Friday, September 25, 2009

Last minute registration of deregistered Vexnews

Patriots, it looks like, at the very last minute, Vexnews' registration was renewed until 25 September 2010.

In other developments, editor and former inmate Andrew Landeryou has shifted his operation to Sturt in South Australia. Is Sturt the new hotbed for online spivery?

It was a close run thing. Without registration, Vexnews would have been an illegal blog.Landeryou is photographed here in happier times, fresh from Solomon Lew's funded holiday in sunny Costa Rica.

85 Truth On Comments:

Anciets of Mu Mu said...

Interesting; so an unemployed (or is that unemployable) bankrupt has enough capital to re-register his blog.

very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Rather than trying to sue Mad Shirley (who is so mad and so gutless he hides his address, in breach of the law), why don't all those people who are defamed on Vexnews simply injunct whoever hosts his hate blog.

Anonymous said...

That picture of Landeryou really freaks me. If he was that fat on a prison diet think how fat he must be now.

Spider Pig said...

No mention of any of this on Vexnews.

Why the silence Andy??

Why Sturt?

Anonymous said...

I just saw this headline on the ABC News site:

Number of obese boys outweighs girls

Will that figure change now that Landeryou has announced he wants to be known as Shirley?

Anonymous said...

The Age states: "France Telecom, which operates under the Orange brand, has come under public scrutiny after 22 workers committed suicide and another 13 attempted to kill themselves since the start of last year.

The firm, which is 27 per cent state owned, employs 100,000 people in France".

The relevant French bosses are ducking and weaving and making absurd statements. THEY are the problem. They are the cause of the suicides.

So few prosecutions of the people guilty of bringing us all the global financial crash!

Psycho said...

The Age reports that "A teenager was stabbed in the chest during a brawl between about 200 youths at Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne's west this afternoon, police say.

"Weapons including knives and umbrellas were used in the mass fight, which broke out about 4.15pm in a car park at the Maribyrnong shopping complex, police said".

The Brumby government seems to have completely underestimated the total breakdown of law and order in modern Melbourne.

Our dumb Premier meanwhile is on a tour of India lamely trying to explain the vile racist attacks in Melbourne.

Politicians Kangaroo Court said...

Ted Bailleau imagines that MORE cruel, mandatory sentencing of CBD drunken freaks is the answer. Removing judicial discretion is not the answer at all. Our's is becoming an unfair, recriminatory society where those that are 'caught' are made to pay for those that aren't caught.

Politicians have no place and no part in the judicial system, where each case MUST be treated with fairness and in accord with the individual circumstances of the case.

I would be utterly revulsed if, facing a charge of some sort, that John Brumby and Ted Bailleau were sitting there as judges and executioners.

They never were elected to interfere with the judicial system.

Political Non-entities said...

Psssst! Johnny Brumby! Your rotten government never asked us if we wanted hordes of Indian and Indo-Chinese students, and 'refugee' migrants, here in our infrastructure-stricken city. You complete idiot! If Melbourne cannot deal with its present population, why in God's name are you importing more?

You, and your mad mates, have imported heaps of people that just don't fit here - and possibly never will. Thanks to politicians like you, we have some people living here whose anly intention is to do us harm.

Politicians don't know better than the rest of us. They are supposed to reflect their electorate but rarely do. If there was a need to import hordes of unwelcome 'refugees', why weren't we given an input to the process. We have to live with the lamentable results of you negligent performance.

You politicians are nuts and represent no-one!

Concerned said...

I hear that officials of the Victorian ALP paid the bill to re-register Poxnews.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Me and my Hot Rodding men have spent the last 24 hours devising fresh torments for Landeryou when he comes to play that are so devilish and so gruesome that they would make the members of the Inquisition blanch.

Brutus Beefcake said...

I plan to disembowel fat Andrew using just my cock

Anonymous said...

Why did Shirley bother to reregister Vexnews? As the patriots of Slanderyou have accurately and truthfully reported, no one reads it.

Lepanto said...

