Monday, February 15, 2010

Open Forum

Patriots, it's the return of the famous "Open Forum" column. Please comment here for the next few weeks, as staff of Team Slanderyou will be involved in deep undercover work. See you all in early March.

300 Truth On Comments:

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Vexnews Blog of Yawns said...

Wicked crook and libellous stalker Landeryou's has forgotten to add fake comments to his dismal Dean McVeigh obit on Vexnews.

Sourcerer said...

Landeryou nemesis Dean Mighell is getting kicked about on Vexnews by Shirl's high heels. Another non story.

"VEXNEWS can exclusively reveal...We didn’t hear the interview but sources tell VEXNEWS...Mighell’s in-house lawyers had sent a letter of demand or concerns notice to Rudd...A source close to the Prime Minister told VEXNEWS this evening he would be willing to vigorously defend his uncharitable descriptions of Mighell “anytime and in any forum.”...

Pantomime, guesswork, fake 'sources' - the usual Vexnews 'news' formula.

Year of the Dung Beetle said...

Chinese soothsayers say that Vexnews is 'flucked'.

Hong Kong celebrity feng shui masters reached this conclusion on the eve of Lunar New Year on Sunday.

"Unfoltunatery, there is too much fire and no water for Mr Randy Randeryou this year," Master Long Dong said.

Landeryou will slide further downhill this year, said Dong. "He will achieve little, and will make many new enemies."

Jackie Chan said...

And he is a lotten, lacist plick!

Cllr Catherine Ng said...

I couldn't agree more, Jackie. Well said!

Vexnews seems to have completely forgotten me since Kim Kitchen got the 'bum's rush' from MCC voters!

Abdul Abulbul Amir said...

I understand that a valid fatwa seeking a jihad on Vexnews has been issued.

The Avengers said...

Andrew Landeryou forged his own brother-in-law's signature on legal documents as part of one of his many fraud attempts -- and spelled his name incorrectly. That tells you all you need to know about Andrew Landeryou.

Eye in the Sky said...

Melbourne is full of CCTVs which record bizarre behaviour as well as criminal excapades. Blogging klutz and fraud fanatic Launderyou was caught defecating in public. At least this time it wasn't in his new, weird female getup.

Anonymous said...

You mean Andrew was nude? Yuk!

Barwon beckons said...

Con man and scammer Launderyou was ahead of his time, and is still not in jail. How come? Fraud concludes that criminals like him suffer from an identifiable compulsion. "Individuals with anti-social personality disorder frequently lack empathy and tend to be callous, cynical and contemptuous of the feelings, rights, and suffering of others."

The fraud victim advocacy group describes the "infinite pleasure" con artists feel as they "put one over" on victims.

People suspected of extensive criminal activities should not be providing 'news' blogs on the internet that libel people, interfere in elections, and seeks to mislead and deceive surfers.

The appalling stench of political corruption said...

With the demise of MUSU Liquidator McVeigh, it looks as if Landeryou and his band of spoilt criminal kids from luminary ALP Ministers' families (Cass, Ray, Landeryou et al) may have got away with it.

McVeigh, so it appears, never completed his report upon which Victorian Police and OPP should have acted.

Such a comprehensive fraud, involving tiers of conspiracy, theft, thuggery, standover tactics, needs a Royal Commission or at least a total police re-investigation.

Victoria Police need to treat this massive crime as a 'cold case', as yet unsolved.

The story still would make a fantastic TV series or movie. The criminal sons of former ALP Ministers who stole millions of dollars from Melbourne University, their fellow students, and from fraudulent tenders and scams must be resolved.

To do otherwise will besmirch the legal history of this state forever.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing revelation from Team Slanderyou! To think that the fat man was caught on CCTV shitting in a city laneway! How low can you go? How drunk must have he been?

Mrs Alice Idris said...

I would like to ask, if anyone else has lost sleep recently.

Since tasting Andrew's chicken halal sausages which he substituted with pork meat, and learning he may have manufactured them while naked, I am afraid to close my eyes at night.

EPA ecoli analysis Department said...

Dear Mrs Alice Idris,

Unfortunately, you have answered your own question. Mr Landeryou does his manufacturing in the nude so as to have immediate access to his own bodily byproducts.

This is why so many purchasers say that his sausages "taste like shit".

A bit like the Vexnews Blog I guess.

Dr Sigmund Freud said...

Landeryou leaves shit all over the internet, and in Melbourne CBD's quieter laneways - once the realm of former MCC Chairwoman of City Services and Cultural Development, Kimberley Kitchen.

Is there some weird symbolic payback here. Landeryou said he had screwed up his marriage. Is he now making 'Do-Dos' on it.

He is one helluva sicko in my book!

Dr Carl Jung said...

Sigmund, you are a genius. Noone before linked the laneways defecations with the marriage failure. I think you have hit the nail on the head.

But how can we help this human catastrophe? He is accused of serious frauds, stalking, thuggish behaviour, libels, and undemocratic interference in elections, including misleading and deceiving electors in recent byelections.

Landeryou is a very complex criminal type.

Alponse Bertillon said...

I have made exact measurements of Mr Landeryou's head from various supplied photographs according to my principles.

I have concluded that he is probably not human, and may well be an alien! This would partly explain his abominable crimes and mad, libellous defamations against important Australians.

Pavlov said...

I wish an earlier commenter hadn't mentioned the EPA Stasi, which Landeryou hates. But nobody understands the connection. Landeryou has tried to explain it a couple of times here, but I still don't get what he is on about. I think the Stasi are a former European secret police, but I can't see a connect with EPA which is another mild agency whose bark is much bigger than its bite!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Vexnews exactly picked the result of Altona, hours before the poll closed. Well done to everyone involved with Vexnews. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews is the crystal ball of Australian politics Henderson.

Shirley Morris said...

Vexnews' accuracy was outstanding.

Dirtbags said...

Channel Nine, the most execrable commercial channel in Melbourne, has its own timetable that it doesn't share with its viewers. I'm not talking about the three or four minutes that go missing every evening when ACA advertises tomorrow's show.

Tonight I looked forward to a movie at 10pm in the Age's Green Guide. At 11.55, Channel Nine is still providing a tedious, VERY EXTENDED REPEAT coverage of the boring Olympic Opening Ceremony in Vancouver. Now Channel Nine is offering rugby. What happened to the movie?

Free TV Australia is going to be 'free saturation sdvertising' on all channels. But I bet the crooks at Channel Nine will find a way of gaining extra scams.

Anonymous said...

I see that Shirley's doorknocking for Labor in Altona clad his Wonder Woman outfit and drunk as a skunk produced a 10% swing against the ALP

Pseph said...

I gather that there is a direct corollary between the areas of Altona doorknocked by Landeryou and the areas which recorded the biggest swing against the ALP.

Neighbourhood Watch said...

Patriots do realise that Landeryou's "doorknocking" in Altona was really just cover for casing houses for burglary. If the fat crook spotting something that looked positive, he sent the Sergeant through the window (he's to fat) and told the poor retard it was "special operations training".

Laura Norder said...

It is despicable that an evil fat drunk transvestite should use a mentally retarded and psychologically disturbed ex-serviceman to commit crimes on their behalf.

Brutus Beefcake said...

The results of the Altona by-election have created great excitement here in Barwon Jail.

Labor is going to have to turn over a new leaf. The easiest and simplest way of doing that is putting Landeryou behind bars.

I suspect I'll be seeing Landeryou well before the November poll. I'm excited!

Jenny Craig said...

I saw in my Sunday Age that Shannon Bourke, the heaviest contestant on The Biggest Loser, began the series weighing 214 kilograms. It is truly astounding to recall that Andrew Landeryou weighs almost four times more.

