Thursday, April 09, 2009

Where it all started.........

102 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Happy Easter to the defence team of Rita, catter8, Henderson and also Jenny who is really an honorary member even if she doesn't always agree with us. She certainly has a good pedigree.

Also a Happy Easter to those Slanderyou readers who are good willed.

Rita Randles said...

Thank you Cait. I return the good wishes. Also for the benefit of some sicko who posted earlier today I do not wear Brut. That's a man's perfume.

catter8 said...

From all the cats at my cattery a Happy Easter to the defence team and also to good willed readers. Don't forget Vexnews, Australia's top rated news site. A Happy Easter to Vexnews too. May you win a Walkley even if Slanderyou and his henchpersons try to stop it.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

A Happy Easter to Cait, Rita and catter8. A Happy Easter also to my mother Pauline and also to Rosa Lee Long. I'm not sure about Andrew. He failed to support my mother, but in the interests of and spirit of Easter I wish him a Happy Easter too.

Fatt Catt said...

I wish a Happy Easter to Jeff Jackson and Craig Thomson. I draw the line at Slanderyou though. We at the Daily Planet think he's a very undesirable customer.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god... the mad git in a pre-Easter burst of goodwill. It's disgusting! Andrew, who will spend Easter alone, drinking flagons of cheap red, dressed only in stained XXXXXL y-fronts, shunned by family and ex-associates, wishes his 'fake friends' 'Happy Easter'. If these people were real this dialogue might make some sense. As it is they are just frigging figments of his imagination.

What a tragic figure, a disgrace to the human race, a failure of extraordinary proportions.

Andrew will spend Easter alone and abandoned, in front of his computer, defaming all and sundry.

Anonymous said...

Even the Easter Bunny will avoid the Fat Cave because of the stench.

Anonymous said...

No visit from Big Bill, Dimberly, Ann-Marie or Matt????

The family really avoids him these days...

I do understand. Bankrupting the entire family, forging their signatures, spivving them onto front companies that get deregistered, it isn't really a nice thing to do.

Anonymous said...

The "defence team" consists of imaginary friends. Andrew Landeryou is a disgrace. No-one real would defend him or be associated publically with him.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

I spoke to my mother tonight. She said she wishes Cait and Rita and catter8 and her cats a Happy Easter, but she is not sure about Andrew, Dr Phil or Slanderyou, as none of them supported her. She wishes Rosa a Happy Easter too.

It's Easter. How about cutting down on some of the filthy comments on this blog?

Rita Randles said...

If Little Theo wasn't all over the place I might wish him a Happy Easter. He is not one of us but at his best he is a good patriot. Big Theo is in a spot of bother and we have just got to wait a little while for the outcome of that.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's svelte face on ABC Late Line tonight. ABC will take comments from any fraudsters like him!

Balance went out the window. For balance, get a comment from Slanderyou2!

Landeryou uses crowds of fake commenters to hype up his anti-union blog. What a crook!

Anonymous said...

Naughty ABC right-wing leftists screwing everyone here. That photo of Landeryou was from 1994 - nearly 15 years ago! Fat Boy has a library of whacky door-stops for his many failed ventures.

Dr Phil said...

Dr Phil will be resting over Easter. I am wishing a great break to the true patriots and real commentators of this outstanding Blog. The imaginary don't matter or count.

Have a good holiday Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

Updated Landeryou Scam Watch.