Why won't the police do their job and protect the citizenry from Landeryou? We will clearly have to wait for a Liberal government!

Anonymous said...













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Vexnews = libel, lies and lewdness said...

Landeryou is having another rabid libel frenzy against Dean Mighell. The mad dolt doesn't realise how boring this is for the few, long-suffering readers of the Vexnews Puke Blog:

The She-mighell came to Germany just to hook up with me and it was voondabar

Posted by Gertrude the She-dude | September 25, 2009, 8:47

I wish I could get paid for reviewing she-male movies.

Posted by Dean Mighell | September 25, 2009, 10:25

I could ‘pajero’ myself as I review the movies.

Posted by Dean Mighell | September 25, 2009, 10:26

Anonymous said...

I don't like the sound of Landeryou's new fake commenter, germanic 'Gertrude the She-dude' one bit!

Somehow, I'm imagining Landeryou in a Gestapo outfit, big boobs, five o'clock shadow, flashing his tiny member, frothing, and yelling anti-Mighell, Twentyman and Cleary taunts in a high-pitched squeaky voice.

Anonymous said...

I hear the fat freak and failure has auditioned for the next series of The Farmer Wants A Wife in his new guise as Shirley.

He believes it will be easier to hide from the law and his creditors in the bush.

Dirk said...

What's this Gertrude? Landeryou clearly drank too much Rutherglen Rotgut port while sodising himself with a KFC drumstick while watching The Night Porter last night.

Grunhilda said...

At least Landeryou hasn't stolen my ID as yet. I'm the fat lady who sings when it's all over.

I think Mr Landeryou has beaten the odds of serious jailtime thus far because he has senior political friends (they should be in jail too).

But from what I'm hearing, Victorians are fed up with the lazy, incompetent, tax mad Brumby government. Ted is looking better every day. In fact, his recent forays into TV news have been masterful displays of political acumen. 'Choo Choo' Mulder, Landeryou's madcap Liberal leadership alternative bit the dust long ago.

Something tells me Mr Landeryou will be up to his ears in shit soon!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Landeryou has already proved that he can survive and thrive easily under under four metres of suffocating pooh!

Ted Hogg said...

If it means an end to his attention-seeking one man crime wave then I for one am prepared to call fat failure Landeryou 'Shirley'.

He's at it again said...

Raving looney Landeryou is raving again about the woman who accused Theo of rape. Landeryou has judged and executed her for perjury. As usual, he chimes in with daft quasi-legal arguments that only draw attention to his own failings in regard to the law. What for example is different to the Landeryou's family's courtroom amnesia, missing company papers, during the IQ Corp debacle and Perjury? The results are the same. Here is a taste of his mad rant on Vexnews today:

And aside from this dangerous liar, there is a clearly a need for authorities to strongly deter future atrocities of this nature. If this perjury case remains unprosecuted, it will be clear that prospective fabricators of serious crimes will have nothing to lose and enormous vengeance to reap from advancing their falsehoods.

Anonymous said...

Hulls will reinforce the position of religious fascists.

ATTORNEY-GENERAL Rob Hulls will today announce a controversial compromise struck with the state's religious groups that will allow them to continue to discriminate against gays and lesbians, single mothers and people who hold different spiritual beliefs.

Anonymous said...

And I thought we elected the ALP!!! Well done Hulls!

Anonymous said...

Not suprised Landeryou supports this discriminatory rort.

Anonymous said...

I translated that Japanese comment above. It reads:

"Fat Andrew Landeryou! We have even heard of him in Japan! Sometimes KFC is unavailable in Japan. Management say all has been diverted to Australia for VIP Number One Customer Mr Landeryou. He weighs more than many sumo warriors put together but is gutless coward who spends his days smearing innocents on the web. Thinks he is big man but asks to be called Shirley. Is big crook like many of our LDP politicians linked to the Yakuza. If we ever see him in the sea we will shoot him with explosive harpoons under our scientific whaling program."

Anonymous said...

