Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Gender Analyzer Doubt

"We think is written by a man (71%)."

Plenty of room for doubt.

34 Truth On Comments:

Petronius said...

The way Landeryou looks today, he is probably a hermaphrodite.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's genitals vanished under folds of flab more than 25 years ago. He/she/it has forgotten what he actually had down there.

Brutus Beefcake said...

I will give Andrew a sex test or more a sex trial by ordeal.

Anonymous said...

Peter Costello is quitting and forcing a byelection.

And now here is a WORLD EXCLUSIVE from a morbidly obese man dressed as a woman:

The tea lady at the Warrnambool Shire Council was rude to a charity collector one day back in 1981...

For further details of the morbidly obese man dressed as a woman's exclusive please send $1,000,000 in KFC to The Fatcave, corner of Little Collins and Russell Streets, Melbourne, Vic 3000.

Shep from Shep said...

What about the galactic exclusive from the morbidly obese man dressed in female attire drinking from a flagon of sweet sherry that a student at the East Gippsland Institute of TAFE called Maree told her friend Fleur that she didn't like George W Bush? If you were so confused that you thought that was a great story, you would be confused over your gender.

Spider Pig said...

Is Andy only 71% of a man?

Spider Pig said...

Is that inclusive or exclusive of fat?

Anonymous said...

This story is getting into El Gordo territory:-

Katie Price's transvestite lover

Katie Price's cage fighter lover is a secret cross-dresser.

The glamour model's newest man Alex Reid is also known as `Roxanne' and wears full make-up, women's clothes, wigs, high heels and even alters his voice to make him sound like a lady.

Alex - who has been dating the mother-of-three since July - told Katie about his secret on their third date and while she was initially shocked, she is now pleased with the idea.

Katie - whose divorce from Peter Andre will be finalised this month - told a friend: "I am so fine with it. People should know me well enough by now to know that nothing freaks me out.

"If anything it just makes me love him more and shows how strong our relationship is that we are able to cope with this."

Although Katie has seen Alex as `Roxanne', the three children she raises with Peter - Harvey, seven, Junior, four, and two-year-old Princess Tiaamii - have not.

However, Katie recently revealed Junior may follow in Alex's footsteps as he loves wearing make-up.

She said: "Junior has become a real mummy's boy, he's really clingy with me and likes me to read to him.

"He actually keeps wanting to put make-up on him and paint his nails as well! His best friend George is the same. When he comes round they just want to dress up in heels and make-up."

A patriot said...

The story above appears to have been as accurate as anything the fat freak and failure Landerdrag writes on his website

Alex gets knickers in a twist

FURIOUS hardman Alex Reid last night insisted his girlfriend Jordan MADE UP a story that he liked to dress as a girl called Roxanne.
The musclebound cage fighter said the fame-hungry model, real name Katie Price, did it as a stupid publicity stunt.
The pair had a massive bust-up over Jordan's "revelation" that he loved wearing miniskirts, skimpy tops, suspenders and high heels.
And Reid's spokesman told The Sun: "He's really p***** off about it."
Reports of the cross-dressing turned 34-year-old Reid into the laughing stock of the cage-fighting world.
A source said: "The whole community is in tears about it."
But last night Jordan's camp maintained it was NOT fabricated.
A spokesman for her said: "I understand Alex has dressed up as a woman.
"Roxanne is the name he uses, like Barry Humphries uses Dame Edna Everage. There's a shock element to it but Katie lives with it."
The reports claimed Reid's role as Roxanne ended his last relationship with his lover of ten years, Marie Thornett.
And they said Katie, 31, even named her new dressage horse after his fetish, calling it Jordan's Cross Dresser.
But Reid's spokesman said: "This is Katie messing around. It looks really sleazy and is incredibly frustrating for Alex."
The source said: "This has made Alex question what sort of woman he's with.
"He feels he's being used as a pawn in her game to get rich and famous.
"She is off plugging her books everywhere and now she's making up ludicrous stories about Alex to get even more publicity.
"He doesn't know how long he can take it."
However, it emerged yesterday that Reid DID once dress as a girl as part of a lads' night out at the School Disco club in Hammersmith, West London.
He was with a group of other martial arts fighters from a gym in nearby Acton.
Jordan spent yesterday working on a marketing strategy for her books with her team.

Nifty said...

I just went looking for that story in the Sun and instead found this piece which made me wonder if Sasha Uzunov is the same way inclined and if it was how he and Landeryou hooked up.

Sex-swap troop in boob battle

THIS is sex-swap ex-squaddie Sarah-Jane Smith, who served as Pte W E Smith wearing lingerie under his uniform.

Sarah-Jane, now 50 and living in Hanover, Germany, is suing DAK health insurers who refused to pay £6,000 for breast implants. She said: "I need to have t*ts."

Smith, who married a German woman while serving in the country and fathered a daughter by her, is taking his claim against DAK to the Hanover Social Court where he will plead his case.

He lives in Germany full-time after buying his way out of the army in 1985 after eight years of service.

"I will not be a real a woman without these breasts," he said. "They are vitally important to my overall completeness as a female and I don't think it is unreasonable for the health service to pay."

