner of the worst blogger award goes to Andrew Landeryou, for both The Other Cheek, and his new failure, Vexnews.

The Winner of the worst blog/website is presented to Vexnews.

Thank you to all Patriots that voted.

It’s nice to see that Andy is ‘successful’ at something.

Patriots, have a great and safe Christmas and New Year. See you all in early February.

267 Truth On Comments:

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Rita Randles said...

Disgusting. It would have to be rigged.

Cait Catt said...

I totally agreee Rita.

I was nominated by a person who is clearly a Slanderyou supporter. He even wishes all Slanderyou readers a Merry Christmas and I would never do that.

He also said he wants to root me. I am a good Catholic girl and I do not do things like that. It's against my religion. I suggest the Slanderyou supporter visit St Kilda if he has that in mind.

The person who nominated me says I'm slack and I haven't updated my web page. I'm sorry but I have better things to do. Like supporting Vexnews, Australia's greatest news site.

catter8 said...

Hear Hear Cait. All the cats at my cattery refused to vote. Any contest conducted by Slanderyou can only result in one conclusion. A victory for evil.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Henderson Ross Cait.

Henderson is a true patriot, and his comments are a breath of fresh air in the contest for freedom and truth.

Anonymous said...

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the great patriot Andrew, the publisher of Australia's greatest news site, Vexnews.

Rita Randles said...

Hear hear 10.02

Anonymous said...

Overheard at the confessional:

Sinner: Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I've had a root.

Father: Oh dear! You'll have to tell me her name. Was it Cait Catt? Was it Catter8? Was it Rita Randles?

Sinner (among pals, later): Boys, I've got the names of three absolute certs!

[Diggers' Book of Humour, 1908]

Anonymous said...

So sad. This thread opens and here is Andrew in his various guises & alternate paranoid personalities holding a conversation with himself.

The full cast of current Landeryou imaginary friends came out to play, Rita Randles, Cait Catt, Catter 8 and was that Henderson Ross?

Absolutely repulsive.

The Worst Blog of the Year vote was clear and conclusive. Vewnews was the Worst Blogger and Landeryou the Worst Blogger.

Sad Andy having drunk too much gravy and red now slobbers mistaking his sockpuppets for real people. His personality disorder gets more serious by the day.

Anyone here want to call the CAT in (Crisis Assessment Team) to have him looked at by mental health professionals?

The evidence above is that Landeryou is clearly paranoid, delusional and (we hope) at risk of self harm.

Rita's candles said...

The self harm bit sounds good.

Anonymous said...

7 Landeryou posts in a row up at the top. Yuk. Filthy.

Landeryou's Blog of Oppression let's publishes no other views. Slanderyou's Blog of Freedom lets even the vile Fat One post. A great gesture Slanderyou! However, all Slanderyou readers wish Landeryou would keep it to just one of his many personalities. Indeed, we request he signs in as himself and honestly answers the many charges laid against him. We want to know what happened to the MUSU funds? How much more money Landeryou keeps in overseas bank accounts? What happened to the millions Solomon Lew invested in IQ Corp? Why the records were 'lost'? What was his role in MUSU's bankruptcy?

Time for Landeryou to confess and honestly account for his many dodgy acts. Rather this this endless and tireless parade of sockpuppets designed to take the focus off the real issues.

Hearty Congrats Landy said...

No Walkley Award!

But a real Slanderyou Award! Wow! Congratulations Andrew!

OK it was that Vewnews was the Worst Blog and Landeryou the Worst Blogger. But that's better than going unnoticed.

I guess there has to be a Blog that dabbles in union, local and state government news - even if the 'stories' are deliberately libellous and provocative.

Landeryou believes that being a bankrupt makes him immune to writs. That might turn out to be a bad mistake.

Anonymous said...

Mad as a cut snake. He is really crazy! What a freak. What a failure!

With Xmas lunch coming up and Andrew not daring to go home to daddy (who he has just bankrupted), it's going to be a lonely day for Andrew.

Victorian Electoral Commission said...

Some sympathy for the guy please!

He has just won his first Blog award (real not imaginary).

This is important for Andrew. He is finally getting recognition and credit from his blogging peers.

Worst Blogger of 2008. Worst Blog of 2008.

Andrew has scooped the pool.

Congratulations Andrew.

Won in a fair and free vote. You've heard of those haven't you?

Nostradamus said...

in 2009, I foresee Landeryou and his clan, in more shit than a flock of Werribee ducks. In the distance, the train of Justice sounds its horn. The stolen millions cry out finally attracting the attention of lazy Victorian prosecutors and police. Their rumps too will feel eventual pain.

GP 2 said...

" GP said...

Landeryou always condemns drug-taking in the loudest and strongest possible way, yet he shows several symptoms of drug-induced psychosis.

His schizophrenic delusions - the constant trumpeting of "I am Henderson Ross" etc. - insistence that he is always right and belief that he is above the rules and mores that apply to the rest of us indicate massive methamphetamine abuse.

KFC, alcohol and ice. Landeryou is both a mental and physical wreck.

His attempts to compensate for his own utter failure and disgrace and now the destruction of his father's life with hate blogging, compulsive eating and alcohol and drug abuse will either end in his early death or institutionalisation after comprehensive and irrevocable mental breakdown.

Thursday, December 18, 2008 12:09:00 PM

The GP above was right. Landeryou is now psychotic and requires immediate mental health incarceration. Bring out the CAT team.

Newnham & Brumby said...

We will probably bail out Andrew with a fat government cheque because he helped us to sideline Twentyman in Kororoit. He also provided material assistance to Theo, one of the ALP's greatest figures of the last century.

little Theo said...

Wot about MEeee!

Anonymous said...

What will Andrew do on Xmas Day?

Should Brutus & the Hotrodders drop by to keep him company? Or are they otherwise occupied?

I am concerned that in his loneliness he might harm himself.

Come on Slanderyou fans, how can we help Andy face another friendless day in front of his computer lost to all human company?

Anonymous said...

As usual, Andrew can play with his imaginary friends.

Jeff Mowatt said...

I'd like to nominate for the spineless smear award. A gold medal for Melbourne - Home and Away, the tune never changes.




catter8 said...

I am insulted 2.24. It is Christmas Eve and you do not mention my name. Why is Henderson so much more worthy of attention than me? It is discrimination against us cats and I'm going to complain to the Anti-Discrimination Commission.

Anonymous said...

The Age has beaten Vexnews this morning for the first time. Very unusual. We suspect the Aged has got the story from a wire service, as no reporter at the Aged can write so well. Its news about the Pope, and as it's Christmas what could be more apposite. The Pope says gays are more of a threat to the survival of the world than climate change. The Pople has been listening to Andrew Bolt, who regularly features in Vexnews. Read on:

Gays outraged by Pope's 'homophobic attack'

December 24, 2008 - 8:47AM

A suggestion by Pope Benedict XVI that homosexuality is as much of a threat to the survival of the human race as climate change has sparked outrage among gay rights campaigners.

"It's the latest homophobic attack by this Pope," said Gustav Hofer, co-director of a documentary on the life of a gay couple in Italy called Suddenly Last Winter.

"The Vatican talks about homosexuality or transsexuality as if it were a whim, never as suffering," said Hofer, adding that the Roman Catholic Church "reduces sexual orientation to the sexual act as if it had nothing to do with a person's identity."

In his end-of-year speech at the Vatican on Monday, the Pope said gender theory blurred the distinction between male and female, and he called for "an ecology of the human being" to protect mankind "from self-destruction".

Gender theory, which Benedict referred to in English, explores how society designates fixed roles to people based on their gender and many gay groups see it as helpful to improving tolerance and understanding.

Amid a global financial crisis, "does it really seem appropriate to talk about 'gender' to all these poor folks who are unemployed or vulnerable and don't even know what the word means?" left-wing Italian MP Paola Concia wrote in an open letter to the Pope.

"People need words of comfort," she said.

British campaigners, including some priests from the Church of England, also took the remarks as an attack on homosexuality.

Reverend Sharon Ferguson, chief executive of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, called the comments "totally irresponsible and unacceptable".

"When you have religious leaders like that making that sort of statement, then followers feel they are justified in behaving in an aggressive and violent way because they feel that they are doing God's work in ridding the world of these people," she said.

Reverend Doctor Giles Fraser, president of the pro-gay Anglican movement the Inclusive Church and vicar of a London parish, said: "The Pope is spreading fear that gay people somehow threaten the planet, and that's just absurd.

"As always, this sort of religious homophobia will be an alibi for all those who would do gay people harm. Can't he think of something better to say at Christmas?" he asked.

Mark Dowd, campaign strategist at Operation Noah, the Christian environmental group, said the remarks were "understandable but misguided and unfortunate".

Dowd, who is gay, said: "If you study ecology seriously as any intelligent man would do, and the Pope is a fantastically intelligent man, you realise that ecology is complex, it has all sorts of weird interdependencies, and it is the same with human sexuality."

The Pope's remarks "betray a lack of openness to the complexity of creation", Dowd said.

The Catholic Church has repeatedly spoken against gender theory, but Monday was the first time the Pope referred to it directly.

Monday's remarks follow hard on the heels of the Vatican's refusal to join a United Nations appeal for the universal decriminalisation of homosexuality launched on December 18 by 66 countries.

More than 80 countries have laws against homosexuality, including nine in which it is punishable by death.

The Vatican is a staunch opponent of the death penalty, but fears the proposed UN resolution would encourage gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

If this is happening to Magda, then what of Landeryou

PLUS-sized funny girl Magda Szubanski is shedding kilos after realising she was eating herself into an early grave.

Szubanski, 47, has tickled viewers' funny bones on Kath & Kim, Big Girls Blouse, Fast Forward and Dogwoman, but her battle of the bulge is no laughing matter.

The Melbourne-based actor has turned to a weight-loss company to help her win the battle.

Anonymous said...

A solution to the fuel crisis. Just suck Andy dry.

A Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon has claimed to have turned human fat sucked out during liposuction into fuel for his four-wheel-drive car.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

This result is obviously a result of an organised stack.

I won't be returning to this filthy blog, if this is the standard of fraud that is displayed. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, you beat me too it. I usually don't read anything but Vexnews these days. But I came across this by accident and was appalled.

Anonymous said...

I agree Henderson, a vicious stack.

Slanderyou's own blog and that of Paula Rizutto's were running neck and neck.

Lies lies lies.

kevin of southbank said...

Season's greetings to you too Slanderyou and to all the other Patriots.


Andrew Theophanus said...

Andrew I told you to STOP defending me!!! Now I have been charged with rape you stupid fat useless cunt.

Anonymous said...

Could Theo and Andrew Theophanus become the first brothers to be convicted while serving MPs? One convicted and the other charged, what a legacy.

Rita Randles said...