Was this Landeryou:

Schapelle Corby hits home for Downer


September 27, 2009 12:01am

ALEXANDER Downer was the victim of a bizarre home invasion, when a grey-haired woman walked into his home and abused him over drug smuggler Schapelle Corby.

The former Foreign Affairs Minister was relaxing while watching the TV news about 6.15pm on Thursday, when he heard the unlocked front door of his secluded Adelaide Hills home swing open.

"I thought it was the dog, then suddenly an elderly woman walked straight into the living room and sat down on the couch next to me," Mr Downer said. "It was nobody I recognised so I said, 'Excuse me, who are you?'

"She started attacking me verbally over Schapelle Corby, blaming me for her being in jail (in Bali), saying that I had to get her out and that God will damn me if I don't get her out of jail."

Mr Downer's son Edward, 23, was the only other family member at home at the time, working at a computer in another room.

More bemused than alarmed, Mr Downer told the woman she was trespassing and that if she did not leave he would call the police.

She refused, so he did, and even considered making a citizen's arrest to detain her until police arrived.

The bellicose woman eventually wandered off into Mr Downer's garden and disappeared. When the police arrived 10 minutes later, they searched the area with torches but the woman was nowhere to be found.

Mr Downer said he would reconsider his home security in light of the incident.

"We live in a pretty quiet part of the world, and in all my years as foreign minister we never had an intruder, but I guess I'll have to think about locking the door," he said.

"To have someone just open the door, walk in and sit on the couch next to you and start abusing you is a bit creepy." The woman remained at large yesterday but police believe they know her identity and expect to locate her for questioning.

It is understood it may be the same woman who, with a male partner, has been posing as a religious zealot seeking food and accommodation from mainstream churches and charities in SA and interstate, trespassing on church residences and abusing members of the clergy.

If it does turn out to be the same woman, she may be a disturbed stalker with a history of sending oddball letters to Mr Downer and falling foul of the law interstate, with multiple stalking and trespass charges against her.

Groucho Marx said...

Many Thanks September 28, 2009 12:34:00 AM - that's why I LURV this site so much. There is a sense of humour here which is absent on Vexnews which purveys humourless nazi hatred.

Some of the humour here is very sharp and cuts to the chase. Some of it makes me roar with laughter! In a world of trouble, a good guffaw is worth a million Landeryous!

Al Jolson said...

More bad news for the fat failure and his corrupt friends and protectors:

Labor to trial US system in move to end stacking
September 28, 2009

LABOR is planning to trial US-style primaries to choose candidates for next year's state election as part of a bid to rid the party of branch stacking...

That HA HA kid from The Simpsons said...

Wayne Swan said the following in his economic stimulus email "Today's economic note comes to you from New York, where I'm just about to board a plane for the long trip back to Australia. "

Must be tough flying first class!!!

Anonymous said...

No doubt Shirley will offer a rousing defence of Stewart -- while screaming "please sexually assault me!"

Stewart has case to answer

Manly NRL player Brett Stewart will face a committal hearing over allegations he sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl.

The representative number one is accused of assaulting a 17-year-old girl outside his North Manly unit block after the club's season launch party on March 6.

He was formally charged several days later after returning to Dee Why police station on March 10, but was granted bail.

He was also issued an apprehended violence order (AVO) that banned him from approaching or contacting the teenage girl.

Brutus Beefcake said...

I hope Landeryou will still be a rape enthusiast when his digestive tract pops out of his mouth after repeated rectal ramming and anal assaults from the massive masculine members of my hot rodding crew.

Bubba said...

So do I.

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

And so say all of us.

Tugger from Barwon said...

Landeryou's eyes will pop out first!

Willie Wanka's Chocolate Factory said...

Landeryou won't forget us in a hurry!

Jiggi said...

I make jiggi-jiggi with Andrew bottoms

That Slut Shirley said...

I hear this was Landeryou in his guise as Shirley.

He was shrieking "All the NRL players all want to gang-bang ME!"

