Sunday, March 30, 2008

The week for patriots to shine

As TS will be overseas this week, here is your chance to take control of your Blog of Truth and comment at will.

See you all next Monday.

39 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Where does the great man get his information from? In today's OC there is a story that will shock you. About the shameful attacks by the WA Attorney-General on Brian Burke, a decent man and one of WA's best Premiers. It's no wonder Andrew Landeryou won the inaugural Walkley Blog Award. It's also no wonder professional jealousy caused the likes of Money, Carbone, Wood and Lew to prevent Andrew winning a subsequent award.

Read on for today's great scoop:

Monday March 31st 2008
SHOCKED BUT NOT SORRY: WA Attorney-General Faces Court Over False Statements

Disgraceful leftard Western Australian Attorney-General Jim McGinty looks set to answer in court for false statements he made about former Premier Brian Burke and his friend Julian Grill.

Those statements - clearly motivated by malice - were calculated to and largely succeeded in destroying the lobbying business then owned by Burke and Grill and that is now largely defunct. McGinty has refused to apologise and says lying about his factional rivals was just part of his job.

Could be quite an expensive year for the Attorney, as not even he would consider burdening taxpayers with the cost of running his own private litigation defending himself from an expensive defamation writ.

If unable to pay a substantial award, damages in defamation are now capped at $250,000, McGinty could be bankrupted by Burke and Grill and lose his seat in Parliament.

Game on.

Kevin of Southbank said...

"Where does the great man get his information from?" let's see: The Age, News Corp, just about every other official media source.

The rest he just made up.

That was easy Cait. Please ask a difficult question next time.

Cyrus Vance said...

And Cait, could you please explain why a cut and paste of an item from The Age website means the OC is a decent news source?

Seems like yet another attempt by the fat crim to build up his insanity defence.

Cait Catt said...

Another scoop for the OC. Beats the Aged hands down. What other media source than the OC would publish this expose of Diane Anderson, who was once expelled for heresy from the Melbourne Unitarian Church, the first person ever to be so expelled in the history of that church.

You read all about Diane on the OC. Great journalism.

Read on:

Monday, 31 March 2008
THE ANSWER IS DIANE ANDERSON: We Consider Why People Won't Join The Political Parties They Are Very Happy Voting For

Victorian Liberal President David Kemp has told David "Rodney" Rood of The Aged "there is an issue with the Liberal brand" and that is causing difficulty with membership levels.

He's wrong.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the Liberal brand. Or the Labor brand.

They attract millions of voters - even in elections where they have offended many with either bizarre elitism (Big Paul) or policies seen as some kind of betrayal (Little Johnny)- and there is no sign of anything bigger or better coming along.

People are just not joining traditionally functioning organisations like they used to. They don't have time and even if they do, what awaits them couldn't be any less welcoming, interesting or attractive.

The mind-blowing formality, utter obscurity and absolute pettiness of most of what is transacted at party branch meetings is enough to put off all but the most politically ambitious or fanatical maddie.

The stifling suspicion of and often racially charged hostility for newcomers - especially in the ALP but not restricted to it - disguised as concern for branch-stacking is probably one of the great scandals of modern politics.


There is no uglier example of this than the Higgins FEA of the Labor Party. With internal ALP elections on in earnest in Victoria, few contests are as tiny or as viciously contested as those fighting for the right to party in the meant to be safe Tory seat of Higgins.

Led by Diane Anderson, who perversely lives half a world away in the United States and even when in Melbourne lives outside the electorate therefore disqualifying her, the looney left in Higgins are howling especially loudly at the moon right now if their most recent missive is any guide.

In a document recently circulated purporting to be "Candidates (sic) Statements", Anderson has published only a select number of statements from the candidates.


One Barry Pond seeks election to the office of Returning Officer and seems to have all the fervour and independence of election officials in the employ of the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe.

Pond insists in one para - in the McCarthyite phrasing - that he is not and has never been a member of a faction.

And yet admits in the next to being a member of a union once aligned to the Socialist Left and now part of Dean Mighell's CEPU supporting Union and Community Alliance faction.

He then proceeds to rip into his foes, including Labor Unity member Tim Lisle-Williams who he says has no relevant experience, although we understand that Mr Lisle has extensive practice counting ballots at the Melbourne University Student Union where he worked for Benjamin Cass' highly regarded election administration company GTS. He is very well qualified.

Not to be outdone is candidate Rolf Sorensen who admits to being a faction member (Socialist Left) and then praises the purportedly not factional "Left-Aligned" candidates.

Oscar Wilde once said "Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative" and they certainly have big imaginations in the Higgins Left.


