Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fat people and controversy

Another fat person in a controversy.

More here.

Where it was done.

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Anna F said...

What's the causal link?

Is Andy a snark? said...


Is Andy a snark? said...

or my be its KFC with a side order to KFC

Cait Catt said...

This commentary is a disgrace. It is an insult to all fat people. Many fat people are fat because of hormonal deficiencies or heredity. They can't be blamed. Of course some people do eat excessively and those who do are of course at risk of hypertension, diabetes and heart attacks.

That being said it is unfair to say that all fat people are bad people. Some may be but the same can be said of think people too.

Don't classify people according to their weight.

Rita Randles said...

Well written Cait. I think the attack on Andrew is also a disgrace.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

My mother has never eaten at KFC. They donate money to the Labor Party who are un-Australian and are trying to defeat my mother and Rosa.

Don't forget Slanderyou readers in Beaudesert and Dalrymple.

In Beaudesert vote 1 Pauline Hanson

In Dalrymple vote 1 Rosa Lee Long

catter8 said...

Andrew does not support Pauline Hanson.

Is Andy a snark? said...

Cait said "Don't classify people according to their weight."

Well said Cait. Andy is obese - completely different classification.

Anonymous said...

I just couldn't resist re-posting this comment about Cait Catt's family. It is hilarious. When is Cait going to sue as she promised she would?

Genealogist to the Stars said...

I have been conducting research into Catts related to Cait Catt. Readers here have found out about loose Fatt Catt recently.

Cait and Fatt's Dad is Sylvester P. Catt and Mum Alley. Their auntie is Kitty Catt and uncle Cheshire.

I'm afraid there are rather a lot of scandals in the Catt Family including four Catts that are never mentioned. The first is Pussy Catt who is a stripper at a well-known Gentlemen's Club in Melbourne. There is a so-called private investigator with Underbelly connections, Sam Spayed Catt. Worst of all is Scat Catt. I don't want to mention what he is famous for. All I can say is that he leaves unwanted 'messages' for his enemies.

I left the biggest scandal till last. Feral Catt was often to be seen in the MUSU building and was apparently involved in some of the dodgy deals hatched there. It is unknown if she is alive. There was talk at the time among highly paid MUSU executives of a giant 'put down' of Feral Katt. Whether Feral was actually put down is not known, but she has not been seen for a number of years.

Monday, March 09, 2009 12:31:00 AM
Anonymous Feral Catt said...

Don't worry, folks! I am alive and very well, and working for ALP boss Stephen Newnham in his clandestine 'Office of Dirty Tricks'. I get to see Landy because he is often in here offering strange advice on how to deal with Libs Ted Bailleau and Terry Mulder, 'leftards', wayward unions and jihadists.

Even Stephen Newnham is getting pretty sick of him. 'The Kororoit gig was great', he says 'but Landy hasn't done anything useful since then. A week is a long time in politics, and that was nearly a year ago

Monday, March 09, 2009 12:55:00 AM
Anonymous little Theo said...

Hey Theo,

Didn't we give Pussy Catt's fireplace a good stoking a couple of years ago?

Monday, March 09, 2009 2:15:00 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the Jack Pacholli references at the end of the last blog here. It sort of summed up for me what Landeryou stands for. Maybe, like Jack, he will be bankrupt for decades, venting spleen on the people he hates, and avoiding the normal consequences of his repulsive libels.

For a person who always defends the Holocaust victims (and what right-thinking human being wouldn't) he has little or no time for other underdogs. It is all a bit contemptible and very sad.

Lift your act Landeryou!!!

Anonymous said...

I too much enjoyed the Catt family expose. But I feel sad for Uncle Cheshire Catt who is a jovial fellow normally. But he has neices like Cait, Fatt, Pussy and Feral who are rather embarrassing. Poor old Cheshire. He simply says he has no neices. Aunt Kitty Catt told us in the last blog that Cait Catt has been locked up as a looney for many years.

Anonymous said...

Mad fat Landeryou keeps only the company of imaginary Catts because he has no friends.

We hate him not because he is fat, that is forgivable. We hate him because he is a thieving lowlife scum of the earth still living of the $1,000,000 theft of MUSU money via the Marbain swindle.

There's a train a comin' said...

'Choo Choo' Landeryou is still chuggin' through various Poxnews blogs with soporific comments.

Terry Mulder, the shadow transport minister that Landeryou is malevolently promoting as an alternative to Big Ted is a complete, comic twit. Any present-day train traveller would happily strangle Terry after strangling Lynn Kosky, the do-nothing Minister who doesn't know the plot let alone having lost it.

Terry Mulder is as much of a threat to Big Ted Bailleau as mickey mouse is to Lynn Kosky.

Theo said...

little Theo,

Please stop posting to this blog. We are already in enough poo without you adding to it.

If I remember things correctly, it was you that wanted to b#nk unemployed women to show how powerful we were then.

Rita says she will bury you in ice if there is any more of this!

little Theo said...


Are you completely nuts?

I am a tiny human appendage with no mind of my own. It was you that gave me various 'outings' in and around your office. I am one-eyed about all this. But it was you that came up with the dastardly plans.

Anonymous said...

Is Cait Catt fat like Andy?

Anonymous said...

Solomon Lew, the Slanderyou hero who forced the fat, thieving one to cough up stolen loot has done very well during the recession, despite regular defamation on Poxnews. Well done Solly! See below:

Premier Investments (PMV) $4.03 Tim Boreham | March 18, 2009

Article from: The Australian

WHEN Premier supremo Solomon Lew warned of a "dramatic decline" in retail clothing spending a year ago, everyone cried Chicken Little.

After all, Premier was in the midst of its hostile $900 million tilt at Just Group and it was in Lew's interest to talk down the target's prospects.

As it happened, the sky did fall in for Just, which by August was in the embrace of Lew's sparsely traded cash box. Seven months on, Just holders who accepted the scrip-cash deal -- many of them highly reluctantly -- can get a better feel for how much value Premier has added to Just.

Just's interim EBITA, announced yesterday, shrank 13 per cent to $56 million, but was not as apocalyptic as it might have been.

"The performance of the Just Group was slightly better than we anticipated," admits Lew.

Sales across Just's individual brands ranged from stellar to terrible, which means Lew needs to apply all those lectures he delivered to Coles' erstwhile management to his own camp.

Portmans and Just Jeans, which caters for the GFC-affected mainstream/mature audience, saw their like-for-like sales plunge 13 per cent and 9 per cent respectively (Portmans' over-the-odds presence in Kiwiland didn't help, either).

But "fashionista" outlet Dotti notched up a 17 per cent gain while sales at girlie brand Jay Jay managed to stay above water. Dad is yet to use the GFC as an excuse to cut pocket money.

Under the Premier model, Just has been run by old management. While the old brigade has been left alone, Premier has overlaid its own seven-step recovery program. This includes "reclaiming" the soft Just Jeans brand and converting more of the 3 million browsers who visit a Just Group store weekly into shoppers.

On a sharper note, Premier has acted quickly to install a new head for Portmans and to beat a hasty retreat on Peter Alexander's disastrous US West Coast foray.

Residual naysayers among the old Just register have been placated with a 20c special div, a somewhat surprising move to distribute $280 million of excess franking credits. Despite this largesse, Premier has little debt and $337 million of cash reserves -- a perfect position to acquire distressed assets. "There are lots of people knocking on our doors. We are not rushing into anything," Lew says.

Criterion rated Premier an avoid on November 26 at $3.38. We'll upgrade to a buy on the assumption Premier's lack of transparency is a bygone. Expect a decent second (current) half, if only because most of the "comps" (previous-half comparative sales) were pretty sick. The sagacious Lew expects an economic recovery by the end of this year or in early 2010.

Anonymous said...

