Sunday, February 08, 2009

Respect and Love

When this happens, all the rest seems meaningless. As a mark of respect, we will not publish again until next Monday. For readers directly affected by events, our thoughts are with you. To the men and women of the CFA, god's speed.

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Cait Catt said...

As a mark of respect my sympathies are with all who have perished or suffered in the bushfires.

Also a big thank you to our brave firefighters and our overworked and overstretched emergency service workers.

catter8 said...

Well written Cait. The prayers of all our cats are also with all who have suffered in this tragic situation.

Anonymous said...

Cait and catter8 as a resident of near Kinglake thank your for your concerns, and also thank you to our brave firefighters who have saved my property and the lives of many of our town and country residents.

Rita Randles said...

Thank you for your comments Slanderyou. They are much appreciated. Ditto for Cait, catter8, and the anonymous contributor after her.

Anonymous said...

Connex blamed the workers. Disgraceful. If it wasn't for the brave workers from the CFA the whole state would be up in ruins.

As a mark of respect turn the airconditioning off in the offices of the Premier, Connex and the EPA Stasi.

Aghast and deeply sad said...

Heartfelt condolences to relatives and friends of the departed. Respect to CFA, DSE, Police. To those that lost houses, businesses, livestock, pets and treasured possessions - we send big, supportive hugs!

Anonymous said...

Brian Naylor's wife has perished and Brian is missing. A great couple. Our condolences to their families and friends. We remember fondly Brian reading the news.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews tonight has a great coverage of the bushfires. On a link from Vexnews there can be viewed a series of pictures taken in Bendigo tonight.

Thank you also Slanderyou for your coverage. It is respectful and free from invective. You are congratulated too.

Anonymous said...

A few peculiar comments on Vexnews's 'fire coverage' tonight, though.

Landeryou might need to wield an editor's scalpel to keep it all nice and clean.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's fake personalities sending condolences is a bit warped. Andrew, why don't you bring some of the stolen cash back onshore and make a donation. Creep.

Anonymous said...

The so called fake personalities are not Landeryou.

The comments are not a bit warped.

We live in dangerous times, as Nostradamus predicted. It is entirely appropriate that we forget our petty squabbles for a day or so and concentrate on the bushfires.

Anonymous said...

The comments on Poxnews's 'Fire Report' mentioning EPA Stasi were a bit of a giveaway that crim Landeryou is up to his usual tricks. He is pretending to be concerned about the disaster in Victoria.

As usual, sicko Landeryou is completely out of step with the community which has to tolerate his obscene libels and contempt for society.

Landy, your contempt for the dead, the homeless, the CFA, is so vile and contemptible in present circumstances that police should check you out big time.

You are an utterly, repulsive person.

Crew Leader said...

Landeryou: CFA could probably give you a big fat enema with two 38mm hoses, or a 64mm! If it was me I'd add A-class foam so there would be bubbles coming out your ears too.

Cait Catt said...

I decided not to engage in criticism of Slanderyou and Liberty Larry out of respect for the victims of the bushfires.

Unfortunately there are contributors to this blog who still wish to engage in the vilest filth.

Vexnews has accurately reported on the fire situation, without blaming anyone in authority and praising the CFA and emergency workers who are protecting members of the public.

Vexnews is not responsible for the content appearing in its comments. There are comments critical of Connex and these have merit. There are comments critical of the EPA as a Stasi like operation and these are factual for it is.

Nevertheless I have preferred not to comment on material in both Vexnews and this blog out of respect for the firefighters and those who have lost their lives.

May God have mercy on their sould.

Cait Catt said...

As funeral notices in the Jewish News say MHDSRIP.

That is an abbreviation for May His (or Her) Dear Soul Rest In Peace.

Rita Randles said...

God bless you Cait. You are a great lady.

Anonymous said...

Only that deranged criminal cunt Landerfucker would use the deaths of over 100 people to bignote his nasty little blog.

He has reached a new low.

Anonymous said...



A patriot said...

Landeryou on Landeryou: he really is deluded. Cutting and pasting news of tragedy is not reporting. Praising it is sick.

Congratulations Vexnews on your fire coverage. Vexnews is always first with the latest news. Your coverage tonight Vexnews is brilliant.

Posted by Anonymous | February 8, 2009, 22:37

Kevin of Southbank said...

my thoughts are with them today.

Anonymous said...

Fat Andy doesn't have a job.

He should volunteer to do some fire-fighting.

Anonymous said...

Good one, 7:17! Andy should volunteer to go and fight the fires. He is not gainfully employed and decent, honest and law abiding Victorians need help.

I saw this story intro on a few moments ago and thought it might be about him:

"A CONMAN has been jailed for a 'vicious smear campaign" against a politician."

No luck.

Cait Catt said...

The defence team regrets the emergence of filth on the blog of filth.

The respect the defence team supported has apparently ended.

The great man is now again the subject of vile Slanderyou lies.

Go and fight the fires Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

Poxnews is the kiss of death.

Insincerity Reeks said...

Landeryou is an appalling Crook!

Now he has added a sickening and insincere new element of contempt while Victoria staggers under the appalling horror of death and loss.

Landeryou pretends on Poxnews that he is concerned. Empty words, wicked fake comments.

Landeryou is anti-Australian, Anti-Victoria, anti-humanity, anti-evertything.

He is a complete Asshole!

Barwon Gaol Hot Rodders said...

That is the part of him we're terribly interested in!

DGO said...

I'd love to drive a CFA truck up his #ss!

Anonymous said...

This idiotic bit of boosting on Poxnews was a complete disgrace:

Congratulations Vexnews on your fire coverage. Vexnews is always first with the latest news. Your coverage tonight Vexnews is brilliant.

Posted by Anonymous | February 8, 2009, 22:37

And justice for all said...

Fat Andy piles on the hypocrisy at his site of lies and bile. You don't need to be Einstein to work out how much he gave:

VICTORIA BURNING: Please don’t sit there, it’s time to help

Please call the Red Cross on 1800 811 700 today to give all you can to help the thousands of people whose lives have been turned upside down by our worst ever bushfire. NAB customers can give online to Victorian Bushfire relief fund, BSB 082-001 acct 860 046 797.

Anonymous said...

This is on the ABC website. I reckon the ACCC saw the shite up on Poxnews and thought Buddha Boy might try something.

Public warned of bushfire scammers

Posted 11 minutes ago | Updated 12 minutes ago

Australia's competition watchdog is warning people wanting to contribute to the Victorian bushfire appeals not to be taken in by scammers.

tony said...

Hitler loved dogs and children and Landeryou's heart bleeds for the bushfire victims

Anonymous said...

Fat Boy is sitting on his fat arse in the fat cave drunk on cheap cask wine scoffing KFC and feigning sympathy for bushfire victims while plotting against the rest of humanity but one day in the not too distant future he will be out fighting fires.

OVENS, Vic, Feb 10 AAP - Prisoners have been called on to help with the fire recovery effort in Victoria's northeast as a blaze continues to burn out of control near Beechworth.

The Beechworth Correctional Centre has offered up to 30 inmates to work under supervision either at emergency staging areas or in the clean-up effort.

Prison general manager Terry Jose said the prisoners were involved in community work as part of their reintegration program and were trained in fencing and tree clearing.

The men, aged from their early 20s to mid 60s, could also help serving refreshments to the region's weary firefighters.

``Whatever's needed, we've offered our services to the community if the need arises,'' Mr Jose told AAP.

``We've got a number here who can work out in the community and do so on occasions and they would be available.''

Inmates helped with the emergency response during the 2003 bushfires and in the floods in the late 1990s, he said.

Anonymous said...

Where is that creepy loon Sergeant Sasha while all of this is going on? Hogging the halfway house computer to write screeds on why obscure MPs and public servants should be dropped onto the Tora Bora caves with bowie knives clenched between their teeth? He should be putting his taxpayer funded military training to use and assisting with the fires.

Cait Catt said...

There are many people who think Vexnews is a great news site 22.37. I happen to be one of them.

Go away and help fight the bushfires Slanderyou and Liberty Larry.

Rita Randles said...

Only Cait and Henderson stand between full bile and great comment.

Slanderyou, I am pleased to say, is the worthy winner of the Unicef award for bile.