Cougar Charmyne Palavi attacked by 'jealous female'

From: The Daily Telegraph
September 29, 2009 12:00AM

IT'S been claimed that super-cougar Charmyne Palavi is nursing a fractured wrist after being pushed over by a female patron at The Normanby while the Brisbane Broncos celebrated the end of their season nearby.

A Current Affair last night reported Palavi, 36, was assaulted outside the famous watering The Normanby hole at around 9.30pm on Sunday night by a women who took offence to the controversial blonde man-eater...

Brutus Beefcake said...

There is plenty of gangbang action here at Barwon, Andrew!

Ladyboy Landeryou said...

Have patriots seen these stories today: "DNA tests have shown that a fragment of bone believed to have been from the skull of Adolf Hitler was from a woman."

It sounds as if the Fuhrer and fat freak, fraud and failure Shirley Landeryou have more in common than just their bizarre politics.

ICAC said...

A letter from Landeryou to Graham Richardson has been intercepted and is due to be table at the NSW parliamentary inquiry into the murder of Michael McGurk:

Dear Mr Richardson

My name is Shirley.

I am a member of the Labor Right and a criminal (the two tend to go together).

I just wanted to let you know that if you or any of you business associates are arranging "Love Boat" style cruises and require the services of prostitutes I will be available for free, due to my love for you and my love for crime, corruption and sleaze.

I look forward to putting out for property developers and all kinds of shonks soon.


Andrew, sorry, Shirley Landeryou

PS I am also available for gang-bangs with footballers from all codes.

Brutus Beefcake said...

This gang bang obsession Landeryou seems to have is weird. Perhaps he is just psyching himself up for when he comes to Barwon and meets all of the boys.

The Eternal Question said...

Is public masturbation--such as that seen on Vexnews--illegal on the internet?

Editor-in-Chief Andrew Landeryou is a notorious crook and tosser who writes libellous blogs about honest Australians.

Why isn't he in Gaol?

Scum Bucket said...

Vexnews is a parody of a news site. It is a toxic hate blog that endlessly smears fine Aussies.

The Vexnews blogger is a well known suspected crim who has been investigated for several extensive corporate frauds.

As a current-day blogger, he is a disgusting stalker creep who has published personal details about his victims online. There are several AVOs against him. He regularly defaults on his legal obligations with faked comments on Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou must be jailed for contempt!

Anciets of Mu Mu said...

Slanderyou, this is pure gold. Great reportage.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Us Hot Rodders will give Landeryou an AVO: an Anal Violence Overload

Anonymous said...

Did patriots notice the way that Fat Cunt left the Bradfield Liberal preselection pretty much alone? Was that something to do with the fact that he got the Aston Liberal preselection absolutely, comprehensively wrong?

Anonymous said...

Is this Landeryou's stash of stolen funds?

Woman arrested over nearly $3 million hidden in roof
Sept 30

A woman has been arrested by police investigating how almost $3 million in cash came to be stashed in the ceiling of a house in northwest Sydney...

Ronnie James Dio said...

I hear Landeryou has spent all the money he stole from Solly Lew and looted through his various frauds and scams on KFC and jumbo-plus sized women's clothes.

Nowadays he lives by taking 90 per cent of Sgt Sascha's retards pension as "management fees".

Anonymous said...

Fat failure Landeryou is already in a very, very small minority. There are very few morbidly obese bankrupt unemployable criminally-minded KFC obsessed pathological liar gout-ridden balding middle aged impotent males with a little-read hate blog who wish that they were a woman called Shirley.

Now, a new study shows there are even fewer morbidly obese bankrupt unemployable criminally-minded KFC obsessed pathological liar gout-ridden balding middle aged impotent males with a little-read hate blog who wish that they were a woman called Shirley who engage in cyber bullying.

Bullying still mostly old school, not cyber: Study
By Danny Rose, Medical Writer
Sept 30

Facebook and Twitter may have handed bullies some powerful new avenues for attack, but they are still most active in the playground, an Australian study shows.

Research taking in more than 600 children found that 37 per cent had experienced bullying - of which just seven per cent was a more tech-savvy version of ``cyber bullying''.

