Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is it something we've said?

Andy likes a good chat, especially it seems on this your 'blog of truth' via a range of different personalities.

However, he will not comment as 'Andy', unlike he has done on GrodsCorp.

Is it something we've said?

45 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

As usual Slanderyou defames me and claims I am Landeryou and am a Landeryou sock puppet or alternate personality.

I am not and have never been Andrew Landeryou. He is a great man and his news site Vexnews is highly regarded, not only in Australia but also internationally. The CIA, for example, regard it as their first choice for news about Australia. We can be quite certain that the CIA never reads Slanderyou, and who could blame them.

Slanderyou is and remains the blog of filth.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

I cant forgive Slanderyou for the filthy things he said about my mother and Rosa Lee Long during the recent Queensland election campaign.

catter8 said...

You tell them Cait and Jenny. Slanderyou will never learn. Unless it's filth it won't be published.

Anonymous said...

Round and round we go.

The crowd of Landeryou fake commenters claiming they are not Landeryou.

Us pointing out the obvious fact that they are.

Who will ever win?

Landeryou is a sad, lone figure with lots of unfinished legal business because he defrauded MUSU and IQ Corp.

But he is also an accomplished libeller, stalker, fake commenter and electoral criminal.

We are innocent folk here who know little about Landeryou's weird world.

But we have lots of real people here who only want to see Landeryou get his just deserts in a cell. Justice delayed is justice denied.

The perverted crim will continue to post here using fake nom-de-plumes. We will yawn and ignore his lunacy.

And so it goes on and on...

Anonymous said...

So, in other words, bugger off Cait Catt Landeryou, Jenny Jensen-Hansen Landeryou and Catter8 Landeryou!

And don't ever come back you tiresome, trolling, fake, twits!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

This blog is even worse, if that is at all possible, than Paula Rizutto's. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

100% agree with you Henderson.

Al haji Abdullah said...

Remember, I live in Brunswick.

Kevin of Southbank said...

Is Nicholas Bolton and his Australian Style Investment company doing a Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

??? Nicholas Bolton isn't bankrupt, fat and a female impersonator.

Anonymous said...

I dropped by the Electoral Comission this morning.

Fat Boy is still breaking the law by not being enrolled. His nasty old man is still down on the roll at his swanky Carlton digs.

These Landeryous sure seem to know how to go bankrupt!

Anonymous said...

Why is Fat Boy still breaking the not enrolled? Fear of process servers.

Anonymous said...

Why is Fat Boy still not enrolled? Fear of process servers.

Rita Randles said...

Slanderyou has covered recent events in Queensland, and used its evil influence to prevent the electiom of decent candidates there. In the west Slanderyou has attacked Brian Burke, possibly the best Premier Western Australia ever had. Mr Burke is being falsely accused by the WA Crime and Corruption Commission, and I believe he is unlikely to get a fair trial, given the bad publicity he is getting from Slanderyou. Mr Burke thinks the same, as the story from the West Australian today states. Read on:

Burke back in court
14th April 2009, 19:45 WST

Brian Burke arrives at Magistrates court with wife sue.Pic by Guy Magowan, The West Australian. Picture: WA News

Former WA premier Brian Burke says charges brought against him by the West Australian corruption watchdog should be dismissed if he receives a fair trial.

Mr Burke, speaking outside the Perth Magistrates Court where he made a brief appearance this afternoon, said it would be “very difficult for me (to get a fair trial)”.

“I’m sure that if I was accused of sheep stealing, at least half the population would find me guilty,” Mr Burke said.

Mr Burke has been charged with five counts of giving false evidence to the Corruption and Crime Commission.

A trial date was expected to be set today, but the matter was adjourned to April 28 when he also appears in the Perth Magistrates Court on two charges of disclosing official secrets.

A trial date is likely to be set then.

“If I get a fair trial I’m confident all these charges will be dismissed,” he said.

The charges stem from Burke’s involvement as a lobbyist for a development at Smiths Beach in the South-West and carry a maximum penalty of three years jail or a $60,000 fine.

False testimony charges filed by the CCC against Mr Burke’s business partner, lobbyist and former West Australian Labor minister Julian Grill, were dismissed last month.

Mr Burke and Mr Grill are among six people, including three former MPs, a retiring independent MP and two public servants charged over the Smiths Beach development, land rezoning in Perth’s south-east and lobbying around the pearling industry in the State’s north.


Anonymous said...

Brian Burke and Landeryou - perverters of democracy. Fingers in many tills. Nasty 'little; men who devoted themselves to corrupton.