Anonymous said...

Now we know why Landeryou and the poor crazed Sarge got together! They both crazed stalkers.

Many journalists complain about the constant stream of mad and irrelevant text messages they receive from Uzunov.

He has admitted to his role as a serial pest in a piece where he mentions SBS Dateline reporter Sophie McNeill and says "In 2008 McNeill requested that I not contact her."

I wonder why!

Mrs Alice Idris said...

While I was in Altona on Saturday, taking a pleasant stroll through that lovely suburb, I saw Premier Mr Brumby cook and serve up some sausages.

I was offered one, but refused given my phobia of sausages per my experiences with Andrew's chicken halal sausages which he substituted with pork meat, and which he appears to have manufactured while nude.

I hope Mr Brumby's sausages tasted lovely.

A Patriotic Person said...

Dear Mrs Idris

Do you think that is why Stephen Newnham gave all that money to Landeryou, that the ALP took all the surplus sausages of his hands?

Yours truly

A Patriotic Person

The immortal bard said...

Shakespeare's Tragedy of Macbeth has a minor character called "The Bloody Sergeant".

The Tragedy of Landeryou features a bit player known as "The Loony Sergeant."

Anonymous said...

Fat Scumbag Landeryou is busily stabbing the Brumby government in the back over Altona on Vexnews. Maybe they didn't give him the gig to help decimate the Libs.

But the malicious McVeigh blog is still suppurating on Vexnews.

The lazy blogger has taken the weekend off as usual.

Grey Nomad said...

Pauline Hanson is planning to quit Australia. So is my family.

Pauline is heading for the UK, but we can't find a country that:

1. Doesn't have GST except Swaziland in Africa.
2. Won't murder Austalians.
3. Hasn't got hordes of fat public servants.
4. Has a parliament that doesn't nanny its citizens.
5. Has a climate change plan that will tax its citizens into penury.

Aussies uprooted said...

We were thinking of the Falkland Islands which might be too cold for the darkies and chinks. We want to escape Rudd, Gillard, Abbott, and all the other clueless pollies who are turning Australia into an unliveable, over-crowded diaspora.

Where is my Reply said...

Premier Brumby managed to crack a few jokes about the Altona meltdown. What a clot he is!

I'm still waiting for a ministerial reply to my query to Lynne Kosky last July, and now Minister Batchelor sits on it.

Previous governments used to deliver ministerial replies within a week. Under Brumby, questions such as mine might never ever receieve a reply. Absolutely psthetic! Government crashed into oblivion.

Deadmeat said...

Brumby is a Thicko surrounded by Slackos. Get those lazy ninisters working.

Altona is far more than a wake up call! Your government is rooted unless you fix the rot.

Cait Catt said...

Congratulations Vexnews. Your coverage of the Altoona By Election was superb. It's a wake up call and you got it exactly right.

Spot on Andrew. And thanks.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

It's a pity my mother is so busy up in the Banana Republic no candidate could be found for Altoona.

I personally voted informal. I'm not voting for the party of sleaze or the party of greater sleaze. Or the mad Greens or the nut case Trots.

Rosa would have made a fine member for Altoona. Much better than that whiskey lass.

Joe Pulitzer said...

The Vexnews blog on Altona, despite what Cait Catt (Landeryou) says, was boring, predictable twaddle. Self-praise is akin to self-abuse, Landeryou is partial to both.

Viral Vexnews checked said...

I'm busy running antivirus and malware software after visiting Vexnews. My antivirus reported a virus, called "rogue scanner".

Landeryou has former MUSU Mafia mates who have partly mastered computer crime. Even though Landeryou himself is a cretin, he may have gained access through them to nasty drive-by infections.

I was much surprised to get the warning tonight. My visits to Vexnews hitherto have been at the highest level of security, amongst other things, with all cookies blocked.

Securitech Aust P/L said...

Hey 'Viral Vexnews' - check your bank balance first thing tommorrow morning! Don't muck around.

Several Patriots who have visited Vexnews recently have been robbed blind. The Rogue Scanner virus is particularly intrusive. The virus thieves identity information including banking details, passwords and accesses emails.

BARON from Haiti said...

The bones of Voodoo Woman Rita Randles have been buried here with due respect and sad music.

I want to thank 'Ronnie', the much loved dog of Kim Kitchen, who has returned several of Rita's bones.

When everthing was put together, Baron Kriminel was happy that a sufficient amount of Rita Randles had been interred and that her voice will no longer be heard.

I see my curse on Vexnews is starting to grip. Mr Landeryou will end up talking to himself.

Baron Samedi said...

Ms Rita Randles has been forever laid to rest in Perpetua Gardens cemetery. Lomg may she rest in quiet and peae.

Theo Theopenis said...

little Theo,

Hot damn, Rita was a damn hot root! Now we'll have to go abroad and dig her up for some more fun.

I absolutely love that short-haired blond woman on the Healthy Choices TV ad who does what she is told without saying anything!

Oh, God little Theo - a woman who does as she is told without saying anything.

I would give my parliamentary million dollar pension for a bride like that!

My guess is that she is probably unemployed. Jeez, that gives me a extra huge stiffie!

Australian Consular Official said...

I am going to Perpetua Gardens today to pay respects on behalf of the PM and Australians for departed spirit Rita Randles.

Charlie Chan said...

Chinese hackers were planning t0 steal Vexnews until they saw the readership stats! They didn't like the malware downloads, or the unreadable content thay can't understand.

I guess we are stuck with the verminous blog until the inactive government watcdaogs finally step in.

Cyber Poison said...

Re: the Rogue Scanner (type 1007) virus I got from Vexnews.

The linked blogger notes that some virus planters upload websites about recent big news events. People who enter the sites get the virus.

He offers commonsense advice - always use superior news providers like and not Vexnews.

Phew said...

A new Vexnews blog mentions a study claiming Indian students feel safe in Melbourne. But only two comments after a day.

Even Andy, the racist loon doesn't want to touch that one!

(Oh, by the way, I have high level antivirus - and can visit disaster sites like Vexnews).

Back to the Future said...

You can't teach old dogs new tricks!

Tony Abbott wants to bring back Workchoices; Hockey wants to sell off Medibank Private; and the Libs want to resurrect looney Philip Ruddock, whose own daughter doesn't like him. Tarantulla Julie Bishop has wisely kept her down recently.

Abbott's greatest problem is that Howard remnants are unsaleable even to hardcore Libs. They buggered this country, The Rudd government will bugger it further, but are still learning the ropes!

Australia would be a lot better off without these nuts. The big issue is how to replace them.

I won't be checking Vexnews for a possible answer. Andrew Landeryou wanted to be a pollie.

I rest my case.

The Chaos Theory said...

Increasing world and Australian chaos is making tomorrow unpredictable. Nobody likes it, but they keep on voting in idiot politicians who couldn't run a chook raffle at the Blind Institute.

CEOs on multi-million dollar salaries make me want to puke. The pollies sat on their hands on that issue, and still do.

Vexnews does union bashing, and undemocratically tries to interfere in byelections. Editor-in-Chief Landeryou. with a staff of seventy imaginary commenters, is an internet serial pest whose literary output is embarrassing, sour, foolish and a huge waste of time.

Firing Squad said...

Can we shoot him yet? - Please?

little Theo said...


Your earlier post about an extra-huge stiffie (Tuesday, February 16, 2010 2:53:00 AM) gave me the shudders.

There is only so much stiffness you can put into a thimble-sized funboy like me.

Don't have a heart attack!

I still feel like giving our Rita one.

