Monday, December 14, 2009

All Andrew Landeryou wants for Christmas is....readers

Siteanalytics, the independent website audience measurement provider, has revealed that only 142 people were bothered to read Vexnews in November.

It seems the only thing that 'Editor in Chief' Andrew Landeryou really wants for Christmas is readers.

While Vexnews slips away into obscurity, everyone at Team Slanderyou wishes Patriots everywhere a safe holiday season, and all the best for 2010. We will return from mid January.

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Anonymous said...

A shrewd and sensible assessment from that patriot at 8:38 I'd say!!!

Another Vexnews Fizzer said...

Gautam Gupta recently defamed on Vexnews was on ABCTV News this evening, doing his job, and looking very hale and hearty.

Ronnie said...

Sorry, both guesses (above) were wrong.

While he was drunk, I stuffed his computer keyboard, mobile 'phone and credit cards up his hooha.

My master seems very confused. He keeps hearing his mobile ringing and callers like Theo leaving greetings or news leads. Andrew stumbles about knocking over the furniture.

The dumbass hasn't figured where his keyboard is even though the connecting cord is hanging out the back of his Mankini. It is a very gross sight I'm afraid.

Abdulmutallab's underwear said...

That mankini mentioned by Kim Kitchen's dog is a bit misleading.

Landeryou's mankini has an action gusset and several large pockets where KFC snacks can be stashed.

It has suspenders for men who also like wearing nylons. A cricketer's box can addedas an accessory, and over three kilos of PEPN can be carried with ease.

Fark said...

The police sniffer dogs will start shagging Landeryou's legs when they get a whiff of the KFC in his undies at the New Year celebrations tomorrow...

What shares said...

Hmnn. The Landeryous wanting to pay Lew for shares! What scam had they dreamed up?

A solicitor for Mr Lew, Sam Bond of Schetzer Brott & Appel, yesterday said the August deal with the Landeryous "arose as an offer from them". "There were not any threats over an 'avalanche' from us," Mr Bond said. "The offer to buy the shares was a offer from the Landeryou and Kitching parties to us."

Quotable Landeryou quotes said...

There are many more. But, suddenly, I lost interest compiling this because Landeryou is such a waste of space. The more you investigate, the more repugnant he is as a person, a former elected union official, and a stalking net libeller. Famous Landeryou quotes:

* That arrest warrant is a death warrant for my commercial and political career.
* Privilege.
* I do not recall, or care.
* I believe that I have done absolutely nothing wrong other than flout some very basic laws of public relations.
* You have got to know how bad this is going to be for you.
* And if you're not verifying crucial facts how can you report the truth.

The OC and Vexnews contain heaps of amazing Landeryou quotes too. But I can't be bothered going through mountains of vile rubbish to find any.

The Albatross said...

Landeryou's continual criminal misbehaviour as a 'businessman', 'unionista', 'blogger' and his earlier political aspirations demonstrates why all politicians should be regarded with utmost suspicion and subjected to endless scrutiny.

He would have made a great modern politician because he is crooked, undemocratic, lies a lot, enjoys dirty tricks against opponents, approves of selling public assets and deregulation, Oh, and did I mention, he lies a hell of a lot?

But, of course, if ever elevated to power, The OC and Vexnews would haunt him forever throughout eternity until the end of time!

Bye-Bye Kev said...

My family is planning to move to India where we will feel we are still living in Melbourne - at a quarter of the cost. There won't be any privatised electricity companies there selling GREEN electricity for #400 extra a year.

Kev, you are doing us slow, but you are still doing us. No mandate. No vote next time, Bud!

Landy is a Ladyboy said...

There was a piece on morning television today on financial New Year's resolutions.

Shirley Landeryou's financial New Year's resolution is to obtain even more money through illegal means and once again spend it all on KFC and bulk fortified wines, as well ultra, ultra large sized women's clothes. He gets so drunk most days that he loses control of his bladder and bowels and soils the frocks and lingerie he already owns.

Dustbuster said...

If I was a member of the opposition or crossbenches in the Victorian Legislative Council the very first thing I would do in 2010 is set up a parliamentary inquiry into sleaze and send a subpoena to El Gordo. The Stephen Newnham allegations and Kororoit alone should be worth a 5% swing away from Labor.

Joe Pulitzer said...

Vexnews is still moribund...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Patriots! And a thousand curses on Landeryou wherever he may be!

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Happy NYers Patriots.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Happy New Year Slanderyou readers!

Let's hope 2010 is the year when Landeryou is removed from your community and put into mine!

Bubba said...

Happy New Year from Bubba too. Landeryou is despised on the outside but we will take care of him here.

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

A happy new year to all patriots too from the Hot Rodding Men of Barwon Jail. If you should ever end up behind bars anywhere in the land just say you are a member of Team Slanderyou and a friend of Brutus Beefcake's and no-one will lay a finger on you.

Bah! Humbug! said...

Margaret Thatcher wanted to buy an island to put refugees in. Malcolm Frazer gave her Australia.

That's the problem with politicians. They do as they please, or what the party tells them.

Voters are left out of the decision making except at elections.

A patriot said...

The weirdest of all of Landeryou's many alter egos, the one who usually pops up making racist comments every night as the clock strikes 12 has turned up early today. Perhaps it has something to do with the full moon.

Concerned said...

Happy New Year patriots! Let's put aside our distress that a criminal like Landeryou is still waddling the streets defaming all and sundry and living the life of Riley on stolen loot and hope that justice is done in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Here is a happy thought to end the year on. Have a more detailed look at the site analytics of Vexnews.

Almost half of the readers who arrive at the blighted blog are looking for porn. 43.71% are googling for "Long Dong Silver". The name of the vintage porn star shows up in one of the fat man's "stories".

Remove the smuthounds and perverts looking for filth and it means LANDERYOU HAS LESS THAN 80 READERS!!!!!!!!

Now that should guarantee a happy new year to any law-abiding, sober-living patriot!

New Year Big Bang said...

Lord Mayor Doyle, a frequent victim of Vexnews defamations, had a backup plan in case lightning prevented tonight's People's Circus of fireworks.

Doyle planned to suspend Landeryou from a tall crane over the Yarra and there, to set off explosive charges.

He figured that Landedryou, sodden with alcohol and laden with lard, would go off like a trillion dollar fireworks display.

I personally glimpsed the fat fraud - looking a lot like Quasimodo - with a crane hook up his, ahem, backside in the rain in Dockland tonight. In a quarter of an hour, Landeryou might be smithereens!

Cait Catt said...

A Happy New Year to all patriotic Slanderyou readers and to all Vexnews readers who appreciate fine news.

A Happy New Year to all ASIO and CIA agents who appreciate that Vexnews is a worthy news site.

A Happy New Year to the great man and to all members of the defence team.

A wish that Brutus Beefcake stays in his cell tonight and doesn't harm other prisoners at Barwon.

A Happy New Year also to my Liberal voting namesake who writes for the Hobart Mercury.

It's raining catts and dogs tonight here in Norda Melborne (excuse the pun and apologies to Mr Franco Cozzo) and lets hope 2010 starts with a fine fall over the catchments.

A Happy New Year from Cait.

Twentyman still firing, Landy is deadmeat said...

Les Twentyman OAM and former Victorian of the Year was on 7's current affairs program tonight. He was talking knowledgeably, intimately and tellingly about thirty years on Melbourne's mean streets...

Les is worth fifteen thousand Landeryous. No wonder Landeryou hates him so much!

In the program, Les was working on his PC under that painting of him that Landeryou so disparaged on The OC during his month-long hate campaign against Les during Les's Kororoit election candidature.

Yes Landeryou stalked Twentyman during the campaign and posted photographs on The OC.

Vile, dirty tricks! Andy, you are an undemocratic slob!

Are you listening Julie Flynn said...

VERY poor coverage by the free to air advertising channels of the NY midnight fireworks displays. Channel 7 ignored the whole thing. I saw something on Ten, and maybe a glimpse on Nine. Absolutely pathetic!

The australian government and Free TV Australia are becoming increasingly worried because Aussies seem reluctant to purchase costly new digital TVs or set top boxes.

Why pay hard-earned dollars to watch TV adverts you already hate in high definition digital?

The present commercial channels have taken advertising to an absolute extreme. The cuts to normal programs have been drastic and surgical. The effect is unwelcome and sudden. Some programs are now unwatchable because of gigantic blocks of advertising.

Julie Flynn of Free TV, weirdly the regulator, has awarded commercial channels another 30 minutes of advertising a day.

Sack this silly shit!

Anonymous said...

Dozens of New Year's revelers in the Melbourne CBD have complained of sexual harassment by an obese man in a dress.

"This hugely fat bald man in a frock asked me to kiss him at midnight," one man who wished to remain anonymous to protect his family said.

"He was disgusting. He was leglessly drunk and was covered in food scraps."

The man's tale was repeated time and time again, police said.

Stevo said...