Theo is innocent until proven guilty. It is not proper for commentators on this blog to speculate on what the outcome might be or ought to be.

Theo is a decent man and a fine Minister and MP. We wish him the very best of wishes for 2009.

Anonymous said...

The spoof 4.21 should have read Theo Theophanous and not Andrew Theophanous.

Shows that Slanderyou cannot proof read. Still, I make mistakes with my proofreading sometimes so I will forgive Slanders this time. Just be careful in case you do it again.

The spoof was referring to Mr Landeryou but did not make that clear.

Anonymous said...

Lonely Andrew active above on Xmas Eve. Andy just stumbled across this Blog. Hah, huh. Andrew reads it more religiously than the Pope. The friendless fat git sits alone in his Fat Cave, with no-one inviting him to BBQs, parties or social events. Not even his dear old dad whom he has just bankrupted. Not his ex-wife who has more than moved on, who he also bankrupted. Not investment partners such as Solly Lew who he cheated. Certainly no staff or members of MUSU who he bankrupted or ex-staff of IQ Corp which he also bankrupted.

No-one for company but the cast of imaginary characters that make up the Landeryou psyche. You would almost feel sorry for the Fat One if you didn't know what an evil bastard he is.

Unloved and unwanted. Enjoy what Santa brings Landeryou. You deserve it all.

A sad & lonely life.

Anonymous said...

It would be TOO embarrassing to be seen with Landeryou. Yuk! No wonder he gets invited nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Andy throws a tantrum because he gets voted Worst Blogger of the Year and OC/ Vexnews as the Worst Blog of the Year. Under the cover of his multiple personalities, Rita, Cait, Catter, Henerson Ross and the rest of the freakshow he lashes out above.

Like the many cheques and company documents he signed in other people's names or using altogether fake names, Andrew Landeryou is a cancer that dare not sign his own name. Too filthy and polluted to use in public.

Little Theo said...

Jeez Theo! You're up to your testes in big, big trouble!

Don't try to blame me! At worst I am an accomplice, and being one-eyed, I didn't see very much at all!

The forgotten victim said...

Even now that Theo has at last been charged with rape, his small pack of defenders continue to interfere with the judicial processes. Theo proclaims he is innocent and police haven't given him a 'fair go'.

Rita Theophanous said she believed that her husband was innocent. She said the woman making the allegation was 'after money'.

Mr Brumby said he was 'surprised'.

Landeryou says the victim 'waited nearly a decade before coming forward'.

These are all totally inappropriate comments.

Anonymous said...

Dead Voodoo woman and imaginary Landeryou persona Rita Randles says 'Theo is a decent man and a fine Minister and MP'.

Looks like Theo has been quickly abandoned. Few would agree with Randles's generous assessment of a lazy, incompetent Minister.

Testicles the Greek said...

Destroy the evidence quickly Theo. Chop it off. Then what evidence do the coppers have?

A popular sacrifice said...

The ALP have happily and speedily sacrificed unpopular Minister Theo. Even by Brumby government standards, he had become comatose and somnolent. Rumours about 'little' Theo have been around for a while.

Oh, Gawd! I hope taxpayers' dollars aren't wasted on this monstrous case. The rape, if it occurred; was outside parliamentary sitting hours. Bad luck Theo, it's your turn to pay the piper!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou, thanks to his various madcap defences of Theo, may have helped bankrupt the former Minister - especially if Theo has to fund his own defence.

The Liberal Opposition needs to keep a keen eye on how the ALP handles the abominable 'Parliamentary Rape'. No taxpayer dollars for the alleged perp before or after the case. Let Theo sink or swim!

Anonymous said...

Theo was on his own. He met the victim for a drink, before taking her on a personal tour inside Parliament House.

There is no excuse for rape. It is a disgusting crime. It is about power. As shown here in the past, the 'Stockholm syndrome' shows that strange relationships can develop between criminals and victims.

Landeryou blogs about the decade in between. He is such a useless oaf. Theo will have to answer many questions in court...

Anonymous said...

"I am Henderson Ross. said...
This result is obviously a result of an organised stack.

I won't be returning to this filthy blog, if this is the standard of fraud that is displayed. I am Henderson Ross.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 3:25:00 PM"

Henderson (aka Andrew Landeryou), f*&k off, don't come back, we don't want you here. But your vanity, madness and loneliness will bring you here day after day. Sad.

Anonymous said...

For the benefit of those Slanderyou readers who have been frightened off from visiting Australia's best news site by Slanderyou commentators, below is one of the best written articles ever to appear on Vexnews. It is about Theo. Read on:

TRAGEDY: Theophanous resigns to fight claims // Thornley blessed by Brumby for promotion
By VEXNEWS ⋅ December 24, 2008

vexnewsplaceholder3 Theo Theophanous, Victoria’s Minister for Industry has resigned after being charged with one count of rape by Victoria Police on Christmas Eve.

The charge - based on a claim by a woman who cannot be named for legal reasons and who waited nearly a decade before coming forward with them - is expected to take the best part of a year or more to resolve itself in the courts.

Theophanous resigned immediately to devote himself to his defence and it is expected that Evan Thornley, a former businessman who ran one of Australia’s most notorious tech wreck companies, will be promoted over the other hopeful Martin Pakula.

The timing of last week’s NUW frolics did little to help the highly regarded and strongly performing Mr Pakula, seen as closely aligned with that union. The fact that Thornley has been enthusiastically courting support from that group too hasn’t counted against him enough.

One observer told VEXNEWS “Thornley is the Premier’s personal choice. The extent to which he’ll make that clear will depend on just how much of a fight Pakula puts up.”

A Pakula supporter said that he also expected Thornley to win, not because he had the numbers or was a superior candidate but because Thornley had the Premier’s blessing.

Thornley won’t necessarily get the same senior role as Mr Theophanous had but is expected to receive at least some of his innovation related responsibilities.

A key backer of Mr Thornley has been the upper house leader John Lenders who is a much underestimated powerbroker within the Victorian government. Lenders had strongly encouraged Thornley to join the moderate Labor Unity faction despite a lifetime of being critical of factions and particular Labor Right ones. In recent times, Thornley surprised Lenders and his friends by being seen to trade his sole State Conference vote around with all the unsentimental rigour normally associated with Russian super-pimps. Some say he ended up in the loving arms of the LRA sub-faction of the Right, despite lengthy negotiations with rivals like Robin Scott, the NUW, Michael Danby’s crew and others. Only in the ALP and Melbourne Club is “day-trader” an insult. It was certainly most frequently applied in Thornley’s case.

Meanwhile of course, an unspeakable tragedy has occurred. We have never before had to comment at length on a case involving claims of this magnitude after charges have been laid. We’ll take a careful look at what truths ought to be left unsaid about the curious situation of a very high profile citizen being accused of a gravely serious crime nearly a decade after the alleged offence.

It certainly seems curious as the MP pointed out today that Victoria Police chose not to accept his request to be re-interviewed. You have to wonder what facts or perspective they didn’t want to hear or consider. It’s very alarming and will presumably all come out in court soon enough.

The approach that legal insiders tell VEXNEWS some prosecutors take is that they want the courts to sort out the truth in he-said, she-said cases. If that assertion is true, it is very alarming indeed, because in some cases the allegation alone does untold harm. In this case, an untested allegation has cost the MP his ministerial career. His accuser has already succeeded - in part - in costing the MP dearly.

We are reminded of the words of the Greek playwright Aeschylus famously partly quoted by Senator Robert Kennedy:

He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.

Theo will remain in the prayers of many patriots, inspired by his political evolution, smarts, achievements, eloquence and brilliance. We hear their cry “Keep fighting for justice.” And we cannot help but think that no one - no male at least - is safe from this kind of situation. For possibly the thousandth time we shake our head in disbelief at how tough and cruel and miserable public life can be at times. Those dedicated to it pursue a heroically brave and noble enterprise.

Rita Randles said...

A brilliant and well written article. Well done Vexnews.

Cait Catt said...

Before I go to Mass my prayers will be with Theo, a great human being.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou all alone on Xmas day. Back at his computer desk with his imaginary friends dumping on other people's blogs. How extremely sad.

Have a great Xmas Andrew. Say hi to Big Bill for me will you?

Oh, I forgot. You sent him bankrupt. He might not be talking to you.

Anonymous said...

Kimberly inviting Andrew over for Xmas drinks to talk about days past. Damn, he sent her bankrupt too. Skip that.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's latest defence of moral bankrupt Theo was embarrassing nonsense.

What a pair of useless Dicks!

Anonymous said...

12:46:00 PM - No wonder Poxnews won the 2008 Slanderyou Award for worst Blog.

What a load of santimonious claptrap!

I wish the poor victim a happy xmas and best wishes for next year. You are one courageous lady!

Rita Randles said...

Slanderyou is a very poor source of information. That's because Slanders is taking full advantage of the Ruddster's stimulus package. Slanderyou criticised Cait Catt for not producing copy yet he is doing the same thing, and the story below from Brisbane will clearly tell you what he is doing, the dirty so and so. Read on:

MX (the Brisbane News Ltd freebie) yesterday, 24 December 2009, said this:

The Rudd government's stimulus package has caused record patronage at some brothels, says a Gold Coast business.

The Pentagon Grand brothel on the Gold Coast last month recorded its highest patronage in seven years despite November normally being a slow month.

General manager Rachel Love said Rudd's stimulus package was responsible for the spike.

"It's clear some men are shouting themselves an early Christmas present with the bonus funds," she said.

Anonymous said...

Xmas Day and Andy is cruising the internet in his Rita drag persona researching the internet on the state of the brothel business. Sad, sad Andy.

Been very quiet in the Fat Cave today. Santa must have missed it mistaking it for a wheelie bin. The family forgot to drop by after Andrew bankrupted them.

Victorian Electoral Commission said...

Andrew wins hit first internet Blogging Award.

Congrats Andrew.

It must have comes as a Christmas surprise!

Worst Blog of the Year.

For years Andrew has been claiming to have won a non-existant award for his crap blog. Today he can proudly claim to have genuinely won something.

The vote was overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Which all brings us back to a patriot's suggestion months ago that, if convicted, Theo should donate his appendage to Museum Victoria. It could then be displayed as 'the Parliamentary Penis that besmirched the reputation of the State'.

Bugger off Theo! You are not wanted here!

Anonymous said...

Theo is cussing that he didn't get a Rudd 'Stimulus Package'.

'Little' Theo is 60 years old too, but he needs a lot of stimulus too. He would love to help out at Gold Coast brothels - or anywhere where there is lottsa available pussy.

Watch it Landy! Theo will be sniffing around Cait Catt and the weird Catter8 if you're not careful!

The ALP Slow Club said...

ALP Big Boys have known about the ribald antics of little Theo for years (although Premier Brumby was 'surprised' by the rape charge!) ALP members today are surprised that the Premier was 'surprised'.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone find it bizarre that Landeryou uses these female characters when posting on other people's blogs? Weird! What a freak.