Lies Lies Lies

Filth Filth Filth

Both describe the overwhelming majority of comments and the content on the Slanderyou blog.

catter8 said...

It isn't universally recognised as the blog of filth for nothing.

Anonymous said...

It is incredible just how much content there is on Vexnews today. Andrew must have been up all night working to ensure the bushfire coverage was accurate, interesting, and world-beating.

Congratulations Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews has a great expose of The Age this morning. That newspaper came second in the Unicef bile award to Slanderyou. Perhaps it should have been the equal winner.

Cait Catt said...

I see what you mean 3.45. Below is a great story just posted on Vexnews. For a great read read on:

LOOTERS: The Age knocks off photos of the dead and plays politics with disaster
By VEXNEWS ⋅ February 10, 2009

looted Looting the dead. Can they sink any lower?

The Age’s front page today is a cold, soulless diatribe that presages the first salvos in what will no doubt be a campaign to blame the Brumby Government for Victoria’s ghastly bushfire devastation: “Now the backlash” screams the headline. Conspicuously absent from the front page is any sense of the humanity of the devastation. No victim shots, no tales of despair or miraculous survival. Just another opportunity to get stuck into the government, as they have on public transport (with some justification) and channel deepening (with no justification whatever).

Contrast that with today’s Herald Sun’s admittedly grim front page “album” of fire victims, accompanied by the headline “All Lost”. Terrible, but moving. You can’t look away, and you can’t help but relate the plight of these Victorian families to that of your own. That’s what great newspapers are all about. They speak to us and for us.

So, if it were just a battle for the hearts and minds of Victorian readers, it would be 5 million to nil in favour of the Herald Sun. But in stuffing up its print coverage today, the evil trolls at Fairfax Digital have tried to correct the situation with a far worse sin that than of merely being boring drones.

The front page of The Age’s website actually features the faces of tragedy (so maybe there is a real journalist there after all) - but guess where they got the photos? That’s right. Stolen from the Herald Sun. Looted. Photos of the dead. No acknowledgement. No shame. They’ve simply scanned the photos from today’s Herald Sun and posted them online. An utter disgrace.

They seek to play politics with this natural disaster while looting photos of the dead. It was once considered impossible for The Age to sink lower than it did under Jaspan. No longer.

Anonymous said...

Fat cunt criminal Landeryou can't keep it up - can't keep up a facade of concern as fires rage.

Poxnews is back offering the usual Landeryou lies and biles.

It still has no readers. Fat cunt criminal has to spread his shit here in the hopes of getting noticed.

Do something for the community, you unemployed bum! Go fight the fires!

Anonymous said...

The deranged and deluded Landeryou has accused the Age of pinching photos. Yet every single image on Poxnews has been stolen!

The cretin then makes up comments praising his own work:-

Great story Vexnews. The Aged is the pits.

Posted by Anonymous | February 10, 2009, 12:48

It’s pretty obvious. One newspaper referred to above is a professional community based service and the other is a bankrupt retirement agency for failed Lefty Journalists whose main focus is on settling political ideological scores against the government for not subsidising their retirement.

Posted by Ageless | February 10, 2009, 11:48

Landeryou has achieved the impossible. He has managed to make himself even more despised than he was before.

Anonymous said...

Andrew is a lowlife. A thief and a crook.

Vexnews EXPOSED said...

This is Landeryou's idea of news No wonder he has no readers. He goes crazy over a report "a couple of weeks ago in one edition of the Sunday Mail in Queensland on page twenty-seven."

Anonymous said...

Vexnews Bushfire coverage is just ripping off the Herald Sun and The Age. Even the photos are stolen from these sources. Nothing original at all.

Anonymous said...

Remember El Gordo supporter Pastor Danny Nalliah? Pastor Danny reckons the bushfires are God’s punishment for Victoria’s abortion laws. Did I mention he supports Debt Man Walking?

Anonymous said...

Pastor Danny is just mad.

Landeryou is mad AND evil.

Rita Randles said...

Rev Danny Nalliah is not a Landeryou supporter. He is a God fearing Christian who sometimes agrees with the great man.

For example Rev Nalliah said it was God's work that Andrew Landeryou won the inaugural Walkley Blog Award for his former blog the OC.

Rev Nalliah made no other comment. That he refers to God in reference to the Walkley Blog Award does not make him a Landeryou supporter

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


I am Henderson Ross. said...

Slanderyou probably lit the fires, to draw attention to the blog of filth. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point Henderson. It makes sense

Anonymous said...

Henderson, that sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

6:35 was right on the money when they said:

Pastor Danny is just mad.

Landeryou is mad AND evil.

liberty larry said...

So Andy, Henderson or whatever you call yourself this minute... you are .... why do words fail me.

Anonymous said...

"Landeryou is mad AND evil." True.

Still, he is not so mad that he can plead insanity.

Landeryou will face court someday as a result of his greed and malice.

Dunderhead said...

February 10, 2009 3:47:00 PM,

Shows how little Cait Catt (Landeryou) knows about modern media.

It is common practice for newspapers (using Reuters, AAP and other news agencies - formerly wire services - to share stories and photos). Same with TV News. How many times have you seen a Lateline quote on the commercial channels?

Once again, Landeryou looks like a total ignoramus and buffoon.

He should stick to crime - something he is quite good at.

Anonymous said...

7.04 watch your language. Please.

It is true that Pastor Nalliah is mad. He has the friendship of John Howard and Peter Costello, believe it or not, but they know he is mad and know how to use him.

Pastor Nalliah is not so mad as to support Landeryou totally. Rita Randles, not my favourite sock puppet, for once said something sensible that I agree with. That is that Nalliah is not a Landeryou supporter.

Nalliah will use Landeryou like he used to use Howard and now uses Costello. He is clever enough to keep his distance. There are degrees of madness.

Landeryou is quite possibly evil. That doesn't mean Nalliah is evil.

Remember he is mad, holds mad views, but mad people are not necessarily bad. You could probably trust Nalliah not to steal your car if you lent it to him. Not sure about Landeryou.

If sock puppets sometimes say something sensible don't criticise them. Criticise them when they are not sensible, like their blind praise and support for the so called Great Man. I assume the Great Man is Landeryou (or Landershonk if you want to call him that).

Gomeril said...

Just took a quick peek at poxnews. What an embarrassing nonsense blog! It is run by an accomplished libeller, stalker, crim and heartless simpleton. His 'coverage' of the abominable disaster of the Victorian bushfires is so vile he should be pilloried so that the community can pelt him with rotten eggs and tomatoes.

This ugly blogging at its very worst!

How to make Landy go WOOF said...

What is spontaneous combustion?

We are providers of a fraction too much friction that can lead to spontaneous ignition...

We are becoming increasingly anxious to meet up with Landeryou to punish him for for recent excesses. Big Bubba says several of his relatives have been buggered by the fires.

Put it this way. We are going to make it H O T for Landeryou when he finally arrives.

- Barwon Gaol Hot Rodders

Crew Leader said...

World War III promoter Landeryou is suggesting Jihadists as possible fire-starters of the present bushfire disaster in Victoria.

As usual, Landeryou is spouting hatred, ignorance and rubbish.

Fire investigation in Victoria is incredibly sophisticated. I have observed investigators at work at firsthand over days and marvelled at their diligence.

For desert peoples who have come to Australia to have acquired knowledge of errant fire behaviour in Australia for terrorist purposes is so absurd as to defy the credibility of idiots.

Every fire is different and always unpredictable. Wind changes, as we have seen in recent days, have completely changed the effects of fire.

You are far too weird for me Landeryou. You know almost nothing, but proclaim expertise that is not yours.

Just shut up and prove you are not the world's biggest bludger!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou, your fire coverage on Poxnews was verminous!

Critics speak up said...

A recent visitor to Poxnews just summed up Poxnews' recent 'fire coverage':

This whole blog is pathetic tripe!

Posted by Nostradamus | February 11, 2009, 0:36

Anonymous said...

"A" Class foam ain't nice Landeryou. Class "B" foam, which is used generally for Motor Vehicle Accident fires is even less nice. If you go up sightseeing the disaster areas in your 4WD, please don't advertise who you are. Your disgusting blog has made lots of members mad.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is poison. He destroys everything he gets involved in.