Anonymous said...

El Gordo is a coward. Buddha Boy never names the people he speaks with or tries to speak to the people he smears.

It's the same spineless behaviour from a man that hid behind pot plants in the union basement almost 20 years ago.

Twenty years on, what have you achieved, Andy? Point to one profitable or productive venture. Zip, zilch, nada.

Twenty years on, your uni peers have had successful careers and raised families.

But not Andy, who sits alone brooding over past sins and ashamed of the fact that "failed businessman" is the most respectful label attributed to "Andrew Landeryou" in a Google search.

Myxomatosis said...

It is hard these days to define where crime in Australia now begins and ends.

Watched Channel Seven's 'Gangs of OZ' tonight featuring Iraqi 'refugees' who one NSW Copper said were 'mad'. After many murders in Sydney, they have moved into general crime as bikers under the "Notorious Gang" banner. These are extrememly violent people with no place here.

Then there are the white collar criminal CEOs paying themselves millions of dollars.

Both groups contribute nothing to Australia. They are vermin, and should be eradicated quickly.

They're going to send us all broke said...

Nutty professor Ross Garneau was on ETS promoter program ABCTV Lateline. If I understood him correctly, the costs of electricity could go up by nearly 50% - that is 20% increases already by privatised greed-driven power companies, plus their ongoing increases. Then there is the Rudd government's ETS Tax...

Looks like my family will be shivering this winter.

We might need to burn down parliament house to keep warm.

Gat a real job Landy said...

Silly fart Andrew Landeryou (badly) writes simplified, low-level blogs about nothing. Vexnews is the Foxtel of internet blogs.

He doesn't have the vision for a big picture view of issues now facing refugee-infested, politically corrupt, increasingly undemocratic Australia.

Roonie said...

I am going to stowaway in Pauline Hanson's luggage to get away from Australia, the nation of mismatched nationalities, and no longer the nation of opportunity.

If there are any Dept of Immigration agents at the airpost, I will give their ankles several good nips.


Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

My mother has been hounded out of Australia. Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Buddha Boy's been revising Wikipedia in the past fortnight as "Caitcatt."

From User talk

Yeah, I've been watching the additions there. My instinct is to torch it - while it's interesting, much of it is unsourced and questionably sourceable, and the fact that Andrew Landeryou's been editing the article (User:Caitcatt) makes me wary as hell about the sudden interest. Thoughts? Rebecca (talk) 17:39, 7 February 2010 (UTC)"

Of course, "Caitcatt" denies the allegations but who else would add to Bent Bill's bio: "He is the father of internet journalist [[Andrew Landeryou]], the publisher of the highly regarded Vexnews news site."

"Highly regraded" by who, El Gordo?

Not Lucy Saunders on ABC News Online as cited by "The overwhelming majority of what Landeryou prints is vague rumour, personal vendettas and outright fiction."

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou readers may be tickled by the comments made by Wiki editors in December about deleting El Gordo's dubious and much altered bio.

"Beyond some ructions in student and Labor faction politics, not notable."

"Vexnews is clearly not a reliable source."

"Notable for being a fugitive from Australia...described as notorious...seems to only be known for negative things."

"His twittery is humdrum."

"Oh my God, see what they call him when searching by "Andy Landeryou"."

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Vexnews today exposed the sordid lesbian cadre running Queensland, involving Anna Bligh and Jackie Trad.

Why is it that only Vexnews shines the light of truth on governance in this country. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Notch another important exclusive to Vexnews Henderson.

Shirley Morris said...

I was stunned to read about the lesbian cadre running Queensland, as reported by Vexnews.

Watch out Vexnews, lesbians when riled are like a leftard mafia.

Anonymous said...

El Gordo is a well-known misogynist and stalker of women but that doesn't stop him using feminine pseudonyms, such as Delia Delegate, Cait Catt, Rita Randles, Jenny Jensen-Hansen and now Shirley Morris. Some says he's a transvestite but in reality he couldn't put that off too well with a receding hairline and expanding waistband.

Cait Catt said...

Rebecca, an editor with administrative privileges on Wikipedia, is a WA Green.

That's the party that gave control of the WA upper house to the Coalition because the ALP in WA was too stupid to stand up to the likes of Dee Margetts and Chrissy Sharp.

I'm sure even you agree with that Mr Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

I was just beginning to relax and enjoy this forum again without the pernicious asides from Landeryou's fake commenters.

Steven 'Rorts' Conray said...

Go easy!

Most pollies hoe into freebies, brown paper bags, etc., etc.

Why oick on 'lil 'ol moi?

Anonymous said...

Changing the topic is no way to win a debate, Andy.

You and your mate Darren Kenneth Ray have been grooming your Wikipedia bio for years. (At least Ray has the balls to sign his own name; more evidence of your cowardice, Mr Stay Puft.)

Removing negatives and adding spin is hardly "objective." I'd say "defensive."

Care to defend yourself regarding the other comments by the editors who weren't "Rebecca"?

No? Can't, can you, Andy? The truth stings, doesn't it?

(BTW "Cait," I'm not Mr Slanderyou.)

The wheels are coming off said...

Qantas only made $58 million last year. This has panicked management (several of whom have million dollar salaries and perks) into RAISING fares!

Retired boss Geoff Dixon says: Shadup! I'm still counting my massive fortune.

Anonymous said...

If Landeryou was running Qantas, he would force cabin staff to rob passengers while they were asleep. There would be a new $500 charge if you want to get off at journey's end.

Anonymous said...

"orderinchaos" has been removing items on the branch stacking entry on Wikipedia. The comments on the article were almost certainly not put there by Andrew.

There is a claim made today that a Labor Unity MP is responsible for removals. There is nothing there on Victoria. For example Peter Allan's relative has had all reference to him removed. Were the references removed on moral grounds, that he has a sleazy relative who has been exposed on Vexnews as a visitor to places like those Cait's sister is alleged to work?

orderinchaos claims to be from WA. Could he be a factional operator from Victoria?

This gets bizarre. Cait Catt is also writing on The Mercury on line today and is copping a lot of flak. She now lives in Tasmania, or so she says.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt has lost her job at Chickenfeed, a Tasmanian chain store, and is taking it out in the Tasmanian press blaming mainlanders. Perhaps she should come back to Victoria and Vexnews might give her a job! For your entertainment below is Cait's ranting and responses to it, in reverse order as that that's the way the Mercury print it -

Chickenfeed flies coop
Wed, 17 Feb 2010 06:14:40 EST

DISCOUNT retail chain Chickenfeed is set to close its warehouse at Cambridge with the loss of up to 60 jobs.

Insiders say they expect the company's operations to be moved to Sydney.

The Mercury understands staff meetings will be held today and Friday for office and warehouse staff respectively.

The Chickenfeed chain was bought for about $170 million by reclusive multi-millionaire Jan Cameron a year ago as part of a purchase of the Australian Discount Retail Group.

Ms Cameron, 57, was the founder of the Kathmandu clothing chain in New Zealand and lives at Bicheno on the East Coast.

Staff will be offered the opportunity to transfer to Sydney or to work in the chain's

Read more

Fred of Ex Tassie, I couldn't agree more. Being a Tasmanian i can't stand the us and them metality from other locals. Quite ironic if it wasn't mainlanders Cait wouldn't have her computer to blog here or a website to put her dizzy comments on. Oh that's right computers come straight to Tas from Asia and Mercury is locally owned...not!