Anonymous said...

INTERNET millionaire Evan Thornley is the frontrunner to enter state cabinet as a replacement for Theo Theophanous, who was charged with rape on Christmas Eve.

OMG, hasn't the Brumby government learned ANYTHING from the current world financial crisis. We don't want any more useless, freaking, dangerous, millionaires in Parliament!

It is bad enough that wretched Theo has been charged with rape INSIDE PARLIAMENT without further madness from internet wunderkind.

F*ck Evan off, and break all the rules by appointing a person who is not a political liar, who rejects the party line, who does not parrot the Brumby spin. A real representative of his or her electorate.

Anonymous said...

Rotten Theo has decided to hang onto his taxpayer funded salary by grabbing a backbench parachute.

I begrudge him every single cent of every single taxpayer dollar.

Theo, the honourable thing to do would be to stand down altogether. Contest the rape charge, by all means, using your own funds. If found not guilty, you would be free to stand for re-election, as Landeryou proclaims, as a 'great human being'.

Cold Spoon said...

Those parliamentary visitors books must have been the clincher.

As the case unfolds in court, lots of egg on lots of faces.

The ALP, which knew all about naughty 'little' Theo had a duty of care for potential victims. That will all ooze out in 2009.

The Theo Case said...


Time for another bye-election without all the ALP dirty tricks that characterised the Kororoit Creek--the heroin syringes--the Lib preferences--the utter lies--the disinformation!

Anonymous said...

The victim in the Theo case has been hacked to death on Poxnews. The Premier, Mrs Theo and others gave her a huge kick. Among other things, she and her brother are unemployed flotsam and unentitled to bring a charge of rape. What disgraceful, vile, anti-women rubbish.

No-one call tell where the Theo case will lead or whose heads will roll. However, there will be many ALP casualties!

It crawled into my hand honest said...

I am still more than willing to give unemployed women an exciting tour of Parliament House.


Anonymous said...

Will Landeryou and Cait Catt be asked to give character evidence when Theo appears in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on January 23?


Anonymous said...

Imaginary friends have no standing in a Court of Law.

Anonymous said...

Andrew is not of good character.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Sarge's 'One Man Media Army' will happen by to take happy snaps?

AAP said...

If he gets a photo of 'little' Theo, he would make a fortune from the magazine market...

Anonymous said...

I do not wish to get into any sort of disagreement with 4.03 but Theo would not be entitled to seek re-election should his place become vacant until the next general election for all of the Legislative Council in 2010.

Vacancies in the Legislative Council in Victoria are not filled by a by-election, and this is sensible. Imagine if Mr Guy in the upper house seat of Northern Metropolitan for some reason vacated his seat. This is purely hypothetical but if there was a by-election the ALP would win and the ALP would get an extra MLC, and have half the numbers in the chamber. Tasmania abolished by-elections for its House of Assemby, also elected by proportional representation, a century ago for this very reason.

Vacancies in Victoria are filled by the parliament, and must come from the same political party as that the vacating member represented at the time of his or her election.

This is not the ideal method of filling vacancies, as it gives political party hacks the right to fill vacancies with factional heavies. In Tasmania and Western Australia and the ACT vacancies are filled by a recount of votes cast at the election, and this is the desirable method but neither the ALP nor the Coalition supported this in Victoria.

If the place of Theo Theophanous became vacant for whatever reason his place would be filled effectively by the ALP organisation. We might get Harry Theophanous. We might get Kathryn Eriksen. We might get Cait Catt. None of these people would be chosen by the voters, but by the party organisation. Not a sensible way to fill Legislative Council vacancies in Victoria but we are stuck with this method as it is written into law.

Theo Theophanous would of course be free to contest the Legislative Council election in 2010, but that is a long way off. It depends of course on the result of the criminal trial, if in fact a Magistrate rules there is a case to answer. A Magistrate named Phillip Goldberg might hear the case, for example. I make no aspersions about him but he does have a record in criminal committals of ruling that the prosecution have not made out a prima facie case. Then it is up to a committee comprising the DPP and several other legal notables to overturn the decision of the Magistrate. This has been done several times in the past.

Anonymous said...

1:25:00 AM,

I was the author of 4:03:00 AM, and stand corrected by all the points you made.

As you pointed out, Theo may well avoid committal thanks to all the wildcards. Presumably, after all this time, the prosecution case is as strong as possible, despite all the recent political interference. But, as you say, this can go awry in the lower courts.

Given the prominence of the case, one hopes it will progress further. Theo needs to be given the opportunity to fully and explicitly explain what happened.

This case, on the face of it, is unique. I may be wrong, but an alleged rape in a western world Parliament is ground-breaking.

Anonymous said...

A Google query on this issue only turned up Theo related results. Maybe he is the only elected asshole to be charged with so disgusting an offence.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has been raiding this blog again. From Poxnews:

Let us supporters of Mr Theophanous pray that a Magistrate named Goldberg hears the committal. His Honour Mr Goldberg SM is very skeptical of police claims. He was taken off a gangland case recently (actually he withdrew) but he should be OK to hear the committal in Mr Theophanous’s case. It is a pity he was criticised elsewhere on the net last night. We need his independence and compassion.

Posted by Anonymous | December 27, 2008, 13:34

Dismissed Parliamentary cleaner said...

I saw what I saw.

Anonymous said...

Theo was notorious for having knee tremblers in his office out of hours.

A previous ALP leader embarrassed his staff by bonking his secretary nearly every lunch hour. But at least that was behind the locked door of his office.

Theo was caught in flagrante delicto by a cleaner for gawd's sake! It's usually the Libs caught with their pants down, seat sniffing or otherwise causing their families distress. The Left are usually caught with their hands in the till. Since both parties swerved hard right, they have shared the modern burden of depravity.

Barwon Gaol Hot Rodders said...

We are looking forward to giving it to Theo in true 'Greek style'. It sounds as if he thoroughly deserves it. In general, rapists are not very popular. Nearly all of us have wives, girlfriends and daughters. We'll give him a hard time!

Bubba said...

Advice for Landeryou and Theo:

Prison rape commonly refers to the rape of inmates in prison by other inmates or prison staff. When inmates rape, they don’t wear condoms. Convicts look for potential "girlfriends". If it happens, it will most likely happen in a cell or shower area. But anyplace will do if it is out of sight of the officers. My advice to you if you are not protected in some way and you are attacked is to FIGHT back as hard and as loud as you can. AIDS is a death sentence, so that’s the biggest reason. The second reason is once you are raped you are considered in prison circles to have lost your manhood.

Landeryou and Theo are relatively safe as they are both extremely ugly and unattractive. But this is offset because both have political connections. Politicians these days are as unpopular inside as they are outside.

Middle-Eastern Hot Rodder 'Jigi Jigi' can't wait to give them a tryout.

Anonymous said...

Y U K !

Imagine having Landeryou or Theo as a GIRLFRIEND!

I'm going straight from now on!

Theo said...

Poontang ten years ago was exstacy. I was only 50 then. Nowadays I use Viagra to satisfy my women. My ability to produce my 'love wand' out of thin air was legendary in Victorian parliamentary circles. Today little Theo is harder to produce.

Anonymous said...

News tonight is that Evan Thornley is deserting a sinking ship. Landeryou's Poxnews is full of it.

Landeryou doesn't like Thornley much. Goes back to Melbourne Uni. Landeryou doesn't know the full story yet. Commentators close to Brumby often post on Poxnews, so we might know soon the real reason for Thornley's resignation.

Anonymous said...

What about Diane Anderson? Landeryou once printed a spoof on the OC showing Thornley betrothed to that woman.

She's mad of course, and Landeryou got that right. Heaven help Thornley if he had married her.

Anonymous said...

Billy Bob Thornley has probably realised what is obvious to all Victorians. The Brumby government is inactive, lazy and negligent. Ministers are rarely seen on TV news, and when they are they are covered in egg.

Then there is the terminal sickness of Theo that will rot out all that remains of the ALP. I am an ALP voter shocked and dispirited by all this horrible crap.

Anonymous said...

Looney Landeryou of Poxnews is accusing Thornley of being pusillanimous. Thornley, says the obese Landeryou, even put on weight during his two year stint as a parliamentarian. I suppose this disqualifies him altogether.

Rather like the mad comments of Landeryou and Rita Theo that the rape VICTIM was and is unemployed and therefore somehow unentitled to the protection of the Law.

Anonymous said...

The Brumby government is rapidly unravelling and disintegrating. ALP politicians like Thornley are jumping ship to avoid the grubby, messy aftermath.

As usual, voters are left up to their thighs in an quagmire of excrement! The pollies have their indemnities. Us voters have nothing! Time to review the whole political process...

Nasty Nat the Rat said...

Landeryou is again trying to push Natalie Suleyman to fill a vacancyin parliament. This is the same Natalie Suleyman who is under investigation for fraud, corruption and intimidatory behaviour while Cr for Brimbank, the same Natalie Suleyman that while Mayor gave her father a community building rent-free for 4 years so he could set up an ALP branch-stacking factory, the same Suleyman who attempted to silence the community she represented with serial nuisance lawsuits and voted to close the Sunshine Pool. Suleyman helped Marlyn Zukalski bankrupt the Sydenham Community Centre to buy ALP memberships for her father. Her rap sheet is long and scary. This makes her a perfect member of the Brumby parliamentary team.

Anonymous said...

Stale news provider Poxnews will start 2009 well behind the times.

Landeryou is still recovering from Chrissy Lunch after being set upon by angry, bankrupt family members.

At the Theo household over Xmas, 'little' Theo was in the doghouse. He is definately penis non grata in the bedroom these days. And no cheery text messages from overseas this year apparently.

Stunned said...

It looks as if the ALP, Premier and Theo will be going down the amnesia path for the approaching rape committal proceedings in late January.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou, his MUSU organised crime buddies, and the Landeryou family and his former wife, all suffered from long and short term memory loss whenever inside legal precincts.

What is is about courts that produces amnesia and perjury in some anti-social defendants?

Inspector Clousseau said...

Senior Victorian MP Theo Theophanous has lashed out at police who charged him with rape on Monday, accusing them of ignoring vital evidence that proves his innocence (AAP).

Theo is upset that police can't find that pile of Hansards he says he tripped over ten years ago, before falling heavily and accidentally bonking the victim.

Theo will be taking the 'Landeryou / Sgt. Schultz' defence - 'I know NOTHING'!

Stockholm Syndrome said...

Prosecutors of the Theo case will need to scrutinise the Stockholm Syndrome carefully. The subsequent behaviour of the victim, newspaper coverage suggests, will form a prominent part of the defence to the charge.

