Monday, March 30, 2009


108 Truth On Comments:

The Fat Cave said...

Shush please!

Andy is in another drunken stupor. Don't wake him up or there will be fake comments all over your blog.

Anonymous said...

That was a great pic of KFC staff delivering a one tonne Tower Burger to The Fat Cave today. Somehow, the fat pig managed to scoff it down in six minutes and 13 seconds.

Thanks to the real Sasha Uzinov for this photo journalism triumph!

Bubba said...

I don't think the Hot Rodders at Barwon Gaol will be very keen on the second photo. It looks like a 'strap a ladder on your back' OH $ S job to me. But we'll have him looking fit and trim in no time!

Anonymous said...

Hmnn. The last blog here was just getting interting with speculation about where the missing millions are. Interesting too that the serial fraudster is keeping his head well down AND maintaining a public profile on Poxnews - the toxic Blog of Hate. Andrew is one seriously challenged individual.

little Theo said...


I don't like the sound of that bloke Bubba at all! I couldn't care less if Landeryou got a dose of the clap. But, we don't deserve that, do we? How would you explain THAT to your missus, huh?

Landeryou must be getting some help from ALP HQ, don't you think? Otherwise, he would already be in Barwon. But your ALP mates were a big help weren't they? You got shafted big time, buddy!

I lay awake at night trembling about Bubba, Brutus and all the rest of those disgusting Hot Rodders. OUCH!

Anonymous said...

Police investigators, OPP staff and others need to get serious about the festering sore of Landeryou's continuing freedom. The media amd Team Slanderyou have already done enough spade work for a successful prosecution.

I think there will be questions in the Fed Parliament soon if nothing continues to be done! That's a fair warning, surely? I've just sent off a complaint to my member, Julia Gillard.

Anonymous said...

That's nice. There's some good news for Andrew. Going by your photo he seems to have lost some weight recently.

Anonymous said...

I see that Fat Andy has not bothered to update his hate blog since Friday pm. Good to see that the unemployed also get to take the weekend off.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Is this what counts for news for leftards, jihadists and Age readers? No wonder Fairfax is insolvent.

Thank the Christian God that Vexnews exists. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, can't agree with you enough.

Al haji Abdullah said...

This meat does not look halal.

I would not eat it.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Al, I will pray for you, and pray that you will reject your heathen ways.

By the way Slanderyou, McDonalds is the food of freedom. I am Henderson Ross.

Landeryou: fat, drunk and mad said...

Fat failure Andrew Landeryou's mental derangement has reached new levels.

The voices in his head are squabbling with each other.

"McDonalds is the food of freedom," fat Andrew fraudulent identity Henderson Ross bawls.

Everyone knows that fat Andrew has long given that honour to KFC.

A second false identity, Al haji Abdullah, frequently fights with other fat Andrew personas.

He will have to drink even more to try to quieten these squabbling alter egos down.

Anonymous said...

Hard-working, law-abiding, patriotic people of sober habits have got off pretty easy on this thread so far. There have only been four comments posted by the drunk and deranged failure and criminal Landeryou. Then again it is not yet 10 am. He has barely got started on his morning catering cask.

Anonymous said...

No comments here for 90 minutes from the fat cunt criminal and no update on Poxnews. I reckon he got a bit too carried away with his morning warm up drinks and is already lying unconcious in a pool of piss amongst all the KFC wrappers on the floor of the fat cave.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou: an evil and malicious work-shy gluttonous criminal passed out drunk by the middle of the morning on a Monday!! No wonder he is such a subject of derision and contempt.

Anonymous said...

Jesus H Christ Landershonk must have really put it away this morning!

It is three in the afternoon and not a peep from him. He is still out cold.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he has moved from the cheap cask red to flagons of port. That is a fair bit stronger at around 20 per cent alcohol

Biff, Thwack and Headbutt said...

This is a very lucky blog really.

Name me another blog (apart from Poxnews) where you can chat online with a real criminal stalker, corporate asset-stripper and libeller rolled up into one appalling "Mr EVil" -Landershonk!

Yes I know all this communication has to go through fake mediums here like 'Henderson Ross' and 'Cait catt'. But at least we are actually communing with The Great Crook in the end!

I have even made a Landeryou dummy which I can slap and kick whenever he sends another outrageous post. The Hot Rodders will be able to do this for real soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Centrelink has just published Landeryou's Job-Seeker Diary. Here's a sample:

March 30, 2009 - 'phoned John Brumby seeking senior public service appointment - 'phoned my pal Stephen Newnham asking for a state govt consultancy - phoned Henderson Ross asking if there were employment opportunities in Dunedin - tried phoning Rita Randles but there is never any reply even when I leave messages - phoned Kosky saying I would prepare high-level report on state of rail transport (Memo to myself: ring Terry Mulder for tips if I get the gig - Choo Choo) - Rang Catter8 to see whether there are any odd jobs I can do at her cattery - where did I leave that cask of bergundy?..
.. snore

Anonymous said...

