Wednesday, March 11, 2009

OECD: Computer Viruses and Other Malicious Software: A Threat to the Internet Economy (UPDATED)

Fresh from The Guardian: "Who is watching you online? Technology that tracks the websites we visit is valuable for advertising and surveillance alike – and the law controlling its use remains unclear"

The OECD has just released a report titled "Computer Viruses and Other Malicious Software
A Threat to the Internet Economy".

Patriots will want to read it for references to Vexnews. Patriots are reminded of the expose on "cookies", see label immediately below.

136 Truth On Comments:

Ronnie said...

I logged onto Vexnews ages ago and following my PC was riddled with viruses and spyware. Had to buy a new one.

Anonymous said...

That is why the National Library stopped linking to the OC. Their legal department warned them they would be liable for infecting the PCs of anyone unfortunate enough to stumble onto Landeryou's site via their online services.

Cait Catt said...

Patriots should not be scared of Vexnews. The tripe on this blog unfortunately influences large numbers of Slanderyou bloggers.

There is no spyware on Vexnews. Why would ASIO and the CIA swear by Vexnews as Australia's greatest news source if there were.

Rita Randles said...

Great defence Cait. You are a genius, even if your sister Fatt does work at the Daily Planet, a brothel in Elsternwick that is actually listed on the Stock Exchange.

Anonymous said...

I just couldn't resist re-posting this comment about Cait Catt's family. It is hilarious. When is Cait going to sue as she promised she would?

Genealogist to the Stars said...

I have been conducting research into Catts related to Cait Catt. Readers here have found out about loose Fatt Catt recently.

Cait and Fatt's Dad is Sylvester P. Catt and Mum Alley. Their auntie is Kitty Catt and uncle Cheshire.

I'm afraid there are rather a lot of scandals in the Catt Family including four Catts that are never mentioned. The first is Pussy Catt who is a stripper at a well-known Gentlemen's Club in Melbourne. There is a so-called private investigator with Underbelly connections, Sam Spayed Catt. Worst of all is Scat Catt. I don't want to mention what he is famous for. All I can say is that he leaves unwanted 'messages' for his enemies.

I left the biggest scandal till last. Feral Catt was often to be seen in the MUSU building and was apparently involved in some of the dodgy deals hatched there. It is unknown if she is alive. There was talk at the time among highly paid MUSU executives of a giant 'put down' of Feral Katt. Whether Feral was actually put down is not known, but she has not been seen for a number of years.

Monday, March 09, 2009 12:31:00 AM
Anonymous Feral Catt said...

Don't worry, folks! I am alive and very well, and working for ALP boss Stephen Newnham in his clandestine 'Office of Dirty Tricks'. I get to see Landy because he is often in here offering strange advice on how to deal with Libs Ted Bailleau and Terry Mulder, 'leftards', wayward unions and jihadists.

Even Stephen Newnham is getting pretty sick of him. 'The Kororoit gig was great', he says 'but Landy hasn't done anything useful since then. A week is a long time in politics, and that was nearly a year ago

Monday, March 09, 2009 12:55:00 AM
Anonymous little Theo said...

Hey Theo,

Didn't we give Pussy Catt's fireplace a good stoking a couple of years ago?

Monday, March 09, 2009 2:15:00 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the Jack Pacholli references at the end of the last blog here. It sort of summed up for me what Landeryou stands for. Maybe, like Jack, he will be bankrupt for decades, venting spleen on the people he hates, and avoiding the normal consequences of his repulsive libels.

For a person who always defends the Holocaust victims (and what right-thinking human being wouldn't) he has little or no time for other underdogs. It is all a bit contemptible and very sad.

Lift your act Landeryou!!!

Cait Catt said...

Latest news on Vexnews is revealing. This is a matter that ought to be referred to the Parliamentary Electoral Matters Committee. Congratulations Vexnews, Australia's greatest news source, for bringing this to our attention. ASIO will be interested in this, but not the CIA unless it becomes an international security issue. There could be Arabs running around at the function. Read on:

BIG TENT FLAP: Liberal party fundraiser held in Vic Parliament grounds in breach of guidelines
By VEXNEWS ⋅ March 11, 2009

parlhousefundraiser Last night the Victorian Parliament’s grounds were used by the Platinum Forum, a fundraising body established by the Liberal Party to obtain financial support for political campaigns in the south-east of Melbourne. This is believed to be in breach of guidelines that ban political fundraisers from the Parliament.

A marquee costing thousands of dollars was assembled for the Platinum Forum, with a large staff provided by the Parliament to serve drinks and nibblies to the donors. One of those attending said it was a relaxing evening of speeches, opera, nice drinkies and a large assembly of oldies not previously assembled in that part of the CBD since the days of Cats matinees.

Victorian MPs Heidi Victoria, preselection challenged Kim Wells, Nick Wakeling, said to be close allies of current state Liberal leader Ted Baillieu and their Club Fed chum, womens’ clothing enthusiast Chris Pearce (a committed Costello supporter in Canberra but thought to bat for both sides at home) are all said to be the beneficiaries of the proceeds of the hitherto little known Platinum Forum.

marquee While state MPs are free to host functions in the building and in the grounds of the Victorian Parliament, it is well established that formal political fundraising events are not held there to avoid suggestions that parties are relying on the taxpayer funded and owned facility to cash in and generate funds for themselves.

“The ban on political fundraisers is also designed to avoid the impression the building is for sale to donors, it’s considered to be very disrespectful and undermining of the institution” one source familiar with the operation of the Parliament explained to VEXNEWS.

Another said “As an MP, you can pretty much do anything you want there within good taste but not explicitly holding party fundraisers, it’s not allowed and if they’d honestly disclosed what they were doing they would have found the booking refused.I wouldn’t like to be the MP who booked the event. I wonder who it was.”

We share their curiousity and will be seeking answers to this today.

platinumclub The Platinum Forum appears to have a high degree of organisation as a political fundraising operation. Its website explains:

The Platinum Forum is an innovative group of individuals supporting Liberals in the Outer East of Melbourne. The Forum is aimed at building and sustaining Liberal values and forging strong links between local business leaders and the Liberal Party. Our activities support Liberal candidates in the Federal seat of Aston and the State seats of Bayswater, Ferntree Gully and Scoresby.

We offer a range of functions to our members, including events with high profile guest speakers, boardroom briefings, policy seminars and social activities. At many of these functions, members are welcome to invite guests along. However, there are also a number of functions which are exclusive, member-only events.

Their site pledges smaller boardroom briefings so you can get even better access than at rival party functions you might get hassled to attend where the access you think you’ve paid for is somewhat diluted by sitting next to a thousand other spivs who’d like a licence to sell scratchie tickets in Victoria, to choose a totally random example.