Theo "also claimed his alleged victim could have an ulterior motive for accusing him, adding the woman had maintained a friendship with himself and his family for years after the alleged offence"(AAP).

The disgraceful betrayal of a friend by raping her is an utterly repugnant crime. If the victim in this case was a vulnerable person, she easily fits the sad, misunderstood patterns suggested by the syndrome.

For Heaven's sake, don't let Theo get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Victorian Prosecutors: Once the Theo case is disposed of (hopefully with a big fat successful conviction tick) - attack the open sore of Landeryou's apparent escape from prosecutions for several extremely serious multi-million dollar frauds.

The law apparently is unable to prevent his endless internet libels on successful Australians through his vile, defamatory blog. There is no legislation currently available. But his MUSU and IQC frauds are still awaiting your urgent attention. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Landeryou needs to be shoved up the legal calender quick smart! You will need a very vigorous prosecutor used to dealing with difficult, forgetful organised criminals.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has managed to screw nearly everyone!

Anonymous said...

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I am Henderson Ross. said...

The comment above is the sort of filth people have come to expect on this blog. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Well said Henderson. I was appalled too

Anonymous said...

The previous posting is off topic and should be removed. This is not a blog about sex advice. The poster should try Paula Rizzuto's blog for preference. I'm sure it would be removed if it were posted on Poxnews.

Anonymous said...

Won't find this filth on Vexnews.

Though you will find this stuff on Evan Thornley's LaborFirst website.

Anonymous said...

Utterly disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I previously posted as 3.03. I am not a puritan or a prude but there is a time and place for everything, and this blog is not the place for sex advice.

Please remove it Mr Slanderyou. I am at one with Henderson Ross on this issue. It denigrates what is really a blog with excellent sources of information.

Anonymous said...

I tried to do a copy and paste to Evan Thornley's Labor First web site but I couldn't get in.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Anonymous, I wouldn't bother to post more porn from Thornley's website here. Slanderyou provides enough porn as it is.

Anonymous said...

Well said Henderson. Can you suggest a family friendly news website?

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I always turn to Vexnews. It was the first to expose Evan Thornley. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

There is no need to turn to Vexnews or Poxnews or whatever its called. A lot of newsworthy items have been posted on Slanderyou in the last week or so. It's just the one sex posting that has not been moderated. Postings like this tend to give an otherwise decent blog a bad name.

My suspicion is Mr Slanderyou has not even seen it, otherwise it would have been removed.

In general I don't approve of censorship but there are exceptions. One is off topic sex. The other is where there could be legal implications, like to speculation about the Magistrate who might hear the rape committal in the case of the Greek MLC. That might be considered interference in the course of justice, so some consideration need be given about removal of that item, although it probably doesn't matter now as it's lost in all the other postings.

Anonymous said...

The reference to a certain magistrate in relation to the forthcoming Theo matter was fist posted as a comment on poxnews. It was then posted here, probably bt Landeryou.

The previous poster is probably right that there could be legal implications. But, if so, they apply to Landeryou and poxnews and not to this blog. All the commenters here have been banned from commenting on poxnews.

Landeryou trolls here endlessly. This blog is a constant reminder of his criminality and the monotonous libels that feature on poxnews. The off-topic sex comment bears all the traits of Landeryou's trolling. His posts here are extensive, irrelevant, off-topic and, in this case, rather vile and pathetic.

Fake commenters like 'Henderson Ross', 'Cait Catt' and many others are Landeryou inventions. He uses many other false names as commenters on his own site poxnews.

It is not for us here to judge whether he he is mad. We simply say he is overdue in the courts and owes Victorians some serious jail time.

"little" Landeryou said...

Neither me nor my master have seen each other in ages, unless using mirrors.

Landeryou does not need to worry about sexually transmitted disease for the time being. But when he ends up in Barwon Gaol, STDs will become an all-consuming, everyday anxiety.

As with many of Landeryou's 'stories', they are stolen from real journalism sites. In this case it was stolen from 'Deidre's guide to oral sex' in UK's 'The Sun'

Anonymous said...

If you have a problem email problems@deardeidre.org Everyone receives a personal reply free of charge:

Dear Deidre,

I'm am a little known and mostly ignored blogger in Australia. I snitch stories from other sites. I libel prominent Australians all the time. I use about 40 imaginary personas to post fake comments on my own blog.

People accuse me of earlier organised asset stripping & fraud, of bankrupting organisations, family members and investors.

Some people think all the foregoing is because I have an embarrassingly small dick. Could I be compensating for this by my life of crime?

Andy Landy

Anonymous said...

Deidre's guide to blogging


I have heard on the grapevine that you are a very troubled individual indeed. I was going to forward you a copy of my Guide to Oral Sex, but I quickly realised you can't reach!

Andrew, never mind, all is not lost. You naughty boy, I've heard that you can write your blog one-handedly while pleasuring yourself with the other. This is a unique talent. As a well-regarded UK sexual therapist I haven't managed to learn this skill. You are a lucky, gifted bloke.

Deidre said...

Sorry Theo,

I don't actually do rape cases, darling!

I'm a sex therapist. I can help you get it up.

But where you stick it is your own biz!

Good luck in January!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou didn't manage to control his sickeningly vile libels against Les Twentyman, OAM, Victorian of the Year, over the festive season. This from the Blog of Bile 'Poxnews' today:

Unbelievable the hypocrisy of that obese, uncouth, alcoholic Les Twentyman.
He calls a press conference (he loves self promotion and been in the limelight) to criticise Paris Hilton’s wealth and spending.
This comes from the bloke who is married to a wealthy socialite, lives in a million dollar luxurious town house, can drink hundreds of dollars of wine in one hour at Walter’s and has never done a days work in his life apart from leeching off charities and the underpriviledged.
Unbelievable, I am stunned at this vile pig’s outbursts!!!

Posted by anon | December 30, 2008, 10:11

Yet another breach of your court order.. tsk tsk

Posted by Lawyers @ 20 paces | December 30, 2008, 11:40

Can you please pass me the flagon and a straw?

Posted by Sir Lesley Twentytonneguts HRH | December 30, 2008, 21:39

Anonymous said...

Just in from Poxnews:

Les will have the pleasure of pissing on your grave, Landy!

Posted by Nostradamus | December 30, 2008, 23:27

Ten Gallon Hat said...

Les is way to nice to do something like that. But I'm not!

Blast from the Past said...

The liquidation of the failed Melbourne University Student Union (MUSU) has become a legal morass. The liquidator of the MUSU, Dean McVeigh, is seeking to recover moneys from the players in the saga. McVeigh has now lodged writs in the Supreme Court of Victoria demanding over $A4 million from Andrew Landeryou and several other former officers of the MUSU. Landeryou is a former president of the union, which collapsed in February 2004 under the weight of a $A48 million property deal.

Where, oh where, did the zillions go?

Say What?! said...

What do Evan Thornley and Andrew Landeryou have in common?

Money? No. Andrew is a bankrupt 3 times over (he bankrupted himself, his wife and his dad).

Success? No, Andrew ran the MUSU and his dodgy companies into the ground and he has never been, and never will be, elected to Parliament.

Relationships? No, the only relationship Andy has is with his dog and a bucket of KFC.

FAT? Yes, the only thing they have in common is that they are both fat.

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Landy & Theo - Barwon beckons in 2009!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all Slanderyou bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Also happy new year to Cait Catt.

You might be a sock puppet Cait but you have a nice name and at least you are entertaining and unlike the other sock puppets like Catter8 and the late Rita Randles you are not malicious.

It's almost midnight and I must watch the fireworks.

Robert Doyle is on TV and so are the fireworks. My dogs are screaming. I haven't got any cats.


2009 Barwon Gaol Hot Rodders said...

Had Landeryou and Theo been here, we would have let off a few NY fireworks of our own. Butt crackers are a speciality!

Still, we are patient friendly guys with nothing else to do. We will welcome Landeryou and Theo here with our usual gusto in due course.

Anonymous said...

The pecker with a penchant for Cait Catt (3:04:00 AM) will get a nasty surprise is he gets too close. Landeryou (AKA Cait Catt) is all Arse and no class.

Brutus Beefcake of Barwon said...

Landeryou will be wearing his balls (if he has any) as earings when we've finished with him.

I daresay his dick will have been souvenired as a small memento by Bubba.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou supports the replacement of Ted Baillieu as Leader of the Liberal Party with Terry Mulder, and would prefer Geoff Leigh, who lost his seat of Moorabbin to Janice Munt in 2002, as the next Minister for Transport, provided of course Leigh wins a seat in 2010. Read on:

GTM means Great Terry Mulder.

Express is code for Leader of the Victorian Liberal Party. It derives from Mulder’s position as Shadow Minister for Transport.

Is it true that Thornley sees no future for the ALP if the Liberal Party is led by Terry Mulder?

Will Geoff Leigh return to Parliament? Janice Munt won in 2002 with the slogan “Vote for Munt as the other bloke (that is, Geoff Leigh) is a c__t.”

A Liberal victory in 2010 with Mulder as Leader and Leigh as Minister for Transport. He will beat Kosky hands down.

Posted by Anonymous | January 1, 2009, 20:40

Anonymous said...

Who can forget the endless fake pro Mulder comments by Landeryou (as "Choo Choo") on the failed blog OC?

Of course, Landeryou is just up to his usual mischief. Terry Mulder is dumber that sh*t! He has had the perfect weapon to derail Labor (an overcrowded public transport system bulging at the seams). The way things are going, there will soon be passengers seated on the roofs of trains, trams and buses.

Terry Mulder sure has missed the bus!

El Jigi Jigi, Barwon Gaol said...

We will soon be getting our hands on ALL of Landeryou's cheeks.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching a weird program on ABC1-TV which claims that Alice Springs is the Lesbian capital of Australia. Some of the detail would make a soldier blush.

ABC-TV has already aired several lurid pro-Lesbian programs during the dead Christmas period. It doesn't like criticism about this. While there would be a small level of viewer interest, it is hardly of general interest.

It's sort of like watching a video version of Poxnews. Tiny audience, irrelevant content, tiresome comments by non-entities, and a slightly off colour undercurrent.

Warmonger said...

Sgt. Sasha Uzunov is offering advice about how to beat the Taliban in Afghanistan on Poxnews.

After reading what he had to say, I'm amazed that PM Rudd hasn't immediately withdrawn the SAS and replaced it with TEAM UZUNOV - the One Man Media Army. Imagine the savings for Australian taxpayers. Imagine the surge of fear amongst the Taliban.

As a final blitzkreig, Rudd should parachute Landeryou into a major Taliban stronghold. Landeryou would soon convince the Taliban tyrants that Les Twentyman, Ted Bailleau, Dean Mighell, Catherine Ng and Evan Thornley are responsible for their predicament.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this right. When he is not hanging around various Melbourne courts on the off-chance of meeting up with his mate Landeryou, Sasha Uzunov is swanning around Afghanistan and Iraq.