An obese man in a dress tried to kiss me at midnight last night. After I had managed to shove him away I realised that he had picked my pockets. The same thing happened to several of my mates.

In with the new said...

Fat Boy is alive! He is moving! The obese thief, fraud and failure Andrew Landeryou has updated his worthless Blog of Sleaze!

"Why is this so?" the patriotic ask? Now the truth can be revealed!

Thousands of kilos of fireworks were detonated around the country last night to see in the New Year and tens of thousands of kilos of fireworks were detonated up the arse of the 1500 pound Landeryou by members of the Right of the ALP with close links to organised crime to spur him into action for 2010.

Brutus Beefcake said...

If Landeryou wants fireworks up his arse, we'll I'm ready and willing to provide them.

Neighbourhood Watch said...

That project of Landeryou's psychosis Cait Catt quotes Franco Cozzo. His family had a much publicised brush with the law. Were the Landeryou's also invovled?

Tripe dressed as crabsticks said...

Vexnews has NOT been updated as reported above. Five new comments added since yesterday. Landy probably penned them, but that is not updating the blog...

Vicky the Vulture said...

Landeryou has been smoking this shit for years - vulture brains!

According to The Age: 'the brain of a vulture is said to confer the gift of premonition... Vultures' acute vision and ability to find prey have kindled a belief they possess clairvoyant powers. Their brains are dried and rolled into a cigarette or inhaled as vapours in the hope they will bring a vision of the future'.

I guess this is why Vexnews is so often wrong.

longdongsilver said...

I googled "longdongsilver" and ended up at Vexnews.

FURBALL (Cait Catt) said...

Landeryou will be a hero again in 2010!

People here are PC Wankers and not great Net Journos like Blog Genius Landeryou. He will squish this blog again this year.

Everyone else loves Vexnews! You lot are in the minority as usual!

Spider Pig said...

One article on SLanderyou gets more comments than Landeryou has readers over a whole month. Says something.

Crimbusters said...

It is great to see this crim-fighting blog prosper while Vexnews fails.

That was an amazing revelation on new years eve that half of Landeryou's readers only end up on his site because the are looking for porn.

The Undertaker said...

Vexnews has keeled over and died.

For a 'news blog' it is crappy - but when it publishes nothing for ten days it is dead and buried.

Joe Pulitzer said...

Aw shucks! Too bad!

Pukerama said...

Tonight, because I had nothing else to do, I researched the similarities between the assassination of JFK and Reinhard Heydrich in WW2 Prague.

But this got me to thinking about the 'Butcher of Prague', a Nazi whose thinking was monumentally corrupt. That in turn led to thoughts about Landeryou who stunningly ripped off fellow students at Melb Uni who voted for him, and allegedly defrauded his own ICQ company big time.

My inference is that Landeryou, placed in a position of power (heaven forbid), would be happy to commit crimes against humanity because he has no moral compass, seems content with his criminal past and stalking activities, and hates great Autralians like 20thMan Les Twentyman now on vital community TV advertisements that started yesterday!

Go Les! Stiff the fat punk!

Shirley is a Shonk said...

Sounds just like Landeryou, but of course Eddie Groves didn't marry a man dressed as a woman

Failed ABC entrepreneur's Eddy Groves' marriage 'a sham'
• By Kay Dibben
• From: The Sunday Mail (Qld)
• January 02, 2010 11:12PM
THE ex-wife of failed childcare entrepreneur Eddy Groves has revealed that the couple separated in 1998 - about a decade before their split became public.

The Sunday Mail reports Dr Le Neve Groves, co-founder with ex-husband Eddy of ABC Learning Centres empire, which collapsed in 2008, is suing him for $44.2 million.

She alleges her signature was forged on documents guaranteeing a margin loan for Mr Groves and he unjustly enriched himself by selling her shares and not paying her due dividends.

Dr Groves also is suing margin lenders and the forgery allegations are still under police investigation.

Latest documents filed in the Supreme Court in Brisbane by Dr Groves, in reply to Mr Groves's defence, reveal that the couple, who presented a married image to business associates and shareholders, had been separated since 1998.

It was only in early 2008 that reports surfaced in the media that the couple, who have two children, had split a year or so before and were living apart.

Mr Groves married his long-time girlfriend Viryan Collins-Rubie in a lavish Gold Coast wedding in January last year.

The Timelords said...

Vexnews is down because Andy has been getting oxygen therapy

Cait Catt said...

Welcome to all Vexnews readers. It is still the greatest news site on the net whatever Brutus Beefcake says.

A warder at the Barwon Prison said all the warders wish all EPA dobbers a very unpleasant new year. That includes the lawyer of Brutus Beefcake who organised a private dick to get our resistration numbers and fraudulently dob us in.

The warder said if Gavan Jennings or the ex EPA Staso boss from Quambatook or whatever that place near Bendigo is called they'll get the same treatment from the warders that Brutus Beefcake is always telling us he has prepared for the great man.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Private dick, Cait? I've made it very public what I will do with my dick: me and Bubba and the rest of Hot Rodding Men.

ATO foreign agent Fred Loftus said...

Commenters on Vexnews are so bored after eleven days of stagnation that today they were talking excitedly about the 2nd Cricket Test between Australia and Pakistan on TV.

I admit to occasionally casting a critical eye over the Vexnews blog of venom - but today got down on my haunches in the garden to watch the grass grow.

I think Landeryou is in Cyprus checking on his various bank accounts. Theo was there last October on holiday, and Landeryou may have suspected his ill-gotten gains had been drained.

little Theo said...

Goddamit Theo!

We were in Cyprus just checking out horny unemployed sluts, and not going through Andrew's bank accounts.

If it comes to the crunch, we can easily prove we were vigourously delving into lazy unemployed c*nts. I have clear butt-cam video evidence of our exloits.

Landeryou should be forced to prove his nasty calumnies - and to demonstrate exactly how we raided his splendid cornucopia of cash.

(Boss. He won't notice that we "borrowed" 103K to silence 'Bob the Smoker, QC's' rude office girl).

A patriot said...

Interesting to see that while the NYE fireworks woke the fat crim up briefly, he passed out again pretty damn quickly.

Then again if your blog had less than 150 readers and half of those only ended up there by error while Googling for porn, why would you bother to update it?

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

I'm pleased at the confirmation from Brutus Beefcake about his activities at Barwon. Confirms everything the screw (as Brutus calls warders) got it exactly right.

No Brutus. You've admitted your lawyer arranged to fraudulently dob in the warders for littering.

Jennings should apologise when he recuperates from his hospitalisation. So should Comrade Bourke. He won't because he claims he's no longer the EPA Stasi boss. Hope he does a better job at the CFA than he did at the EPA Stasi, where he did the bidding of his Stasi underlings.

I agree with the warders. An unhappy new year to all epa stasi dobbers and those who benefit from them in the form of epa stasi performance bonuses and all socialist leftistas who support them.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou may be dead. Vexnews certainly is... However, I'm sure that even dead, Landeryou will have scams and schemes at hand that will rip off more innocent investors, the ATO, suppliers and employees. Everything he touches turns to filth. The man hasn't done an honest business deal in his life....

Anonymous said...

From his cross-dressing "I am Pauline Hansen's daughter" identify just above, Landeryou confirms he is still alive. His identity fragment "Jenny" tells us much about who he is and what he wants to be. A shame, but a fact that avid Slanderyou readers must deal with... 2010 should be the year that Landeryou comes to justice. One of his dozens of scams will bring him undone. Each day, he walks to ATMs and slows withdraws funds from his many offshore accounts where he stashed the stolen loot.

Mick is a shifty prick said...

Mick, the shifty, crafty, crooked Spiv in the KFC TV adverts currently plaguing Test Cricket, reminds me a lot of Landeryou.

Mick steals KFC tickets from a spruiker; he cons his in-laws; fraudulently gets the best seat at the cricket with a fake disguise; steals a KFC Pocketful from a bloke hit by a six who was 'not watching the ball'; etc., etc. He is nothing but an outrageaous, repulsive, grinning crim.

Australian advertising agencies often exploit what they crazily view as the crook in us all. For them it is funny to depict us as liars and cheaters and ripping off our neighbours. Meanwhile, they themselves, tell monstrous lies about expensive anti-aging cremes.

TV Advertising is another modern terror supposed to be monitored by a government watchdog.

Just another dead doggie?

Anonymous said...

KFC were going to cast Landeryou as 'MICK' the dodgy KFC crim, until they realised he would hog every last morsel of their fat laden food 'samples'. 'Mick' they reckoned was a lamebrained down-and-out actor who would do anything for cash. Landeryou, on the other hand, would quickly send KFC utterly broke!

Dunder Mousse said...

This is absolutely disgraceful! Does this mean that KFC are selling Halal Chook chicken? That product is well-known as piggies bottoms. I very much doubt that KFC would ever sell products like this.

But Mick, the green and gold dressed twit on the lousy KFC TV ads poses a whole heap of questions about the Ad Agency that produced this crap.

