Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekend Munchies

Happy weekend Patriots.

We'll be busy working, know who!

Looks like Vexnews, if precedent is any guide, will be grounded soon.

28 Truth On Comments:

dna analysis said...

As usual, Landeryou got it wrong. When he posted here as 'Henderson Ross', what he meant was 'Jonathon Ross' - the sacked BBC show host who libelled a former Fawlty Towers star with disgusting comments about that individual's grand-daughter. Britain is putting the BBC through the ringer.

Landeryou, the super crim, will get it in the neck shortly.

Anonymous said...

Is Landeryou's mate Theo, the alleged parliamentary rapist, facing court yet?

Anonymous said...

The purpose of life. Does Victoria really need:

1. The outlaw Bandido Motorcycle gang of drug lords and criminals?

2. Outlaw Landeryou, the one man white collar crime wave?

3. The Liberal party of elitist swill?

4. Micro economic reform, the looney theory that led to deregulation, that in turn buggared the economy and your Super?

i am jonathon ross said...

For God's sake don't ever EVER associate my name with Landeryou.

The BBC and I are in enough shit as it is!

joseph pulitzer said...

Looks like Landeryou, 'Henderson Ross', 'Evil Bastard', 'Byron from Wahroonga', 'Cait Catt', 'Real Politik', and scores of other invented Landeryou 'personalities' and commenters have taken the weekend off.

Poxnews sort of operates 5/7, although days go past without a blog. It is a news blog apparently, that will keep us abreast of current events.

Somehow, I don't think so.
Landeryou is a very lazy blogger who neglects Poxnews.

If you relied on Poxnews for news, you would be regarded as a retard, weeks behind events...

Anonymous said...

I read a recent article on Poxnews which was about a bloke called Moses and something about Egypt. Is this news?

Anonymous said...

Tried to post another warning to the NUW union posts on Poxnews about the data tracking cookies and ISP logging. Blocked, as usual.

Further criminal behaviour by Landeryou. The dumb NUW posters may not know what malicious cookies are. They have fallen into the many traps set by repulsive cyber-criminal bully Landeryou on his leper-colony site.

It is high time that outlaw Landeryou was given the sting of justice. I figure he owes the state fifteen years without parole.

Anonymous said...

Virtually no comments on Vexnews'recent stories.

Even Landeryou has given up commenting on his own nonsense.

Vexnews really is the equivalent of a cess-pit.

Anonymous said...

How on earth does someone as fat as Landeryou get into the swanky high-rise digs he lives in? First there was the luxury apartment in Southbank. Now it's his classy CBD bolthole in Little Collins Street. How doe the building cope with the structural stresses caused by having likes of Landeryou up so high. How do the elevators get him there?

Anonymous said...

Is Landeryou doing periodic detention? Is that why Poxnews is never updated and why he hasn't soiled this site with his comments today?

kevin of southbank said...

Lots of excitement on Vexnews today - yawn!

Lots of new content - yawn!

Not even I thought that poxnews would have failed as spectacularly as it has!

Landeryou has excelled himself.

Anonymous said...

Re: Landeryou's high-rise digs. It's worse than you think.

In addition to his weight, he has added two industrial deep fryers, and fortified his dunny (in case there is a shoot out when he is next arrested).

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Lots of excitement on Slanderyou today - yawn!

Lots of new content - yawn!

Not even I thought that Slanderyou would have failed as spectacularly as it has!

Slanderyou has excelled himself.

I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

My, my, the Landeryou files at ATO are very fat. Up to part 7 already. The AFP surveillance reports apparently make rather interesting reading.

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot. Landeryou's courtroom shenanigans might be compromised by all the video evidence now in. There are miles of it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:28am

Up early?

The real news breaking soon is about another ALP State poli.

At least Theo chose women to harrass.

This member likes males and the younger variety in particular.

Anonymous said...

The utter repulsivness of Landerou as a human being is fully revealed in this recent post on Poxnews:

Sarah Hansen-Young is a filthy Green slut and as for Xenophon DON’T bend over in front of him if you a male - he is a stool pusher.

Posted by anon | November 1, 2008, 20:49

Drunk again, as usual!

Anonymous said...

It is well known amongst patriots that Landeryou gets through a 40 litre catering cask of cheap red wine every two days. This alcoholism is responsible for his increasingly disturbing and bizarre behaviour and the scarcity of content on Poxnews. What is less well known is that the only other thing he drinks is the used cooking oil from his deep fryers. He drains them once a week a skulls the oil down in one almighty gulp.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's Xenophon gay slur is an out-and-out lie.

bob the builder said...

Further to Lord Landeryou's swank high-rise digs:

Mirrors have been installed everywhere. They are the kind you saw at Luna Park that make people look thin. Industrial exhaust fans have been added for the stench, and a fumigation system because it is a highly contaminated area. He threatens neighbours with legal action if they complain about the rats (some of them being the two-legged variety) that infest his premises.

sgt shultze ross said...

I know n o t h i n g !

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Ross!

I hear Landeryou got plenty of encouragement from your song "I'm Comin' Out!"

Ross Garnaut said...

Landeryou is in my top ten list of global warming threats.

He is a terrible blether. His carbon footprint looks like Godzilla's. His industrial deep fryers in the Fat Cave cause daily power spikes at Loy Yang.

diana ross said...

I am not related to Henderson Ross, Jonathon Ross, Sgt Shultze Ross, or Ross Garnaut.

Landeryou, however, has given me ideas for songs - 'Dancin with the Devil', 'El Gordo Diablo', 'Gimme a Mill, Honeypie' and 'Baby, I will send you Broke'.

Anonymous said...

North Korea has released a photograph of leader Kim Jong-Il. Funny how we never get anything of Landeryou. He’s even worse than a tyrant!

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