S. Lew said...

Where's my M-O-N-E-Y you obese, rotten fraudster?

Dancin' on his Grave said...

Where's our money? - former MUSU members.

Where's our money? - IQ Corp investors.

Where's our money? - Kim, and Big Bill.

Time to hand over all the dosh Landeryou.

You are a crooked no-hoper and you should hang your head in shame!

Anonymous said...

So where is the money, El Gordo? Pissed it up a wall or hid it overseas? Fess up or U'll B dogged by allegations for the rest of yr short life.

Kevin of Southbank said...

Alan Kohler had this to say about Nick Bolton:

Now it seems Nicholas Bolton was not the Messiah – just a very naughty boy.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is investigating his deal with Leighton Holdings’ subsidiary Thiess John Holland and while they are at it the plods are looking at whether it should have been disclosed immediately.

Bolton’s problem revolves around insolvent trading. His company Australian Style Investments has arguably been trading while insolvent from the moment it bought 77 million units in BrisConnections, since that purchase involved an obligation to pay $77 million on April 29 2009, that it was never going to be able to meet – that is, it was unable to meet its debts as and when they fell due.

sound familiar?

(Click through my name to get the full Kohler article)

Anonymous said...

That means Landeryou is a very, very naughty boy!

Anonymous said...

No... he's just a scheming crim with a long history of dishonest behaviour, stalking and libel.

That's not naughty! He is a frightful crook.

Anonymous said...

Nice and quiet here for a change. No Landeryou or his oafish fake commenters.

What a break. I'll make a cuppa and a sandwich - amd relax.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

The fact that nobody reads this blog of filth indicates that the CFMEU Construction division is behind it. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing Henderson.

Zonga Ali said...

Does the CFMEU have a branch near me I could join?

Anonymous said...

When did Landeryou's obsession with adopting female personae begin?


When Sophie Mirabella did him over at uni?

When he married a man in drag?

When the strain of waiting for the law to bash down his door over his various thefts and frauds became too much?

Alcohol induced insanity?

Can patriots help?

Concerned said...

Sounds like a case for Dr Phil!

Anonymous said...

... and the Hot Rodders at Barwon!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has made many new enemies in his Hate Blog this week. The Geelong Bikies might be the least of his worries.

No wonder the sneaky libeller posts from a secret address. If it was known, he would be getting bashed several times a day.

A good gumshoe - maybe Sam Speyed Catt - could find him easily...

Dimberley the Drag said...

If Landeryou went through a wedding with a man in drag or dressed up himself for faked wedding photos AND if he registered the union or was a knowing party to its registration with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, then he has committed YET ANOTHER criminal offence.

Concerned said...

In Australia, there were 7164 new bankruptcies during the March quarter, representing a rise of 13.6%, while business-related bankruptcy looks set to rise as the recession deepens.

No longer seen as a never-ending character stain, bankruptcy is being seen as a more acceptable exit from insurmountable debt.

But while the stigma has receded, there are still onerous restrictions.

So what happens when you go broke?

Scott Freidman, partner at Harris Freidman Hyde Page - which acts for the Insolvency and Trustee Services Australia (ITSA) says voluntary bankrupts generally either petition for bankruptcy to the court or disclose their assets in a statement of affairs to ITSA. The typical duration is three years.

A statement of affairs is a list of assets and liabilities, and this is filed prior to bankruptcy, and then a trustee will be appointed.

As a bankrupt, you're allowed to retain a motor vehicle up to the value of $6500, and tools of trade to the value of $3250. You can even apply for a credit card up to $4664 limit without disclosure.

''If you're earning an income, you may have to provide a contribution, and there are different thresholds, depending upon your income and number of dependents,'' Freidman said.

''If a creditor petitions against you, then a private trustee will be appointed and ask you to complete a statement of affairs and that has to be filed in court too.''

According to Andrew Fielding, Partner for business recovery and insolvency at BDO Kendall, the lucky ones - such as Alan Bond - with access to external funds can make a debt agreement.

These are run through a privately appointed controlling trustee, who then oversees the credit arrangements.

''In this situation, it's about offering something more than what's there, and you'll need to pay the trustee fees of up to $20,000 as well as the legal costs.''

The ITSA Profiles of Debtors for 2007 showed that nearly half of all bankrupts received some professional advice through solicitors, accountants, financial counsellors or registered trustees. Free financial counsellors were the primary source.

