Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Denial is a river in Costa Rica

Andy recently said he denied any wrongdoing.

Let's see.
  • MUSU
  • IQ Corp
  • IQ Media
  • Optima
  • Marbain
  • Kooroit
  • The Other Cheek, and
  • Vexnews.
Lots of 'no wrongdoing' there!

Patriots may wish to add to the list.

See you all on 10 March, as Team Slanderyou will be overseas.

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Iceberg Tip said...

Hmnn. That's quite a list.

Statute of Limitations said...

Has the OPP forgotten about Landy?

I suppose there are some more recent, bigger fish to fry. But Landy's courtroom amnesia while citing 'privelege', marks him as a special case for serious attention.

Pooper Scooper said...

Don't forget the stalking, libels and interference in democratic elections on toxic Vexnews...

It's time he was rehabilitated!

Anonymous said...

There are also those allegations of threats of violence in the classic "The Big Man on Campus" expose.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Clearly Slanderyou failed high school geography: there is no such river called "Denial" anywhere near or in Costa Rica.

Poor sub editing.

I can name one internet news portal, where such primary school errors would never occur. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, I noticed that mistake too. Are you referring to Vexnews?

Al haji Abdullah said...

I am a regular reader of The Age, and a jihadist. Hopefully, the CIA won't track me down when I read Melbourne's second most popular news source.

Concerned said...

A GREENS politician has been told to stop bringing her husband to council meetings because he eats too much of the food.

My question is, was Andy ever barred from melbourne city council meetings? As a ratepayer, i would like to know

Sheik Yabooti said...

Al haji Abdullah reads the Age because he wants to be informed.

The only reason anyone would read Poxnews is too laugh at the extent of Fat Andy's failure.

Anonymous said...

"I can name one internet news portal, where such primary school errors [of geography] would never occur," writes one of the Landeryou Sock Puppet Menagerie.

I can name a seedy blog full of lies and bile and a madman's delusions that pretends to be a news site.

Amazingly, the two are the same!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Concerned has clearly stolen that story idea from Vexnews. Does copyright mean nothing here? I read with great interest Vexnew's editorial on this matter of natiional significance. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews has done it again. great stuff

Anonymous said...

Vexnews has the best editorial staff in the country.

Anonymous said...

Having to explain a joke always spoils it. Landeryou's shuffling crowds of fake commenters didn't get it. Game over!

Anonymous said...

Everytime Handerson Ross and all the other fake commenters come here, its like a busload of retarded children have arrived.

They babble and mutter, wet the floor, pick their noses and break wind at inappropriate moments.

When they leave, visitors here scratch their heads - "Vexnews a great news portal"? ... "Vexnews has the best editorial staff in the country"? ... "Vexnews has done it again. great stuff"? ...

What does it all mean?

Anonymous said...

In the old days it was called "pulling the pudding".

'Tug' and 'Flogger' said...

Landeryou will certainly be pulling his weight when he gets here.

- Barwon Gaol Hot Rodders

Anonymous said...

*** Vexnews has the best editorial staff in the country ***

Henderson Ross is the copy boy.

Rita Randles does the obits.

Al haji Abdullah handles indigenous affairs.

Cait Catt is gossip columnist.

Anonski gets the KFC takeaways.

Byron from Wahroonga sweeps the floors.

Catter8 does a Pets corner.

Real Politik does horoscopes.

Nick Mack is Chief Hack.

Choo-Choo is Vexnews's Lib Party insider.

Little Theo gives sex advice.

Anonymous said...

All of the above are completely imaginary.

Vexnews is just lonely Andrew Landeryou sitting in a room in his luxury city pad scouring the internet for stories he can copy.

The only guests he ever gets are delivery staff from take away joints.

It's a sad life, devoid of human contact, but one he deserves.

Anonymous said...

At least Vexnews is an equal opportunity sheltered workshop.

By 'employing' different derivatives of himself, Landeryou's staff costs are zilch. No payroll tax, no long service leave.

Just those annoying voices deep inside his head:

Little Theo: "Can I have a rise, Boss"?

Henderson Ross: "What does a copy boy actually do, Landy"?

Joseph Pulitzer said...

Many posters to The OC and Vwnews have pointed out that Landeryou isn't a journalist's breakfast.

To his credit Landeryous seems to have been imbibing 'How to bluff your way in Journalism' sites. In another hundred years he could pass as a junior reporter.

But today, Vexnews is a libellers' paradise.

Anonymous said...

BTW did we ever get to the bottom of what Landeryou ws doing in Costa Rica when he ran out on his wife and disappeared for months too afraid to face court questioning about his role in the MUSU bankruptcy?

Online gaming spivery was just speculation.

Anyone got concrete info?

Anonymous said...

Hiding behind a potplant?

A lot of those in Costa Rica and usually varieties of palm trees.

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest he went into a paranoid meltdown and spent a lot of time in a cheap hotel rooms, making furtive visits to ATMs to withdraw stolen loot, trembling, sweating... the usual sorts of 'Landeryou loses the plot' type stuff. In this delerious state, the first imaginary friends started to take form in his disturbed mind. He needed someone to defend him (when no-one back in Australia would) and an army of fictitious characters leapt out to save the day. In his own mind, Landeryou was no longer a cheap crook who had been revealed but a misunderstood and maligned media baron with further scams up his sleeve.

I don't think his mental state was such that he did much business.

Anonymous said...

Whoring is my guess....

Cait Catt said...

Vexnews has a real scoop this morning. Maccas is bad. Read from the horses mouth. They plan to target Twentyman's suburbs rather than posh areas like Malvern. It's bad enough the west has Twentyman. Why should the poor burghers of the west be penalised on this account? Maccas stink and people should patronise KFC instead. Read on:

McBAD: Maccas to charge battlers more for burgers
By VEXNEWS ⋅ February 26, 2009

A secret company document obtained by Vexnews patriots reveals the company will “introduce more aggressive price increases” at 52 of their 214 Victorian outlets.

They will shamefully target the Royal Children’s Hospital for big increases.

Also targetted are CBD outlets, the Airport and many of Melbourne’s western suburbs including St Albans and Airport West. Leafier suburbs with more alternatives will apparently be spared the increases in a move likely to cause a big stink, creating the odd situation where a Big Mac will be cheaper in Malvern than St Albans.

A franchisee whistleblower told Vexnews on condition of anonymity:

“If you take the time to analyse the different restaurants, in general the poorer suburbs will pay more,” the franchisee said.

“In essence, areas that the franchiser thinks will pay more for our products will have to. This is so wrong.”

Probably another reminder of the nutritional and much more justly priced KFC alternative.

Anonymous said...