El Gordo is not the only one going through an alcohol-induced decline.’s already pathetic hit rate is crumbling.

Five weeks ago this patriotic blog told us that the independent Quarkbase service ranked at a low 4,754,569 on the popularity list. Its position has now collapsed by almost 30,000 places to 4,782,727.

Truly everything El Gordo touches turns to shit.

Anonymous said...

El Gordo must have touched himself a lot cos he is one big pile of steaming shit

Yukky said...

That Centrelink job diary of Landeryou's has been very heavily edited. Landy wrote some very naughty rude things about Brumby and Newnham after they fobbed off his requests. But I was shocked about the marginal note when Rita Randles didn't anwer the phone. He wrote "worst root of my life. Was like shagging a bag of bones". There was a pencil drawing of the entrance to Luna Park next to Cait Catt's name. There was a note after the Catter8 entry that read 'smells a bit like Les Twentyman. Phew!' In the edited diary the word 'mad' in front of Terry Mulder has been expunged. Decency forbids me from mentioning what was written about the person called Kosky.

All-in-all, the original job diary reads like a Poxnews blog but with all expletives and libels present.

Anonymous said...

At last, proof in the job diary that Landeryou is a stalker AND a necrophiliac!

Landeryou - someone you wouldn't be caught dead with!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is STILL unconscious.

Anonymous said...

"A man who pimped a 16-year-old schoolgirl paid her with chicken nuggets for having sex with men, a court has been told..."

A N D R E W !!!!!

Dr Phil said...

Why are all the leading 6 Slanderyou commentators inventions of Landeryou's deranged mind? What sad pleasure does it give him to parade his imaginary friends on a Blog set up to expose his crimes? Why after every revelation of his corporate crimes does "Cait Catt" et al come out to play?

These and other key questions about the mental state of Landeryou will be featured in an upcoming "Dr Phil" special. Stay tuned friends.

Anonymous said...

Why is Landeryou not in jail? How much does he pay to remain free?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is a corporate criminal. We want less psycho-babble from Dr Phil and more on Landeryou's crimes and punishment.

Dr Phil said...

I encourage you to focus on the whole individual that makes up Landeryou, or in Andrew's case the multiplicity of of identities lurking in his brain. The 'show' that Landeryou puts on, the dialogues between the different aspects of himself, the "Pauline Hansen is my mum" fantasy that has revealed itself recently... all these assist the Landeryou entity to express itself. These are indeed similar in style to his crimes, the thefts, swindles and scams... but these all point to deeper problems.

I think it wasn't easy being Big Bill's son.

Dr Phil said...

Andrew, tell us directly or through one of your personas, how do you feel about you dad? Be honest. Did it hurt you to send him bankrupt? Have you talked to him since?

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou, 29,000 separate visitors since October 2006. You should be proud. 29,000 citizens now aware of Landeryou and informed about his history and crimes. 29,000 patriots watching out for further criminality. A great achievement.

We know Landeryou will place no such "Site Meter" on Vexnews because, unless he cooks the books once again, it will reveal 1 lonely reader.

Anonymous said...

It's fantastic. Andrew's life is wasted... now he sits at home imagining he is doing something important by writing a blog no-one reads, being unemployed, inventing friends and supporters and slowly going mad. This is justice of the greatest kind. The "disgraced gaming spiv" will never be employed again. Nor will anyone do business with him either. Andrew you may as well return to Costa Rica because you have no future here.

Dr Phil said...

Andrew, I am also interested in the women in your life... your mum, Kimberly and the others, the ones inside your head, Cait Catt, Rita Randles, Catter8 &, of course, Jenny Jensen-Hansen. How do you feel about women? Why do you wear their clothes?

Anonymous said...

More companies the obese fiend was associated with:

- Zoes’s Emporium
- Arrowhead Media (where Landeryou parked $100,000 of stolen MUSU money from the Marbain scam)
- Aussie Gourmet Bites
- Australian Halal Poultry
- Optima Property Development group
- Lush Bar Australia

The type of multi-personality outbursts we witness daily here at Slanderyou expressed itself in Andrew's previous corporate dealings. He set up companies all over the place, shifted funds between them, registered Company Secretaries who never knew they were and so on. It all got out of control.

Dr Phil said...

Andrew is very quiet today. I am worried there may have been an incident. Andrew, take your meds!

Anonymous said...

