Monday, February 16, 2009

Did Confucius foretell Vexnews?

Or was Confucius referring to IQ Corp, Marbain, MUSU, The Other Cheek etc etc?

85 Truth On Comments:

Rita Randles said...

Not content with spreading vile lies Slanderyou and his sidekick Liberty Larry are at it again.

It's lies and more lies emanating from the blog of filth.

Cait Catt said...

An open season for Slanderyou and his vile lies.

Andrew Landeryou is an honest and ethical businessman.

Andrew Landeryou is a person of great intellect, having clearly won the inaugural Walkley Blog Award. Rev Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries said so. He said it was God's work.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Rita and Cait.

I wish I could write as well.

Anonymous said...

SmearNews is struggling tonight with a UK holocaust denier called Michael. Yes, of course, its probably Landeryou steering his mad blog into uncharted hatred waters. Being a crim means that he might sell out anything and everthing.

He should shut Michael down right now.

Go Figure said...

How can Andrew Landeryou be an honest and ethical businessman if he is a bankrupt?

Anonymous said...

How can "El Gordo" be an "honest and ethical businessman" if every times he's in the Herald Sun or Age he's referred to "disgraced" or "failed" businessman? Not to mention the bankruptcy, flight to Costa Rica, lengthly court appearances, and questionable, undocumented transactions. Hardly, "honest" or "ethical."

Anonymous said...

How can Andrew Landeryou be an honest and ethical businessman if he is a bankrupt?

AND bankrupted his wife, bankrupted his father and fled overseas to avoid the due process of the law.

Ethical and honest businessmen do not lock themselves away in darkened rooms with 40 lite catering casks of cheap red wine and Family Feed tubs of KFC to indulge in bizarre campaigns of hate and lies on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Faine today mentioned the Facebook story about vigilantes and the bushfire alleged arsonist.

Apparently, Landeryou's references to it contravene the Court's suppression order.

Anonymous said...

What about Landeryou's contravention of court orders in the Les Twentyman matter.

His identity theft/cybersquatting website constitutes a contempt of court. Judges and magistrates take contempt charges very seriously. You get prison time for it.

It is pretty clear that Landeryou knows he is going down and has decided he might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, or a whole flock of sheep in his case.

Landeryou is impotent said...

Look at the ending of this aside by Landeryou (that appeared a few days after the story was covered elsewhere). There is a clear tone of regret.

Odd that Landeryou and Dimberely never had any offspring as all good members of the Labor Right know breeding is their sacred duty.

Landeryou is impotent.

"Our favourite publication in the world, the Sun reports on a thirteen year old English lad Alfie Patten who has fathered a daughter. Alfie looks no older than eight, is just on four foot tall and his voice hasn’t yet broken. Strong sperm…"

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Landeryou was a Japanese name, but this report from the ABC sounds just like our Fat Andy, conning tens of thousands out of innocents and spending it on food and drink. It must be a relative.

"The romantic misdeeds of a former professional sumo wrestler are making big headlines in Japan.

"Hisao Akimoto, a national champion as a teenager, has been charged with conning a woman out of more than $120 000.

"Promising to marry the 41-year-old, he allegedly solicited loans from her, then spent tens of thousands on food and drink ... "

A patriot said...

Akimoto sounds like a distant relative of Andy's.

A real Landeryou would have stolen millions to spend on food and drink, not just tens of thousands.

Cait Catt said...

Sleaze, sleaze and still more sleaze.

What do you expect from the blog of filth.

Go away Slanderyou and Liberty Larry.

Anyone care to join you on a one-way trip to Mexico?

Concerned said...

Slanderyou, easy to do I guess, but you forgot Optima from that list!

Cait Catt said...

In my dealings with Andrew he has always been totally honest.

This blog is written by people with an axe to grind who are selective with the truth.

Cait Catt said...

Filthia, the entertainer at Draculas, now has a new job. She works at an establishment in Horne Street in Elsternwick. I don't go near there myself as I'm a good Catholic girl. A friend of mine in the Liberal Party told me. I didn't ask him how he knows.

Filthia is a good friend of Slanderyou so her new occupation is utterly predictable.

Anonymous said...

Does the former Whitehorse Mayor of some repute drive down Horne Street?

Rita Randles said...

More Sleaze on the Blog of Filth.

It was Vexnews that first exposed the Mayor of Whitehorse.

Anonymous said...

It is three in the afternoon and Landeryou is well into his 40 litre catering cask, holding drunken conversations with himself as he waits for the cops to call.

Wonder if he will piss himself again when he passes out. It happens almost daily or so it is said.