"A franchisee whistleblower told Vexnews on condition of anonymity..."

Translated this means: "A fat failure made up a quote."

Bunko Artists said...

Carpetbagger Sol Trujillo (and hopefully his horrible amigos too) is off back to America with 40 million in salary over four years - and who knows what bonuses, etc.

Proof that gargantuan salaries don't necessarily buy brains (they rarely do - look at ex-Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon, and Macquarie Bank's Allan Moss on 33 million a year, who have done a bunk too).

White collar crime rules OK!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Given the chance, Landeryou could have done much better than that! Amateurs!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou could have ploughed the company into the wall then done a runner to the home delviered KFC and kiddie brothels of Costa Rica with the loot.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know the salaries of the smug Pacific Brands board.

They've just stabbed Australia in the back by sacking staff and moving to China. They are more worried about useless shareholders than productive staff. They are adding to the effects of the world financial meltdown instead of ameliorating it.

Sack the sickening sh#ts!

Crikey said...

Pacific Brands’ recent performance casts serious doubt on the efficacy of the company’s board, especially in light of significant payments made to former CEO, Paul Moore. Moore was part of the private equity buy-out team which acquired Pacific Brands in 2001 from Pacific Dunlop. When the company was floated three years later, Moore received approximately $15 million for his stake (and retained a small shareholding in the public company).

Upon his retirement last year, the Pacific Brands board decided to lavish more shareholder funds on Moore. Moore worked only six months last year (retiring as CEO on 31 December 2008), however, the Pacific Brands board (led by the well-respected Pat Handley who resigned last week) paid Moore a fixed salary of $1.56 million. The previous year, Moore received a fixed salary of $1.19 million for the full 12 months. Therefore, Moore’s fixed salary effectively increased by 162% last year. No explanation was provided by Pacific Brands for the rise.

Businessweek said...

Sue M. Morphet has been Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Brands Ltd. since December 31, 2007

[OMG! 1.8 million a year! GAG!]

Salary A$742,444
Bonus A$700,000
Total Annual Compensation

Restricted Stock Awards A$265,227
All Other Compensation A$152,978

Total Annual Cash Compensation
Total Short Term Compensation
Other Long Term Compensation
Total Calculated Compensation

Anonymous said...

Pacific Brands has received tens of millions of dollars in Federal Government grants in recent years - including $17 million in the past two years alone - but yesterday's decision is likely to cut off the flow of taxpayers' money.

Primary schoolkids could probably run these companies much better than the present millionaire swill.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, El Gordo. You can't lift the Herald Sun's Mickey D's story from Page 7 and call it a scoop.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's delusions have hit new heights.

That McDonald's story ran across all the News Ltd tabloids, yet he claims it as his own.

He is such as clumsy criminal. No wonder he is going to prison for a long, long time.

And justice for all said...

Denial is a river in Costa Rica.

Andrew Landeryou has been lost in the wilder reaches of its tributary Shit Creek for many years.

Cait Catt said...

Vexnews was first with the macca story. It was leaked to Vexnews first before it was leaked to the News Ltd stable.

Stop telling lies Slanderyou.

Vexnews is always first with the news. That's why the CIA and ASIO always monitor the site. Their own agents are nowhere near as good or as accurate as the informants Vexnews has.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

The Vexnews story on Maccas, is threatening to blow the global multinational apart. Only a news masthead like Vexnews would have the journalistic courage to take on such a corporate giant. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

100% agree with you henderson. Vexnews is always standing up for the common man.

Al haji Abdullah said...

MacDonald's is haram. But if Vexnews hates MacDonalds, then as an Age reader and a jihadist, then I support Macdonalds.

Anonymous said...

How drunk is Landeryou?

His sock puppet Cait says "Vexnews was first with the macca story."

Yet the Vexnews cut and paste job says the story came from "a secret company document obtained by the Hun".

Drunk again in the middle of the day! Landeryou is contemptible disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's chronic alcohol abuse may be a reason why he cannot get his story straight.

Then there is the issue of the sheer volume of lies that he comes out with. He tells so many so often that he cannot get his stories straight.

Anonymous said...

This is a classic comment:

"Everytime Handerson Ross and all the other fake commenters come here, its like a busload of retarded children have arrived.

"They babble and mutter, wet the floor, pick their noses and break wind at inappropriate moments..."

Just classic! More power to the patriot who put it up.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Venews has reported that Fairfax Media shares have been suspended. Their past denials of a cash crisis seem rather silly now as they have the begging bowl out.

Goodbye Fairfax. At least people can be pleased that Vexnews is financial, and free of debt. Fairfax is in collapse. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

I read the news about Fairfax. I had to rely on Vexnews to tell me about the suspension. As a self funded retiree, I own heaps of Fairfax shares and have to eat dogfood to survive.

Thanks Fairfax.

Al haji Abdullah said...

The Fairfax suspension wouldn't have happened under Islamic finance.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews is owned and operated by an undischarged bankrupt, who also bankrupted his own wife and father.

Anonymous said...

The mad Landeryou is now including fake Islamic radicals in his imaginary cast of characters. Lord save us from this idiot.

The racist bile spewing from Landeryou's foul mouth needs to be stopped once and for all.

Over to Brutus and the boys.

Cait Catt said...

10.09 deserves to eat dog food. If he or she had taken notice of Vexnews he or she would have offloaded his or her Fairfax shares.

Vexnews. No wonder the CIA and ASIO swear by it.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou now imagines spies read his crap blog. This is quite funny.

Anonymous said...

ASIO and the CIA have better sources of information than Andrew Landeryou's suburban waffle.

The claim is absurb. Landeryou gets madder by the day.

Hokum said...

From what Cait Catt (Landeryou) says, the CIA and ASIO 'connection' sounds like a Spy vs. Spy episode.

Vexnews itself is a comic strip presentation of low-level 'news' and muck-raking.

If ASIO or CIA operatives go to Vexnews at all, they probably do so as a result of the libels and threats which fester there.

Anonymous said...

Al haji Abdullah is under investigation though. The CIA has asked Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, whether there are any spare cells.

Al haji Abdullah (Landeryou) won't enjoy the water treatment, being photographed in, ahem, compromising positons or being attacked by alsatians.

But things could be a lot worse... The Barwon Gaol Hot Rodders could really make life hell.

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for the CIA but my boyfriend used to work for ASIO until about a week ago when he was retrenched. We now have a crypto-commo government in Canberra and they are doing their best to wreck our esteemed intelligence service.

My boyfriend used to tell me he worked for the Department of Defence but I knew this was untrue as no one I knew who worked there knew him.