These Landeryou fronts intruige me:

- Aussie Gourmet Bites
- Australian Halal Poultry

Were they designed to net the fat fraud vast quantities of fatty deep fried chicken he had no intention of ever paying for?

I think we should be told.

Dr Phil said...

Perhaps some of Andrew's unusual behaviours are growth hormone induced. This explains much.

Anonymous said...

It explains the man breasts! but not the behaviour... the fraud and theft.

Dr Phil said...

It explains his desperate need to expand his empire, his waistline and his cash holdings. Chicken growth hormone induced extreme behaviours. Quite common.

Anonymous said...

""A man who pimped a 16-year-old schoolgirl paid her with chicken nuggets for having sex with men, a court has been told..."

A N D R E W !!!!!"

Brilliant. I laughed until it hurt.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou will be remembered forever as a pioneer of eCommerce Fraud!

Tonight I sold a book on Ebay, only to be contacted by the winning bidder asking for my 'banking details'. Cool, huh?

Dear yanmafx,

Hi there, can I pay for this by direct debit and if so can you please give
me your bank details.
Thanks and have a nice evening.


I politely told 'Kath' where to stick her 'nice evening'.

All of a sudden there are far too many Landeryou-like fraudsters everywhere. The internet is becoming poison thanks to crooks like Landy and dear old
'Kathleen'. Pure Scum!

Anonymous said...

When Andrew tries his next scam, we will all be ready.

Dr Phil said...

We hope Landeryou will understand the consequences of his actions by that time, that he will be 'cured' of his many mental maladies and the vast emptiness of his own life will be transparent to him.

Other Landeryou readers at that time may wish to hand him over to Brutus and the boys at Barwon.

Anonymous said...

The fat slug drunk and unconscious again.

Anonymous said...

Will he get out of bed today?

Rehab worker said...

Yesterday marked a new low in the decline of Andrew Landeryou.

The obese psychotic crim drank himself unconscious by mid-morning. There are no signs that he even came around but what is likely to have occurred is that he passed out again after one too many "hair of the dog" drinks as he sought to battle his hangover.

Patriots will note that Landeryou was unable to blog on his own hate site or post deranged and foolish messages on this Blog of Truth using false identities.

This indicates that he had the shakes so bad he could not type and that by the time he had drunk enough for them to stop he was too intoxicated to use a keyboard.

Brutus Beefcake said...

The Barwon Boys have a cure ready for Landeryou -- shock treatment

Hot Rodders believe in tough love

Anonymous said...

Hey Brutus

Does your cure involve multiple injections into a certain part of the anatomy, a special type of injection?

Brutus Beefcake said...

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodder cure works by behaviour modification.

By administering vigorous and frequent bashings and anal rapes we persuade the likes of Landeryou to make a permanent change, usually by hanging themselves in their cells.

Dr Phil said...

Threats of the Brutus type above will cause the Landeryou entity to fragment even further. This will result in even more fictional characters appearing on this Blog.

We want to make him whole, sane and fully aware of the consequences of his past actions BEFORE Brutus and the boys get hold of him. None of this is good for his therapy.

Lay off until he is in Barwon.

Dr Phil said...

Multiple bogus corporate entities and multiple personalities, Landeryou's corporate dealings and his personal life have much in common.

Anonymous said...

He lives! Fat Boy lives! Poxnews has been updated, but only with a bucketful of bile about Fat Boy's former friend Evan Thornley.

Fat Boy is sooooooo bitter that Thornley has been a success while he has fallen deeper and deeper into disrepute, despair and drunkenness that he can still write a blog post on him after drinking four flagons of port and going by the contents of the Poxnews update that is exactly what he did.

Dr Phil said...

Envy... The Landeryou entity does not take the success of others well. His failure to come to terms with his own absolute failure in life is inhibiting treatment.

He also doesn't take his meds claiming the "cats" stole them.

Anonymous said...

Dr Phil, do you reckon these "cats" Landeryou is obsessed by actually exist or are they alcoholic hallucinations?

Dr Phil said...

They are real for Andrew and that's what matters. We don't know how the "Catts" emerged from Andrew's psyche, whether it was alcohol induced, paranoia or avoidance of his own existential angst. That is not important. What we know are the "Catts" are Andrew valued companions. He takes great pleasure in finally having "associates" that he can control, who say what he wants them to say and that don't bite.

Andrew's psyche is weak. We know most Slanderyou readers would like him to be in jail with Brutus Beefcake being treated quite roughly. However, if we push on this issue too hard, Andrew will slip back into avoidance mode, the "Catts" will disappear and we will see Andre hiding behind potplants, in Costa Rica or some other exotic location.

Anonymous said...