On ya Solly. You were the only one to get some of your money back from Landeryou. He stole $4 million from your investment in IQ Corp and then shredded the records. You got back $3 million from taking over the Parkville mansion. That is the best return on investment anyone dealing with Landeryou has ever got. Everyone else dealing with the crook has received ZERO.

Anonymous said...

Poor Fat Andrew Landeryou is hurt by size-ism:

"Many fat people are fat because of hormonal deficiencies or heredity," he bleats. "They can't be blamed."

Shonkiness seems to be heredity in the Landeryou clan. Big Bent Bill passed his utter lack of principal on to his son.

Curiously, bankruptcy seems to be genetic in the Landeryou family too -- but even more curiously it was transmitted from son to father.

Anonymous said...

I thought bankruptcy was sexually transmitted in the Landeryou family 12:42:00.

First fat boy fucked Dimberley and she went bankrupt and then he fucked his father.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt has some legal knowledge, according to some of her posts anyway. I know Aunt Kitty Catt says she is mad and had been locked up, presumably in a psychiatric hospital, but she might just have the ability to fathom this item on Landeryou's Vexnews. Is this item of interest to ASIO? I haven't read it anywhere else. The article is below:

COLD JUSTICE: The Age hits another lost revenue iceberg on the way down
By VEXNEWS ⋅ March 18, 2009

theagesinking Poor old Fairfax, they can’t take a trick. First it was recruitment advertising. Then real estate. Then cars. Their once mighty rivers of gold have dried up faster than the Coorong in summer, and yet, every dark cloud has a silver lining for those optimistic Fairfax types. As one of their now ex-corporate footsoldiers told VEXNEWS barely a year ago, “We’ve still got Law notices. It’s not the biggest fish there is, but nothing in the newspaper business is more profitable.”

Alas, they should have kept their mouth shut. The Age’s law notices business will evaporate before their eyes this year, and not just diminish, but fall away to zero. Hilariously, the pole-axing hasn’t come about through the work of a competitor, or Fairfax’s incompetence, but from an altogether unexpected direction. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, as it turns out. Oh, the irony.

An eagle-eyed follower of all things legal has sent us the following link to the Supreme Court’s website which went up in the first week of March. It’s an extraordinary development which will have sent a chill down the spine of commercial types at The Age, who are getting ready to move into their new, 21st century shoebox, just two blocks away from the Supreme Court. It seems the Supreme Court has decided to set up its own Law Notices publishing service. Online.

See the link below, where the Court recently advised that:

“From 2 March 2009 until 1 September 2009, a dual advertising system for the publication of advertisements in Victoria will be in place. During this period, practitioners and court users can advertise on the Court’s website or by newspaper in the traditional way. From 2 September 2009 all advertisements, save and except those referred to below, must be advertised on this website.”

See more for yourself at this link.

Here at VEXNEWS, this development has an odd look to it. We understand that the process of placing probate notices - and other legal processes - in the newspaper has been a obligation on law firms determined by the Courts themselves for more than a century. Now we have the situation where lawyers still have to place a notice in a public place advising of the granting of probate, but instead of using a newspaper, law firms are compelled to advertise the granting of probate on the Court’s own website. For $35 a pop. Cute. A nice little earner for the Court we reckon, although not as nice an earner as law notices was for The Age.

By our estimates, Law Notices for The Age currently represents somewhere between $3 and 4 million per year in revenue with profitability upwards of the 50% mark. We guess that’s not a lot when The Age’s revenues are still somewhere between $250 and $300 million per year, but, still a big hole in the bottom line when you’re talking about something so eye-wateringly profitable.

Ouch. We almost felt sorry for Fairfax when we heard about this development.

But then we thought about Catherine Deveny, Lawrence Money, Suzanne Carbone and others like them, and it occurred to us that if this inexorable revenue slide keeps up, one day, people like this might actually have to find real jobs.

And it occurred to us that perhaps our Courts are wise, just and equitable after all.

The Fraud Squad said...

Fat failure Landeryou pays close attention to the legal notices (see above).

When he finally recovers conciousness from his nightly binges he picks up the paper and turns to the legal notice page and thinks "Shit! All the booze has fried my memory. Am I in court today? Who is it this time?"

Anonymous said...

News.com.au says "Another earth tremor has rocked Melbourne and the east of the state this afternoon..."

Andy fell over drunk AGAIN?

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Enough about the earth tremour. Scary, but it was over quickly.

I'm more interested in my mother and Rosa. Those nude pictures of my mother are just digitally enhanced images. They are fakes. They are an ALP trick by the ALP dominated media to prevent my mother's election.

Slanderyou should be more supportive of my mother. She will be a good MP and the people of Beaudesert deserve her.

If you live in Beaudesert Vote 1 for Pauline Hanson

If you live in Dalrymple Vote 1 for Rosa Lee Long.

Pauline and Rosa will be great for Queensland.

A. Landeryou said...

Vexnews Editor-in-Chief Andrew Landeryou cordially invites readers of this blog to the farewell dinner for Long-time OC and Vexnews fake commenter Walter Plinge. "I plan to replace him with my fave fake commenter 'Evil Bastard' who has been on holiday".

Venue: KFC Bourke Street.
Time: 5.30 pm
BYO: Catering Casks
RSVP: Henderson Ross

Anonymous said...

Another Landeryou stooge:
" Jenny Jensen-Hansen said... "

OMG, Landeryou now supporting Hansen. How things have moved for the fat one.

His fictional identities ranging far and wide, from imaginary jihadists to imaginary racists. The bulging personality disorder inside Landeryou's brain will soon explode.

Anonymous said...

I bought a round of drinks at my son's birthday last Saturday night. Several Alcopops in the order. Holy Hell! It nearly bankrupted me!

The Rudd government has its hands so deep in my pockets, it could pull my socks up. Petrol, ciggies, alcohol, a whole raft of extreme extra taxes that are beggaring the nation.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou wrote:

"But then we thought about Catherine Deveny, Lawrence Money, Suzanne Carbone and others like them, and it occurred to us that if this inexorable revenue slide keeps up, one day, people like this might actually have to find real jobs."

Funny that the paranoid nutcase mentions only journalists who have written the truth about the fat crook Andrew Landeryou and exposed his thefts.

The irony of the "real jobs" comment from a man who has never actually been employed. Andrew has looted, swindled and scammed and at 40 never had a job.

What a tragic failure of a human being.

The alcoholic, unemployed bankrupt thug is unemployable.

R. Doyle said...


Walter Plinge has been an appalling bore for many years on The OC and now Poxnews.

I will only attend his farewell if you turn a blind eye if I happen to accidentally urinate in his Coke.

Cathy Ng said...


I would be happy to attend Walter Plinge's farewell, providing I am not patted down by a security guard at the door.

D. Mighell said...

Dear Henderson,

I accept Landy's kind invitation.

I hope he won't mind if I bring a large group of Unionists who, by posting on Poxnews, got a malware cookie. They are ropable!

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

1.54 says I'm supporting racists.

My mother is not racist. She will represent everyone.

How could Rosa be racist. Her late husband was Chinese and her children are therefore half Chinese.

Go Pauline and Rosa.

Anonymous said...

ABC-IV's Lateline business is helping make excuses for the disgraceful multi-million dollar salaried sharks posing as company CEOs. These people are utter vermin. It was white collar crime plain and simple. Why aren't prosecutions pending? Why aren't these crooks being jailed? Where were all the government watchdogs?

Anonymous said...

Trolling involves diverting a blog from its original direction. Landeryou has devoted copious resources to achieve this. Endless fake comments from 'Cait Catt' and many others.

But its all so obvious, so amateur, so boring. No-one here has been fooled for a minute! Go Back where you belong, Fool!

Anonymous said...