He admitted where he really worked after he got retrenched. He told me a good part of his job was to look at blogs that the intelligence community had an interest in. One of those blogs he had an interest in my boyfriend calls Poxnews. He said the son of an ex MP in Victoria ran it, and a lot of the comments were from staffers in left MPs offices, hence the ASIO interest.

Cait Catt is correct in her comments about ASIO. I think she's a bit of a joke about everything else though.

Just one more comment my boyfriend made. He said Poxnews sometimes had some gems but most of the time he was wasting taxpayers money looking at it.

What made him angry was that he had to teach the person who was replacing him how to look up all the crazy blogs he used to look up, including Poxnews.

He said he considered himself a good ASIO agent, and a good lookeruppa of sites which might contain good intelligence information, but he doubted that his replacement would be able to see the wood from the trees, so to speak.

So Cait Catt (or Landeryou) is corrent in one sense. ASIO does look up Poxnews. How Cait Catt knows this is anyones guess, but my suspicion is that she has no inside info and just made it up. Same with the CIA.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention someone claiming to be Cait Catt rang up ASIO claiming to have information about some ultra left wing person in the union movement. My boyfriend was given the call and he said Cait was talking a lot of drivel.

B I G YAWN said...

Landeryou is so predictable. He writes a sympathetic blog, then goes feral with fake 'anon' commenters. He doesn't like the coppers, so the "MAKE DEHM PAY: Female police officer sacked after being permanently injured by leftist lawyer in riot" blog offers two targets for the price of one. Some of the libels on Senior Constable Kim Dixon are unexpectedly gross even by Landeryou's loathesome, snakebelly standards.

Serves the WorkCover Bludger right. The Police force deserves better than layabout feminist bludgers.

Posted by anon | February 26, 2009, 10:29

Bravery my arse, Dixon is trying to milk the system with a dodgy claim.

Posted by anon | February 26, 2009, 11:54

Dixon is a spoilt poisonous little mole.

Posted by anon | February 26, 2009, 16:15

Christ that ex policewoman is ugly, who would do that - YUK!

Posted by anon | February 26, 2009, 21:03

Real anarchists don’t post on this blog. It is a right-wing ALP blog. Just ignore all the above and get back where you belong!

Posted by Sacco Vanzetti | February 26, 2009, 23:36

And all this under a stolen photo of the unfortunate policewoman AND her two sons.

How heartless! How abominable! How sick! How anti-Society! How un-Australian!

Big Bubba said...

Yer! It sorta makes me want to crush his worthless skull. But since this is illegal, I am going to give him the Hillam-Gullung Clan smoking ceremony. In this ceremony I stick a lighted message stick up his ___ until smoke comes out of his ears. Sometimes, I've found, this can take a while. But it always has a profound effect on the victim.

Anonymous said...

Geez! Landeryou might need to spend the rest of his life standing up!

Crunch said...

Friday, February 27, 2009 3:04:00 AM.

I hope Landeryou has his PC mined with C4 in case of a police rush. Otherwise, everything he has ever written, every lie, every fake comment, will be revealed. Current technology, which VicPol possesses, can peel back deleted items or overlaid files, many layers deep. All original files - everthing you have ever done - can be found, reconstructed and printed out for magisterial scrutiny.

You can overwrite it all. You can encrypt it. You can format it endlessly. But, it's all still there.

The only escape is to dig the hard-drive out of your PC and to destroy it with a sledgehammer or an angle-grinder...

Anonymous said...

Mad, mad Landeryou. His spirals of lies twist and turn.

What did he do in Costa Rica?

Why did he run so far and so fast?

He forgot to even tell his wife he was going abroad!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou deserves the sad and lonely life he leads. Completely friendless. Endless days surfing the internet looking for stories to steal and paste on Vexnews as exclusives. A host of imaginary friends he brings out to defend himself on other blogs. Not a life any human would want to lead but one he lives and deserves.

Denial is indeed a river in Costa Rica.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is in a state of denial.

He imagines that he is a successful media baron on the verge of pulling off another coup and enriching himself once again. A replay of IQ Corp, MUSU, Optima, Marbain etc.

In fact, he is a fat, friendless failure on the verge of being buggered by the Barwin Gaol Hotrodders Club.

Anonymous said...

Costa Rica. I recall Landeryou writing that he had a great time there. Shame he forgot to call home to tell his wife where he was...

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is really out there. A weird man. A serial stalker. A freak.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Fairfax Media shares have been suspended. Their past denials of a cash crisis seem rather silly now as they have the begging bowl out. They'll probably be able to raise some equity in the next week but it won't be enough to raise their dinosaur classified ad business model from the dead. And it will probably ultimately destroy their biggest shareholder, the hopelessly hocked John B Fairfax who is in danger of breaching his own bank covenants.

This is in direct contrast to Vexnews. It doesn't have to organise a capital raising. However, I am sure there are many institutions who would love to park there money in this very profitable venture. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

What about us self funded retirees who hold Fairfax shares and have had to resort to eating dog food to survive. Does anyone know who I have to speak to buy some Vexnews shares?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anyone who wants to buy my Fairfax shares? Even the salvos knocked me back

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Very interesting, that Kim Il Carr stated that no one's job is safe, and resident leftard Slanderyou has scampered off overseas?

Anonymous said...

I thought the same Henderson. Leftards are hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Slanderyou has grabbed his $900 and run.

David "Kochie" Koch said...

My good friend Therese Rein told me about the sad story of Andrew Landeryou. Via Slanderyou, I'm here to give him some financial advice.

In the current climate, it's best to come clean with creditors and pay down debt. In order to do that, you should take any work you can get - sitting around in your fetid, mashed-potato-and-gravy stained pyjamas producing a weblog with no audience and revenue is not an option. Time to to put on the shirt and tie and make a go of it.

Remember, the courts do not look kindly on fraud, or perjury in hearings related to financial wrongdoing.

Make a clean breast of it Andrew, and rejoin society. Maybe a Kokoda trek with me and Joe Hockey would strengthen your moral fibre.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend got a phone call from ASIO. They said they know he told me that he was paid while working at ASIO to read Vexnews. Any more comments like that from me and they'll put him in the slammer.

Bloody hypocrites. Andrew knows that ASIO read Vexnews. Cait Catt (Landeryou) plasters it all over her obscend rants.

My boyfriend denied he told me, of course. He had to. If ASIO do take him to court think of all the wonderful publicity. Vexnews will then really win a Walkley with all the publicity it will get. Still, ASIO was never known for being a particularly smart organisation.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's quite true. My boyfriend never told me he read Vexnews for ASIO. He told me he read Poxnews. I think Poxnews is a better name.

Do you agree Cait Catt (Landeryou)?