That's another interesting point, Dr Phil. Andy famously once hid behind a potted palm. When he legged it off overseas, he went to the tropical locale of Costa Rica.

Did the former point to the latter?

Dr Phil said...

For Andrew the relationship between "Potted Palms" and "Costa Rica" separated by 14 years in time is merely co-incidental. I don't think his avoidance mechanisms are directly related to the tropics, plants or climate. Each of these events is more closely linked to actual events in his own life, the "Potted Palm" to his sacking as MUSU President in 1991 and Costa Rica to legal issues he was encountering over the MUSU collapse and his role in the "Institutional Services", Marbain, and Optima Property scams that bankrupt MUSU in 2005. The link is Andrew's relationship to MUSU and his failure to hold his Presidency in 1991. These are mundance, criminal and non-psychological relationships with no tropical theme emerging as far as I can see.

Dr Phil said...

Though, of course, their is a link to his father... and envy but we'll explore these another day. I have patients to attend to.

Anonymous said...

What about Big Bent Bill, Dr Phil? When the process servers came for him because he hadn't paid his credit card (ie couldn't balance his books) he hid in the Parliamentary Library.

kevin of southbank said...

Lots of Stuff on the mayne report, compare this with Vexnews!

Dear Mayne Reporters,

First up this week, check out this comprehensive 1500-word piece written for Fairfax's website yesterday which has laid down some important markers for the coming AGM mini-season.

It has been viewed more than 32,000 times and presumably quite a few of them are from within the Westfield, AMP and Rio Tinto camps given the predictions about embarrassing shareholder revolts that will unfold over the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Mayne has written a 1500-word piece on the AGM season?

Fat failure Andrew Landeryou could easily write a 1,500,000,000,000-word effort on why everyone else is to blame for his failure as a politician, businessperson, media figure, husband and human being generally.

Oh wait. He has done that already on the Blog of Sleaze and Poxnews.

Mayne's effort has already been viewed 32,000 times. If fat failure's nasty sites have been viewed 32 times he should consider himself lucky.

Dr Phil said...

I didn't know about the family history of avoidance. Everything I have learnt about avoidance and denial seems more environmental than hereditary.

Bill Landeryou hiding in the parliamentary library to avoid process servers. His son hiding behind potted plants and in Costa Rica, plus keeping his address and identity secret.

Yet other features seem inherited but reversed, for example Andrew went bankrupt then transmitted it to his father.

All of this very complex. I'll do some research and get back to you.

I suspect Andrew did not have a very happy childhood.

Madge of Benalla said...

This is a great Blog. As someone mentioned above you get to interact with, provoke and tease a real life crook. He is so vain he responds. I have recommended it to all my friends.

Anonymous said...

Where are the 'defenders' of the 'Great Man' today. In hiding? Andrew having another episode?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Landeryou has had a complete breakdown and is catatonic in a corner of the fat cave.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's having a hissy fit after Dr Phil's devestating analysis of his mental problems.

Dr Phil said...

We can all speculate on Landeryou's current silence. After month's of spamming this Blog many times a day under cross-gender pseudonyms, perhaps he is just taking break. All that hatred is tiring.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Meanwhile on the blog of filth, precious bandwidth is allocated to Dr Phil, a fraud and an evil breach of copyright laws, as well as the Australia and US Free Trade Agreement.

Off to gaol you go Slanderyou. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson you are being too kind. The death penalty is more appropriate, like that their Chinese colleagues impose!

Al haji Abdullah said...

In Islam we cut off the hands of criminals. I do not trust infidel medicine, so Dr Phil, you are haram.

Anonymous said...

WEBMASTER - Please remove:

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 2:48:00 AM

That person paid up tonight and shouldn't be unfairly treated. I apologise to her and to visitors here.

Dr Phil said...

Andrew, 3 comments in a row from your imaginary friends. I'm just the Doctor, the sickness is yours.

Come to terms with the failure of your own life, your loneliness, your anger, your sense of "privilege" and "entitlement" and your bitterness towards other successful people. You are almost 40 with no job, no friends, no wife and no income. How does that make you feel?

Your father issues we can deal with later. It was hard to be the son of "Big Bill" with such high expectations, wasn't it? You felt you were "born to rule", didn't you? And when you couldn't make the grade, even in the sandpit of student politics, you turned to revenge didn't you? You sent MUSU bankrupt some 14 years after you were sacked as President just 5 months into the job. You sent your wife bankrupt and bankrupt your father. You set up a Blog that spews forth daily such hatred and defamation.

Is this all that there is to your life? Shell companies, shell identities? Is that all? It is rather sad isn't it.

I suggest you talk to a professional.

Anonymous said...