Almost half of those bankrupted were unemployed at the time of bankruptcy, and only 13% had an income over $50,000. But 24% had a household income over $50,000 and 11% had more than $70,000 when taking into account the partner's income.

Scott Freidman says it's a comparatively rare event for people to be made bankrupt over home loans, and credit card-related bankruptcies generally don't have assets to administer.

The costs of going bankrupt are well known: apart from the emotional trauma of losing your home and major assets, there may be relationship break-ups, and ongoing difficulty in working in your chosen field.

''But it can be a good closure,'' said Andrew Fielding, ''and I encourage people to do it where there are insurmountable debts. I see the stress, and the impact on their health and their relationships. It's amazing the relief that bankruptcy can bring.''

Fielding says the impediments to a bankrupt on being creditworthy have changed too.

Twenty years ago, you couldn't get a credit card as a bankrupt. Now, it's possible.

It's not all easy street.

When you're a bankrupt, you can't hold a directorship or manage a company without a court order, which makes small business ownership difficult (unless a family member is running it). You may even be precluded from your occupation, such as the role of real estate agent, or as a builder.

You can't travel overseas without the trustee's permission, and you may also have your income garnished, depending upon your number of dependents and what you earn.

''There's no safe haven if there's equity (in assets that) the trustee wants to realise,'' said Freidman.

''They will offer the share of the family home at market prices to the non-bankrupt partner to purchase, but unfortunately, that will be sold if they can't fund it.''

Superannuation may be quarantined from the estate, depending upon the circumstance, if it can be shown that the contributions were made regularly by the bankrupted person (prior to going bankrupt) and hasn't been used to hide funds or assets.

Freidman says it's common for bankrupts to attempt to hide assets or transfer them to a family member; often, there's dispute with the trustee about the timing of any transfer and the actual value of the assets.

This may result in further legal action or the trustee can apply for an additional seven years if the bankrupt is deemed as `uncooperative.'

You cannot obtain credit without disclosing the fact that you're bankrupt (after the discharge, you can possibly get credit although your history may haunt you), you may not be a director during the period or managing a company.

''It's never an easy way out although it depends upon your circumstances,'' Freidman said.

''Each person will be different. When I first started practising, a fellow in his 70s had a tax debt which he was simply incapable of repaying.

''He was working as a lawnmower and just found that too hard. At my suggestion, he went bankrupt because it wiped the debt and allowed him to move forward.''

A debt counsellor or a lawyer will help people to understand the ramifications.

Famous bankrupts:

Alan Bond: In 1992, the West Australian businessman was declared bankrupt with debts of $1.8 billion, then Australia's largest collapse. He served time in jail, but is reportedly now mining diamonds in South Africa.

Christopher Skase: Another crash-and-burn 1980s entrepreneur who fled to Majorca, Spain after the spectacular demise of his company and eventually died there, pursued to the end by the Australian government.

John Elliott: Forevered linked to the phrase "Pig's Arse!", the former Carlton football club president declared himself bankrupt in 2005 but was released last year. He has now launched himself online with The John Elliott report.

Robert Maxwell: the suspicious death of the British media tycoon (found floating in the Atlantic ocean after an apparent tumble from his luxury yacht) triggered the sensational discovery that Maxwell had been illegally using the pension funds of his company to prop it up and fund his lifestyle. The Maxwell companies filed for bankruptcy protection in 1992. His two sons were later declared bankrupt.

Hollywood celebrities such as Kim Basinger, Willie Nelson and ''The Apprentice'' host Donald Trump, have also graced the 'B' list at one point in their lives.

Concerned said...

Note that, patriots. No Fat Andy on the list of famous bankrupts.

Instead, he is on one headed "Infamous bankrupts."

Anonymous said...

My local supermarket, Piedemonte's at North Fitzroy, is selling 4 litre casks of port for just $9.95. Reckon we will be seeing Landeryou soon so have told the Neighbourhood Watch to look out for a fat criminal.

Spider Pig said...

I am the Spider Pig.

Anonymous said...

Also please warn Piedemonte's at North Fitzroy about not accepting any credit cards from any Landeryous. Father and son are rather careless when it comes to paying off debts.

Anonymous said...

Tell Piedemonte's and the Neighbourhood Watch to look out for either a very fat man or a very fat man dressed as a woman.

You can tell them too that the reek of KFC grease also gives Landeryou away whether he is dressed in drag or not.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that Landeryou manages to keep such a low profile. One would think that a really fat man who is usually dressed in drag, who is usually drunk and who always stinks of deep fried chicken would really stand out.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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