If only there was a government watchdog that deals with this sort of criminality!

Anonymous said...

If ASIO and the CIA were reading Vexnews it was probably for the David Hicks hoax that singed El Gordo and MP Danby 18 months ago. If any authority is reading Poxnews it's probably the ATO and Interpol investigating money laundering.

Acid Man said...

Some moulds have psychedelic properties similar to drugs like LSD.

It appears that the fat thief, fraud and failure Andrew Landeryou came across some-month old KFC in a bin somewhere and scoffed it down despite its advance state of decay.

The mould on the chicken induced a psychotic episode during which the 1500 pound bald, incontinent and criminally-inclined transvestite believed he was Pauline Hanson’s daughter.

Toxins from the mould are now in his system and induce regular acid-flashback style recurrences of his delusions. During these incidents he feels compelled to leave comments on this Blog of Truth under the name Jenny Jensen-Hansen.

PS Patriots might care to note that just as Landeryou was too drunk and detached from reality to spell the word “Walkley” correctly when he told his lies about winning a Walkley Award, he is also too affected by the psychedelic properties of the mould to spell Pauline Hanson’s surname the right way.

Anonymous said...

What is Landeryou's issue with the EPA? It can not be over littering. Everyone knows he eats all his KFC wrappers to make sure he does not miss a single smear of grease or drop of fat.

It must be that the EPA consider the unhygienic Fat Cave an environmental menace to the community. They think city workers would be safer if Landeryou was forced from the CBD and made to live in the Western Treatment Plant at Werribee.

Anonymous said...

El Gordo would like it at Werribee. Lots of other shits there.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Why is Landeryou talking about me and screws? Is he psyching himself up for his arrival here at Barwon Jail?

A patriot said...

How many weeks leave do obese work shy criminals get each year? Or has the fat man finally wised up that as noone reads Vexnews he might as well give up?

Vegetable Lasagne said...

Looks like Andy has indeed given up on Venxews.. No serious update in weeks

Another patriot said...

Vexnews is sure Landeryou's most humiliating failure ever!

Hooray said...

Even the comments sections for the Vexnews blogs have been shut down.

CAN I dare to dream that the libelfest Nazi Hate Blog Vexnews is finally Kaput?

Anonymous said...

Tigger Woods, 'the hole in one specialist', has been spurned by several big sponsors. But Johnny Brumby and Rob Hulls, say he is always welcome back here at taxpayers' expence.

Jeez! I'd better lock up the wife and daughter just in case.

Spider Pig said...

Andy failed here too?

* By Hannah Thomas-Peter at Sky News
* From: NewsCore
* January 05, 2010 6:17PM

"Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model", says founder Robert Hintz. Source: AFP

AN exclusive dating website for attractive people has booted out members for piling on the pounds over Christmas. made more than 5000 users reapply after they posted pictures of themselves looking chubbier than usual celebrating the festive season, Sky News reported.

Existing members were asked to decide if they were still pretty enough to be part of the website.

Only a few hundred were allowed back in.

The site, which bans so-called "ugly people" and calls itself an "exclusively beautiful community", said it was responding to complaints from its customers.

Founder Robert Hintze said: "As a business, we mourn the loss of any member, but the fact remains that our members demand the high standard of beauty be upheld.

"Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which was founded."

Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar.
Related Coverage

* Reader's Comments: Supermodel 'glamourises' anorexia slogan,
* Poms are the ugliest Courier Mail, 12 Nov 2009
* Poms are the world's ugliest people Daily Telegraph, 11 Nov 2009
* Opposition revives Howard border policy, 30 Oct 2009
* Fatty Wombat, 4 Oct 2009

End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar.

Managing director Greg Hodge said: "People can be big and beautiful but it doesn't suit everyone. If you join as a size six, or with ripped abs and a slim physique, you have to maintain this look or expect to be re-rated.

"Remember this is the opinion of our members, who have the final and completely democratic vote on who is let in or cast out of their community."

Most of the people who were kicked off the site were from the US, the UK and Canada.

Managers sent them emails encouraging them to reapply when they have slimmed down.

Tigger, are you in yet said...

A US Tabloid claims that Tiger Woods paid a person named 'Shirley Landeryou' $150,000 hush money.

Apparently, Tiger got a bit pissed when in Melbourne recently and met up with Shirley in a hotel bar who promised him 'an extremely hot freakin time'.

In Woods's hotel room, Shirley stripped off and adopted a naughty doggy style position on the bed. 'Root me real hard, Tigger'!

'You're one hell of a whole lotta woman, Shirl' ... snd that's where we'll leave the video I shot that night.

Crouching Landeryou, Hidden Tiger.

Sunday Herald Sun Copyboy said...

I could sure use that video for our weekend coverage of the widening interest in Tiger's male whore activities. In the story I plan, I am looking at 'nip and tuck' options for the randy Eagle!

Snip, snip!

Stop It said...

If the crooked crim has at last abandoned Vexnews, what next?

Maybe Landeryou's New Year Resolutions included:

1. Stop telling lies.
2. Stop telling lies.
3. Stop telling lies.

Go and get a decent job that doesn't involve defaming Australian luminaries.

And stop telling lies.

Brutus Beefcake said...

The Hot Rodding Men of Barwon Jail wake up early with throbbing morning glories every single day. Usually we go and work them off on the pussy Carl Williams but things will change when Landeryou arrives.

Landeryou doesn't even get up most mornings. He doesn't pick himself up off whatever part of the floor he passed out on until the middle of the afternoon.

Things will change when he comes to Barwon. Indeed he may not sleep at all such will be his anticipation of the visits of the Hot Rodding Men.

Concerned said...

I don't like the silence on the Blog of Sleaze. I fear Landeryou is plotting further criminality.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is a notorious racist. He may well have been too busy attacking Indian students to update Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is also a paedophile and it is the school holidays

Ravi Shankar said...

Landeryou's hatred for us Indian students is well documented. He has failed to make any impact as a blogger. He may now be going for direct action; ie sitting on us.

Weight Watchers Australia said...

If only these had been around when Landy was a lad how different things might have been!

Gobble-o-meter helps fight child obesity

Posted 2 hours 3 minutes ago

A new device aimed at discouraging eaters from scoffing down their food is a useful tool in combating childhood obesity, according to a study published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Doctors carried out an 18-month assessment of a small computer-linked scale called a Manometer, which has been developed by scientists in Sweden.

The gadget entails an electronic scale that sits underneath the diner's plate, weighing the remaining food as the meal is consumed.

Sitting next to it, on the table, is a small screen that shows a graph indicating the rate at which the food is being eaten.

This line is matched against an ideal graph for consumption, as programmed by a food therapist.

Too much deviation from the ideal graph prompts the computer to make a spoken request for the eater to slow down.

The idea is to train overweight people to eat less and more slowly, thus helping them to feel satiated.

Researchers at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and the University of Bristol in western England carried out a test among 106 patients aged between nine and 17 years.

All were clinically obese, meaning they had a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more. BMI is determined by one's weight in kilograms divided by one's height, in metres, squared.

Some of the volunteers were trained to use the Manometer, while the others were given standard anti-obesity care.

A year later, the Manometer group had fallen 2.1 points in BMI on average, around triple that of counterparts in the "standard care" group.

Portion sizes among the Manometer group were also somewhat smaller by the end of the study, falling by 45 grams.

The volunteers' speed of eating had reduced by 11 per cent, whereas it accelerated by 4 per cent in the other group.

A patriot said...

You would need to put a truck weighbridge next to Landeryou to weight all the KFC the obese criminal eats!

Anonymous said...

It's more than two weeks since the Blog of Lies was updated. Perhaps Mr Creosote has exploded!

Anonymous said...

Are we sure Landeryou isn't in jail?

83 Missing people said...

An added bonus of the missing Andrew is the missing 'Cait', 'missing 'Henderson Ross' and the dozens of other mad personas he must have taken with him.

Anonymous said...

That's 91 missing people. Landeryou weighs as much as eight healthy men of his height and age.

Anonymous said...


Sherlock Holmes said...

Could someone please explain why Andy is notoriously vague about whether he works or has other money coming in?

Cait Catt has moved to Pussytown in Tasmania said...

Any more shit on this blog and I'll sue you bastards who promote Werribee by products.

Ima Mandarin said...

Melbourne Water's Western Treatment Plant at Werribee is presently reporting to government on misuse and over-usage of Melbourne's aging sewage infrastructure.

Mr Landeryou has been identified as both a misuser and over-user of the system. The misuse occurs when he empties unknown chemicals into the system (these are being examined by EPA currently). His over-use of the system places huge overloads during peak periods.

My Admin Assistant put it rather well, "Jeez, that guy produces a lot of shit"! I don't know if she was referring to Vexnews or his faecal detritus. In the end, I suppose, they are the same thing.

I have already advised the government that Mr Landeryou be expelled to Yemen or Somalia, but more detail of his 'output' was requested. I have a team working on this.