Well done Dr Phil. This blog is great. You really can get interactive with a corporate crook. He and his pets bite back. Cool. Let's get the word out.

Does he do an advice column? Like how to set up bank accounts in Cyprus, that sort of stuff. It would be really useful to know.

Anonymous said...

I hear a nasty virus is due to hit today, April 1. It fills your of with malware and tries to drown blogs with fake comments from made-up people called Cair, catter8, Henderson, Rita, Jenny and Al. It's name is "Landeryou".

Anonymous said...

This is my favourite Blog. No doubt about it. I love it when the mad "Andrew Landeryou" character drops by in drag. Who is he anyway? What did he do to piss you guys off?

Anonymous said...

My blog has been swamped by assinine comments under childish names from a fat failure, drunk and criminal who believes he should be taken seriuosly. Is this the Landeryou virus?

Anonymous said...

Oddball Landeryou says in the intro to a blog on Poxnews today "It's sometimes those who talk loudest at dinner parties about freedom of speech and freedom of the press who are the most inclined to censor material they don't like".

How true Landeryou, how true! Stop censoring the few real comments you get on Poxnews - and let freedom ring!

Anonymous said...

Talking of hypocrisy from the fat failure, Andy also has a brief story on his blog accusing Martin Luther King of plagiarism. It is.. wait for it... plagiarised.

Anonymous said...

Man oh man are things heating up at Barwon Jail.

Charity prison visitors are getting worried. They say they have never seen anything like it. Brutus Beefcake is getting ready to strike. He is waiting for Landeryou with a cricket bat in one hand and his hard cock in the other.

Anonymous said...

I understand there are no hanging points in the cells at Barwon Jail. Landeryou might want to top himself before he ends up in the clutches of Brutus and the Hot Rodders.

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy actually has a story, although he has done his damnest to bury it.

The Star Group of suburban rags in Melbourne isn't taking his shit anymore. They have called if bluff and are threatening to sue.

He has reacted as only a drunken megalomaniac can.

It will be fascinating to see if they press on with legal action.

More light might be shed on certain mysteries - like where Fat Boy lives and how he survives from day to day given that he has had no visible means of support for more than half a decade.

More power to Star Newspapers!

Anonymous said...

Centrelink benefits don't even cover his rent... where does he get the money? Slanderyou readers know of his estimated $7 million overseas stash... that amount is calculated by the missing IQ Corp $6.2 million, plus the $1 million removed from MUSU via the Marbain scam.

Of course there have been a whole range of companies that Landeryou has been associated with that have been listed on Slanderyou in recent weeks. Sums from those efforts are yet to be quantified.

Read psycho's rant said...

Here is obese crook and failure Andrew Landeryou's psychotic rant penned in response to legal threats from Star Newspapers.

Fat Andrew obviously believes that when you find yourself in a hole, it's always best to dig deeper.

The loon rambles on for over 2500 words, using the Royal We throughout.

He compounds his original defamation and makes further threats against Star Newspapers, its employees and their legal counsel.

His rant also includes this line which will have patriots rolling on the floor laughing: "Don't put words in our mouth, it's already full".

With flagon port and KFC. Yuck!

Dear Ms James/Ms Burchartz,

Your letter threatening a defamation lawsuit on behalf of Star News Group journalist Melissa Meehan dated 20th March (see below) is perplexing in the extreme.

As you might imagine, we quite frequently receive complaints and even legal threats about what we write but we have not ever before received such a threat from someone we didn’t actually criticise.

Indeed, as we consider ourselves pioneers in some respect in an exotic yet strangely popular form of publishing, we believe it very apt that we achieve yet another first.

We’d be sure to actually go beyond our neutral stance and actually praise your client should you undertake to litigate that too. More of that later.

Certainly your letter, presumably sent on her instructions, warrants analysis in a public forum and - dare we say it - criticism too. Our policy is to generally respond to legal threats with open letters, which we believe is quite appropriate in this case as your letter raises issues of public interest.

Far from defaming your client, we believe we have been nothing but fair to her in reporting on matters of considerable public interest to those who live in areas ostensibly served by the Star News Group(”SNG”) and in the broader political community.

A front-page article was published by SNG that was - by any reasonable analysis - viciously unfair about a popular and respected public official. The headline labelled the official a “dud” and quoted various epithets from her political rivals. We’ve never met the official concerned - and was not previously aware of her - but the story was a particularly extreme example of mediocre political reporting so we did what we often do, we criticised it.

By our normal measure, the nominated author, Ms Meehan, got off very lightly indeed, mostly because we were informed by confidential sources that it wasn’t her work, in whole or in part.