Poor Andrew with his upbringing of "privilege" and "entitlement" gets upset at journalists who write about his crimes. Meanwhile Andrew spends his days defaming innocent patriots hiding behind his shield of bankruptcy.

At least he bankrupt his dad, Big Bill. This was the only decent community service Landeryou has ever done. Everything else has just been parasitic scams.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Andrew Landeryou has never had a paid job? That's astonishing in this day and age.

Centrelink said...

True. He has been claiming benefits for many years. We suspect these claims are fraudulent as his $420 a week rent exceeds his Centrelink income, but Landeryou claims he shares his luxury apartment with one Cait Catt, an individual for whom we have no records.

Department inspectors who have visited the premises have been so repelled by the stench that they refused to enter.

Interestingly, the landlord is a corporation in Lebanon called Sonofmarbain.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is a full time bum, bludger, bungler and burglar. Does that count as a job?

Cait Catt said...

I am a good Catholic girl. I do not live with anyone. My sister Fatt and my aunt Kitty will vouch for that.

Any more defamation of me on this blog and I'll sue.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Centrelink claiming you live in a relationship Cait is untruthful and disgusting.

I hope you sue the bastards and at the very least Centrelink apologises.

The dirt on this blog is getting dirtier. No support for my mother. Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Why are most of Landeryou's fraudulent identities female: Cait, Jenny Jensen-Hanson, Catter8, the late Rita Randles et al?

Is it because he has grown breasts because of all the hormones in the eight cubic metres of KFC he consumes every day?

Al haji Abdullah said...

Infidels at Vexnews, Australia's most popular news source, is investigating Sheik Hilaly. This is Haram.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Al, tough. Vexnews reports the news that others can't or won't. Like your Jihadist supporting newspaper, The Age. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Well said Henderson.

Anonymous said...

I hear Landeryou's false identities are largely female as he now dresses in drag all the time in an attempt to elude the process servers.

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing an immensely fat and unattractive person in female attire who reeks of rancid fat and stale booze on Russell Street around Collins and Burke Streets.

The previous post explains things. He/she/it must be Landeryou hiding out in drag.

Anonymous said...

I think I've seen that person too going through the bins outside KFC on Bourke Street.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Landeryou fake personality, the imaginary Cait Catt, denies strongly that she lives with Landeryou. She does not deny the excessive rent Landeryou pays (Well beyond the capacity of most unemployed people) or the stench from the luxury pad. Nor does she deny Landeryou's questionable drawing of Centrelink benefits while simultaneously drawing down funds from overseas bank accounts.

Al haji Abdullah said...

According to the holy Quoran, cats were Mohammed's (PBUH)favourite pet. So back off criticizing Cait Catt.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Al, I am sure Cait will thank you herself for your support, even if you are a leading jihadist on this blog of filth. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, have you read Vexnews' exclusive on Diane Anderson. Great investigative reporting, again!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's imaginary muslims are going to get the fat boy in hot water.

As all Slanderyou readers are aware, the Landeryou identity has no friends. Cait Catt and all others are completely fictional.

Thus Landeryou lives by himself in his $420 a week luxury pad and is rorting his Centrelink payments.

The lavish lifestyle of the obnoxious freak continues to be funded by funds drawn from overseas accounts via city ATMs. These funds were originally taken from IQ Corp shareholders and MUSU members.

The CIA and ASIO would be interested in such things, however they do not read this Blog or Vexnews. They are occupied with important matters that do not involve such mundane characters such as you, I or Andrew Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

The above is a terrible blow to Landeryou's bloated sense of self importance.

Centrelink said...

It is true Landeryou or readers of this Blog are not important enough to attract the attention of our security services. Only Centerlink and the ATO have any great interest in Landeryou. His obvious rorting of Centrelink payments makes him a medium priority case for us. When we can find a Centrelink Officer brave enough to enter Landeryou's premises, we will investigate further.

Anonymous said...

I hear the ATO tried to bug his apartment once to try to locate the hidden offshore millions. The investigating officer once inside the Fat Cave disappeared into a mound of bones from KFC Family Feasts and suffocated from the reek. A rescue effort was foiled when Landeryou himself opened the door and the extraction team had no way of getting around his enormous gut. They gave up and the Officer concerned is now a matyr in the ATO.

Concerned Accounting Student said...

I never knew the Tax Office was so dangerous. The working conditions mentioned above are appalling. The thought of having to visit Landeryou is offensive to any accountant. Landeryou is well known is the industry and his IQ Corp record shredding cited by lecturers at RMIT Bundoora and Deakin Geelong. They all mention his poor personal hygience as well.

Anonymous said...

What's a snark?

Cait Catt said...

Al haji Abdullah I sincerely thank you for your kind comments and support. Also Henderson I thank you too.

And Anonymous for pointing out that there is a great scoop on Vexnews. The story about Diane Anderson being jailed in the United States.

Diane is the former publisher of Higgins News, a journal you wouldn't want to have in your home. As the OC pointed out some time ago Ms Anderson ran a big article by one Bill Albon, the head honcho of the brothel industry.

She also ran an article by Mary Drost, former Liberal councillor out Camberwell way. Mary runs a group called BRAG who want a wog free Boroondara, which includes the former city of Camberwell.

Pauline Hanson had more sense. When Diane invited her to write for Higgins News she told Diane to see a taxidermist.

Also we understand that Jeff Kennett wanted to make Diane his campaign manager when he ran for Lord Mayor of Melbourne, but pressure from Vexnews contributors who told him what a loon Diane was forced him to withdraw.

Cait Catt said...

For the benefit of Slanderyou readers below is the full news story about Dear Diane. What a nasty piece of work she is. Read on:

ONE CRAZY CAT: Notorious Labor leftist jailed over attempts to cash in big from her vulnerable elderly mother’s estate
By VEXNEWS ⋅ March 19, 2009

dianeandersonsaga Notorious Melbourne Labor leftist Diane Anderson is embroiled in a scandalous feud in and out of court with her brother David Anderson over her mother’s multi-million dollar estate in Michigan in the United States.

As we will see, her antics and chicanery led to her being twice sent to jail for contempt of court.

Central to the case is that Diane Anderson has been accused of embezzling and misappropriating funds from her vulnerable mother by her brother. Anderson family members were also concerned that Diane might take her to Australia without consulting other members of the family in order to isolate her from her other children and seize control of her finances.

So concerned was the eminent lawyer and judicial candidate that he successfully applied to the court to declare the elderly and vulnerable woman “legally incompetent” and put her in a safe environment where she wouldn’t be pressured to change her will and other legal documents.

In response to losing control of her mother and her large estate, Diane launched a hate and smear campaign against her brother, a lawyer who was a candidate for circuit court judge in Michigan. She gave many interviews and generally denounced him during that election campaign, which he lost. She made a series of wild and lurid claims about him, accusing him falsely of kidnapping, fraud, perjury and “elder abuse.”

It was a tirade familiar to those who did battle with her in the Higgins federal electorate of the Labor Party and who witnessed her disgraceful conduct at ALP state conferences over the years.

Despite leaving Michigan in the United States in the mid 1970s, when Anderson became aware of her mother’s ailing health, she swooped, quickly returning to her mother’s home. She abandoned her notorious political adventures and notional employment as a barrister (she says “human rights advocate” and “trade union official”) to descend on her mother, her brother alleges, in order to take charge of her affairs and control the estate.

She sold her home in Melbourne and generally severed ties with Australia to focus on “caring” for her mother as she was entering a highly vulnerable time, including dealing with Alzheimers for which she was taking medication.

VEXNEWS has learned within a very short time of her arrival, Diane had taken her mother to a lawyer to change the mother’s will and power of attorney, in favour of Diane. The court later overturned Diane’s maneuvering and restored the arrangements her mother had put in place when she was in better health.