Dung Beetle said...

Blimey! I've been living in the sewers under Landeryou's luxury Soutnbank apartment for months because I lurv KFC effluent. I could have saved the government hundreds of thousands of taxpayers' dollars as I know exactly what comes down 'the tubes'.

Landerou is certaily an over-user of the drains. One day last week, over seven tonnes of putrid excrement descended from his apartment.

But who am I to complain!

Formerly troubled Westie Lad said...

National Treasure Les Twentyman, OAM and former Victorian of the Year, was on national tv news again last night. He and Father Bob are offering the killer of the Indian graduate murdered at the weekend due process.

God bless you, Les. You are a true Legend!

The Midnight Racist (NOT) said...

Aussies tend to be a bit higorant about other people's religions. So far VicPol and the State government have NOT pointed out that Indians are Hindi, worship cows, and are generally harmless - unless you count Sikh regiments captured by the Japanese in WW2 who bayonetted all their British officers in Singapore.

Pakis are generally Muslim. I hope ASIO and Immigration understand this important difference.

George Pell said...

Landeryou worships chickens, or at the very least regards eating KFC the way devout Catholics regard taking communion.

Anonymous said...

Is Fat Cunt off in Costa Rica?

Shonan Maru said...

There has been no Blog of Sleaze as Landeryou is hiding from the Japanese whaling fleet.

Anonymous said...

Has racist Landeryou been holding a vigil by the bedside of this guy?

Holocaust Museum shooter dies

Posted 2 hours 37 minutes ago

An elderly white supremacist who last year shot dead a guard at the US Holocaust Museum has died, a federal prisons official says.

A spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Edmond Ross, said James von Brunn, 89, died at a local hospital near the federal correctional complex at Butner, North Carolina.

"He had a long history of poor health, which included chronic congestive heart failure and sepsis," Mr Ross added, although he was unable to state the precise cause of von Brunn's death.

AJ Kramer, a public defender who was appointed to represent von Brunn in court, confirmed that the 89-year-old had died.

A long-time Holocaust denier with ties to hate groups, von Brunn pulled up outside the Holocaust Museum in Washington's tourist district last June.

He strode the few steps to the main entrance and shot at point-blank range an African-American security guard who held open the door for him.

Security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns, 39, died from injuries sustained in the shooting, which was ended rapidly by two other security guards who opened fire on von Brunn, seriously wounding him.

Unrepentant racist

Von Brunn faced possible execution if convicted of the first degree murder of Mr Johns, one of a litany of charges including hate crimes and weapons violations that were read out against him at a court hearing in September.

At the hearing, federal prosecutor Nicole Wade ordered that von Brunn remain behind bars, saying that despite his advanced age and seemingly fragile health, he posed a safety risk.

"The fact that he's 89, that makes him dangerous because he has nothing to lose," she said.

"He continues to be a danger for the community," Ms Wade said, adding that if Von Brunn were released, there is "no doubt that he will try to kill again".

Von Brunn had previously served time in prison after entering the US Federal Reserve in 1981 carrying a shotgun, saying he was going to carry out a citizen's arrest.

He was an unrepentant racist, who described the United States on his blog as "a Third-World racial garbage-dump - stupid, ignorant, dead broke and terminal".


Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Visited Vexnews today - its so quiet over there - eerily so.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

I should have added - quieter than usual.

Landeryou has failed AGAIN said...

Check out the latest analysis of the decline and fall of Vexnews from Siteanalytics (click above). It shows that ALL the Google referrals that Landeryou gets are from people looking for porn. Google picks up his mention of 1970's pornstar Long Dong Silver from MONTHS ago. Presumably everyone visting Vexnews is looking for porn. They will find smut and sleaze but of a very different kind.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Fat Fuck?

Is Vexnews dead?

Does he have some secret new blog?

Have landeryous backers finally told him to fuck off back to KFC?

Anonymous said...

I am a law abiding man who just wants to protect his family and I want Premier Brumby to explain why Landeryou remains at large.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Landeryou may have vanished but please don't put 2 and 2 together and come up with 14. I haven't done anything to him. Yet.

The ghost of Stephen Newnham said...


You are absolutely right but it is impossible to hide 460 kilos of ugly fat. The hard lard has to be somewhere. My bet is that some of it has been hidden in Stephen Newnham's empty locker in the ALP's dirty tricks department. Premier Brumby checks there everynight, so he at least should know where the abominable scumbag is lurking.

Bloggers Advisory Channel said...

It is rather common that lazy bloggers stumble at the first hurdle. Not updating your blog in a timely fashion, shows that you don't have the energy or committment to proceed. Of course, Vexnews regularly libels important Australians. Those were vile defamations which one day will be examined in court.

Randy Macho Man Savage said...

Here is a thought!

Is the reason that Andy hasn't updated his blog is because.................. he has a job?

Anonymous said...

Andy's whereabouts explained?

Pickpocket robs sleeping plane passengers

Posted 1 hour 13 minutes ago

French police are investigating whether a pickpocket stole thousands of euros from passengers as they slept on an Air France flight from Tokyo to Paris.

"There is an investigation under way," a spokesman for the border police at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris said.

A report on the website of the Le Figaro newspaper said around 4,000 euros ($6,260) appeared to have been stolen from five business class passengers as they slept on the overnight flight.

"On this flight, which takes off from Tokyo Narita at 10:00pm (local time), passengers often sleep deeply before waking up shortly before arriving in Paris at around 4:00am," Le Figaro quoted one of the alleged victims as saying.

A woman alerted the cabin crew when she woke to find a large sum missing, the passenger said.

"This lady called staff to say that all the cash in her handbag had been stolen. Counting Swiss francs, euros and yen, there was apparently about 3,000 euros," the passenger said.

A spokeswoman for Air France said the pilot had alerted police who were waiting when the flight touched down.

"I would say that it is really extremely rare to have several passengers at once reporting thefts on board," she said.

She said that while the company was responsible for baggage carried in the hold, passengers had responsibility for possessions they had with them in the cabin.

- Reuters

Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart said...

Randy, the only job Landeryou will ever have is sewing mailbags or stamping out number plates at Barwon Jail.

The Landeryou case SOLVED said...


Wanted: Big, hairy bloke in a bra

January 08, 2010 08:10am

A HEAVILY built man wearing nothing but women's underwear and a goatee beard is the subject of a police hunt...

A patriot said...

Landeryou's disappearance solved indeed!

Concerned said...

We all know Landeryou wears women's underwear but while that is distasteful and perverted in the extreme it is not a crime. What exactly are the police hunting him for?

Anonymous said...

More than 300 comments on this patriotic thread alone! Vexnews doesn't get that many in a year and virtually all of the few it has are written by Landeryou.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

I think I know where Andrew is.

Forgive me if my knowledge of immigration law is a little rusty.

Andrew seems to disappear occasionally, often for a week or two at a time, then suddenly reappears.

I have a feeling he jets off to Costa Rica to ensure his entry visa is up to date, just in case he has to leave Australia suddenly.

Anonymous said...

And to enjoy that country's home deliver of KFC.

Mum's checking semen stains said...

Andrew was invited for Xmas Lunch by his family, but Mum found seminal stains in the turkey. Bent Bill has grounded Andrew for a month:

* No internet porno sites.
* No updating of Vexnews.
* No masturbatory activities.
* No dressing as a woman.

The Moral Majority said...

We don't care where Landeryou is, or whether he has disappeared. The main thing is that Vexnews, the blog of libel, nazi hatred and misleading information has at long last been silenced.

We piss on the grave of Vexnews! Worthless pap!

Cait Catt said...

Australia's Honorary Consul for Libya has told several people (not me. I won't go near Bill Hartley's ghost) that he is busy writing visas for Mr Slanderyou.

A one way ticket? Hope so. Get rid of this blog of filth forever.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

What a lot of bull that Slanderyou writes on this blog. Libya can have him. Good riddance.

catter8 said...

The cats at my cattery are delighted. No more Slanderyou.

Rita Randles said...

Why is there no sense on this blog?

Brutus Beefcake makes more sense than Slanderyou.

One man crime wave said...

Mrs Alice Idris, the long-suffering neighbour of Landeryou, is probablty right. She has unerringly warned about his bizzare activities as a neighbour; his madcap activities as a food purveyor and the nastiness of Vexnews.

It is likely, as Mrs Idris convincincly says, that Landeryou is in luxurious airconditioned comfort in a San José, Costa Rica, six star Hotel. He would have checked his local bank accounts, monstered the local KFC outlets and done some street crime in his weird transsexual oufits.

Spike said...

Landeryou's quartet of female fake commenters are back, but no updates on Vexnews, the abandonded 'Cringe' News Blog.

I think Vexnews will now become a bi-monthly student laff-rag. It will still support the repugnant ALP right and its weird lazy, undemocratic ministers who no longer answer ministerials and fob off questions to their departments, which in turn fob off questions to agencies.