Psychologist Dr Kay Bussey says the rate of cyber bullying was low but growing, and it was additional to an otherwise stable level of conventional playground bullying.

Brutus Beefcake said...

The Hot Rodders have had a productive day today. We used the prison workshop to stitch together twenty beanbag covers to resemble the outline of a man. We then filled it up with close to 500 kilograms of lard.

It makes a perfect test-dummy to practice our plans for Landeryou on.

Jezza Belle said...

Are patriots aware of Landeryou's role in Brendan Fevola's downfall?

Football fans who attended the Brownlows last week were disgusted to see a grotesquely obese bald man wearing what appeared to be a silk circus tent embroidered with Swarovski crystals standing outside Crown Casino, casting come-hither looks at drunken footballers.

"I'm Shirley," he said between swigs from a flagon. "I'm on the rapists' side."

"I'm Shirley," he said as he stuck a pudgy paw into a Family Feast tub of KFC. "I just love footballer gang bangs."

"I'm Shirley," he said as he swilled cheap but potent port and scoffed KFC simultaneously. "You can do anything you want to me."

Police tried to move the man on but he was too fat to budge. He kept making moues at footballers.

Many vomited as soon as they saw the horrible sight. Not Fevola. He was seen getting into a cab with the disgusting being.

"You can fuck me in the folds of my flab," Shirley was heard telling the Carlton star.

His team mates are disgusted. They want nothing to do with him. They are utterly disgusted by his liaison with Shirley.

That is why they have put Fevola up for trade.

Anonymous said...

Is this why Shirley is aiming to become the world's first 750 kilogram man?

PM reports:

As the fight against Australia's obesity epidemic continues, more and more people are turning to gastric banding - a procedure commonly known as lap band surgery - to help beat the bulge.

Last year, about 14,000 Australians had lap band surgery and this year's figure is expected to be higher.

But many health professionals and patients are starting to worry the gastric band may be more dangerous than the morbid obesity and diabetes it is supposed to help prevent.

Corporate Milch Cow milkers said...

If I was the person setting a cap on millionaire CEOs, they would be getting 20 cents a day, a good paddling from Madame Lash and a hefty kick up the rump from disgusted shareholders.

White collar crime in Australia is rife. I see from TV news broadcasts tonight that revolting Allen Moss (the 30 million dollar a year crook) and Qantas's Geoff Dixon who got an $11 M payout for running down the airline, and endangering passenger safety by sending aircraft to China for maintainance and repair. Didn't he ever watch Air Crash Investigations? Prior to his rapid departure with all those disgraceful millions, the Qantas fleet was falling apart in the skies and on the ground. What a dangerous, overpaid oaf he was.

Bubba from Barwon said...

Why are we being unfairly denied access to the bloated bottoms of all these white collar criminals? Trujillo, Moss and Dixon are only the iceberg tip. There are hundreds more of these lazy, fat creeps who ruined their companies, defrauded shareholders, and took million dollar payouts. The Landeryou Musu and IQ Corp matters have demonstrated the reticence of The Establishment to punish crime among its own mates while the community sags and collapses under the World financial crash those crims engineered.

Madame Defarge said...

I often put myself to sleep at night dreaming about Geoff Dixon's neck. The other corporate crooks just stole millions from shareholders. Geoff took on the unions, destroyed the airline's safety record, buggered the fleet and made off with his mills.

There is a good book about the evils of the Qantas Board and its loathesome CEO. The new CEO, an Irish cretin, deserves a chapter of his own.

My daughter, who was a Qantas trans-Tasman flight-attendant until recently has been treated abominably. Qantas 'mainline' staff earn a decent salary. Later staff, like my daughter are paid peanuts by vile, rogue sub-contactors.

Geoff Dixon meanwhile is just quietly counting his misbegotten millions.

Landeryou's grossest Libel said...

Landeryou is often wrong or drunk on his Blog. But this is a very, very serious criminal matter.

