Thursday, February 04, 2010

Vexnews office found abandoned - bankruptcy pending

33 Truth On Comments:

Ronnie said...

Oh, It is true. I've been abandoned. Landeryou left some halal chicken and the remains of Rita Randles for me to gnaw on.

Hugh Wirth said...

I'm very much looking forward to the next installment of 'HORSE SENSE'

Cait Catt said...

This is nothing but a pack of lies. Vexnews continues to be the best news site on the web. Slanderyou continues to be the worst.

Who is Rebecca on Wikipedia? She removed a comment by a namesake of mine on the entry for Jenny Mikakos, the egotistical upper house MP.

Rebecca claimed that my namesakes comments, that Vexnews was a higly regarded news site and Vexnews was a regular critic of the egotistical MLC, were not from a reliable source. Is Rebecca Slanderyou?

Wikipedia itself is unreliable, as it is a website anyone can edit. The editor of Vexnews, a respected journalist and possibly the leading one in Victoria, is downgrated to a mere blogger. Why socialist leftista MPs like Steve Herbert would want to plagiarise from it is beyond me. Still, Diane Anderson once said that Tim Holding's staff claimed that the real Delia Delegate plagiarised from Demitri Dollis, so Steve Herbert is probably in good company.

Wong the Nong said...

Penny Wong said on Lateline tonight that the purpose of the ETS is to cut down pollution 'in Australia'. WHAT?

This is MAD if people in Asia and South America continue deforestation, and most of the other countries in the world ignore the problem - if there is one.

The ALP needs to review its mad ETS scheme, where it came from, whether taxpayers should be funding a nutty ALP doctrinal issue.

When each part of the insane scheme is examined, the weirder it looks. We are paying top dollar for electicity already. Why allow seedy CEOs to up the costs on the back of a silly, unworkable ETS scheme.

Taxpayers are getting screwed every whichway!

Just a bigger buttplug needed said...

I am interested in the technical details of Shirley Landeryou's forthcoming bestiality movie 'Horse Sense'.

The Dutch government was wrong in thinking that horse bestiality emanates only from Holland. It comes mainly from Brasil and various Balkans countries. I guess this is where Sarge Uzunov comes in.

Shirl Landeryou has bought herself a provocatively sexy frock and a horse costume for the Sarge. Horses have large reproductive organs, and I am wondering how Shirley will be able to portray this aspect in her movie?

Sasha the Croatian Stallion said...

Lots of R U B B E R, Darls!

Jasmir Singh said...

Vexnews's hate blog: 'INDIAN INFERNO: Why is India burning its relationship with Australia'? is infested with the villest racial comments I have ever read. If traceable to Landeryou, which many of them could be, there is enough to get him jailed on racism charges.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews is not and never has been racist in any way. Not so Wikipedia. Rebecca, the Wikipedia editor referred to earlier, is clearly racist in reverse. Any criticism of some Italians on Wikipedia and she deletes the reference. Like references that point out Geelong Football Club president Frank Costa's relationship with the Geelong fraudster Frank De Stefano.

Rebecca on Wikipedia is clearly related to Frank Costa, whom a Geelong blog called Mr Fruit, and Costa is best friend of Frank De Stefano, the former Mayor of Geelong.

Rebecca deleted several references to the fact that Costa's hagiographic biography makes no mention of De Stefano.

What is your motive Rebecca? You hate Vexnews. Are you in love with Costa?

Geelong deserve to LOSE when they put someone like Costa in charge of their club.

Spider Pig said...

Are those teeth marks on the walls?

Fraud squad said...

There is bad news in today's Daily Telegraph for the supposed unemployed bankrupt who can afford a luxury CBD apartment but has no visible means of support and is free to defame honest Australians on his website all day.

SUSPECTED criminals will have to explain their flashy lifestyles to police under new laws aimed at Australia's $15 billion a year organised crime network.

The new "unexplained wealth" provisions will reverse the onus of proof and require suspects to explain plush possessions, including cars and houses, and demonstrate they were legally acquired.