Most likely Mr Uzunov is a person of considerable interest to ASIO and other Fed agencies. He has also spent time in the Balkans' killing fields. It is to the eternal disgrace of Australia that 'Australians' with Balkans' backgrounds served during the abominable genocides in that benighted land in the 1990s and early this millenia - not that I am saying that Mr Uzunov was such a person.

Croatian terrorism activities around the world, including Australia starting in the Sixties, would fill many books. For those interested, Googling will reveal horrors beyond imagination.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou loves fooling around with the Union movement. HSU is the current target, and the silly unionists are flocking to comment on the latest verminous Poxnews concoction. They don't realise their comments are monitored, their ISPs are logged, and the ever disgusting Landeryou loads malware cookies on their computers to further trace their actvities on the net. Are unionists complete fools?

For the 14th time, my attempt to warn these dumclucks was edited out by Landeryou and his sick, crook, Poxnews blog.

Unionists and young Libs keep falling for this scam. My New Year's resolution is to stop trying to warn them off, and to let them fall prey to whatever Landeryou does with all the information he has amassed!

Dumbness has its own rewards!

Anonymous said...

So...the criminality, the libels, the sickness of Landeryou seeps and oozes into 2009.

Cut out the crap. Send him to court. Convict him. Send him to jail. This is ridiculous. All the evidence is there. Politics is protecting this pigmy. Police and OPP get him in the clanger quick smart!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

This is a direct quotation from Vexnews. "Yes, journalism is about afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted. That’s all good. But its essence is truth. And it always seems that truth is the first casualty of the left-wing’s war on Israel."

We should all be proud that Vexnews is so widely popular and well read. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, great post. When i read that I was nearly in tears. Wonderful philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, I too was moved by that quotation.

And to think that the leftards awarded Vexnews a fraudulent award.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

Anonymous said...

Where are you Cait Catt? I want to root you.

Victorian Ombudsman said...

I am releasing my report into the Labor Unity stacked Brimbank Council soon. I am naming names, and there will be charges laid.

More than one MP is at risk (that's right, not just Simon Madden).

Concerned said...

Is this the reason why Landeryou is still in Australia???

Ambulance Service may spend $60m on extra large planes to transport obese patients

By Joe Hildebrand

January 03, 2009 01:46am

Weighty cost ... the NSW Ambulance Service could be forced to spend $60m on extra large planes to transport fat patients

* Service considering extra large planes
* Upgrade would cost service $60 million
* 7.5 million Australians overweight, obese

AUSTRALIANS are so obese the NSW Ambulance Service could be forced to spend more than $60 million on extra large planes to transport patients weighing more than a quarter of a tonne.

All stretchers on new planes for the air ambulance are required to handle patients weighing up to a massive 260kg. The new limit is almost double the existing 140kg and equivalent to the weight of a light aircraft or a child elephant.

The news comes as it was revealed more than 7.5 million Australian adults are overweight or obese, costing the health system $8 billion a year, The Daily Telegraph reports.

On top of the extra-strong stretchers for up to five new replacement planes, the Ambulance Service is also looking for another two even bigger aircraft to handle overweight patients.

The new specifications are in an ambulance tender for new aircraft.
Related Coverage

Your Say

Get the fatties to pay higher taxes to pay for all this extra equipment. Don't get other people to pay for it, after all, most people don't stuff their faces and claim they ...

(Read More)
Kyle Ruxton of Kangaroo Flat

The current four-plane fleet, operated by the Royal Flying Doctor Service, will be replaced by up to seven planes, two of which may have to be super-sized.

"Current funding is available to meet the commitment for renewal of the the commercial contract covering four aircraft out of Mascot and potentially for a fifth to be included to replace/upgrade the Dubbo arrangement," the document states.

"The addition of two larger aircraft, to address increasing patient size/weight/numbers will also be considered."

RFDS business manager Alan Tippett said the purchase of any larger aircraft would cost almost $10 million each, plus millions more to fit them out.

Each plane costs several million a year to operate. A seven-year contract for a smaller plane cost $20 million five years ago.

The development alarmed the State Government which said it was a wake-up call to the community.

"It is alarming to consider that the number of people who are obese has increased so much that special equipment is needed to lift those in a medical emergency to safety," Acting Health Minister Ian Macdonald said.

"This should be a wake up call to the community to watch what they eat by cutting down on fats and sugars and increasing how often they exercise."

Obesity expert Garry Egger said the epidemic was out of control and needed to be addressed immediately or the Government was headed towards economic disaster.

"Government has got to take greater responsibility for this epidemic if it wants to reduce the enormous cost that's going to occur, the enormous cost to the next generation," he said.

Anonymous said...

Answer me please Cait Catt. Please tell me where you are. I promise I won't do what Theo is supposed to have done. I love you Cait.

Anonymous said...

Henderson Ross is as great a plagiariser as his master Landeryou.

Try putting this into Google:

"journalism is about afflicting the comfortable"

Landeryou hasn't come up with an original idea for yonks. Stealing other people's ideas is sort of like stealing the millions that went before, just theft, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

The commenter craving Cait Catt's c*nt (Sunday, January 04, 2009 2:32:00 AM) is getting closer and closer to something no-one here can imagine the horribleness of - Landeryou's backside.

Don't ever bother going there.

Landeryou is just another asshole who is a thief, and who has bankrupted himself and his family. Nowadays, he libels lots of honest, hard working Australians and hogwashes impressionable unionists on his loathsome small time blog.

Anonymous said...

Poisonous Poxnews is still baiting airhead unionists and banning anyone from this blog who wants to 'contribute' to the anti-HSU claptrap provided by Looney Landeryou. Yes, its all yukky and loathsome. But it is all part of his mad plan to libel everyone in Australia eventually.

In addition to being Australia's worst blogger - he is also Australia's maddest blogger. There are just more and more reasons to lock up this incredible cretin crim!

Anonymous said...

I am 2.32 and I am doing what a psychic at Patterson Lakes I paid $35 for a reading told me to do. She told me a lady with a name like a feline animal with the first name of Cait loves me, and I also love her, that she contributes to a blog, and that I should tell her on the blog she contributes to what I want and she will answer me in her own time and way.

They psychic said there were sock puppets for a failed businessman who write for the blog, and I should be very careful I don't fall for any of them.

I'm all confused. Is the psychic leading me up the garden path? I've seen other psychics and I've found love from none of them and I'd like to hear from Cait so that I can make up my own mind about the psychic I went to see but Cait is not responding.

I have not found true love and I hope my psychic is right but I'm now having to be skeptical. Can readers to this blog give me any advice?

I'm getting advice from people who've written after me that I should be careful lest I might find the feline character

Theo said...

I regret to admit that I have bonked Cait Catt, the unemployed bird who calls herself Catter8, and Rita Randles, several times. Actually, I just love to root.

Why don't people understand that people like me are on a power trip and like to root the unemployed.

There are far too many alluring v*ginas in this world. Why is this so?

Anonymous said...

Lunatic blogger Landeryou keeps kicking Evan Thornley who has shown maximum smarts by deserting and distancing himself from the falling-over Brumby government.

The lazy, negligent Brumby government has been asleep for years. No wonder Steve Bracks took a hike. No wonder Evan Thornley took a hike.

Voters like me are thinking, even though I have never voted Liberal, that Red Ted is suddenly looking ultra sexy.

Anonymous said...

But I draw a line at 'Choo Choo' Terry Mulder who is Landeryou's mischevious choice as an alternative Liberal leader.

Unfortunately, Terry Mulder couldn't organise a teddy bears' picnic let alone the government of Victoria.

That leaves the loud sax playing Ted Bailleau as the boss who is going to play a winning tune.

IT Guru said...

Fat Andrew Landeryou STILL won't let up on Thornley. Could it be because bright bloke Evan made a motza from the web while the incompetent Fat Andrew Landeryou bankrupted himself, his wife and his father with his own internet venture?

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see that El Gordo has kept pretty quiet on the Theophanous matter since charges have been laid. I would have expected about a billion contempts of court and sub judice issues by now. He must have been warned off by someone.

Anonymous said...

Who else noticed that Landeryou saw in the New Year by posting an anonymous comment on Poxnews praising himself. Talk about tragi-comedy!

Anonymous said...

Mr Landeryou has to keep quiet about the Theo matter, in common with all good journalists. I'm not suggesting Mr Landeryou is a good journalist, just making an observation.

After a person has been charged with an offence media speculation must cease. Therefore Vexnews or Poxnews must cease all comments about Mr Theophanous. Otherwise he would get into big trouble with the judiciary.

Also re the amusing comment on this site purportedly by a man named Theo. How could you have sex with imaginery personalities?

Anonymous said...

You are a generous person 6:02 to have that take on the Theo matter.

Fat cunt has never let the law stand in his way before.

I reckon his masters have told him to keep his mouth shut.

Crimebusters said...

This is the comment Landerloser posted seven minutes into the new year after he put up a "story" slagging off his successful former friend Evan Thornley.

Landerloser was no doubt drunk as a skunk and completely consumed by bitterness at Thornley's success in business and confidence at being able to turn his back on a political career.

Landerloser has failed in politics and he has failed in business.

He tried to cover up his failure by breaching the law but also failed as a criminal. His efforts at fraud and theft were laughable.

Landerloser is bankrupt, disgraced and unemployable. He knows he is going to prison. All he can do while waiting for the authorities to come and take him away is get drunk and post bitter, vindictive and untrue rants on the web, along with fake comments singing his praises like the Poxnews New Year's Special below.

What a loser!

It’s just after midnight. Happy 2009 Vexnews.

A great scoop for Vexnews. Always first with the latest.

You told us Andrew there is more than meets the eye and you are, as usual, spot on.

Well done Andrew. Well done Vexnews.

Posted by Anonymous | January 1, 2009, 0:07

Fatso's secrets exposed said...

The previous poster and other patriots should note that Fatso always mentions himself by name lots of times when he puts up those anonymous comments saying just how wonderful he is like this one:

"Congratulations Andrew. You said it all along that Thornley was a dud. Few people believed you. People went to hear his boring meetings advocating Labor First and strangely they didn’t pick it up. You did. Even Eric Dearricott fell for Mr Thornley and he got dudded. He woke up and said Landeryou was right all along.

"Your analysis of character Andrew is spot on."

PS They also appear towards the top of the comments threat. Fatso posts one of his piles of crap and then puts up a comment saying just how clever he is.

Labor Bully Boys said...

The close colleagues and friends of Mr Landeryou at university included some of today’s aspiring Labor Party politicians, Evan Thornley and Richard Marles—the
former contributing to the Labor Party’s failed and embarrassing policy of Noodle Nation and the latter being an extremely uninspiring drone of the union movement who is alienating scores of Labor Party members in his often described dodgy attempts at
stacking out the seat of Corio. Indeed, some of these Labor student politicians do learn
some very valuable lessons on campus using the compulsorily acquired union funds.