All very good and worthy stuff. If we didn’t let party’s raise funds from business it would leave the cashed-up environment movement, trade unions and other vested interests dominate without hearing at all from employers and small business. And if the restrictions some in the Left seek on donations were in force, only politicians and bureaucrats would be able to determine who got to have political ads during elections.So we don’t have an issue with the Platinum Forum and hope it does very well indeed.

But their pitch does all sound rather familiar, doesn’t it?

Yes, it sounds just like the Liberal 500 Club and ALP’s Progressive Business. But they don’t have their fundraisers at Parliament House. Food - or canapés - for thought.

We have referred this matter to the Victorian Parliament’s Presiding Officers for their consideration.

Anonymous said...

What does the OECD say about online identity theft?

Is the site scandal about to receive even wider attention?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's cybercrimes may well now be investigated by the OECD as well as the Electoral Matters Committee.

Jenny Craig said...

From today's Herald Sun.

Patriotic people might like to compare this chap's diet with the fat failure Andrew Landeryou. Landeryou considers 30 whole pizzas to be an entree.

It's official ... I'm super fat
Super-fit 'PJ' has eaten his way to 110kg. Now he's worried

By: Matt Johnston

A PERSONAL trainer who started eating chips and burgers to better understand his gym clients is now officially obese -- and hating it.

Paul ``PJ'' James, a former underwear model, has gone from strutting catwalks at 80kg to 110kg in three months.

He is ploughing through the junk food -- up to 30 slices of pizza in one binge sitting -- and the money.

``It's just very expensive to be unhealthy,'' he said.

``I used to spend about $80 on food a week. I could easily spend $300 now.''

James has stopped exercising in a bid to max-out at 120kg.

``Just to put my socks on and physically do my shoe up, because my guts are in the way, it's hard and it gets my heart rate right up,'' he said.

But things aren't all that bad for James.

He won international attention when he declared his ``fat-wah'', and is now in talks with producers of Ellen DeGeneres' US talk show about a possible appearance when he hits 120kg. He also has appeared on Brazilian, German and US TV, and is looking for a distributor for a documentary he is filming about the experience.

``If I can show people how hard it is to be this big, hopefully it will motivate people not to make the choices I have,'' he said.

BECOMING A FATTY: Some of PJ's worst binges: 30 slices of pizza in one sitting.

"That's four large pizzas, which is about 14,400 calories. I finished it off with a big slice of lemon meringue pie."

A 1kg steak with mushroom sauce, wedges and sour cream, followed by a "decent" bowl of chocolate mousse. Double serves
of 500g pasta meals.

"My appetite has definitely increased, so I have to eat more to get full. Steaks with mushroom sauce and gravy, lots of gravy, has become a favourite. And mashed potato and gravy, I'm eating a lot of that. I'm really enjoying lemon meringues and trifles. I make a big bowl of trifle and eat that every couple days."

Cait Catt said...

Jenny Craig is talking nonsense in her denigration of the great man. Her weight reduction plans do not work on many people. Why don't you admit so Jenny.

I'm going to ask Andrew to do an expose of your weight loss empire. I don't believe it is what it is cracked up to be.

Cait Catt said...

On a different topic tonight I visited Gopels Vegetarian Restaurant in Swanston Street in the city. A waiter there asked me my name and I said Cait. He then asked me if I was the Cait Catt who wrote for Slanderyou and I told him I was. He then asked me if I had a sister named Fatt and I said I did. The man then told me I had bad breeding and they would not serve me. They don't serve prostitutes he said. I said I wasn't a prostitute. My sister worked for the Daily Planet but she told me she was an entertainer and a model and she wouldn't do anything improper. The man then said her workplace was enough and he told me to go away.

That's not fair. I wanted to eat a decent meal tonight and Gopels wouldn't let me eat there. I had to go to KFC and the food there isn't nearly as good.

I'm going to tell Pastor Nalliah on you Gopels.

Anonymous said...


As you well know, that was a load of meaningless drivel.

Life is too short for you to post nonsense on this blog.

Grow up! Go Away! Bugger off! Stop being a serial pest!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's soft female side fake entities Jenny Craig, Catter8, Rita Randles and Cait Catt are trying to derail this fine blog with asinine rubbish.

But the truth that he is trying to disguise is:

1. He may well be called to account for his calumnies arising from the Kororoit Election.

2. His earlier frauds remain unpunished. Asset-stripping at MUSU and IQ Corp deserve lengthy jail time.

3. He runs a criminally libellous blog, stalks victims and deceives and misleads electors, unionists and local government councils.

Diverting the attention of patriots here from his cesspool of criminality is what this is all about.

As posters to this blog already know, Landeryou is censorious so far as Poxnews is concerned. No misleading Jenny Craig diets there, no dead people like Rita Randles -- well, I can't be absolutely sure of that - a lot of the posters on Poxnews are Landeryou and his 50 (or so) fake commenters.

Poxnews needs to be shut down permanently and emphatically.

There is no freedom of expression there. It is wild lies and libels aplenty, fake comments added, and endless censorship of views not in line with his criminal outlook.

I have a copy of the Landy cookie said...

***There is no spyware on Vexnews***

So says Cait Catt (Landeryou).

There is going to be a major denoument about this shortly. I wouldn't be surprised if Poxnews disappears altogether.

Poxnews has been monitored closely recently because of the spyware problem. For obvious reasons, since Landeryou himself posts here under false names, patriots will simply have to await the climax of this new scandal.

The unionists who Landeryou keeps sucking into his mad blogs are going to get a real shock. They are like those Eloi in the Platinum Blonde TV Ad visited by the fat truckie. They urgently need to do a basic course in PC security.

Anonymous said...

So do nearly all the few surfers who visit Poxnews.


Best of all, DON'T go there at all!

Poxnews is security POISON.

Who would want criminal Landeryou looking over their shoulder; knowing where they had been on the internet; what they had been posting; etc., etc.

This is frightening stuff.

Anonymous said...

So do nearly all the few surfers who visit Poxnews.


Best of all, DON'T go there at all!

Poxnews is security POISON.

Who would want criminal Landeryou looking over their shoulder; knowing where they had been on the internet; what they had been posting; etc., etc.

This is frightening stuff.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is one weird freak!

He loves blood on his pillow even if it is his own.

He is the sickest bloke in Melbourne.

It is time he went away for a long time.

Admin Staff, Barwon Gaol said...

We are constructing a much larger cell to hold arch criminal Landeryou, and to protect him from the Hot Rodders. Natuarally, fellow prisoners will be unhappy about this and will give Landeryou a big biff given half a chance. We are not looking forward to his arrival. There are many present prisoners who knew Les Twentyman who will want to 'talk' to Landeryous. The Hot Rodders are a fact of Life. Good luck Mr Landeryou.

little Theo said...


We might be going there soon, too.

I'm puckering up big time boss!

