Monday, March 17, 2008

Newish pic of Andrew Landeryou

Like a Rat, prison authorities utilised the lure of KFC to move inmate Andrew Landeryou from cell to cell.

36 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

The pix is a fake. Doctored by the best photo image enhancers at the J. Stalin Photo Imagery School of Toorak and Malvern.

That's Diane Anderson country. Diane would love to use such imagery in Higgins News if only she knew how to do it. Bill Albon hasn't been able to help her of late as he's too busy acting as the public face of the Victorian house of ill repute industry. Do you visit those places Slanderyou?

Yes to the suggestion that Slanderyou is again revealing his true face as promoter of the BLOG OF FILTH.

Where is Higgins News this year? None of my cats have received their copy and neither has Richard Russell at 104. Are you still with us Diane? We still love you Diane.

I am allergic to KFC. Their chicken is not something I would give to any of my cats.

Good riddance to bad rubbish Slanderyou.

Rita Randles said...

A doctored photo. Just like the ones Stalin used to make. Then again after he died his image was removed from all those paintings on the Moscow Metro. The Gang of Four too in China. Their image was also removed.

Slanderyou must be a graduate of the J.Stalin school. You are a genius Cait picking that up.

catter8 said...

My cats still think Slanderyou is the pits.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is going to expose a millionaire today.

Could it be Evan Thornley? Mr Looksmart's pix appears on the Landeryou blog together with an advertisement that he will be exposed at 12.00 PM today.

Look forward to reading it. When are you going to expose something Slanderyou?

Anna F said...

Hey, looks like you were busy on this blog this morning Andy!

I for one love this blog of truth, unlike your blog Andy - the blog of lies.

Keep up the good work Slanders.

As to the photo being doctored. How do you doctor prison bars, security guards, the the Victorian Penal System?

Cyrus Vance said...

Landeryou has it in for Thornley, because Thornley once sacked Landeryou many years ago. Get over it LAnderyou! Why not instead spend more time 'exposing' your TWU Trannie mates and their sordid dealings? Or does that cut too close to the bone Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

Andy-Cait-Delia's been up late channeling that dead woman Rita and thieving the identity of a 17 y.o. African-American high school student again. It's all the typical drivel of a deranged mind. Never anything new just the same rants over and over. Yawn! Andy-Cait-Rita-Delia-Catter8, just doesn't get it. No-one cares about his vendetta about Thornley-Lew-Mayne-Money-et al. He should stick to writing about Liberal students - that's what his audience wants.

catter8 said...

Yesterday the OC ran a story about plagiarism by the Sunday papers. A good story it was too. My cats are not concerned with plagiarism, but we are concerned with our sex habits being questioned when we apply for a government job.

A great scoop by the OC Investigations Unit. Read on:


The Sunday Herald-Sun also had an intriguing Telegraph story about the extent to which ministerial staff are subjected to probing of the most intrusive kind. Authorities even ask a chap (let's consider this term non-gender specific for our purposes) whether he/she has engaged in a "homosexual experience". Presumably this doesn't include activities like Socialists Clancy Dobbyn and Alex White's staring contests in North Melbourne pubs. Or the desire of some in the Carr para-military wing of the Socialist Left to splatter paint-balls over each other in arguably Mardi Gras style frolicking that leave combatants battered and bruised as if punched around the ring or frequenting the roughest of beats.

The OC will have to try to get hold of the questionnaire (if this is our last post you'll know why) because it sounds like a hoot:

"They ask you how many sexual partners you've had, whether you've cheated on your wife and about your sexual habits.''
Media advisers and ministers' chiefs of staff are among those ordered to reveal their history of recreational drug use.
One question reads: "Is there anything in your personal life that could cause you embarrassment or reflects badly on your character?''
Another asks: "Have you ever used, or experimented with, any illegal drugs?''
An affirmative answer to an incriminating question does not necessarily mean security clearance will be refused.

It's all to assess risk of blackmail by foreign spy agencies and fiendish property developers like Sydney's sleazy Stuart McGill (currently in the branchstacking service of ALP Nat Sec Tim Gartrell in the federal seat of Macquarie).

Ministers Tanner (who we admit is travelling well as FinMin) and Griffin would have had to have written a book rivalling the smutty exploits of the Marquis de Sade and the ingesting binges of Hunter S Thompson if they'd had to comply with such forensic probing but curiously it's just the hired help required to be cleared. Ministers are rather optimistically presumed pure.

Fortunately, for the good of the Commonwealth both lefty legends are well beyond blackmail, as everyone knows about their exploits and Griffin in particular is reasonably proud of past efforts. His style is reminiscent of Soviet leader Khrushchev who when told grimly by a KGB boss that he was in possession of photographs of the leader and his mistress reportedly looked at the pics of his athletic efforts with some pride and requested extra copies for his friends.