These Labor Party boys were bullies and thugs then, and nothing has changed. I was at
university when these Labor Party boys were arrogantly pushing their weight around on campus. They were political thugs, and by all
accounts they continue to be. I say to those in the Labor Party, ‘Do not surrender your
party to these sorts of [ndividuals. They will corrode from within what integrity is left.’

Anonymous said...

Landeryou a bully and a thug?

Surely not!

Damn, I forgot about that incident when he tried to monster MUSU liquidator Dean McVeigh, saying he would 'do him slow'.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Talkin about doing things slow. We will show him our "Pig on a Spit" scene. Use your imagination Mr Landeryou!

Anonymous said...

Jeez, did anyone notice this in Landeryou's comment to the site linked to the Brutus Beefcake post?

"Hello there, Mayne and one of his flunkies definitely linked to my blog of freedom. Mayne visits it at least three times a day (we know his IP number so we keep careful track), sometimes in the wee hours of the morning".

For a former crime boss, Landeryou isn't very smart. Patriots on this blog have remarked that Landeryou monitors ISP addresses (not to mention the data mining malware cookies he sends out to visitors to Poxnews).

Out of the mouths of fools such as Landeryou comes self-incrimination.

Anonymous said...

I pity the silly unionists, young Libs, and others, who comment freely on Poxnews without realising they are under Landeryou's surveillance microscope whilst visiting Vexnews. As well, unless their IE settings are blocking ALL cookies, Landeryou will be downloading his malware cookies on your PC.

Landeryou's dopey macro about Les Twentyman is still running on the OC. People who can make working macros are capable of programming cookies. I dread to think what data his malware cookies are programmed to find.

The horrible truth is that every keystroke on your computer is recorded by your ISP (including fake ISP addresses you may have created). Landeryou has access to a certain level of information through his malware cookies - but (without a pal working at an ISP) perhaps can't trace you down to your name, address, financial association with your ISP, etc. Some people have a contract with their ISP which allow access to their credit card. A hacker could gain access to ALL this information - especially if an ISP number for that surfing session, plus a cookie monitoring what you have being doing on the net, is available to start a hacking session.

Most likely Landeryou is too dumb or drunk to do much of the above. But be warned.

It Works Both Ways said...

An interesting peek inside Landeryou's computer:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in D:\Domains\vexnews.com\wwwroot\wordpress\wp-content\themes\vexnews\comments.php on line 37

Anonymous said...

Oh dear,

Vexnews is attracting increasing security alerts from Google and SiteAdvisor et al.

They think the Vexnews cookies are phishing. I don't know. Maybe they are.

The warnings are going to start turning up online shortly - so even the daffy unionists that post unguardedly on Vexnews will be warned.

Game Over fat boy!

Anonymous said...

For those too scared to venture to Vexnews after the dubious comments about phishing on Slanderyou below is the Vexnews post about Evan Thornley, together with a warning at the end. Read on:

Evan Thornley’s most passionate desire - to constantly prove himself to be the smartest person in the room in the style of other McKinsey alumni at Enron - got the better of him when he told his Labor colleagues that while he couldn’t tell them where he has going to in the private sector, he was going to “a better place” where he could “continue” his work for Labor values from outside the Parliament.

VEXNEWS has learned and the Sunday Herald Sun’s ace investigative journalist James “The Inquisitor” Campbell has extracted a no-denial comment from Thornley’s spokesperson from the ACTU’s favoured spin-doctor EMC, in the person of Liz Lukin, that Thornley is going to a company going by the name of, you guessed it, Better Place. Click here for their site.

We understand that Better Place intends to appoint Thornley as its Australian Chief Executive, or at least intended to do so until Thornley’s bizarre political self-immolation. We believe he has been offered attractive terms to invest in the Australian venture and possibly also in the parent company.

The company makes electric car batteries and provides a system for re-charging and swapping over charged batteries for uncharged ones.

Condemned as a “smart arse” and “grub” by angry former colleagues when told of Thornley’s plans, the fact Thornley had amused himself by telling his colleagues of his destination while not telling them speaks volumes for the intense contempt he held them in.

Campbell’s piece also reveals that Thornley has now officially resigned as a Member of the Legislative Council and as the Premier’s Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation. The Premier is believed to be actively contemplating vacancies for both positions. Ominously, Evan Thornley himself is believed to be encouraging one of his dinner-party buddies and former girlfriends to nominate for the post, in a move that could cause considerable resentment in party circles.

Labor’s moderate faction Labor Unity is expected to fill the vacancy - which would normally go the Socialist Left - because of it withdrew from the Albert Park preselection contest that saw the elevation of Martin Foley, union bovver boy and employer of one-time drugs vendor Simon Kosmer to the bayside seat.

It was in Thornley’s capacity as a government Parliamentary Secretary - to which he was appointed by former Premier Bracks who bumped Thornley into Parliament in the first place as a cover for his promotion of his then COS Tim Pallas - that the kleptocrat became aware of the company Better Place whose business model depends on millions of dollars of government assistance.

Thornley has already been actively helping the company from within government, assisting them in dealings with Macquarie Bank, with whom he has had a long relationship since they helped fund Thornley’s tech wreck Looksmart. Macquarie Equities clients in Australia purchased hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Looksmart stock which became practically worthless within months. $2000 invested in the company by Macquarie clients then is worth a little over $10 today.

VEXNEWS has learned that Better Place Australia intends to operate from Melbourne and plans to draw on the federal government’s $500 million Green car fund and to also hit up state governments for assistance in rolling out.

Thornley has already been facilitating state government help, securing for them access to the Victorian Government Investment Centre and a glowing endorsement of the company from the Minister for Innovation Gavin Jennings (click here for video of him) and from Premier Brumby himself. Jennings said he looked forward to “any degree of collaboration” with Better Place.

We understand that Thornley had already commenced negotiations with Better Place about his involvement in their company in October at the time of Better Place’s launch where they announced Melbourne would be the location of their Australian HQ.

It is the sort of improper behaviour and poor corporate governance Thornley would loudly condemn in others. It is the kind of cosy deal that would have made Queensland’s Russ Hinze proud. Hinze was accused of using his government position to make himself private profit. Thornley stands accused of doing exactly the same thing.

Thornley’s once prominent position within Labor certainly presents those governments with a serious ethical issue as it they will be keen to ensure they are not seen as corruptly feathering the nest of their former parliamentarian who will use the knowledge and contacts he gained in office to squeeze out as much public money as possible for his company.

Little wonder Better Place has named its prototype vehicle “The Rogue”. Could they have had their future Australian boss in mind?

Not everyone is convinced Better Place is on the right track.

Critics point to the need to swap car batteries every eighty minutes as being “needlessly inconvenient” and certainly in a market like Australia it will make the car much less attractive beyond the latte curtain. In markets like Israel, an hour long drive is considered a big deal - indeed it can take you from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem - but it isn’t such a long distance for Australian drivers some of whom will think nothing of driving from Melbourne to Adelaide or Melbourne to Sydney for a bit of fun. It’d be much less much if you had to stop every hour for a battery change. The cries of “Are we there yet?” would echo from the backseats of the electro-cars across the nation.

One environmental technologist slammed the company:

Agassi (Better Place) has simply not produced a viable, or even defensible
 technology for the electrification of the fleet. The idea of swappable batteries is old and just as harebrained now as it was when it was first suggested decades ago….And when 
batteries become quickly rechargeable, Agassi’s entire trillion
 dollar system becomes instantly obsolete, whereas the current system we have would simply find gas stations swapping out gas pumps for charging posts as the demand irrevocably shifts from gasoline to 

They say hybrid cars - including plug-in hybrids - offer as much energy economy without the need to create a nation wide network of charging stations and battery swap-over points.

An insightful VEXNEWS thought-partner pointed out to us yesterday when we discussed the issue that ultimately it might be a “real estate business” in the same way that airports, fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and service stations are, in that the value of the Better Place sites will be much improved by the presence of a big-name tenant such as themselves.

Whatever the model and the opportunity one thing seems certain. For a politically minded chap, it’s nowhere near as interesting as one of the most interesting portfolios in the government, Industry and Trade. The revelation that Thornley intends to be involved in Better Place still leaves many scratching their head wondering what might be going on in Evan’s.

We have opined before about the importance of weaning Australia off oil. We import our supply from the world’s worst nations, fuelling dictatorships, terror exporters, plutocracies and the construction of ice-hockey rinks and shopping malls in bits of desert that would have been better off being left in their original duned form.

So while Better Place might be a dud, no doubt there’ll be others doing similar things to eliminate and reduce our dependence on dictator diesel. We hope so for geo-political reasons as much as environmental considerations. It’s all very worthy, no doubt about it. It’s taken the unique stylings of one-time crap-band drummer Evan Thornley to make this clean technology company look extremely dirty indeed.

Many Israeli companies are very hard-core and have little patience for the niceties of public relations and maintaining appearances. In this case, the company would do well to think again about appointing someone like Thornley. He will drive them off a cliff.

The Labor governments he intends to target to further enrich himself need to tread very carefully for fear of ending up in some fast-acting Evan Thornley Quicksand.

There could be a bad omen in this. When Van Nguyen, the hapless Australian citizen drug courier, was executed in Singapore, the executioner said he was going to a “better place.”

Thornley needs to use his phrases and his company better, lest he be confused with mouthing comments from Singapore’s public executioner. Those people are about as popular as real estate agents and used car salespersons.

Zip it Fat Andrew Landeryou said...

Evan Thornley made $100 million from his internet ventures.

Fat Andrew Landeryou bankrupted himself, his wife and his father with his.

Fat Andrew Landeryou committed criminal offences in a desperate effort to cover up his incompetence.

Everybody knows that sooner or later he will go to prison. In the meantime he wastes his days posting bitter lies and smears on the internet.

Yet Fat Andrew Landeryou has even managed to botch that up.

No-one read his "Blog of Freedom". His name was synonymous with bile and lies. Instead he started a new sleazy site he called Vexnews. But no-one reads that either.

All Fat Andrew Landeryou can do is post his ridiculous rants on this site in the hopes that people might see them.

Fat Andrew Landeryou is the laughing stock of every politically literate person in the land!

A warning from m'lud said...

This sooooo funny: a warning to a young hoon driver from a NSW magistrate about what will happen to him if he goes to jail.

It is 100 per cent applicable to Buddha Boy. The similarities between kid's case and our pal are spooky, right down to the three days in remand.

There is one big difference though. Buddha Boy is going down.

In his case this sort of thing is not a threat. It is what he will be enduring: day in and day out and day in and day out over many, many years.