• Multicenter Australia
• Global Tertiary Solutions
• Century Bet
• IQ Corporation Pty Ltd
• IQ First Pty Ltd
• IQ Interactive Pty Ltd
• IQ Services Pty Ltd
• IQ Sports Pty Ltd
• Message IQ Pty Ltd
• Marbain Pty Ltd
• Institutional Services Pty Ltd (a company owned and operate by Landeryou that subcontracted cleaning and building services from MUSU using non-union labour. The contracts were improperly awarded to this company by MUSU. Illegally removed $215K from MUSU).
• Lush Bar Australia Pty Ltd 103 691 336 (Andrew Landeryou was a shareholder and Director. Deregistered in March 2006 by ASIC for failure to file legally required company reports.)
• Sunrock Ltd (Hong Kong Nominee Company where Landeryou sent the $1 million from the Marbain scam)
• Arrowhead Media Sales Pty Ltd (Landeryou sent $100,000 from the Marbain swindle back from Cyprus to this company)
• Avonwood Ltd (Cyprus Nominee Company where Landeryou sent the Marbain swindle $1 million)
• Aussie Gourmet Bites Pty Ltd CAN 105 456 068 (Andrew Landeryou was a shareholder and Director. Deregistered in Nov 2005 by ASIC for failure to file legally required company reports.)
• Zoe’s Emporium Pty Ltd
• Australian Halal Poultry Pty Ltd
• Optima Property Development Group Pty Ltd
• Training Events Pty Ltd 097 384 408
• National Retail Investments Pty Ltd NATIONAL 105 808 642 (Andrew Landeryou was a shareholder and Director. Deregistered in Nov 2005 by ASIC for failure to file legally required company reports.)
• Lan Capital
• BV Sachsen Group Australia Pty Ltd A.B.N. 87 102 717 028. (Andrew Landeryou operated this business with nominal directors. Deregistered in Nov 2006 by liquidator)

• Pacific Insight Marketing Pty Ltd
• Turning Point Debt Solutions Pty Ltd
• Citizens Against Poverty Pty Ltd (a fake charity set up by Landeryou)
• Invest with Integrity Pty Ltd (a company Landeryou’s brother-in-law, Mattew Mason, was made a Director with without his knowledge and who testified to the Supreme Court of Victoria that he believed Andrew Landeryou to have forged his signature).

Rita Randles said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish over Easter Dr Phil, you hypocritical male.

Great interview on Lateline tonight with Andrew Landeryou.

Outstanding recognition by the ABC for Vexnews.

Well done Andrew.

Well done Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

Rita you are dead. You smell of brut. You are a fiction of Andrew's putrid and sick imagination. Go away.

Cait Catt said...

Disgraceful comments about my good friend Rita. She is well alive, and I can vouch for that. Fatt tried to entice her into working at the Daily Planet but Rita, like me, is a good Catholic girl and wouldn't work in such an establishment. But with Fatt working there she gives me the lowdown on who visits that establishment. Dr Phil for starters. He is so disreputable. Slanderyou hasn't paid a visit yet but then again he probably uses a nom de plume. Hypocritical that man. He says Andrew uses nom de plumes (and he doesn't) and uses one himself.
That's enough ranting for one Easter morning. I have to get ready to go to Easter Mass. I'll say a prayer for Slanderyou and pray that he can mend his ways.

Rita Randles said...

Thanks Cait. I have to get ready to go to Mass too.

Anonymous said...

I'd hate to go near 6.06. He smells of bile.

Anonymous said...

Please tell about the Daily Planet. Isn't that the newspaper Clark Kent, mild man and reporter, worked for? I remember Superman well.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou used to read that publication but someone put Kryptonite in his breakfast cereal and he's no longer able to read it. He promised me he would do an exposure on Vexnews but it hasn't happened yet.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt remains on top. Not Pauline Hanson's daughter. At least Jenny is higher on the list than that awful man Phil.

Anonymous said...

For God's sake. The sad fat freak can't leave it alone, even on Good Friday. Lonely, friendless and f&*&ked up, the fat fiend & low IQ moron takes the opportunity to attack commentators when they are on holiday.

Landeryou, you are the pits. A loser and complete failure.

Dr Phil is right, you are insane.

Rita Randles said...

Landeryou didn't write these comments. He doesn't contribute to this blog. 9.41 you are a hypocrite. You criticise others for posting on Good Friday and you do just that. As for Dr Phil he is a nasty piece of work and some of the things he says about Andrew are disgusting.

Cait Catt said...

Good point Rita. Slanderyou is at it again with his filthy postings on the blog of filth.

catter8 said...

Thanks Cait. I totally agree and so do my cats.

Anonymous said...

The madness of the sad & lonely Landeryou. No friends, nothing to do on Good Friday. Just him and his menagerie of fake friends. Enjoy the holiday Andrew.

For you it will be like every other day. KFC & cheap wine. Seeing no-one, going nowhere & doing nothing. No human communication. Unemployed, useless, unwanted, unloved.

A state of utter misery.

Anonymous said...