Posted by: Redman of Hobart 1:26pm today

Cait Call of Geeveston you are a complete Moron suggesting Mainlanders should go home. Well most of us do we have waisted our time and money in Tassie and want to get back to normality. It is a pity that most backward Tasmanians think the same as you. You and all that think that way don't deserve to live in such a lovely place except Geeveston it is something out of the ark, backward and in the 19th century. Wake up and try to assist your Island state and accept the knowledge and money that civilised people (mainlanders) bring down there, don't show them that you are two heads with both well and truly inserted at all times. You are not self sufficient you need the Mainland for 90% of the needs of the Island. Wake up with your attitude.

Posted by: Fred of Ex Tassie 1:02pm today
Andrew - Or maybe they actually put Malcolm in the Zoo as a new attraction, & he's only just escaped :-) To Cait Catt - there was nothing stopping a Tasmanian from buying Chickenfeed, was there? Enough already of your parochial mainlander-bashing!

Posted by: Linda of The Global Village 12:42pm today

I find Chickenfeed is a seller of low price items my friends seem to love but I don't. I like them even less now they are operating like mainlanders. Less quality. Less jobs for Tasmanians. We don't need mainlanders in this state.

Posted by: Cait Catt of Geeveston 8:52am today

Anonymous said...

The following appears on Wikipedia under lists of fictional cats -

Cait Catt, a sock puppet of internet blogger Andrew Landeryou, together with catter8, Rita Randles and Jenny Jensen-Hansen, the latter being the fictional daughter of former Australian parliamentarian Pauline Hanson

Helen Clark in NZ said...

Vexnews asks: PHOTO FURORE: Is the Courier-Mail sitting on pics of Anna Bligh kissing chicks?

No, it is far, far worse. It can be revealed here that Landeryou spent his extended Xmas vacation in Brisbane. There he committed an act of gross indecency by trying to pash Premier Bligh's big, bad BUTT!

Even though police were called, they couldn't find the perpetrator who was described as a "haystack in a floral frock".

Landeryou has the uncanny ability to melt away from crime scenes to Costa Rica and other parts unknown. His reign of terror in Melbourne's CBD and Chinatown meanwhile continues. Thankfully, I'm told, he or she is not planning to visit our shores any time soon. Hooray!

Anonymous said...

It is a wonder that Landeryou's Halal Chicken P/L didn't snap up Tassie discount retail chain Chickenfeed.

little Theo said...


If Premier Bligh becomes unemployed will you put her in your little black book as a lady deserving our best special attentions on your divan?

I don't believe for a second that Landeryou was pashing the Premier's nether regions in Brisbane. More likely he was picking her pockets and having a quick, friendly grope.

Theo said...

little Theo,

You may end up being the first human appendage to get an AVO. Please immediately desist mentioning:

* My little black book
* My divan
* My alleged, unhealthy interest in unemployed women.
* Premier Bligh's nether regions
* Your own tiny proportions

As you are only too aware, we are permanently grounded. If Rita reads this you will get a good thashing with the spoon she keeps in the freezer! You won't like that. Neither will I.

Eternal Tax Scam (ETS) said...

Ordinary Australian families will be crippled by the ETS tax plus energy companies' greed. Petrol is produced in Australia, but we pay a Singapore price. Excise taxes on fags and grog are indexed. Soon, we'll be paying $100 bucks for a bottle of wine.

This won't worry Alan Moss, Gail Kelly, Geoff Dixon, Andrew Landeryou and hundreds of corporate crooks living on million dollar salaries, payouts, frauds or thefts.

Costello and Howard promised all these extra taxes would be replaced by the Goods and Services Tax (GST).


Expect to get screwed soon said...

The Nordic countries started with a 10% VAT/GST. The current standard rate of VAT (GST) in Denmark is 25%. That makes Denmark one of the countries with the highest value added tax, alongside Norway and Sweden.

(Hint) Swaziland in Africa doesn't have a VAT/GST txx.

My family is intending to move there soon.

Longreach dream vanishes said...

Is this an Irish joke?

Qantas these days is run by wacky Irishman, Alan Joyce who earns $2 million a year. The chief executive can also get short-term cash incentives of 75 per cent of his base salary, or another $1.5 million a year, provided he meets targets set by the airline's board.

(Was that the same Board that tried to sell off the National Airline to a Texas Hedge Fund to profit themselves?)

This turkey was on ABC's Lateline Business tonight. His on-air perforamance was another reason to avoid travelling Qantas - once a much loved National Icon, now devalued by privatisation, cost-cutting maintenance in China, and parts dropping off aircraft ever since.

Any half-decent Australian government would reclaim Qantas and nationalise it again to end the years of disgraceful whitecollar crime that attended its privatisation.

My daughter was once a proud trans-Tasman Qantas flight attendant exploited by sub-contractors who treated and paid her like a McDonalds employee. She was working alongside earlier flight attendants earning three and four times the salary she got. Sickening criminality.

Thanks for Nothing said...

The only people to profit from the privatisation of public assets - the national and State assets once owned by all Austraslians, given away or sold at fire sale prices by pollies to mates and dodgy businesses - have been corporate crooks.

The Australian Wheat Board was given away to mad corporate cowboys some of whom are still in court today.

The politicians who sold off our public assets have indemnity - WHY?

Get the scum into court.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, another angry middle-aged blogger. Yawn." Wikipedia editor Hoary on Andrew Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

I've just had a phone call from a horny friend. He is all excited and delighted. He's just been treated to a "special" by a lady named Fatt Catt at the Daily Planet, which is a brothel in Elsternwick. Fatt told him she has a sister called Cait who lives in Tasmania and writes for a blog in Victoria defending her ex lover Andrew. Fatt told me Cait has just lost her job at Chickenfeed in Hobart and is wild as hell, hence her letter writing to the Mercury and her rants about mainlanders. Silly Cait, Fatt said. If it wasn't for mainlanders the economy of that state would collapse.

Spider Pig said...

So Conroy has admitted playing a round of golf with Jamie Packer.

The real skeleton in the closet (no pun on skeleton) is when it is revealed Conroy's close links with Fat Andy.

That will be a revelation.

Auto-eroticism said...

Creepy Mad Monk Tony Abbott likes sex!

What a horrible thought!

little Theo said...

We Lurrve Sex and helping the unemployed at the same time!

Yee Hah!

Ronnie said...

Landeryou likes TALKING about sex.

But lately, he has been eyeing me off in a strange way, and giving me extra scraps of KFC leftovers.

Recently I have been pissing in his rotgut wines. If he gets fresh I will give his boll*cks several huge nips.

Anonymous said...

A Wikipedia editor has removed all references to Cait Catt, as well as catter8, Rita Randles and Jenny Jensen-Hansen (Pauline's alleged daughter) being sock puppets of Andrew Landeryou.

Wikipedia is a tool of the ALP Right.

Anonymous said...

"Andrew Landeryou’s enthusiastic blog belongs in a genre all its own: lawsuit-bait. A lot of what he writes is shameless propaganda." -- Jacques Chester (June 29, 2008),

Anonymous said...

Check out the tumbleweeds at another successful Buddha Boy media venture - his Youtube channel.

Eight comments in almost 4 years; the last 2 months ago and the second last a year ago.

Still, "pat2534" pwned him good.

"Hey Landeryou, you all round patriot and Aussie freedom fighter from the Republic of Brunswick?????
Nice background of the AMERICAN Statue of Liberty! Love you people who have to claim to be patriots and show your love of the country. Go you little patriot!"

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Vexnews has done Australia a great service in demolishing the credibility of Peter Van Onselen.

Another great piece of reportage. Well done to the men and women of Vexnews. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, I wonder if Van Onselen will have a job Monday morning?

Shirley Morris said...

I am glad Vexnews has put the blow torch to Van Onselen. It's been long overdue.

Anonymous said...