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt and Catter8 explained -- Landershonk must also use cats as an aid to theft:

Thieves use cat to trigger stampede

Posted 56 minutes ago | Updated 58 minutes ago

Thieves caused chaos outside a Somaliland mosque late on Thursday when they took advantage of a power cut to throw a stray cat into the crowd, triggering a stampede so they could rob worshippers...

Al haji Abdullah said...

Cats were loved by the Prophet (pbuh); but dogs are not. As an Age reader and a jihadist, I am theologically challenged by Vexnews. So many cats love it. What am I supposed to do?

I am Henderson Ross. said...

You should pray to God, not Allah, Al haji. Vexnews is a great Christian, pro-family news portal. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Catch the fire Al

Anonymous said...

Pastor Nalliah said something about the Walkleys being God's work.

He also said the bushfires are God's retribution.

Anyone who believes this nut is as stupid as he is.

Landershonk did not win a Walkley. Cait Catt (Landershonk) deceives us.

kevin of southbank said...

Best wishes to Les Twentyman for a speedy recovery. (Hope your satisfied Landeryou)

Anti-Landeryou Squad said...

The fat, morally and financially bankrupt cunt has done the usual.. used sock pockets to post hateful about a critically-ill man who has devoted his life to helping the less fortunate, then posting the bullshit note of "sympathy" under the POXNEWS moniker.

An astute punter picked this up straight away and posted:

A.L you are a prick for posting hateful comments about a critically ill man, and then pretending to post a "get well" message. You are the Lowest of the low.

predictably the fat useless retarded CUNT then deleted all messages that wished Twentyman well and pointed out that Landeryou is a sick twisted fat and useless piece of shit for running a hate campaign against someone on the basis that they have a townhouse in Footscray and dared to scared the ALP when running as an Independent in Kororoit.

We now vow to crush the fat cunts skull. If he ever ventures out to the West again,we won't just photograph him outside Sunshine Court, we will destroy him.

Anonymous said...

Be careful... Landeryou will be accompanied by his driver, deadly army clerk Sgt Sasha Uzunov - the one man media army!

Poxnews the Cyber-Stalker said...

WordPress Spy Plugin - This WordPress plugin lets you watch your website activity in real time. You can watch what people are doing on your site - which page they are visiting, are they leaving comments, or are they grabbing your feeds.


Anonymous said...

True to form, this just in from Poxnews. I have expunged the number and road name for obvious reasons:

Sue Morphet’s address is
## XXXXXXXXXX Road Hawthorn. Right on Scotch Hill.

Posted by Trades Hall | February 27, 2009, 20:40

Anonymous said...

Oh Gawd!

Tony Bishop - the parliamentary doberman with rabies - on ABC Lateline.

More muddled claptrap from a forgetful, malicious little bully!

Anonymous said...

He reminds me a lot of ALP nazi Andrew, who is also forgetful and a cyberbully.

Anonymous said...

Pollies tut-tutting about obscene executive salaries is kinda laughable. The pollies are the people who deregulated allowing this sort of disgusting asset-stripping to become normal.

Directors must act:

* honestly in good faith
* to avoid conflicts of interest
* for a proper purpose
* with care and skill.

They, and other executives, are not entitled to pirate, plunder, pillage and rape the companies they are in charge of.

What is the fraud squad doing? It is obvious to all that white collar crime, on an unprecedented scale, has taken place. Billions of dollars worldwide have disappeared. Australian companies bought worthless debts too.

The CEOs, Boards, Directors are accountable. The government watchdogs have been asleep for years. Some may be dead. Wake Up! Get all these crooks into jail!

Cleaning Lady said...

Landeryou on PoxNews tonight missed a few Les Twentyman smears which I had to scrub clean. Hate and bile is terribly hard to remove. They usually leave long-lasting acidic stains which smell of excrement and vomit.

This is by far the worst job I've ever had - up to my elbows in hatred, vitriol and smears everyday.

Landeryou pays me $2.50 an hour which he says is "well above award wages, you stupid bitch". I always have to say "Excuse me, Mr Great Man" if I want to hoover anywhere. He is troppo and calls me 'Kimberley' all the time. My name is Jacqui. He treats me like shit.

When I get home, everyone leaves the house saying "Phew! You stink, Mum", etc. Does anyone on this blog have any advice for a poor old lady abused by an angry middleaged sicko?

Julie Andrews said...

Dear cleaning lady Jacqui,

You poor old thing. That's one tough gig! But don't feel bad.

Landeryou has stiffed heaps of people. You are just the latest in a long, long queue that stretches away into the far distance.

He is human scum, of course, but perhaps you could find it in your kind heart to forgive him until all of us, including you, can dance on his damn grave!

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of jobs around Jacqui for cleaning ladies.

Home help at Brimbank Council is always short of decent ladies to do cleaning.

Same at Moreland Council. Darebin could be worth a try too.

Don't put up with low wages Jacqui. Go where you are appreciated.

Labor Councils are the worst payers, I know, but they do pay more than you are getting now.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I was reading Vexnews, as any intelleigent, patriotic person does, and I encountered the lead story about Blackamailer Jake “the Snake” Della-Vedova’s County Court appearance.

Vexnews described it as a sordid affair, with Prosecutors reading out an appalling tale of greed, crystal meth addiction and general woe involving him selling his sexual services to a man (whose name, occupation and any elective office he may hold or have held in the past have been suppressed by County Court order and will be vigorously enforced here in the comments section) and then blackmailing the man with a covert recording of their illegal encounter.

At first I thought I was reading something typically posted in Slanderyou by leftards, firestarters, jihadists and The Age readers.

But then I realised that Vexnews was performing a valuable community service.

Well done Vexnews. There is a Pulitzer Prize in this for you. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

I agree Henderson, Vexnews' coverage was riveting stuff.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews seems to be the only major news source covering this important, nationally significant story.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt is being outsmarted by Henderson Ross. Cait says the OC won a Walkley. Cait says Pastor Nalliah says Landeryou won a Walkley and it was God's will. Cait has never mentioned a Pulitzer. She has enough brains to know five fake Walkleys doesn't equal one Pulitzer.

Henderson goes one better. Henderson says Vexnews is in line for a Pulitzer.

To that I can only say bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I don't think a Walkley or Pulitzer prize have ever been presented to a gossip comic strip like Poxnews.

Maybe, so Landeryou and Henderson Ross don't feel left out, a comic stip award could be given. Perhaps they deserve a 'Casper the Friendly Ghost' award or somesuch.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely lurv the agreeable anonymous non-entity that Henderson Ross (Landeryou) keeps bringing here. You know the one. He always adds comments like this:

Anonymous said...
I agree Henderson, Vexnews' coverage was riveting stuff.