Smith, from Birchington, Kent, said he was a woman "trapped inside a man's body" all his life. He would not reveal his first name but said he served as Pvt. W.E. Smith in the forces.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Sear Andrew,

I know you're still questioning and going through the process of self-acceptance...... but please don't refer to yourself as a "tranny". You are marginalizing yourself as something other, neither male or female, when you do so. You are a MAN.

Don't stress about a name right now. You'll know the name when you hear (or read) it. I would suggest not trying to come up with a similar sounding name. Doing so just makes it too easy for folks who know your past to slip and use your old name (nails on a chalkboard).

Dawn Service said...

Good thinking, Mrs Alice Idris. I hope Sergeant Sacha is listening too.

The fruitloop Uzonov often shows up at the Shrine of Remembrance in full drag claiming to be Nurse Vivian Bullwinkel's fellow Banka Island massacre survivor Mavis and asking for money.

Ordinary Kororoit TV viewer said...

Watched the last 'Hey! Hey! It's Saturday' tonight. What a Hoot! What a classic! I chuckled and guffawed throughout. What a professional production that proved that modern shows like Ten's '7 Project' are inferior, rank amateurs...

Channel Nine has been rightly pilloried here for its scam advertising and many other shortfalls. But 'Hey! Hey! It's Saturday' tonight and last Wednesday showed that the channel, when re-presenting a National Treasure, can turn on a glittering, magnificent, funny, positive production.

I hate to mention Vexnews in the same post. But Vexnews is an amateur production, without humour or optimism, that presents only the sour, bitter taste of hatred.

Vexnews is the antithesis of 'Hey! Hey! It's Saturday'. Vexnews is Nazi Hate. There is no fun or uplifting humour. Vexnews is about shafting enemies from a hidden bunker. 'Hey! Hey! It's Saturday' was on air tonight for all to see--and penitent for the Michael Jackson skit on the 'Red Faces' segment.

Landeryou has never apologised for any of his wild libels on Vexnews.

Cyclops said...

I too watched uproarious 'Hey! Hey! It's Saturday' last night--but made the mistake of staying on Nine's 'The Apprentice' afterwards because free-to-air TV is a chilly desert wasteland where something interesting is almost impossible to find.

'The Apprentice' is about a dumb modern Aussie CEO who tries to chose an equally dumb apprentice to follow him. He fires would-be apprentices on every show. More reality crap.

No wonder we got the global financial crash!

Another Betrayal said...

Joe 'Shrek' Hockey for Opposition Leader in Canberra? God forbid! I suppose he is the most acceptable of the leprous Howard remnants - but at present is as unelectable as yukky Tony Abbott, Julie Bishop or any of the other Howard team oafs that linger on in hopes of resusitating Workchoices.

14 million Paramedics couldn't save Workchoices.

Chris Pyne said...

I want this gig!

Julie Bishop said...

So do I, darling!

Tony Abbott said...

Get in the queue, you drones!

How come that yob Hockey got the tick? I've been on the 7.30 Report and Lateline far more often than that f*t pr*ck! I talk a lot more sense than Joe, Julie of Chris. And I can stab a lot more colleagues in the back than any of them!

Yee Haa, Ride 'em Cowboy!

World's most by-passed Treasurer said...

Ha, what about my timing!!!

Landing a bye-election Nuke on Mal in the middle of all his troubles. What a master stroke! Hehehe!

I'm Peter Costello. I'm the greatest! I shoulda been PM but for that lying asshole J... H......

He was a terrible amateur. I could have really screwed down and out Aussies by slapping them with a whole new heap of taxes and charges that would have made them beg to sign up for Workchoices.

Now I'm going to screw shareholders in the private sector. not as much fun, but fun nonetheless!

Brutus Beefcake said...

Iran's police chief said yesterday an investigation had found no evidence that election protesters detained in a now closed detention centre had been raped as alleged by opposition groups.

Things are very, very different here in Barwon Jail as Landeryou will soon learn to his pain and peril.

Anciets of Mu Mu said...

I am a little confused.

Which of Andy's personalities are backing Turnbull (today) and which are not?

Does anyone have a list?

Andy is a snark said...

Ancient, Delia is backing Feeney.

Cait Catt is backing Turnbull, Shirley is backing Menzies, and apparently another personality is sounding support for Harold Holt.

Roger Shipton said...

The Poxnews readership is like Harold Holt. It has vanished without trace. Landeryou's hopes for a future where he is not regarded with derision and contempt (let alone not bound for Barwon for a long, long time) are like Holt too. They are lost at sea.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Landeryou's hopes of avoiding brutal and bizarre repeated anal assaults from me and my hot rodding men are as good as Peter Costello's hopes of becoming prime minister

Anonymous said...

Mrs Andy is also backing Brendon Nelson.

Julie Bishop said...

So do I, darling!

Chris Pyne said...

I want this gig!

Shep from Shep said...

What about the galactic exclusive from the morbidly obese man dressed in female attire drinking from a flagon of sweet sherry that a student at the East Gippsland Institute of TAFE called Maree told her friend Fleur that she didn't like George W Bush? If you were so confused that you thought that was a great story, you would be confused over your gender.

Anonymous said...

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