The fruitcake gets nuttier the deeper you cut too. Candidate Des Carroll proudly boasts of his number of arrests ostensibly in the aid of various dubious causes. He explains that he spends large amounts of time alone in the wilderness which does seem to rather explain a lot.

His pitch for support in an internal ALP election continues:

I am most unhappy in the Labor Party!

He is also particularly unhappy about genetically modified crops and is so concerned about it that he even gets the name of what he sees as the diabolical American company responsible "Monsato"(sic) wrong.

He's just warmed though declaring the ALP's most important decision making body "a sham and charade", attacking Premier Brumby and pledging to keep a close eye on them all.


Diane Anderson is made to look sane by the lunatic Des Carroll but doesn't completely disappoint.

The ALP she says "is a party of the ideological right embracing Economic Rationalist (OC: note use of caps) based policy" that resorts to "undemocratic tactics that reward branch stackers" and suppresses "genuine debate".

Her party is at an "ethical low" for which she partly blames patriot State Secretaries Feeney and "Newman" (sic).

And it's not just those two, she reckons. Policy committees have "degenerated into farce" and somehow "vulnerable to corrupt practice" and "abuses...courtesy of the Labor Unity Faction."

It all makes a lot more sense if you stand up and read this out really quickly in an American accent:

The Labor Unity Faction dominated Head Office under the Newman (sic) regime has presided over the metamorphosis of the Victorian ALP into the Liberal Party in which the politicians dictate policy and use the organs of the party to rubber stamp their wishes...

She even declares herself the "conscience of the Victorian ALP", which does would if true make one worry about what kind of psycho-tropic drugs its mind had to be on to stop its bloated body from kitchen-knife wielding at branch pie-nights.


Then a couple of junior Leftards opine reasonably innocuously and mildly but with rhetoric that's a fair way distant from what Andrew Giles actually gets up to in the privacy of Gavin Jennings' ministerial suite.

Their pledge to "end branch-stacking and other corrupt practices" must be from a memo that hasn't yet got to Khalil Eideh and his loyal factotum of feast Bob Mammarella, to pick just of many Socialist Left stackers.

Also amusing is their commitment to protecting rank and vile members' say in preselections. The Left are in fact leading the charge in obliterating such rights, with the likes of Anthony Albanese in it up to his red neck.


And finally the vicious old witch sidekick of Diane Anderson, Margot Carroll, wifey of the Des quoted extensively above, opines declaring that she too is faction free.

She is none too happy with "the continuing march of aspirational people towards their goal of Parliamentary representation."

The party Carroll seeks to mould wouldn't have any such burden of winning a lections.

Her ideal candidates? She wants unambitious folk who "would enter the political scene against their will." She's quite serious about this apparently.

If these parties weren't important to the future of the country, this'd be funny. Those involved are amusing perhaps but what they are engaged in is a first class disgrace. If the ALP had a clue they'd expel every last one of them.

Their contempt for their own party and its leadership, their attempts to exclude others from participating and their systemic rorting (like pretending Diane is entitled to vote there) ought be reason enough to give them the boot.

Little wonder the state's most disastrous Premier John Cain is favourably referred to twice in the appalling document. They all should do what Cain the Complain should, join the Greens party where their conspiracy theories and lunacy would find a happier home. At least until Greg Barber MLC purged them all in a Stalin style showdown. For all of Barber's faults, he wouldn't be stupid enough to tolerate such destructive people and nor should any modern political party.

If you're a sucker for punishment, you're either a Nazi freak running the Formula One or you can click here to read the Higgins news in its purest form.

Game on.

Rita Randles said...

Below is what Liberal Party apparatchik Richard Russell says about Diane on the OC blog. Russell has good connections and is a close friend of Peter Costello. He is in love with Diane. Can he talk her into joining the Liberal Party? Read for yourself:

We at 104 think highly of Diane Anderson. She is lovely. We wish her success in her election as a delegate to ALP Conference from Higgins. I spoke to Peter Costello last night and he too wishes Diane every success. She does a better job taking on John Brumby than most of our parliamentary party. Paul Austin once put her on the front page of The Age.

Good luck Diane.
Richard Russell | Homepage | 03.31.08 - 2:15 pm | #

Anonymous said...

Rita, what crime did U commit while U were alive 2 B condemned to wander the Earth for almost 9 years?

The Atlanta Constitution, June 7, 1999
RITA RANDLES, 40, of Roopville died Saturday. Funeral, 2 p.m. today, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church; Martin & Hightower Heritage Chapel.

Anonymous said...

If Andy-Cait Catt-Catter8-Delia-the late Rita you were a real journalist, you would know a scoop is an original story.