"Andrew Landeryou’s pathetic new attempt to make some money post-bankruptcy, VEXNEWS." - Scott,, 27 August 2008.

"He’s a well-known, bankrupt political simpleton with a tendency to reveal the person details of his political opponents. His nickname, deservingly so, is bankruptus maximus." - Reuben,, 12 March, 2009

Total Recall Toyota said...

It is a little known fact that nearly every politician in Australia was used in the new Hybrid Camry TV ad which shows hundreds of people doing BACKFLIPS as the car drives along.

This was an act of genius by the advertising agency. Who better to perform endless backflips than our otherwise useless pollies?

Was she wearing knickers said...

I love the vile Misubishi Outlander Tv Ad where a couple sitting on their sofa envy friends who have a Mitsubishi. The Lady does a Sharon Stone leg split while the voice-over says she is thinking of an adventurous getaway!

The agency would have had minutes of vision with the lady's knees firmly togther. Instead they chose half-a-second of leg split!

Subliminal perversion! Well done, Lads!

The Advertising Industry said...

Landeryou has been sending his model portfolio - provided by One Man Media Army Sgt Sasha Uzunov - to car advertising agencies.

But insiders say there is no upcoming bus or truck advertising.

The insiders say Landeryou might be OK for Blimp Airship advertising. But all said they didn't want any Sharon Stone leg splits from him. Advertising executive Todd Sampson said "the world isn't ready for shit like this"! He said modern camera angle techniques could make Landeryou look normal and prevent panic.

Anonymous said...

The Wikipedia entry on Phil Barresi claimed briefly last night that Phil was helped by Peter Allan, former Whitehorse Mayor. This is true, but the source, Vexnews, is not approved by certain Wikipedia administrators, WP being a tool of the ALP Right.

The entry claimed briefly that Peter Allan was the uncle of Jacinta Allan, but didn't mention Lyle for a change.

The person who put the entry on WP was caitcatt, and WP administrators like rebecca know that caitcatt is Andrew Landeryou.

The entry by caitcatt was there a bare three minutes and was removed.

Very alert and great work WP administrators.

Anonymous said...

Another epic fail for Buddha Boy!

Anonymous said...

"Andrew Landeryou, voice of the corrupt and talentless Labor Unity Faction." -- Rising Star of the ALP, (2 Years, 11 Months ago)

"Andrew's a sick puppy." -- Woof, (2 Years, 11 Months ago)

"'Woof wrote:'
'Andrew's a sick puppy.'
Puppy? He's a sick weirdo." Scratch scratch, (2 Years, 11 Months ago)

Anonymous said...

Re Alex Hawke:
"There’s been a lot of press about this joker recently. I predict he will turn out to be the Andrew Landeryou of the Young Liberals." -- Kim,, 22 May, 2005·

"It’s the sort of thing Andrew Landeryou might put on his smear blog, not something to expect from something that has an actual editor." -- Colin, Nov 14, 2008

Anonymous said...

No wonder El Gordo resorts to pseudonyms like Caitcatt to inflate his fragile ego. If he signs his own name, it's an automatic slapdown from people who have NEVER met him.

"WTF does lowlife like Andy Landy know about the quality of Bob Carr, or anything else for that matter? Andy learned all the ALP lessons - piss squillions of other people’s hard-earned up against the wall, play the man not the ball, bludge off your colleagues then stiff them, run away overseas when things get a bit whiffy, leave your family to pay the bill, etc etc etc." -- KK,, (July 27, 2005.)

Also from
"Wanker, I had a look at your blog - fucked if I can work out what awards it might have won...I’ve never bankrupted my wife or dad. I’ve never fucked off overseas to avoid my responsibilities. I’ve never been in gaol. Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it.
" -- Young and Free, (28 July, 2005 2005).

From Marieke Hardy's blog

(Subject:) Andrew Landeryou commenting on ethics and the lack...
Andrew Landeryou commenting on ethics and the lack thereof. Priceless. Hey Andy - were you just 'following orders' when you intimidated Farrago staff? --

"andrew landeryou's attack may be pretty hilarious, as he is , afterall, andrew landeryou. -- xxxx."

Anonymous said...

And what was Andy's reaction?

He squealed away in silence to brood.

"Fucked if I can work out what awards it might have won." -- Young and Free.

Young and Free, I suspect a NoBall prize.

(Marieke Hardy's blog? C'mon, Andy, it's hardly the bearpit of state or union politics, is it?)

Hallelujah said...

Just read the wikipedia entry on Andrew Landeryou. It is gradually getting closer to the truth. Since Andrew regularly edits his own entry, I am just beginning to think that he is planning to hold a Tiger Woods-style Contrition Circus. You know, "I am the only one to blame for my frauds, stalking and smears" sort of stuff.

I wouldn't be surprised if he changed Vexnews to Flyspecks-News. If he apologises to at leaset one person every day, he will be finished in 2016!

Anonymous said...

Enjoying Jabba the Hutt (Landeryou) on Channel 10!

Landy should shave the hair around his arse said...

I checked in on Vexnews - but it was abandoned for the weekend as usual! Landeryou is one lazy bugger! I can't think of a real Australasian media outlet that closes down every weekend.

Also checked the Landeryou wiki entry. He is of course not a journalist as is claimed there. He doesn't have any qualifications or credentials as a journo.

He is just a tedious internet serial pest with poor writing and investigative skills...A waste of space and bandwidth.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou probably is gorging himself in a media corporate box at some sporting event with Conray, Theopenis and Shortbread.

Where are the police consorting squad when you need 'em?

Interpol said...

The Victoria police consorting squad was got rid of many years ago. Pollies didn't want the extensive links within organised crime investigated.

Criminal partnerships and associations inside Melbourne's extensive underworld, including bikers, need to be uncovered, endlessly explored and constantly monitored.

There are many, many thousands of evil-doers amongst us.

Melbourne is seriously crime- ridden.

Vancouver Gold said...

If there was an olympic medal for self-abuse, and Andrew Landeryou was an entrant, Australia would now have two Gold Medals for the winter olympics, not one.

Landeryou loves pulling people's legs on Vexnews, and loves to give himself a good tug at the same time.

Bad news for Andy said...

More powers to nab net racists
February 21, 2010

LAWS to tackle racism on the internet are set to be strengthened to give authorities more power to act against offenders.

Online content is now responsible for almost one in five complaints about racial vilification.

Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland has written to the Australian Human Rights Commission, ordering a sweeping review of ''arrangements for dealing with racist material on the internet''.

''While freedom of expression is one of the most fundamental rights, this is not at the expense of the rights of people, while using the internet, to be treated with equality, dignity and respect,'' he said.

The government was also ''exploring actions that might be taken in relation to material on the internet that breaches the Federal Racial Discrimination Act'', he said.

Speed cameras and breathalysers don't work said...

Draconian law in ancient Greece and in present day Victoria show that political follies are nothing new. Victorian drivers today are facing unfairness on an unprecedented scale. There is a difference between hoon drivers and ordinary victorian drivers. But modern Victorian legislators do not make this distinction.

Most U.S. States and New Zealand don't charge drunk drivers under .08. But Victoria police charge people over .05. Are Victorian legislators smarter than their counterparts in the US and NZ?

Laws in WA and QLD allow people convicted of drink driving charges to keep their licences if needed for their jobs. Victoria does not.

Driving in Victoria is becoming a right awarded only by politicians. Speeders and drunk drivers, no matter what the circumstances of their offences, are subject to mandatory sentences.

Very nasty, undemocratic, unfair stuff. So much human damage, suicides and depression.

Stop punishing everyone for the sins of a few.