Anonymous said...

I hear Landeryou is incontinent. It is something to do with all the laxative abuse.

Cait Catt said...

Please watch your language contributors to this blog. Your use of vile terms will prevent Slanderyou from getting nominated for a Walkley Blog Award.

Cait Catt said...

That applies in particular to comments about incontinence.

If older people are incontinent it's because of old age. The people defamed on this blog are relatively young.

A physician said...

The stress of constantly looking over his shoulder for people he has fleeced and law enforcement officials who want to put him behind bars has prematurely aged Landeryou and caused his incontinence.

You Wish said...

Landeryou thinks The Age has stolen one of his 'stories'. Don't make me laugh!

Speaking of The Age, the great goose said: "Tsk. Tsk. They are so very lazy and low-rent over there.

"Not plagiarism but its close inbred cousin, the lazy re-write and re-work".

Landeryou is a world expert in plagiarism, reworks, libels, smears and stalking.

Cait Catt said...

More sleaze. More lies.

Tonight on Four Corners is a great program about the bushfires.

I offered an olive branch to this blog.

What did I get?

Sleaze. Lies. Sleaze. Lies.

Slanderyou truly is the blog of filth.

catter8 said...

Great work Cait.

I'm fed up with Slanderyou filth and I salute you Cait in your outstanding efforts to clean this blog up.

I think though that this task is impossible.

Rita Randles said...

You wish is a sleaze merchant like most contributors to the Slanderyou blog.

Cait Catt said...

Thank you patriots. 9.59 talks about a serious subject flippantly. Go back to your master.

Anonymous said...

I gather three Landeryou personae in a row is fat cunt criminal's way of reminding us that he weighs as much as three people.

Anonymous said...

Um... Make that four. Fat cunt criminal weighing as much as four people makes sense.

the colonel said...

I saw a couple of ads on tv tonight for the KFC Tower burgers, basically a Zinger burger but with a has brown added in. They said they were only available for 'a limited time'. This is becasue, I understand, last time they were being sold Landeryou ate all the stock in the country in a little over six hours.

Anonymous said...

Saw Underbelly tonight expecting to see a cameo on young crim Landeryou. But it was just typical Channel 9 soft porn with a negligible storyline.

It reminded me how SmearNews and Channel Nine's '20 to 1' are so similar. Rehashing old clips into themes is what SmearNews does so well.

Anonymous said...

Tower Burgers! I was conned into buying one last week by the huge advertisement in the KFC outlet that made it look half a metre high. What a disappointment.

Landeryou wasn't sucked in. He regards them as mere Nuggets, and scoffs thirty or more as a snack.

Anonymous said...

The mad idiot Landeryou and his drag personas is once again polluting this blog with dubious comments about himself being honest and ethical. For the first time ever 5:32, he is using the "Cait Catt" fake identify to recommend himself:

"In my dealings with Andrew he has always been totally honest.

This blog is written by people with an axe to grind who are selective with the truth."

Andrew's imaginary friends are beginning to take on a life of their own.

Andrew's crimes & frauds are well known in the Melbourne community. No actual person is willing to stand up and defend him. Just sockpuppets and inventions.

What a sad and desperate human being.

We don't see Andrew's ex-wife or even his father writing in his defence. No doubt that's because he bankrupted them. We don't see ex-business associates standing up for him either - for example Solomon Lew a major investor in Landeryou's bankrupt company IQ Corp, successfully sued Andrew and even took his luxury Parkville house as part compensation for the money Andrew stole from IQ. Well done Solly. A true Slanderyou hero.

When all is said and done, no actual person (one that genuinely exists outside Andrew's sad imagination) has ever written in Andrew's defence. Nor will they ever do so.

Andrew is absolutely mad. Off his head.

Other fine Slanderyou commentators put this down to the flagons of cheap red and excessive KFC he consumes. Others suggest it is his growing paranoia that his offshore bank accounts in Cyprus, Costa Rica and Lebanon will be uncovered by the Federal Police. Others, including ex-associates from the Labor Unity faction, take a more pyschoanalytic track and put it down to the "sense of entitlement" that he gets from being the son of "Big Bill".

Frankly, I don't care. I am tired of Landeryou and his fake friends. I wish they'd piss off and leave the Slanderyou Blog alone.

Cait Catt said...

I have hit a raw nerve 1.37.

You have hit the nail on the head. You are jealous because your blog is full of lies, bile and hate. Vexnews is full of real news.

That's why you'll never win a Walkley Mr Slanderyou.