Anonymous said...

Can any tech type help me with a query?

I already take security measures before I visit Landeryou's cybercrime ventures. I only ever visit Poxnews as I only ever visited the Blog of Sleaze beforehand using a service that blocks my IP number.

This offers some protection against Landeryou stealing data from my PC, but does it protect me against the spywear and other nasties Poxnews puts in the computers of its few visitors?

I am Henderson Ross. said...

It should be this blog of filth that should be investigated, for treason, as it is read by Age readers, jihadists, and leftards. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Well said Henderson.

Al haji Abdullah said...

Henderson, I cannot read Vexnews because it is haram. That is why I read The Age, because like Islam it supports jihadists.

Anonymous said...

Quarkbase reveals Poxnews’ blog ranking has collapsed by another 20,000 places since Team Slanderyou revealed its already perilous position several weeks ago.

Word must be getting around that Fat Andrew infects the computers of all those foolish enough to visit his sleazy site with spywear.

Anonymous said...

Why El Gordo's obsession with the Daily Planet brothel?

It was reported on this site last year that his father shouted El Gordo a monthly session with a prostitute.

Since El Gordo's business incompetence forced him into bankruptcy those visits will have stopped.

It looks as if El Gordo is missing a certain special someone!!!!!

Concerned said...

Andy wrote this: "Greedy greens Melbourne councillor Cathy Oke is going to spend $33000 on trips she won't publicly explain or justify."

Andy is still to explain or justify his Costa Rica trip!

Doubly concerned said...

More pertinently Landeryou will not explain why he has stolen the URL or why his sleazy sites plant spyware and other other malicious software in the computers of anyone who visits them.

Cait Catt said...

How does Vexnews do it? No wonder ASIO and the CIA read it. Superb intelligence. The latest is the fact that Andrew Jaspan, the former left-wing editor of The Age, is short listed for the position of editor of the West Australian. Superb intelligence gathering. Read on:

WILD WEST CRAZY TALK: Andrew Jaspan short-listed for West Australian editor
By VEXNEWS ⋅ March 12, 2009

jaspansouffle Members of the VEXNEWS Investigation Unit have alerted us this evening to speculation that Monsieur Andrew Jaspan (rhymes with Petain), the illustrious former Editor in Chief of The Age Titanic, has been short-listed for the editorship of the West Australian newspaper.

The vacancy occurred last year after some-time billionaire Kerry Stokes was appointed Chairman of WA Newspapers, he sacked long-time popular incumbent editor patriot Paul Armstrong and replaced him with a chap Bob Cronin on a temporary basis. Cronin is reputedly referred to by surly staff as “Cronin the Barbarian.”

At the Aged, Andrew Jaspan championed the cause of Earth Day to the point that even his lefty newsroom gagged at the propaganda fest, vigorously campaigned against the deepening of a channel for container ships in Port Phillip Bay, sacked popular conservative commentators and promoted the least funny highest paid columnist at The Age, alleged comic feministe Catherine Deveny. Her job is said to be under siege under the new editor Paul Ramadge who is keen to make economies by slashing her pay. Or her throat. Jaspan’s declared mission was to make The Age like The Guardian by the Yarra, and large chunks of the latter appeared cut and paste in the former.

The Age was dying anyway, its classifieds dependent model guaranteed that. But Jaspan’s veering of the paper to the strident left hastened its demise and pushed genuine sales through the floor in Melbourne’s genteel suburbs where The Age was once a way of life and an expression of where good eastern suburbs middle-class folk saw themselves in life. Now they don’t want to know. Their readership is increasingly concentrated in the inner-city and has reputedly dropped away drastically in the east.

It is hard to conceive how Jaspan’s bizarre enviro-left policies would go down in the Wild West, where men are men and the crookedest show in town is the Corrupt Commission.

We’ll soon find out whether the whining Pom Jaspan goes west. If they end up employing the lefty who helped drive The Age off the cliff it is currently falling off, it would be an astonishing development and a massive commercial mistake but those who’ve dealt with the Jaspan insist he talks a good game even if the paper he presided over was a cause of considerable shame.

He practically charmed the pants off Ron Walker, the current Fairfax Chairman, who has many faults but being a lefty is not one of them.

But The West in another world, with many still wanting to be a separate nation that would trade with a massive current account surplus, and its newspaper reflects its unique approach to life. That ever reliable source of left-wing doctrine, Wikipedia says of The West Australian:

The West is politically populist, with strong conservative leanings.

Heaven help them if they actually appoint the smooth-talking Pom leftist. All hell will break loose.

We’ll do our best to dig up the other names in contention and say a little prayer for them.

Rita Randles said...

No wonder our spoofs read it. I bet they are jealous they haven't got as good spooks as the people who supply info to the Vexnews Investigations Unit.

catter8 said...

Andrew writes well. Vexnews is great.

Anonymous said...

I wish Vexnews would say some nice things about my mother Pauline. She needs help if she is to defeat that awful left wing government in Bananaland. Someone called the Premier Bligh the Bitch on the Crikey Pineapple blog and it was deleted. Naughty Mr Mayne.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Landeryou posts his increasingly rambling rants on this site.

He must still want an audience but must have also realised that no-one ever goes to Poxviews as word has got around that the site infects computers with all sorts of nasties.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this article on and it reminded me of Landeryou. Does that fat failure have access to firearms? After Hoddle Street and Queens Street massacres VicPol must be very concerned about failed, friendless, single males like Landeryou.

THE man who killed 10 people in the deadliest shooting rampage in Alabama history kept a hit list of those he held grudges against.

Police found the list at the home of the gunman, Michael McLendon, 28, who killed himself after he was cornered by police at a factory, Coffee County District Attorney Gary McAliley said...

A patriot said...

Andrew Landeryou has admitted his rambling writing defames its subjects.

Referencing himself yet again and deploying the royal we, Landeryou has talked of his writing about former Victorian ministerial spinner Louise Perry and confessed "we defame her, to be sure".

Landeryou's admission has opened the gates to litigation from the literally hundreds of other people he has also defamed.

They may also investigate how a supposed bankrupt gets by when he has no visible means of support.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I have just noticed that Slanderyou is profiting from listing my name under the Top Commentators section of this filthy blog.

How dare you reveal my name and address without my permission.

I hope the Privacy authorities hunt you down and send you straight to gaol. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, I feel for you. Get a lawyer straight away.

Al haji Abdullah said...

Henderson, I expect that Slanderyou will soon print a photograph of you, even though this is strictly haram.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Henderson and Cait (or is it Cait and Henderson) comment more than anyone else according to the list on this blog?

No wonder ASIO and the CIA are so interested in this blog.

fattcatt said...

Cait is into self promotion. She does me no harm. Since all the publicity on this blog my clientele at the Daily Planet has quadrupled.