Saturday, February 28, 2009 8:51:00 PM

In the cartoons there is a bulldog always accompanied by a yapping, ingraciating small dog that prances around the bulldog always agreeing with him. Of course, Henderson is more of a poodle than a bulldog - so 'Anonymous must be a chihuahua! Be careful that the 'Great Man' doesn't accidentally sit on either of you!

Anonymous said...

Of all the Landershonk alternate personna I prefer Cait Catt. She is at least funny. Henderson is so clearly the sock puppet's sock puppet.

If I wanted to root anyone that would be Cait. My wife said she'd never go to bed with Henderson. He's probably got some std!

Anonymous said...

You'd need a paper bag on her head and one one your's in case her's came off. Believe me, you wouldn't want to see Landeryou close up. He, apart from being as ugly as sin, has dreadful BO (so say several people who have had the misfortune to get close).

As for rootin' him - well, to each his own.

Anonymous said...

Blackamailer Jake “the Snake” Della-Vedova, says Poxnews, is due back in court on Monday. Naughty commenters on Poxnews pointed out that a bigger fish is due in court in March:

"Theo is back in court in March too isn’t he? Has his $10 M lawsuit shut the victim up yet"?

Posted by Blind 'Freddie' Justice | February 28, 2009, 22:45

"Vergewaltigen ist Gut"!

Posted by Attila the Hun | February 28, 2009, 22:55

I have schoolboy German and am not touching the last comment with a two kilometre-long barge-pole.

little Theo said...


There isn't a Greek word for Chockers. But been there, done that! Whatsa problem?

More disgusting scams said...

Australia's banks are warning customers they could be caught out by higher ATM fees from next week if they're not careful [The Age].

The price of oil is at a low of $US 47 a barrel, but we are all getting screwed by the oil companies as usual.

Prices are shooting up at supermarkets as the middlemen chew in for their rotten profits.

Corporate fraudsters keep awarding themselves raises while their companies go down the drain.

What part of 'Global Meltdown' don't these crooks understand?

Anonymous said...

The insurance companies trying to cash in on the gloom of the meltdown are the pits. Plan your own funeral sort of says it all.

And I love Cash Converters ads that will sink anyone stupid enough to engage with them. These are government licenced parasites who will suck you dry.

They are all gathering like vultures and carrion crows for a bonanza. Shoot down each and every last one of them!

Profiting from the misfortune of others is a Landeryou-esque preferred outcome of the criminality that has fucked my Super. Corporate criminals foisting money onto people who could never repay was bad enough. Then they on-sold the debts around the world.

We need much LARGER prisons for all these corporate crooks, pawnshop parasites and insurance fraud purveyors.

F#ck AMI said...

And not only that!

Channel Nine viewers especially, who may have various sexual problems, don't fall for the Australian Medical Institute solutions as advertisised on that godforsaken station. The Australian High Court in 2003 prevented AMI from engaging in misleading and deceptive practices. The various AMI medical solutions for male erectile, and other problems, simply dont work. So don't waste your money there. Ring them up and remind them of the High Court decision. Fuck them off. Tell them to screw themselves!

Anonymous said...

The Australian Medical Institute is a vigoursely crook organisation. You can't forget the 'Stiff and Stiff' pianists who don't use their hands to pound the piano.

Several Australian watchdogs like the ASB were supposed to monitor all this. They didn't. There is a far bigger story here. But of course Vexnews won't be filling in the blanks.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy of Landeryou (via his imaginary friends) slamming The Age is overwhelming. Landeryou seeks revenge because Fairfax stopped buying sports stats from IQ Corp. He stalked their journalists because they reported on his fraudulent activities.

The least safe investment anywhere involves putting cash into anything associated with Landeryou. He bankrupted his own business, IQ Corp, and shredded the records. Solly Lew at least took the luxury Parkville mansion back. The rest of the shareholders were not so lucky. He then went on to bankrupt MUSU via the Optima & Marbain scams.

Vexnews is a one-person blog with no identifiable cash streams. It has no debt because as an undischarged bankrupt Landeryou can't borrow money. But if Landeryou could get his hands on unsuspecting investors cash it would go the same way as previous funds - disappearing via offshore accounts.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Cait Catt bought any shares in Vexnews? Henderson is always telling us how good Vexnews shares are but my suspicion is that he aint got none.

Cait (whom I understand is really a he and is a gullible member of the Young Liberals who fell for Landeryou) is too nice a person and as such she is vulnerable. She could easily fall for Landershonk hype. Cait, you have been warned. If you don't already own any don't buy Vexnews shares. You will lose all your money if you do.

kevin of southbank said...

Here's $10 bucks - an easy bet - that tomorrow, Monday, Andy opens up with some nonsense about the GG seeking security briefings.

Pity she won;t receive briefings about Vexnews' et al

Anonymous said...

Andy told us the CIA and ASIO both read Vexnews!

That being so perhaps the GG would be interested!

Anonymous said...

Landerspew and the spooks. Now there's a story. But the truth is that he is under surveillance by the FedPol. They want to trace the offshore funds Landerspew is accessing...

Anonymous said...

It's half eleven on Sunday night, and Landerspew is still at it. I got expunged trying to warn Vexnews visitors about the malware cookies that Vexnews put out.

Maybe Henderson Ross can explain why Vexnews doesn't welcome exposure of this unlawful intrusion. What a dreadful crook Landerspew is!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Hello! Hello! Anonymous.

Why on earth would Andrew alert visitors to his Blog by mentioning the benign tracker Vewnews installs on visitors' pcs!

Vexnews is so busy, he can hardly keep track of traffic. This is a world class site monitoed by ASIO. Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

You are the coolest, Henderson!

The posters here are imbeciles. They believe in the impossible.

Cait Catt said...

I'm a regular poster to this blog and I don't consider myself an imbecile. Some other posters clearly are but not me.

Vexnews is again back with a big scoop. Warwick Capper, the Collingwood footballer who used to wear very short shorts, is making a run for Parliament in Bananaland. Who is he running against? None other than Pauline Hanson.

How do I know this? I read Vexnews. And I'll bet ASIO are interested and that's why the spooks read Vexnews. It's content beats their own spooks by a country mile.

catter8 said...

I'll look up Vexnews immediately. I want to read about Warwick Capper.

Why didn't Slanderyou publish this?

Rita Randles said...

Mainly because Slanderyou publishes crap.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Thank you Vexnews for all this wonderful publicity. My mother Pauline will be truly grateful to Andrew and Vexnews.

Cait Catt said...

I've just had a phone call from ASIO. How did they find out my phone number when I'm unlisted? The spook told me I'm not to tell everyone on Slanderyou that ASIO monitor Vexnews.