It takes a bit of effort and luck but taking the McGinty story off the ABC website and reposting 12 hours later doesn't really count as a scoop, that's just plagarism!

No wonder you didn't award yourself a second fake Walkley award last year - your conscience got the better of your ego!

Anonymous said...

If Andy-Cait Catt-Catter8-Delia-the late Rita you were a real journalist, you would know a scoop is an original story.

It takes a bit of effort and luck but taking the McGinty story off the ABC website and reposting 12 hours later doesn't really count as a scoop, that's just plagarism!

No wonder you didn't award yourself a second fake Walkley award last year - your conscience got the better of your ego!

Anonymous said...

When it couldn't get any more embarrassing for Buddha Boy claiming an ABC story as his own scoop. It seems he was more than a day late on the McGinty lift, which was first reported by Perth's Sunday Times.

LOBBYISTS Brian Burke and Julian Grill have given WA Attorney-General Jim McGinty an ultimatum - apologise by Tuesday for allegedly defaming the pair, or be sued.

The Sunday Times has obtained a lawyer's letter sent to Mr McGinty demanding he sign a prepared apology because of a statement he made to ABC regional news on March 8, or face a defamation action.

The letter from law firm S.C. Nigam & Co said Mr McGinty's statement had clearly implied that former premier Mr Burke and former Labor minister Mr Grill had ``behaved corruptly'' in their work as lobbyists.

``No basis is provided for the statement made or the implication that flows from it,'' the letter said. ``The allegation was intended to and did bring our clients' good name and reputation into disrepute.''

``. . . our clients have instructed us to demand that you sign and return the enclosed apology to this office by no later than close of business on 1 April, 2008, failing which proceedings in defamation will be instituted against you in the Supreme Court of Western Australia.''

Mr McGinty's statement, which was also reportedly published on the ABC's website, said: ``The CCC (Corruption and Crime Commission) is doing a great job. It's stopping corruption, particularly by lobbyists, in its tracks.''

Neither Mr Burke nor Mr Grill have been charged with anything criminal arising out of the CCC's Smiths Beach inquiry.

In October, the CCC found they had ``influenced or attempted to influence public officers to engage in misconduct''.

Anonymous said...

noticed that over 20,000 patriots have read this blog.

well done patriots.

safe trip Slanders. Any connection with Landeryou? as per your last brilliant exposes when you went overseas?

Anonymous said...

What, no reply Cait? Cat got your tongue? Or has Landeryou cooked it for dinner?

Andrew Landeryou is Fat said...

I have two questions for patriots...

Why does Fat Andy persist in defending Brian Burke, a man who squandered millions upon millions of Western Australian taxpayers' money? Is it because Landeryou can only dream about losing so much money despite his own massive and demonstrated business incompetence?

And why does Fat Andy persist in posting his rants from the Blog of Sleaze here? Is it because no one other than a few Young Liberals visit his virtual cesspit?

Anonymous said...

If you can bear the stench, it's worthwhile looking at the Blog of Sleaze for the laughs. This week El Gordo has rocked the world by writing about an old fart columnist for some suburban paper in Melbourne's boondocks and the ANU Liberal Club. Earth-shattering stuff.

Anonymous said...

Buddha Boy persists in posting his rants under the guises of Cait Catt, Catter8 and the late Rita because no-one else will defeat him - or even bother giving him any attention - and because he has become increasingly lonely as his own readers have dropped away.

Anna F said...

Andy is upset with Lew buying Just Jeans because Andy didn't own any shares.

Though I do remember reading somewhere he had a stack of PBL shares.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what this blog thinks of Andrew, Delia, Cait, Rita, Freedom Freddy or Catter8 the fact remains that Solomon Lew is a crook.

Remember the Yannon transaction eons ago? Why didn't the then equivalent of ASIC take any action?

It is true that father Bill and son Andrew were once Lew clients, but they saw the light after Lew cheated them.

Simon Crean is also a client of Lew. He may come to regret it.

Forget about Andrew. Forget abut sock puppets.

Solomon Lew is a crook.

Don't fall for the enemy of my enemy is my friend in this instance Slanderyou. Lew is a crook regardless about the status of Andrew and company.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off Landeryou (Anon. 7:53).

You and your idiot father didn't see the light. Lew ditched you.

And the reason he came after you was because you voluntarily entered into a financial arrangement with him. Maybe you forgot because the paperwork was in the financial accounts that you 'lost'.

Dummying up a few 'sympathetic' anti-Lew comments after your little whinges to make it look like people care is about as convincing as your pious objectivity.


Anonymous said...

