Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meaty fun

Andy will be drooling, except there is no evidence of halal chicken sausages substituted with pork.

17 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Andrew doesn't think older people will be able to eat it. An insight about this comes today from the Hobart Murdoch rag about the Ruddster visiting the Apple Isle, with an appropriate "reader" comment.

Sock puppet Cait Cait from Geeveston resurfaced today in the Hobart Mercury and she's attacking Kevin Rudd. I couldn't find her in the phone book at Geeveston, where she claims to reside (the place is too small for a brothel so perhaps she doesn't work there at all). This is what she says -

Increasing the eligibility age for old age pensions to 67 is totally obnoxious Mr Rudd and you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. Your party is supposed to be a party of the workers. It isn't any more. How much money did big superannuation funds give to the ALP? They stand to benefit greatly from the increase eligibility age. In Germany the Social Democrats got 22 per cent in their recent elections, their lowest vote ever. A big factor was increasing the pension eligibility age. Your party may be the loser Mr Rudd. Blue collar workers who do the hard work are the people who will suffer most from this change. Voting Labor seems to be the worst thing a worker can now do.
Posted by: Cait Catt of Geeveston 11:25am today

Halal Chook said...


Landeryou's latest product is called 'Fevola Sausages'. They have been modelled on a certain appendage that made several unexpected appearances on Brownlow Night. Apparently Landy, the Footie Groupie, made a plaster-of-paris mould of the horrible thing!

Anonymous said...

You never know there could really be a Cait Catt living at Geeveston. I doubt it though. In my opinion it's Cait Landeryou.

Black Pudding said...

Landeryou sure has sausages on his mind after days of Fevola bashing and libel.

NOW Landeryou is also going to market party franks labelled 'little Theos'!

However, official agencies are taking increasing interest in the ingredients of the Landeryou products. As one wag from Consumer Services Victoria put it "I hope pig anuses don't find their way into the 'little Theo' range - or even the other way round".

Disgusted of Dandenong said...

Hmmnn, I think Halal Chook (above) may have got it all wrong.

I Found a new range of Fevola butt plugs on a site called 'IQ Coq' this afternoon. The blurb said "this is the real thing - modelled on the original"!

I wonder if there is any video of Landeryou making the plaster cast!

Mrs Alice Idris said...

At least the Fijian butcher ran an hygienic butcherery.

Anyone have any information on the hygiene protocols followed in Andrew's premises?

Brutus Beefcake said...

I will have meaty fun with Andrew's orifices and my man meat.

Bubba said...

So will I.

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

And so will all of us Hot Rodder men.

Burning Ghat said...

Dear Mrs Idris,

After some internet searches I have found that Landeryou's kitchens operate on what he calls the 'Varanasi protocols'. It has something to do with Ganges River crematoria and the pervasive filth, ecoli, and unsupervised health hazards that prevail therein. It's his idea of a joke I think.

In other words, he deliberately thumbs his nose at cleanliness and sanitory food production. I have sent an email to Mayor Doyle requesting that council food inspectors raid Landeryou's Southbank factory pronto.

little Theo said...


Landeryou is having a go at both of us with those party franks he is marketing called 'little Theos'.

Theo, while I love the thought of women running their tongues around me and licking off the tomato sauce, I don't want Landeryou to make a single cent from this shameful rip-off.

Give Bob a call in the morning. There must be many legal remedies.

A patriot said...

Do the patriots of Slanderyou have a video of halal chicken (pork) production in Costa Rica? I gather it is the leading centre of this trade.

Randy "Macho Man" Savage said...

Watching that has made me hungry for a pork chop.

Brutus Beefcake said...

There is more meat here in Barwon than Landeryou can handle and plenty of pork, halal and other.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Thank you Burning Ghat for your thorough response.

Very informative.

I love the fact a reader can post a question on this blog and it is answered so politely and thoroughly.

In contrast, I have posted similar questions on Vexnews, but I often find that my question is deleted.

Do any IT minded readers have any explanations for this? What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.

Randy "Macho Man" Savage said...

Why does looking at Andy remind me of pork bellies?

Anonymous said...

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