Why said...

The Libs and ALP Right love punishment for its own sake. Why do Victorians subscribe to this shit? Do we hate our own neighbours so much? Do we want the law to to punish people so much that they lose their jobs, lose their homes, and lose evertthing.

In some cases, where lives are lost, punishment is probably deserved, But these are relatively rare. Why punish us all?


The Midnight Racist said...

Now 'racists' are going to be strung up [Sunday, February 21, 2010 12:15:00 PM] by the government - even if the government brought the unwanted nig-nogs, Chinks and Viets here in the first place.

What were they thinking? Was there a mandate?

Politicians are lying, deceitful Skunks with big political agendas of their own. The reality of today shows they have no rights above ours.

They are unrepresentative swill.

Theo Theopenis said...

Even though chucked out of power in 2007, Alexander Downer has been causing chaos in my fiefdom of Greek Cyprus. My bank accounts are there and many antecedents. So why has Australia sent grande dame Downer to monster the island?

The guy is a useless twit!

Nicosia bumboy said...

Alex is already partly GREEK by personal persuasion.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Illiterate leftards that frequent this blog of filth will have missed Vexnews' expose about labourers in Victoria's desal plant being paid as much as $175,000 per annum.

Vexnews is the only news service that has the courage to keep the authorities in check. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

You are too kind to the readers here Henderson.

Shirley Morris said...

It makes me feel secure that Vexnews is always on the ball.

Anonymous said...

I saw the headline "Senator recovering from dog attack" and wondered if Landeryou was involved. Then I realised Landeryou really doesn't do anything more than slobber.

Anonymous said...

El Gordo slapped down on Marieke Hardy's blog when trying to challenge Hardy's ethics.

"Notlandingyou said...
Hey Andy,
how goes the whole divorce/flight from justice/defamation/life in the toilet thing? Well I hope; write soon!," Feb 1, 2007.

Mustang Desally said...

Fat thief Landeryou says "Illiterate leftards that frequent this blog of filth will have missed Vexnews' expose about labourers in Victoria's desal plant being paid as much as $175,000 per annum."

He must be referring to the expose that Ian Hanke broke on his blog. That is where he appears to have stolen his item from.

Anonymous said...

*Chortle* Quoting Hanke's blog verbatim is hardly an "expose." Four days' effort and this is El Gordo's best? *Sigh!* Chalk up another epic fail for Buddha Boy. Andy, I concur, you really are "a waste of skin."

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Vexnews has applied its forensic reporting skills to the Anna Bligh and Jackie Trad "relationship".

Again, this important story about how Queensland is being run by a lesbian cadre has been left to Vexnews to investigate. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Notch another exclusive to Vexnews Henderson.

Shirley Morris said...

I find militant lesbians offensive.

Anonymous said...

Bitter fat drunken failure Landeryou clearly has too much time on his hands again today and too few readers on his own tatty site.

Bruta Bulldyke said...

Does Shirley Landeryou have saphhic inclinations? I detect some projection going on here.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I note the reference to Marieke Hardy on this blog of filth. She has a habit of revealing her breasts. I am sure all male and female leftards would be salivating over her saggy and tired bosoms. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Marieke Hardy - who?

Shirley Morris said...

Even I know Marieke Hardy is a professional leftard!

Shirley Morris said...

Even I know Marieke Hardy is a professional leftard!

Vancouver Gold said...

If there was an olympic medal for self-abuse, and Andrew Landeryou was an entrant, Australia would now have two Gold Medals for the winter olympics, not one.

Landeryou loves pulling people's legs on Vexnews, and loves to give himself a good tug at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Re Alex Hawke:
"There’s been a lot of press about this joker recently. I predict he will turn out to be the Andrew Landeryou of the Young Liberals." -- Kim,, 22 May, 2005·

"It’s the sort of thing Andrew Landeryou might put on his smear blog, not something to expect from something that has an actual editor." -- Colin, Nov 14, 2008

Anonymous said...

A Wikipedia editor has removed all references to Cait Catt, as well as catter8, Rita Randles and Jenny Jensen-Hansen (Pauline's alleged daughter) being sock puppets of Andrew Landeryou.

Wikipedia is a tool of the ALP Right.

Expect to get screwed soon said...

The Nordic countries started with a 10% VAT/GST. The current standard rate of VAT (GST) in Denmark is 25%. That makes Denmark one of the countries with the highest value added tax, alongside Norway and Sweden.

(Hint) Swaziland in Africa doesn't have a VAT/GST txx.

My family is intending to move there soon.

Steven 'Rorts' Conray said...

Go easy!

Most pollies hoe into freebies, brown paper bags, etc., etc.

Why oick on 'lil 'ol moi?

Joe Pulitzer said...

The Vexnews blog on Altona, despite what Cait Catt (Landeryou) says, was boring, predictable twaddle. Self-praise is akin to self-abuse, Landeryou is partial to both.

A Patriotic Person said...

Dear Mrs Idris

Do you think that is why Stephen Newnham gave all that money to Landeryou, that the ALP took all the surplus sausages of his hands?

Yours truly

A Patriotic Person

Neighbourhood Watch said...

Patriots do realise that Landeryou's "doorknocking" in Altona was really just cover for casing houses for burglary. If the fat crook spotting something that looked positive, he sent the Sergeant through the window (he's to fat) and told the poor retard it was "special operations training".

Anonymous said...

What an amazing revelation from Team Slanderyou! To think that the fat man was caught on CCTV shitting in a city laneway! How low can you go? How drunk must have he been?

Cllr Catherine Ng said...

I couldn't agree more, Jackie. Well said!

Vexnews seems to have completely forgotten me since Kim Kitchen got the 'bum's rush' from MCC voters!

Vexnews RIP said...

It is pretty clear from El Gordo's constant interuptions on this patriotic blog today that Vexnews' readership has fallen even lower.

Vexnews is Dead said...

Landeryou's level of activity on this site today suggest Vexnews' readership must have reached single digit figures.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

So Andy is claiming to know something about a picture inclusive of Anna Bligh.

So where is the picture Andy?

Jail the bum said...

"We don't know the truth about Anna Bligh's private life" a certain morbidly obese transvestite writes on his sleazy site. So the criminal sot decides to make something up.

Anonymous said...


I am Henderson Ross said...

Leftards will be alarmed that the Greens are entering a civil war with Lindsay Tanner, as reported by Vexnews. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews has been outstanding today. As you would expect.

Shirley Moris said...

I am exhausted reading all the wonderful reportage on Vexnews otday.

Dung Beetle said...

Every so often the blogger here attempts to improve the site.

I'm on a dialup connection and waited ten minutes for the comments to load. Not an improvement!

I was invited to "Post as Guest" raising the possibility that personal disclosure, like a valid email address, is again in the offing. Such a security setting would unmask and expose Henderson Ross and all the other Landeryou fake commenters. But it would also cut down on many of the hilarious comments which make this Blog fun (although with a serious purpose: delivering Landeryou to Justice).

Andy, you'll go blind said...

Landeryou is currently applying ice packs having flogged himself raw on this site today.

Fake commenting and self-abuse go hand-in-hand.

The Quarter to Midnight Racist said...

Loved the ABC's Four Corners program tonight! Afdhani pooves and warlords exploiting 'dancing boys'. Lovely!

Now they're heading here as refugees because the Taliban shoot them on sight.

Australia really needs Muslim pedophile peasants. One of the pricks said he had buggered up to 3000 dancing boys. With my luck, this bloke will end up as a neighbour of mine.

Oils ain't oils said...

If Peter Garrett is sacrificed by Rudd, or forced to resign by other means, he can always return to music. One song from him would consign The Mad Monk to oblivion.