We reported on the offending article and explained the background to it, which we had thoroughly and exhaustively researched with sources closely connected with Ms Meehan’s employer. We made it clear the approach taken by the article was not Ms Meehan’s responsibility but was driven by those in charge.

We then reported on attempts by some to criticise Ms Meehan. We were unambiguously hostile to that criticism, in some respects rebutted it and reported the bare minimum of it in order to do so, partly we must say to discourage the targetting of a young journalist with little clout for just doing her job, as directed.

Needless to say, we stand by both stories and won’t be taking up your suggestion that we censor them in any respect. We believe in freedom of political speech and would have liked to think your client might share that commitment. It seems that if she does, she only extends that commitment to political speech of which she approves. We find that gravely disappointing. Even worrying.

We say, and we see no serious effort made in the letter to deny, that SNG is a company under serious financial strain that uses its editorial pages for improper purpose. That is a serious claim, indeed it’s a gravely serious situation.

While defamatory of SNG, the statement also has the advantage of being true. It is certainly in the public interest for us to raise the issue.

Further, we believe we made it very clear in our coverage that in our view the article written under your client’s by-line was an example of that sort of conduct. What we also made clear was that our sources believed it was not Meehan who was at fault. She just works there, after all. So we gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Much more importantly, we believed it was important to tell this story while minimising the potential risk to your client’s employment.

We did not contact her for comment - contrary to our normal policy - because of that sensitivity.

We recently reported exclusively on executives at The Age threatening a local newsagent in a bushfire affected area over their difficulties in maintaining delivery services despite the fact that their delivery worker had lost his house and car to the fires.

Without going into it in detail, we became aware that a person believed to be a source (incorrectly as it happens) was terminated from their employment.

That caused us considerable concern, as you might imagine.

And we certainly didn’t wish a similar situation to arise. We are comfortable our approach was the correct one.

In any event, your letter - in a particularly muddled way - says we ought to have spoken with your client despite this but now urges us not to do so. You can’t really have it both ways, we’d suggest. Lest there be any doubt, to the best of our knowledge we have not ever spoken with or met your client or indeed had read any of her work prior to this most recent example. We just called it how we saw it and as our sources informed us.

We would welcome any litigation on the veracity of our claims. We believe Star News Group has much to lose on that score, as you have probably already been instructed.

As for the inferences you say can be made out from what we’ve written, we believe your assertions of them are at significant variance from what we actually wrote and meant to convey. We do not believe it even remotely likely that the inferences you concocted could reasonably be made by the ordinary person from the natural meaning of the words we used.

We are not known for our subtlety or finesse at VEXNEWS. If we don’t like someone or don’t like something they did, we’ll say so. And usually quite emphatically, aided by Photoshop and other weapons of freedom. To suggest that we write in disguise or whatever is perhaps flattering but is simply not the case. We have neither the time or inclination to write things we don’t mean or say things differently from our good faith belief.

We don’t agree that we sought to - or actually did - damage Ms Meehan’s reputation in any respect.

We could have been much more critical of her but we are source-driven, we report what we find. Fearlessly. She wasn’t to blame.

If Meehan is a regular reader of our publication, we suspect she knows all that already.

We fear that Ms Meehan has been put up to take legal action designed to silence a critic of her employer. This strikes us as highly improper and not at all consistent with the traditions of journalism.

We believe that course of action will be ultimately far more injurious to her reputation as a journalist, let alone someone who claims to believe in “robust journalism,” than the innocuous publications we have made.

The photographs we received were clearly supplied to us by someone who wished us to be critical of Ms Meehan.

We were not willing to join in that criticism and made that perfectly clear. You ask why publish them. Our response to that is contained in the article. We received communications from a source highly critical of her and made reference to that in passing and also received photographs of her. We said the photographs seemed perfectly innocuous to us and suggested nothing adverse about her in any way. In the context of the story we wrote, it is impossible in our view to infer otherwise.

We are in no doubt that any ordinary person reading the article and the way we presented the story and described the photographs would arrive at the conclusion that we didn’t agree with the criticism, which we saw as probably sexist and certainly unfair in the circumstances.

Ours is a robust journalism. We believe any true believer in that would accept our story for what it was, on its face, not imposing on it a rather bizarre conspiracy theory drive-by interpretation completely unsupported by common-sense, our own history as a publisher and the natural meaning of our words.

Having said that, we reserve the right to be critical of Ms Meehan’s journalism and any other aspect of her public role and private conduct. Your letter has probably guaranteed that. But more than that, scrutiny and accountability is what she signed on for when she went to work for a newspaper, particularly these days.

The internet has democratised publishing in a way unmatched since Gutenberg. This is both good and bad.