I am also Henderson Ross. said...

"TERROR LINK: Did Jihadist terrorists light Victoria’s bushfires?" asks a headline on thief and fraud Andrew Landeryou's website that accompanies a story that went up late on Tuesday.

The timing of the post is interesting.

Landeryou must have been alerted to the story earlier in the day when it was reported the authorities had rejected the "jihad" claims circulating in odd corners of the WWW.

This means Landeryou knew that the claims had been discredited by authorities, but went ahead and ran it everywhere.

Landeryou thought he should fan the flames of hate while flames devastated his home state.

No wonder he is regarded with derision and contempt.

Anonymous said...

This creep Landeryou is truly twisted

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou has demonstrated over recent days what a truly wicked and malevolent man he is.

Al haji Abdullah said...

My brothers in jihad Slanderyou and Liberty Larry have struck terror into the heart of the infidel with their fire lighting.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Slanderyou and Liberty Larry support Jihad. I read about it on Vexnews, Australia's best blog.

I am Henderson Ross.

Rita Randles said...

Well said Henderson. In this time of trouble the nation turns to Vexnews.

The Great Man has great stories that bring us comfort.

Cait Catt said...

All the cats in my cattery read Vexnews. Their hearts go out to all the poor cats afflicted by the fires.

Kevin of Southbank said...

How politely can I say this................... FUCK OFF LANDERYOU. Your behaviour here is utterly contemptible.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Nalliah, who in the past said it was God's work that Andrew Landeryou's OC won the Inaugural Walkley Blog Award, is in deep trouble.This time it's not over Landeryou. It's over his crazy statements about the Victorian bushfires. These are God's work too.
The item below appeared on Crikey this afternoon. It's a good read:

13 . Costello tries to hose down Catch the Fire connection

Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane writes:

What an appalling hypocrite Peter Costello is.

"It is beyond the bounds of decency to try to make moral or political points out of such a tragedy," he said about the attempts by prize religious wingnut Danny Nalliah’s effort to link the bushfires with abortion.

Costello could do little else, despite being good mates with Nalliah and the now inaptly-named Catch the Fire Ministries.

But it’s odd that Costello has waited until this late juncture to criticise his friends, who are prone to visions about Hamlet Prince of Malvern being handed the Prime Ministership by Jesus. Here are some other quotes from the Catch the Fire crowd that Costello hasn’t objected to.

Nalliah on multiculturalism: "Like a pressure cooker or bottle of soda water waiting to explode, the simmering racial war will reach its inevitable climax later, if not sooner... The multicultural melting pot has turned into a pressure cooker and it’s now a case of assimilate or implode Australia."

Nalliah on himself: "Pas. Danny has traveled to many countries in Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, USA, Australia and has ministered to crowds of more than ten thousand people. He has seen thousands come into the Kingdom of God during these meetings and many blind, deaf, dump, crippled people healed by the power of God. He also writes in his book of a dead girl who came back to life, when he prayed for her in Jesus Name."

CTF on homosexuality: "Nicola Roxon, and by implication the Prime Minister, has now stated that homos-xuality is more important than fatherhood. Along with pandering to homos-xual couples by changing laws to normalise what God says, and nature proves, is unnatural, the Labor government is now telling us that if you don’t agree you can have no place in government initiatives."

CTF on Muslims: "A Common Word is also disingenuous in suggesting that love of neighbour is a tenet of Islam. Such dissimulation is allowed by the Islamic doctrine of takiyya whenever the reputation of Islam is at stake. Not a single Qur’anic verse has been found that supports love of neighbour. In actual fact Islam teaches love of other Muslims and conversion of, or hostility towards non-Muslims."

In fact CTF has very strong views on Islam, which formed the basis of the prosecution of Nalliah and colleague Danny Scot in 2005 for vilification. The original judgement against them was overturned on appeal, and CTF settled the matter with the Islamic Council of Victoria. But the appeal court found that Scot had said the following:

Muslim people, when they come [to] some teaching, which they don’t like people should know, they will tell the truth. They will not tell the truth. They will hide the truth. They will tell lies. And concerning money, I mean we think of money but Muslim pour money in evangelism and building mosque and so on. So they have a lot of money, which mostly comes from oil, and all of you know that as it was mentioned during September 11th that 70% of the drugs, which go to England, they are from ... Afghanistan and other Islamic countries. So they make a lot of money from there also so that they can spread Islam and fulfill their desire.

The appeal judge also said that “Pastor Scot did assert, incorrectly, that the population of Muslims in Australia is growing such as to double every seven years and said that ‘so that is how they are growing, so because they have control over our Immigration Department and they bring all type of people.’"

Nary a word from of condemnation from Costello for any of these comments. In fact, Costello boasted of his support for Nalliah during the appeal, and blamed the Islamic Council of Victoria for being offended. "The Equal Opportunity Commission sensibly, sent some people out and said, 'Go out and listen to this man’s sermons and see if you can get offended'. And lo and behold they did get offended."

And then there’s Nalliah’s attendance at a meeting of the anti-Semitic League of Rights. Nalliah recounted "one guy in the crowd put his hand up and said 'Do you believe in the Holocaust?' ... I said 'To deny the Holocaust would be like saying there will be no daybreak tomorrow morning'." Holocaust denier Fredrick Töben recalls it differently. He asked the question, and said Nalliah "replied indirectly that Jews had suffered greatly in the past.” When he asked the question again, Nalliah “said something about not knowing anything about the topic."

It was only a fortnight ago that Peter Costello was happily sharing his own deeply-held religious views (including that the Ten Commandments forms the basis of Australian civic life) with this mob, with no apparent qualms about their views on Islam, homos-xuality, the Holocaust, race war or raising people from the dead. But as soon they say something likely to offend regular voters, he turns on them in a moment, as if he would never have suspected they held such absurd beliefs.

At least Nalliah is happy to display his fundamentalist lunacy for all to see.

Cait Catt said...

Cait Catt 3.39 is an imposter. While the comment sounds as if it might be from me it isn't. The giveaway is the link. It promotes an anti-Landeryou blog. I would never do that. I am in awe of the great man.

Anonymous said...

Kevin of Southbank, an accolade of Slanderyou, told Landeryou (presumbably he really meant Cait) to eff off.

Trouble is he is telling a Slanderyou tool to eff off.

Be more careful next time before you tell someone to eff off Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Cait, Anonymous of 5:42 and Fat Andrew Landeryou in all his other forms and guises...



Andy loves Ajay said...

Hear hear! Will Cait Catt, Catter8, Henderson Ross, Rita Randles, Al haji Abdullah and all the other inmates of the Landeryou Loonybin just fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Fat Cunt Criminal's latest lie:

"The Age online stands accused of using manipulative search engine optimisation tricks to profit from Victoria's bushfire tragedy."

His lie is so pathetic that even his sock puppets have declined to add comments saying "Great story, Andrew."

Anonymous said...

Patriots may be interested in comments made by thief, fraud and failure Andrew Landeryou on the GrodsCorp site a fortnight ago.

"KFC is indeed a food of freedom, sadly no longer a significant part of our diet on the advice of Pamela Anderson," Landeryou says (he uses the plural as he weighs as much as four normal people). Landeryou admits to have "strayed in favour of my local West Brunswick Red Rooster."

That is shocking enough. Even more shocking is this claim: "It is not correct to say my postal and other addresses are secret. They are in fact a matter of public record."

This is an outrageous lie, even by Landeryou standards.

He is not on the electoral roll, even though this is a breach of electoral laws. Neither is he listed in the hard copy or online White Pages.

That West Brunswick reference is also noteworthy. Is it a red herring thrown in by Landeryou to cover up his residency in a luxury central business district apartment?

Patriot detectives, over to you.

Kevin of Southbank said...

I am unlikely to take any advice from Landeryou. THe last people to act on Landeryou's advice, his wife, his dad, Sollie Lew, and others, all lost so much.

Patriot M said...

Does VEXNEWS adhere to standard practice and apologise when it makes a mistake?

This story is false. The pictures came from AAP newswire.

VEXNEWX photos are all, of course, copyright infringements

Pot calling the kettle black

Posted by Filthy Liar | February 11, 2009, 17:32

Anonymous said...