I'm still waiting for a response from Kosky/Arts Victoria for a ministerial from last August.

Utterly pathetic! Undemocratic!

I'm far from finished with these crooked pollies and their lazy, overpaid bureaucrats.

Inspector Clousseau said...

Landeryou is busily adding fake comments to his out of date blogs.

This means he is away from the Nexnews Libel newsdesk, but still able to post fake comments to the blogs.

With the right hardware and software the globe trotting asshole could have accessed his PC of Hate from anywhere on earth!

Anonymous said...

That is why he is known as BLUNDERBELLY!

Anonymous said...

I note that Landeryou is still too drunk to spell "Hanson" as in "Pauline" correctly.

We have been sold out said...

The Brumby government makes me wanna puke. Because the Libs are stuffed, the right-wing ALP bullies rule. Justin Madden, the brain-damaged former footballer, is making very questionable 'planning' decisions that will make Melburnians hate him forever.

Don Nardella is getting a caning in my local 'papers for another ALP rural tax rort.

The Age says we are 300,000 dwellings short of the expected population boom.

No mandate was ever given by voters and taxpayers to Bracks or Brumby for unwanted overpopulation.

Melbourne was voted the World's most liveable city for many years. It is now becoming unliveable, nasty, violent, overcrowded, racially-charged, traffic-jammed and increaingly creepy.

Shirley is a Shonk said...

Fat Andrew is missing because he is off finally getting his gender reassignment surgery.

Anonymous said...

This story fits what we know about El Gordo: that he is a fat transsexual criminal.

Crime lord's' fake penis falls off in raid

* From: AFP
* January 10, 2010 8:17PM

SOUTH African police caught more than they expected in a Cape Town drug raid when a strap-on dildo fell off a suspected crime lord during a search, the Sunday Times reported.

Fat Murphy, feared on the streets of Cape Town's notorious Cape Flats suburb, told a court that he is a hermaphrodite who holds male and female identity documents - one under the name Fadwaan, the other under Hilary.

Police and a tearful Murphy recounted the saga during a bail hearing for Murphy's charges of possession of stolen property, which come on top of earlier charges of kidnapping and intimidation, the paper said.

"I had a vagina that could not be penetrated. But I also had male organs, testes. But I always knew I was really a man and that was what I wanted to be," he told the court, according to the newspaper.

"God created me with both sexual organs. It was God's decision, not mine."

Anonymous said...

I know it's disgusting dicussing Landeryou's sexual organs, miniscule as the male appendage is, and as grand-canyonesque as his new female genitalia may be.

The real problem is that Landeryou possesses two assholes. The more dangerous one is in his brain. It is this one that spews out vile libels against regular Aussies usually without a scintilla of evidence.

little Theo said...


Um...Andrew is technically unemployed and now has a Bran Nue femme Doo-Doo. Shouldn't we give him a very vigorous tryout on your parliamentary red velvet chaise longue soon?

Rooting into 2010!

Theo said...

little Theo,

I know we are Greeks and have a national history of back-scuttling but, obviously, I draw the line when it comes to Andrew. You could be screwing any one of his 80 fake personas. Worst of all would be dead Voodoo Woman Rita Randles.

Imagine the headlines. "MP accused of rxxxxxg a dead woman"! But I rather like that Catter8 lady who seems to have several pussies.

Anne Frank said...

I went to leave disparaging comments on Vexnews since its abandonment, only to find that sneaky creep crim Landeryou has already cutoff comments of that sort.

Landeryou, the Chief Nazi Censor.

So much for the Blog of Freedom!

Weight Watchers Australia said...

Have any other patriots seen the promos for the 2010 season of The Biggest Loser? It looks spectacular.

It has a "couples" theme this year. If only Landeryou hadn't dudded Dimberley think what incredible television the pair would have been: a 1500 pound pre-op transsexual and a man dressed as a woman who weighs almost the same!

Square Eyes said...

There is another program that would be better for Landeryou to appear on. It screens on ABC 2 on Tuesday nights at 8.30 PM and is called "Eataholics".

Each week the program features some poor mad bastard who is killing themselves with a bizarre diet. This week's program deals with a woman who eats nothing but cheese and tomato pizza.

A dietician and a clinical psychologist attempt to help these people by trying to find out why they eat what they do and ease them into healthier habits.

Landeryou would be perfect for the show. They have had some weirdos but never anyone even like a morbidly obese cross-dresser who not only eats nothing but KFC but will only drink cheap but potent port mixed with KFC gravy.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Wonderful news, Vexnews is back, refreshed and exciting as ever.

I for one was glad Vexnews took some well deserved time off. It gave us all an opportunity to re-read all the award winning content. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, Vexnews is always great summer reading.

Ben Mohammed. said...

Michael Bachelard should wear a burka.

Bachelard's Expose Part I said...

Why has Andrew Landeryou stirred from his summer stupor to attack Michael Bachelard?

Because six years ago Bachelard helped write the definitive expose on his criminality and delusions:

The Weekend Australian, SAT 18 DEC 2004, Page 029
The big man on campus

By: Louise Perry and Michael Bachelard

Click here to search for full page image in PDF format
The son of a former Labor powerbroker is on the run amid allegations of missing millions. Louise Perry and Michael Bachelard trace his story

IN Victorian Labor's Right faction circles, there was just one table to be at last March for the pre-election fundraising dinner at Collingwood Football Club.

Deputy Senate leader Stephen Conroy was there to hear Mark Latham speak, as was Bill Shorten, the Australian Workers Union secretary sometimes touted as a future PM, and Steve Bracks's strategy director David Feeney.

Also in this powerful and impeccably credentialled group were Andrew Landeryou and his wife, then Melbourne city councillor Kimberley Kitching. A Labor scion, Andrew is the son of Bill Landeryou -- a minister famously ousted from the Cain government's cabinet over conflict of interest allegations. The son played hard in student politics, then rode the tech boom to millions, bought a Victorian mansion in swish Parkville and associated with the rich and politically powerful.

While keeping himself in the background, he introduced business to politicians, politicians to business, and he peddled influence internally, allegedly funding union takeover attempts and branch stacking.

Nine months later, though, it has all come crashing to earth. Andrew Landeryou has a warrant out for his arrest and he appears to have fled the country, though sources are divided on whether he has gone to China or Los Angeles. Kitching's whereabouts are likewise unknown.

At 35, he suffers from painful gout, and he is being pursued by the courts after failing to show up to liquidators' hearings into the collapsed Melbourne University Student Union.

This extraordinary story starts in 1991 when Landeryou defeated the entrenched left-wing leadership to become president of the student union.

The Left never forgot and did not forgive his move to commercialise aspects of the union's service delivery. Rumours quickly began about vote-rigging and other misbehaviour, and a group called Students Against Corruption launched a fierce battle against him. In May of that year, a referendum of students voted overwhelmingly to sack him. But he did not go without a fight.

``He changed the locks on the returning officer's office on the night of the referendum, he used a loophole in the constitution to call off a student general meeting that was called to discuss his sacking, and he hid under pot plants and in the basement when he was finally sacked,'' one former student politician says.

Bachelard's Expose Part II said...

After that experience, Landeryou retreated to the business world. He helped his father with some of his business dealings, which included forays into the rough-and-ready post-communist Russian Federation. The younger Landeryou set up some software companies in which his partner Ed Dale was the technical expert and he, according to a former business associate, was salesman-businessman. ``He turns it on when he wants to turn it on. He is charming,'' the the former business associate says.

But according to some who did business with him, he took a similar approach to them as he had to his enemies in student politics: ``Either you are with him or against him. And if you are against him you are an enemy.''

Another former associate says that when he tried to sever ties with Landeryou's company, Andrew, backed by Bill, went ``completely feral'': ``They made bizarre demands, called my investors in New York.''

This associate says he was told to come, alone, to a meeting, then taken to a darkened room and threatened.

In the mid-1990s, Andrew Landeryou made a return to the Labor Party, trading on his success, touting himself as a business connection for the party and acting as a mentor to young, Right faction men who wanted to do business and peddle influence.

He made good money in small-time property development and sold part of a software company, IQ Education, to an internet business for $3 million during the technology boom.

But the trouble with business associates continued. One senior Labor member recalls somebody trying to serve a writ on Landeryou at a meeting of the Labor Unity faction. Landeryou ran away.

Earlier this year, though, Landeryou took on a big fish. Retail tycoon Solomon Lew began chasing Landeryou in court for a missing $4 million. In 2000, Lew had pumped $4 million into a Landeryou company, IQ Corporation, and plans were afoot to use the money to build a sports statistics and online gaming group.

Investors from Britain and Switzerland had contributed another $4 million, and Landeryou and Dale planned to float the company. No one knows how the $8 million was spent because -- as the IQ liquidator pointed out in court -- most of the books and records appear to have vanished.