The dead Rita Randles wrote: "Landeryou didn't write these comments. He doesn't contribute to this blog."

I almost wet myself laughing. The deranged Landeryou checks this Blog 20 times a day. He is so vain that any mention of him is read and reread. At least 40% of the entries here are written by the bankrupt freak Andrew Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Andrew has taken trolling - a post in a thread or news comment that is solely intended to incite controversy or conflict or cause annoyance or offense is considered "trolling" - to a new level.

So many fake commenters. So much crap.

Lucky us Patriots are resilient! I just read past Cait Catt and Henderson Ross. Time-wasting twits.

Anonymous said...

Dr Phil is spot on. Landeryou has serious issues to deal with, he is weird.

Most Landeryou readers would prefer Landeryou in jail rather than in therapy.

Anonymous said...

Forget the psychoanalysis, jail the crook now! Slanderyou readers will never forgive Landeryou for his looting of MUSU.

Can't help myself, bad habits said...

More libels on Poxnews:

You should listen to me talking to Neil Mitchell on 3AW on Thursday mornings at 10.50am, I love publicity nearly as much as Sir Lesley Twentytonneguts HRH. Neil has no idea I am sitting with him wearing my red lace panties.

Posted by Dean Mighell | April 9, 2009, 12:01

Anonymous said...

Why is it always so absurdly obvious when Landeryou posts fake comments on his own blog, let alone our's?

Anonymous said...

Because he is an arrogant dummkopf and crime czar!

Justice delayed said...

Landeryou is a utter pissant.

But he needs to do time in gaol because of earlier frauds!

Anonymous said...

Rita Randles is as dead as dead can be.

She is a pessary dreamed up by Landeryou while in a claret coma, and based on a stolen obituary column he found.

She will be waiting to greet you when your time comes...

Brutus Beefcake and Bubba said...

Happy Easter Andrew, Theo, Cait Catt, Henderson Ross, Rita Randles, the scared, weird little middle eastern guy and Jenny Jensen-Hansen.

We'll be seeing you all quite soon here so our lawyers say.

Yeehah! Ride 'em Cowboys!

little Theo said...


I think we're fu*ked!

The Grim Reaper said...

Jail beckons, Mr Landeryou!

Anonymous said...

The repulsive fraud seems to have a continuing interest in Dean Meaghell's red panties. This is an 'in joke' that the madman thinks funny. There was a comment tonight (probably fake), but I couldn't trace it because Poxnews itself was malfunctioning.

What a tiresome buffoon Landeryou is.

A Living God said...

"Senator Steve Conroy is a living god. We pay homage to his greatness", croons looney lackey Landeryou on Poxnews.

Senator Conroy must be flicking frantically through his old 'phone numbers to shut the silly shit up quickly.

Landeryou likes the Minister's broadband initiative. "The announcement is the relatively easy part", he intones. "Implementing will be tricky, as it always is. But if fibre to practically all Australian homes and businesses is delivered, as announced, Conroy will write himself into the nation’s history books alongside the great reforming ministers of our history.

"We couldn’t be any more impressed", drones the arch crook and consumate corporate asset-stripper.

Anonymous said...

Just how much support does the Labor Party need from a criminal like Andrew Landeryou?

Get him into the clink asap!

Cait Catt said...

Happy Easter Sunday to the defence team and to all good willed Slanderyou readers.

Once again the spirit of Easter means nothing to Team Slanderyou. During the bushfires the defence team offered goodwill and it was declined. During Easter the defence team offered goodwill and it was also declined.

Slanderyou is and remains the blog of filth.

Fatt Catt said...

Some of the ladies here have told me they have had their bikini lines waxed for bushfire protection. Seems to me that Slanderyou is infectious. Even working ladies are attracted to him. Wish I knew his real name. He must be a client here.

Rita Randles said...

Don't stoop to the Slanderyou level of filth Fatt.

catter8 said...

I think Dr Phil, who we know has patronised Fatt's establishment, is writing material on this blog in Fatt's name.

Cait Catt said...

No more filth on the blog of filth. Wouldn't it be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

The comments on this blog are such I can no longer read it at home. Not like Vexnews, the news site of distinciton the whole family can read.

Anonymous said...

