Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The very first edition of Crikey

Let's travel back in time to the very first edition of Crikey.

What memories Patriots.

And in follow up editions, Delia Delegate was to prominently feature. 

Patriots might wish to ponder about Delia's influence, amongst other things. The last time we discussed Delia was in 2007. It's worth a look.

81 Truth On Comments:

Media Analyst said...

I can't find the link, but since Mayne left Crikey, it has continually turned a profit, has about 14000 subscribers.

Vexnews in contrast is trading while insolvent, and is read by about 100 people a month.

Anonymous said...

I read Vexnews. I want to see what Andy Landy and Co says about me.

Fraud squad said...

It is fascinating that Landeryou was so busy defaming away as Delia Delegate that he let his online spivvery operation IQ Corporation go down the toilet.

Check the dates. The Delia Delegate column and the collapse of IQ coincide. Landeryou was so preoccupied with his sleazy writing that he ignored IQ.

Of course, the fact that he had already spent his shareholders investment on jumbo sized women's clothes, flagon port and KFC didn't help.

Vexnews is dead said...

Media analyst, you appear to have made a Barnaby Joyce-style error. Venxews is not read by 100 people a month. It is only read by 100 people a year. Most of these are directed there by Google searches for pornography.

The Avengers said...

Andrew Landeryou forged his own brother-in-law's signature on legal documents as part of one of his many fraud attempts -- and spelled his name incorrectly. That tells you all you need to know about Andrew Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

I bet he was drunk at the time

Brutus Beefcake said...

Landeryou might say "Crikey" when he arrives at Barwon Jail and discovers what me and the Hot Rodders have planned for him (but I reckon it is more likely he will say "Oh fuck!" and shit and piss himself).

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Why is the blog of filth promoting its sister publication, "nameless".

Are things that bad? I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, that's a very interesting point you raise.

Shirley Morris said...

I didn't know that Crikey and Slanderyou were one and the same. Explains the level of filth.

Betty Branchstacker said...

Landeryou calls Crikey "Nameless". That's a coincidence. Most people refer to his hate site Vexnews as "Readerless".

Anonymous said...

Most people know Landeryou is "truthless"

Shirley some mistake said...

What did Big Bent Bill use on his "Save Australia" veggie patch back at Chez Landeryou when Andrew was growing up?

Weedkiller makes frogs change sex

Atrazine, one of the most commonly used and controversial weedkillers, can turn male frogs into females, researchers in the US have found.

The experiment is the first to show the complete effects of atrazine, which has been known to disrupt hormones and is one of the chief suspects in the decline of amphibians around the world.

"Atrazine-exposed males were both demasculinised (chemically castrated) and completely feminised as adults," researchers from the University of California Berkeley wrote in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The chemical had been shown to disrupt development and make frogs develop both male and female features - termed hermaphroditism.

Tyrone Hayes from the University of California Berkeley says the study of 40 male frogs shows the process can go even further.

"Before, we knew we got fewer males than we should have, and we got hermaphrodites. Now, we have clearly shown that many of these animals are sex-reversed males," Mr Hayes said in a statement.

"Atrazine has caused a hormonal imbalance that has made them develop into the wrong sex, in terms of their genetic constitution."

A patriot said...

It's not so much a case of "What did Big Bent Bill put on the veggies?" as "What has Landeryou been mixing with his bulk port?" to try to improve the flavour.

Anonymous said...

Did Mr Shirley put Atrazine in his halal chicken (pork) sausages?

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Certainly there was a strange taste in Andrew's chicken halal sausages in which he substituted pork meat.

General Bridges said...

I fear Landeryou is attempting to use the military expertise of Sgt. Sasha Uzunov (ie pushing a tea trolley) to spread Atrazine in an evil effort to turn patriotic Australian males into hermaphrodites and so enfeeble our nation's defences.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Landeryou admires this man so! The Australian reports 'DISGRACED lobbyist Brian Burke deliberately lied on five occasions while giving evidence to Western Australia's corruption watchdog, a Perth court has heard.'

The Midnight Racist said...