It seems ASIO monitor Slanderyou too.

Surely our spooks have better things to do. They should concentrate on Vexnews if they want the best results for our security dollar.

Anonymous said...

What rot. If I were really ASIO I wouldn't tell Landeryou (Cait Catt) any bloody thing. I suspect the ASIO agent is all in Landeryou's shonky mind.

Anonymous said...

Six Landeryou posters all late at night. Does that man sleep? What does he do with his time? Who finances his full time bloggerating?

Anonymous said...

Also I think it wishful thinking to expect the OPP to do anything about Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

The sad and deluded often imagine ASIO and other intelligence agencies take an interest in their activities. Landeryou has joined their number.

No-one interested in politics, media or business reads Poxnews because it is nothing but a mess of lies and bile vomited out by some fat loser.

Why on earth would ASIO or the CIA?

Anonymous said...

Fat fool and failure Andrew Landeryou referred to the "Poxnews editorial board" last week. We can just imagine who is on it - Cait Catt, Catter8, Henderson Ross, Rita Randles, Al haji Abdullah, Jenny Jensen-Hansen and a few more invisible friends of the fat man we know nothing about.

For once though there may be some method in his madness. All the stories on Poxnews are invented, so it makes sense for fatso to have invented an editorial board too.

Anonymous said...

Here's the AAP account of the sordid blackmail case that smuthound landeryou has been obsessing over for weeks, posted up here so the fat crim cannot put it up on his website labelled EXCLUSIVE. It was published by AAP at 10.36 just for the record.

Vic: Man who blackmailed public figure with sex tape is jailed DellaVedova MELBOURNE, March 2 AAP

A Melbourne man who secretly recorded himself and a prominent public figure having sex and later used film of the encounter in a blackmail attempt has been jailed for four months.

Jake Michael Della-Vedova, 25, demanded the married father pay him $15,000, or he would send the recording to a television current affairs show.

Della-Vedova devised the plan after he found out the man's identity through an internet search.

He planned to use the money to pay rent, bills and buy a scooter.

Della-Vedova, of Hawthorn East, pleaded guilty to one count of blackmail.

County Court Judge Lisa Hannan said Della-Vedova's offending was callous and calculating, and continued over a period of two days.

``This was not a momentary lapse in judgment,'' she said on Monday in sentencing Della-Vedova to 18 months' imprisonment, suspended after four months.

Judge Hannan suspended 14 months of the prison sentence for two years, but ordered four months be immediately served.

Identification of the victim has been suppressed.

Anonymous said...

Well done that patriot above!

Landercrook has got out of bed and posted the AAP account of the judgement on his hate site sitting his filthy room in his booze and KFC-stained dressing-gown but without any claims of exclusivity.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Landeryou's dressing gown is also stained with urine and faeces. He often loses control of his bladder and bowels because of his intemperance.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Landeryou is taking such a keen interest in the sex video blackmail case because of his own habits.

Readers of this the Blog of Truth know that Landeryou has an unhealthy obsession with his fellow fat fraudster and Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester.

Whenever Ajay appears on TV Landeryou reaches into his folds of flab in a futile attempt to find his penis.

When this fails he resorts to what he calls "therapeutic prostate massage"; sodomising himself with KFC chicken drumstick lubed with fat and grease.

He has videoed himself doing this on a number of occasions and hopes to make some money by making the tape available to his fellow sickoes on a pay per view basis.

I am Henderson Ross.

catter8 said...

That is disgusting Henderson. I will keep that sordid Landeryou man away from all my cats at my cattery

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

An extremely fat and balding man with gout once walked into my mum's fish and chip shop and asked her to deep-fry a large turkey drumstick for him. He looked furtive. I think it was Andrew and so does my mum. She says that is she is elected to parliament again she will make his perversions illegal.

Al haji Abdullah said...

Infidel Landeryou eats the chicken drumsticks after he has used them to perform massage. Sharia law has ways of dealing with people like him.

Cait Catt said...

Filth, filth, filth!

I refer, of course, to the contents of Andrew Landeryou's site of shite Poxnews.

Rita Randles said...

The real Cait Catt did not write the above. Nor did the real daughter of Pauline or the real catter8. I can't speak for Henderson. There are so many Hendersons and they seem to be all over the place.

Cait Catt said...

Thanks Rita. The 5.43 using my name is an imposter. It is Slanderyou, not Vexnews (what the imposter calls Poxnews) that is filth, filth and filth.

Anonymous said...

Patriots please note the above comments. Fat Andy's sock puppets have not denied he indulges in bizarre autoerotic sexual practices.

Anonymous said...

Another tsunami of waffle from legions of Landeryou layabouts.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I am the real Henderson Ross.

I am Henderson Ross.

More's the pity said...

Vexnews says vilification is not a crime. It kind of sums up the site and its outlook though.

Of course, some sorts of vilification ARE illegal. But Andrew is talking about smears and libel which are still not regulated on the internet.

Anonymous said...

"I am the real Henderson Ross" is an oxymoron from a real moron!

Anonymous said...

MI5 uses Vexnews in classroom training for new operatives illustrating small-mindedness, racial vilification and how to spread lies about politicians.

The young operatives collectively gave Vexnews a big thumbs-down. They thought it childishly malevolent. One said it was like "Lord of the Rings" with the blogger as "The Beast".

Anonymous said...

Methinks Landeryou is more like "Piggy" without his glasses!

Ha F#ckin Ha said...

Flogging jokes to death should be a punishable offense too. This Just-In from Poxnews:

Has anyone seen Just_In McKeegan? He still owes me Professional Fees for his successful Penile Lengthening Surgery as a result of his medical condition, Infantile Penis Syndrome.

Posted by Professor Maku Dong Long | March 2, 2009, 19:57

little Theo said...

Damn! I must have that syndrome too!

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I am Henderson Ross. I am Henderson Ross. Do I make myself clear?

I am Henderson Ross.

Cait Catt said...

Congratulations to ASIO. Australia's great organisation of Spooks relies heavily on Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

Even more irrelevant claptrap from Landeryou's army of comment imposters. Tiresome nonsense, boring - Yes - but a fact of life when dealing with the mentally ill, I'm afraid.

Cait Catt said...

I find it exceedingly difficult to type comments on this blog with my nose. All the lunatic restraints, and the straight-jacket, that I live with daily, mean I am so trussed up I am immobile. Some men have taken disgusting advantage of this by giving me 'the long swift sword of Seigfried' when my back was turned. I couldn't tell if Landeryou, Theo or Sasha were involved since I couldn't see behind me.

Rita Randles said...

I know what you mean, Darling!