At last count, there were no fewer than six websites that are devoted to me. I don’t pay much attention to them. They contain threats to kill, frequent proposals to commit some act of violence against me in order to discourage our publication, endless commentary about my fondness for KFC (truth is their defence) and other unspeakably cruel remarks about my favoured football club. I don’t like it, I’ll be the first to admit, but I figure it’s not those threatening to kill you on a website you need to worry about. It’s the angry silent ones with lots of loot who like to plot from the 53rd floors of city buildings who cause more concern.

In this case, we don’t believe we did actually criticise her, in any respect, let alone defame her in any way that could be reasonably held to be outside the law.

The article attributed to her by Star News Group, calling a local mayor a “dud” was clearly pretty ordinary journalism, by any sensible measure. Generously, certainly by our normal standards, we didn’t take her to task. We made inquiries about what went on and our sources indicated that she was not responsible for most of it so we made that clear.

That’s what journalism is. Finding out inconvenient truths and reporting them. It probably would have been more convenient for us to blame her but our investigations led otherwise.

Therefore, we make no apology whatever for speaking truth to the power of the Star News Group, such as it is.

Star News Group is a company - as we have reported - that owes many millions of dollars to bank lenders. We believe it is struggling to cope. We believe that subject matter is well within the public interest. It is a large employer and distributes newspapers into tens of thousands of homes across Melbourne.

We believe they are a perfectly legitimate subject of reporting, comment and analysis.

If Ms Meehan genuinely believes we intended to criticise her, we are sad about that. We don’t believe she was responsible for the disgraceful muck that appears in newspapers published by the Thomas family. We are very familiar with the way newspapers work and understand that a by-line isn’t necessarily conclusive proof of authorship.

So for any hurt feelings or misunderstandings, we are sad for your client.

But we are not sorry.

We told the truth, as best we could discover it in circumstances where our sources could lose their jobs if they were discovered. We note your client’s denial that she felt uncomfortable with directives given to her by her employer. Our sources don’t agree.

We have published your letter and will adding her assertion about her state of mind to the article of which you complain.

We will also point out the obvious which is that any employee in Ms Meehan’s position would probably feel considerable pressure to say just that.

Our approach to this story was responsible, fair, balanced and above all else sensitive to the situation in which Ms Meehan found herself as an employee of that company.

We were careful to distinguish between employee and employer but note that the cleanest pig in the sty invariably ends up a little grubby too.

We are very familiar with legal threats. We receive them often.

Billionaires, politicians and many others have stepped into the ring, or at least threatened to do so.

It is our policy to publish their threats. While continuing to hold them to account for their public conduct. And vigorously contesting their attempts to use the law to crush critics to the fullest extent possible. We are pleased to say we have enjoyed some success in that respect.

In this case, we publish your letter reluctantly.

We know that your letter will do much to diminish your client in the eyes of many of the people in her chosen profession.

In our case, we’d prefer to be generous and say it was just a slight over-reaction from a first-time player.

The trouble is that if you dish out criticism as freely as journalists are required to do, it might be considered to be a little churlish or precious to sue over an article that was barely critical at all.

This is not a business for the sensitive or faint-hearted.

And certainly not one for those who believe they - or in this unusual instance, their employer - should be above criticism or scrutiny.

You say your client believes in robust journalism. Our dictionary tells us this adjective suggests “strong and healthy, hard, vigorous, stout, rough, rude, boisterous, rich and full-bodied.”

While sounding like a good cab sav, it’s a fair description of what we do at VEXNEWS. Sometimes I cringe at the politically incorrect and edgy stuff that goes out under own name. It’s not always nice but it’s always, always driven by a passionate desire to speak truth to power, to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Robust journalism is a good description for VEXNEWS.

There’s no polite description for someone suing in these circumstances and I wouldn’t expect one going forward either from us or from interested on-lookers. An attempt to sue is nothing less than an attempt to prevent VEXNEWS from publishing at all. And you probably don’t have needed to have done a taxpayer subsidised course in journalism for a few years to figure out whether that would advance or attack the interests of free political speech in Australia.

We’d appreciate you letting us know when and from where we could pick up your client’s writ. Let’s get this party started. Please feel free to call for a chat on 0415 99 33 26.

Could you also please clarify whether Ms Meehan is paying you for your services or whether Star News Group is picking up the tab.

Could you also confirm that you act for SNG in other matters, as we believe to be the case.

Further, through you, we ask your client to clarify precisely how much of the article attributed to her was written by her and to detail the interaction with Garry Howe and other supervisors in the preparation of her “Dud” article. Should you fail to comment on those matters, that will be noted by us in the normal way.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Landeryou

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Vexnews speaks truth to power, that is why it has become a popular news portal across the pacific rim. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, cannot agree with your more. Other media outlets are jealous of Vexnews' media footprint.