On the stand in the Federal Court, Landeryou, Kitching, who was briefly company secretary, Bill Landeryou, who was also on the board, and Andrew Landeryou's sister Anne-Marie Landeryou-Mason, bookkeeper and personal assistant, could remember little about the $8 million.

Andrew Landeryou and his wife were particularly indignant, with Landeryou saying it was ``contempt, utter contempt'' that his wife had been dragged into the liquidators' examination. The two had declined to turn up for summons and fronted only when counsel for the liquidator asked the court to consider issuing arrest warrants.

(In avoidance tactics, the son appears to follow the father. Wanted by creditors for an unpaid credit card bill in 1996, process servers pursued Bill Landeryou to the doors of the parliamentary library, where they were stopped because it was not a public place. Bill Landeryou refused to come out.)

In Andrew Landeryou's fight with Lew, the liquidators ceased their inquiries after a closed-door deal was reached. It is believed Lew secured a caveat over the impressive Parkville house owned by Kitching. Lew, through his representative on that company, Michael McLeod, declined to comment to Inquirer.

Bachelard's Expose Part III said...

But in 2002, Landeryou made the play that was to become his undoing. At 33, he returned to his training ground -- the Melbourne University Student Union. He knew he could make big money from the privatisation of student union-owned property. His dealings with MUSU are now under the spotlight in the Victorian Supreme Court as liquidators of the defunct $14 million union begin the arduous task of tracking down the missing cash of at least $1 million.

The liquidators' investigation into MUSU has unearthed a tale of shelf companies, stooge directors, allegedly forged signatures, missing cash, a Hong Kong bank account and nonexistent tendering processes. A common thread among all of the players is the ALP Right faction, Labor Unity.

Melbourne liquidator Foremans and its team of QCs, investigators and lawyers has been attempting without success to get Landeryou into the witness box since October. They have now issued a warrant for his arrest and documents they have received in the course of their examinations have been handed to Victoria police for a criminal investigation.

Also regulars in the witness box in the Victorian Supreme Court have been Darren Kenneth Ray, MUSU president in 2002, and Benjamin Cass, MUSU president in 2000. Both are members of the ALP Right and both are described by various sources as connected to Landeryou. Cass co-controlled at least one company with Landeryou, Marbain, which was given the lease to the student bar for a minimal amount of money with what appears to be a nonexistent tendering process. The lease was 10 to 15 years, even though five years was the maximum allowed. Marbain quickly sublet the bar for $1 million, which was then paid into a Hong Kong bank account. The money was removed after 24 hours and not seen again.

Bachelard's Expose Part IV said...

At about the same time in 2002, Landeryou had lent office space to another Labor Unity associate, Nick Church, to launch an expensive campaign to take over a key left-wing union, the Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union. The office space was at the headquarters of the IQ company and reports of Landeryou's involvement in the campaign vary.

LHMU secretary Brian Daley believes Landeryou bankrolled the campaign to the tune of about $500,000 in an effort to get his hands on the bloc of party votes the LHMU controls. Taking over a union, especially a large left-wing union, and redirecting its vote to the Right could have changed the entire factional balance of the Labor Party. Had it succeeded, the plotters would have been heroes to their faction and villains forever within the Left.

``We always knew that Church was closely involved in companies associated with Andrew Landeryou and we have no reason to believe that funding for his campaign could have come from anywhere else,'' says Daley.

Church worked on the LHMU campaign with another ALP member, Andrew Rigby. Rigby says that in return for lending them office space, Landeryou asked him for a favour: to be a stooge director of Optima, the property development company that won a $46 million contract from MUSU to build student housing.

That contract relied on 265 apartments being at full occupancy at $165 per bedroom -- something described in court as ``ridiculous'' and ``highly unlikely''. Auditors of MUSU in mid-2003 reported that the deal could send the union broke.

Rigby told the court that the signature above his name was not his and that it had been forged. ``People warned me to be careful in business dealings with [Landeryou]. They said with him, nothing was for free, and they were right,'' Rigby told Inquirer.

Shortly after the auditor's report, a liquidator's report was released that recommended police investigate the union over the falsification of records, awarding of contracts, election rigging and travel rorts. Nobody has yet been charged with any offences.

``I feel a little bit used,'' Rigby says. ``My trust was betrayed. He took advantage of me helping him out. There was nothing in return at all, just silence, and the next I thing I know I've got summons and I'm in court.''

Rigby was informed by Inquirer that he was also listed as a director of another company, Citizens Against Poverty. While Landeryou is not a director, it was based at his office and his accountant set up the company.

Citizens Against Poverty's objective was to combat poverty through means including property development, share trading and the receipt of donations. Among the directors is John Eren, an upper house Right faction MP renowned for his energy in recruiting new ALP members.

Rigby says he can't remember being asked by Landeryou to be a director of the company. ``I certainly never signed anything on behalf of the company,'' he says.

Landeryou is an elusive character. There is scant information about him and few photos available from the past 10 years. But a former associate from student politics says he is ``not the kind of bloke you would want to cross''.

``Andrew is a complex person,'' the former associate says. ``He can be absolutely charming when he wants to be. He is driven by a strong sense of resentment about his father being dumped and about him being dumped as president in 1991. He has a desire for revenge and a belief in entitlement. He believes that he deserves and is entitled to all sorts of things and if anyone gets in his way, woe betide them.''

Anonymous said...

Bachelard's expose details theft, fraud and perjury on Landeryou's part AND threats of violence which will be worth another five years when he finally appears before a judge for sentencing.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Vexnew's anatomical study of Michael Bachelard was forensic. Typical of the sharp precise minds at work at that media company. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, I was going to say the same thing.

Ben Mohammed said...

I loved the headline - Bachelard is a bum - is it any wonder likes to wear Burkas.

Brutus Beefcake said...

The litany of crime outlined by Perry and Bachelard means that me and my hot rodding men will be enjoying Landeryou's company for at least 25 years

Bubba said...

I look forward to getting to know Andrew intimately

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

There will be plenty of time for that!

Anonymous said...

Now it is time to charge Landeryou!

ASIC charges Opes Prime directors

The corporate regulator has launched criminal proceedings against the directors of Opes Prime for allegedly breaching their duties...

Spider Pig said...

Looks like Andy will be forced to lose weight now

RESIDENTS have been warned to close their windows and stay inside as a fire rages in a chicken processing plant southeast of Melbourne.

The fire at Ingham Chicken in Grants Road, Somerville, on the Mornington Peninsula, broke out in cardboard in a storage room about 4.45pm (AEDT), a Country Fire Authority (CFA) spokeswoman said.

About 150 firefighters are on the scene, including hazardous materials and aerial units.

About 400 workers were evacuated from the factory as the fire took hold.

"It's been hard work for the crews in managing to isolate the fire to the building where it started," the spokeswoman said.

"We're warning people to keep well away."

The CFA has advised residents near the plant that smoke from the fire may be harmful and that the fire will be burning for some hours yet.

Joe Pulitzer said...

Andrew shoulda stayed on holiday.

His Batchelard hatchetjob is a boring botch-up and a non-story.

But, Landeryou could probably get a job at The Age - as a cleaner.

I still think the Landeryou story would make a fantastic movie or TV mini-series.

Anonymous said...

How can you make a mini-series about someone who is as max round the waistline as Landeryou?


Use a WIDE lens, fool!!!

The tears of many mothers said...

Might end up being a widescreen IMAX movie?

Batchelard in 2004 provided the roughs for a terrific movie. Ray, Cass and Landeryou were all sons of ALP luminaries. They were also utterly corrupt. So far, they have mostly escaped the just results of their criminality. They were a little bit clever, but a real police investigation, even now, would root out these evildoers and get them into goal!

I can see Nicole Kidman playing the role of fake Landeryou personality 'Cait Catt'. No, I can't. Nicole is far smarter than that!

This is going to be a fundamental problem. Landeryou's crooked past, his stalking activities and vile libels will put off many actors. A great casting director would dredge the scum of Melbourne to solve the problem.

Mick Gatto as Andrew?

Rita Randles said...

What does Brutus Beefcake think about gay marriage? The pope doesn't like it. Does Brutus? Read below for the Vatican attack:

Pope slams gay marriages

January 11, 2010 11:28pm

POPE Benedict XVI has called laws ignoring the difference between the sexes an "attack'' on creation just days after Portugal moved to legalise gay marriage.

Creatures, including humans, "can be protected or endangered'', the pope, 82, told the Vatican diplomatic corps in a traditional January address focusing mainly on environmental issues.

"One such attack comes from laws or proposals which, in the name of fighting discrimination, strike at the biological basis of the difference between the sexes,'' he said, citing ``certain countries in Europe or North and South America''.

Portugal's parliament last Friday approved plans to legalise gay marriage, and a final vote could occur before a visit by the pope in May.

Also last week, two men became the first homosexual couple to legally marry in Latin America, in the southern Argentine province of Ushuaia.

"Freedom cannot be absolute,'' the pontiff said.