Unfortuntatelty there is some filth on Vexnews. It's in the comments relating to the outstanding news scoop about Diane Anderson. Claims are being made about a love nest in the Otways. Are they true?

Anonymous said...

I understand that Landeryou has a whole secret website devoted to his life as a cross-dresser. There are seperate sections for his different drag identities of "Cait", "Rita", "Jenny" and our course his most spectaculare female impersonation of them all, "Kimberley".

Anonymous said...

I think that site is called IQ Coq!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a few Brumby mates in Kororiot:

Brown adviser quits amid smear campaign

Posted 42 minutes ago

A special adviser to the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has resigned after making unfounded claims about the private lives of a number of senior Conservatives.

The aide, Damien McBride, used his office email account to send the claims to another another prominent Labour figure.

One conservative MP named in the emails, Nadine Dorries, says Mr McBride's actions were a sign of the government's desperation.

"I think the public will be very concerned that Downing Street is so desperate to hold on to power that it engages in such behaviour," she said.

The British government says neither Mr Brown nor anyone in his office had been aware of the smear campaign.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

So a British MP has resigned over a new scandal. What is new? My mother and Rosa were defeated by scandalous behaviour from the Queensland ALP. Queensland is the poorer as a result. I hope my mother will be a candidate for the Senate. Slanderyou will try to defeat her of course but she will win. She will give the ALP a run for their money. She will stand up to ALP lies.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

The best Premier Queensland ever had was Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen. Far better than the bitch we have at the moment. Sir Joh wouldn't tolerate the Reserve Bank in its efforts to make all Australians simply quarry fodder for China and Japan. If only we had Sir Joh.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Les Twentyman, the candidate victimised by ALP dirty tricks and Landeryou's month long smear campaign, looks as though he will pull through his life threatening condition.

Didn't stop the lousy pig from bad mouthing "Sir Lesley Twentytonneguts HRH", yesterday.

Adam Buttox-Smythe said...

Les Twentyman, OAM, Victorian of the Year, was fouled by the ALP and Landeryou. Both should have been red-carded by VEC. The ALP got a slap on the wrist. Landeryou was probably beneath their dignity to comment about.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Landeryou has libelled the management of VEC as well. He probably figures attack is the best defence.

One day, a foot will stamp down from the clouds and squish the leprous, libelling crook.

Bubba said...

I'm going to give him a biff for Les Twentyman every day he is here at Barwon.

Anonymous said...

Is it still libel when the offender is a complete laughing-stock? The crowd of fake commenters, amd other indicators, show that Landeryou is a nutter too!

Les said...

H A P P Y Easter Andrew! Aaarrgghh!

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

catter8 has been honoured by the Moonee Valley Racing Club tomorrow (Easter Monday). They've named Race 6 the Cattery Handicap.

Looking at the field I think a good bet in the race is number 14 Pride of Westbury. It's the longshot in the race and could be 100-1 or more. I hope it wins and all my mother's friends collect big. Don't forget to back it each way and to include it in a duet. It won at Bendigo last June and is sure to run well at the Valley.

Not sure about giving red hot tips to Andrew as he didn't support my mother and Rosa. Certainly not Slanderyou who actively campaigned against my mother and Rosa.

Good punting everyone.

Rita Randles said...

I hope you didn't get that tip from Slanderyou via Fatt at the Daily Planet. I think the form of that horse is atrocious.

Cait Catt said...

I haven't had a bet on a horse for a long time. Fatt gets tips from her clients at the Daily Planet but I've never heard of any of them winning. There's always a first time for everything though.

Anonymous said...

Another little peek into the mad, sad world of Landeryou. He is knowledgeable about horse racing thru the medium of dead voodoo woman Rita Randles.

I hope AFP are monitoring his gambling calls.

Coverup said...

Andrew should easily be able to get a directorship at Channel Nine. That organisation - remember Quizmania and The Mint - is an advertiser scammers' paradise. They'll run anything for a buck!

The High Court of Australia in 2003declared AMI (Advanced Medical Institute), purveyors of a 'cure' for erectile problems in men, as deceptive and misleading advertisers. Channel Nine has been running their misleading ads ever since.

I'd love to slam the piano cover down on the prongs of 'Stiff and Stiff' in that gross, childish, silly Ad we have all had to endure for years and years.