With all the Nig Nogs now swamping Australia, I feared having Al-Qaeda neighbors. Silly me, since there is no accomodation available anymore, they will probably be living IN my house.

So I have installled a Prayer Room and a foot washing room. I couldn't find any copies of the Koran (Qur'an) to distribute into my four bedrooms. The Australian government should be supplying them.

All this stinks!

Scrotum said...

Poisonous politicians fed us the global financial meltdown, millionaire CEO salaries, and now a chinks and africans Tsunami.

Being 'refugees', they get free housing, vehicles and jobs while Aussie taxpayers and the unemployed get nothing.

It is a ultra-weird new world that Rudd, Abbott and Howard have created.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World said...

Old Ausralia has gone.

Ockers and Aussies are now endangered national treasures. Get used to it.

Rag Trader said...

On the surface this item from today's Herald Sun appears to be good news for Shirley Landeryou... that is until you realise he takes a women's size 85!

VOLUPTUOUS Melbourne girls with upmarket designer taste no longer have to sacrifice style for size.

Australian frocks queen Leona Edmiston has expanded the largest size of her signature dresses in her in-store range from a curvy 16 to a full-figured 20.

The move is believed to be a first for a luxury Aussie label.

Demand had been so strong for Edmiston's size 18 and 20 frocks, which have been sold in her online boutique since late last year, the decision was made to put them into her boutiques...

Andy is fat and crooked said...

Landeryou doesn't take a Size 85 for his frocks. He takes a Size Circus Tent.

Anonymous said...

How appropriate for Buddha Boy to take size circus tent. The guy's a clown.

Spider Pig said...

Will Rudd announce extra funding for obesity treatment, especially for Andy. Might wreck the economy.

Swannee said...

Obesity treatment for Landeryou would cost more than the entire stimulus spend.

Health Professional said...

There was nothing in the PM's speech today about obesity treatment for Fat Andrew. He has obviously been put in the "too hard" basket, or maybe the "too fat".

X marks the spot said...

El Gordo could not be put into any basket as he is so repulsively and bizarrely obese . He has probably been put into the "too fat" Airbus A380 super jumbo hanger. That is the only structure that can hold the obese transsexual criminal drunkard.

Heidi Fleiss said...

Patriots may have seen reports on The Times website today that say "a black market trade is thriving for the uniforms worn by Japan Airlines' air stewardesses as the Tokyo sex industry drives demand."

It is understood that the 800 kilo weirdo Andrew Landeryou has put on yellowface makeup and false buck teeth like those worn by Mickey Rooney when he played Mr Yunioshi in Breakfast At Tiffanys all those years ago and donned a fake JAL hostie's outfit and attempted to prostitute himself to visiting Japanese executives for $5,000 a throw. To sound Japanese he calls himself Shi Lee rather than his usual drag name of Shirley.

Unfortunately for Landeryou but fortunately for Australia-Japan relations his new business venture has been as successful as Vexnews, IQ Corp, MUSU, Halal Chicken Pork etc etc.

Anonymous said...

All law-abiding and sober living patriotic people not given to cross-dressing will be rightly disgusted by the Slanderyou blog's latest revelations of perversion and criminality from Andrew Landeryou.

Spider Pig said...

Nothing in Rudd's address at the NPC about Andy's obesity. I guess there are problems that are simply beyond solving. Even Abbott has offered no solutions.

Bagman Steve said...

Landeryou is a state responsibility. It has been a tolerance of sleaze, corruption and criminality in the Victorian ALP that let the problem develop.

Jen4men said...

I have often advocated that Landeryou could easily lose 30 kilos - by chopping his own head off!


Memo to myself:

Don't travel on Japan Air Lines so as to avoid horrid surprise at 38 thousand feet.

Heidi Fleiss's post (above) frightened me absolutely sh*tless!

I'm a high visual imager, and the thought of being crammed into a toilet by Landeryou in a a fake JAL hostie's outfit and an erection is ghastly. Apart from anything else I will probably suffocate.

Barwon beckons said...

Visiting Vexnews - which I have just done unfortunately - is like gazing into a tank of Sea Monkies.

Micro-issues, micro-personalities and with Landeryou, micro-writing skills.