Check the Red Rooster website 7:54. There is no West Brunswick and no Brunswick Red Rooster. Landeryou is trying to mislead people over where he lives.

Anonymous said...

I have discovered why El Gordo now frequents Red Rooster. The chain does a Large Party Pack for just $175 that serves "20 - 30 adults" with "64 Pcs of Roast Chicken, Famous Chips, Coleslaw, Potato Salad & Pasta Salad." Every day El Gordo snacks on a few of these Large Party Packs between his main meals

Landeryou - the great oaf! said...

What a nasty scheming evil piece of work Landeryou is. Claiming to be a "Great Man" (through his imaginary friends) when he is just a fat failure who bankrupt and looted MUSU and IQ Corp, as well as his own wife and father. "Great Man", hah. Great goon is more like it. This endless self praise when he has achieved nothing, is 40 unemployed and friendless. A great loser.

Poxnews is Creepy said...

When the Landeryou personalities pop up here, I feel as if I am in a room full of pickpockets.

Patriots here have demonstrated most of Landeryou's recent 'stories' on Poxnews are either stolen, beatups, or based on his misunderstanding of simple things...

The 'fire coverage' was creepy and insincere. The looney Jihadists story (borrowed from Looneys in UK) made me crack up. The rest, to quote an earlier patriot was TRIPE!

Pax Police said...

Imagine if Landeryou's carcass had been found on the Victoria's desolate firegounds. Forensic investigators would be scratching their heads wondering how a Plesiosaur could have been burned seventy kilometres from the sea in recent days.

Extinct Plesiosaurs were huge carnivorous marine reptiles and are said to have resembled "a snake threaded through the shell of a turtle".

Even I could easily identify Landeryou from that description. This extreme health risk need to be buried fast!

Anonymous said...

This just in from a Poxnews commenter:

"Andrew, you need to remove racist / religious hate comments like those of Anonymous 22.44 very quickly. Otherwise Vexnews will be viewed as a fire-starter too. The Cops are looking for arsonists. Political arsonists like you could get their big fat bums burned too"!

Posted by Bomb Aimer | February 11, 2009, 23:11

Anonymous said...


My formula for a Landeryou enema is am*on*um ni*ra*e and four litres of diesel. The fuze is a printout of Poxnews stuffed up his butt.

Light fuze and retire!

Centrelink Stinks said...

The complaints about Centrelink by Victoria's fire victims are just the tip of the iceberg.

The fire victims of course are at the head of any queue.

My son got fired in mid-January. Although we as a family followed every direction in Centrelink leaflets, we have been constantly fobbed off when we visited Centrelink. A month later, he still hasn't received a payment. The online request did not work. Nor did visits to two Centrelink offices.

Senator Joe Ludwig is the responsible Minister. He needs to get up off his skinny butt to find out why nothing about Centrelink actually works.

During my visits to Centrelink offices with my son, I saw long queues everywhere. Sleek Centrelink public servants glided by ignoring people with simple questions that might have been quickly fixed.

For Christ Sake, these are people who have just lost jobs thanks to criminal activity by Subprime crooks. They are buggered and need help urgently. Yet they are treated as sub-humans by chubby public servants who seem to have no idea what is actually going on.

Centrelink just shrugs its shoulders and turns its back!

Anonymous said...

Nothing about Centrelink and the fire victims on lazy Poxnews.

Centrelink is the amputated arm of the Australian government that doesn't work. The Libs cut its throat and sublet it to private enterprise. We all know what happens when greedy private enterprise gets its disgusting greedy claws into government business.

Centrelink is utterly dysfunctional. As a taxpayer for 45 years, I am totally disgusted.

Labor doesn't have a clue how to fix it. Centrelink customers are the undeserving victims of government negligence.

Guy Fawkes said...

Centrelink needs an atomic bomb to make it work.

Take it back from the private enterprise crooks who have raped it for profit. Why aren't they serving prison terms?

After the financial meltdown,
Pollies today are saying "Who, us"?

We say "Yes YOU"!

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Rudd,

Don't let the corporate crooks who have caused the financial chaos in Australia off the hook. There were plenty of Australian companies and Councils that happily bought debt packages. Then there are all the government agencies sold off by Labor and the Liberals as part of the mad micro-economic reforms.

You pollies stiffed Australia. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Poxnews has not criticised Centrelink as fat boy does not want to get pulled in for an audit of his efforts to find work.

Anonymous said...

Is this why Landershonk isn't on the electoral roll? A headline on says "Voters warned against eating ballots".

Anonymous said...

The story below has just appeared on the Brisbane Times on the net, a Fairfax net news site. It is fascinating because Pastor Nalliah said that it was God's work that the OC, published by Mr Landeryou, was awarded the Inaugural Walkley Blog Award. Mr Costello, the MHR for Higgins, where ALP stirrer, Unitarian Church heresy expellee and Landeryou accolade Diane Anderson publishes the infamous Higgins News, is also the subject of divine thoughts by Pastor Nalliah. The good Pastor believes Mr Costello is our saviour and that also is God's work. Read on:

Abortion to blame for fires: Pastor
Rick Feneley | February 10, 2009

The Catch the Fire Ministries has tried to blame the bushfires disaster on laws decriminalising abortion in Victoria.

The evangelical church's leader, Pastor Danny Nalliah, claimed he had a dream about raging fires on October 21 last year and that he woke with "a flash from the Spirit of God: that His conditional protection has been removed from the nation of Australia, in particular Victoria, for approving the slaughter of innocent children in the womb".

Pastor Nalliah said he was helping to co-ordinate fire relief, including providing trucks to distribute clothes and food and giving his own blood, but he said he must tell "the truth".

Asked by the Herald if he did not believe most Australians would regard his remarks as being in appallingly bad taste, he said today: "I must tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear."

He said it was no use "molly-coddling" Australians.

Asked if he believed in a God who would take vengeance by killing so many people indiscriminately - even those who opposed abortion, Mr Nalliah referred to 2 Chronicles 7:14 to vouch for his assertion that God could withdraw his protection from a nation.

"The Bible is very clear," he said. "If you walk out of God's protection and turn your back on Him, you are an open target for the devil to destroy."

In the New King James version of the Bible, 2 Chronicles 7:14 states that: "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

Mr Nalliah said: "In my dream I saw fire everywhere with flames burning very high and uncontrollably. With this I woke up from my dream with the interpretation as the following words came to me in a flash from the Spirit of God: that His conditional protection has been removed from the nation of Australia, in particular Victoria, for approving the slaughter of innocent children in the womb."

The former Treasurer, Peter Costello, sent a video message to an Australia Day prayer meeting organised by Pastor Nalliah.

He quoted a headline describing the fires as "The Darkest hour for Victoria". "A few months ago the news media should have reported 'the darkest hour for the unborn', but unfortunately the 'Decriminalisation of Abortion bill' went through parliament and was passed, thus making many people call Victoria 'the baby killing state of Australia,' " Mr Nalliah said.

Pastor Nalliah said there may be criticism. But he said he did not send out his media statement thoughtlessly. "We spend two days working on it."

He had previously said drought and the world financial crisis could be partly blamed on human sin.

Court reporter said...

How embarrassing for the once great Labor Party to be taking its lead from an unemployable bankrupt facing theft and fraud charges:

Herald Sun February 12, 2009 12:00am

Dirty tricks uncovered during Twentyman campaign

Geraldine Mitchell

AN investigation into a "dirty tricks" campaign against Les Twentyman in last year's by-election found Labor Party pamphlets were misleading.

Mr Twentyman, an independent candidate, lodged a complaint with the Victorian Electoral Commission after the pamphlets stating "A vote for Les Twentyman is a vote for the Liberal Party" were distributed in the western suburbs seat of Kororoit last June.

Mr Twentyman, who had formally directed his preferences to Labor, said the pamphlet was a "deliberate untruth and liable to mislead the electorate".

Labor candidate Marlene Kairouz won the seat, but the party suffered a 13 per cent hit to its primary vote, with most of the swing directed to Mr Twentyman.

Premier John Brumby vehemently defended the material saying the attacks were "typical" of election campaigns.

"And, you know, these things happen in elections. That's what happens," he said.