In news that will be of no surprise to long-suffering members of the Australian Labor Party, Diane Anderson’s brother David alleged - and court appointed psychologist appeared to support - that she was mentally ill. A psychologist told the court that Anderson was delusional and “out of touch with reality.”

That was a crucial finding in the court’s decision to keep Anderson away from her vulnerable and frail mother. Ultimately the court was so concerned about what was going on that we understand that it ordered that Diane only be permitted to visit her mother in the company of a court-appointed psychologist.

Amusingly enough, Anderson claims to the media that she presented the court with character references from prominent Australians who were used to support Anderson’s claim to control her mother. Socialist Left members, former Victorian Premier Joan Kirner and former Senator Barney Cooney both provided references.

Part of Anderson’s approach to the litigation will also be no surprise to those familiar with her extremist political activities in Australia, Anderson watchers have explained. In court and on the internet, Anderson repeatedly attacked the integrity of judges who made decisions about her mother’s welfare. Because her brother’s wife was also a judge, that was the basis of her allegation that the process was corrupted in some unspecified way.

So she said so, repeatedly in court telling judges they were corrupt and on a particularly odd website titled “David Anderson Elder Abuse.” Diane also represented herself in the probate court proceedings in her desperate quest to regain control of her vulnerable mother’s fortune. The daily newspaper in Detroit reported that she was sent to jail twice after being argumentative in the court and also publishing disparaging remarks about a judge.

The newspaper explained the judge’s decision:

Szymanski said he was frustrated by what he sees as Diane Anderson’s excessively argumentative style in the case
“She is not willing to accept rulings and she continues to argue,” he said. “I warned her four or five times.”

After jailing Anderson, the judge eventually took pity on someone whose sanity has been questioned by many except it seems Joan Kirner and Barney Cooney, and ordered her release. He said:

“I know there are lies on that Web site. … But that’s life.”

The website attacking her brother and countless others is still online. It includes first person testimony from a cat. Yes, a cat. Unsurprisingly, the cat appears to endorse Diane’s views of the world, states that the cat owes Diane money and attacks other Anderson family members for being cruel and threatening to kill the cat.

Rita Randles said...

John Brumby once told Diane at an ALP Conference that the party would be better off if she left it. How right he was.

Anonymous said...

Diane Anderson was once expelled for heresy by the Unitarian Church. That was published by Delia Delegate on Crikey and by Lawrence Money in The Age. We think Lyle leaked it.

Anonymous said...

There is simply NO excuse for the corporate criminals who pursuaded their boards to award them zillion dollar salaries. This was white collar crime of gargantuan proportions. These CEOs and other bosses were criminals and need to do jail time. If they were also buying up toxic debts from America which have ruined shareholders, they should be whipped through the streets. So far the crims have been protected by the pollies who opened the flood gates.

P. Costello said...

I know nothing!

K. Rudd said...

Neither do I.

Big Mal Bulldust said...

I wasn't even there then!

Anonymous said...


J. Bishop said...

What are floodgates?

Landeryou said...

Choo Choo!

T. Abbott said...

I showed on ABC-TV's Q & A snore program tonight that I am a lovable, quirky, fun-loving shadow minister.

Like all my fellow pollies I deny any association with the world crisis. Try and prove I voted to de-regulate the whole financial system so that Aussies were left defenceless and I will get Archbishop Pell on your case.

little Theo said...


Shit! Theo! We weren't involved in any of this world-meltdown shit were we? You were Victoria's trade Minister then weren't you? You haven't scuttled us all by any chance? Some people were so unkind as to say you were an inactive minister.

I'm willing to go down for f#ck charge bit not for bringing Victoria to her knees.

Anonymous said...

Is Dianne Andreson fat??? Never heard of her. No doubt she offended the obese Landeryou in some way so she gets prominence in crappy suburban Vexnews.

Typical Landeryou ploy to repost his suburban gossip in this fine Blog. He knows that no-one would see it on Vexnews because no-one reads it. So he reposts on Slanderyou, a popular Blog with an active user community of hundreds of contributors and thousands of readers.

Average Slanderyou posts attract hundreds of readers comments, all united in loathing of the repulsive Landeryou. This is a great community, a broad church from the left & right, the regious and non-religious, even the real and the imaginary. Together we shall defeat the vile fiend Andrew Landeryou.

We look forward to the day when Landeryou is convicted of his many crimes and is taken under the tender care of the Barwon Gaol Hotrooders club.

On that day, the Slanderyou community will cry out in joy that justice has been done.

Slanderyou Readers Assoc. said...

We want the crook jailed!

Anonymous said...

ASIC Records show that Andrew Landeryou has been a Director or shareholder of the following "Australian" companies:

Institutional Services
National Retail Investments
Zoes Emporium
Multicenter Australia
Synergy Metals
Global Tertiary Solutions
Century Bet
IQ Corporation
IQ First
IQ Interactive
IQ Services
IQ Sports
Message IQ

Plus a host of offshore entities.

The above disguise many other rackets Landeryou was involved with...

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Comments to the blog of filth are significantly down.

So where are all the jihadist, Age reading leftards? I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Comments to the blog of filth have collapsed Henderson.

Al haji Abdullah said...

I am here Henderson, between praying to Allah for the strength to commit jihad.

Working Man said...

Henderson, I think they have jobs.

OMG, most employers frown upon staff making comments on Blogspot during working hours.

Andrew Landeryou aka Henderson Ross, never having been gainfully employed, is free to comment whenever he likes. So we get endless drivel from the unemployable moron.

He spends more time on Slanderyou than he does on that dreadful suburban rag Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Andrew Landeryou has never had a job? That is incredible.

A whole life of pulling scams.

Anonymous said...

This list of companies above (thanks 04:28) does not include the many shell companies Andrew Landeryou registered using other people's identities or those offshore. Even the Accounts were unaware they had been designated as holding the records of these companies.

The multiple personality freak has been at this for over 20 years. A scam here, a dodge there.

But not a single job where another person or company was willing to give him employment.

A failed life.

Bankrupt, obese and 40. With an award-losing blog spouting suburban gossip that he imagines has readers. However only Andrew and his multiple personalities look at Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

I hear Andrew set up his first Hong Kong offshore companies in the late 1980s when he was just a teenager.

A veteran scamster!

Anonymous said...

Old timer!

I'm amazed he has gotten away with it for so long.

20+ years of fraud.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Leftard and traitor Friday, March 20, 2009 4:28:00 AM has no evidence for this. "Andrew Landeryou" is a very common name, and that would explain the multiple registrations, even if true. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, well spotted.

Al haji Abdullah said...

There is only one name for Allah!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Al, you comment here frequently, obviously you have found a home for your jihadist ways on the blog of filth! I am Henderson Ross.

Al haji Abdullah said...

Thank you Henderson, yes I have.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I hope that Family First senator Steve Fielding is able to shut down this blog of filth. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't;t agree with you more Henderson.

Al haji Abdullah said...

Why Henderson?

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Al, because it is frequented by jihadists, traitors, Age readers and leftards. I am Henderson Ross.

Al haji Abdullah said...

They are the reasons why I come here!

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Not one word about my mother on this blog of filth. That would normally be a compliment, but my mother told me that any publicity is better than no publicity.

That so Slanderyou.

Cait Catt said...

I am interested in Pauline Hanson and will be following the results tomorrow night and I expect Vexnews will tell me before anyone else, for Andrew is such a good news source.

A man from ASIO rang me up again and told me not to mention that ASIO relies on Vexnews as its major source of Australian anti-terrorist information. It does, but why do the spooks want to keep that secret?

catter8 said...

Are the spooks interested in Diane Anderson? Is she fat?

Cait Catt said...

3.56 asked that question as well as catter. I'm pleased to answer it for the benefit of Slanderyou readers.