"For man, the path to be taken cannot be determined by caprice or willfulness, but must rather correspond to the structure willed by the Creator,'' he said.

Brutus Beefcake said...

I am not concerned by sex before marriage.

Anna Recsik said...

Which other patriotic folk are going to be watching Eataholics on ABC 2 at 830 tonight to see the woman who eats nothing but cheese and tomato pizza?

We will soon be able to decide whether a certain psychotic individual who only eats KFC and refuses to drink anything other than a 50/50 mix of KFC gravy and cheap but potent Rutherglen Rotgut port should be encouraged to appear on the show.

Anonymous said...

The Pope opposes same sex marriage. The Holy Father would also be horrified if he knew Andrew Landeryou went through a blasphemous mockery of marriage with a man dressed as a woman who went by the name of Dimberley in an attempt to hide his own predilection for cross-dressing from his hard right political allies.

Concerned said...

A law abiding sober living patriotic person told me that it was only discovered that Dimberley was a man when a certain Legislative Councilor with a sad reputation for sexual harassment attempted to exercise droit de seigneur on him/her/it in the toilets at the wedding reception.


Lew recovers $1.8m in sale of mansion
By Paul Heinrichs
July 3, 2005

On a day focused upon world poverty, the cycles of disadvantage and wealth turned full circle at Melbourne's biggest property auction yesterday.

About 400 inner-suburban property watchers turned out to see Wardlow, the Italianate Parkville mansion formerly occupied by the financially troubled couple Andrew Landeryou and Kimberley Kitching, sell at auction for $1.84 million.

The seller was Melbourne businessman Solomon Lew's company Jordanlane. Mr Lew claims he is owed $3 million by the now-separated couple as a result of a failed joint business venture.

With a reserve price of $1.25 million, and estimated to fetch about $1.4 million by the auctioneer Glen Morley, it realised the big price after eight bidders joined in a spirited contest.

The auctioneer had handed out 1000 brochures on the property over five weeks, and two bidders were on the telephone from Sydney and Florence.

The 10-room balcony residence was eventually knocked down to London lawyers Lindy and Michael Golding, two of more than 300 partners in the firm Lovells, which has 3200 staff worldwide.

A curious feature of the auction was a warning by the auctioneer, Glen Morley, that any disruption of the auction was against the law.

He said later that he had seen former occupant Mr Landeryou in the large crowd, but Mr Landeryou, contacted by phone, said he had not attended and was walking his dog at the time.

However, he posted information about the sale at 12.48pm, within minutes of its conclusion, on his website with the correct price, $1.84 million, along with a grumble about Mr Morley.

Anonymous said...

More Landeryou stalking and lies!

Anonymous said...

As a heterosexual male I have felt a sense of profound relief since Slanderyou revealed Kimberley was actually a man in drag. It pained me to think any woman could be so ugly.

Brazen Chookery said...

Landeryou was seen in an MFB fire investigator's uniform at the burned down Ingham factory. He was taking "samples" and putting them in a truck marked Halal Chicken P/L.

Firey Fred said...

Not only did "MFB fire investigator" Landeryou take all the evidence with him but Emergency services sources say that moments after he left the Ingham site it was discovered that the few surviving chickens had gone missing too.

Batchelard Rules said...

Batchelard was on ACA tonight in a piece about the loathesome Exclusive Brethren. Batchelard wrote a book about it. He makes Vexnews look like a media pipsqueak!

Ben Mohammed said...

Andrew invited us over for an Eatathon this evening. He assured me that my chicken portion was halal. It was sort of OK but rather charred. I think Andrew hadn't gutted it, but I didn't get that far. I fed it to Ronnie while Andrew wasn't looking.

Ronnie said...

Ben was not the only Landeryou fake commenter that tried to get rid of their chook portions in my direction. Landeryou will have a lot of clearing up when he awakes with another massive hangover tomorrow. I am happily gnawing on a couple of Rita Randles's bones. The old bugger is quite tasty although with obvious osteoporosis issues when she was alive.

Those pesky company records said...

The Age says "Mrs Anderson said an argument broke out when the property tycoon accused her of stealing a computer containing information about the collapsed Firepower company, which he needed in dealings with Australian Securities and Investments Commission".

IQ Corp's company records all disappeared too...

Mrs Alice Idris said...

I hope the following had nothing to do with a brand of chicken halal sausages that were substituted with pork.

Tourists shocked by pig beheading in Northern Territory

* Rebekah Cavanagh
* From: Northern Territory News
* January 12, 2010 8:01AM
Tourists on the way to Litchfield National Park drive past the beheaded pig.

A PIG has been decapitated and left to scare tourists at a popular Northern Territory park.

The large wild boar was found on Litchfield Rd - travelled by thousands of locals and tourists each week - in Litchfield National Park, the Northern Territory News reports.

Visitors have been sickened by the grisly sight.

Hunters are believed to have shot the pig even though it is illegal to hunt in national parks and reserves in the Northern Territory.

"It is pretty smelly but it would be quite disturbing for people travelling past so we'll try and get it out of sight as soon as possible,'' Litchfield senior park ranger Julie Trembath said.

Ms Trembath said she was not sure if the pig was shot or whether it was hit by a car and then interfered with.

"There are really plenty of places in the Territory to go instead so I don't understand why they have to go to the parks,'' said Ms Trembath.

She said those responsible could be charged a $1000 on-the-spot fine if caught with either a firearm or ammunition.

They could also face a maximum penalty of up to $11,000 or 12 months jail.

Getting ahead of myself said...

Alice, you really know how to turn on a true Patriot - "A PIG has been decapitated". I imagined an apologetic Landeryou, carrying his head under his arm, saying "I apologise for all my ciminality, stalking, libellousness and eerie, execrable behaviour.

But I was getting ahead of myself.

Brutus Beefcake said...

The Hot Rodders have often wondered that if we thrust hard enough Landeryou's head will fall off.

Derek said...

I have just been doing some calculations that may be of interest to patriots.

I am six months older than Landeryou, six foot tall, weigh 85 kilos and have a 34 inch waist. Every inch around my middle equals 2.5 kilos.

Police records show that Landeryou weighs 750 kilos.

Apply the same "one inch to every 2.5 kilos" rule and you discover Shirley has a 300 inch - or massive 25 foot - waistline.

Where he finds the female attire he always wears is hard to imagine.

Anonymous said...

Even more reason why Landeryou should be featured on Eataholics!

1600 pound men with 25 foot waistlines who wear frocks and eat nothing but KFC and drink nothing but a mix of KFC gravy and cheap fortified wine need help from dieticians and shrinks.

Anonymous said...

I hear that with the failure of Poxnews the proportion of Rutherglen Rotgut in Landeryou's KFC gravy/cheap bulk port cocktail that is the only thing he drinks has been creeping up.

It used to be 1 part KFC gravy to 1 part Rutherglen Rotgut. By the second half of last year it was 1 part gravy to 3 parts port.

Now I understand that it is 1 part gravy to 4 parts port and that Landeryou's morning (or whenever he picks himself up off the floor) heartstarters consist of a two litre ice-cream tub filled with Rutherglen Rotgut and only a dash of KFC gravy.

R Sonne said...

These are the consequences of Landeryou’s arson at Ingham Chickens in quest of a free feed

Chicken plant fire threatens jobs of 1000 workers
Greg Roberts
Jan 13

A fire that destroyed a Melbourne chicken plant that supplied nearly a third of the Victorian market has jeopardised the jobs of more than 1000 workers.

Monday's fire at Ingham Chicken in Somerville, on the Mornington Peninsula, was a disaster, National Union of Workers assistant secretary Esmond Curnow said on Wednesday.

Mr Curnow said the union feared many hundreds of people would be left without work.

``They will get a full week's pay this week but after that we need some information quickly,'' he said.

``We are desperate to talk with the company before Friday so we are able to report to members on Friday what the future holds, which doesn't appear great.

``We want an indication of whether the plant will be rebuilt or started up somewhere else.

``We have 525 members there. If it had been 500 car workers at Ford or Toyota, there would have been headlines for days.''

The Ingham chicken processing plant is Victoria's biggest, with 120,000 birds killed there each day.

Its destruction will also affect suppliers, distributors and small businesses that service the company.

The cause of the fire is being investigated but it is to have started in cardboard storage room on Monday afternoon as Melbourne sweltered in 40C-plus temperatures.

The company's board has been holding crisis meetings since the fire.

Ingham group services director John Hexton said: ``We are still working through the implications and are supporting the workers as best we can. There is an information hotline for them.''

The company is believed to be bringing in chickens from its Adelaide plant to supply customers in Victoria.

Mr Curnow said Ingham Enterprises did not expect problems with any redundancies or entitlements.

``We have spoken to the Victorian and federal governments and involved Centrelink to help and brief people about being fitted out with what they are entitled to in the short term,'' he said.

``We will ask the Victorian government about fast-tracking any rebuilding there or elsewhere so councils do not mess them around.''

Rural Revolt said...