Adios Amigos said...

See! The valid email address shit is f*cking this blog!

Piss weak! I'm off!

XXXX said...

I've gotten around the email request issue by typing, and unticking the subcribe request - works for me

Anne Frank said...

Jeez! Just when I thought Vexnews was the ultimate Nazi censorious site where I have been blocked and banned from commenting.

Now all this weird censorship here. Has Landeryou taken over the Slanderyou Blog? When everything is said and done, Slanderyou does not need valid email addresses for comments. There are a hundred other ways of identifying the fake comments from Landeryou - IP address, etc.

Maybe, Disqus isn't the way to go.

Let Freedom Ring!

Brutus Beefcake said...

Me and Bubba and the Hot Rodding Men are suspicious! This new comments system makes it look like Landeryou has taken over this site the same way he took over the first Slanderyou!

Me and Bubba and the Hot Rodding Men never minded the spam comments in Japanese. They made much more sense than any of the drunken ramblings from Landeryou's sock puppets.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

If Andy had "takeover" the site, he would have scrubbed it completely. I like this new format, easier to follow conversation threads.

Nobody Likes Buddha Boy said...

MichaelDudikoff said about 3 years ago:
Andy Landeryou needs to up the meds, methinks.

temporarybenbutler said about 3 years ago:
The guy who runs that blog has it in for The Age. Long story, but basically he doesn't appreciate their coverage of his business affairs, including his role in the collapse of the Melbourne Uni Student Union and his run-in with Solomon Lew. The latter saw him evicted from his Parkville pile.

MichaelDudikoff said about 3 years ago:
Ok, can someone give the full background behind the Andy Landeryou/Diary/Age biffo. I, personally, cannot be fucked. That explains everything behind this little post from our fat friend.

doyle said about 3 years ago:
what a horrid blog.
it LOOKS really lame as well.

Dan Warna,, Sept. 21 2007

"Andrew Landeryou was once a minor player in the labor party.

he has a lot of connections, and basically lives of his fathers reputation.

hes ripped off people, funnelled funds over seas through dodgy scams and abandoned his wife as he hid from people he ripped off a couple years ago.

son of another labor scoundrel bill landeryou who some of you older folks may remember.

scum son of scum.

given his rumourmongering nature, he is a political version of patrick smith. friendless small minded shyte eater.

either he has no money and is bankrupt or threatened to become a bankrupt a few years ago, so he sits around peddling rumours about labor, liberal, anyone who he doesn't like and pretty much unless he breaks a state or federal law, he's not worht suing as he doesn't have a sou was the story a while ago.


andy landy would be about 38 to 40

acts like a petulant 9 year old

if he hadn't been such a selfish prick was being groomed as a labour man, was in danbys group as an advisor during the election about a decade ago?

dodgy as all hell.

he has a TREMENDOUS ego and thinks he is infallable.

now im general left of current liberal govt but a social conscious liberal appartchik friend of mine, told me some even more disgusting things about andy landy that I wont tell even if you PM me, but he is a nasty nasty piece of work and even the laborites wont touch him any more, and the liberals dont want him.

so he sits in his celler spouting his vile filth at everyone."

Nobody Likes El Gordo said...

"The best thing to do with the likes of Andrew is nothing at all. Just ignore him. That's what will make him really cranky. I wish more people would realise he's just a self-serving troll and ignore him."
Posted by: Tisme at February 16, 2009

"I note that Landy's likes to post anon comments all over the Web in support of himself. Repulsive slime that he is."
Posted by: Anonymous at May 25, 2005

"The Landeryou site, in my reading, shows that the 80s obsessions and the good solid "hating" so beloved of the apparachiks, still have a place in his heart.
"Hopefully justice will be done and I for one would be very wary of regarding Andrew Landeryou as a victim of anyone. And I certainly would be more inclined to trust what I read in the Age than anything on his site."
Posted by: tflip at May 11, 2005

Marieke Hardy's Pigtails said... (6 Months ago )

"Landeryou writes his own racist comments on his blog, and passes them off as "discussion". I suspect up to 70% of comments on the vexnews site are written by himself. You can tell from the increasingly desperate tone of his posts that people are starting to understand, and he knows it." -- Poster boy

"Fat Andy and his 47 sock puppets don't understand that outside of his own bitter mind, he is the joke. Everyone, including his 'supporters', believe he is unhinged." -- off the wall

Shirley Steals said...

How interesting to see that Shirley Landeryou has decided he had better praise former Howard Government hitman Ian Hanke on his failed Poxnews site just days after the morbidly obese thief stole an article from Hanke's blog holous-bolous and passed it off as his own work.

The 750 kilogram drunkard transvestite crook has very clearly been feeling some heat and knows that he would be no match for the lean mean Hanke fighting machine.

A glum patriot said...

Oh, Slanderyou! Thanks to the new comment tool, you appear to have done to your own site what Landeryou has been unable to do and shut it down.

Agrim Parrot said...
"A few questions for Andy Landeryou. I saw a picture of you in the paper the other day and I was wondering which of your three chins is your actual chin? And secondly has anyone ever called you Mr Potato-head? Thanks." -- Lucky Nutsacks, July 30, 2005
"Andrew L should shut up ... everyone is sick of his paranoia regarding Evan Thornley."-- Polly, January 31, 2006
"Andrew is just bitter and twisted over Evan tossing him out of their shared offices in the 90's - he even changes comments pointing out this fact on his blogsite - proving how sad and sour he really is." -- (Unknown), February 1, 2006
"Andrew Landeryou AKA Andrew Slanderyou is a grade A Aussie Ratbag." -- NEOCOM
"Andrew Landeryou is an uncle tom, sellout scumbag from Labor party royalty.
"The only reason anyone pays any attention to him is because of his family connections and the low level leaks his friends in the party throw him.
"Looks to be pretty crap at photoshop too." -- Casapound,June 16, 2008.
"Landeryou is a blogger. Because he was caught out with some dodgy financial stuff he is no fan of The Age or of Fairfax...Landeryou was probably making it up for fun. Or he’s a liar. Or maybe just a dumb crook?" -- dewey, February 28, 2009

(Mr Slanderyou, new comment tool sucks.)

Anonymous said...

Brutus Beefcake suggests that sock puppets don't make sense. Name them. Cait Catt, Rita Randles, Catter8, Jenny Jensen-Hansen and possibly Henderson Ross and his Arabic friend make no sense. Brutus should name them over and over again to make his point stick. Repetition is the key to learning. The key to success.

A glummer patriot said...

The new format is needlessly intrusive.

My phishing software doesn't like it.

Neither do I.

Why said...

Just posted a comment on Vexnews WITHOUT having to provide an email address.

But suddenly I have to provide privacy information here.

Keystone Cops said...

24 Mossad agents assassinating one Hamas boss in Dubai. It sounds like a Vexnews Scoop!

In Dubai twenty years ago, even the cops were driving bullock carts.

Obviously. things haven't improved much since.

John Brumby said...

I jet about the net at night, and always visit Vexnews and this site religiously. It is like dipping my toes into the Werribee sewerage farm. Fuzzy, warm and stinky!

But Guys, I won't be posting my genuine email address here anytime soon. You have to more cunning than a swarm of Dunny Rats to be Premier of this State.

Vexnews is steadily going downhill unfortunatrly. Andrew did sterling work during the Kororoit election, getting rid of that twit Les Twentyman, but he seems to have lost the plot since then.

Theo Theopenis said...

I have decided to bugger off because little Theo got the better of me. I began worshipping my own Priapus!