Thank you Mr Slanderyou.

Landeryou has confessed said...

Yet again the fat failure Landeryou and the voices in his head attempt to create a diversion.

He has admitted defamation on Venxnews. Either he stands by that in court or he will face even more perjury problems.

He has opened the floodgates to a king-tide of litigation. Here's hoping it washes him away.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's confession is extraordinary. It will be fascinating to see how he backs away. Presumably he will try the drunk's defence.

Anonymous said...

Fatt Catt's clientele has probably quadruped from one on Tuesday night to four last night.

Anonymous said...

Cait and the other merry fictional characters are at least funny.

If ASIO were interested in them I'd say what a waste of taxpayer money.

Not so Landeryou. He may be a subject of interest. Perhaps he might be called to give evidence at the Election Matters Committee in the State Senate.

IT security tip No 9 said...

When visiting Poxnews don't open it in a new window. Close down IE and restart it. Otherwise Landeryou will be able to tell what site you just visited. Once his Malware cookie is installed and you visit Poxnews again, he can tell what you've been up to on the net since last time.

It's tiresome, but Block All Cookies in tools> internet options> privacy.

'Craig of Windsor' Exposed said...

Street Blogger 'Craig of Windsor' (see tomorrow's Age) is Landeryou.

'Craig of Windsor' is his latest fake entity. He wanders around Chapel Street leaving A3 Sheets of Blog on lamp posts.

The first sentence of one of his latest efforts made it easy to identify the culprit:


Anonymous said...

Cait Catt and Henderson Ross keep claiming Poxnews is leader of the media pack and is up to date with news.

Why, then, this unkind post on a today's Jaspan blog on Poxnews:

Wasn’t this in the Australian 2 weeks ago??? Nice scoop!

Posted by brian | March 12, 2009, 19:23

Anonymous said...

Poodle 'Pyne', Rabid doberman 'Abbott' and shambling oaf 'Shrek' got precious in parliamentary question time today when labor mastiff 'Macklin' called the Libs "ambulance chasers".

Every bit as despicable, Landeryou can't qualify as an ambulance chaser since he doesn't practice law. However, he is an accident scene rubbernecker who gruesomely records and chronicles the misfortunes of others for his Blag of Hate.

Anonymous said...

Collie (with a Chihuahua's intellect) 'Costello' must have been snoozing during the '"ambulace chasers' jibe. No weird grimaces, startling facial expressions or hand waves.

Labradoodle 'Landeryou' is an example of improper breeding ethics. Labradoodles often exhibit a large range of health issues. Can be very excitable. Irritatingly, Barks a lot at nothing.

Blue Moon said...

That weird hand wave to PM Rudd by Costello yesterday reminded me of the movie 'Breakfast at Bernies'.

I'm not suggesting Peter is dead and being manipulated by his 'mate' Tony Abbott.

However, if he is dead, I can imagine in weeks ahead that other pasts of his anatomy might be suddenly waved at the Prime Minister. If Tony and Joe Hockey could roll him over, without being seen, Peter might become the first person in parliamentary history to MOON the PM!

little Theo said...


We're going to notch up a parliamentary "first" shortly too, aren't we?

You should have got the message all those years ago when your good wife started putting bromide in your tea. She always kept a cold spoon in the fridge too. I know, because I got a very hefty whack occasionally.

Rudd Recession said...

The latest Fed Lib Mantra is the "Rudd Recession". What laughable imbeciles! Don't they read the 'papers, don't they watch TV news? What part of the worldwide complete destruction of capitalism don't they understand?

Liberal politicians of the recent past let off the brakes on regulation and caused this disaster. They sold off public assets to their mates at fire sale prices. Labor state governments shucked off commonsense and embraced micro-economic reform too. They deregulated as if there was no tomorrow.

Thanks to all the politicians, there is no tomorrow now for most of us.

Ronnie said...

not sure about the Rudd Recession suggestion. But, if people had spent time studying Landeryou, they would have foreseen the current GFC - the similarities are remarkable.

Anonymous said...

Even on ABC-TV's Q & A tonight, the pollies were desperately trying to distance themselves from the worldwide financial crisis.

Unfortunately for them, the only people who could allow or disallow the circumstances that led to this disaster are the politicians. They were steering the Ship of State. They were busy deregulating the financial market so the sharks could take over.

You rotten scum! You voted for this madness. Don't hide. Accept your part. Beg our forgiveness! Tear up your loathesome micro-economic reform treatises. Become a human being. Eschew Workchoices Costello. Start to represent your constituents who are really hurting thanks to your negligence.

I'll be voting for Donkey next time said...

Parliamentary Hansards reveal that politicians are in denial about their part in this continuing financial armageddon. They all pretend this was caused by outside forces way beyond their ken. Historians will demonstrate their devotion to madcap, looney financial theories were the major cause. Micro-economic reform hasn't worked for 300 years and never will. They were twits. They deregulated the financial market crooks who systematically screwed everyone.

Even Al Qaeda couldn't have done a better job!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Vexnews notes that The Age is running a micro-jihad against the Labor party.

This blog of filth runs a macro-jihad. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, I read that too and agree 100%.

Al haji Abdullah said...

Did anyone say jihad and The Age? I'm up for it.

Anonymous said...

Re the comments from the voices in Landeryou's ahead about the "macro-jihad" the poor petal is suffering. Anything against Landeryou has to be "macro" because:

a) he is so fat

b) his failure is so comprehensive

c) his criminality is so massive

Concerned said...

I use Mozilla Firefox.

Will this protect my privacy from Landeryou's spywear and other nasties if I visit Poxnews?

Ronnie said...

Andy was busy on Vexnews the other day - 7 consecutive comments per his non-story on Ng, in 7 minutes


Its pretty obvious why Ng, along with many others, decided to catch Question Time. They were all there to see the GTM Express in all its glory. And as always, the GTM Express did not let down the many passengers, onlookers, and well wishers that we now associate with the greatest fast train ever seen in this fair land: the Great Terry Mulder.

All aboard!

Posted by Choo choo | March 12, 2009, 20:32

I am so tired. I have been working double over time over the past two weeks. Getting the greatest gold plated machine ever constructed up and running is not an easy or quick task. But boy will it be worth it. Should be days now!

Posted by Railyard Worker | March 12, 2009, 20:33

Are you serious? Only days now? I can’t wait to board this train. It will be the greatest day this state has ever seen. All I can say to that is …..


Posted by Awe-struck onlooker | March 12, 2009, 20:34

The sun was out, the air was crisp
Everyone was clearing the path
All so we could watch the amazing creation
That is the train from Polwarth

Posted by Goose | March 12, 2009, 20:37

I am done with the MBF.

Posted by Wacka Macka | March 12, 2009, 20:37

All aboard. Next stop: Kew.