Now that Peter Spencer has come down from his pole and stopped his hunger strike Landeryou might like to consider taking the protest over.

Landeryou likes sitting round doing nothing other than indulging in bizarre conspiracy theories and 51 days without food would do him a world of good.

Anonymous said...

Shirley may be interested in this report from the Sun. He will want breast implants when he has the full and final op done despite the current size of his man boobs.

Boob job you can chest drive first

Published: 12 Jan 2010

GIRLS wanting bigger boobs can now "test drive" a new pair before going under the knife.

First they get to choose the shape, size and feel of their new bust from a range of 500 styles.

Then they wear their made-to-measure implants in a special vest for the day to make sure they are the perfect fit.

Sizes range from an A cup to an F. The system, called Biodynamics Breast Analysis, uses a new type of implant called Natrelle.

Mario Russo, plastic surgery chief at The Hospital Group, which offers the service, said: "For the first time women can see - and feel - what they'll look like after surgery."

Read more:

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Fresh from their well deserved holidays, Vexnews has hit the ground running, with its fresh and up to date content.

Meanwhile this blog of filth looks old and tired. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

I feel invigorated reading Vexnews Henderson.

Ben Mohammed said...

The jihad how to manual, called The Age, is looking tired too.

Jail the bum said...


Rather than leaving asinine comments under false names or updating your blog of sleaze every few days with distortions and lies, why not tell us how you manage to live in luxury accommodation and need not work when you have no visible means of support.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That shut him up, Jail the bum!

Brutus Beefcake said...

When I hear the words 'jail' and 'bum' in the context of Landeryou I have some very vivid thoughts.

Henderson is a Drongo said...

Fresh from a well-earned three week holiday!!

Landeryou is the net's laziest hate blogger.

Where did he get the dosh for a three week holiday???????????

Byron from Wahroongah said...

Landeryou is on holiday 13 months a year!

AND he libels and stalks people...

So PredictaBULL said...

Andrew's fake commenters are working overtime pretending that Vexnews isn't dead.

His next blog will be about HESTA the union, mark my words.

Ye Gods! Not another year of wacky union bashing and beatups.

Give it away Andrew! You'll go blind. I reckon The Age will probably still give you that toilet cleaner job if you write a really nice application.

Golden Showers at the Hun said...

Landeryou was given a perks job at the HUN newspaper tending the female lavs. But the degenerate was discovered lapping the bowls and was instanttly sacked. There are a couple of dolls on staff, but they are vastly outnumbered by journalistic hags. Landeryou's inexperienced tongue couldn't taste any difference.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Great reading on Vexnews this morning about law and order issues. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

At least Vexnews is addressing serious issues this morning Henderson.

Ben Mohammed said...

The Age supports jihad - forget law and order.

Landeryou is dyslexic said...

This fact has not been noted on this patriotic blog before, but it is clear that Landeryou is dyslexic:

1. The obese crook misspelt the name of his brother-in-law Mat Mason when he forged his signature on company documents as part of one of his many frauds

2. The incontinent cross-dresser misspelt the word "Walkley" throughout the period he was maintaining the blatant lie that he had won "the inaugural Walkley blog award"

3. The delusional alcoholic misspells the word "Hanson" whenever he indulges in his unwholesome and bizarre fantasy that he is Pauline Hanson's daughter

4. The evil and exploitative fried fast food fanatic has even managed to misspell the name of the mentally subnormal and psychologically disturbed former Defence Careers Centre tea-boy he maintains a dubious relationship with, "Sergeant" Sasha Uzunov

Anonymous said...

Henderson, Ben, Shirley, whatever name you are going by today, let me assure you that everyone knows the only time there will ever be anything interesting on Poxnews related to law and order is when you publish a full confession admitting to multiple counts of theft, fraud, forgery, defamation, stalking, using threats of violence, contempt of court and breaches of the companies code, tax and bankruptcy laws and state and federal electoral acts.

Until you do that, fuck off.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Has Andy been passing off opinion as fact again?

Brutus Beefcake said...

When Landeryou makes his confession I'll pull my trousers down and stand to attention.

Bubba said...

Me too.

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

As will the rest of us.

Landeryou will be amazed just how many people want to get to know him here.

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

Want to get to know him intimately.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou should make that confession. He will be able to get help for his dyslexia in jail.

Fraud squad said...

Now we know the real reason why Landeryou despises Ted Baillieu: he is tough on crime.

Anonymous said...

Was the notorious racist Landeryou responsible for the arson attack on the Sikh temple in Melbourne?

Harry the Dirty Dog said...

I love the way Buddha Boy comes here when he wants some readers.

Weight Watchers Australia said...

Here is a story of relevance to Landeryou. Patriots can click on the "Weight Watchers Australia said" line above to see the original item and the accompanying pictures.

Pork-lift truck

By EMMA MORTON, Health Editor and ALEX PEAKE

Published: Today

AN ambulance takes the world's fattest man to hospital yesterday for his belly-busting op - which will cost taxpayers £20,000.

Dozens of medics spent hours transporting 70-stone Paul Mason 143 miles.

An ambulance with reinforced beds drove him from his specially adapted bungalow in Ipswich to St Richard's Hospital in Chichester, West Sussex.

A back-up ambulance followed carrying a support team of medics, while NHS staff erected a tent at the hospital entrance.

They even hired security to keep the move secret and protect a lucrative TV documentary deal.

Housebound Paul, 48, who munched three takeaways a night and roast dinners as snacks, will undergo a gastric bypass in a final bid to stop him eating himself to death.

Tomorrow's op has never before been performed on such a giant patient in the UK.

Extra surgeons and nurses are on stand-by.

St Richard's is the top NHS unit for stomach-reducing ops - known as bariatric surgery.

A senior NHS Suffolk insider said: "When does it become the individual's responsibility not to eat themselves into this state?"

NHS Suffolk said: "We always put patients' needs first."

Read more:

Vexnews Fizzers said...

Vexnews's first three blogs for 2010 (after three weeks off) were total Schweppervescence!

What a load of old rubbish! Lots of bubble n' squeak!

Weight Watchers Australia said...

There is a lesson from the "World's Fattest Man" Paul Mason story for Landeryou. You can click on our name again for the full details, but here are the most relevant facts:

"WORLD'S heaviest man Paul Mason once lost a third of his weight in a year - while doing PORRIDGE.

"The monster muncher was jailed for stealing cash from letters when he was a postman.

"Paul, now 70 stone, weighed 30st when he was banged up in 1990.

"But he had to eat plain prison food served up in normal portions, unlike his usual calorie-drenched titanic takeaways. And he shed ten stone during the 12 months he was inside."

Think how much the 120 stone Landeryou will lose while he does his 20 years.

Weight Watchers Australia said...

More similarities between Landeryou and Paul Mason. They are not only a pair of thieves, but have both also caused financial ruin for their families through their gluttony.

"He ATE his mother out of house and home as the cost of his scoffing meant she could not keep up with mortgage repayments, leading to repossession...

"Paul's mum Janet died six weeks ago aged 75.

"Last night his tearful sister Louise, 43, said his compulsive eating had torn the family apart - and left her and fellow sibling Judith with nothing. Paul - a stick-thin soccer-playing lad in his youth - moved back in with arthritis sufferer Janet in 1990 after two relationships fell apart. He cared for Janet for a while but ended up barely able to walk as he ballooned.

"Louise said he had a huge fry-up for breakfast, a king-size kebab for lunch, fish and chips for tea and another fry-up for supper.

"She told how their father Roy, who like Janet weighed 20st-plus, paid off the mortgage on the family's £100,000 terraced home before he died in 1986. But Janet was forced to re-mortgage due to Paul's food bills - then had the house repossessed when she failed to meet repayments.

"As a result there was nothing in her will for Louise and Judith."

Anonymous said...

Landeryou used to claim his favourite film was Pulp Fiction. Yet another lie! It is Let Me Die A Woman.

Anonymous said...

We are edging up to 400 comments on this one thread alone, Patriots. El Gordo will be lucky to get 400 hits on Vexnews all year.

The Penultimate Patriot said...

Will Landeryou be allowed access to the net in Barwon Gaol and, if so, will Vexnews be the first hate blog emanating from a high-security prison? He is a frightful crook, so anything could happen.

It will be the first time that prison guards anywhere have dealt with over 80 different personas in the one prisoner. Who to truncheon; who to biff; who to put in solitary confinement?

Easy: Put Andrew in solitary and you have got the lot!

Mental as Anything said...

Will Landeryou fake commenter Ben Mohammed get special treatment at Barwon? Will he get Islamic washing facilities and a special worship room - or will he be treated the same as Landeryou and given a good buggering? I think looney crims still get to go to Ararat Gaol which has a psychiatric wing - but eighty of him would sorely stretch facilities!

If he had ever become a politician, Landeryou would have sold out the mentally ill as did all politicians to save a filthy buck. Now the loonies are roaming amongst us with knives.

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