The Advanced Medical Institute Inc is a big batter in Australia and New Zealand having earned $US 36,948,958 in 2008 ( This is despite the various earlier, successful legal proceedings against it - but thanks, perhaps, to the continuing full complicity of media organisations like Channel Nine, it has continued to prosper.

While it has nothing to do with Channel Nine, the most complained about outdoor ad in Australian history is the AMI one that asked motorists if they 'want longer lasting sex'. It was belatedly banned by ASB (Advertising Standards Board)in 2007 (,,24252440-13243,00.html). It took years for these Ads to be taken down. AMI does not seem to to be batting for the national team.

Landeryou, as a director of Channel Nine, might be able to steer thm on a safer, less repugnant, course?

Patriots can find heaps more by Googling! It's all very shocking!

S C O O P said...

Channel Nine - AMI - Andrew Landeryou - A National Scandal!

Remember, you read it here first!

Cait Catt said...

I fully support Andrew Landeryou for a directorship of Channel 9. He possesses sound management skills and can bring great qualities to the organisation. As the editor of Australia's leading news site his skills will be of considerable benefit to Channel 9.

Go Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Have patriots had any luck finding the secret site where Landeryou posts all his secret drag photos of himself as Cait, Rita, Jenny, Kimberley et all?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is an obese transsexual crook

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the victims of Landeryou's stalking.

It must be truly terrifying to be pursued by a drunken, grossly overweight man clad in an approximation of female attire.

Rita Randles said...

I heard this morning at the TAB that the connections of Pride of Westbury were forced to scratch the horse owing to all the publicity in Slanderyou. They were hoping to make a killing at 100-1 but being tipped on Slanderyou reduced the price to 10-1. The connections plan to run the horse next time when it really is 100-1 and they pray that Slanderyou will not tip the horse next time, as a lot of people take notice of Slanderyou's tips.

Keep your mouth shut Fatt next time a client tips you a horse.

Anonymous said...

What's with this sudden interest in horse racing from the bizzare transvestive thief Landeryou?

Is he laundering money at the track?

Cait Catt said...

I never ask Andrew for tips 5.22. I only bet on tips from my sister Fatt but almost all of them lose.

Fatt told me her clients are bookmakers, trainers, jockeys and professional punters. She also has as clients stockbrokers and finance brokers. She said a man who she thinks is quite shonky told her he launders money at Crown Casino in the Mahogany Room, which is for high rollers. He said the Mahogany Room and similar rooms at all casinos only exist for money laundering.

The ATO, who claim money laundering doesn't take place and they claim they have it under control, are quite stupid.

Remember Russ Hinze in Queensland. Jenny will know all about him. He was a very good Minister. Russ was fooled once by the Queensland Police who told him there were no brothels in Queensland and he believed them.

The racetract is not a good place to launder money. There is too much control over money bet there. Look at Michael Kroger. The best place for laundry of money is Crown Casino.

Rita Randles said...

It is not only money launderers who frequent the Mahogany Room Cait. It is also frequented by compulsive gamblers.

Remember Frank De Stefano, the one-time Mayor of Geelong? He's now in jail. He gambled about ten million dollars in the Mahogany Room. He laundered some of it through the trust account of a solicitor who was subsequently murdered.

Anonymous said...

That expression of Landeryou's necrophilic tranvestite urges "Rita Randles" writes above: "He laundered some of it through the trust account of a solicitor who was subsequently murdered."

That would be Keith Allan, fat cunt.

You constantly traduce his brother Lyle who has spent many years working to see justice done and the killers punished. You side with your fellow criminals. You mock and gibe and lie.

You are a disgusting human being.

Anonymous said...

Here is a bit more on the Keith Allan matter from the time of the last trial.

It is important to note that his killers still refuse to reveal where his body lies.

These are the type of people Landeryou identifies with.

How bent clerk made killing

Elissa Hunt

May 15, 2007 12:00am

EXACTLY where Keith William Allan’s killers buried his body seven years ago is just a small piece missing from a very large puzzle.

But perhaps the biggest mystery of all is how a shy, 53-year-old bachelor from a modest solicitor’s office in the suburbs landed himself a starring role in a tale of casino loan-sharking, multi-million-dollar embezzlement and hired hitmen.