Posted by Choo choo | March 12, 2009, 20:38

I’ll jump on board.

Posted by Dj Dj Spedding | March 12, 2009, 20:39

Apple Nerd said...

I use an Apple Mac. Will Andrew be able to steal my personal details with his malicious cookies if I visit his Vexnews site?

Anonymous said...

I C PoxView's accuracy remarked upon in 2day's Oz. Someone should warn DD McNicoll about Kung Fu Landa's stalking behaviour.

Anonymous said...

What about Linux?

My Liberal friend who works for Ted Baillieu told me he only accesses Poxnews (he used the word Poxnews and not the correct name of the site, Vexnews) at home, and he uses his laptop with Linux so that Poxnews cannot infect his new computer.

Mr Baillieu's staff have been told not to access Vexnews on his office computers lest factional intrigues within the Liberal Party get back to Landeryou. Mr Baillieu told me John Cain had given him advice not to have anything to do with either Landeryou, Bill or Andrew.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be pedantic 2.10 but there will be no next stop Kew on the Victorian railway system.

The branch line from Hawthorn to Kew was closed in August 1952. The line only ran in peak periods after 1939, and buses ran in off peak periods. The former Kew railway station is now the office of VicRoads.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is a regular Typhoid Mary.

His sleaze infected the body politic in Labor's shameful campaign against Les Twentyman and in the Melbourne City Council election.

His malicious cookies and other spyware infects the internet.

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:41, it should not come as any surprise that Fat Andy refers to a ripped up dead end rail line. His life and career is one big train wreck.

Anonymous said...

Whose longest lasting legacy is more likely 2 B as the answer to a question at an ALP trivia night? Bent Bill or El Gordo?

Quiz nite champion said...

Big Bent Bill at least made it into parliament and the ministry before his shonkiness saw him stripped of his commission.

His fat son failed in student politics and has subsequently failed as a businessperson and a blogger. His efforts at criminality hide his business failure appear to have failed themselves.

As Big Bent Bill spent most of his political career as a backbencher in the second chamber of a provincial parliament and his fat son's failure has been so spectacular and public, it is quite possible to argue that Landeryou Jnr has made more of a mark at this moment in time.

His legacy however is likely to be nothing but a few hundred thousand cubic metres of discarded KFC packaging and empty casks of cheap bulk wine.

Anonymous said...

I visited Vexnews once and shortly after found a large amount of money had been taken from my bank account via internet banking.

Anonymous said...

Firefox, Apple Mac, Linux users should all be OK providing they Block All Cookies if that service is available. Cookies were originally a way of monitoring surfers' activities on the net for advertising and customer services. Typically they would collect urls of sites visited. Nowadays, all kinds of codes and scripts can be hidden in cookies making them a lot more dangerous.

Unfortunately, Firefox, Apple Mac & Linux users are increasingly being targeted by virus creators - but nowhere near IE which is riddled with problems (so are the other browsers, but they receive little hacker attention yet).

I tested Poxnews this afternoon and didn't get a malware cookie. Perhaps Landeryou has wisely removed it. A security forum of which I am a member has been doing in-depth monitoring of Poxnews, but we are still awaiting a result. If he is using other software exploits this will be apparent from reports.

Anonymous said...

Re Landeryou and train lines: the only one that fits is the Mont Park Asylum Line.

Anonymous said...

The Mont Park railway line was built around 1911 and was pulled down in 1964. Wikipedia has an entry on it for more information. It never carried passengers and was a goods line only.

Anonymous said...

A contributor to a railway site says that with a bit of forward thinking it could have been a railway to La Trobe University.

Anonymous said...

Victorian railways were stuffed by the Bolte Hamer and Thompson governments. Cain improved things a little, but closed down the railways to Port Melbourne and St Kilda. Kennett continued the stuffing, and Bracks Brumby haven't done much better. Mildura, for example, never got its passenger trains back.

Strangely enough if Cain's Minister Coleman had continued our railways would have improved greatly. Unfortunately the DLP split prevented this from happening and under Bolte our railways greatly deteriorated.

Anonymous said...

Previous contributor needs to distinguish the two Cains. Coleman, a good man, was Minster for Railways from 1952-1955. Cain's son was Premier from 1982 until about 1990 and the Port St K railway was closed under Cain Junior.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's father was a Minister under John Cain junior and he was sacked. Like father like son John Cain junior used to say about the OC blog.

Anonymous said...

Like his father Andrew Landeryou never managed to do a day's honest work. He was sacked after only 5 months in his only paying job in 1991 as President of MUSU by 89% of more than 6000 voting students. The issue was corruption. This was the last time Andrew was on a salary. Since then it has all been scams and theft.

Cait Catt said...

Comments about Bill Landeryou are unhelpful and disgraceful. Bill was a superb political strategist. Much of Victoria's problems at the end of the 1980s would not have occurred had Bill been a member of the Cain and Kirner Cabinets at certain critical times.

Victoria would not have lost the State Bank. Tricontinental would not have happened. Bill would have seen that our state did not collapse. Kennett would have been avoided.

Bill Landeryou is and always has been a great Victorian and a great Australian.

His son Andrew, publisher of Vexnews, Australia's greatest news site, is equally is a great Victorian and a great Australian.

catter8 said...

Well said Cait.

Rita Randles said...

Great comment Cait. I'm pleased you are no longer talking about your sister Fatt Catt Cait.

Cait Catt said...

I object to some of the nasty things people are saying on this blog about me because I happen to have a sister, Fatt Catt, who works at a certain establishment in Horne Street in Elsternwick.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

I think you should stop talking about ASIO and the CIA Cait. They are both opposing my mother in her campaign to win Beaudesert in Queensland.

Cait Catt said...

I am not always talking about the CIA and ASIO. I am just making an observation that both organisations of spooks always read Vexnews as their major source of Australian news.

If Slanderyou doesn't like that it is not my problem.

Cait Catt said...

Vexnews is a great political site. Last night, for example, it posted some wisdom from the great Queensland leader, the late Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen. If we listened to Joh's wisdom we would all be better off. Read on:

PLAYED: Liberal upper house leader learns age-old adage “never hold an inquiry unless you first know the outcome”
By VEXNEWS ⋅ March 13, 2009

sirjohbjelke daviddavis Today’s highly amusing farce of the proposed inquiry into Victorian Labor’s nasty campaign tactics turning into a witch-hunt against the major parties generally appears to have been part of a cunning plan by Labor’s chief electoral strategist and street-fighter of the old school, Stephen Newnham.

It is conventional wisdom for many of the adviser class to duck and cover at the first sign of conflict.

But often the smart play is to have conflicts around the conversations you want to have. Forever enshrining the notion that a vote for “independent” candidates backed by extreme left money and Liberal preferences is a vote for the Liberals fits very well with Newnham’s strategy.