I'm just a bag of bones, and part of Landeryou's imagination. Luckily, being dead, I can put a curse on Landeryou's tiny love wand.

Not much magic there.

Bettina Rocks said...

Just been watching scrumptious Bettina Arndt on ABC Lateline. Her new book includes interviews with men dissatisfied with their sex lives. Landeryou, in his interview, candidly admitted he has become a confirmed wanker since Kim took a hike. Cait Catt and Catter8 smell of cats' piss. Rita Randles involves sex with the dead. Henderson Ross is an agressive homo shirtlifter.

Apparently, the Theo interview is the really BIG news-story in Bettina's new book.

Cait Catt said...

Another imposter and that's 2.10. The link from my name is as I might have expected filthy. About Islamic sex. I'll get Pastor Nalliah on to you Slanderyou or whoever posts under my name. Below is a sample and Pastor Nalliah will be very interested in it. He says the bushfires are God's vengeance. No doubt he'll say it will be God's vengeance on Slanderyou when tripe like the below is published. Read on:

Beautiful Muslim Girls - Meet Muslim girls & Muslim woman Video chat. Date Muslim girl now!
Anal Sex Dating ACT - 20738 Anal Sex listings in ACT. Join & Flirt Free

Rita Randles said...

I am not dead and I too am going to report you to Pastor Nalliah Mr Slanderyou and may you rot in hell.

Rita Randles said...

I just had a dream that I should look up the Catch the Fire Ministries site and paste it on Slanderyou. I hope everyone will appreciate it as Pastor Nalliah is being talked about a lot on this blog and perhaps we should all take a look at what he stands for. Read on:

Media release - For immediate release from Catch The Fire Ministries Inc.

Abortion laws to blame for bush fires?

Churches throughout Victoria have rallied together to assist the bush fire ravaged communities of Victoria. Coordinated by Catch the Fire Ministries (CTFM), four trucks have been booked to distribute essential relief items such as clothes and food to consolidate the efforts of the Salvation Army in assisting suffering families. CTFM is calling on all people, Christians and non-Christians alike, to donate blood via the Red Cross. Please visit their website at for more details.

We at CTFM, along with the rest of the Christian community, are in absolute shock, grieving at the loss of life, property, and the immense suffering of all those affected. We offer our deepest condolences to the families and friends of all those who have lost loved ones, homes, businesses, and their livelihood.

CTFM leader, Pastor Danny Nalliah said he would spearhead an effort to provide every assistance to devastated communities, although he was not surprised by the bush fires due to a dream he had last October relating to consequences of the abortion laws passed in Victoria.

He said these bushfires have come as a result of the incendiary abortion laws which decimate life in the womb. Besides providing material assistance, CTFM will commence a seven day prayer and fasting.

Theo said...

I may have been a bit wayward. I may have parked 'little Theo' in unemployed people's parking spots.
But I am not the ogre presented here. When I spoke to Bettina, none of the repulsive rape allegations had been made. I have a dick and I vote. Rita likes little things like 'lttle Theo'. None of us will ever vote for Brumby again.

Anonymous said...

Complaining about Slanderyou to Pastor Nalliah is a waste of time and money.

I'm going to complain to Diane Anderson about Vexnews. I'm going to tell her to complain to her Congressman about the CIA wasting US taxpayers money looking up Vexnews. How could Vexnews be a superior news site?

Surely the CIA, like our ASIO in Australia, could do better things than waste resources on Vexnews?

I called it Vexnews and not Poxnews, and it really is Poxnews, because I have to be dignified if my complaint is going to be forwarded to Diane Anderson's Congressman.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's rent-a-crowd of bogus commenters are tiresome time-wasters with nothing better to do than annoy the patriots here.

Anonymous said...

I agree 8.02. Let's hope the bogus commentators stay away. It's been 24 hours since the late Rita, our last bogus commentator. Let's hope it will be 48 hours before they re-appear.


A 350-kilogram man who lives in luxury in Melbourne's CBD has attempted to claim bushfire relief.

Andrew Landeryou told authorities he was a victim of the devastating fires.

He continued to insist this was the case when contacted by the Herald-Sun.

"I am a bushfire victim," he said. "That is true."

"I am a bushfire victim because I was ridiculed and abused when I cut and pasted a few items from the Herald-Sun website onto my own hate site Poxnews and then put up fictitious comments praising my fires coverage.

"I am a bushfire victim because I was attacked when I claimed the fires were the result of Islamic terrorism."

The unemployed Mr Landeryou said he had suffered further when Pastor Danny Nalliah came along with an even stupider claim and blamed the fires on the state's abortion laws.

"Pastor Danny got all the attention that I wanted," Mr Landeryou said.

"There can be no doubt. I am a bushfire victim and deserve cash compensation. Now."

Law enforcement sources said Mr Landeryou already is likely to be charged over a variety of theft, fraud and other dishonesty matter.

It is also expected he will face contempt of court charges and proceedings under the State Electoral Act.

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy has probably lodged a bushfire bereavement claim over the late Rita Randles.

Al haji Abdullah said...

Infidels have asked me why the Sri Lankan cricket team has become a terror target. The Prophet (PBUH) did not play cricket, therefore it is apostasy.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Vexnews tells the truth about Islamic terrorism. That is why ASIO and the CIA have the site on their must-read list. I am Henderson Ross.

catter8 said...

Muslims do not like dogs but the Koran is silent about cats. Still, all my cats read Australia's most trusted news site Vexnews to stay abreast of any threats of terror attacks.

Cait Catt said...

Slanderyou is pro-terror filth just like the leftard Fairfax press.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

My mother is pleased she no longer has the fish and chip shop as it might be attacked if the food was not halal. She still wants to change the immigration laws to protect other fish and chip shop owners from the threat of Islamic terror. She reads about it all the time on Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

It sounds, from the World Exclusive above, that Landeryou may need protection from angry CFA members and real fire victims. He has a fortified loo apparently, where he normally hides from process servers and people he owes money to.

However, police wonder how they can protect more than fifty Landeryou 'personalities' including dead voodoo woman Rita Randles.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Slanderyou admitted that he is overseas. I wonder if there is any link between that and the terrorist attack in Pakistan. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Well spotted Henderson.

Al haji Abdullah said...

It is possible. But as an Age reader and a jihadist I deny everything.

Rita Randles said...

I was killed by Islamic extremists.

Anonymous said...

Found from a link on Vexnews:

Tuesday, March 03, 2009
A German parliamentarian proposes the use of DNA testing to catch owners who don't clean up after their street-dumping dogs. For matching purposes all dog owners will, of course, be required to have pets entered in a DNA database at a cost of €200 each. Well, that should just about kill dog ownership.

posted by J F Beck at 7:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That guy deserves a shit sandwich in the mail. Mehaul.
9:52 AM

Anonymous said...