Al haji Abdullah said...

I must admit, I have started to read Vexnews. While it supports liberty, freedom, and truth, all things that are opposed by Islam, I must say, it is a great read.

Anonymous said...

The porky crook was clearly pissed when he wrote that mad epistle and now that his sock puppets have returned he has clearly had a few more drinks.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews has no footprint. It has no readers. No objective external "Site Meter" is available on Vexnews to demonstrate just how many independent hits are coming in. Instead, we just get endless raves from Landeryou claiming that the CIA, ASIO and the rest of the world read Vexnews. Given the rather suburban content, generally defaming a host of local players in Victorian politics (most of whom we have never heard of) it is unlikely to have a meaningful following.

Anonymous said...

Star News is unlikely to get much for defamation on a Blog nobody reads.

We can see Andrew's defence now, as only himself and his imaginary friends (and STAR NEWS staff who found the article after searching Google) had ever read the defamatory article in question, so damaged should be set at $22 ($1 for each of Landeryou's fictional identities).

Very cunning.

Hanging Judge Isaac Parker said...

One day Landeryou is going completely creamed in court. A good SC or QC would put up with his 'privilege', 'freedom of speech' rants for about 3 nanoseconds.

The truth is that Landeryou is a libellous crud. He isn't a journalist. He is just a hate-filled crim who loves running people down. His victims are generally people who can't fight back, or who get legal advice it isn't worthwhile suing a bankrupt.

A smart legal mind could think of a workaround for the net being unregulated. There is a strong argument for suing Landeryou even if the ultimate aim is only to get a penny judgement.

Bomb + Aimer said...

Go! Melissa Meehan. Go! Go! Go!

Do him very slow!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou said:

"At last count, there were no fewer than six websites that are devoted to me. I don’t pay much attention to them. They contain threats to kill, frequent proposals to commit some act of violence against me in order to discourage our publication, endless commentary about my fondness for KFC (truth is their defence) and other unspeakably cruel remarks about my favoured football club. I don’t like it, I’ll be the first to admit, but I figure it’s not those threatening to kill you on a website you need to worry about. It’s the angry silent ones with lots of loot who like to plot from the 53rd floors of city buildings who cause more concern."

Andrew flatters himself about the 6 Websites "devoted" to himself. But he is more worried about "plotters" on the 53rd floor; ie Solly Lew. His paranoia is remarkable.

Solly just wants his money back Andrew. He only made $1.82 million from the sale of Wardlow, Landeryou's Parkville mansion after his entire $4 million investment in IQ Corp disappeared along with all company records. $2.2 million of Lew's investment is still missing. Plus another $4 million of other investors money.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou has been involved as a Director, shareholder or through fake identities with the companies below:

- Multicenter Australia
- Synergy Metals
- Global Tertiary Solutions
- Century Bet
- IQ Corporation Pty Ltd
- IQ First Pty Ltd
- IQ Interactive Pty Ltd
- IQ Services Pty Ltd
- IQ Sports Pty Ltd
- Message IQ Pty Ltd
- Marbain Pty Ltd
- Lush Bar Australia Pty Ltd
- Sunrock Ltd (Hong Kong Nominee Company where Landeryou sent the $1 million from the Marbain scam)
- Arrowhead Media Sales Pty Ltd (Landeryou sent $100,000 from the Marbain swindle back from Cyprus to this company)
- Avonwood Ltd (Cyprus Nominee Company where Landeryou sent the Marbain swindle $1 million after first moving it to Hong Kong)
- Aussie Gourmet Bites Pty Ltd
- Zoe’s Emporium Pty Ltd
- Australian Halal Poultry Pty Ltd
- Optima Property Development Group Pty Ltd
- Training Events Pty Ltd
- National Retail Investments Pty -Ltd
- Lan Capital
- BV Sachsen Group Australia Pty Ltd
- Pacific Insight

The scams are endless. No doubt, his computer holds records of dozens of other offshore entities created in contempt of Australian taxation and corporate law. These entities were used by Landeryou to move money out of and then back into Australia.

Besides spending time on his crap Blog Poxnews and spamming Slanderyou, Landeryou spends his days at his computer "managing" his overseas loot stash and devising ways to move the ill gotten proceeds back into Australia. His favourite mechanism is via overseas credit and debit cards issued under the names of his offshore entities. Simple but effective. He can be frequently seen outside city ATMs withdrawing cash.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Is this what counts for news for leftards, jihadists and Age readers? No wonder Fairfax is insolvent.

Thank the Christian God that Vexnews exists. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...


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