In the case of the conflict over whether saying a vote for X candidate is a vote for Y, that is a small issue. The assertion that it is misleading, in any way that could cross a legal threshold, is clearly not supported by logic or sound legal opinion. That’s why the candidate didn’t take the matter to court. He knew he’d lose.

But this little scrap says a lot we think about how the players play the game.

The Liberals under Baillieu’s leadership are always reacting. It’s not clear what they stand for and why. It’s not clear who they’re speaking for anymore.

Under Premier Kennett it was always clear. Progress. Development. Opportunity. Let’s go, let’s get it done, now. It was an awesome sight.

Perhaps this is an easier role for incumbents to play. And certainly Kennett sometimes looked very ordinary as Opposition Leader.

But here’s a case where Ted Baillieu’s principal backer David Davis made a stupid, ill-thought out decision to have an inquiry without following that age-old doctrine: never hold an inquiry unless you first know the outcome.

You know who said that originally? Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen, who governed Queensland for an absurdly long time. Whatever his limitations and achievements for the state, we feel confident in advancing the argument that his political skill was vastly superior to any of the current Liberal parliamentary leadership in Victoria.

By contrast it seems that Labor’s state secretary in deliberately trying to inflame the issue knew exactly what he was doing.

His provocative letter this week to Davis is one of the more amusing things we’ve seen in quite a while. It is clearly calculated to provoke and draw further attention to the issue.

Newnham openly refers to the Liberal Lefty as a “latte” liberal, and seems keen to press every Liberal button within his reach:

I am appalled by your shamefully patronising view that you assume working families in Kororoit are incapable of making informed political decisions. The arrogant assumption that you can somehow dupe working families is a view that really only holds currency in the coffee shops of Kew or in the waiting rooms of Camberwell chiropractors.

Mr Davis of course is a retired chiropractor who made his fortune dealing with the tennis elbows of the women of leafy eastern suburbs.

He even threw in an added taunt about Baillieu’s leadership that would have had D-squared squirming in his red leather chair.

But most importantly he makes his case in a way that few with an open mind could seriously dispute, providing clear proof of claims made during that election.

His calmness under fire was probably at the heart of the campaign success in Kororoit, a campaign that could have gone horribly wrong for the government. The MP Marlene Kairouz is going very well indeed we hear but found herself to be the candidate with very little time to campaign. It all happened so fast.

We say the stakes were much higher than a by-election loss for a government that probably deserves the occasional kick up the backside.

It is clear if candidates supported by the extreme left are elected in the place of ALP candidates in the west that there is not only a weakened Labor Party (for Liberals a good thing) but you open up the house that forms the government to be held hostage to people with extreme agenda (a good thing for no-one, Liberals or Labor alike).

That’s why Labor and Liberal should stop preferencing Greens in the lower house. Before it’s too late. That’s why Liberals should resist the temptation to preference to candidates financed by Dean Mighell again. It’s dangerous politics because it’s not values driven. It’s purely enemy of my enemy is my friend politics with potentially catastrophic consequences.

The stakes were high.

In battle, to be willing to draw fire so that others might achieve their objectives takes a unique courage. To do so and survive, repeatedly, suggests that not only bravery but a lot of smarts too.

Rita Randles said...

How does Andrew do it? Vexnews is a great site, with great news and great commentary.

catter8 said...

Stephen Newnham is a great political strategist. He wins elections, and that's all that matters. With Stephen at the helm Labor will be in office in Victoria for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Nine posts in a row from the fat fraud and failure praising himself.

Does he realise just how stupid he looks?

Anonymous said...

The freak Landeryou in his drag guise as the non-existant Cait Catt pollutes this Blog. Landeryou is a bankrupt failure. Perhaps by defending his father online he wants to make up for the fact that he bankrupt Big Bill.

I recall the issue with Bill was that he took loans from an industry superannuation fund of which he was a trustee. Not ethical behaviour at all. Other Slandereyou readers can fill in the details of this disgraceful episode that resulted in Bill resigning from State Cabinet.

The Landeryou clan has never been known for ethics. Andrew's attitude of "privilege and entitlement" has resulting in him taking a very cavalier ap;proach to shareholders funds in IQ Corp and members funds in MUSU.

Anonymous said...

Landershonk's sock puppets call him "the great man" because he is so fat.

Anonymous said...

It is quite sad that Landeryou can only get positive recognition from imaginary, fictional characters. The cast of ambitious young Labor associates that once mixed with Landeryou has disappeared as he has progressively scammed them all.

Rita Randles said...

Cait Catt is not Landeryou.

catter8 said...

The exposure of Fatt Catt as Cait's sister was not made by Cait nor was it made by any of Cait's friends on this blog. It was made by a contributor friendly to the position and antics of Slanderyou.

Cait Catt said...

The attack on Bill Landeryou by 4.24 is beyond contempt. An utterly sick and vile piece lacking any journalistic claim to integrity. Just filth. The filth one expects from the blog of filth.

Suggesting I am Landeryou is another lie. I am certainly Andrew's greatest admirer (sorry Rita, catter and Henderson)and I do have a sister named Fatt. I tried to keep that to myself but unfortunatly some bastard contributer to this blog who knew about Fatt leaked it to Slanderyou.

I am not in a good mood tonight. I have a headache. Normally I don't write like this. I leave that to Slanderyou and his acolytes.

Rita Randles said...

Calm down Cait.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Your sister does work at the Daily Planet.

Cait Catt said...

That fact is not relevant to the debate on this blog. Neither is the fact that your mother is a candidate for Beaudesert in the Queensland poll that the ALP is unlikely to win.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

My mother is going to win. And so is Rosa Lee Long in Dalrymple.

Cait Catt said...

Enough Jenny. That's unpaid political advertising and it's not really relevant to the debate unless it's on Vexnews.

I'm sick of all this tripe. I'm going back to read Vexnews. A man from ASIO rang me today and again told me not to say on this blog that ASIO read Vexnews. I told him to get stuffed. ASIO do read it because it's better at gathering information than their spooks and the only reason they want to silence me is because Vexnews sources are so good and so much better than theirs.

catter8 said...

Sock it to them Cait.

Rita Randles said...

I think you should go back to reading Vexnews Cait. I'm not a bit interested in what your sister Fatt does at the Daily Planet.

Swoop said...

It's not ASIO reading Poxnews, as Landeryou's fake commenters have suggested here. But AFP, ATO and OPP ARE avid readers of the smears' Blog of Hate. They're wondering where Landeryou's magnificent lifestyle as a bankrupt is coming from. 'The Great Man' is devious enough to disguise where the dosh is coming from, but ATM's have cameras. Apparently there are a few new leads and a couple of well-known faces to some of the agencies mentioned above.

Since Landeryou virtually resides on this blog, the names of his money launderers obviously aren't available.