Oh boo hoo, Andy. You were quite happy to take Lew's shilling to defeat him in the '90s and A$3 million for a stake in IQ. Now, you're broke and bankrupt, you prattle on endlessly about how evil Lew is. Your Young Liberal readers don't care. You pissed IQ up a wall living beyond your means and "lost" the books. Take some responsiblity for your actions.

the landeryou files said...

If you want a laugh about Landeryou and Lew, click on the above link and it will take you to a patriotic blog that is just starting up.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou (Anon. 7:53) asks us to remember the Yannon transaction.
That would be nice, but fat Boy continally neglects to give us the full details as he has always promised he would...

Anonymous said...

I just read the Landeryou Files link posted at "2.30pm"

I quote "The article shows him (Lew)to be entrepreneurial, a good employer and an astute business operator who is in for the long haul rather than opportunistic, short-term business plays."

This seems to be everything Landeryou is not...

Anonymous said...

the landeryou files looks as if they will be a treasure trove

more power to the patriots who are starting up the site

Anonymous said...

That 1996 letter to The Age is a
nice find, Landeryou Files. Just love El Gordo's purple-tinted praise for Lew; "entrepreneurial, a good employer and an astute business operator who is in for the long haul rather than opportunistic, short-term business plays."

Stat man said...

What was Andy doing during Earth Hour? Did KFC bring out the candles for him?

Liberty Larry said...

Given the fracas over Underbelly, if a miniseries was filmed about Landeryou's story, would it be titled Overbelly?

Cyrus Vance said...

How come Andy knows so much about this anal-leakage drug? Is he on it? Maybe he is reading directly from the label as he describes it!

Anonymous said...

Cyrus - its because Andy doesn;t have any fibre in his diet. Its all KFC remember. No drug, Andy would literally explode, like Mr Creosote.

Anonymous said...

El Gordo's Blog of Sleaze is a testament to anal leakage.

catter8 said...

Read about Solomon Lew on the OC tonight. I take issue with Andrew about David Tweed. Andrew calls him an alleged share scammer. He is not an alleged share scammer. He is a share scammer and he feeds on the most vulnerable members of our community. The elderly mums and dads who sell their shares to Tweed for a pittance. Do you still think I'm Andrew Mr Slanderyou?

Read on:

LEW THE LOOTER: Another Day, Another Bargain for Solomon Lew

Notorious billionaire and corporate bandit Solomon Lew hates paying retail, evidenced by his recent share vulture bids in the style of alleged share scammer David Tweed for Just Group and other companies.

Lew has recently dropped over fifty kilograms in a fitness fest unrivalled since the chirpy aerobics dude Richard Simmons graced our screens.

An important part of his regime is Xenical, a drug which keeps you skinny but has the regrettable symptom (why can't I get tired of writing about this?) of what is politely called "anal leakage."

The drug manufacturers recommend users wear dark pants at all times.

The other problem with them is we understand they're very expensive.

But not for much longer for Sol Lew.

For this morning he disclosed to the Australian Securities Exchange that he had become a 10% shareholder in Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, a wholesaler of pharmaceutical and allied products to pharmacists.

So it's no more Sol paying top dollar for those pills playing havoc with Sol's bottom.

Game on.

Rita Randles said...

Solomon Lew is a crook.

the landeryou files said...

The Landeryou Files has been updated with more than 5,000 words of reporting on the fat flop from the Australian Financial Review. Just click on the name above and enjoy.

Here is a little teaser from a 2000 article on IQ Corporation: "Goodness gracious. An internet company that's actually making some money." Even quality newspapers make mistakes, it seems!

Anonymous said...

Don't know about Slanderyou but I believe Cait Catt, Catter8 and the late Rita Randles are the same person because they keep the same odd hours and write the same style of anal leakage.

Anonymous said...

What influence does Slanderyou have with the Iranian government? Did you know that Andrew's OC web site is blocked by the Iranians 90 per cent of the time. Read on:

It's not considered polite to boast. That of course has never stopped us before. For a patriot has pointed out that the Islamic Republic of Iran doesn't seem to like the OC very much. In a move no doubt supported by terrorists, certain members of the Socialist Left and Labor Rats like Geoff Lazarus who joined the Greens party in return for some sweet Friends of the Earth consultancies, the Iranian government censors the OC, according to one analyst, 90% of the time. This is said to be more than any other website that deals with the joyful subject of Australian politics. Excellent.

slanderyou said...

Anon Sunday, April 06, 2008 10:08:00 PM, we of course hold no influence with the Iranians. We suggest that it has nothing to do with censorship, rather public health concerns and avoiding frightening little children with images of Andy's obesity.

Anonymous said...

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