"You spent three days in the Sydney police centre at Surry Hills. That's not jail. I'm giving you another chance to go back out there but if you do it again that's it. Nope. Payday. Have you got any idea what it's like in there? Any idea at all? You wouldn't last a night. You will find big, ugly, hairy, strong men who've got faces only a mother could love that will pay a lot of attention to you - and your anatomy. Scary, isn't it? But that's what will happen."

Barry the Bailiff said...

This is going to be one hell of a year for watchers of fat failure Andrew Landeryou!

Landeryou was declared bankrupt in the Federal Magistrates Court on May 23 2006. The court was told he had accumulated debts of over $2 million.

Bankrupts are automatically discharged three years after their statement of affairs is lodged with the official receiver. If Landeryou put the paperwork in in 2006 this should be the year he is out of bankruptcy. Should be… but we are dealing with Andrew Landeryou.

Landeryou has had no visible means of support for many years now but has continued to live the life of Riley, keeping luxury inner-city digs first in Southbank and now in the very heart of the CBD.

Bankruptcy regulator Insolvency and Trustee Services Australia spells out the law very clearly: “Your bankruptcy may be extended to five or eight years if your trustee lodges an objection to your discharge with ITSA. Your trustee may lodge an objection on a number of grounds, such as your failure to:
* provide information to, and assist, your trustee
* disclose to your trustee all income
* pay assessed income contributions
* explain how money was spent, or
* reveal all assets and creditors.”

Landeryou does not appear to have obeyed the rules. He should remember ITSA plays hard when it wants to.

Lisa Robertson, the former Qantas hostie who dallied with Ralph Fiennes, was declared bankrupt back in 2004. Her bankruptcy was extended in 2007 for another five years after her trustee formally objected to her release. Last year her St Kilda apartment was raided by ITSA officers in an early morning operation which discovered undeclared cash and assets.

“Last year, over 1140 people came to ITSA's attention for taking their chances at manipulating the bankruptcy laws – and some of them went to jail,” an ITSA spokesman said after the raid.

Lisa Robertson is in serious trouble... and Landeryou?

Rather than being the year Landeryou is discharged from bankruptcy, 2009 seems set to see a further investigation of his affairs that could cause plenty of trouble for the fat failure.

In the odd chance that Landeryou is discharged he will still faces a very big bill.

ITSA has a publication titled “What debts do I have to pay after I am discharged?”

One of them is “debts incurred by fraud”.

Solly Lew is still waiting for his money. He has not given up.

Just ask Bill Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Full marks to that patriot above! Can't wait to see what happens with Andy's bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Out of the fat and into the frying pan. Not that Landeryou is ever out of the fat in one manner of speaking.

Anonymous said...

On Poxnews:

"We've never had so much fun with our clothes on as we ponder the smouldering ruin of crooked Evan Thornley's political self-destruction".

One smouldering ruin writing about another?

Anonymous said...

What a surprise!

Landeryou has managed to expunge the McAfee SiteAdvisor advisory about phishing cookies sent out by Poxnews - by the simple expedient of resubmitting his site for re-testing.

However, he will find that this has repercussions as Pownews is already on several radars...

Anonymous said...

Wow, Landeryou has laundered ALL the Vexnews items that turn up on Google. They are all sporting the question mark in a circle and the message 'We've tested millions of sites but haven't tested this one yet'.

What a busy boy he has been. All that effort to coverup his illegal malware cookies!

Soothsayer said...

On my reading of recents posts, 2009 is shaping up as a shit year for Landeryou and his 40 fake personalities/commenters.

Oh well, I guess it had to happen sooner or later...

Shit Happens said...

Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke!

Cai Mingzhao said...

Has Poxnews offended the Chinese government?

"Cai Mingzhao said some websites had taken advantage of government policies and loopholes to publish "low-class, crude and even vulgar contents, which severely corrupted the public mentality".

"The vulgar trend has deeply harmed the mental and physical health of the young generation ... Many parents are calling out: 'Save our children'. They want the government to take drastic action."

Landeryou enjoys enormous freedom here to libel his fellow Australians. In China, he would have already been executed.

Albert Pierrepoint said...

I would be happy to execute Landeryou for free, and to 'Do him slow' if that is what is required.

Unfortunately, like Rita Randles, I have passed on, and may not be able to take on the physical aspects of the task. The knot needs to be under the left ear, and the 'drop' needs to be carefully calculated. Landeryou's weight worries me a bit. He needs to be weighed so my calculations are accurate. Otherwise, either his head would come off or he would strangle.

Send me details so I can make the neccesary calculations.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Still no new content on the Blog of Sleaze. Unlike Vexnews which is taking a very analytical perspective on the disgraceful Antony Loewenstein.

Has Slanderyou fallen asleep or worse? I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, you beat me to it. I have really enjoyed Vexnews this year. It has been great summer reading.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to Vexnews' take on Nameless' shameful involvement in the developing plagarism scandal.

Anonymous said...

Three posts from the fat failure and his split personalities before 8:00 in the morning Melbourne summer time. This must be the earliest he has ever got out of bed - time behind bars excepted.

Concerned said...

Did anyone else notice that this blog was attacked Monday afternoon. All of the articles were removed from the index page and replaced by older items going back as far as August of last year.

Anonymous said...

For the benefit of Slanderyou readers too fearful to tread in the light of previous commentators below is the latest news on Jon Faine from the web's most infamous blog:

TRIPPING: The Faines return from a world tour of drug dens, brothels and bribing border guards
By VEXNEWS ⋅ January 7, 2009

jonfainejackfaine ABC broadcaster Jon Faine’s long roadtrip has concluded but not before shameful admissions of illegal dealings and immoral conduct have been made by the leftista and his son Jack.

Jack opens the batting with recent admissions of “spliff” chasing:

In Ashgabat, a city of hollow decadence built in the last 15 years, dad got quite ill and tired. So I left him in the homestay moaning and groaning and burping and slurping in his bed and walked out the door. I met a kid, Rex, who adopted me and promised to show me the Turkmen life. I shadowed him on a wild night that took us from cigarettes on street corners past KGB officers snooping about to roaming the empty streets then chasing down a spliff on the other side of town and skulling vodka and rapping in russian before the 11pm curfew and then heading home. But I spose the real details of the night will have to wait for the book…

A spliff is understood to refer to a well-rolled marijuana joint, usually of impressive size, according to urbandictionary.com.

Marijuana is one of many narcotics notionally banned in Turkmenistan but believed to be peddled by very senior figures in its tyrannical government.

Earlier Faine reports showed the two Faine gents saying in a Mongolian brothel for an entire weekend:

Not by choice, we spent last weekend in a brothel. A real one, no half measures…The novelty of the locale soon wore off, although the girls were very friendly…. well, not too friendly.

Indeed, it seems lazy UN personnel in Dili had prompted this strong interest in brothels in the developing world:

Dili is awash with UN personnel. No one we spoke to knows what they all do. The brothel owners would prefer we do not ask. Business is booming.

And drug-taking and brothel-frequenting was just the beginning of the Faines’ life of crime. They also confessed to bribing Indonesian border guards so they could smuggle their goods into the island nation:

The border cossing (sic) into Indonesia was uneventful, and showed no trace of recent conflict. Bored soldiers are the same all over the world. Offer a cigarette [neither of us smoke] and artfully leave the full packet on the counter and walk away.

The scandal has previously attracted interest in the blogosphere.

The crime spree didn’t end there. When Jon met up with some fellow restless and neurotic baby boomers from Australia in Turkey, he even embarked on some massive music piracy to keep Jack in tunes:

We gave them Vegemite, they gave Jack 800 new songs for his ipod [but he still plays the same stufff anyway]. The barter economy.

The pirated music clearly wasn’t to Jack’s taste. It’s the thought that counts though. The House of VEXNEWS currently recommends White Lies, and we note if you don’t pay for it they’ll probably stop singing it.

The drugs and the whoring and wanton risk-taking seem to have taken their toll on the older Jon, with him suffering from multiple digestive system and anal ailments from Greece to Paris.

Meanwhile, the feisty young Faine is doing extremely well indeed, having escaped all the possible ailments one could catch in Dili and Mongolian cathouses and even having the strength - according to Papa Jon - to admit to “having a ball” in Paris and “polishing his francais”.

Not sure what polishing his francais means but certainly sounds like good clean fun. Good for him.

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11 comments for “TRIPPING: The Faines return from a world tour of drug dens, brothels and bribing border guards”


U’re just jealous yr dad never took U overland to the UK on holidays.

Posted by Mactini Nano | January 7, 2009, 13:43

Let’s hope Jon Faine doesn’t catch AIDS.

Posted by Anonymous | January 7, 2009, 13:44

I love it when the kids get named and shamed. Flame them, FLAME THEM!

Posted by Anonymous | January 7, 2009, 18:04

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to hear the latest goss on the Quadrant scandal. Keith Windschuttle is a friend of John Howard so perhaps he'll get an invite to the White House too.

Anonymous said...

I heard tonite while dining with some of my fellow Liberal MPs that Cait Catt is one of us.

I don't recommend any readers of this blog go near her. She, or should I say he, is not a person of good morals.

Those readers of this blog who are infatuated by her are mistaken. Unless they are gay they should not go near her.

Anonymous said...

The OC was supposed to be a Liberal blog. Why then does its successor have a link to this AAP news item?

Ex-Liberal MP fined for traffic offences

January 7, 2009 - 5:02PM

A former Victorian Liberal MP who crashed his taxpayer-funded car while drunk has been fined for additional traffic offences.

Andrew Olexander, 43, of Torquay, was fined $420 in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday for driving on the CityLink tollway three times without a pass in July 2007.

He was not required to attend the hearing.

Olexander's seven years as a Liberal upper house MP were marked by a drink driving conviction and controversy over claiming living allowances for his outer suburban electorate while he stayed in a Docklands apartment.

When he was expelled by the party, he claimed he was a victim of homophobia.

Magistrate Sharon Cure ordered Olexander pay a $100 fine on each of the three counts of using an unregistered vehicle on a tollway plus $40 in court costs.

The matter was brought to court after he failed to act on penalty notices.

The magistrate adjourned two further charges of disobeying parking signs to April 14.

Olexander was fined $500 and banned from driving for 12 months in March 2005 for exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol.

Olexander, then the Victorian Opposition's arts, consumer affairs and youth spokesman, fell asleep at the wheel and crashed his government car into three parked cars, causing $50,000 damage, on July 11, 2004.

He subsequently failed to complete three breath tests and, complaining of chest pains, was taken to The Alfred hospital, where he recorded a blood alcohol level of .129.

He resigned his shadow cabinet position immediately, and in November 2005 was dumped from the party after a series of attacks on then leader Robert Doyle.

© 2009 AAP

Anonymous said...

Going by all the dumb and nasty comments he posts up on Poxnews Fat Andy is a closet queen. No wonder he keeps and eye on Olexander.