He had not seen the pamphlet and declined to say whether its allegation was accurate.

"The campaign manager is the state secretary of the party, and he produces that material," he said.

"I think the point he's making is that Mr Twentyman is a recipient of Liberal Party preferences, and as such he will benefit from the Liberal Party and Liberal Party support."

The VEC said while it was difficult to prove if the pamphlet directly misled voters on election day, it conflicted with information on preferences.

"(This) contributes to an undesirable trend for candidates to take advantage or build on community misunderstandings of preferential voting with confusing statements," the report said.

But the VEC said it was up to Parliament to pursue the matter through Electoral Act amendments.

Mr Twentyman said the finding was a "sad day for democracy in Victoria".

"It just goes to show sadly they had to resort to such despicable tactics in their own safe seat," he said. "People have been cheated out of an honest election."

Anonymous said...

"How embarrassing for the once great Labor Party to be taking its lead from an unemployable bankrupt facing theft and fraud charges."

You mean "an unemployable bankrupt facing theft and fraud charges, prosecution for breaches of tax, companies and electoral laws and criminal libel and contempt of court actions."

Anonymous said...

ALP heavies sit in the shit of Landeryou's cesspit with the fat man.

Anonymous said...

patriots should note that Poxnews has received very few comments this week and that a large proportion of those left on the site have been hostile. Poxnews is dying in the arse

Brutus Beefcake said...

Poxnews is dying in the arse and so will Landeryou when me and the Hot Rodder boys get our hands on him!

Anonymous said...

It would be a fitting end if Buddha Boy bled to death on the floor of a prison cell from rectal haemorrhaging after a brutal anal rape.

Andy is a Snark? said...

I wonder if Andy has fond memories of his time in Remand?

ALP Has No Shame said...

Newnham and Landeryou lead ALP into the shit.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if Andy has fond memories of his time in Remand?"

I hear he enjoyed being made to lick cum off the floor.

Kevin of Southbank said...

Did Andy get "Horse" - see the very last sentence.

MARK COLVIN: The failed Melbourne businessman and Labor apparatchik, Andrew Landeryou, has finally appeared in court to explain his alleged involvement in the financial collapse of the Melbourne University Student Union.

It's alleged that Mr Landeryou was secretly set to benefit from a number of multimillion dollar contracts. He left the country a day before he was due to appear in court last year.

Mr Landeryou arrived home from Costa Rica last week, and today was the liquidators' first chance to ask him about his involvement in the deals.

Alison Caldwell reports.

ALISON CALDWELL: Andrew Landeryou had vowed to tell the whole story behind his dealings with the Melbourne University Student Union, but for much of the day it was difficult and at times impossible to hear what the Labor scion had to say.

Speaking softly throughout, Andrew Landeryou was asked about his role in five companies – companies which were involved in multimillion dollar deals with the Melbourne University Student Union.

The case involves stunning allegations of front men, bogus directors, forgery, false names and mysterious international money transfers.

One of the contracts involved a property development group known as Optima, which was jointly controlled by Andrew Landeryou and former student union president and Labor operative Ben Cass.

Worth $46 million, Optima secured the lease to provide student accommodation for 20 years. It was the potential liability of this deal which forced the Student Union into liquidation early last year.

Neither Landeryou or Cass's names appeared on the contract, instead other people were listed company directors.

Today, Andrew Landeryou was asked why he didn't name himself as a director.

He said he was sensitive about his involvement in the development owing to his wife Kimberley Kitching, who was at the time a Melbourne City councillor.

They lived in nearby Parkville, where according to Andrew Landeryou her political support base consisted of so called NIMBYs, or not in my backyard people, something he often teased her about.

In the weeks leading up to today's appearance, one of Optima's directors Andrew Rigby told the Supreme Court that his signature had been forged on company documents.

Senior Counsel for the liquidator Garry Bigmore put this to Andrew Landeryou and asked him who put the Rigby signature on the documents.

Andrew Landeryou said he had no way of knowing how it got there, and said it could have been one of several people involved in the company besides himself.

Another contract involved a company known as Marbaine Proprietary Limited. Jointly owned once again by Ben Cass and Andrew Landeryou, Marbaine briefly leased the bar and food concessions at Melbourne University for nothing, before selling the leases for $1.2 million.

But Andrew Landeryou wasn't publicly associated with Marbaine and once again he was asked why not.

He said the truth was he was planning to run for office one day and he believed that his involvement in business dealings would have made that difficult. He said he was also preoccupied with his privacy.

It's been alleged Andrew Landeryou's companies secured the contracts with the Student Union, by circumventing proper processes, by cultivating close friendships with the executive, by lying or concealing links to past student presidents.

Speaking after today's hearing Andrew Landeryou said he'd done nothing wrong and acknowledged any career in politics was now impossible.

ANDREW LANDERYOU: The arrest warrant was corruptly obtained, is a death warrant for my political and commercial career. It's over.

REPORTER: Do you believe you've broken any laws?

ANDREW LANDERYOU: I believe that I have done absolutely nothing wrong other than flout some very basic laws of public relations. And I think that's it. I'm running out of voice.

MARK COLVIN: Andrew Landeryou, getting hoarse after his court appearance in Melbourne today.

I kid you not said...

This is gold!!!!

From the old Blog of Sleaze site:- "landeryou: PROVEN LIAR"

It must be the first time anything honest has appeared on either the OC or Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

Forget that AM report. Louise Perry's and Michael Bachelard's "The big man on campus" report from The Weekend Australian is story on Landeryou out there.

It contains these exclusive revelations:

"[A] former associate says that when he tried to sever ties with Landeryou's company, Andrew, backed by Bill, went 'completely feral': 'They made bizarre demands, called my investors in New York.'

"This associate says he was told to come, alone, to a meeting, then taken to a darkened room and threatened."

The Australian would not have reported those claims lightly, particularly as they also involved Bill Landeryou.

If the "associate" steps forward when Landeryou junior finally appears in court and gives evidence, he could receive another five to ten years behind bars. Judges take threats of violence very seriously.

It would be fascinating to see if there is anything more like it out there.

Anonymous said...

Some of the recent posts here have reminded everyone that Landeryou is also a thug.

His amnesia when he is in a courtroom is legendary.

In addition to the above, he has now become an accomplished libeller and interferes in politics with dirty tricks.

Anonymous said...

Forgery, contempt of court, fraud and theft. The above records a little of Landeryou's criminal activities and destruction of a fine Student Union, MUSU. Andrew drove it bankrupt as he did IQ Corp, his wife and his father.

He now pretends to be bankrupt, living in some luxury in a city apartment living off the looted proceeds that are hidden in offshore accounts.

This contemptible human being and his many imaginary friends who haunt this Blog, deserve to be jailed.

Anonymous said...

[From The Age] A GLENROY man charged with stalking three AFL players was remanded in custody when he appeared in a Melbourne court yesterday.

The court heard last week that Rundle, who did not apply for bail yesterday, suffered a delusional disorder.

He faces 14 charges of stalking and threats between December 2006 and February this year.

So, how on earth has Landeryou avoided prosecution for his sick stalking activities - most recently of the Twentyman family last year during the Kororoit election.

He has a long history of stalking. Waht a nasty piece of work!

Anonymous said...

No fireground photos yet on Vexnews by Sasha Uzunov, the 'One Man Media Army'. I expected him to be far 'behind the lines' snapping victims of the tragedy.

Ominously, Landeryou is said to be cobbling together an XXXXXXXL CFA PPE firefighter's outfit. He's either planning a gigantic scam zeroing in on the Red Cross millions. Or he is thinking of joining CFA as a firefighter.

I'm willing to rush you through all the training, but I have a feeling you're far too dumb to do this quickly. Catastrophic fire cycles happen every 20 years or so in Victoria. I will have you ready for the 2028 fires, Mate!

Anonymous said...

We can expect the Storm Trooper cast of Landeryou's imaginary friends (Cait Catt, dimwitted Henderson Ross et al) to come out in defence of the "Great Man" but we all know what a loser and fat failure he is.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, all those stolen images on Poxnews. This just in from a commenter on the pox infected blog:

Ooops! Another stolen image on this blog.

Oh dear! Sooner or later you’re going to be in the poop Landy!