Landy has been labouring a little, with some new blogs. All the usual enemies are there - inaccurate scribes at The Age and SMH, notorious SunRAA, and that peculiar brain-teaser Stasi. What that?

Landeryou always comes unstuck when he pontificates about corruption and illegalities - the pot calling the kettle black. If Vexnews wasn't such trash it would be a hoot!

Thar she blows! said...

After watching Hungry Beast tonite, I'm worried the Landeryou's gender change surgery might form part of a later program. Either that or it will end up on Discovery Channel.

I've seen some out-takes from the surgical footage. It looks like a whale being flensed on a Japanese whaling ship. Landy's peepee, as we already know, was embarassingly small. But, giving 'Shirley' a proper female hooha would have proved impossible until one surgeon thought of industrial tunnelling equipment. You can see some of this equipment by following the link.

Shirley now has an extraordinarily large orifice and a bus stop and taxi rank have been attached. VicPol think Shirley is setting up a huge one stop brothel, or may become involved in smuggling tonnes of cocaine at a time into the country.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, every time a politician mentions reforms my knees tremble.

My Super lost a third of its value last year thanks to the global financial crash caused by political deregulation of crooked financial scams, banking and housing.

Airhead pollies Nicola Roxon and Peter Dutton were on ABC-TV's Lateline tonight.

Where do they find these dunderheads? I thought Peter was out of a job. Nicola is a kid who doesn't get it.

God save us all!

Stop screwing us said...

So many scams. So many rorts. So many millionaire CEO sslaries.

Australia and Australians are being systematically screwed by corporate teams that bat for shareholders and not for The Nation.

Free market politicians sit on their hands and say nothing.

You worthless scum! REPRESENT THE PEOPLE and not the vile corporate crooks!

Square Eyes said...

I saw the attractive young editor of Crikey Sophie Black on the 7.00 PM Project last night. She seems to have a semi-regular gig there. I never see the fat, forty and failed Andrew Landeryou on television, but then again I don't watch Australia's Most Wanted.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Speaking of television, I was watching Read Steady Cook, and a chef was cooking some lovely sausages.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Andrew done "My Kitchen Rules" and shared his recipe for deep fried dog with the nation?

Another patriot said...

Landeryou wouldn't share anything with anyone and particularly not food.

History buff said...

Has the Midnight Racist been heritage listed? His late nineteenth century/pre world War I Labor Party beliefs in White Australia and the omnipotence of the state are quaint echoes of the past rarely heard today.

Anonymous said...

Here is yet another story Andrew Landeryou has called completely incorrectly on his nasty little blog. Read on patriots and see how a magistrate has called it very, very differently to the fat man (who dresses as a woman).

Rann attacker says he suspected sex affair for years

By Steve Larkin

ADELAIDE, March 4 AAP - After years of suspecting his wife had had a sexual affair with South Australia's premier, Richard Phillips says he ``lost it'' at a chance encounter with Mike Rann.

Phillips, the estranged husband of Michelle Chantelois, struck the premier in the face up to four times with a rolled up magazine at a corporate function last October.

Phillips on Thursday pleaded guilty to assaulting the premier.

But the 56-year-old wiped away tears in court when Magistrate Cathy Deland said she would not convict him over an assault she said occurred in ``most unusual circumstances''.

Ms Deland placed Phillips on a $1000 two-year good behaviour bond.

``I'm very pleased it's all over and I have got nothing else to say,'' Phillips said outside Adelaide Magistrates Court.

A month after the assault, Ms Chantelois said she had a sexual affair with Mr Rann, who has denied the claims.

Phillips' lawyer, David Edwardson, QC, told the court the businessman had been frustrated and anxious over many years, suspecting his wife had had an affair with the premier.

The suspicions were a factor in the end of their marriage in early 2006.

``Mr Phillips' wife has since confessed to the sexual relations ... that has confirmed his worst fears,'' Mr Edwardson said.

He said ``all these pressures and emotions came to a head'' on October 1 last year when Phillips saw the premier at the National Wine Centre.

``Mr Phillips simply lost it, to use his expression,'' Mr Edwardson told the court.