The net is closing.

Snore said...

The Phat Freak has taken the weekend off again. What a lazy prick!

The Blog of Hate abandoned again, except for the macros than ban comments from posters from this site.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has been doing this shite for so many years it has become lifestyle for him. When he came back from Costa Rica he promised a caustic retribution for his many enemies including Sol Lew. Sol, to his credit, shoved it up Landeryou big time. The Landeryou family has been buggered.

Cait Catt said...

I looked at Vexnews, and what a good read it is tonight. Then I went to bed and couldn't sleep. I've had a headache all day and took some Mersyndol. That's why I can't sleep.
I turned on my computer and looked at Slanderyou. Vile. Filth. How dare 2.16 and 2.42 tell such lies about one of Victoria's most ethical businessmen, and the editor of Australia's most respected news site on the net, a site ASIO and even the CIA regard as the best Australian news site.

I'm sick of the filth on the blog of filth. The two correspondents names above are filth, filth and filth.

Rita Randles said...

For how much longer do we have to put up with tripe on the blog of filth.

Go away Slanderyou. It was your lackeys who first raised the fact that Fatt Catt works at the Daily Planet.

I think that's a horrible place and I hope if any of catter's cats visit that establishment they use a condom.

Anonymous said...

Rita that's disgusting. You criticise filth on this blog yet you peddle it yourself.

catter8 said...

Enough of that. My cats want to watch the news on SBS this morning from Budapest and Valetta. They have to be up early.

Cait Catt said...

That tripe is of no interest to anyone. The big question is Vexnews. It's a good read and exposes terrorism in Australia like no other news source.

Not even the ABC.

Rita Randles said...

Once again how does Andrew do it. This morning he is again first with the latest news, comparing David Davis with Pauline Hanson. Read on:

Wonder if David Davis has any skeletons in his closet. The latest news to come out of Queensland, where they play politics tougher even than the Victorian ALP, concerns an ex-boyfriend of a certain former MP standing for election in the seat of Beaudesert, a lovely lady named Pauline. Her ex boyfriend has sold some raunchy pictures of her. Naughty.
This is his story, as told to Vexnews. It's our greatest scoop of this election.

Raunchy photographs of a teenage Pauline Hanson have been sold to the media by an old boyfriend.

The photographs were taken in the mid-1970s, showing Ms Hanson partially nude and dressed in lingerie.

The former One Nation leader, who is hoping to stage a political comeback in the Queensland election, would have been about 19 when the shots were taken during a drunken interlude on a resort holiday, News Limited reports.

Ms Hanson met army commando Jack Johnson in a Brisbane grocery shop and the pair dated until he was posted overseas.

Ms Hanson was drunk on passion pop and Mr Johnson on imported beer when the impromptu photo session took place, News Ltd says.

Mr Johnson, now living in Sydney and struggling to repay debts after treatment for bone cancer, said he tried to give the photographs back to Ms Hanson at an event but was stopped by one of her staff members.

He said he was digitising old photos recently with a friend, who recognised Ms Hanson and suggested they would be worth money.

"Sorry it's come to this sweetheart ... that's the way it is," he told Vexnews.

A spokesman for Ms Hanson said they did not "care about photos".

Cait Catt said...

That's why the CIA and ASIO regard Vexnews as their greatest Australian news source.

Rita Randles said...

A lot of contributors to this blog have been talking about Pauline Hanson, including her alleged daughter. In the Herald Sun this morning there are some raunchy pictures of her taken by an ex boyfriend. Below is her campaign letter to the voters of Beaudesert:

My Dear Fellow Resident,

The Queensland State Election has been called for Saturday the 21 March 2009.

After careful consideration and encouragement from many individuals I have nominated as an independent candidate for the seat of Beaudesert. The electorate of Beaudesert includes the towns of Aratula, Beaudesert, Beechmont, Boonah, Canungra, Cedar Creek, Hillview, Jimboomba, Kalbar, Kerry, Mount Alford, North Tamborine, Rathdowney, Roadvale, Rosevale, St. Bernard, Tamborine, Tamrookum, Warrill View & Woodhill. This will be the first time I have nominated as a candidate at a Queensland State Election.

I have lived in the electorate at, Warrill View, for 13 years and owned the property for 19 years. My commercial background is in small business. I owned and operated a take away shop for 10 years, a plumbing business for 9 years with my then husband and ran cattle on my property for 12 years.

I first entered the political arena in 1994 when I was elected a councillor of Ipswich City. In the 1996 Federal election I won the seat of Oxley as an Independent.

As your future state parliamentary member for Beaudesert, I would without fear or favour, faithfully represent the constituency of Beaudesert and would not be bound, controlled or dictated to by others which is so often the case with major political parties.


You will agree with me I’m sure, that many of our state parliamentary representatives in general, and the Queensland Labor Government in particular, have failed and failed miserably to provide the necessary infrastructure, economic stability, and safe society which are so desperately needed. They lack any compassionate understanding about the needs and concerns of the every day, Struggle Street, Queenslander. I am deeply concerned about our future and for that of our children, grandchildren and the many generations yet to be born.

It has been well documented that during my time in local government and the federal parliament I was not afraid to stand up and fight for what I believed and was prepared to take on the big boys. They didn’t like it then and they still don’t like it now. If we want a safe society, democracy, and a decent standard of living, we must be prepared to stand up and be counted. Our future lies in the hands of our parliamentary representatives. They are there to represent you the elector, not big business, not international interests, and most certainly not for their own hidden agendas and self interests.


* Preventing further privatisation of government utilities or infrastructure.
* Fighting against the privatisation of water distribution and look at the feasibility of developing water systems flowing from North Queensland to where it is most needed.
* Improved assistance for Pensioners Carers and the Disabled
* Oppose all attempts to increase the GST
* First time road vehicle licence holders be required to pass a defensive driving course as part of the requirement of qualifying for their Queensland Driver Licence.
* Fixed 4 year state parliamentary terms in Queensland.
* Amalgamation of state seats where possible. If government can have amalgamation of local government why not state seats. A Federal Member has approx 85,000 constituents while State Members have approx 30,000. Reducing the number of state seats (89 in total), targeting the much smaller ones due to area and density it would save Queensland tax payers millions of dollars in staff, wages, superannuation, offices, facilities etc.
* Financially assist and encourage those on the land to install dams on their properties instead of placing government obstacles and red tape hurdles before them.
* Improve the state of health care services in Queensland.
* Increase Policing numbers in Queensland. The ever increasing level of crime being perpetrated against society has to be seriously addressed. The Queensland government must take a stronger stance against crime. If someone wants to engage in a criminal act then the penalty should be an appropriate punishment and I don’t mean a slap on the hand.
* I oppose the introduction of a Death Duties Tax.
* I oppose the introduction of a tax on water tanks.