On Vexnews, Landeryou accuses NSW Greens MP Sylvia Hale of murdering Sydney property developer Michael McGurk.

Here is his drunken headline "WON’T DENY IT: NSW Greens MP Sylvia Hale silent on claims she murdered Sydney property developer Michael McGurk".

What a complete NUT!

What Landeryou was trying to say was that Sylvia Hale had accused a Sydney property developer.

Vexnews is going to have to publish a very craven apology. But I doubt that will suffice.

He has far exceeded every tenet of accurate reporting.


Joe Pulitzer said...

That is a clear case of ciminal libel.

What a Dickhead said...

If Sylvia Hale is the murdering MP Landeryou suggests, she should take a large axe to Landeryou's libellous cranium--or at least call a libel specialist to put this dangerous libeller, stalker and corporate asset-stripper behind bars.

C'mon Sylvia, this time Landeryou has gone way too far. SUE HIM!

You have an excellent case!

Wierdest Libel Yet said...

Landeryou needs to go to jail for this one. What a dumbass!

After accusing Les Twentyman of many other misleading things, Landeryou never accused him of murder.

The Homicide Squad should pay a visit to Vexnews to sort this all out. Landeryou needs to explain his accusation that MP Sylvia Hale is a murderer.

99.99999% of reasonable human beings think she is not a murderer.

The M'Naghten Rules said...

Madness is his only defence on this one.

I hope Sylvia Hale sues him to hell!

Fraud Squad said...

Why is Shirley attacking Sylvia Hale? He usually is a strong defender of murderers, the way he defends rapists and gang-bangers.

He is clearly on the side of the people who murdered Lyle Allen's brother. He mocks poor Lyle all the time.

Then again, one of the killers also indulged in two of Landeryou's favourite crimes, theft and fraud. They stole money from Lyle's brother and killed him when he discovered their crime.

Perhaps that made the difference.

Bugger Me said...

Nutter Landeryou is attacking terrorist Noordin Top today:

"TOP OR BOTTOM? Supposedly devout Muslim fundamentalist terrorist enjoyed being sodomised between mass murder missions"

As usual very little evidence is adduced.

Anonymous said...

The Sylvia Hale libel is still online at Vexnews. That means that Landeryou is still pissed or he doesn't care. Sue him Sylvia!

Brutus Beefcake said...

We will make Landeryou's sodomising feel like a mass murder mission: day in and day out.

Poxnews, first with the news (not) said...

Failed businessman, failed political wannabe and failed blogger Fat Andrew Landeryou today reports that Lindsay Tanner has been made the Bombers' No 1. Ticket Holder. The announcement came out 24 hours earlier. He really should just give up.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Do readers think Landeryou's skull will fracture and brain shut down if four hugely hung hot rodding men simultaneously fuck him up his nostrils and in each ear?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a clue just how much Landeryou is actually drinking nowadays?

Anonymous said...

Is this Landeryou's stash of stolen funds?

Woman arrested over nearly $3 million hidden in roof
Sept 30

A woman has been arrested by police investigating how almost $3 million in cash came to be stashed in the ceiling of a house in northwest Sydney...

He's at it again said...

Raving looney Landeryou is raving again about the woman who accused Theo of rape. Landeryou has judged and executed her for perjury. As usual, he chimes in with daft quasi-legal arguments that only draw attention to his own failings in regard to the law. What for example is different to the Landeryou's family's courtroom amnesia, missing company papers, during the IQ Corp debacle and Perjury? The results are the same. Here is a taste of his mad rant on Vexnews today:

And aside from this dangerous liar, there is a clearly a need for authorities to strongly deter future atrocities of this nature. If this perjury case remains unprosecuted, it will be clear that prospective fabricators of serious crimes will have nothing to lose and enormous vengeance to reap from advancing their falsehoods.

Anonymous said...

Rather than trying to sue Mad Shirley (who is so mad and so gutless he hides his address, in breach of the law), why don't all those people who are defamed on Vexnews simply injunct whoever hosts his hate blog.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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