If they refuse, their secrecy will be used against them in court hearings and a court could order the confiscation of the possessions - even if there is no conviction for a crime.

Attorney-General Robert McClelland said it was part of a parcel of laws passed by Parliament yesterday to "target the perpetrators and profits of organised crime".

Sadie the Cleaning Lady said...

Slanderyou, that's the Vexnews office after it has been tidied. As you can see, there are no empty KFC tubs and wrappers or empty catering casks or bottles of Aldi sherry anywhere.

Ha ha ha said...

"Vexnews is not and never has been racist in any way."


Mrs Alice Idris said...

Is this also the office where Andrew made his chicken hahal sausages which he substituted with pork meat?

Say No to Chicken Licking said...

Alice, the single piece of white paper on the desk looks like the sausage recipe.

Cait Catt said...

Another exposure by Vexnews. Rebecca on Wikipedia alias Slanderyou says Vexnews is not a reliable news source. Nonsense. Look at today's great story. Brothel head honcho Bill Albon, a contributor to Diane Anderson's rag Higgins News, is at it again. Read on:

STIFFED: Socialist Left convenor spins for sin
By VEXNEWS ⋅ February 5, 2010

billalbonstiff The Victorian Socialist Left has produced many gems over the years but few more sparkling than its convenor in the blue ribbon Liberal federal seat of Higgins, Bill Albon.

This week he challenged the sensibilities of the good burghers of the Port Phillip municipality by attacking those who’d questioned a St Kilda football club’s decision to accept the sponsorship of a St Kilda brothel.

The long-time SL staffer turned spin-doctor for legal brothels posed in front of the behind of an apparent sex worker and pithily declared “Don’t be such stiffs” before outlining his plans for the brothel to sponsor women’s sporting teams like netball.

So far the the netballers haven’t knocked the brothel down in the rush.

Meanwhile Albon is said make a good fist of representing the interests of what he reminds all to be a law-abiding industry in managing a usually unsympathetic audience of journalists, local councillors and politicians.

At time of publication, it is not known whether SL members have responded to his occasional urgings to get involved in the industry at an ownership level.

Prof Maku Dong Long said...

I too am intrigued by the Landeryou bestiality movie 'Horse Sense'. I could easily make Sgt. Uzunov look the part.

Landeryou has swerved violently to his feminine side and, since I am a Coq specialist, I have no idea what condition his nether regions may be in.

Mister Ed said...

I too am watching this commenary with great attention. Neigh! Neigh!

It is not for me, of couse, to suggest outcomes. However, having seen Mr Landeryou's vile nether regions, I think he needs to consider a different title for his bestiality movie.

I think it should be called "Baby Elephant Walk"!

Guy Fawkes said...

I tried to post the following comment on Vexnews overnight. But Vewnews usually censors my comments.

"I've been a bit naughty. I've been going through some election brochures I've kept for years. Funny that none of them mention Australia was going to be swamped with nig nogs, chinks and (for Christ's sake) muslims.

"None of the flyers mentioned there might be a backlash, riots, and bashings and a murder of Indians.

"Australia has been changed forever by nameless, invisable people. Now, among many other things, we have to worry about Indians who were invited here, not by me, or by anyone I know!

Perhaps the Howard, Rudd and Brumby governments can provide a few answers.

Anonymous said...

El Gordo is delusional if he believes he's a respected journalist.

Anonymous said...

El Gordo is delusional if he believes he's a journalist.

Landy's Purpose of Life said...

The former MUSU crime boss and IQ Corp fraudster doesn't need the dough. Vexnews is just a front for him to libel and stalk ordinary Aussie battlers like Les Twentyman, Dean Mighell and countless others.

Years ago Landeryou started his 'The Other Cheek' website (now Vexnews), proclaiming that he would disprove the evidence of fraud against him, but has never done so.

So the damning allegations still stand years later.

Landeryou's courtroom antics, bizarre as they may be, have confounded our legal friends.

He is still free.

Barry the Bailiff said...

Patriots should be aware that this is how the Vexnews office looked before I dropped by.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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