Posted by Nicked | February 13, 2009, 0:32

Anonymous said...

"This associate says he was told to come, alone, to a meeting, then taken to a darkened room and threatened."

There is a story that Landeryou and his student politics cronies once took an opponent "for a ride" in true Mafia style and threatened to throw them from a moving car.

I have only heard this story second hand.

If a patriot can verify it that would help build up a pattern of violent threats and intimidation from Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Christine Nixon says the Victorian police have arrested a number of looters in the last few days.

El Gordo must be worried.

Anonymous said...

Why is it the greatest contributors to this blog are in fact supporters (sock-puppets if you will) of Andrew Landeryou. Cait Catt seems to spend all day at her computer if you ask me.

This seems bizarre on an anti-Landeryou blog.

Any thoughts as to why anyone?

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Intereresting - the fires starts and Slanderyou disappears. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, thanks for pointing that out. It's more than interesting.

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou must have busy last Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Hey fat cunt

As you spend so much time on this site what have you got to say about the claims you and your old man threatened someone.

You couldn't sue as you had done your flit but neither did your old man.

That suggests the claims are true.

Do you make a habit of behaviour like that?

Tsk, tsk, tsk! The judge won't like that.

Anonymous said...

That shut him up 3:00:00. Well done. It seems that threats of violence are part of the Landeryou repertoire.

Anonymous said...

Poxnews' alleged Canberra correspondent (the one who knows nothing about Canberra) has had a go a Red Ted. Bit of a giveaway that it is you, Andrew!

landeryou has also had a go at a Daily Telegraph "gallery" person who doesn't work in the gallery. Whoops again!

I kid you not said...

Hey patriots!

Go and check out the old Blog of Sleaze.

Not only is there the "landeryou: PROVEN LIAR" headline.

It also says

landeryou: LOON UNION

landeryou: SNEAKY

landeryou: PERV EXPOSED

landeryou: GHOULISH

Anonymous said...

Please watch your language contributors to this blog.

You will not be taken seriously when you use the f word and the c word.

Anonymous said...

Andy isn't taken seriously because of two F & C words. Andy isn't taken seriously because he is a failure and a criminal

Anonymous said...

More f-word and c-word problems for Landershonk. Landershonk is not taken seriously because he is a failure and a criminal and also because anyone who knows anything about politics and media knows Vexnews is nothing but Farcical Calumnies.

Anonymous said...

Three other "f" and "c" words that show why Andrew Landeryou is not taken seriously -- he is a financial catastrophe with a fixation complex for fried chicken.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

This was supposed to be a solemn post. But commentators here - jihadists, leftards, and firestarters - continue to use expletives. Not very family friendly. I am Henderson Ross.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

This was supposed to be a solemn post. But commentators here - jihadists, leftards, and firestarters - continue to use expletives. Not very family friendly. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

You beat me to it Henderson, Well said. Hopefully the authorities will take note.

Anonymous said...

I assume you too Henderson are being kept up to date via the international news portal, Vexnews?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou =

F uture

C onvict


Anonymous said...

Landeryou is 39, sad, bad and mad. Is this him?

A 39-YEAR-OLD man has been charged with lighting a fatal bushfire and possessing child pornography.

The suspect, who cannot be named...

Concerned said...

I just read this - was Landeryou ever banned as operating as a director in Costa Rica?

Disqualification in Australia of banned foreign directors
Posted: 12 Feb 2009 05:00 PM PST
The Corporations Amendment (No 1) Bill 2008 has been passed by Parliament. The amendments will ensure that individuals who are disqualified from managing companies in foreign countries will also be disqualified in Australia.
The legislation will, in the first instance, operate only in relation to banned company directors from New Zealand, although other jurisdictions may be added in the future.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Meanwhile, that other hotbed for leftards, jihadists and firestarters - The Age - is according to Vexnews "in freefall despite giving away more free samples than Sunsilk - The Age is rorting its circulation figures." I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Well said Henderson. Perhaps Slanderyou could use his Sun Silk to hose down the blog of filth!

Anonymous said...

A thorough scrubbing is needed.

Vile PoxNews said...

Landeryou is back to heavily editing posts just like on the failed OC.

It didn't take long for a "news portal" to become a pathetic joke with stolen images, stolen news, fake contributors and of course the childish speech bubbles on images.

Here is a post:

Les isn’t drawing a salary from the 20th Man Fund you stupid fat cunt.

The shit that is posted on this vile blog is beyond belief, your demise is looming.

This is what it looks like after The Fat Bankrupt Cunt got his hands on it:

Les isn’t drawing a salary from the 20th Man Fund you stupid fat cunts. How he lives is no one’s business. If he has wealth it’s because he earned it not like you Labor crooks.

The shit that is posted on this vile blog is beyond belief, your demise is looming. You skull should be caved in. It will be.

Truly pathetic.

The Fat Man on Campus said...

The big man on campus

Author: Louise Perry and Michael Bachelard
Publisher: News Ltd
Publication: The Australian , Page 029 (Sat 18 Dec 2004)

The son of a former Labor powerbroker is on the run amid allegations
of missing millions. Louise Perry and Michael Bachelard trace his story

IN Victorian Labor's Right faction circles, there was just one table
to be at last March for the pre-election fundraising dinner at
Collingwood Football Club.

Deputy Senate leader Stephen Conroy was there to hear Mark Latham
speak, as was Bill Shorten, the Australian Workers Union secretary
sometimes touted as a future PM, and Steve Bracks's strategy director
David Feeney.

Also in this powerful and impeccably credentialled group were Andrew
Landeryou and his wife, then Melbourne city councillor Kimberley
Kitching. A Labor scion, Andrew is the son of Bill Landeryou -- a
minister famously ousted from the Cain government's cabinet over
conflict of interest allegations. The son played hard in student
politics, then rode the tech boom to millions, bought a Victorian
mansion in swish Parkville and associated with the rich and
politically powerful.

While keeping himself in the background, he introduced business to
politicians, politicians to business, and he peddled influence
internally, allegedly funding union takeover attempts and branch stacking.

Nine months later, though, it has all come crashing to earth. Andrew
Landeryou has a warrant out for his arrest and he appears to have fled
the country, though sources are divided on whether he has gone to
China or Los Angeles. Kitching's whereabouts are likewise unknown.

At 35, he suffers from painful gout, and he is being pursued by the
courts after failing to show up to liquidators' hearings into the
collapsed Melbourne University Student Union.

This extraordinary story starts in 1991 when Landeryou defeated the
entrenched left-wing leadership to become president of the student union.

The Left never forgot and did not forgive his move to commercialise
aspects of the union's service delivery. Rumours quickly began about
vote-rigging and other misbehaviour, and a group called Students
Against Corruption launched a fierce battle against him. In May of
that year, a referendum of students voted overwhelmingly to sack him.
But he did not go without a fight.

``He changed the locks on the returning officer's office on the night
of the referendum, he used a loophole in the constitution to call off
a student general meeting that was called to discuss his sacking, and
he hid under pot plants and in the basement when he was finally
sacked,'' one former student politician says.

After that experience, Landeryou retreated to the business world. He
helped his father with some of his business dealings, which included
forays into the rough-and-ready post-communist Russian Federation. The
younger Landeryou set up some software companies in which his partner
Ed Dale was the technical expert and he, according to a former
business associate, was salesman-businessman. ``He turns it on when he
wants to turn it on. He is charming,'' the the former business
associate says.

But according to some who did business with him, he took a similar
approach to them as he had to his enemies in student politics:
``Either you are with him or against him. And if you are against him
you are an enemy.''

Another former associate says that when he tried to sever ties with
Landeryou's company, Andrew, backed by Bill, went ``completely
feral'': ``They made bizarre demands, called my investors in New York.''

This associate says he was told to come, alone, to a meeting, then
taken to a darkened room and threatened.

In the mid-1990s, Andrew Landeryou made a return to the Labor Party,
trading on his success, touting himself as a business connection for
the party and acting as a mentor to young, Right faction men who
wanted to do business and peddle influence.

He made good money in small-time property development and sold part of
a software company, IQ Education, to an internet business for $3
million during the technology boom.

But the trouble with business associates continued. One senior Labor
member recalls somebody trying to serve a writ on Landeryou at a
meeting of the Labor Unity faction. Landeryou ran away.

