Monday, October 06, 2008

“Andy can’t even organise a mass-debate”

The REAL news keeps getting worse for Vexnews, Andrew Landeryou’s floundering new project.

Patriots have previously commented on Vexnews’ failings against a range of independent journalistic and commercial criteria.

Further investigation reveals how serious the situation has become for Vexnews’ shareholders, who in time will become creditors.

On the site, Landeryou has designed a page where the few Vexnews readers can ‘debate’ issues. (It can be found at

TS can reveal that since going live there has been no debate and only 6 of Landeryou’s personalities have registered to participate. (Right click the picture above into a new tab in your browser to read the full details.)

As one commentator told TS “Andy can’t even organise a mass-debate!”

Patriots won’t be surprised by this development.

35 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Andrew has ten comments on today with his world wide scoop, repeated in the Sunday Herald Sun, about Peter Allan visiting a Canberra brothel and then claiming this as an expense from the Whitehorse Council.

Go Vexnews. Australia's greatest news source.

Anonymous said...

How can Poxnews be Australia's greatest news source if it is run by a moral cripple who suffers from multiple personality disorder? A vast, dark cloud of suspicions linger over Landeryou and his shady past.

A great news source does not plagiarise; does not 'borrow' images belonging to other organisations; does not stalk its victims; does not run hate campaigns - and does not create phony comments on its own stories, or ban those it disagrees with.

Anonymous said...

What you call Poxnews is a blog the whole family can read, not like Slanderyou which is full of cuss words and obscenities.

Poxnews as you call it was correct to expose Peter Allan, who visited a brothel and claimed the cost of his night with a pro as a clowncil expense.

We want moral God fearing Christians in our local councils, not immoral seekers of the flesh. Margaret Tighe approves of Vexnews. She strongly opposes Slanderyou. Clean up your act Mr Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, you just posted a comment here. But it did not address the criticisms made by poster 1:06.

You can, I suppose, post comments here that refer to perceived successes on Poxnews. But by avoiding criticisms on this site, you are simply making empty statements that are totally irrelevant to the purposes of this blog.

You think Poxnews is worthwhile. We don't. It is as simple as that.

kevin of southbank said...

"What you call Poxnews is a blog the whole family can read, not like Slanderyou which is full of cuss words and obscenities."

You kidding Landeryou? You are the one going on about Brothels etc. Is it because you can't fit through the door of one that you write about them constantly?

You massdebate indeed!

Cait Catt said...

How hypocritical is the Slanderyou blog? It is not a blog I would wish to look at in the presence of my children. Even the heading of the latest item, claiming the great man cannot organise a mass-debate, has a double meaning of undergraduate quality and you know perfectly well Mr Slanderyou what that meaning is.

I do not take you to be a fool. You are in fact a very clever man and it is a pity you cannot put your brains to some good use rather than bagging the great man all of the time.

The comment that is not a worthwhile site is outrageous. None of us catts will support that.

Look at the number of comments on the latest Fantastic. Catherine of Arrogance and Peter of Playboy items have attracted numberous comments, some puerile, but most provide very valuable information.

Go Go Andrew. Get lost Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

This comment on Poxnews sort of spells out the problems of running hate campaigns while masquerading as a news blog:

Peter Allan is a married man. Whether he went to a brothel or not is surely only an issue between him and his wife Sue.

His mistake - and I believe it was a genuine one - was lodging a receipt for reimbursement. He was probably careless. As you can see from the receipt you posted, it’s from AT&T Enterprises which doesn’t sound like a brothel to me.

You’ve done your research and proved that it was. No doubt your chuckling to yourself about how funny it is. But is it funny to destroy the lives of others purely for a politically inspired thrill kill.

How do you sleep at night ?

When will you stop ? When he kills himself from the shame ?

If he loses his family ?

How much is enough ?

Peter’s served his community for decades and enjoys popular support. If he runs again in the council election, he might surprise all you grubs and wannabe west-wingers and win.

Real people make mistakes. Good people forgive them.

Where’s the forgiveness ?

Posted by Very Angry Friend of Peter Allan | October 5, 2008, 12:29

Anonymous said...

The Les Twentyman family had to put up with thirty days in a row of hatred, ridicule and contempt.

Landeryou is sub-human, driven by hate, and a blight on humanity.

Anonymous said...

Cait landeryou wrote: "Even the heading of the latest item, claiming the great man cannot organise a mass-debate,"

1. Great man?
2. he can't organise a mass debate. Your point is?

Anonymous said...

6.19 is merely selective copying and pasting, leaving out the important point. 6.19 well knows my point, that Slanderyou uses suggestive juvenile undergraduate phrases that might be OK in a locker room but not in polite society.

That's why Slanderyou will never win a Walkley Blog Award. Slanderyou's greatest achievement is merely to stop the great man from winning, and in this he has lately succeeded.

catter8 said...

Unfortunately so.

Rita Randles said...

Slanderyou is as filthy towards me as he is to Cait. I have been reincarnated but Slanderyou can't accept this.

Anonymous said...

"6.19 is merely selective copying and pasting, leaving out the important point. 6.19 well knows my point, that Slanderyou uses suggestive juvenile undergraduate phrases that might be OK in a locker room but not in polite society."

erely selective copying and pasting, leaving out the important point. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that so Andy. You've got a sordid reputation of doing the exact same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Sook said...

'Mass Debate' Landeryou and his caterwauling 'alters' are hogging bandwidth on this blog again.

Judging by the two 7:18 posts, all is about to be revealed.

Landy couldn't win a one horse race.