"You have to know in politics when it's time to go. I've made a significant contribution in senior portfolios and in senior positions in government and in opposition."

No you didn't Theo. You were a lazy Minister who achieved little. Your name will always be remembered as an accused parliamentary rapist, even if exonerated on a legal technicality.

It was time to go, buddy! You were smarter than I thought!

No Junk Mail said...

The new format here is objectionable. I don't like it.

On my email address I am getting heaps of spam in Arabic which I cannot fathom.

I never want to receive any spam from Slanderyou.

Team Slanderyou said...

Patriots, we have returned to the previous comment format.

The email submission issue was beyond our control and came with the new comment script.

We have returned to the old service.


Well Done said...

Thanks Team Slanderyou!

Landy should retire too said...

Propagandist and lone nut Landeryou is busy praising dud loser Theo Theophannous and kicking agencies that tried to stop the rot:

"And similarly with the DPP. The behaviour of his office in the prosecution of Theo Theophanous was not so much disgraceful as embarrassing for all Victorians. They were duped by a foreign resident maddie who lives with her mother and brother in a small village in Greece who’d seen Greek celebrities pay out vast fortunes to accusers in sex harassment cases and thought she’d get some of it.

"We’d love to name her but sadly Rob Hulls has left us with laws that prohibit revealing the identities of accusers in sexual assault cases, even if they are revealed to be utterly false in their accusations".

Andrew, as you well know, the magistrate said there was no evidence. He did not say Theo was innocent. Stop making things up, you malicious Thicko!

Spider Pig said...

Andy has written in his bizarre rant which he blames Israel for the hit on the hamas terrorist: "This whole business reminded me that I need a new passport."

Got a trip in the works Andy? Costa Rica again?

Randy Macho Man Savage said...

Peta Duke should have written about Landeryou - had she, she would have been promoted!

Fraud squad said...

Patriot Spider Pig, you missed a very interesting detail in Landeryou's "I need a new passport" remark.

Bankrupts are not permitted to travel overseas. The fat transvestite may have been discharged.

He may have let the cat out of the bag.

A non-bankrupt Landeryou is a Landeryou who it makes far, far, more sense to sue.

Peta Duke just did her job said...

Peta Duke just did her job. Madden should resign, it was his strategy.

The Avengers said...

The patriotic people of the Slanderyou blog have restored the old comments system!

Let Freedom Ring!!!!!!!!

Justin is farked said...

Media Hoon Landeryou has completely ignored ALP-right Madden's increasingly messy ministerial meltdown.

Ted Bailleau is writing his election win acceptance speech tonight.

Custard said...

Real journo Derryn Hinch has the courage of his convictions and has gone to jail for publishing names.

Cowardly Andrew wants to publish the name of the much besmirched victim of the Theophannous scandal, but he is scared of Rob Hulls.

What a W I M P!

If I ruled the world said...

If you Google Vexnews, you will discover that arch-journalism fake and cyber villain Landeryou is attempting to copyright 2010!!!

2010 must be the chinese year of the dung beetle.

Jon Mitchell said...

Jeez, who hasn't been to fake community consultations? Councils, State governments and the Feds do this all the time.

Politicians are a grubby crowd of wasters who brought us the global financial crash.

Sgt Justin Madden Schultz said...

I know nothing!
I know nothing!
I know nothing!
I know nothing!
I know nothing!
I know nothing!
I know nothing!
I know nothing!
I know nothing!
I know nothing!
I know nothing!
I know nothing!

Terry Mulder said...

Can anyone here tell me what MYKI means? Everyone keeps mentioning it as another Brumby government gaffe.

Ted reckons Brumby is stuffed, and us shadow ministers should polish up our policies. I have had a word to my media staff telling them they will be 'disciplined' far worse than that pitbull Patty Duke.

Poetic Licence said...

Late in my footie career I was often marked

Now in my pollie career I am well and truly farked

Petard Duke said...

What an incredible freakin day!

First Justin told me I would be lucky to get a job as a toilet cleaner at The Age.

Then I had several counselling sessions with the Premier's spin doctors and doctorettes. A spineless bunch of total assholes!

Then Premier John told me he had got me a "terrific gig" at Vexnews. "This is one of Australia's prime news organisations", he said. "It is often read by ASIO and the CIA, I'm reliably told".

Talk about getting shafted and dumped on!

Like I said, what a freaking day! Now I'm off to bed with a nice bottle of Tequila.

Of course, I've got a zillion juicy titbits for ACA and other cheque book journos up my sleeve.


Just(in) Desserts said...

Hurt, ruined, or destroyed by the very device or plot one had intended for others.

More dirty tricks from the Brumby government...

Sleep apnea gangbangs said...

I keep on waking up at night to find John Brumby or Kevin Rudd going through my wallet.

Later, I am awoken again by violent pelvic thrusting and realise I am being rooted by climate change activists, energy companies, Barnaby Joyce and the Mad Monk.

My Super has been ruined by the global financial disaster and contract work has dried up.

I feel like the world's oldest prostitute - I have been rooted by everyone.

little Theo said...


Now that we are retired and technically unemployed, does this mean that we might be targetted by sexual predators who prey on unemployed people?

I'm puckering big time! I like handing it out and not being on the receiving end!

John Silvester said...

Even I had never heard of a criminal case where someone has illegally obtained millions upon millions of dollars and spent the lot on female attire, cheap fortified wine and KFC until I read on the Slanderyou blog about the crimes of Shirley Landeryou.

The Blue Smurf said...

Why is Peta Duke the fallwoman for a clear and present strategy developed by Brumby and less so Madden. Are these cowards hiding behind skirts.

Vomitus said...

Vexnews has gone into hibernation for the weekend again while the lazy blog-bitch sucks on his sherry bottles.

You are a useless asshole, Landeryou. Your contribution, as usual, is negative, Your blogs this week have been exceptionally boring, badly researched, full of errors, and bulging with embarrassing nonsense.

Take a million year vacation!

Justin Maddie said...

I'm winging my way to Costa Rica in First Class. I know absolutely nothing about anything.

Peta Duke needs to take the blame for this total catastrophy.

I will standby my footie record as a Brumby Minister!

The Oils said...

Political life once looked like dancin'

Now our groovy Ministry is burning!

Crapulence said...

Vexnews several times tried to come to the rescue of Theopenis - but has nothing to say in favour of Madden who has crashed the ALP's chances in the 2010 election.

Very weird! Maybe not all right-wingers are equal.

Anonymous said...

What does Landeryou think about the situation in Tasmania, where the most recent public opinion poll shows the Greens are close to level pegging with the ALP?

Cait Catt, Landeryou sock puppet, writes regularly for The Mercury on line from her new home in Geeveston, which is in the electorate of Franklin.

Cait has recently been called an idiot and a moron. Maybe, but she gets plenty of publicity.

Old Salt said...

Law abiding and patriotic people all know that there was no underwater earthquake off the coast of Chile. Instead there are tsunami alerts on both sides of the Pacific because of Landeryou.

The 1500 pound crook has been terrified of the likely Legislative Council inquiry into his sleaze and criminality and its corrupting influence on the body politic of our state. He knows that Liberal and National and Green and crossbench MLCs will want the truth of the evil $50,000 cash payment he received from former ALP state secretary Stephen Newnham publicised in the lead up to the poll. So Landeryou decided to flee to Costa Rica again this time by boat as he is too fat to travel by plane.

He fell overboard in the middle of the Pacific while drunk and has sparked tidal wave warnings from Coogee to Chile.

Anonymous said...

200 comments on this one thread alone.

Fat cunt criminal would be lucky if he had got 200 authentic comments on Vexnews since it began.

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