Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend Munchies

Please spare a thought for Andy this weekend, as he finally contemplates a visit to Centrelink - or does he?

Meanwhile, Andy is throwing the term plagiarism about the place like confetti. Seems he has forgotten this!

29 Truth On Comments:

shrink to the stars said...

I put all of Landeryou's problems down to his toilet training.

From Freud onwards many psychologists have believed that toilet training is among the most formative events of the human psyche because it is the child's first introduction to the fact that social imperatives can take precedence over bodily desires.

They believe a child can have problems later in life if the toilet training does not go well.

Landeryou is an obese thief and fraudster. It is pretty clear that in his twisted psyche bodily desires take precedent over social imperatives.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good riddance to Cait Catt and co who gossip on this blog.

Why don't they gossip on Landeryou?

Is it because the are Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

I heard that Landeryou wore super-jumbo sized nappies and could never work out why.

Anonymous said...

Its clear from reading that fat boy Landeryou cannot control over his bowels as he shits all over people without any regard for the truth or decency

Anonymous said...

Pox News is having a go at Evan Thornley for saying that more men should take responsibility for contraception.

He says that Thornley's stand is insensitive and against the teachings of the Catholic Church.

We know he doesn't like Thornley so calling so calling him anti-catholic was probably the best he could manage at short notice.

We also know, though, that he doesn't like Gavin O'Connor because O'Connor ran against his friend Richard Marles in Corio.

The problem is that Gavin O'Connor does support the Catholic Church's position on abortion.

In one of his frequent sprays on the subject - Landeryou said that O'Connors support for the Church made him and his supporters nothing less that wacky 'right wing moonbats'.

Go figure!

When you carry around as many grudges as Landeryou does though, I'm sure it is difficult to keep your story straight.

Next time, perhaps he should make use of a bold faced 'hypocracy checker' before he hits the publish button.

Anonymous said...

some good advice for Andy -

Centrelink was monitoring the situation, its general manager Hank Jongen said today.

"Under the over-arching principles under which we make payments, there is an expectation that people draw on their own resources before Centrelink kicks in," he said on Fairfax Radio.

In extreme hardship people could expect help straight away, he said.

"The key here is to talk to us, explain your situation.

"If you are going to talk to us, it is really important that you check the status of your investment before contacting us so that we have a clear picture of where you have some capability of drawing income if that exists.

"If it doesn't we will talk to you about your individual situation."

Anonymous said...

I heard that Andy cracked his laptop screen last week.

Anonymous said...

In case Carbone needs a record of the slurs on Andy's hate site - here they are


Suzy Carbone has had more phantom pregnancies than I’ve had hot dinners. She really is a drama queen here at the Age and really is despised. We won’t miss her when the inevitable downsizing occurs.

Posted by Anonymous | October 24, 2008, 10:40

She definitely is putting the ‘hag’ in ‘fag-hag’

Posted by Schnitzelmensch | October 24, 2008, 11:23

She’s got a hide ripping into Elasmar with form like this.

She’s about as real as her fake tan that is on display in her Age profile pic. Any more orange and she’d glow…

Posted by hatefest | October 24, 2008, 11:58

You’re a deadset coc k/e head

Posted by Fiend | October 24, 2008, 13:17

Suzzie - you can be my fag hag.

Posted by Ollie | October 24, 2008, 14:30

A nose like Slutty Suzy’s has snorted a shitlode of coca…

I am the nose that knows blow

Posted by pablo | October 24, 2008, 15:12

Anonymous said...

Even by Landeryou's low standards, that is off

Anonymous said...

Re that good advice for Andy from Centrelink general manager Hank Jongen: "Under the over-arching principles under which we make payments, there is an expectation that people draw on their own resources before Centrelink kicks in."

Andy hasn't even had to tap into his own resources. He is still living off the money he stole from Solly Lew.

Anonymous said...

hey Slanderyou - tell Swan he is a dud.

Anonymous said...

Senator Eric Abetz admitted this week that his uncle was a WWII nazi war criminal. Yes, that was feral Eric who taunted the Secretary of Treasury this week!

I've just been watching an SBS doco about Heinrich Himmler and the SS. Landeryou bears an uncanny resemblance to Herr Himmler. Is there something he hasn't told us?

Anonymous said...