Mr Edwardson described the encounter as a ``chance meeting against a rather tragic background''.

He said Phillips assaulted the premier in a ``spontaneous and impulsive loss of self-control following on a history''.

``He expresses his sincere regret at losing his self-control on this occasion,'' Mr Edwardson said.

Ms Deland said a conviction was not appropriate, adding the position that Mr Rann holds was not relevant.

``It's quite apparent the relationship had been playing on his mind for a lengthy period of time,'' she said.

``I have no doubt that what occurred was a result of built-up frustration over a number of years,'' she said.

``I consider this to be at the lower end of the scale despite the public responses which there have been.''

Brutus Beefcake said...

Landeryou won't end up with just a good behaviour bond when he finally fronts the courts. We are looking forward to enjoying his company for a long, long time.

Bubba said...

I doubt that Landeryou will enjoy our company, Brutus.

Jenny Craig said...

"New research published today in the Medical Journal of Australia shows the total direct cost of overweight and obesity in Australia is $21 billion a year, double previous estimates."

Landeryou is so incredibly fat he accounts for $20 billion of this, which coincidentally is the same amount as he has obtained through theft and fraud and squandered on women's clothing, Aldi's own brand sweet sherry and KFC.

Anonymous said...

re History Buff's comment:

I don't agree with the Midnight Racist's references to Nig Nogs, etc., however he / she has a slight point. For over 200 years of European history immigrants generally have been people who blended in easily, shared similar heritages, ideals, values and religion. To do otherwise, which seems to be the 'new' immigration policy, is unnecessarily burdensome for both immigranta and Ockers.

Chuck the chef said...

Melting pot stews rarely turn out as expected, and are often inedible.

Neighbourhood Watch said...

Evil and gluttonous transvestites who believe they are above the law as their dodgy fathers held minor ministerial positions a generation ago are pretty bloody awful for social cohesion too, 7:19.

Myxomatosis said...

Rabbits, foxes, carp, camels and water buffalo.

Some brainless idiots thought they would 'fit in' here too.

Neighbourhood Watch said...

Midnight Racist, are you in New York at the moment? That's where it is midnight at the moment.

I'm surprised to find you there. Too many coons and spics for your liking, I would have thought.

An observer said...

Why has Andy gone on an anti-Israel binge?

Last week he blamed Israel for taking out the Hamas guy in the UAE.

Today he's running that AFP were hard down by running over an Israeli cyclist.

He also hates cyclists.

Anne Frank said...

Andrew is a nasty Nazi right-wing looney who hates everybody.

CBD Danger said...

It is a wonder the Landeryous were ever allowed into Australia by the Immigration Dept.

The Landeryous were Transylvanians, who lived next to the Draculas and the Frankensteins. It wasn't a race problem so much as the fact they were bloodsuckers, muckrakers and ne'er-do-wells.

Landeryou is a chip off the old block. The CBD at night is unsafe. What makes it more unsafe is the nocturnal wanderings of Shirley Landeryou the elephantine Vampire. To survive she needs eighty victims per night, bowled over in alleys, attacked by what witnesses have described as a giant Sabre Tooth Tiger apparition in a woman's frock, stripped, robbed and buggered.

What will the Premier do to combat the most dangerous street threat Melbourne has ever faced?

Inspector Clousseau said...


Former MCC Cr Kimberley Kitchen was involved in a committee for Melbourne laneways, and would know of any mews, hideaways and escape routes.

I intend to look into this further.

Claptrap said...

I'm watching Neaderthal Code on ABCTV. It's one of those nutty quasi history/science programs which allow weird scientists or historians to vent their views. At least tonight's program isn't about 'new' discoveries about the pyramids.

It is sort of like watching a dramatised version of Vexnews on TV.

Magnifying Glass said...

A horrible story of fraud once alleged by Bent Bill against Melbourne Mayor Rockman, and the inactivity of John Howard.

Follow the link and gasp with shock!

Landy's fake commenters - an expert responds said...