Diane Anderson is not fat. I've met her and can advise that she talks about whatever subject she currently fancies more than Margaret Tighe talks about abortion and euthanasia.

Of course Diane doesn't support Margaret Tighe, and that's not surprising.

Why Jeff Kennett ever considered making Diane his campaign director for Lord Mayor of Melbourne heaven only knows. It was the groundswell of contributions on Vexnews that made Kennett see reason. Vexnews told him to have nothing to do with Diane Anderson and Kennett did just that.

Unfortunately for Jeff he had to withdraw from the Lord Mayoral race, for the stench from Diane was too much. A pity. Jeff would have been a great Lord Mayor, but we've now got Robert Doyle and he's equally as good as Jeff would have been.

Cait Catt said...

I forgot to answer catter's question about the spooks from ASIO.

ASIO are very intrested in Diane Anderson. I hope my revealing this doesn't cause me to get another nasty phone call from them.

Diane mixes with a lot of people who might be considered terrorist threats, and also she was a barrister and talked regularly with other barristers who defended terrorists.

ASIO are very right to be concerned about Diane. The CIA are not so concerened, which is a piy.

Anonymous said...

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I've never had bareback anal sex. My question is whether one can feel their partner ejaculate inside?

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I am disgusted by the amount of filth on this blog. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Me too Henderson

Al haji Abdullah said...

Depends Henderson. In Islamic culture women are for procreation, men for fun!

Legal Eagle said...

Another Labor-linked figure, Marcus Einfeld, has been sentenced to at least two years' jail for perjury today.

How long will fat failure Andrew Landeryou get for his?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is headed to prison for theft, fraud, forgery, contempt of court, breaches of corporate law, tax law and the electoral act as well as perjury. There are also the accusations that he used threats of violence reported in Michael Batchelard's excellent "The Big Man on Campus" expose from The Weekend Australian. Landeryou will be lucky to get off with less than a decade behind bars for that little lot.

Cait Catt said...

Vexnews has a site about Diane Anderson's brother. It seems he is running a site exposing Diane and everything she stands for.

I made a comment previously that Diane was an opponent of Margaret Tighe. The reason for that may be on Diane's brother's blog. Her brother claims that Diane had a lot of affairs with married men when she lived in Australia and her mother on one occasion paid for her to have an abortion.

Margaret Tighe would not approve of that.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see anything on Poxnews about Theo's extravagent overseas junket...

Malicious Landeryou said...

I'm no supporter of censorship but some of the recent posts have been disturbing.

The dialogues between Landeryou's fake commenters are boring tripe. Generally, they are off-topic. Who cares about Diane Anderson or Pauline?

March 20, 2009 5:38:00 PM which comes in the middle of several Landeryou raves is malicious in its intent - and again, off-topic, and in very poor taste.

This is all about trolling, diversion and disinformation! We must be getting to him!

Anonymous said...

If his address was known, a lot of people would be getting to him!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Friday, March 20, 2009 4:28:00 AM

The above obviously hit a sore spot with the paranoid freak Landeryou. He saw this then launched into a huge barrage of irrelevant rubbish. Obviously trying to minimize the impact of this important disclosure.

A quick Google of "Andrew Landeryou" reveals only the fat freak in Australia and all Google references are to his crimes and defemations. It is not a common name.

Landeryou's frequent registrations of company names and legal entities must have left a string of burnt investors and customers of whom Solly Lew is the most famous.

No doubt, there is an interesting story reading each and every one of these scams. We look forward to full disclosure by the Slanderyou community.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou very upset about further disclosure of his rackets. He spewed forth diversionary garbage to cover up the evidence.

Soft spot Andrew?

There are many more scams Landeryou was involved with... I recall he was involved with an online casino brokerage called "LAN Capital" that was flogging second hand online casinos. It's registered business address was Landeryou's old Parkville mansion (before Solly Lew confiscated it).

Many more stories to tell...

However, Landeryou remains a bankrupt failure who couldn't pull a successful scam.

Unemployed, unemployable, fat, bankrupt, divorced and 40. How much lower can he go?

Anonymous said...

22 straight entries from the mad Landeryou above (presuming the gay sex rave was a diversionary tactic of his). This is a new record. The bout of paranoia set off by disclosure of his previous company directorships. ASIC records are public documents Andrew and anyone can do a search. What do you have to hide?

We love Solly Lew said...

Solomon Lew, a Slanderyou legend. We love the man. A true business genius. No wonder Premier Investments doing so well during the recession.

Anonymous said...

I reckon Landeryou is looking at more like 20 years for all his various criminal offences.

The threats of violence against business partners who wanted out will be the clincher. That is worth an additional 5 to 10 on top of whatever he gets for theft, fraud, perjury and etc.

Cait Catt said...

Slanderyou continues its vile campaign against Australian's premier journalist.

Say something original for a change. What has Solly Lew got to offer? Why is it his wealth supports overseas countries and not Australia?

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Solly hates cats.

Cait Catt said...

That makes him an evil man in my humble opinion.

catter8 said...

None of us cats like Solly. He doesn't like us.

Rita Randles said...

Henderson says there's too much filth on this blog, the blog of filth, and I agree with him totally.

Cait Catt said...

Andrew is a great, honest, and ethical man. Why does this blog of filth seek to denigrate him?

Rita Randles said...

Because it is the blog of filth

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

It's after midnight and I've had enough. I'm going to bed. I want to watch my mother winning in Beaudesert tomorrow night and I want to watch Rosa returned in Dalrymple.

I'm fed up with the dirty filth on this blog too.

Solly is a hero said...

I recall the 'other country' that Solly offers support for is Israel. Andrew Landeryou seems to think he is a supporter of Israel as well (though perhaps that is just another scam so he can gouge sympathetic businesspeople).

Solly is a savvy businessman who expects a return on investment. Andrew is a crooked and failed businessman who thinks in terms of "privilege" and "entitlement" and shreds his company records. In the case of IQ Corp, $8 million of shareholders funds disappeared and the records were destroyed. This included $4 million invested directly by Solomon Lew.

Smary Solly didn't buy Landeryou's "entitlement" crap and pursued Landeryou through the courts securing title on Landeryou's Parkville mansion which he then sold at auction. Bill Landeryou and Landeryou's ex-wife, Dimberly, as Directors of IQ Corp, signed guarantees for Lew that his funds would be returned.

All quite reasonable actions by Solly.

Andrew has never produced the records or the invested capital or any proof or records as to how those funds were used. Solly then pursued those guarantees from Dimberly and Bill Landeryou which they failed to produce, so they were declared bankrupt for failing to repay.

Landeryou scammed his own family and sent them bankrupt.

He truly is the lowest form of scum.

Anonymous said...

"Andrew is a great, honest, and ethical man. Why does this blog of filth seek to denigrate him?"

Hah, hah. Landeryou is a fat, failed bankrupt who has never done an honest day's work. 20+ years of scams.

Anonymous said...

Solomon Lew seeks to get a healthy return on investment and invests in good value opportunities. Very reasonable.

Andrew Landeryou does not offer any return on investment. He returns nothing believing funds were given to him to spend as he sees fit.

Poor Bill though. Bankrupted by his failed son. How humiliating!

Anonymous said...

"Andrew Landeryou does not offer any return on investment."

I think you meant Landeryou doesn't return the investment ;-)

Anonymous said...

"At the request of one of Mr Lew's companies, the court last year appointed a liquidator after Michael McLeod, Mr Lew's representative on the IQ board, complained he could not access IQ's books and records.

Details about IQ's collapse are unclear because the liquidator, who is conducting an examination in the court, still cannot locate IQ's books and records.

Anonymous said...