If elected, I can promise you that I stand ready to be your advocate in the Queensland parliament.

Finally, if you can assist me on election day Saturday the 21 March by working a polling booth, handing out how to vote cards, letter box dropping prior to election day, or placing an electrion sign in your yard or business window, please register your interest either clicking here, sending an email to or phoning 0409 439 225 for further details.

Yours sincerely,

Pauline Hanson

Independent Candidate for Beaudesert

March, 2009

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita

I tried to copy and paste your exposure of Pauline Pantsdown (or is it Hanson) on Paula Rizzutto's filthy blog but she deleted it.

Filthy bitch. Like Pinapple Time Blog deleting references to Anna the bitch Bligh in the Banana Republic.

Anonymous said...

An outstanding 112 comments on this Blog entry. Only 50 of which were written by Landeryou in drag, which leaves over 60 comments not by Landeryou. Compared this to the failing Vexnews that only manages 5 comments per entry (all of which are written by Landeryou). It is clear that the readers of Slanderyou far outnumber the sad readers of the Other Blog.

Anonymous said...

That's why Andrew Landeryou posts here so often. The mad freak wants readers more than anything else. He wants to feel that he is not a total failure.

The truth is that he is a total failure. Fat, forty, bankrupt and unemployable.

Anonymous said...

Eevn his father won'ttalk to him after he bankrupt the whole family.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou likes to pretend spies read his drivel. Another lie from the fat fraud.

Only the ATO reads Vexnews in case he gives away more information of the location of his offshore stash.

Anonymous said...

When will the fraud Landeryou bring the money stolen from IQ Corp and MUSU back to Australia? The lie that he is bankrupt when he lives in luxury in a city apartment and frequents expensive restaurants also needs to be investigated by Centrelink. He is claiming welfare benefits while at the same time frequently drawing cash from offshore accounts to sustain his extravagant lifestyle.

A failure even as a bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

We are not getting real comments about the Bananaland election from Pauline's alleged daughter on this blog. The One Nation web site has the comment below, and I've put it on this blog, without comment, for the information of Pauline's alleged daughter. Read on:

Setting the Record Straight on Pauline Hanson 9/12/2007

Once again the vultures are out complaining that Pauline Hanson will get electoral funding for her Senate campaign. Ellen Whinnett, writing in the Herald Sun on November 26 calls her a "serial loser", neglecting to mention all Liberal candidates in safe Labor seats, or Labor candidates in safe Liberal seats, must also by definition be "serial losers".

This follows a Labor submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into conduct of the 2004 Federal Election that alleged "blatant profiteering for personal benefit" on the part of Pauline Hanson . But in a safe Labor seat where say 65% vote ALP, the ALP gets about $240,000 in funding after having spent, (unless they had gold-plated how-to-votes) probably no more than $30,000, a profit of $210,000.

Furthermore if we are talking about taxpayers' money going to undeserving people, what about our gaggle of ex-prime ministers, most of whom were rejected by the Australian public, still spongeing off the public with a stipend, a free office, free staff and free transport, even though they are wealthy in their own right, mostly due to the prestige. influence and lucrative contacts they inherited from their position?

It is significant that the Labor plan to increase the threshold to 5% would still be low enough to not significantly disadvantage The Greens, and guess what party The Greens direct their preferences to.

Whatever you may think of Pauline Hanson and her reasons for standing, she is just as much entitled under the AEC rules to the funding as anyone else, though now Labor have got control of this country via a compliant media and millions of dollars from their capitve union members and business mates, who will be paid off in kind, no doubt they will rig the election rules to change this.

The media vultures also neglect to mention that the Queensland Government still owe Pauline Hanson $502,000 which they never paid back after the successful appeal against her jail sentence established that the original de-registration of the party which forced her to repay the electoral funding was invalid, not to mention the compensation they owe her for her time in jail.

Labor has a history of changing electoral rules to its own advantage. They introduced compulsory voting in NSW local government elections which always benefits Labor, they did away with the requirement for electors only to vote at a particular booth so as to allow multiple voting, and they changed the Electoral Act in Queensland so people charged with electoral fraud could be charged under the Criminal Code instead of the Electoral Act, specifically to "get" Pauline Hanson with a tougher sentence that would make her ineligible to stand for Parliament.

If Kevin-the-Shredder's regime can bend the electoral rules to selectively remove political opponents, what else do they intend to do to cement themselves in power?

Brendan Nelson are you listening?

Supporters of a fair go everywhere should protest against this serious assault on Australian democracy.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. That was written the year before last when Brendan Nelson was leader of the Liberal Party. Now he's been replaced by Malcolm Turnbull. The material makes some interesting points. One Nation still has some devotees in Victoria, and I read on the Vexnews comments that EPA Stasi Minister Jennings and his fellow Leftista Jenny Mikakos supported former One Nation candidate Michael Freshwater last year for the Council of East Gippsland. Interestingly Mr Freshwater got election and as Cr Freshwater he's now the Mayor. Perhaps he's changed, but I'd rather have enemies than friends like those Cr Freshwater.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting comments about EPA Stasi Minister Jennings and his Leftista mate ex Northcote Clowncillor Mikakos. That's why ASIO and the CIA read Vexnews so thoroughly. Vexnews is a great source of information for our spooks, who are not able to do half as good a job as the Vexnews Investigations Unit.

Cait Catt said...

The comments about Leftistas in the ALP are disgusting. Expel the lot of them I say.

Ronnie said...

Don't visit Vexnews on 1 April. The fast-moving Conficker computer worm, a scourge of the internet that has infected at least 3 million PCs, is set to spring to life in a new way on April Fools' Day.

Ronnie said...

Don't visit Vexnews on 1 April. The fast-moving Conficker computer worm, a scourge of the internet that has infected at least 3 million PCs, is set to spring to life in a new way on April Fools' Day.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

I think you should stop talking about ASIO and the CIA Cait. They are both opposing my mother in her campaign to win Beaudesert in Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Re the comments from the voices in Landeryou's ahead about the "macro-jihad" the poor petal is suffering. Anything against Landeryou has to be "macro" because:

a) he is so fat

b) his failure is so comprehensive

c) his criminality is so massive

'Craig of Windsor' Exposed said...

Street Blogger 'Craig of Windsor' (see tomorrow's Age) is Landeryou.

'Craig of Windsor' is his latest fake entity. He wanders around Chapel Street leaving A3 Sheets of Blog on lamp posts.

The first sentence of one of his latest efforts made it easy to identify the culprit:


Anonymous said...

I wish Vexnews would say some nice things about my mother Pauline. She needs help if she is to defeat that awful left wing government in Bananaland. Someone called the Premier Bligh the Bitch on the Crikey Pineapple blog and it was deleted. Naughty Mr Mayne.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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