Earlier this year, though, Landeryou took on a big fish. Retail tycoon
Solomon Lew began chasing Landeryou in court for a missing $4 million.
In 2000, Lew had pumped $4 million into a Landeryou company, IQ
Corporation, and plans were afoot to use the money to build a sports
statistics and online gaming group.

Investors from Britain and Switzerland had contributed another $4
million, and Landeryou and Dale planned to float the company. No one
knows how the $8 million was spent because -- as the IQ liquidator
pointed out in court -- most of the books and records appear to have

On the stand in the Federal Court, Landeryou, Kitching, who was
briefly company secretary, Bill Landeryou, who was also on the board,
and Andrew Landeryou's sister Anne-Marie Landeryou-Mason, bookkeeper
and personal assistant, could remember little about the $8 million.

Andrew Landeryou and his wife were particularly indignant, with
Landeryou saying it was ``contempt, utter contempt'' that his wife had
been dragged into the liquidators' examination. The two had declined
to turn up for summons and fronted only when counsel for the
liquidator asked the court to consider issuing arrest warrants.

(In avoidance tactics, the son appears to follow the father. Wanted by
creditors for an unpaid credit card bill in 1996, process servers
pursued Bill Landeryou to the doors of the parliamentary library,
where they were stopped because it was not a public place. Bill
Landeryou refused to come out.)

In Andrew Landeryou's fight with Lew, the liquidators ceased their
inquiries after a closed-door deal was reached. It is believed Lew
secured a caveat over the impressive Parkville house owned by
Kitching. Lew, through his representative on that company, Michael
McLeod, declined to comment to Inquirer.

But in 2002, Landeryou made the play that was to become his undoing.
At 33, he returned to his training ground -- the Melbourne University
Student Union. He knew he could make big money from the privatisation
of student union-owned property. His dealings with MUSU are now under
the spotlight in the Victorian Supreme Court as liquidators of the
defunct $14 million union begin the arduous task of tracking down the
missing cash of at least $1 million.

The liquidators' investigation into MUSU has unearthed a tale of shelf
companies, stooge directors, allegedly forged signatures, missing
cash, a Hong Kong bank account and nonexistent tendering processes. A
common thread among all of the players is the ALP Right faction, Labor

Melbourne liquidator Foremans and its team of QCs, investigators and
lawyers has been attempting without success to get Landeryou into the
witness box since October. They have now issued a warrant for his
arrest and documents they have received in the course of their
examinations have been handed to Victoria police for a criminal

Also regulars in the witness box in the Victorian Supreme Court have
been Darren Kenneth Ray, MUSU president in 2002, and Benjamin Cass,
MUSU president in 2000. Both are members of the ALP Right and both are
described by various sources as connected to Landeryou. Cass
co-controlled at least one company with Landeryou, Marbain, which was
given the lease to the student bar for a minimal amount of money with
what appears to be a nonexistent tendering process. The lease was 10
to 15 years, even though five years was the maximum allowed. Marbain
quickly sublet the bar for $1 million, which was then paid into a Hong
Kong bank account. The money was removed after 24 hours and not seen

At about the same time in 2002, Landeryou had lent office space to
another Labor Unity associate, Nick Church, to launch an expensive
campaign to take over a key left-wing union, the Liquor, Hospitality
and Miscellaneous Union. The office space was at the headquarters of
the IQ company and reports of Landeryou's involvement in the campaign

LHMU secretary Brian Daley believes Landeryou bankrolled the campaign
to the tune of about $500,000 in an effort to get his hands on the
bloc of party votes the LHMU controls. Taking over a union, especially
a large left-wing union, and redirecting its vote to the Right could
have changed the entire factional balance of the Labor Party. Had it
succeeded, the plotters would have been heroes to their faction and
villains forever within the Left.

``We always knew that Church was closely involved in companies
associated with Andrew Landeryou and we have no reason to believe that
funding for his campaign could have come from anywhere else,'' says Daley.

Church worked on the LHMU campaign with another ALP member, Andrew
Rigby. Rigby says that in return for lending them office space,
Landeryou asked him for a favour: to be a stooge director of Optima,
the property development company that won a $46 million contract from
MUSU to build student housing.

That contract relied on 265 apartments being at full occupancy at $165
per bedroom -- something described in court as ``ridiculous'' and
``highly unlikely''. Auditors of MUSU in mid-2003 reported that the
deal could send the union broke.

Rigby told the court that the signature above his name was not his and
that it had been forged. ``People warned me to be careful in business
dealings with [Landeryou]. They said with him, nothing was for free,
and they were right,'' Rigby told Inquirer.

Shortly after the auditor's report, a liquidator's report was released
that recommended police investigate the union over the falsification
of records, awarding of contracts, election rigging and travel rorts.
Nobody has yet been charged with any offences.

``I feel a little bit used,'' Rigby says. ``My trust was betrayed. He
took advantage of me helping him out. There was nothing in return at
all, just silence, and the next I thing I know I've got summons and
I'm in court.''

Rigby was informed by Inquirer that he was also listed as a director
of another company, Citizens Against Poverty. While Landeryou is not a
director, it was based at his office and his accountant set up the

Citizens Against Poverty's objective was to combat poverty through
means including property development, share trading and the receipt of
donations. Among the directors is John Eren, an upper house Right
faction MP renowned for his energy in recruiting new ALP members.

Rigby says he can't remember being asked by Landeryou to be a director
of the company. ``I certainly never signed anything on behalf of the
company,'' he says.

Landeryou is an elusive character. There is scant information about
him and few photos available from the past 10 years. But a former
associate from student politics says he is ``not the kind of bloke you
would want to cross''.

``Andrew is a complex person,'' the former associate says. ``He can be
absolutely charming when he wants to be. He is driven by a strong
sense of resentment about his father being dumped and about him being
dumped as president in 1991. He has a desire for revenge and a belief
in entitlement. He believes that he deserves and is entitled to all
sorts of things and if anyone gets in his way, woe betide them.''

Anonymous said...

Anyone noticed that the fat freak is beginning to use Search Engine Optimisation techniques to bump up the Google Page Rankings of anything favourable to him and thus to lower the ranking of the tens of thousands of negative items.

Paranoid creep.

Anonymous said...

Maccas is advertising its chicken menu. Andy must be licking his fat lips

Anonymous said...

Maccas is advertising its chicken menu. Andy must be licking his fat lips

Cait Catt said...

Andrew Landeryou is one of the most ethical persons I know. The lies perpetrated on this blog are absolutely disgusting.

For how much longer should I put up with vile filth.

I often wonder whether or not I should cease posting on this blog. The only reason I continue to do so and encourage my friends to do so is because the lies must be answered.

For me not to post on this blog would be an insult to a dear friend.

Rita Randles said...

Well written Cait. You deserve an OA for all your good work and contributions to this blog. I agree with you almost all of the time.

catter8 said...

Great stuff Cait. If only Henderson would post more. I won't criticise him though. He is a great contributor and I guess he's tired. Reading the bile on this blog makes every decent person tired. It is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Henderson Ross writes great. Sock it to them Henderson.

Left Right Left said...

Thanks for that reprise [February 14, 2009 12:43:00 AM]

Labor is supposed to be Left, right?

So being Labor Right is rather like being half-pregnant. In Australia today we need representatives of the Common Man - and not loonies who pretend they are kind of Left but have a secret devotion to dollars and capitalism.

There are Liberals, I suppose, who are left of centre too. But this just blurs the political spectrum further.

Landeryou, since he is also a vile libeller, stalker and crim falls outside all these bounds. We needn't heed his right-of-left politics. He is just a useless apparatchik who wants to screw everyone. He has proved in the past that he is accomplished at doing this. I think you owe the community a long time in jug!

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt (Landeryou):

For heaven's sake don't put up with vile filth here for a second longer. Just go away, you pathetic, horrible imbecile!

Anonymous said...

Sad, sad Andrew. Dragging him non-existent friends back here again and again. Cait Catt (Andrew Landeryou in drag), please don't post here. You are not welcome. You are not even real. Just a sad figment of Andrew's lonely imagination.

If only real people didn't hate Andrew so much, an actual person might drop by to defend Andrew. But that will not happen.