December 1 2003
Lew seeks funds from ex - friend for IQ deficit
Miranda McLachlan

Solomon Lew, the former Coles Myer chairman, has been fighting a bitter court battle to find out what happened to $4 million he pumped into an internet gambling start-up at the height of the frenzy for high-tech companies.

Mr Lew secured a victory last week when the Federal Court ordered the wind-up of IQ Corporation, which raised $8 million, half of which came from Mr Lew, in 2000 just ahead of the tech crash.

Mr Lew's lawyers said in their submissions that their client's money had disappeared and they wanted a liquidator to find out where it went and ascertain the state of the company's affairs: ``IQ's assets [including the $4 million invested in it by the applicant] have vanished.''

The liquidation is Mr Lew's second legal bid to get information from Andrew Landeryou, the 50 per cent owner of IQ. A longtime ALP activist, Mr Landeryou backed Mr Lew in some of his worst battles on the Coles Myer board in 1996.

Mr Lew earlier obtained a court order asking Mr Landeryou to hand over the IQ files, but Mr Landeryou claimed that they had been taken by the landlord when IQ was evicted from its offices.

``The financial records of IQ were, in part, retained by the landlord when IQ was evicted from its premises,'' he said in an affidavit lodged with the court.

Mr Landeryou, along with his wife and former IQ company secretary, Kimberley Kitching, left the IQ board in 2001, while his father Bill Landeryou, a former Cain government minister, is still a director, according to Australian Securities and Investments Commission records.

No one appeared on behalf of IQ or Mr Landeryou in court on Thursday. He did not return calls from The Australian Financial Review to him through his lawyers, Rigby Cooke.

Mr Landeryou was ordered to pay costs. Mr Lew's application was made through one of his companies, Jordanlane.

Mr Landeryou intervened in proceedings in October to oppose the wind-up order. He claimed that the company started by selling sports statistics on-line before moving into online gambling in Tasmania and the United Kingdom, where the company was believed to have opened an office.

Mr Landeryou said IQ's ``two major assets'' were the gaming licence he claimed IQ subsidiary Betworks secured from the Tasmanian government and ``tax losses of $8 million that IQ had accumulated over time and may be of some benefit for the future operation of IQ'', according to his affidavit lodged with the court.

Mr Landeryou claimed that the gaming licence, which he said had been granted by the Tasmanian Gaming Commission, would ``not continue if a liquidator of any nature is appointed to IQ''.

But in their submissions on November 26, Mr Lew's lawyers said Mr Landeryou had applied for IQ's gaming subsidiary, Betworks, to be deregistered in May.

Mr Lew's lawyers said in their submissions that no licence was ever granted.

The licence, allegedly granted to the now-deregistered Betworks, was non-transferable: ``IQ was not able to ensure or bring about the activation of the TGC gaming licence,'' they said.

Anonymous said...

Solly Lew's actions completely justified!

A Slanderyou legend! A great man.

Anonymous said...

I notice the crook Landeryou has stopped trying to "pump and dump" Vexnews shares on this Website. The articles above reveal why!

Anonymous said...

Before he placed his dirty hands on Solomon Lews $4 million investment in IQ Corp, Andrew Landeryou had lovely things to say about Solly. See the leter to The Age below.

"The Age, Saturday 31 August 1996

Letters to the Editor

Thank you for your article on Solomon Lew. It was refreshing to read an account that is not heavy with bias, envy and prejudice.

As Michael Gawenda's account made clear, Lew is an Australian success story. From humble first-generation migrant beginnings, he has risen to the top rank of business and was a board member of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

The article shows him to be entrepreneurial, a good employer and an astute business operator who is in for the long haul rather than opportunistic, short-term business plays. It is a story which should be celebrated and emulated.

Instead, Lew has been subjected to our familiar tall poppy treatment. If shooting down and denigrating the successful were to be an Olympic sport, it would be Gold! Gold! Gold! to Australia.

Andrew Landeryou
Southgate "

Brunswick Pensioner said...

I certainly wouldn't invest anything with Andrew Landeryou.

He sounds like a right spiv.

Anonymous said...

A "major asset" of IQ according to Fat Andy was "tax losses of $8 million". What a clueless shonk!

Tax losses usually are real losses.

Andy is nothing but a fat failed scammer.

Cait Catt said...

I'm sick of the continued vile abuse against Andrew.

The blog of filth continues.

Go away Slanderyou.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

I hope Slanderyou will congratulate my mother when she wins in Beaudesert tonight.

Vote 1 Pauline Hanson in Beaudesert.

Vote 1 Rosa Lee Long in Dalrymple.

Rita Randles said...

I'm not supporting candidates in the Pineapple election. I am supporting Cait in her defence of the great man.

Why do we see such nonsense on this blog.

Andrew Landeryou is a great person. I think he's a financial genius.

catter8 said...

Previous commentators have talked about Vexnews shares. I'd love to buy some. It's Australia's greatest news site and I reckon Vexnews shares will appreciate greatly.

I asked Cait to buy some for me but she hasn't got back to me yet.

Cait Catt said...

I have not been able to buy any either catter. The shares seem to be closely held. What a great investment they must have been.

Anonymous said...

For the benefits of patriotic folk who came in late here are the most fascinating two paragraphs of Michael Batchelard's and Louise Perry's expose on Andrew Landeryou's criminal career, "The big man on campus" from the Weekend Australian:

"[A] former associate says that when he tried to sever ties with
Landeryou's company, Andrew, backed by Bill, went 'completely
feral': 'They made bizarre demands, called my investors in New York."

"This associate says he was told to come, alone, to a meeting, then
taken to a darkened room and threatened."

If this episode is proven in court it means several years behind bars for both Andrew and Bill Landeryou.

We know Andrew L has no future and this will bugger Bill: cosmetically, anyway.

He will be stripped of his parliamentary pension and will have to dip into the slush funds he has been running for 40 years.

Anonymous said...

Five posts in seven minutes before nine o'clock on a Saturday morning from Landeryou!

The fat failure was still on his binge from the night before, sitting drunk in front of the computer. He is going downhill fast.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Landeryou's real father is George Seitz.

Anonymous said...

The dead Rita Randles said: "Andrew Landeryou is a great person. I think he's a financial genius."

I acknowledge that it takes extraordinary incompetence to lose the amount of money Landeryou is alleged to have lost. You would have to have been unusually incompetent to burn $8 million in IQ Corp when basically only Landeryou clan family members were employed by the non-company.

However, if you were shifting it offshore, it would all be relatively easy. Setting up shelf companies around the world does not take a "financial genius" as Landeryou claims for himself. It is simple, but very illegal if you are involved in tax evasion or theft of funds.

Andrew is just a crook. A failed one at that.

Anonymous said...

I think he is very clever.

He had that lovely mansion in Parville, Wardlow, and a nice BMW.

The rotten Solly Lew took them away. How nasty.

Anonymous said...

The ex online gaming spiv is back to his "pump and dump" scams for the miserable Vexnews entity. See his fictional friends flogging the worthless stock above. One lonely man and a computer does not create shareholder value. In this case, with his track record, the failed Landeryou, will not convince anyone this time around. He can set up thousands of front & shell companies and it will all come to nothing. Vexnews is a dud with no identifiable revenue streams and a well known spiv sitting at the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is an unusually incompetent crook.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Only fifteen minutes to go before the polls close. I went to sleep this afternoon and have just woken up. I hope this doesn't affect my mother's vote. I was going to tell people what a great lady she is and why she's the best candidate for Beaudesert but I'm a bit late. Mum will kill me if she loses because I forgot to post on Slanderyou.

Anyway with minutes to go if you live in Beaudesert or Dalrymple

Vote 1 Pauline Hanson in Beaudesert

Vote 1 Rosa Lee Long in Dalrymple

Rita Randles said...

You are a great daughter. Your mother should be proud of you.

Anonymous said...