Anonymous said...

If there's any photo imagery involved can we please have a list of graduates from the J.Stalin School of Toorak and Malvern?

Seems some of our top minstaff are going to need them.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou writes so well. Where does he get all his information from? Does he have a source in ASIO? Or, more likely, is ASIO feeding him with info like the various factions in the Liberal Party?

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou has got into the Landeryou site. Regrettably Slanderyou's gremlins are at work.

Monday Madness has been postponed.

When the goss arrives you'll read it first on the OC. Keep looking at the OC site while technical experts go about removing the Slanderyou gremlin.

Anonymous said...

Where does El Gordo-Catter8-the late Rita-Cait Catt-Delia Delegate get all his information from?

It's no mystery - newspapers, news agencies, TV, etc.!

He hasn't been mentioned in the Press since Election eve (Nov. 24, Daily Telegraph) only to look stupid.


It's not that we can't believe it, it's that we can't believe it's taken so long.

On poll eve someone has managed to combine Labor's ding-buzz TV ad with Channel 10's decision to screen The Empire Strikes Back instead of the election.

It's only relevant until 7.30pm so check it out at ex-Labor hack Andrew Landeryou's blog.

What baffles us is how the video puts together two things that clearly have nothing to do with each other. It would be like a paper basing its election coverage on a roving vintage fire truck.

Kevin of Southbank said...

Landeryou's expose of Thornley this morning was a joke. No more so than it got just one comment. Not including this one, pics of Landeryou in HM Prison System has 12. Puts it all into the right context.

Anonymous said...

Below is Andrew Landeryou's latest scoop on the OC Blog. Evan Thornley has appointed brothel boss Bill Albon and Diane Anderson as his campaign directors in his bid for election to state conference as a delegate from the posh electorate of Kooyong. Read on:

BELATED MONDAY MADNESS: Evan Thornley Seeks Your Vote // Is It Wrong To Ask For Payment?

Labor members in the Kooyong area are gravely concerned that their local upper house MP one-time billionaire and former factional independent Evan Thornley is misleading voters in internal ALP elections.

Thornley recently wrote a letter to ALP members which fails to disclose his new-found although hardly sincere factional membership of the highly patriotic but clearly far too inclusive moderate Labor Unity faction. His affiliation might indeed be the only reason to vote for the crook who disintegrated multiple billions of mums and dad's equity in his infamous tech wreck company Looksmart and left it a scorched ruin before being bumped into Parliament.

Here tis:

Dear (censored to protect the innocent)


I am writing to let you know that I will be seeking your support in the upcoming Kooyong FEA elections for a State Conference delegate position. The elections will be held on Sunday the 6th April (10am-6pm) and Sunday the 13th April (10am-12pm).

The election of the Rudd Labor Government was the culmination of years of hope and effort for all of us (OC: Except Evan, he was overseas making and losing a billion). Having State and Federal Labor Governments may lead some to think our job is done. Nothing could be further from the truth. (OC: Indeed, Thornley isn't PM yet, get cracking, minions)

Now more than ever, we need to focus on rebuilding our grass roots base (OC: LOL, as long as they're not young people, are without a university education, Catholics or non Anglo Saxons because any recruitment of them is deemed "branch-stacking" by people like Evan) and continuing to build the engine room of ideas that will drive strong policy development. I have been active on both fronts for a long time:

Grass Roots Activism: In seeking to find new ways to give people opportunities to actively express their politics (OC: And because I knew both Left and Right factions hated me equally), I was a founding director of, a progressive organisation which has grown to over 250,000 members in less than three years.(OC: Conversion to ALP membership, mercifully very few) I have worked for branch renewal through the establishment of the Labor First website and news service (OC: A glittering success story, I think not) . This commitment to grass roots activism was reflected in our campaign for Southern Metropolitan where 740 volunteers made the difference between winning and losing in a crucial Upper House seat.(OC: And Evan's Brewster's Millions style lavish personal campaign shocked even the biggest of big spenders)

Fresh Policy Ideas: I am the National Secretary of the Fabian Society (OC: Code for I give them money they give me title) and the founding Chair of the Board of Per Capita a new progressive think tank. (OC: In other words, he paid for it all so they had to make him Chairman) I also serve on the Board of the Brotherhood of St Laurence (after a big fat donation was made)

Branches and Members: Most importantly, I have visited over 30 different branches of the party in the last 12 months, talking to and learning from rank and file members – their ideas, their life experience and their passionate views on important issues. (OC: He clearly had much to learn from the likes of locals like Brothel Association spokesman Bill Albon and American Wonder Woman Diane Anderson) It is critical that State Conference delegates are actively available to every branch member who wishes to raise an issue and I am committed to doing so. (OC: Subject to factional direction, of course)

I am seeking your support to bring some fresh ideas and energy on both grass roots activism and policy ideas into the formal structures of the party. (OC: It might have been a bit more honest at this point to fess up his latest secret activities perhaps with this, "oh shucks, you know, I joined the dreaded Labor Unity faction because John Lenders asked me nicely and while I really don't like them, sometimes the price of public life even for the richest of fatcats like my good self involves the purchase and regular use of kneepads.")