A non-drinker who shared a house in Northcote with his brother Lyle, Mr Allan had few interests outside of work and harness racing.

Devoted to his elderly mother, Keith Allan hardly seemed a candidate for execution.

He was not a criminal, he wasn’t vying for power in the illegal drug trade and wasn’t part of the underworld circle.

But Mr Allan was an inept financial manager and a gentle type easily dominated by others, leaving him ripe for the picking by somebody in a position to exploit him.

That someone was Julian Michael Clarke.

Mr Allan knew the overweight law clerk through racing circles and gave him a job in 1995 doing conveyancing work.

Clarke soon took over the Avondale Heights firm’s trust account with Mr Allan’s blessing.

The decision would ultimately cost the unsuspecting Mr Allan far more than a complaint to the Law Institute.

Clarke was a gambler at Crown’s high-roller Mahogany Room.

He didn’t wager the vast sums that some fellow punters did, but Crown’s records show that in 1999 alone he lost $70,000 — not a bad effort for a man on a clerking salary of $30,000 a year.

Clarke devised the “roll-over system” which involved giving gamblers cheques from the trust fund so they could pay back Crown and play on.

The idea was they would pay the money back to Clarke so the account would not be missing funds.

One customer of the scheme was former Geelong mayor Frank De Stefano, who was secretly indulging his gambling addiction with money stolen from his own accounting firm’s clients.

The $8.6 million swindle earned him a seven-year jail term.

Mr Allan’s trust account was missing almost $500,000 in the end.

The Law Institute of Victoria received a complaint about a dishonored $75,000 cheque linked to the trust in late 1999, and their inspection of the firm’s records was set to expose his fund-fiddling.

LIV inspector Marie Ryan noted vital records and ledgers were missing and when she asked Clarke for them, he claimed they had been accidentally taken away by garbage collectors.

But he knew there was a better way to solve the problem than making excuses: kill Mr Allan and let him take the blame.

He even added a cruel flourish to his plan by stealing the $70,000 he needed to pay a hitman from the trust fund.

It went to his friend Costas Athanasi, whose job was to enlist someone unconnected to Clarke.

Athanasi offered the job to an unemployed childhood friend, Sudo Cavkic.

In the meantime, it dawned on Mr Allan that he was in strife over the LIV investigation because the account was his responsibility, even if he had nothing to do with the missing money.

One weekend he came clean to close friends about his legal problems and asked his brother for $100,000 to pay a client as there was a crisis involving an employee.

On Sunday, May 28, Mr Allan went to meet Clarke at the office at the clerk’s request.

While he waited for Mr Allan to arrive, Clarke typed up a letter designed to shift blame for the trust fund debacle from himself to his boss.

“I cannot . . . go on with the charade that you have demanded of me,” he wrote.

Mr Allan arrived at the office about 9.30pm and 15 minutes later both men were recorded by security cameras filling up at a service station in East Keilor.

It was the last time anyone other than his killer saw Mr Allan alive.

Even an old Jaguar can turn heads and Costas “Con” Athanasi’s new buy, a white model costing $12,000 and paid for in $100 notes, was no exception.

It certainly got the attention of senior constables Michael Strongman and Travis McCarthy as it cruised past them and headed into a cul-de-sac in Altona just after 2am on May 29, 2000.

At the unlit end of Ayr St, a lane leading to parkland bordering on Skeleton Creek, they found the Jaguar parked next to a dark blue Mercedes-Benz.

The car was Keith Allan’s, and inside it the officers found two shovels encrusted with fresh dirt, rope, petrol, and his mobile phone and wallet.

Athanasi told police he was there to help Cavkic, who was in the Merc having trouble with the handbrake. The car had a foot pedal to work the brake.

Cavkic was searched and found to be wearing a shoulder holster.

The officers took him in and found a pistol hidden in his pants.

Blood, later found to be Mr Allan’s, was discovered on Cavkic’s clothing.

But there was no body and no real evidence of a serious crime.

Cavkic was charged with possession of the gun and released.

Clarke began calling staff that morning to tell them Mr Allan was gone and the firm would close.

He told police he knew the trust was misused but blamed Mr Allan.