The idea of anyone other than the strange fictional identities in Landeryou's bloated brain buying Vexnews shares is laughable. Vexnews is a worthless, amateur Blog running by a known corporate criminal and bankrupt. Landeryou imagines that he might be able to pull another big scam but I don't think so. Not many fools left.

Cait Catt said...

I asked Andrew and he doesn't support Pauline. Sorry Jenny. But at least he lives in Melbourne and won't get a vote.

Anonymous said...

Oh god. Landeryou is conscious again and raving on this blog. Repulsive.

I do find the idea of Andrew fantasing himself as the daughter of Pauline Hansen quite disgusting.

The freak just gets weirder!

Anonymous said...

See Cait, you do live with the Landeryou entity in that $420 a week apartment. As a fictional identity you side in Andrew's dismal brain. That's called cohabitation.

Anonymous said...

The idea of Andrew Landeryou is full drag, parading around his luxury apartment is too vile to contemplate.

Anonymous said...


It is so strange that he adopts imaginary female characters to defend him on Blogs.

Maybe he's missing Dimberly. He is certainly very lonely.

Anonymous said...

I am now picturing Landeryou in drag sitting in front of the telly alone with a KFC mega feast watching the QLD election news. The voices inside his head (Cait Catt, Rita Randles, Jenny Jensen-Hansen, etc) keep chattering away.

A sad and lonely life.

Anonymous said...

Andrew is definitely losing the plot. We have an endless parade of female character plus an anal sex fantasy above: Friday, March 20, 2009 5:38:00 PM. The timing of that entry, 1 minute before and after, entries from known Landeryou sockpuppets demonstrates he wrote the anal sex fantasy, which ends with him wanting to be f*&ked bareback.

It's is possible he is making mental preparation for his impending incarceration and rought treatment at Barwon Gaol.

But overall it is all a sign of complete mental breakdown.

This is more serious than previous breakdowns when he hid behind a potplant (1991) or skipped off to Costa Rica (2005).

Anonymous said...

Poor Kimberly used to come home and find Andrew dressed in her clothes.

Anonymous said...

Is that why he never went to the MCC functions with Kimberly? He was too busy raiding her wardrobe.


Anonymous said...

Can we keep this civilzed please. Focus on Landeryou's crimes not his cross-dressing.

Anonymous said...

Get with it, 9:16:00! Landeryou drunk and in drag waddling from the Fat Cave to the Bourke Street KFC and back IS criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's life is a crime against the Australian people.

Anonymous said...

And Poxnews spews unending libels against mostly innocent, ordinary Aussies. What's his address?

Process Server said...

I've got a big backlog of processes to serve. Any clues would be useful. Landeryou is a simpleton, but he has hidden himself effectively so far. We're looking at Southbank and CBD addresses. We will get him. Its only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Downtown, I suspect. Try King St... I saw the fat fiend walking there recently.

Anonymous said...

The fat freak Landeryou is now drunk snd unconscious celebrating the Labor victory in QLD and crying over the loss of his mummy figure Pauline Hansen. Vomit is spread over the sheets.

Anonymous said...


Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Slanderyou is vile. Vile in its contemptible treatement of my mother. Vile in its contemptible treatment of Rosa.

The ALP is also a disgrace. It was gerrymandering by the vile Labor Party in Queensland, led by Anna the Bitch Bligh.

My mother deserved to be elected. Rosa deserved to be re-elected.

You are a filthy disgrace Slanderyou. You were behind those fake nude pictures that certainly helped cost my mother election in Beaudesert.

Down with Slanderyou
Down with the blog of filth
Down with the ALP. The party of filth.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou in his drag guise as Pauline Hansen's daughter has finally come out against the Labor Party.

The truth finally revealed.

It was something he always wanted to say, but didn't dare.

So he cultivated an imaginary drag personality as Pauline Hansen's daughter. Then his deeply rooted feelings for labor came out!

Anonymous said...

For Andrew, the Labor Party has simply been a platform for his scams. A network to exploit to enrich himself, the source of his "privilege" and "entitlement". He has never given a damn about the Party.

Anonymous said...

I thought he was a Liberal. I saw media reports that said "unknown Liberal blogger".

Anonymous said...

Landeryou in King Street? Yuk! The thought of him stuffing stolen money in strippers g-strings should sicken all hard working, law abiding people.

Anonymous said...

Drunkeness, cross-dressing and now strip clubs. Fat Andrew is seriously weird.

Anonymous said...

Who noticed the fat failure's "report" on Marcus Einfeld? It was published a day late, but Andrew was probably too drunk to type on Friday.

The fat failure had this to say: "The sentence in our view is grossly excessive for his victimless crime".

It is very, very, very interesting indeed that Andrew is taking such an interest in sentences dished out for perjury.

Anonymous said...

Pauline's alleged daughter (who seems too stupid to be Landeryou, but the truth will come out eventually) is grossly unfair for blaming Slanderyou for the defeat of her mother in Beaudesert and Rosa Lee Long in the northern set.

Pauline's alleged daughter is also unfair in blaming Slanderyou for the nude pics. Slanderyou had nothing to do with them. Their publication was an editorial decision of the Sunday Telegraph. I've done a copy and paste below of this morning's Sunday Tele editorial which will put the lie to what is a grossly unfair attack on the integrity of this blog:

The pics that caused a storm
The Sunday Telegraph


March 21, 2009 12:00am

LAST weekend, this newspaper published pictures we believed were of Pauline Hanson. Many people across the nation have had a say.

The pictures have also prompted a strong reaction from you, the readers.

The central purpose of The Sunday Telegraph is to serve our readers and the paper acknowledges many of you believe the paper overstepped the mark.

We received phone calls, letters and emails saying that, whether or not it was Pauline Hanson in the pictures, they should not have been published.

Every week the reporters, headline writers, photographers and dedicated staff of the paper work to produce a lively, fun and informative product that brings you the best news, sport and gossip.

The decision to publish was based on the fact that, firstly, we believed it was Pauline Hanson in the pictures and, secondly, she was a public figure, running for election in Queensland in a return to front-line politics, who had written a detailed book about her life in which she laid her private life bare.

In the autobiography, Untamed & Unashamed, Ms Hanson detailed at length her own sex life which began when she was a teenager. She had her first child at the age of 16.

The paper believed - and still believes - there is massive public interest in Ms Hanson's life.

As someone who has detailed her own life, who lives in, and courts, the public spotlight and who aspires to public office, Ms Hanson's life is open to scrutiny.

She has been a subject of intense fascination since she burst onto the national scene 13 years ago.

We knew the decision would be controversial but, in our enthusiasm to produce the best Sunday newspaper in the country, we published the pictures because we believed them to be a genuine news story.

We accept many readers disagree and many of you believe that publishing the 30-year-old pictures served no public interest.

In an attempt to address this issue and acknowledge the strength of feeling in the community, we have given over a large portion of the letters page (Page 36) to the Hanson controversy.

We believe readers are more than entitled to have a say and we encourage them to write in and, where they see fit, give us a whack.

Such an opportunity is a crucial right in a democratic society.

The Sunday Telegraph makes weekly judgments about all sorts of people, and many public figures have copped it from this paper. So if we're going to dish it out, we have to be able to take the criticism.

We're not politicians here. We don't try to spin our way out of a jam.

Last week there was plenty of criticism and we have taken that on board.

We thank our readers for corresponding with us and encourage them to keep doing so.

Anonymous said...

I made a bad typo in my last post. Rosa Lee Long contested a norther seat, not northern set, for One Nation. That seat was Dalrymple. Rosa Lee Long was the Queensland parliamentary One Nation member for Tablelands, a seat that was abolished in the recent redistribution.