I defend Andrew because he is worth defending. He is a great person and a great journalist. Slanderyou is no journalist. He's just a creature who peddles filth on his blog of filth.

catter8 said...

Great piece Cait. Slanderyou is the greatest peddler of filth I know.

Rita Randles said...

That is true Catter. Where is Henderson?

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Why don't more honest people write for this blog?

catter8 said...

Great to hear from you on this vile blog Jenny. The reason is because the main commentators on this blog are Slanderyou accolades.

Most of them use a nom de plume. Andrew Landeryou doesn't. That is his real name.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

A commentator on this blog said I was a lesbian. Lies.

Rita Randles said...

The commentator could have called you plenty of other things. I am one of the most abused contributors to this blog. I just treat it like water off a ducks back and you should do the same Jenny.

Thank you for your contribution and I hope I see many more.

You are not related to a lady from Ipswich named Pauline are you?

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Yes. Pauline Hansen who used to run a fish and chip shop here in Ipswich is my mother.

Cait Catt said...

We won't hold that against you Jenny.

Anonymous said...

Word on the grapevine is that Landeryou has given Henderson Ross a flamethrower with orders to torch the Fat Cave at once. Landeryou wants to get onto what he sees as a gravy train for fire victims.

His story is that the Fat Cave suffered an ember attack last week. "I feel guilty that I survived while others lost their homes. I have lost millions".

B I G butt plug said...

More dead giveaways that Landeryou is busily faking comments on SpoofNews. Way too many references to 'Butt plugs'.

For some reason Landeryou is fascinated by butt plugs. He assumes that many of his enemies (and there are very many) are users of this rather revolting, smelly and unsanitory sex toy.

I'm thinking that Landeryou needs to insert butt plugs in his butt and face, and to to do the same for all his embarrassing fake acolytes who keep on appearing here making ridiculous pronouncements about sleaze. Their comments are tedious, repetitious and terribly boring.

Dung Beetle said...

According to SmearNews blogger Landeryou, Joe Hockey, among others, is a butt plug afficianado.

Obviously, butt plugs are not in my best interests and are probably un-Australian.

I want ALL Australians libelled by SmearNews to open themselves up to properly fertilising the country. My survival depends on it.

Bob the Builder said...

Cait Catt (Landeryou) says she is a good catholic girl. But that does not mean she is not a butt plug user herself I guess.

My insurance covers most things. but not a seepage of sulfuric acid or a tidal wave of bile.

Skeletal commenter Rita Randles, dead as she has been for mnny years, is very leaky anyway

Dr Phil said...

Wow, Andrew holding a freak dialogue with himself occupied 9 straight entries 1:57-2:10. What a nutter! His whole freakshow of multiple identities was in full roar for 13 minutes.

Andrew needs serious psychiatric treatment. Call out the CAT (Crisis Assessment Team) and lock the mutiple personality disorder away.

Anonymous said...

A job for Andrew? See below. Or would he steal too much? Like MUSU, IQ Corp, Marbain, Optima etc.

KFC to cook up jobs in Britain

From corresponments in London
Agence France-Presse

February 16, 2009 11:30pm

US fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken will create 9000 jobs across Britain and Ireland by 2014, a boost for two nations deep in recession.
KFC, which runs more than 11,000 food outlets in some 80 countries and is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., said in a statement that it would open 200-300 new outlets.

"Over the next three to five years, KFC will be offering up to 9000 new jobs... with a particular focus on the north of England, and South Wales,'' KFC UK said in a statement.

The fast food group, which specialises in fried chicken, added that it would spend STG100 million ($217 million to STG150 million ($325.91 million) in the ambitious expansion scheme.

KFC UK has 760 stores and 20,000 employees in Britain and Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Looney Landeryou nodded off hours ago into a shiraz coma. Thus all his fake commenters are having a quiet snooze too!

Silence reigns here. Phew. Thank God crims like Landeryou need beauty sleep.

Anonymous said...

KFC would never give Landeryou a job. They know he would eat the entire stock; quite possibly raw or still frozen.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know if Pauline Hanson's daughter who contributes to this blog is a lesbian. She says she isn't but she's saying that for respectability. Her mother would be angry if she outed herself.

Anonymous said...

I congratulate Slanderyou on the space he gives on this blog to Cait Catt and her althernate personalities. I note also that Cait is the greatest single contributor to this blog. What she writes is utter garbage, of course. At least Slanderyou tolerates her. If she was a commentator on Vexnews she'd be censored. Wouldn't she Andrew?

Anonymous said...

It looks as if further contempt issues could be looming for Fat Andy.