Anonymous said...

'The Great Man' strikes again! On Poxnews, his poison pen overflows with hate:

Peter is an honourable man, he and I have ‘dined’ often at the Elsternwick Bistro.

Posted by Sir Les Twentytonneguts | October 6, 2008, 9:52

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is B O R I N G!

Anonymous said...

"Landy couldn't win a one horse race."

Probably because he would have eaten the horse

Anonymous said...

NE-I-GH! ... At least he didn't try to ride me!

Anonymous said...

In tomorrow's Age:

"South Korean police plan a crackdown on people who spread malicious rumours on the internet, a practice they blame for last week's suicide of a local actress".

What are Australian police doing about Poxnews spreading malicious rumours in this country? Poxnews is all about malice with no balance, and precious little substance. Landeryou, on the OC and now Poxnews, has a long record of hate campaigns, and misleading and deceptive 'stories' that demean people, organisations and political parties.

Investigative reporting in Australia has fallen on hard times. Look at the global financial crisis that blind reporters did not see. Landeryou is not a journalist, but his malicious blog continually arrests, tries and executes people he despises. What a fascist!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on a great Blog Slanders. It is however unfortunate that we need a website such as yours. But that's Andy for you.

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou please take notice. Peter Allan is a real person and Vexnews is not spreading malicious gossip but real news. Read on:

Seoul to make malicious online gossip illegal
October 6, 2008 - 6:32AM

SEOUL - South Korean police plan a crackdown on people who spread malicious rumours on the internet, a practice they blame for last week's suicide of a local actress.

The National Police Agency said it would have 900 officers investigating online as part of a month-long operation beginning tomorrow to hunt, arrest and punish those who spread false and vicious rumours on the internet.

The agency said in a statement "the spread of malicious and groundless messages on the internet recently led to their victim's suicide", referring to the death of Choi Jin-sil on Thursday.

Choi, 40, a mother of two, was found hanging from a length of elastic at her Seoul home. Police concluded she had committed suicide.

Police investigators, citing her relatives and friends, said Choi had been in agony over internet rumours that she had lent a huge sum of money to a local actor who killed himself in early September under heavy debts.

Police found no monetary links between Choi and the actor. A security worker was arrested for spreading false rumours about her online.

Investigators said the case had worsened Choi's depression.

Choi had been on medication for depression since her marriage to a pro baseball player ended in an ugly divorce in 2004, according to police.

South Korea, one of the world's most technologically advanced societies, has required web portals to screen out malicious rumours online on complaints, but many victims have said action came too late to protect their reputations.

More than 70 per cent of Korean households have access to a high-speed internet service and people enjoy freely interacting with each other online by posting unlimited and anonymous comments on websites or blogs.

Last year's suicide of local pop singer Yoo Na was attributed to cyber-bullying over her plastic surgery.

The ruling party is pushing for legislation against online libel but the main opposition party opposes it for fear of undermining freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

Does this breach the 'Great Man's' agreement at Sunshine Court recently?

She loves me but. Does that make her a Les-bian?

Posted by Sir Les Twentyman | October 7, 2008, 11:33

Anonymous said...

Andy must be hungry - he is writing about schnitzels.

Anonymous said...

Poxnes: More cowardly comments about Les Twentyman by Landeryou 'alters' today. But less smutty racial vilification of Catherine Ng.

Someone should pour 500 megalitres of Dettol into the Poxnews sewer.

Anonymous said...

Poxnews features low-level council, student union, and state government 'exposees'. Pathetic non-stories.

The Fatty Doyle/McPerton long running laugh-a-thon comments have transferred seamlessly from the OC to Poxnews. Landeryou has even imported the silly Terry Mulder non-sequitur attack on Ted Baillieu. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Anonymous said...

non-sequitur means a statements having little or no relationship to what preceded it.

It's a cardinal rule of blog writing that you only use words a reader can understand. Newspapers follow this rule. That's why the News Ltd stable is so successful.

Slanderyou uses words a reader needs to look up in a dictionary. I might have only attended St Albans Tech but I do own a dictionary, and Slanderyou is probably doing me a favour making me look words up.

Somehow I don't think Slanderyou will be in the running for a Walkley blog award. It's a pity Slanderyou prevented Andrew from winning the most recent one with his cheap insulting comments.

Please give us some real content Mr Slanderyou. You are often booring. Come back Cait Catt.

Anonymous said...

I love the way Landeryou and his various identities have to post so many comments on this site. It is obviously the only way he can get read. No one ever bothers to visit Poxnews.

Anonymous said...

El Gordo's writing makes Helen Razer's Age pieces look intelligent and stylish.

Anonymous said...

Still no debate on Vexnews after the Slanderyou revelations.

When will you make up a debate Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

Bill Landeryou and Simon Crean used to be great mates? So why has Andy got a problem with Crean? Is it because Crean saw through Andy?

Anonymous said...

El Gordo's writing makes CLEM BASTOW'S Age pieces look intelligent and stylish.

Anonymous said...

i dont even bother to visit poxnews to laugh at fat andy anymore

bet he pulls the plug on the site over the christmas break

Anonymous said...

Poxnews might have tanked but there is good news for Landeryou.

AAP reports that "A 449-kilogram bedridden man who had appealed on Mexican television for help tackling his weight problem has died of heart failure."

Landeryou now has less competition for the title of World's Fattest Man. He is already the unchallenged holder of the World's Biggest Failure title.

Anonymous said...

Clem Bastow looks better in a bikini or hotpants 2! And she has nicer table manners.

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