Tedy Gunawan wrote:

Landeryou decided to dedicate a page for me…. and if you see all the comments, they are made within minutes of each other, and using the same ip address…..and when i asked him, this was his reply:

"Also your assertion that various comments are coming from the one IP is unsupported by my technical analysis. Please explain".

hahaha…. this is the funniest joke i’ve heard this week. your technical analysis??? what kind of technical competence do you have?? didnt you realise that you are using a free blogspot service of blogger which is owned by Google. And by the by, if you dont know (im sure you know coz you are lying), there are no revealing of ip addresses in the comments… and dont even try answering it using your wicked little thoughts on net stat…. dude… seriously get a life! (dont ask me how i got the ip addresses of those comments, you wont understand…. this life is more complicated than you think it is).

TRIVIA question: Who is Tedy Gunawan?

I need a friend said...

Can anyone explain this site?

Looks like there are 13 subscribers.

Does Landeryou's trustee know about this income, small as it seems to be?

Sticky beak said...

Justice Hansen noted that the contents of the court file had earlier been ordered to be kept confidential by Justice Bernard Bongiorno, and he wanted to know why. Ms Kitching's barrister said the order was related to the "matter that came on before us" - the application for an arrest warrant for Mr Landeryou.

The Midnight Racist said...

Immigration minister, Senator Chris Evan needs a huge kick up the arse over his pathetic mishandling of the Edward Joseph case.

Readers here know my views, but I do not support injustice either. This is a clear case of injustice and mindless, heartless bureaucracy.

The Joseph family belong here when everything is examined.

Rich Kids' crime wave said...

Landeryou had repugnant mates during his MUSU Mafia days - including identity theft specialist Darren Ray:

A FORMER Melbourne University student union president has been sentenced to 20 months in jail after defrauding the tax office of more than $180,000.

Darren Kenneth Ray, 26, was sentenced in the County Court yesterday after pleading guilty to 10 charges including obtaining financial advantage by deception and opening bank accounts in false names.

The court heard Ray obtained personal details, including tax file numbers, from people responding to advertisements he placed on a website for non-existent jobs.

He used their details to register five businesses for which he falsely claimed GST refunds totalling $182,281 from the Australian Tax Office between 2004 and 2006.

...The court heard Ray now ran a business sub-letting accommodation to international students.

Landeryou may have been the odd-man out in the cyber crime stakes when compared with his mates Ray, Cass and Dale, but that does not mean he has not had their help since then.

It is likely Vexnews now uses exploit technology and malware cookies. Don't go there.

Mathew Mason said...

Andrew allegedly forged my signature to start two dodgy companies without my knowledge. My first mistake was to marry his sister.

Eternal questions said...

Who says the privileged don't get plenty of free kicks in Australia?

The Spoilt Rich Kids' crime wave at MUSU got away with murder. Those crooks systematically stripped the organisation.

Apart from crooked Darren Ray, the only other victim has been Dean McVeigh, the MUSU liquidator who tried to put the Rich Kids' Crime Club in jail!

Royal Commission? When will Landeryou get his day in court?

Corrupted Labor Youth said...

I still say that the Rich Kids' Crime Wave at Melbourne University would make a blockbuster movie or a huge Underbelly-style mini TV series.

Its got everything. Pampered Kids from ALP Royalty families. The hallowed halls of a great modern University. Frauds on an unprecedented scale, forgeries, intimidation, coercion, stalking, millions of dollars. A world of crime.

Ronnie (Kim's pooch) said...

I am seeing myself as Lassie in such a movie - or perhaps as an Inspector Rex Character.

Don't forget I munched through the IQ Corp company papers at Landeryou's request.

Destruction of evidence, claiming privilege, and refusing to answer questions is Andrew's funk hole.

Concern said...

Has madman Landeryou been abducting little Indian kiddies with the intent of dusting them down with an approximation of the Colonel's secret herbs and spices and putting them in the deep fryer?

Anonymous said...

I see Poxnews hasn't been updated at all today. Landeryou must have put on his housedress, stuck a straw into a vat of Rutherglen Rotgut, sent the Sergeant out for 80 Family Feast tubs of KFC and settled in for one of his three day weekends.

Anonymous said...

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