The attack by Pauline's alleged daughter on Labor gerrymandering is nonsense. In ever redistribution MPs lose their seats. It's just a fact of political life, even if it's very unfair for the sitting MP.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's comments on the Einfeld case betray an astounding arrogance.

"Victimless crime" indeed!

Einfeld attacked a foundation not just of our justice system but of our whole polity: that people in public life must tell the truth.

It is pretty clear what Landeryou's attitude to this idea is.

Anonymous said...

I defended Slanderyou previously and but I think it over the top to criticise Landeryou for excessive zeal on the Einfeld case.

Einfeld is Jewish. If he had not been Jewish, or had he been convicted in Victoria, would he have received such a long period of incarceration? Would he have been imprisoned at all? Einfeld has paid a high price for his indiscretion. Jailing him is over the top.

Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings on the Einfield case. He was a progressive, high calibre judge with a life service to the public. Perjury was a serious error that indeed goes to the heart of the justice system. However, besides destroying his legacy and reputation, no-one else was directly harmed.

The recent case where 2 USA judges were convicted for taking bribes from a youth detention centre and sentencing thousands of young people to excessive sentences strikes more deeply at the heart of the justice system. Thousands of young people's lives were damaged. They were sentenced to 8 years jail. No-one from the detention facility operator was charged.

Einfield may have deserved a jail sentence, but 3 years is indeed excessive.

Anonymous said...

King St. I think Landeryou may have an apartment there. Keep your eye out. Or maybe Docklands. That's the area where I saw the scabby cretin. Cheap Strip Joints goes without saying. Though in his current condition, he wouldn't get past the bouncers.

Dr Phil said...

Andrew Landeryou's multi-personality panorama has been revealed in the comments section above. The full cast of fake commentators is in play. From the Cait Catt persona whinging in defence of the "Great Man", to the loathsome "I am not Henderson Ross". The recent "Jenny Jensen-Hansen" persona, in which Landeryou pretends to be Pauline Hansen's daughter is the most bizarre. The anal sex fantasy is odd but not unexpected given the brutal treatment Landeryou will receive when jailed.

Andrew Landeryou collapsing sense of self and excursions in being other people will not help him. He needs to come to terms with being Andrew Landeryou. While very unpleasant, Andrew needs to cope with the world he has created for himself and who he is.

Cait Catt said...

It's a bit rich "Dr Phil" to complain about fake personalities when you are one youself. The link from Dr Phil ends up at an American television persona who talks about impotence.

I can't speak for anyone else but I am real and am not a fake persona, unlike Dr Phil and for that matter unlike Slanderyou.

Rita Randles said...

You tell them Cait. Dr Phil is a fraud. I wouldn't have anything to do with his impotence remedies if I were a man. Has he ever used Viagra, Cialis or Levitra?

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

I just saw my mother on the channel ten news. She doesn't look very happy. Slanderyou prevented her from winning with his publicity for the nude pics. Behaviour at the very lowest end of the journalistic spectrum.

I hope mum will stand again. The people of Australia need her.

Dr Phil said...

Andrew, you are in avoidance mode. Deal with the issues. You don't like being yourself.

I rarely discuss impotence issues on my TV show. But if you want to talk about that small part of your much larger problem, it's OK we can start from there. I would also like to address the female persona issue as this may be linked to the impotence.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Phil, while you shouldn't go too fast in your medical treatment of Andrew, could you please get to the crossing dressing problem sooner rather than later. It is creating a public nuisance here in Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

"I just saw my mother on the channel ten news."

Dr Phil, can you please talk to Andrew about his parental issues. He bankrupted his father. He is now fantasing that Pauline Hansen (a minor xenophobic politician from the far north of Australia) is his mother. Andrew, you certainly didn't see you mother on the news.

Most of us would rather Andrew just be jailed for his crimes. However, you are a caring guy and should help him work through his psychological issues.

Anonymous said...

Dr Phil, don't bother. Andrew Landeryou is beyond help.

Anonymous said...

"For Andrew, the Labor Party has simply been a platform for his scams. A network to exploit to enrich himself, the source of his "privilege" and "entitlement". He has never given a damn about the Party.

Sunday, March 22, 2009 4:36:00 AM



Anonymous said...

Cait Catt said...

"I can't speak for anyone else but I am real and am not a fake persona"

Cait, you are just a figment of Andrew Landeryou's warped imagination.

Anonymous said...

Cait, Jenny, Al haji Abdullah, Rita, Henderson, Catter8... there are so many voices in Landeryou's head but they cannot drown out the one voice he dare not name that screams day and night: ANDREW JOHN CLYDE LANDERYOU, YOU ARE GOING TO PRISON FOR A LONG, LONG TIME!

Cait Catt said...

The vile comments on this blog are a disgrace. Andrew is an ethical law-abiding man. Slanderyou should be ashamed of himself and so should all his sock puppets hiding under false names.

I've never tried to hide my name, and you know it Slanderyou.

fattcatt said...

I'm sick of all the derogatory comments about my sister Cait. I will refuse to serve Slanderyou if he ever visits the Daily Planet, even if it means I get the sack.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

I wonder what Aunt Kitty thinks of all the awful things her niece is being called. They are almost as bad as my mum and the fake nude pics. Only a matter of time and someone will make up nude pics of Cait.

catter8 said...

If anyone does report it immediately to Pastor Nalliah, and he'll say the necessary prayers.

Cait Catt said...

This blog of filth makes me sick. It makes me want to vomit

Rita Randles said...

I've just told Pastor Nalliah how sick you are Cait after all the lies published about you on the Slanderyou blog.

He said he would pray and pray and pray and he asked all of Cait's supporters to pray also. He said God would bring mercy.

Anonymous said...

Nude pics of Cait. That's a good idea.

I think I'll photoshop a bunch of fakes. Shit, I forgot Andrew is an expert at that.

Anonymous said...

The mad Landeryou getting religious. Still I don't know of a Church that would have him as a member. There goes the Collection Plate....

Anonymous said...

Decent, hard-working, law-abiding patriotic people spend Sunday evenings with their families as they prepare to head back to work the following day.

Thief, fraud and failure Andrew Landeryou was drunk and alone posting a string of stupid messages on a blog under a variety of childish false names.

Anonymous said...

Andrew now turning to religion. Confess your sins Andrew. All will not be forgiven until you return the stolen funds.

Your sentence might be reduced for such an action.

Sockpuppet said...

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Sockpuppet said...

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Anonymous said...

The idea of Andrew Landeryou is full drag, parading around his luxury apartment is too vile to contemplate.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

I hope Slanderyou will congratulate my mother when she wins in Beaudesert tonight.

Vote 1 Pauline Hanson in Beaudesert.

Vote 1 Rosa Lee Long in Dalrymple.

Solly is a hero said...

I recall the 'other country' that Solly offers support for is Israel. Andrew Landeryou seems to think he is a supporter of Israel as well (though perhaps that is just another scam so he can gouge sympathetic businesspeople).

Solly is a savvy businessman who expects a return on investment. Andrew is a crooked and failed businessman who thinks in terms of "privilege" and "entitlement" and shreds his company records. In the case of IQ Corp, $8 million of shareholders funds disappeared and the records were destroyed. This included $4 million invested directly by Solomon Lew.

Smary Solly didn't buy Landeryou's "entitlement" crap and pursued Landeryou through the courts securing title on Landeryou's Parkville mansion which he then sold at auction. Bill Landeryou and Landeryou's ex-wife, Dimberly, as Directors of IQ Corp, signed guarantees for Lew that his funds would be returned.

All quite reasonable actions by Solly.

Andrew has never produced the records or the invested capital or any proof or records as to how those funds were used. Solly then pursued those guarantees from Dimberly and Bill Landeryou which they failed to produce, so they were declared bankrupt for failing to repay.

Landeryou scammed his own family and sent them bankrupt.

He truly is the lowest form of scum.

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