Police move to ban blogs on fire-bug Sokaluk

February 17 2009

Police want to ban messages being posted on internet blogs about accused firebug Brendan Sokaluk.

The publication of Sokaluk's street address and his image has been banned by a court but members of the public have been freely publishing those details on the internet.

``It could (jeopardise the case) - Victoria police are taking some action to take a look at that,'' police deputy commissioner Kieran Walshe said.

``We'll talk with the DPP (Department of Public Prosecutions) and we'll also make some inquiries with the blogging side of it, whether we can have it removed.

``We don't want anything to take place, we don't want anything to be done, that might jeopardise a fair trial down the track.''

Sokaluk, 39, of Churchill faces one count of arson causing death, one count of intentionally lighting a bushfire and one count of possessing child pornography.

The charges relate to the Churchill fire that burnt out more than 30,000 hectares, killed 10 people and destroyed about 200 homes.

He has been remanded in custody to appear at a committal mention on May 26 and has not entered a plea nor applied for bail.

The fight to quell the flames continues as police search the wreckage for more victims of Australia's worst bushfire disaster, which has claimed at least 189 lives.

``It is a very difficult task, a very painstaking task, but it has to follow a particular methodology. We will do it as quick as we can so people can get in (to their home towns),'' Mr Walshe told the Nine Network on Tuesday.

Police are also investigating blazes that were possibly deliberately lit and specifically appealed for information from anyone in the area of the Murrindindi fire around Alexandra.

Anonymous said...

The criminal profilers must be taking a long hard look at Landershonk as they search for arsonists.

He is so like Sokaluk: late thirties, failed, friendless, unwanted, unlucky in love and with powerful paedophilic urges (the younger the better it seems, going by his obsession with student politicians and Young Liberal types).

Banana Bender said...

"Labor starts Springborg smear campaign as election looms" the Courier Mail reports today, referring to a sleazy online campaign launched by the Queensland ALP.

I didn't know Landeryou was enjoying a break up here in the Sunshine State.

Anonymous said...

That manifestation of fat boys mental decay Cait Catt attacked our friend Slanderyou yesterday asking "Anyone care to join you on a one-way trip to Mexico?"

What a pity that fat boy did not make his Costa Rica jaunt one way.

Brutus Beefcake said...

There is a story in the Canberra Times today on what Landeryou can look forward to when he join us, or at least a gentle and romantic version of what Landeryou can look forward to -

A man accused of raping his young cellmate at the Belconnen Remand Centre told a court yesterday that the two prisoners had consensual sex.

Kevin John Jones, 50, faced the ACT Supreme Court yesterday charged with engaging in sexual intercourse without consent with his then 19-year-old fellow prisoner in December 2007 while the two were locked up together in a cell at the remand centre.

The alleged victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons and who gave his evidence yesterday via videolink, told the court that the two detainees were playing cards on Jones's bed in cell B12 of the remand centre on the evening of December 11, 2007.

The court heard that a third man who was sharing the cell had dropped off to sleep just after 8pm when Jones made a sexual advance towards the younger man.

''He flopped his doodle out and asked me to touch it,'' the alleged victim said.

''I told him I'm not gay and I'm not into that sort of stuff and I didn't want no part of it.''

According to the alleged victim's evidence, when his advances were rejected, Jones forced the 19-year-old down on to the bed face-first, removed his track pants and underwear, and raped him.

''He was telling me not to scream, that if I screamed he would bash me,'' the alleged offender said.

After the alleged attack, the court heard, Jones threatened the other man to stay silent about the incident.

''He told me that if I didn't say nothing, he'd buy me a pouch of White Ox (tobacco), but if I told, he'd kill me,'' he said.

The alleged victim, who told police that he was ''very scared'' of the defendant, reported the assault the day after it took place, after he discussed it with fellow inmates.

But Jones, who took the stand late in the day yesterday, denied rape and told the jury of eight men and one woman that the younger prisoner had initiated the sexual contact between the two men and was a willing participant in the anal sex that followed.

The court also heard from medical examiner Dr Vanita Parekh, who told the court that she found scratch marks on the alleged victim's back and buttocks when she examined him at the Winchester Police Centre the day after the alleged incident.

The trial is set to continue today.

Anonymous said...

Do women lesbian prisoners rape other lesbians in jail?

Perhaps good Catholic girl Cait who won't go near the Daily Planet (which is a brothel), catter8, the late Rita through her medium, and Pauline's daughter Jenny could tell us? Please?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's constant deranged and drunken rantings on this patriotic Blog of Truth are a form of rape.

Anonymous said...