I look forward to speaking with you personally over the coming weeks. Please don't commit your vote until you have had the opportunity to evaluate all the candidates. I can be contacted at any time on 0438 899 301. (OC: Gratuitously left mobile phone number in. Please call and ask Evan for money. You never know.)

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Here is a scoop, Landeryou went to jail.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know? guess why the Thornley storry was publisehd belatedly?

Could it have been that sleepy head Landeryou, after spending all night commenting on THIS blog, was too tired to publish at the time he advertised.

Or was it because the unemployed blogger slept in as usual.

Cait Catt said...

11.07 I resent the fact that Slanderyou will give me no credit my contributions to his blog.

That's why Slanderyou is the BLOG OF FILTH

Rita Randles said...

Sock it to them Cait

Great work

catter8 said...

We cats think the OC is the best

Cait Catt said...

I tried to ring the J.Stalin School today and the phone had been disconnected.

Another victory for the OC Investigations Unit.

Kevin of Southbank said...

Up late Landeryou, again! Can't sleep? Why would that be? Worried about something? Wonder what that could be about?

Anonymous said...

kevin of southbank lives at one of Melbourne's worst addresses.

Even the prostitutes say the place is bad. Clients are unclean and they don't pay. The place is too close to Crown Casino and that's why it's so bad.

Doesn't say much for you kevin that you live there. Andrew moved out eons ago, the place is so bad he realised a bad address would affect his reputation. You should do likewise kevin.

Anonymous said...

If you want to be relevant, El Gordo get yr sleep cycle in sync with the news cycle.

Us regular people don't care about morning newspaper stories in the evening when we had the chance to read them hours ago. (Or have U fallen so low to have to wait and rummage through park bins to get the morning paper.)

Also as yr declining readership shows, no-one cares about yr one-sided sprays against Thornley, Mayne, Crikey, Money et al.

Oh, and nothing about Lew for a long time - scared off?

Anonymous said...

What a great informative bog. I found this through a link from Landeryou's blog. Why doesn't Landeryou mention any of this?

Anonymous said...

1.43 is probably the man from the sleazy area of Southbank who put the link on the Landeryou blog. Richard Russell, the distinguished Liberal Party officer from 104 Exhibition Street has this to say about Mr Southbank:

Kevin of Southbank is a sleaze who writes for another blog. We've told our MPs not to go near the Southbank. The place has deteriorated and it has a bad name. Jenny Mikakos was seen there last night and that's enough to give one the shudders. I've told Inge and Andrea and we'll sure have some fun in the upper house.

Anonymous said...

What was 1.43 doing reading the Landeryou blog?

Proof enough about the blog's quality, whatever Mr Southbank might say.

Anonymous said...

I heard Mr Southbank conducted a raffle at a sleazy party last week. First prize was a night with Julie Bishop, second prize was a night with Diane Anderson, and third prize was a night with Jenny Mikakos.

When I heard the prizes I refused to buy a ticket.

Reverend Barrister Willy Bayo said...

I guess since Landeryou moved out of Southbank, the district has improved immeasurably, even with whatever Anon Tuesday, March 18, 2008 3:39:00 AM says.


Anonymous said...

rev barrister must be seeking a plea bargain from a judge who lives at the Southbank.

Personally the place is sleazy and I would not go near it.

Anonymous said...

El Gordo once ran a sleazy raffle but on-one bought a ticket because first prize was a night with him, second prize was two nights with him and third prize was three.

Landeryou had to move from Southbank because he wheezed too much whenever he walked to KFC.

Reverend Barrister Willy Bayo said...

Anonymous, I offer you Peace, you return with litigation.

I offer you Peace again.

Anonymous said...

rev barrister I certainly offer you peace. Going to court is the worst thing anyone can do. I leave that to catter8 who is still to come good with her threat to sue whoever it was on this blog who called her a lesbian.

Anonymous said...

catter8 may well be a lesbian cat. That's possibly the reason she hasn't sued anyone.
Then again there are questions about her real identity.
Landeryou perhaps?

the fraud squad said...

This photo of the fat man should be up the top of the Slanderyou home page, visible everytime a visitor logs on.

It is a patriotic reminder of that old maxim: crime doesn't pay.

the fraud squad said...

This photo of the fat man should be up the top of the Slanderyou home page, visible everytime a visitor logs on.

It is a patriotic reminder of that old maxim: crime doesn't pay.

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