Police have searched the Mt Macedon area and believe Cavkic buried Mr Allan’s body there before driving to the Skeleton Creek park, where he planned to burn the car, Mr Allan’s belongings and tools used to dispose of him in a neat wrap to a well-planned execution.

Lyle Allan bailed his younger brother out of more than one money mess and admits he lacked the acumen to keep the firm’s financial matters in check.

“He blamed me for that,” he says. “When he did accounts at university, I was away and not there to help him.”

At first there was the shock of his brother’s disappearance and agony of not knowing his fate.

As evidence began to point to foul play, Lyle had to mourn a man whose body could not be laid to rest.

Alone he cared for their mother, who died heartbroken almost two years after the disappearance.

Just two weeks later, in February 2002, Cavkic was charged with Mr Allan’s murder. Clarke and Athanasi were charged eight months later.

Lyle Allan sat through the trial, listening to lawyers sully his brother’s name with suggestions of a “dark side” and a glamorous double life.

The jury wasn’t buying any of it and found all three men guilty.

Each was jailed for more than 20 years.

But the Court of Appeal granted them a new trial on a legal technicality, and for another seven weeks Lyle Allan each day sat just metres away from his brother’s killers.

But after eight days of debate, the second jury was at an impasse and a third trial began this year.

“The most hurtful things to hear are that he has fled overseas, that he was a crook,” Lyle says.

“Keith was a good person. He was always helping people — he did work for people for nothing.

“It’s true he didn’t have great money skills, but that’s not a hanging offence. He trusted people he shouldn’t have.”

Julian Michael Clarke, Sudo Cavkic and Costas Athanasi were yesterday again found guilty of Mr Allan’s murder and will be sentenced at a later date.

(By the way, Landeryou constantly accuses Lyle Allan of authoring the "Delia Delegate" column in Crikey, even though Stephen Mayne revaled several years ago that Landeryou had admitted to being the author.)

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is truly contemptible.

Rita Randles said...

Andrew has never claimed that I wear male perfume, unlike Slanderyou.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

My mother wears very nice perfume. Not Brut. That's a cheap men's perfume sold by K-Mart. My mother buys her perfume at Myers.

Cait Catt said...

Claims that Rita wears male perfume is the equivalent of calling a male a poofter.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

This is garbage. There is a program on ABC1 at the moment on flying saucers. That's much more interesting than this drivel about male perfume.

Anonymous said...

If Landeryou was murdered, the Greenies would try to transport the dead whale back to the sea.

No hiding of 22 tonnes of fat!

The mincer at Newmarket abattoir shut down years ago, and Landeryou wouldn't have fitted anyway.

Snowtown in SA was a bad example. There isn't enough acid in OZ to make Landeryou disappear. Maybe Mick G could help...

Vomitus said...

TOO many female Landeryous commenting here. The aroma of Brut!


Henderson Ross and the mad middle-eastern chappie must be on holiday in Landeryou's head. Lucky us, I guess!

Jenny Jensen-Hansen is a top time-waster! Voodoo woman Rita Randles has become Landeryou's fave mouthpiece for now. Cait Catt is increasingly irrelevant.

I don't like a single thing about Laderyou's feminine side. Its foul and freaky. In fact, I don't like anything about him.

Anonymous said...

What purpose do these comments from Landeryou's sock puppets achieve?

They are obviously fake - usually a string of similar comments from the same names coming in at odd hours a few minutes apart.

El Gordo is a spineless coward.

Five more years please, Mr Bankruptcy Trustee! And why not a spell in jail for good measure.

Anonymous said...

I hear that "Fat Andrew (he's fat)" Landedyou laregely lives as a woman nowadays in a bid to avoid process servers and the law.

Rita Randles said...

Landeryou's favourite mouthpiece I may be regarded as by Slanderyou but I am not Landeryou.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

I am supposed to be a to time waster. Is my mother a top time waster too? She was not responsible for the fake nude pics in the Daily Smellograph. They did her almost as much damage as opposition from Slanderyou in the recent Queensland elections. Let us pray that voters will not be influenced by this juvenile behaviour when my mother stands for the Senate. She will win. Australia needs her.

Cait Catt said...

Well written Jenny. No. I'm not a One Nations supporter. But I do admire your support for your mother and your opposition to the evil Slanderyou.

Go Vexnews.

Rita Randles said...