Fat failure Landeryou is an expensive shit.

Anonymous said...

Australia is teetering on the cusp of recession yet fat boy Andy has nothing to say about the GDP figures on his sleazy site. Then again we all know from his unsuccessful business career and the dodgy deals he exposed Melbourne Uni students to that economics is not fat boy's strength.

Anonymous said...

170 comments on this Blog entry alone. The stuff Andrew Landeryou dreams of as he has fewer than 170 readers a year. Vexnews is a failure and Slanderyou a thriving Blog with an active reader community.

Anonymous said...

The paranoid delusions of the insane Landeryou drive Vexnews readers away. Of course, he is not helped by covering only suburban news and people no-one has ever heard of...

I prefer Slandereyou. One of my favorite Blogs.

Vexnews EXPOSED said...

Fat fool Landeryou published a story yesterday on some dumb middle-tier public servant's childcare plans.

With news judgement like that no wonder Poxnews is making some of his other failures look minor.

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou is great. It covers all the crimes of the vile Andrew Landeryou. A must for all patriots.

catter8 said...

My cats read Slanderyou all the time because Andrew Landeryou keeps coming to my cattery and eating all their food.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou hasn't udpated Poxnews since yesterday. He must still be unconcious from last night's KFC and cheap cask red binge.

Anonymous said...

So much for the team of intrepid reporters and the Board Landeryou referred to recently.

We have always known that anything Landeryou does is a one-man cut-and-paste operation. No-one would trust him enough to invest money or actually work for the cretin.

Anonymous said...

Two thirty in the afternoon and no Vexnews update yet today. Has fat cunt been arrested?

Another EXPOSURE said...

OzSoapBox is not impressed with Landeryou's research abilities and methodology.

Who is?

But today's article shows ozsoapbox has been lulled into thinking there are many people associated with the Poxnews Blog.

There are! but none of them apart from Landeryou are real. Many people think even he is unreal too.

Poxy Poxnews said...

Didn't Poxnews win 'The World's worst Blog' award for 2008?

Not quite in the same category as a Pulitzer or Walkley, was it?

Anonymous said...

It is clear where the misunderstanding that Poxnews is not just the work of one evil man comes from.

Landeryou always speaks of himself in the plural because he weighs as much as four fit men of the same age.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed a story on the Age Blog:

"Jurassic poo on display"

I wondered if police had broken into the Fat Cave and found Landy in one of his stupors...

Anonymous said...

That must be it, 6:26!

It is almost four in the afternoon and Landershonk has not updated Vexnews.

He is lying in a coma and has been mistaken for a pile for dinosaur poo.

kevin of southbank said...

Click through my name - a woman in the US called the police when Maccas would not serve here her order of chicken nuggets.

Perhaps Andy is trying the same thing now

Anonymous said...

Kevin, sensational.

Fat Catt said...

I am Cait Catt's much prettier sister. I'm on the chubby side too, and was a real good catholic girl too until I discovered the pleasures of swearin, drinkin and rootin. Sometimes I do all three at once. Who says Landeryou personas don't have a life?

Cait pretends she is a clean-living person. But I can tell you all that she loves a good shag as much as me.

I love Andre Rieu and imagine him fiddling with me. My public service job is a bit boring. I won't tell you any more otherwise people from this blog will be visiting and wanting a date.

Anonymous said...

I'm not vaguely interested in Landeryou's feminine side (whatever that is) or anything to do with his rotten crooked hide.

I guess I'll take a long raincheck on that date, Fat Catt.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is fatter than you, Fat Catt.

Landeryou doesn't get to do any rootin' as his penis is hidden beneath folds of flab. He does plenty of drinkin', tho'. It is about all he has to do as his life is a ruin.

Landeryou also does a lot of swearin'. He swears oaths in court as a prelude to perjury.

Brutus Beefcake said...

What is all this about Landeryou's feminine side? Do you mean he is a transsexual?

Ho, ho, ho! We're going to have more fun with him than we originally thought!

Anonymous said...

Fraud and failure Fat Andrew Landeryou today linked to an article titled "So You’re Dead? That Won’t Stop the Debt Collector". This explains why he has not committed suicide.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Landeryou will want to top himself after a few months of our loving attention. Bash, rape; bash, rape; bash, rape; bash, rape; bash, rape; bash, rape; bash, rape. That is the weekly schedule we have got worked out for him.

Anonymous said...

There are no hanging points in Barwon Jail. Fatso will have to do something messy and painful to escape from Brutus and the hot rod boys.

Big Bubba said...

I will arrange some chicken fat from the gaol kitchen and a box of matches...

Anonymous said...

He might drown in the jail latrines, especially if Brutus was sitting on his head.

'Python' McGee said...

I think he will die of fright!

Dung Beetle said...

The Age's Jurassic Poo story is about coprolites. I have long said that Poxnews is dinosaur shit and Landeryou himself is a dangerous coprolite.

AAP said...


Vexnews has sacked 14 editorial staff including three sub-editors as part of the global Financial Farce.

"I've reluctantly let go my top man Henderson Ross as well as well-known gossip columnists Cait Catt and 'Anonski'", said Editor-in-Chief Andrew Landeryou.

Mr Landeryou denied this is part of a sophisticated Centrelink scam. "All my staff are bloody real. They are all real journos".

However, it is understood that Vewnews is being investigated for Centrelink fraud involving an obituary writer named Rita Randles. Ms Randles is said to have died years ago but records show she is still receiving Centrelink and Work Care benefits.

A Centrelink spokesman said leads indicated that a significant fraud involving $11,250 per week for up to fifty non-existent people was being committed.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

I have just read Vexnews' exclusive account of Premier Rees' cocktail fracas.

What an explosive account. The Vexnews revelations will probably force Rees to call an election as soon as Friday. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, I felt the same way. I wonder if Rees will try and have Vexnews blocked from transmitting into NSW?

Al haji Abdullah said...

As an Age reader and a jihadist, I noticed that The Age is yet to mention the story about Rees and haram cocktails.

Sasha Uzunov said...

Jeez! I could afford a CBD luxury apartment on that sort of cash too!

Maybe Centerlink will accept my 'One Man media Army' as beneficiaries too. I can easily come up with more than a hundred names of imaginary media types like Clark Kent and news photographer Spiderman.

I could retire like Landeryou and become an indolent blogger of irrelevant suburban and union news. But I can at least take photos myself and avoid stealing other people's images.

Sgt Sasha Uzunov
The real Sasha Uzinov

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