Anonymous said...

Laughable Loon Landy referes to commenters here as Jihadists and leftards.

As if!

I just want to see him safely in gaol.

I happen to be a Presbyterian. I'm a nice gut too. But I want to be there when Landeryou gets his just deserts!

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt says Andrew Landeryou is ethical. I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. Landeryou is a sleazy crook who bankrupted MUSU, IQ Corp (where he shredded the records), his wife and his father. He should be in jail.

Cait Catt said...

I am not Landeryou. How many times do I have to tell you. Andrew Landeryou is a dear friend. I have no intention of going away. He is vilified on this blog. Someone needs to defend him and often that is only me.

Stop vilifying a great man. Andrew is the best.

Anonymous said...

Lnderyou looks like shit, smells like shit, and is shit! Bugger off Cait!

Anonymous said...

According to The Age, Shadow Treasurer Julie Bishop is being circled by Liberal sharks wanting to backstab her. Names being mentioned are that horrible idiot Schrek (Howard remnant, Joe Hockey) and, ahem. Robb, the long-term Liberal mover and shaker. Ha Ha, don't make me laugh!

I bet ultra-villian Tony Abbott is in there somewhwre. This is the Lib pollie who is even more 'forgetful' than Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Nothing at all on Poxnews about the two Country Fire Authority (CFA) volunteers who lost their jobs at brewing giant Foster's while fighting the fires which have savaged Victoria.

Suddenly, Fosters tastes like warm cats' piss.

Australia's deficient middle-management proves again that it is inadequate to the task.

Anonymous said...

SACK THE FAT MANAGERS AT FOSTERS and not the CFA volunteers!

You repulsive, abominable pieces of sh*t!

Guess what? I've just stopped buying Fosters and all your other products.

Aldi alternatives are much cheaper and taste better than your pruducts which all Australians will now eschew!

Anonymous said...

F O S T E R S now tastes like RAT POISON!

Make the porky executives redundant!

Anonymous said...

Fosters: Re-instate the CFA Vols and donate 2 Million dollars to the Red Cross Appeal immediately you pathetic mongrels!

Fosters is non-Victorian, un-Australian and just a servant to disgusting, non-contributing shareholders sitting at home waiting for the postman and a nice fat cheque.

R O T you useless parasites! None of you are wanted in Australia anymore. Go on, bugger off!

Anonymous said...

Poor Andrew (in drag) begs us to believe:

"Cait CAtt:I am not Landeryou. How many times do I have to tell you. Andrew Landeryou is a dear friend. I have no intention of going away. He is vilified on this blog. Someone needs to defend him and often that is only me."

We all know that Andrew has no friends. Just associates. And imaginary friends. Associates are mostly ex-associates after they see through Landeryou's pathological greed and contempt for everybody.

The "Big Man on Campus" article, quoting one such ex-associate wrote:

"He is driven by a strong
sense of resentment about his father being dumped and about him being
dumped as president in 1991. He has a desire for revenge and a belief
in entitlement. He believes that he deserves and is entitled to all
sorts of things and if anyone gets in his way, woe betide them.''

Anonymous said...

Qantas is strike ridden with passengers stranded.

Cut to millionaire ex-CEO Geoff Dixon's counting house:

"Fourteen million, thirteen thousand and twenty-eight... Fourteen million, thirteen thousand and twenty-nine... Fourteen million, thirteen thousand and thirty".

Give it back you shony cro*k!

Madame Defarge said...

Landeryou's Blog of Smears is busily rabbiting on about the Bishop debacle, and how Julie has to go. Now.

After giving Julie the chop, Landeryou has another micro-item about the poor state of the Lib leadership in Victoria. Yes, you guessed it - complete with a comment from tiresome fake commenter and mischief-maker "Choo Choo".

It's all so pathetic and obvious that my kids say 'Hey, Mum! These comments looks like more Landy stuff'. No wonder he comes here so often for intellectual stimulation and to steal ideas.

Oh, talking about theft. All the images on Poxnews today are obviously stolen.

Anonymous said...

Senator Nick Xenophon is copping a big serve of Landeryou smears on Poxnews today too.

Andrew 'Xenophobia' Landeryou is so good at smearing others from the safety of the Fat Cave bomb shelter.

Too bad he isn't a person of good character himself. According to recents posts here he is a crim, thug, stalker, libeller - and a timewasting humbug and buffoon.

How come he has a blog at all? Why isn't he doing time somewhere? Is his bankruptcy trustee asleep or dead? What the hell's going on?

Thanks for Nothing Landy said...

The foul monstrosity is encouraging the handful of visitors to Poxnews today to donate to the bushfire victims.

Narry a word on Landeryou's own generosity. Word is that he was seen donating five cents to a Bushfire donation tin at a KFC CBD outlet, and loudly demanding seventy dollars change! When cops were called, he waddled quickly away.

Anonymous said...

Fatso bags Nick Xenophon.

When did you get a billion dollars for a cause you believe in fatso. You've only ever lost a billion dollars of other people's money.

Jolly Green Giant said...

Why isn't the Victorian Government media unit advertising the black balloons in S. America and Asia where the peasants re busily chopping down trees to make a crust, and causing global warming?

The greenies and Labor governments need to take a reality check before they send us all broke with a new plethora of taxes for problems caused by others.

Hooch sounds good said...

Fosters has apologised for the 'horrible timing' of the sacking of three volunteer firemen on the fireground from their workforce. It was all part of a cost-cutting exercise...

I'm like the commenter from yesterday who won't be buying Fosters' products anymore. I don't want to support corporate creeps.

The Federal government is into the grog too. Their nasty indexed excise tax is just an additional tax burden on Australians. It creeps up all the time, whether or not you've have had a pay rise.

Even brewing you own - which I used to do - is heavily taxed too.

Thanks so Much Jeff you Cretin said...

Holy Hell, Batman:

It now seems that the Kennett Government sold off our electricity supplies to Singapore. SP AusNet is responsible for maintaining most of the power lines in eastern Victoria. Dear old Jeff even managed to get the deal capped at $100 million.

Legal firms are lining up already to cash in on the bonanza.

Yesterday Slidders Lawyers partner Daniel Oldham confirmed that a class action had been issued in the Supreme Court of Victoria on Friday against Singapore-owned electricity company SP AusNet, which is responsible for maintaining most of the power lines in eastern Victoria.

The Insurance Council of Australia has estimated the cost of the fires at about $500 million. But SP AusNet's legal liability has been capped at $100 million under a deal struck by the former Kennett government with private utility operators, when the former State Electricity Commission was privatised in 1995. Legal sources said this meant the Brumby Government could be forced to cover a shortfall of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Bugger this, Batman! The Pollies opened the floodgates for the corporate criminals by deregulating the financial system that has stuffed the whole world.

Now we find they have been secretly selling off assets to Singapore.

We need to keep a very close watch on all these criminal politicians.

Crime Minister said...

Sounds like there will need to be a giant new raft of govenment taxes to cover this new, huge, unexpected fiasco.

Ex-Premier Jeff Kennett managed to sell off Victoria to square the card, and to give away zillions to his rotten mates. The later Labor government has been little better.

The Auditor General needs to do a report about how little of Victoria we actually have left. Precious little is my guess.

Kev is chucking money around recklessly, but has he received a report yet about how the State governments have given Australia away to Singaporean interests among others?

There needs to be a Royal Commission to tell us how much, if any, Australia still belongs to us. That commission could inform taxpayers how much of our country has been sold to foreign interests, and what assets, if any, we still retain.

Anonymous said...

This is a gigantic scandal!

I thought Landeryou's cellmate might be Theo. But now I'm thinking he could be sharing a cell with Jeff Kennett or Alan Stockdale, the hands that signed all those papers that have now buggered the whole State of Victoria.

Indemnities for politicians need to be urgently revised. These people are personally responsible for the economic downturn. Get them into Court!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's jaling is long overdue. I can imagine the parties we will all hold when the vile one finally does time. Yippee.

Anonymous said...

Any truth in the rumour Jeff Kennett, Cait Catt and others will soon be living in Mexico on their ill gotten gains. Rita Randles (not Rita Theophanous)won't be joining them as she is not in the land of the living.

Anonymous said...

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