Brutus, "''He flopped his doodle out and asked me to touch it,'"

I think that is what Landeryou does every time he refreshes Vexnews.

Concerned said...

How much money did you donate to the Bushfire relief Andy?

Concerned said...

On second thoughts Andy, perhaps you could just round it off to the nearest zero.

Cait Catt said...


I am Henderson Ross. said...

0. I am Henderson Ross

Catter8 said...

Good post Henderson. My cats and I gave nothing either.

Rita Randles said...


Al haji Abdullah said...


Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...


Anonymous said...

I hear that Landeryou has been turning up at KFCs dressed in grimy CFA overalls with ash smeared over his face asking for free food for famished fireys.

I Am A Landeryou said...

I did however donate several outfits of clothing to the victims. The recipients will have to sew on buttons where trousers burst and so forth. Also the dry cleaner couldn't get those gravy, bile (and other) stains out easily.

Anonymous said...

There is a straightforward rule when using butt plugs – use lube.

Landeryou has found that KFC gravy is perfect.

Prof Maku Dong Long said...

Landeryou uses a very large butt plug because he has Piles.

My haemorrhoid treatment may seem a bit drastic, but his haemorrhoids are absolutely horrid. Landeryou's personal aide and male nurse, Henderson Ross, uses an electric drill twice a day with certain (still to be patented) attachments. I won't explain any further, because this is rather a messy procedure. Nurse Cait Catt cleans up later and puts the patient to sleep by reminding him of the glory days when he was "Yes I Can" President of MUSU!

Matron Rita Randles said...

I know Professor Maku Dong Long oftens cuts corners, but isn't Cait Catt a Veterinary Nurse?

I offered to help with the cleanup, but the professor thinks I just lay around must of the time and don't actually do anything. He has used me as a surgical cadaver and anatomical model on several occasions.

Landy can't handle the truth said...

That libellous carmudgeon Landeryou has censored a comment I left on Poxnews yesterday. A commenter had made the point that:

"dont you see that his name is supressed for a reason? he should face justice in the courts as with all other criminals, there is no room for vigilanteism, especially in today’s hyped-up climate….remove this above comment, and preferably this story- if you support the law, that is".

Posted by Dane | February 15, 2009, 21:52

I simply left a brief comment that Landeryou is not a supporter of the law.

A relief worker said...

We are very upset by Mr Landeryou's donation of clothes to fire victims.

Just one pair of his y-fronts would have made a perfect emergency tent for up to eight people.

Unfortunately his poor personal hygiene means that we have had to destroy all the items he donated. The poor victims have suffered enough.

Anonymous said...

The Age says the coppers are getting tough with the blogs that published leads and info leading to the Facebook vigilantes.

I note Landeryou has been very busy cleaning up his 'stories' and comments about this. One comment had a hyperlink directly to the offending Facebook entries. That has now been removed. As have many bloodthirsty comments.

Landeryou wants to be a smear hero, but not if it involves a visit from the coppers.

Anonymous said...

The coppers will be calling on Landeryou anyway.

It's too late for him.

Fat Andy's going down!

Brutus Beefcake said...

Going down on me!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou Crime List

• Multicentre Australia
• Global Tertiary Solutions
• Century Bet
• IQ Corporation Pty Ltd
• IQ First Pty Ltd
• IQ Interactive Pty Ltd
• IQ Services Pty Ltd
• IQ Sports Pty Ltd
• Message IQ Pty Ltd
• Marbain Pty Ltd
• Lush Bar Australia Pty Ltd
• Sunrock Ltd (Hong Kong Nominee Company where Landeryou sent the $1 million from the Marbain scam)
• Institutional Services Pty Ltd (a company owned and operate by Landeryou that subcontracted cleaning and building services from MUSU using non-union labour. The contracts were illegally awarded to this company by MUSU).
• Arrowhead Media Sales Pty Ltd (Landeryou sent $100,000 from the Marbain swindle back from Cyprus to this company)
• Avonwood Ltd (Cyprus Nominee Company where Landeryou sent the Marbain swindle $1 million from HK Sunrock)
• Aussie Gourmet Bites Pty Ltd
• Zoe’s Emporium Pty Ltd
• Australian Halal Poultry Pty Ltd
• Optima Property Development Group Pty Ltd
• Training Events Pty Ltd
• National Retail Investments Pty Ltd
• Lan Capital
• BV Sachsen Group Australia Pty Ltd
• Pacific Insight Marketing Pty Ltd
• Turning Point Debt Solutions Pty Ltd
• Citizens Against Poverty Pty Ltd (a fake charity set up by Landeryou)

Anonymous said...

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