The CIA and ASIO are regular readers of Vexnews, their Australian news site of choice. Vexnews is more reliable than their own spooks.

Go Vexnews.

Cait Catt said...

It's no wonder both ASIO and the CIA look upon Vexnews as their news source of choice for Australian political news. Where else would they find an exposure of the hard left government in the ACT. Read on:

HOPELESS: What happens when the Labor Left is left in charge
By VEXNEWS ⋅ April 14, 2009

canberraweirdness The ACT Stanhope regime in Canberra is most certainly the weirdest of Labor governments. Over Easter there was a stoush up there involving which aboriginal tribe was to assert ownership of the “Welcome to Canberra” signs. It would be nice to think everyone owned them, in Canberra it boils down to a dispute between tribes and a slavishly politically correct regime desperate to appease them.

The ALP up there is ruled by increasingly dominant left-wing forces, having recently affiliated the union of supposedly political independent federal public servants to the Party. A public service union boss told the ABC:

We see affiliation to the Labor Party, which we’re doing nationally, as being about giving our members a political voice, and having more capacity to influence Labor in Government in both the territories and Federally…

In running what amounts to a local council for the Territory, the Stanhope government doesn’t scrimp on advisers either, according to recent revelations they pay 17 senior advisers at least $94K pa with a lucky two pulling in more than $150,000.

It’s a government for, of and by indulgence.

A VEXNEWS investigator reports locals are still gob-smacked about two young remand prisoners whose attempt escape was foiled, leaving them stuck on a prison roof.

The incident occurred during our long hot summer. In other states, the chaps would have been given rougher than usual handling and been dragged down.

In Canberra, which has pretensions to be a troppo version of Scandinavia Down Under, the local Police ensured the prisoners didn’t get too much sun, delivering them bottled water, sun-hats and sun-block for their comfort.

They were discerning and enterprising fellows smarter than their jailers and their politically correct bosses:

Eventually the pair who shouted complaints about conditions in the centre agreed to come down yesterday afternoon, provided they were greeted with McDonald’s food, cigarettes, Coke, icy poles, and the Corrective Services officers of their choice.

Not a bad haul for spending a morning in the hot sun.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

That's scary. That's why Slanderyou did such a disservice in opposing the election of my mother and Rosa to the Queensland parliament. That's why Australia needs my mother. She'd show them what she is about. No more pussyfooting to hardened criminals.

Rita Randles said...

Well written Jenny. The hard left are a danger to this country. It's scary when we read what they are doing in the toytown parliament in Canberra.

Cait Catt said...

Thank you for all your nice words. We need to rid Canberra of the extreme left if the national capital is to be governed effectively. Vexnews did us a great favour with tonight's scoop. Why isn't all of the media as good with breaking news as Vexnews?

Go Andrew

Go Vexnews

Merry-go-round said...

Round and round we go.

The crowd of Landeryou fake commenters claiming they are not Landeryou.

Us pointing out the obvious fact that they are.

Who will win?

Landeryou is a sad, lone figure with lots of unfinished legal business because he defrauded MUSU and IQ Corp.

But he is also an accomplished libeller, stalker, fake commenter and electoral criminal.

We are innocent folk who know little about Landeryou's demi-monde.

But we have lots of real people here who only want to see Landeryou get his just deserts. Justice delayed is justice denied.

The perverted crim will continue to post here using fake nom-de-plumes. We will yawn and ignore his lunacy.

And so it goes...

Anonymous said...

I understand that Landeryou has a whole secret website devoted to his life as a cross-dresser. There are seperate sections for his different drag identities of "Cait", "Rita", "Jenny" and our course his most spectaculare female impersonation of them all, "Kimberley".

Anonymous said...

Oh my god... the mad git in a pre-Easter burst of goodwill. It's disgusting! Andrew, who will spend Easter alone, drinking flagons of cheap red, dressed only in stained XXXXXL y-fronts, shunned by family and ex-associates, wishes his 'fake friends' 'Happy Easter'. If these people were real this dialogue might make some sense. As it is they are just frigging figments of his imagination.

What a tragic figure, a disgrace to the human race, a failure of extraordinary proportions.

Andrew will spend Easter alone and abandoned, in front of his computer, defaming all and sundry.

Anonymous said...

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