Anonymous said...

Keith Windschuttle is a historian's asshole. He is a huge embarrassment to indigenous history. I wouldn't invite him into my rural dunny in Victoria unless I could fit him down the chute.

Keith, you are a complete clown!

Anonymous said...

Even though he is Landeryou in disguise, I imagine HENDERSON ROSS to be a wheelchair case who babbles nonsense on this blog. Henderson is always accompanied by an 'Anonymous' who is searching for 'real news' or who discovered Poxnews and believes it to be an authentic news source.

On the internet, this is called trolling. It diverts commenters attention from the real issues, though it hasn't worked yet here.

No such priveleges for commenters here though. Most of us are banned from commenting on Poxnews, because we have been banned, edited or censored. Never mind. That's the way it is. Landeryou is allowed the privelege of attacking us on this blog, but he won't let us respond on his blog.

2009 is the Year of the Asshole. Landeryou will get his just deserts.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's vision for 2009 is just high walls and razorwire at Barwon Gaol. I guess he should factor in the amorous attentions of the Hot Rodders Club. But if he could see over the walls, it would not be the throbbing metropolis he would see. Just an silent wasteland of emptyness.

I happen to live nearby, and actually enjoy the nothingness, but you won't. You and Theo will find the silence deafening!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I was alarmed to read this morning about the Jihadist living in our midst, Raya Rusho, using The Age as her propaganda instrument.

Lucky for us Vexnews has brought this to the public's attention. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, well said. Vexnews has performed a great public service. ASIO should investigate.

Anonymous said...

Given the Vexnews exclusive this morning, I can now see why Melbourne has turned in their thousands to Vexnews as their news portal of choice.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews this morning has done a piece of detective work that would do ASIO proud. It has uncovered a lady who claims to be unbiased, yet is a sworn enemy of Israel. Great reading:

LIAR, LIAR: An Age letter-writer claims to be open-minded about Israel… hilarity ensues
By VEXNEWS ⋅ January 9, 2009

rayarusho This letter appeared in The Age yesterday:

I HAVE been trying to remain unbiased for many years concerning the continued violence between the Palestinians and Israel, especially as I believe it is imperative to maintain an open mind on such heated issues.
However, I can no longer justify staying unbiased when I read and hear about unjust, inhumane and extremely unreasonable acts of violence against innocent victims who have now clearly a justified moral stance against their Israeli attackers.
I can no longer say “perhaps we should try to consider both sides of the argument”. I cannot but abhor the actions of the Israeli Government.
We all now know the Palestinian plight. I only hope we can all begin to take the side of the most oppressed in this situation.
Raya Rusho, Greensborough

Ms Rusho, an Architecture student with a strong interest in “Green architecture” at the University of Melbourne is not at all what she pretends to be in her propaganda letter in the Age. Far from being an unbiased observer about Israel, her online past has caught up with her, revealing not only her hatred of Israel but of the Jewish people too.

A two-second Google search, reveals a none too open-minded comment by that same Raya Rusho in 2001, where she wrote on the BBC website:

“The Israelis have gained enough power and money to prey on those weaker than them. It’s only a matter of time before the Jews lose that power and money and they are left to fend for themselves. With this they’ll have a taste of their own medicine… “

So there you have it. Ms Rusho seems to believe that powerful moneygrubbing Jews are controlling the world but will eventually destroyed, by Allah. Despite holding these hateful views, Ms Rusho insists she tries to “remain unbiased”, while maintaining an “open mind” on Israel. Much like the senior editorial folk at The Age. There’s nothing wrong with honestly disclosed bias, of course, but a bit more honesty by Palestinian supporters, and fact-checking by The Age, wouldn’t go astray either.

Architecture student Ms Rusho says she is an atheist who has previously lived in Libya and Syria. VEXNEWS has obtained photographs of the student outside potential terror target state Parliament House and at a local winery where she enjoyed its alcoholic delights.

We can only hope her poison is limited to her pen.

Anonymous said...

Day after day after day Slanderyou readers are greeted by a tacit admission from Fat Andrew Landeryou that no-one reads Poxnews: phe osts his "stories" here in the off chance someone might actually take a look at them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's all a bit vile. Having to bypass rants that Landeryou has posted here hoping to divert attention from his asset-stripping, frauds, amd disgusting libels on normal Australians.

Yes, we'd rather he stuck with his own blog of bile at Poxnews rather than posting here.

But on the grapevine, I heard he will shortly be able to post ONLY here because Vexnew's days are numbered. Since he posts here, I can't be more explicit. Just wait and see. There are big problems ahead for the porky shyster.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Those problems will only worsen when he gets here. We are preparing a VERY warm welcome for Landeryou when his butt finally arrives here. There are many supporters of Les Twentyman and his mates here. They weren't impressed with the treatment he got from 'The Other Cheek' during the Kororoit election last year. You will have to explain many comments here in great detail when we all get together at last!

Turd Compactor said...

Oh Dear! The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders' Club doesn't sound a bit like the Supreme Court of Victoria, does it? Amnesia is no defence. Privilege is no defence.

Just get those dacks down, Thicko!

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Landeryou meets up with the Barwon Jail Hot Rodders, is academic. He has to do lot of jail time. The MUSU and IQC frauds netted millions that are still 'missing'.

A previous poster pointed to Landeryou's extravagent lifestyle while a bankrupt. Is he beyond the reach of OPP, ATO and the Federal Police? This is the multi-million dollar question for 2009.

Even if the crook has temporarily slipped off the radar of the guys who should be 'doing him slow', he has certainly not slipped off the radar so far as the abominable libels on ardinary Austalians he has added to his infernal blog. You are about to pay for them big time Fatso!

Anonymous said...

A lot of contributors recently seem to be infatuated by Cait Catt. I did an image search on google and cannot find her photo. Nor is she on Facebook. Then I found these gems on google from Slanderyou in August last year. People who are infatuated by Cait beware. You might get a nasty surprise:

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt above is not the Cait Catt who used to write praising Landeryou. It is a spoof. Cait Catt stopped publishing after his identity (and it is a he) was compromised after the Liberal hewhostandsfornothing scandal. Cait Catt is really a Lib.

Catter8 and the late Rita Randles are similarly inventions of the author who uses the pseudonym Cait Catt.

How do I know all this?

The real Cait Catt was bragging about his exploits at a Liberal function I attended recently.

My advice to you "Cait" is that you should keep your bloody mouth shut.
Tuesday, August 05, 2008 9:01:00 PM

Anonymous said...

I suspect they all might be Landershonk.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008 9:04:00

Anonymous said...

Whatever else might be said about her Cait Catt was highly entertaining.

Come back Cait.

Unfortunately I suspect you won't now that the cops are on to you.
Tuesday, August 05, 2008 9:05:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Why all the time-wasting on the abominable Cait Catt?

Despite the remarks overheard at a Lib function, Cait is of course one of Landeryou's many fake commenters. You'd think the guy had better things to do.

Mind games won't go down at all well at HM Barwon Gaol. You'll end up choking on your own jocks, Landy!

Anonymous said...

Arch-criminal and libeller Landeryou is stalking again. From Poxnews:

According to the whitepages, Rusho lives at 3 St Georges Crt Greensborough.

Posted by Anonymous | January 10, 2009, 9:59

Anonymous said...

"Jon Faine - Smuggler and Bribe Peddler" screams sewer news source Pownews!

Once again, Landeryou makes a lifelong enemy - and one who may have the legal balls to shut the fat libeller up permanently.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's current defence of Israel on Poxnews has backfired. Jihadists who want Tel Aviv to disappear in a mushroom cloud are beseiging the Blog of Bile. Their comments are far from what Landeryou expected or intended. I guess he doesn't feel strongly enough about the subject to edit and ban the commenters. That tells us something too!

Anonymous said...

Mischevious Landeryou keeps plugging Shad. Min. Ted Mulder as an alternative to Ted Bailleau. It's sort of like a pickpocket trying to pick the next Pope. Posing as 'Choo Choo', the railyard worker, Landeryou is busy posting all over Poxnews. But then this:

"Railyard Worker, the Libs privatised the railyards, and Labor has mismanaged them ever since. Shadow Minister Ted Mulder is a useless old chook and time server who has done nothing to stop the disastrous asphyxiation of the system, nor has the government of Victoria collectively done anything to stop the new and unwanted masses arriving here to further clog the system that doesn’t work!

Posted by Chook Chook | January 10, 2009, 23:06

I guess Landeryou doesn't write EVERY comment on his blog after all. Nearly, but not ALL.

Anonymous said...

That post about Landeryou resuming his stalking tactics (1:40:00 AM) is concerning. Gaza is a subject that could bring violence on the person named Raya Rusho identified in Landeryou's usual way.

It is utterly undemocratic and illegal to make disclosures like this. People who write to express an opinion to the editor of a newspaper are not inviting personal identification or the hateful responses of libellers and stalkers like Landeryou.

Stop interfering in Democracy, and stop stalking people you don't agree with, you horrible amnesiac Fraudster, Stalker and Libeller.

Anonymous said...

The Age today:

"A SURGE in the number of older Australians signing up for the age pension is expected to continue as the effects of the global financial crisis set in.

"Community Services Minister Jenny Macklin said she anticipated that even more people would apply for the pension in the new year following a 50 per cent rise in claimants in December. "We can see just how significant the global financial crisis is," she said.

"The numbers of people successfully applying for the age pension rose from about 2000 a week in October to 3000 a week in December".

Is Jen serious? The pollies are the ones that unlocked the floodgates for deregulated financial criminality. Primary school children could have worked out that Sub-prime was a recipe for disaster. If you can't afford your Cherry Ripe today, you go without. How simple is that?

I've lost 40% of my Super thanks to these idiots, the pollies and the fraudulent financial crooks. I will be dreaming of their fat necks as I lie under my new home - a railway bridge.

Like all the people whose Super has been wiped out, virtually halved or worse, I'm still waiting for my cheque handout from Kev. I'd love to help spend OZ out of bankruptcy, but I can't, my life savings have all but disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Those damn indemnities for politicians! They cut out throats, but are protected themselves.

I'd love to live in Community Services Minister Jenny Macklin's house, on her salary and super! She took a punt and taxpayers will forever fund her. But all she does is mouth platitudes. Sorry, can't feed of those Jenny. They're mind food, but not real food.

New Year's Resolutions said...

1. I must not waste any further time checking Poxnews for so-called 'news'. It's all low-level dross, council and state government nonsense.

2. I will ignore comments on Poxnews and Slanderyou planted by Landeryou personas like 'Henderson Ross', 'Cait Catt', and many others, who troll here endlessly.

3. I will stop gleefully thinking about Landeryou's come-uppence at the hands of Barwon Gaol's Hot Rodders. That's all part of growing up as a crook in today's Victoria.

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