What a huge laugh! Landeryou's poxridden Poxnews accuses The Age’s gossip columnist Suzanne Carbone of plagiarism.

That's the pot calling the kettle black! Landeryou shamelessly steals stories, ideas, photos, and other copyright material on a daily basis. That's wholesale theft of other people's intellectual property. He is such a breathtaking, accomplished crook. Not that I'm impressed.

the adolf blog said...

I don't know whether Landy resembles Himmler of not. To me he just looks like a total ASSHOLE!

Anonymous said...

There were a whole heap of Landeryou 'multiple personalities' who didn't make the transition from the OC to Poxnews.

Commenters like 'Byron from Wahroonga', 'Right Said Fred', 'Real Politik', 'Choo-Choo', just to name a few. But Landeryou is a source of endless personalities and fake commenters, and Poxnews has introduced us to voodoo dead woman 'Rita Randles' and the wacky 'Jack Jones'.

'Evil Bastard' was way too crazy to replace, and he has mouthed Landeryou's madcap ideas on the OC and now Poxnews. But it was stupid of Landeryou to invent him. Many people already refer to Landeryou as 'that horrible, evil Bastard'.

cait catt said...

I still believe in the great man despite the posts here, with their revelations about Landeryou's past, and academic citations to 'The Age' and other fish wrappings. He told me he knows nothing about the missing millions, and I really believe him.

dumf*ck said...

My whole ISP has been blocked from adding a comment to Poxnews for more than a week. I'm not that disappointed. My ISP is one of Australia's biggest, and Andy (maybe) is losing a lot of real comments. More fool him!

Anonymous said...

Serious MUSU organised crime figure and asset-stripper Landeryou should quit his repulsive Poxnews blog and start accounting for where the MUSU and Lew Millions went.

Landeryou has done the Labor government abundant favours with his highly misleading coverage of the Kororoit bye-election (who can forget the disgraceful syringe ad he devised), the stalking of candidate Les Twentyman's family - and the recent over-the-top defence of alleged parliamentary rapist Theo Theophanous.

Stop protecting this corrupt individual with his zero-morals. Shut down the loathesome blog. Pack the crook off to court! Do your jobs you useless public servants and moribund watchdogs!

Anonymous said...

Premier Brumby OK'd the Stephen Newnham dirty tricks in Kororoit (including the disgusting Landeryou efforts) didn't he?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou, who posts here easily and often, has an elephantine digital memory. I once posted to Poxnews using a little used old ISP. It's still banned on Poxnews months later as I found tonight. What a fantastic blog Poxnews is. If you play along with ruthless, derogatory hate campaigns on Poxnews you can have a say. If you are critical, you get blocked.

Blog of Freedom? I don't think so. Blog of uncredited scuttlebutt and blocking, maybe. Machinations of a madman and serial organised criminal, YES!

Anonymous said...

3:46:00 AM,

The ALP might have paid for printing the Landeryou syringe ads - but I don't think they want him back in physical form. The guy is a huge liability and pariah. With a background like his only the Libs would employ him!

Anonymous said...

No updates on Poxnews today. Presumably the fat criminal is down at Flemington going through all the bins: not for bookies' tickets that haven't been cashed in but eating all the thrown-away food.

Anonymous said...

The state government has forbidden Landeryou use of the train system. They don't want the system compromised, passengers injured, or a train wreck if he suddenly shifts seats.

Landy doesn't care. Was that SUV seen at the Sunshine Court his? Or is he getting chauffered by Sasha Uzunov, the one man media army?

oops said...

Sasha was my go-between pick twixt the Landeryou millions and the envelopes shoved under the door of the Fat Cave. Could be wrong, but he has obviously given access via a trusted pal to his bank accounts.

Was that WISE? Given your crimes and associations, can you trust anyone?

Anonymous said...

Several Australian agencies would be monitoring Landeryou's income even though, and especially perhaps because, he is a bankrupt.

Of course, he wouldn't be the first bankrupt with a hidden income stream. Given his past history of fake directors, forged signatures and foreign bank accounts, managing his millions might not be that difficult...

Anonymous said...

McVeigh said the money went to Hong Kong, then somewhere else, then back to Australia.

Its a bit like Treasure Island. Where are the missing millions?

pathologist to the stars said...

Judging by Poxnews, Landeryou is already brain dead. I'm not looking forward to dealing with what's left.

Anonymous said...

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